May 14th, 2014


Nintendo has just announced an interesting new initiative with Japanese wireless carrier NTT Docomo that will help users tether their smartphone’s data connections with their Nintendo 3DS. If you’re not sure what tethering means, it’s the process of sharing your phone’s 3G or 4G data connection with any WiFi connected device. You simply connect to it as you would any WiFi signal.

The two have paired together to create an Android app that will make this process super simple and easy for those who might not feel comfortable doing it the “normal” way. Unfortunately Docomo didn’t mention if users of the app would need to add any additional data packages or tethering charges to use it. We’ll be looking to clarify those details in the moments to come.


For now, though, it’ll only be available on five smartphones and two tablets to start. Here’s the full rundown of when it’ll be launching and what it’ll be launching on:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5, launching May 15
  • Sony Xperia Z2, launching May 21
  • Aquos Zeta, launching May 23
  • Arrows NX, launching in late May
  • Sony Xperia A2, launching in mid-June
  • Aquos Pad, launching in mid-June
  • Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, launching in late June

What’s more is that anyone who opts to download the app and give it a try will be in line for a free 3DS virtual console download of Nintendo’s choosing. You’ll need to a complete a survey to be eligible, but if you don’t mind a quick few minutes to answer some questions then we imagine it won’t be much of an issue for you. That particular promotion will begin in July and will run all the way through September.

We’re not sure if Nintendo is working on deals like this for other carriers and other regions, but you can bet our fingers are crossed that those in Japan aren’t the only ones invited to get in on the fun. The full presser is in Japanese at the source link.

[via Nintendo]

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  • Richard Branches

    I’m mad at you Nintendo, I won’t be happy until you release the eshop in my country 🙁

    • Santiago

      is there a way to make your 3ds think you are in a different country?

      • Richard Branches

        no tengo una 3ds sino una wii u, facilmente hubiera creado una cuenta de estados unidos pero esa no es la idea, yo no vivo alla.

        • Raptok

          En ingles, por favor. Mi Espanol es no muy bien.

          • Richard Branches

            we’re discusing about the fact that we have to do some workarounds to be able to buy a game using the eshop and that’s not fair.

        • AndrĂ©s Vargas

          Lo mejor que puedes hacer es crear una cuenta de canada y de ciudad alberta cuando te pida un cĂłdigo postal busca uno cualquiera en google y puedes comprar cualquier cosa solo te cobran 2 dls de impuesto, pero tomando en cuenta que el dĂłlar canadiense es mas barato sale mucho mejor =), en MĂ©xico si tengo eShop pero es carĂ­sima

          • Richard Branches

            es que no me interesa, yo no vivo en canada ni estados unidos, vivo en colombia y no es justo que tenga que hacer esas empanadas para poder comprar un bendito juego!!

  • Thomas Vienna

    Hm… I wonder how fast Mario Kart 7 eats up my data plan…

    • darkcreap

      Um, I am afraid that a mobile connection is too laggy and unstable for real time online play of any kind.

      • JFizDaWiz

        Not entirely true, even with T-Mobile I can easily get 500KB/s on HSPA+ or 2MB/s on LTE with ping as low as 30-40ms. I’ve played online with worse broadband connections.

        • darkcreap

          Indeed? 30-40 ms? Um, interesting. Then the only issue I see is that it could be unstable if you are moving, because you cannot probably get the highest bandwidth in the whole cell. Didn’t Sony drop the 3G version of the Vita?

    • JFizDaWiz

      According to a user on reddit, Mario Kart 7 used 50MB for 5-6 hours of play. So I’d assume 10MB an hour is safe to say. All the data is on the cartridge, you’re just getting info on where the player on the track is and what move he made

      • Thomas Vienna

        Cool, that’s not that bad. I’ll have to test it a couple times when I’m at the end of my cycle.

      • darkcreap

        Yep, I guess that position updating and all that is what online games send and receive. It would be absurd to send the maps because you already have them.

  • Hipster Victor

    Ehh i guess thats cool.

  • Wren Justin Umlauf

    Seems like this will be a handy little app to make the process more simple for everyday 3DS users. Too bad I dont have a smart phone

  • Sdudyoy

    Although I never play online multiplayer on my 3DS anyway, I’m glad Nintendo is opening to new options!

  • Natsirtt

    Not really a big deal, except for the download gift part ; tethering from an Android is pretty simple already