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Nintendo consolesThe term “next generation gaming console” is usually associated with more power and better graphics. But not for Nintendo. The company believes that next generation gaming should improve the gameplay experience, instead of just offering more horsepower. Nintendo did exactly that with the Wii, even though many dismissed it as not being a “true” next gen console compared to the more powerful Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Some in the industry have criticized the Wii U for the same reasons, saying it’s only slightly more powerful than the current consoles.

“For next generation we look at the user experience, the gaming experience, how we can improve that and offer new kinds of gameplay” said Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata in an interview with Independent. He added that the company took the same approach with the Wii in 2006, and was initially criticized for having a console that’s far less powerful than the competitors. Iwata recently told investors that despite the rumors, Wii U power won’t be too far behind the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Iwata added that from now on, it will be “increasingly difficult” to compete over graphics, and that it will become hard to tell the difference between great graphics on different systems. He believes that unless the gameplay experience is rich, “wonderful graphics won’t help”. Finally, Iwata confirmed that there are several unannounced third party Wii U games in development which will be revealed this Fall.

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  • Christopher

    This is true because the more you put in to the graphics and less you put in to the experience of playing the console could make or break it. The Wii U is going to be up there with the next gen but even though it doesn’t have the power that the next gen Playstation and Xbox will have (which is only like a 10% difference from the current gen) it makes up for in experience. We don’t know much about the other consoles yet but the Wii U and the new Ouya console prove that graphics can sometimes take a back seat for a while.

    I did forget to mention about the Ouya but really it does the same thing as the Wii U, it may not be powerful than the next gen and/or current gen but it makes up for in the experience which is being able to create games for free for the system and also have the unique touch-pad on the controller to help play Smart Phone games.

    • Paladin

      I endorse any gaming console that utilizes a version of Linux (Android) and open-source software in general. There is a chance that I may purchase both a Wii U and an Ouya. I want to support both companies and projects. Granted, Nintendo probably has the more powerful console and gaming library compared to the Ouya (but that may be temporary). I also wish that Nintendo would make their games and consoles open-source so as to encourage hackers and others in the world who would possibly care about tweaking and improving the games over time. The open-source model works, and I want to support the companies who use it. But I suppose that I should be glad that Nintendo is giving developers more freedom in the choices they make while actually creating the games. Both of the consoles (Wii U and Ouya) stand a good chance in allowing independent developers to get their products into the video game market, where people can purchase and appreciate their work. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, especially in regards to the Ouya.

      • Gamer

        With the announce capabilities of the Wii U running unreal 4 when ever a game is programmed with it, also it’s ability to have cryEngine 3, Frostbite and Indie developers saying how easy it is to make ( program ) games for. Mostly they have only figured out 20% of it’s potentiality; by the time the PS4 and xbox720 arrive it will be hard for Microsoft and Sony to gain or maintain market share; because the Wii U and OUYA, shall be grabbing customers like crazy( both works of geniuses I must add ). Am buying a Wii U but need a sponsor for the OUYA ( Kickstarter appeal ).

        • victor

          your statement seems legit. i trully hope this happens. nintendo have 2 years advantage. if they do great market, and the two new systems arent too far ahead when they come up (performance wise), then nintendo has a great chance to rule the market. i myself am whilling to buy wiiU at release – depending on the prices ofcourse – but no matter what, i just hope its gona be a huge success

          • brother

            I am getting the console at launching date. Not to support open source ( which i am a trully advocate) but because it hit the jackpot: i always have to fight with my girlfriend to use the tv. Nonetheless, game prices will most certainly be bigger than now (50€) here in germany. Native 1080 fits to my tv conditions for the next 5 years and they are focused on multiplayer. I think nintendo found the right track from core players and they are scoring good promisses.

    • Gene

      “(which is only like a 10% difference from the current gen)”
      You don’t really know what you are talking about, do you?

      Graphics don’t matter and blah blah blah BLAH.

      Tired excuse IS tired.

      • Draco Breach

        10% might be inaccurate, but graphics really don’t matter.


        Not end statement.

        As the ability to realistically render has all but hit a wall, style is by far more important than pure graphics. You can make beautiful games with a few stylistic choices that make the game really pop.

        Also, gameplay is by far more important than practically anything else. You make enjoyable games with smart gameplay choices.

