Feb 10th, 2014


Flappy Bird took the world by storm seemingly overnight, as mobile gamers flocked to all three mobile app stores to download the difficult title. There’s plenty of controversy surrounding the title, including the fact that creator Dong Nguyen makes around $50k a day from advertising revenue. While that make seem like a success to some, apparently all the unwanted attention from the success of the game forced Nguyen to remove the title from all app stores yesterday. Prior to the removal, Nguyen tweeted:

I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore.

Because of his success Nguyen was the focus of unwanted media attention, as well as much hate on Twitter and across the internet. Some people speculated that Nintendo had a problem with the graphics of the game, as the pipes featured in Flappy Bird look suspiciously similar to those a certain fat plumber descends. Many believed that Nguyen may have been threatened by legal action from the Kyoto-based company. Nintendo has refuted these accusations to Wall Street Journal however, as a spokesperson for Nintendo stated this:

While we usually do not comment on the rumors and speculations, we have already denied the speculation.

Apparently the success of Flappy Bird and the massive hate machine that is the internet really are the only reasons for Nguyen’s removal of the app from all app stores.

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  • Super Buu

    Trolls got slapped

  • Mwgly

    This game was so overrated anyway. who cares?

    • Clel

      B-b-but it’s fuuun


      • Shota

        say what

        • Clel


          • Shota

            how is that game fun -_-

          • The same way all mobile games are fun. it’s a time waster

          • Shota

            yeah but flappy bird is the worst of them all.

          • Clel

            Different strokes for different folks.

          • Shota

            yep , when millions of peoples has downloaded it even though it’s crap , the other ones gonna download it too and say it’s a fun to fit in the group and actually hates the game. nobody can’t fuckin fool me. i play fun mobile games to kill time. not one that the developer hasn’t put effort in and plays like crap

          • Clel

            Chill out man, don’t be such a passive aggressive hipster.

          • Shota

            sorry i was kinda mad >.<

          • Clel

            All good :3

  • babulibaba

    hey he’s not fat, he’s just . . . husky

  • Josiah Henry

    I’m going to sell my wife’s phone on ebay for $1000 any takers before I post it on there lol?

  • Donaald

    That Nguyen dude already said it was because it gave him unwanted fame.

    • SmashFinale

      I’d rather be rich than famous any day.

      • Shota

        yeah because that’s one of the things people make this world corrupt

  • WarioForever

    I played this game in Wednesday and scored 130 points. Since then, I haven’t even touched it. IMO, mobile games aren’t really games, they are mini games.
    And on top of that, Flappy Bird and other mobile games, which anyone can make, made even bigger profit than some top rated games. That’s bad for video gaming.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      It reminds me of Atari 2600 games…

  • alex toschi

    these mobile games always felt like the stupid arcade games you could find in open world sandbox games. I remember finding that burglar game in the Simpsons Hit and Run. Anyway I’m sort of glad this game is gone because it drives me crazy that it’s become such a huge thing in the public when it comes to jokes in social media.

  • Ony


    • darkcreap

      Hmmm, so as I suspected, he copied another game. Not surprising. It is difficult to be completely original. Especially if the game has such a simple mechanic.

      By the way, I tried Piou Piou and it is kinda fun. Not addictive (I guess that is why I am not into mobile gaming, I think those games are too simple and I prefer more elaborated experiences), not for me at least.

      While mobile gaming might be a partial substitute, I think it relies too much in low cost and low quality, so I don’t think it is gonna take over traditional gaming any time soon. I think that the kind of people who play these games are the same who play WiiU, Play Station, Xbox and handhelds. They are very different experiences.

      Of course, it does not mean that certain mobile games can make it into the handhelds (See Angry Birds), but I think that just a handful of games can do that actually). Most of the games in these stores are likely too simple or directly junk.

      • Ony

        Peoples are claiming “Mobile is future!”, “PC is dying!” and so on, but I think it is more a trend than real ‘future’…

        When they’ll wake up after their ‘mobile’ hungover, they will go back to pure traditionnal gaming.
        Like PC is as always, and like Nintendo is making since the beggining.

        (Or mobile will destroy gaming and there will be world war III)

        • SmashFinale

          Who the fuck says PC is dying? I hate PC gaming and i know damn well PC gaming is THRIVING. Far from any signs of death.

