Feb 2nd, 2016


With Nintendo’s Q3 financials out in the open, we finally have a good look at how Nintendo’s efforts have been performing over the last few months. The Wii U sales figures are in, as well as 9 games that reached 1 million sales during this financial year. While that’s gravy for Nintendo, we still don’t know a lot about their mobile plans.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima may have dropped a hint about what to expect from the Big N when it comes to their mobile plans over the next few months. Miitomo is slated to hit in March and it will be a social app that revolved around Mii characters. It was initially a disappointment for most at announcement, but Kimishima’s comments on Nintendo’s next mobile plans may perk some ears.

Our second game will not be a communication app. We are going to pick some intellectual property that is very well known to everyone. There are plans for new businesses in the works.

Of course, Kimishima doesn’t go into full detail about the characters, the ideas, or what we’ll see. Let’s just hope it’s not a Mario endless runner. If I had to throw my hat into the ring with an idea, I’d tell Nintendo to bring back Yoshi’s Cookie for mobile.

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