        A great story draws players in more than graphics.

        Some of the best games of all time are among the oldest with rather miserable graphics. If I were to make a list of great games, the top earners are unlikely to be less than a decade old. Do those games have great graphics? No, compared to today! Not “in the day”! We’re comparing raw, graphical power here. We’re comparing horsepower.

        If you want some examples of great games – true gems, just ask. I’ll give you a dozen or so to get your mind gears cranking. Either way, the truth stands.


        • Draco Breach

          The bold is supposed to end after the “matter” in the first line.


          I thought I closed that tag.

        • brother

          Hey dude,
          Your critic to graphic is right, but it is going to the extremist edge.
          Wii U will have tremendous graphic potential and it will be exploited. If better and better graphics hurts you, the next gen will not delight you, not even Wii U.
          Come on, Mass effect 3 was a great game for this generation, and i belive the graphic will certainly be sustained for wii u ( i am actually excited with the new features it will have) and you wouldn’t play because the graph is great? Come on…

          • Draco Breach

            Story > Graphics
            Style > Graphics
            Gameplay > Graphics

            Nope. Not extreme. I say rather normal.

            I’ve been saying the same thing since the GameCube and PS2 were in R&D. If companies preach “graphics, graphics, graphics”, gamers will lose in the end. It’s not that better graphics hurt. They don’t. I believe hardware developers should strive to allow game developers to better portray their art. However, that’s what we lost along the way.


            The better graphics won’t hurt me. They certainly don’t have that ability. The idea that graphics are all that matter hurts the industry. While I did enjoy the Mass Effect trilogy, I actually enjoy the quirky NIS games more. They don’t look as good, but they don’t sit on their laurels nearly as much.

            I also think Xenoblade Chronicles is a far superior game than any game in the Mass Effect trilogy. I’d put it up among the greats – like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber, Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia, Crono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI, Secret of Mana, any Nintendo developed Legend of Zelda, most Metroid games, Fire Emblem in general, Golden Sun…

            Oh gee, I just showed my preference right there. The list of great games is significantly longer, and few are younger than a decade.

            I still go back and play those games! Among others, of course. To me, they look and feel just as good as they did one or two decades back. They have a style and charm that stands the test of time. They are not pretty, even if they were technologically advanced for the time.

            My point is simple. If graphics were all that mattered, why is Golden Eye 64 still the baseline for any great first person shooter? Why do I think it’s better than anything on the market since? I’d rather pull up and play my N64 shooters than anything available today…except the Metroid Prime trilogy.


            Which reminds me. I love Retro Studios. The Metroid Prime trilogy started the previous generation and ended this generation (console wise). It’s recent and proves that modern innovation and style can trump graphical horsepower any day.

            Yes. I do agree that the Metroid Prime trilogy looks beautiful, but that’s because of style. It’s fun because of gameplay. It lasts because of story.

          • Scott

            Either the last Sonic Generations stages are.Sonic06:RadicalTrain,KingdomValley,AcropolisZone (Knowing Sega they kept their word with the 1st stage list so Wave Ocean time -.- But it would be a total rip of Emerald Coast.)SonicUnleashed:Apotos,Holaska,Chun-Nan,ApotosSonicHeroes:EggFleet,PowerPlant,MysticCastle

        • ncv144

          true that, a great example of a bestseller (and this one is from 2009 but with HORRIBLE graphics, but still love the game) is minecraft, sold over 6 million copies for pc and already broke the bestselling record for xbox live arcade

      • Christopher

        You do know I only put that in as a RUFF estaminet, right?
        I’m not saying the PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to be the same as the Wii U, I’m saying that we won’t see much of a difference between between the current gen and the next-gen.

        • brother

          They will be better, be sure of that.
          At the end of 2014 they will have better prices for better hardware. At that time Wii U will have literally hundreds of games available, with retro compatibility with wii games and most important of all, the installed base (probably of millions of consoles sold).
          Since Sony is in bad financial shape, don’t expect a quantum leap from them.
          The core players from sony are looking for something else, nintendo might get them.

      • PK Thunder

        Gene, u r a dumb a** troll.

