May 8th, 2014

mario nfc

Following in the footsteps of Disney Infinity and Skylanders, Nintendo has announced a new project with the code name “NFP”. NFP stands for both “NFC Feature Platform” and “Nintendo Figurine Platform”. Nintendo claims that what makes their new figures unique is that they aren’t considered accessories, but a separate platform all on their own.

One of the most intriguing statements is that the figures won’t be tied to one game, which is probably where the idea that the figures are a new “platform” comes from.

mario nfc2

Like Skylanders, the figures will be able to read and write data as well. This means that data saved to the figure can be taken over to a friend’s house and loaded there, for example. The phrase “raise or train your Nintendo characters” was used, which is the only real hint we have towards gameplay at the moment.

mario nfc3

The announcement also says that Nintendo is working on a reader for the 3DS that will release early in 2015. It will look something like this, and support games with the same figures as the Wii U games.


That’s all we know for now. Nintendo says they’ll reveal more about these plans at E3, so it looks like we’ll have plenty of time to speculate. Are you a fan of Nintendo going the route of Skylanders and Disney Infinity? Or would you rather not have an assortment of figures sitting around your house (like me)? Sound off below!

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  • And no, I’m not throwing out my Skylanders for this 😛

  • David John Gifford

    as much as i hate xbox nintendo needs to copy the connect tech as it puts the player in the games such a good idea

  • WiiUisgaming

    On the Image, Game A is new Súper Mario Bros U, Game B is Mario 3D World and which game is Game C?

    • Shota


    • Hype train 2: back for blood

    • Looks like Yarn Yoshi to me. I see his boots!


        • rp17

          In this briefing they had Yarn Yoshi as TBD, so it’s not canceled. (Also they confirmed the MKTV app.)

          • well TBD can mean a lot of things

      • WiiUisgaming

        I hope so, Yoshi Yarn looks awesome, Nintendo should not dropped that game.

      • darkcreap

        Thanks, Ashley, I couldn’t figure it out myself.

    • darkcreap

      Exactly, I was wondering that very same thing.

  • Wooopigsooie

    It makes sense to squeeze more value into the figurines by making them compatible for several games such as Nintendo Land, SM3DW, and maybe even….Smash???? Anyways, using one product to endorse another is always good business.

    • It’s a great way to sell more games

      “Well, I already have the figures for this new game. Might as well pick it up”

      • Wooopigsooie

        Exactly. Although I doubt it will incorporate 3rd Parties at all, it will hopefully help Nintendo keep their core IP’s popular.

    • J_Joestar

      Imagine going to a Smash 4 Tournament in the future, and the first step before a battle is that everyone scans in their character with their own customized move set.

      • Mario

        That would be so cool!

  • Shota

    they promised us this years games will support NFC. better keep your promise nintendo

  • Zombie_Andrew

    I’m thinking Mario Galaxy 3 – this time you can have any Mario Character you want if you buy the figurines!

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Or every first party game by 2016 allows you to swap characters…like Mario in a Metroid game 😛

    • J_Joestar

      Every game becomes a Nintendo Remix!

  • grandlx2

    All five year olds will like this.. How about games now for teens and adults.. Smh

    • J_Joestar

      Well i’m personally not familiar with the average age range of people who play Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but if it can catch those people, i’d say it’ll probably be worth the effort.

    • RedChu

      I think any Nintendo fan would probably be interested in Nintendo figurines… at least I am. I still have toys I got in kids meals from fast food restaurants years ago just because they’re Nintendo stuff, and these will actually have somewhat of a purpose other than just being collectibles.

      I’ll admit that the idea of Skylanders or Disney Infinity never really interested me, but hey… Nintendo toys!

      • darkcreap

        Well, not necessarily everyone. I have seen those figures in fast food restaurants and I was never attracted to them. Apart from the fact that I am almost 30 playing a role in that (as an adult probably there is a taboo for me in buying figurines that I cannot overcome. Yep, I know it’s silly, but that’s how it is). I’m not for collectionism. I didn’t get the special edition of WindWaker HD or Mario Kart 8. But not for a taboo question (no one sees you buying in Amazon as they see you buying a Happy Meal at MacDonalds for instance), but simply I am not for collectionism in general.

        A definitive answer would require a market study to see the bussiness opportunities.

    • I’m 20 and I love Skylanders. and if you head over to /r/skylanders there are many others who simply like collecting. It also provides opportunities for parents to play games with their kids. If you aren’t willing to play a game with your child because it’s too “childish”, you’re doing it wrong.