          • Wayne Beck

            PC is dying in the sense that PCs are becoming Mobile and there is not a large enough User base with High End Gaming PCs. It not like the games are going to stop being made, the PC is just going to look very different very soon. With intel stock gpus able to run most games now at standard settings, it will only be about another year or two til you can plug a keybaord and mouse in to a tablet and play whatever you want.

          • darkcreap

            “With intel stock gpus able to run most games now at standard settings, it will only be about another year or two til you can plug a keybaord and mouse in to a tablet and play whatever you want”

            I’d like to see it, but I think it is difficult to achieve the same as a PC in a much tighter space at the same price point and with the same performance. I think that both PC and consoles are dying in some way or another. Not totally, but we are going to see a transformation in both philosophies.

          • Wayne Beck

            It won’t be the same. It will be like playing on your grandmother’s computer. But it will be Mobile and that is what will get people to play on it.

            The first time a Tablet can run Steam in a playable way, PC and Mobile will be as one.

          • darkcreap

            I don’t see it unless you get a similar control scheme as a handheld

        • darkcreap

          I think mobile games are here to stay, but not to completely fill the market. I mean, there is a certain public for that kind of games, certainly. What I think about the present situation is:

          1) It is likely a bubble that is growing thanks to advertising (mostly). People who download the app and the publisher gets the money from advertisements.
          2) Probably it will burst or it will stop growing soon (unless they try to provide a more substantial gaming experience) and we will see a mobile hangover, as you say. Nevertheless, I do not think, unless it is a really huge bubble, that it will mean that mobile will get completely irrelevant or disappear. It clearly has a market. Bigger or smaller I can’t tell, but it certainly has a market.

          Nevertheless, everything could change if mobiles try to provide a more substantial gaming experience. I do not think PC gaming is dying thanks to Steam and similar platforms. Actually, I think that consoles are dying, some way. They are becoming more and more like PCs. Actually, except for WiiU, all next gen consoles are branded PCs.

          The fact that the control system (a gamepad) is more or less the same and also the fact that you can have the same control system in a PC makes the differentiation even more difficult. For PC gaming you need:

          1) The PC (or console).
          2) A display (or a TV).
          3) A Dual Shock, Xbox controller, WiiU pro controller or equivalent.

          If you realise, you can get that setup with a good PC. There is nothing differentiating consoles from PCs any more except the brands and the power. If you are a graphics bitch, why not go PC? Yes, it is more expensive, but it is more versatile also. Bluray playback, video streaming and DTV (both DVB-T and DVB-C (cable)) is something you can get with a PC and the right software. Plus, Steam has good offers if you don’t want to pay a lot for your games.

          The only platform that differentiates from the rest is the WiiU:

          -It has a different architecture (It is still PowerPC vs x86 64, which is the one that the other consoles have).
          -It offers more control systems than the other consoles and the PC. Plus the traditional gamepad (WiiU gamepad pro) you have the WiiU gamepad and the Wiimotes. It also offers dual screen gaming, assymetric playing, local multiplayer without split screen and off TV play. You do not depend on a TV any more.

          I think that today there is nothing you can do with the other two consoles that you cannot do with a PC and the right software. Just hook a gamepad to your PC and you have one of the other consoles. And more powerful if you have the money it requires.

          No, PC is not dying. Consoles are dying (in a certain way). My guess is that one day the distinction between consoles and PC will not be that obvious unless they offer something really different. It is what happens when two technological firms (Sony and Microsoft) enter the game industry. I think that PCs will also take things from consoles, but my guess is that consoles will resemble PCs more and more in the future to the point that there will be no easy distinction between them. So, in that sense, I think that consoles are (partly) dying as a differentiated platform.

          Unless they stop focusing on the f***ing tech and start focusing on the entertainment part, as Nintendo does. Nitendo’s focus is entertainment. Technology is just a tool to achieve that end, but nothing else.

          PS. Sorry for the text wall

          • URFTBOUND4LIFE .

            Mobile games are like the generic products you find in the supermarket. Watered down versions of already successful products. Ya get what ya pay for.

          • Enumerating Wishes

            You certainly know your facts. What makes it even worse is the CPUs used in Microsoft and Sony’s last gen consoles were undoubtedly more powerful than the ones on their current gen system. Which means developing a working emulator for a current gen console (at acceptable speeds excluding the Wii U) is FAR more likely than it is for a last gen console or the Wii U; only a handful of PC CPUs can run most compatible Wii games at full speed, the Wii U processor is roughly 5 times more powerful yielding 5.1x the power to emulate which isn’t happening any time soon.