    • Benjamin

      Yeah, this “graphics war” has already died down and I’m not sure Sony or MS know it. Graphics just aren’t going to get much better than what we’ve got now, so we need a different experience. Am I the only one waiting on the opaque interactive vizor? We all know that virtual reality is an inevitability, seems like Nintendo are the only ones who know it. I’m hopeful that there’s room for everyone in this industry, the big 3 ‘and’ Ouya, it’s better for everyone. I usually try to support the console that’s not doing as well, for the sake of keeping them in the game. Right now Sony looks like the underdog, so I’m rooting for them.

  • mac

    i really agree cause sony and microsoft have the same gameplay just better graphics if thats the case i may as well just buy a better graphics card for the psone or the xbox. nintentdo changes the gameplay completely without worrying about graphics. they dont care about graphics they care about the users experience microsoft and sony just care about better graphics and dont really care about users experience until nintendo comes out with something that appeals to the user *cough cough kinect cough cough ps move*

    • Lixdy

      Hehe. My name is Mac too

  • alex

    I agree but the problem is the third parties support they want more power to do more realistic games wich dosent matter if the game is not good but 70% of todays kids think that biger is better ol and this time the gamepad is not so much atractive to casual gamers who was the real reason for the wii to be on top not the hard core gamers so i hope nintendo is right cuse i will stop playing games the day nintendo die

    • mac

      nintendo will never die you have to realize they have the most experience in the gaming industry. they was pretty much the first game developers in the world microsoft didnt come until like 2001 and sony like 1999 maybe earlier. nintendo apparently knows how to stay alive lol ask sega. i dont think nintendo will die just because of graphics. when it is all said and done nintendo will be the only relevent gaming console

      • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

        Nintendo=like 1979? with the TV color
        Sony= 1994

        • Nintengoth

          1979? you mean 1889 Nintendo was established.
          Phony and Microsofty can only do one thing…… POWER, and nothing else, games are getting crappier by the day and easier.
          Ninty have always been behind on the graphical front since the PSOne came out but they do a better job in my opinion.
          Nintendo will never die, evers! lol also being caked in Ninty tattoos every knows how much i love them XD

          • PKUltima

            Uh, Nintendo 64 and Gamecube was more powerful than the competitors, they had the best graphics and power until the Wii.

        • Ilan

          Nintendo made its first console in 1985, which was the NES.
          Sony Made the PS One around 1994/1995.
          Microsoft made the Xbox in 2001/2002.

          Nintendo officially has the upper hand because all the other companies are starting to head towards making more mainstream games, while Nintendo tries to revolutionize/improve upon the gaming experience as a whole.

          While Sony and Microsoft are trying to gain a large portion of the gaming industry by directing most of their attention on graphics, Nintendo works on improving the game play in order to create a whole new experience.

          If the industry continues to head down the path of creating consoles that are similar to PC, why don’t we just buy a PC instead since PC’s can always be upgraded?

          Also, most of their console’s “awesome” hardware/software is uselessly added in order to jack up their prices. The only question I have to ask is: Does this console play games well enough to be able to make the experience memorable? If the answer is yes, then that’s good enough for me. Otherwise, all that extra “baggage” is just a waste. Who needs to have a gaming console that can watch movies, browse the internet, and surf the web when we already have PCs for that?

          All I can say is that I appreciate the road that Nintendo is heading down and I hope that they don’t stray down the wrong path like Sony, Microsoft, and Sega have already done.

    • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

      Kids are stupid, the mature gamers will do good with Nintendo, though. As well as the Nintendo base of all ages and the younger kids who don’t know any better. Parents rather buy Nintendo consoles for their kids, cause the other consoles have a rep for their violent games, and Nintendo has the exact opposite. So parents will prefer Nintendo. The only ones they have to worry about are the 10-teenage kids who don’t know crap and think power is everything. But we don’t want them in the miiverse anyhow, cause they’re stupid and if they realized what they were saying, they’d have gaming PCs. I know it’s less money for Nintendo, but what they have covered should be plenty enough for them, especially since they also own the handheld market

      • Maverick-Hunter

        I wouldnt say kids are stupid because, stupid means they can’t learn. I would catergorize kids under unducated I think teenagers will like the wii u on the personal fact that the wii u will bring gaming back to the living room and not this bs of online battles. Honestly I want these uneducated kids in the miiverse simply because, they must learn what gaming truly is.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    Also, unreal engine 4 can be made to run on the Wii u. It’s a scalable engine and I read an article on it on mynintendonews. So get your article up wiiudaily, cause I’d like to hear it from another perspective. Wii u can have it all 🙂

  • Enigmatic

    Enough with the bullcrap Nintendo. Graphical power and gaming innovation can easily go hand in hand. Every game of the year this generation have pretty much been on the more powerful 360, PS3, and PC for a reason. The two can easily exist in equilibrium.