      Not saying you have a kid, just making a general statement

      • darkcreap

        One thing isplaying certain things with a child and the other is proactively showing interest as an adult in them. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not calling other’s hobbies childish, but society regards weirdly to adults who still have certain hobbies associated with children or teenagers. Maybe not at 20, but at 30… (See my reply to RedChu just above).

        Stupid as though it may seem, our behaviour being watched inhibits a lot of things. Just for instance, think about all those teenagers who don’t play Nintendo games for them being “kiddie”. I’m for sure not in that demographic, but I have my own inhibitions.

        EDIT: I am not calling childish anyone for liking figurines, just saying how that is (wrongly) regarded and the effects it has in what people do.

        • yeah, people are just kinda jerks like that. Too judgemental

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        I’m a bit conflicted with it, to be honest. I’m 25, and I would call myself a “Big Kid” at heart, but for me now, maybe this is getting too much. I love Nintendo, but I have almost no desire to put figurines around my room or wherever. Just give me the game without the NFC and it will be fine. That should be enough. I don’t want to go out and by toys just to play a game. It’s not even that I think this whole thing is childish, just at my age now I have no desire for toys, just naturally. I still love games as much as I did when I was 6. The toys thing is just not for me.

        …But now I’m going to be forced to buy them, because this might be a really good game.

        But whatever, as long as we’re getting games, that’s all that matters.

        If I had kids, I wouldn’t mind. I would do it for them, but as a 25 year old man, I don’t really want to be seen buying toys lol.

        • Mario

          I think they’re separate considering that they can be used in multiple Nintendo sofwares

        • XD I’m a 20 year old college student who regularly buys skylanders. It’s not as awkward as you’re expecting. People naturally assume you’re buying for a sibling/child or something.

          As for the figures needed for a game, I’m going to place a risky bet that they might be optional for most games

        • Mario

          I’m pretty sure the NFC thing is optional for the games that will use it.

    • Ducked

      You shouldn’t judge something by its cover. These things look cool, and I know plenty of adults that enjoy playing Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Plus, this is different from both of those. It adds content onto the games you play, and you get a free collectible too. How’s that a bad thing?

    • C4

      What about E3? Since Pokemon and NFC are out of the way now there is more room for “proper” announcements at their Digital Event and E3 presence.

  • HungryMetroid

    If they’re reasonably priced I’d buy figurines of characters like Samus and Link just to put them in my room. If they add some genuine features to their games, then that’s just a bonus.

    • ScrewAttack

      I still really want figma Samus, but £40 is too rich for what it is 🙁

      • HungryMetroid

        ikr. figurines are almost always $50+ in the US. ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • Christian Schoff

    I am intrigued.

  • A SNES Day Off

    The natural (or at least obvious) application for NFP is Pokémon. Being able to quite literally ‘carry’ Pokédex data and characters in a NFC PokéBall would be beyond epic. I can just imagine taking it to a friends house and trading with it…

    • WT Herrod Jr.

      I don’t even play Pokémon and that sounds cool 🙂

  • wii u is awsome

    bayonetta figurine

  • palomino blue

    I smell a Pokemon platform crossover.

  • Gameonfool

    Can I just have some games to play on my wii u please Nintendo.

  • Ducked

    I like the idea of this. And of course Zorpix wrote this :p


  • A Hylian Noble

    If you don’t think that teens and adults will like this then you’re missing out. I’m freaking stoked for this! Not too keen on having a bunch of little collectibles but if they’re used well this really has some huge potential. Plus other consoles may have Skylanders and Infinity but Nintendo has already built this into the game pad so it would be awesome for them to really start utilizing this feature because its something they have that many others don’t.

  • Sam

    This looks…interesting…

  • Mario

    What do they mean by “separate platforms”?

    • C4

      It works with 3DS, Wii U and future Nintendo consoles, so it’s not “tied to one platform”. In theory they could even make standalone, premium NFC devices similar to the Wii Fit meter… the small pedestral looks large enough for small hardware or even a small screen.

      • Mario

        Oops! I accidentally added an s to platform!

  • CaptRodgers

    I think this could be cool. Unlike skylanders people are already familiar with Nintendo’s characters and unlike both the other two there’s no need for the device on wii u.