            So this kind of becomes a piracy issue too since the two companies opted to use PC Architecture.

      • harelsen

        get if yer high horse! alot of arcades back in ye ol’ days had rather simple controlles. Games like that will always exist,

        Ping pong anyone?

      • GmailIsDown

        there are many, many games like this

    • Dáibhí wotshissurname


    • Shota

      lol not new

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Honestly, I never understood the popularity of this game anyway. I downloaded it myself about a week ago and sure, it made me wanna throw my tablet across the room but I never got addicted to it. I only played it for like…an hour or so, got bored of it, and never opened it up since.
    I am surprised it wasn’t Nintendo that made him take the game down…as the pipes honestly do look like he got them straight out of a Mario game…Heh, that’s actually what my English teacher said too. xD
    Can’t wait for the next mobile game we just have to play.

  • darkcreap

    While he used sprites from Mario games, I doubt Nintendo would threaten him just for a couple of sprites. I’ve seen gameplay footage and it is nothing like Mario Bros. The game is original by itself (compared to Mario Bros at least, I do not know if he copied someone else, which would be likely since the game is quite simple), so I doubt Nintendo would threaten him just because of that. Or, if they did, they would likely tell him just to change the pipes, which I believe would be very easy, especially since it took a couple of days to the creator to program the game.

  • Kuromad

    Don’t forget that the developer is Vietnamese. He made $50,000 a day from ad revenue but the average monthly salary there is about $150. Now imagine how much unwanted attention you’d get if you made $500.000 a day out of nowhere.

    • Denvy

      He’s STILL making 50k a day from existing ad revenue on phones that still have it. Perhaps even more with the influx of downloads since he announced the deletion from the app stores early.

  • gamesplayswill

    The game is crap. No creativity as there ARE DUCKING GREEN PIPES.

    • typing on a phone, were we? 😛

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    No one even cares.

  • steveb944

    Man this developer is an idiot for pulling out of the market.

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      Yeah! He was earning $50K a DAY!

    • andrewjcole

      He wanted to go back to his, simple, indie life. He didn’t want all the fame or money. How about you think twice before calling people idoits.

      • steveb944

        He could still have his simple indie life by disconnecting from his online person, that way no more threats or Twitter attention. His life wasn’t so simple to begin with if he’s a developer for a mobile platform. He’s the only one to ever pull a stunt like this.

        • Fifi Larns

          ^^ completely agree !

  • Skelterz

    My Friend came round the other day and showed me this filth and i said its people like you that are ruining the industry with your sheep like instinct to follow rather do your own thing. To which he replied do you want a go? I said go on then, I played once died dubbed it crappy turd and now its gone amen.

    • LJay

      Bro fist.

      • Skelterz

        back at ya!

  • X3Charlie

    By the way Ashley you forgot the link in the facebook post.

  • LJay

    Good! Im glad,its crap and a blatant rip off of Nintendo sprites.

    Im not surprised its been taken down but i did think Nintendo was gonna lay down the iron fist on it,i do wonder if the sharks were circling and he was advised to take it down by some one else?

  • Wayne Beck

    Holy god, the elitism in these comment could be cut with a knife. Save your hate for the Xbox. Mobile is no threat to you. It’s just a place for Indie’s to raise capital while they learn to make real games. Played Flappy Bird. I can easily see why it blew up. It’s over.

  • tyto_alba

    The Nintendo ninjas were probably on his trail.

  • Michael Ngo

    My God I HATE these games where the overly stupid media keeps giving so much attention to something so insignificant!!! At least the owner was smart and selfless enough to know when to stop unlike some bird game -_-

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Looks at the comments section below this article. No wonder he puuled out: It’s the hate machine that is the Internet, just like the article said.

  • Dark-Link73

    OMG! This Nguyen guy is such a cry baby! If I were to create a game so simplistic and successful that would generate me around $50k a day from advertising without getting me in legal trouble for obviously using graphic designs from other games, I would just simply ignore my twitter/Facebook accounts, use them only to announce any new release, and watch my bank account fill up with money from all today jealous and disgruntled kids who wished they would’ve thought of my idea first.

    • GmailIsDown

      i’d take hate and $50K a day any day

    • andrewjcole

      He didn’t want fame! He wanted to be a simple indie developer. He couldn’t get away from the press and wanted his life back. I hate it when everyone looks down at him, just because he wanted his life back.

  • People who got mad enough at this game as to send the guy hate messages need to seriously reevaluate their life choices