    • Draco Breach

      A lot of money goes into R&D, and those costs have to be made up. Nintendo has stated they want to keep costs reasonable to the consumer, and they mean to strike a balance between horsepower and innovation.

      The compromise that Nintendo struck is how they managed to keep “graphical power” and engineering innovation in equilibrium.

      As for those “game of the year” awards, they tend to go to games that really rather lack innovation. The most recognized award givers also have a bias against Nintendo. I literally have seen dozens of petitions to get the best offerings from Nintendo systems – Wii, DS, 3DS – even placed into contention.

      I do not recognize these “game of the year” awards unless I can tell, without any doubt, the agency processing the awards is unbiased.

    • Britton

      You think Nintendo doesnt have the same access to the crap Microsoft and Sony do? They could make it more powerful if they wanted. You have a narrow mind… like MS and Sony. Nintendo is MORE focused on GAMEPLAY and making it AFFORDABLE. You dont have a clue what goes into making a gaming console and then selling it to millions of people around the world. I am so glad Nintendo doesnt listen to people like you.

      • Gamer

        Thanks Britton, I have friends in the next commerce hub ( golden Africa ) that bought the Wii and Nintendo products before. Yes I said Africa the world has changed so we all better catch up. They grew up playing the famicom and superfamicom at it’s re-adjusted price. Imagine how much Nintendo would gain buy having a game stop type of deal there. Plus the Wii U like the Wii shall consume minimal power, even while balancing a PC7 IBM processor; a ridiculously overpowered GPU I love the Wii U. World wide all shall love the Wii U except Sony drones and a handful of Seattle xbox enthusiasts.

    • Enigmatic

      No, you all don’t have a clue. You clearly are all fanboys that are blind to the truths of gaming.

      The current gen consoles are affordable. Higher prices for the better quality products, that is how business works. What, you want a Ferrari to be $10,000 now or something?

      The Game of the Year awards are not biased towards Nintendo. Are you trying to tell me that ALL the many different kind of organization are ALL biased towards Nintendo? Even the random internet based Game of the Year elections? No. Stop telling yourself that.

      A great game developer knows how to balance innovation and graphical beauty. If you have truly stuck to only Nintendo consoles all this generation then you have missed many great games like Portal, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, and more. Have any of these developers had any trouble balancing fun game play and graphical beauty? Nope.

      • Draco Breach

        While greater games like Skyward Sword are purposely kept in only Nintendo competitive categories. While various organizations are already talking about keeping Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story only in Nintendo competitive categories.

        You look at those supposedly “fair” voting on GameSpot, Game Informer, G4, et cetera, and you’ll notice highly rated Nintendo games are kept off the best of the best lists, even if they win categorically by genre. They aren’t given the chance to compete, so I ignore the “game of the year” garbage.

        Game Informer even has the audacity to give “game of the month” to a lower ranking game – such as a 9.5 Nintendo game losing to a 9.0 360 and/or PS3 game. Don’t tell us industry organizations aren’t biased against Nintendo because they certainly aren’t biased toward Nintendo.

        A balance of power and innovation is more heavily balanced towards Nintendo. Expectations from consumers is more towards pricing than power. You won’t see $5/600 consoles selling well or fast. I certainly didn’t touch the PS3 until I saw it’s price hit $250.

        As for Nintendo fanboy? So? Does it mean we can’t make objective decisions? I own all three home consoles. I have a 3DS and a PSP, but I’m waiting on a reasonable price on a Vita – say $180. I buy games I like, and that means having the console to play the game.


        I can say that quite honestly. I love Skyward Sword. I love Xenoblade Chronicles. I’m sure I’m going to love The Last Story. I can bet I won’t see the latter two in any “game of the year” contests – at least the big ones that are most often quoted.

        At the same time, I do enjoy Amalur Kingdom, Dragon’s Dogma, Final Fantasy XIII, and the quirky NIS games. Pesonally, I never got into Portal. I have never liked the Elder Scrolls games. Red Dead Redemption looks interesting, but I passed it up for other games that looked better at the time.

