Jun 14th, 2012

Dark Nintendo LogoMicrosoft and Sony have over the years spent a lot of money on developers to make some of their biggest titles exclusive, like Gears of War on the Xbox 360. This generally costs the publisher a lot, since it basically has to make up for any potential lost sales on other platforms. On the other hand, a series like Gears of War, which has no doubt cost Microsoft a lot to keep on the Xbox 360, is also responsible for selling a lot of consoles because that’s the only way to play the game. This has been standard business practice in the industry for many years, but not for Nintendo.

According to Satoru Iwata, Nintendo is “open to Wii U exclusives”, but they are not willing to pay developers for it. Iwata told gaming trade publication Gamasutra that they do not wish to enter a costly bidding war with the likes of Microsoft in order to get a title exclusive to the Wii U console. However, Iwata did point out that Nintendo is very interested in partnering with third parties who have a “very unique use of the Wii U functionality”. But the company won’t flat out pay just to make a game exclusive. This might also explain why some of the recent Wii U games like ZombiU and Rayman Legends have been rumored to be in development for other platforms.

Nintendo has already shown some of this initiative by partnering with Warner Bros. and publishing their Wii U title LEGO City Undercover. For more, check out a full list of Wii U exclusives. Over the past few days, Nintendo revealed that they are working on several unannounced Wii U titles, and EA has said they they plan to unveil two Wii U games this Summer, one of them rumored to be a potential Wii U-only title.

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  • Madara

    If I were Nintendo, I would ignore Sony and Microsoft so long as the other two aren’t illegally infringing on my intellectual property. The Wii U is in its own league above the PS3 and 360, so let’s just focus on the Wii U. There doesn’t appear to be any concerns in the gaming department.

    Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (Check)
    Assasin’s Creed III (Check)
    Batman Arkham City (Check)
    ZombiU (Check)
    Grand Theft Auto 5 (Speculated)
    Watch Dogs (Speculated)

    Finally, there’s the best mixture of casual and core first-party titles that are due in the next few years. Words cannot describe my excitement to put my hands on Mario Kart Wii U!!!

  • Your mom

    I don’t get it theres always console exclusive titles.

    • Your mom

      Yay I finally got first comment! What do I win? A wii u?!?!?! Well that’s amazing. Wait you’re giving it to me in clear. So I can see all the hard ware and junk… Whyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

    • Alienfish

      I think this is a smart move by Nintendo. They don’t need to buy exclusives because they produce their own. So really, to make this reply relevant, there are console exclusive titles, they will all pretty much be from Nintendo, which is fine by me.

  • Miks

    Not Warner Bros., but Tell Tale as far as I know.
    Anyway, I think this is pretty logical, considering how many IP’s Nintendo has, they don’t need to ”buy” 3rd party exclusives, the games Nintendo releases have a big enough impact to keep their own console afloat. I bet that the next game Retro is making, will bring a lot of people to the Wii U, since it is Nintendo’s 1st ”true” approach to HD games, and especially if this game is StarFox, since that would bring a lot of old school gamers to the Wii U.

    • Alienfish

      My body is so ready for Retro… Your comment basically read my mind.

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    Honestly, that wouldn’t be cost efficient with Nintendo. People only need to hear stuff like Mario, Metroid, or Zelda to get into Nintendo. Third party exclusives help, but bidding for one just isn’t Nintendo’s style. Third parties have to come to Nintendo. It’s Nintendo’s dedication to their fans saying that we’re gonna get exclusives that were made specifically for our system, games made just for you. Generic third party exclusives don’t matter. Besides, with the unique controls Nintendo has from this new generation and the Wii generation, and the full power of this new system, third parties will be jumping to make something that really makes them stand out from the crowd on it. With all the possibilities that all of the controls provide, and the sheer power within the system, it’ll only be a matter of time.

    • victor

      i kinda agree. due to nintendo controller, pretty much all games will have exclusive features for wiiU. but i still think its important to have exclusive titles anyways. if you consider the importance that resident evil 1 and 0 had for gamecube for exemple, many people died to have a cube just to play those, and end up playing all the other games.
      but again, if you have all the third party games plus the nintendo exclusives, then its a good damn reason to have a nintendo console isntead any other generic console (sony and microsoft are pretty much the same)….

