Jun 25th, 2015


A few months ago we heard a rumor that stated Nintendo’s next console, the Nintendo NX, would run the Android OS. This excited many people, because it would be the first serious Android-based gaming console. While that rumor turned out to be false, a new rumor has cropped up that the NX will be able to emulate Android games, similar to how BlackBerry has done over the last few years.

According to the rumor, Amazon is courting Nintendo heavily to make their apps available on the Amazon AppStore. This isn’t the only recent rumor we’ve seen about a partnership between Nintendo and Amazon, as just a few days ago a rumor circled stating that the Legend of Zelda series isn’t heading to Netflix, but will debut on Amazon during its Pilot Season.

The rumor comes to us as a translation, so here are the relevant details. Remember, everything at this point is a rumor and nothing is confirmed, so don’t get too excited just yet.

  • When Nintendo announced their mobile games, Amazon was very interested in having the games also be on the Amazon App store.
  • Nintendo games will be on the Amazon store on day one, or shortly after Play Store and App Store.
  • Amazon is asking Nintendo what they need to do to have Amazon App Store games play on Nintendo consoles
  • Amazon got the impression that Nintendo is thinking about emulating Android games.
  • Nintendo will not create an Android system, but instead will emulate Android games. It’s not something that’s confirmed, but just an interpretation of the conversations. (Think how Blackberry is doing it)
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