        I hate the argument that graphics and power are everything. I hate that I can’t find a pro-Nintendo magazine outside of Nintendo Power. I read nothing but negative this, negative that out of Game Informer, which I only have to get a discount card for GameStop. May be discontinuing that soon as I really only use that store for exclusive preorder bonuses.

        By the way, we don’t want a Ferrari for 10k. However, it certainly sounds like you do.

      • victor

        bag your pardon mate, but you must agree with me, that nowadays games are all aboutgraphics. you can count on one hand the games that are moer than that. games have no story, have no challenge. and ofcourse game of the years will be one of them, because they are all the same.
        this generation i picked PC, because if you check ps3 and xbox, none are quite worthy having. they aer just so worried about making a beautiful game, that forget gameplay. no wonder i can hadly play more than 1h per game of this generation. everything looks the same. if you ask me if one game of this generation will be remembered in 10 years, i can only remember of Mass Effect

      • Gamecube forever

        Yes I am a fanboy WHO GIVES A BIG CRAP! Why do you trolls even come on to this site don’t you have better things to do? I mean if you hate nintendo so much than why are you on their fansite. If you like all those games than go play them! The only reason your on here is from everyones perspective is you have nothing else to do. I don’t want people to think that about you so go AWAY!

      • Britton

        I have an X-Box 360 and a Wii. I play the Wii more because the games are more fun. I use my X-Box 360 as a DVD player… and thats about it. Its perspective (something you lack). The 360 and PS3 are only affordable NOW after they have saturated the market with their over priced units. While they are still “good” consoles, the companies who make them are also lacking in innovation and gameplay.

        I am going to use an example about “game of the year” that may or may not make sense to you. In movies, Best Picture winners typically earn an additional $14 to $15 million in box office revenue. An Oscar helps a movie gain publicity it might not have had before. This same principle applies to video games receiving “game of the year” awards. Some times you have to accept it’s rigged just so the developers boost sales and make more money. Some “game of the year” winners do deserve it. Some don’t.

        Also, to quote you, “A great game developer knows how to balance innovation and graphical beauty.” You just placed the responsibility of mixing graphical beauty and innovation on the shoulders of the developer. If I remember right, a LOT of Nintendo developed games have great graphics. The reason we like Nintendo is because it’s different and fun. If you are going to by a PS3 or a 360 you do not have to debate much as they are almost identical machines.

        • Britton


  • Aka-Link77

    Lol “Iwaya” But Yah…. this is so true…too bad Sony and Micro brain-washed their gamers and consumers to believe exacly the opposite. : \

    • Maverick-Hunter

      I totally agree with your brain washing comment … Today I was forced to sit and play devil may cry 1-3 remastered in hd along with 4 I demolished all them within 9hrs. My point being ugh Dmc 1-4 are the same freaking game mobs spawn kill them all collect the orbs move on to the next mob. This is followed by darksiders and god of war. Okay first off darksiders just feels like devil may cry and despite the good story line I just couldn’t finish it I actually fell asleep playing it until of course my remote rumbled from taking Dmg. As for god of war once again looks pretty and the story is great but it’s the same F***ing thing, I personally am not even slighty interested in part 4. And don’t even get me started on the xbox Aka the point and shoot box. Yeah my buddy is making me play 20+ point and shoot games non of which come even close to how difficult and fun contra was for the super nintendo.

      So yeah dude your right a great majority of people are brainwashed. Oh and don’t even get me started on the epic fail they did with ninja gaiden 3, leave ryu alone ms and Sony let him be created by the pros NINTENDO!!!!

  • David Brent

    Well, sure. It’s not all about horsepower. But it’s part of it. Personally, I’d glady throw in a 50-100 euro/dollars more to make it more next gen. But then again core gamers is far from the biggest category of buyers, so I understand their tactics keeping the price down.

    I’m hoping that the Ouya console will steal a lot of the casual gamers from nintendo, forcing them to embrace the core gamers more for the next generation.

    • David Brent

      If those 50-100 bucks would make it able to run unreal engine 4 without a scale down, I think it would be worth every penny, since the engine is likely to be the dominant one on next gen.