  • Chupa-chup

    It makes sense why N wouldn’t want to pay for those exclusives since they already have exclusive franchises themselves like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, SSB and etc.

    N knows what they are doing. To all those naysayers, there are more than one path to success, and the Wii is an obvious example.

  • Fuzunga

    Well this makes perfect sense. Microsoft and Sony are primarily publishers. Nintendo is a game developer that also makes hardware. They make all the system-selling exclusives they need internally.

  • Paul

    gotta agree with nintendo here

    look what happened to zipper interactive when sony bought them and closed them down

    let sony and microsoft pay billions for the studios and lose loads of money

  • Xen

    it seems the nintendo really struggled with their economy because of the actual price for the console. its better to not sell it in the future with the Loss price for the sake of company. i think that’s why they dont want to pay for the exclusive games. btw there’s the sort of exclusive from part of wii u and that’s the console and the controller. i think its better to pay several exclusive games for the wii u kinda like zombiU and rayman and this exclusive games can stay until the next gen console show up. thats the reason can maximized the unique of the wii u from the console even the game

  • swic11

    I dont see this as too much as an issue. Like others have said, Nintendo has its own great franchises where Microsoft and Sony have to buy them. It would be nice however to have even more exclusives, but I’m sure Nintendo will work something out.

    Just a random question, how many people are going to wait 36 hours in line to get their Wii U?

    • JC


    • Akuago220

      Yeah…. I’ve been done with that since the Wii. I’ll just stick with Amazon; did wonders for me with the 3DS.

    • Gene

      Sony create new IPs. They don’t buy them as you claimed

    • Madara

      Hopefully Nintendo has learned their lesson about underestimating consumer demand before launch. I’m no financial expert, but since the system is so unique and beyond the current console competition, I don’t think Nintendo would suffer a significant loss by maintaining the supply of Wii U a little greater than the demand, at least for the first few months.

      I won’t be waiting 36 hours, and I think it would be very disappointing if there was a shortage of the Wii U right before holidays which happen to coincide with the launch window.

  • Kirby

    I won’t… I’ll break into the store bwhahaha… At least I don’t have massive lines in game stores where I live

  • MYCO


  • Paul

    nah not me m8

    when local game store has it in, go pub for 45 minutes and pick it up afterwards

  • SuperMonkeyBallforWiiU

    N does have a ton of exclusives as it is and Itawa did say they were working on even more exclusive series! đŸ˜€ But some third party support (in the years to come) would be nice. After all the Wii U is quite powerful!

  • Hafid

    Just wanna know if résident evil 6 Will go on WiiU ???

  • Mathias

    Thats the spirit!!!!

    Console manufacturer cannot pay every game developer, so they shouldn’t pay any of them. If Nintendo buys GTA5, Sony buy something else and the billion invesment into the game is nullified; thats artificial business, and Nintendo is admirably reluctant to go into such unhealthy business.

    Its simple. Its console manufacturers job to make the best consoles they can and sell them as much they can, and game developers job is to try to make the best games they can, and sell them as much as they can.

    It sounds, like Take 2 has just finnished negotiations with Nintendo and they were trying to beg money from Nintendo, and Nintendo was like:
    “shiiiiiiiet boys, its not our job to make your living. Now look, son. We sell 10 million consoles a year, and its the developers job to think if thats a good place to sell games. Theres money on the table, but have to earn it. We can’t start showelling money for every one, its not business.”

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  • Adam

    It actually might be a good thing in developers eyes, since it means that Nintendo won’t be forcing them to keep their titles exclusive to one console. Sure, Sony and MS might pay to cover the cost of lost sales, but as content creators, developers still lose out by limiting their potential audience. I mean, if they actually care about their product and their art, then they probably want to allow as many people to experience it as possible. I know I would.

    • Adam

      But what they really need to do, and what they seem to be doing so far, is spending the time and effort to help third-party developers create unique content for the system. Get real third-party support beyond token ports, and give players an experience they can’t get on the other systems. Perhaps they need to be a little more selective of what they allow on the system, too (although I doubt that would be financially feasible in today’s console market).

  • Jesus

    WiiUdaily I think you have your info Wron in a certain part, because Ubisoft said ZombiU was a Wii U exclusive cause they like partner with Nintendo so No need to worry about that one getting on other platforms