    Like someone said, I feel like they’re going to use these for smash bros custom movements. Then I wouldn’t be surprised if they advertised the characters actual game on the packaging. A lot of people are familiar with the characters because of smash bros, but not the actual games

  • Santiago

    I love Disney and their characters and I love those figurines in Disney Infinity, but its gameplay kept me from buying the game altogether. I love Nintendo characters as well and if this comes with a good game experience I will definely buy these things.
    I have never owned skylanders nor disney i. so my desktop still has a lot of space available for this :p

  • Link

    Think it’s for the new smash game. It’ll they’ll probably have some type of leveling up in the hard core section of the game. So you’ll use these things to bring your custom guy to your friends house. That’s my guess.

  • OMG If they make Nintendo Universe, with a sand/toy box feature I am going to lose all my money!

  • steveb944

    1 Link please

  • Rinslowe

    Would it be at all possible that the NFC feature was built into the gamepad exactly for this reason? 😛
    I wonder how far back in the R&D stage this happened. And when in relation to that did the creators of Skylander’s approach Nintendo with their pitch?
    Hmmm….. C.O.I…

    Of course, it still took them long enough didn’t it?

    • C4

      Yep, they need a proper game which utilizes NFC figures. Things like that need 1 – 2 years I assume.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Oh my god! This is epic! If Nintendo does this right, they’ll be swimming in money. Especially if they make pokemon ones. In my opinion, Skylanders was okay, I hated Disney Infinity, so, I hope Nintendo will make games worth it with these things.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I’m 30 years old and much too old for to… WHY DO I WANT THIS! TAKE MY MONEY NINTENDO!

  • Squid

    Heh, they don’t even need game use for me to buy it.

  • Zuxs13

    If this means i can buy a Link figurine then sync it with my Mario Kart U game and play Link in Mario kart, then take him and play him in Yoshi Yarn or get a free unlock of him in Smash Bro, etc. Then this will be really worth it. I just hope they use their whole range if IP’s for these figures not just Mario Characters.

    • C4

      There will probably be a dedicated game. Other games will be limited, what should Link do in Yoshi’s Yarn or Pokemon? Someone below named it “Nintendo Universe”. Of course in some other games it will make sense as well! I hope they have a plan.

      • Zuxs13

        In Iwata’s speech he specifically stated that the figures would work in Multiple games, and that there will be big list of games at E3 in June and that games created after a certain period will be compatible with these NFP figures.

  • linkzero65


  • andrewjcole

    I’d buy them just to put in my room! Using them in a game would just be a bonus!

  • Mario’s Love Child

    To be honest I don’t reeealy care.

  • Jason

    Well I’m glad that Nintendo will be using these for more than just one game. It makes the $9-$13 figures seem more valuable as opposed to Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Still don’t like the idea, but at least it’s not as shallow as the other two.

  • Logan Wayman

    Is Sonic and friends going to be part of this, too? If so, where do I sign to buy this?!

  • FlashFan207

    Yep, I’m in if the sculpts look cool. Already have tons of Disney Infinity figures for the Wii U on a tailor-made shelf. Still lots of room for Mario, Yoshi, Sonic, Tails, Link, Pit, Bowser, etc., etc…

    • Mario

      Sonic is from SEGA. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a few exceptions with some 3th pary characters such as Sonic and Megaman.

      • FlashFan207

        They better. As much as I love all of Nintendo’s characters, with the Sonic, Megaman and even comics properties available out there (Disney owns Marvel, so we’re getting those figs in Infinity – what about the awesome characters of the DC Universe?), there is some gold just waiting to be taken advantage of. If Nintendo’s not stupid.

        • Mario

          They’re not. They’re just stubborn and arrogant.

  • Sol Ridgeway

    They already missed the mark. Should have done this for Smash Brothers.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    Using these NFP figures as assist trophies in Smash Bros. would be cool… (*hint hint*)

  • Akatosh

    Give a pokémon game with this and a snazzy Link figurine and I’m sold.

  • Michael Hancock

    Shit is lame.

  • LordiMcKill

    They should really be doing a proper one with Pokemon, not that Rumble crap we got ages ago.

  • Ty

    This is crazy! Am I the only who has figured out that with these figures you’ll be able to play across both platforms? It clearly hints at it, saying that the 3ds will support games with the same figures as the wii u games. And I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you would be able to play games on your tv directly off of the figurines, as all of your Mario games would be all on one Mario figurine, Zelda, e.t.c.

  • bistricky

    I think its a great idea. Cheers 😀

  • im so fucking hyped for this.
    more hyped than smash bros u and mario kart 8 combined