    • mac

      the ouya is hella stupid the only money they gonna have comming in is frim the system and not the games sunce the games are all free thats stupid nintendo can easily crush them within a year

      • Paladin

        I believe you are partially missing the meaning behind the word “free”. While many games on the Ouya will be free-to-play, developers will be able to charge customers whatever they think is adequate to continue maintaining those games and gain a profit for the development companies. But, most likely, those prices will be less than what is charged for current consoles. They usually are, anyway. Richard Stallman (founder of the GNU Project) stated that, when people think of “free” in terms of software, it’s more like “free as in ‘free speech’, not ‘free beer'”. So developers have a choice in deciding whether or not to charge customers for their products. It’s only fair. However, under an open software license, those developers must also enable anyone using those games to have the freedom to hack into both them and the Ouya console itself to make whatever changes they wish. Those customers must, in turn, catalog the changes within the software and give themselves credit for it. Anyone using the software after them must give the previous party credit for the changes as well. In other words, as changes are made over time, there is a catalog of people who have made the changes. It is a good way to show how many people around the world participated in game projects and care to see them maintained.

      • pach

        “The Ouya” system is already dead. Many other came before, and all died. The last one died even before launch.

        • Paladin

          The Ouya is far from being dead. It’s about to be born. Check out its Kickstarter page and see if that’s not the case. Never count out open-source, as it ultimately gains traction over time. This has especially been the case over the past 20 years in the case of Linux. The Ouya gives gamers a prospective freedom that many of them crave. Competition is a good thing in a free market, and the Big Three have monopolized the gaming sector for far too long. I look forward to seeing how they all react to this disruption.

          • Andrew

            That is just it. It has always been the big 3. The market has never been able to support a 4th system. If the Ouya becomes popular one of the other 3 will be lost. It is not going to be Nintendo but Sony or Microsoft. I wonder which one?

    • Maverick-Hunter

      The ouya well I dont know much about it but, as for them stealing casual gamers from nintendo … I highly doubt that will happen seeing as casual gamer didnt really come along until the wii did. Now I ask you would you A.) go to a whole new company and risk your money on something that is their first attempt at a video game console. Or B.) go with the sure thing NINTENDO you know the company that almost all casual gamers started on.

      • Paladin

        For my part, if I had a choice of choosing one or the other (instead of both), I would risk going with the new project of Ouya. It is using Android 4.0 as its operating system. Android is based on the Linux kernel. Linux is open-source. Because it is open-source, both game developers and regular customers will be able to have the legal freedom to hack the games and the console to improve certain qualities of the included games. This is possible because Android is published under the Apache License, with specific Linux components releasd under the GNU General Public License. I think that Ouya would give customers more freedom to do what they want with the games than what Nintendo would. This is why I support the Ouya project. Don’t get me wrong, though. I don’t think of Nintendo as being a “malevolent” organization because of their refusal to use the open-source model on a predominant basis. I think Nintendo is currently bending over backwards to accommodate more developers, especially the independent ones who may be having a difficult time getting their games published on any platform. I commend Nintendo for doing that, along with making their SDKs readily accessible to developers. That being said, I don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer to your overall question. It is up to every individual customer to decide what kind of product to purchase that suits the customer’s needs.

        • Gamer

          Stop lying lol. You know when the Wii U comes out and the show us metroid prime 4, you and I shall be posted outside Nintendo world in the cold next to a guy named tri-force wanting to grab the first Wii U.

          • Paladin

            On the contrary, I’m not lying about anything. I wish you would specify what exactly you think I’m lying about, though. Look at my previous comments and you will see that I am currently inclined towards both the Wii U and the Ouya. Whether I will purchase them around the same time or space them out by a few months is something I have not yet decided. Like I said previously, I want to support both projects. And Nintendo Land does look like a lot of fun.

          • Paladin

            Or maybe I misread your comment and thought that you were saying something in a more unfriendly tone. I see that you posted a friendly reply to one of my other messages. I am sorry if that is the case. The Internet can sometimes make communication difficult when you don’t have a human face and voice to go with a message. I appreciate your input. Thanks again.

        • Gamer

          Paladin I got your reply. Agreed the net can stir words the wrong way. Indeed we will support both systems. Gamers we are and hopefully you shall help me clear the next metroid on Wii U through Mii verse faqs. