Aug 18th, 2015


This coming November will mark the third anniversary of the Wii U. It’s had a tough three years on the market despite a strong start and while Nintendo may state that they remain committed to the Wii U while it’s their current console, long time fans know exactly what happened to the Wii around 2011 or so after Skyward Sword debuted. It was no longer a priority for the company as they moved their focus to the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

Now that we’ve seen a repeat performance from Nintendo in regards to the Wii U, do you think they’re capable of delivering a quality experience with the NX when it launches in the future? Scott Moffitt is quick to say that his company listens to fans instead of following industry trends, but with the lack of third-party support on Wii U and the increasing number of delays for games announced years ago, we’re not so sure.

We still have no details on the Nintendo NX, how it works, or if it will be the hybrid system rumored to exist. Nintendo’s online service has been strengthened with the recent releases of games like Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon, where online competitive play requires a stable connection. Despite the focus on online games, many players are still having problems staying connected. Nintendo is working on the issues for those players, but with the increasing focus on online play, has Nintendo done an admirable job in your opinion?

Do you chalk the Wii U up as a learning experience for Nintendo, or will you be much more cautious about supporting the NX once we know more about it?

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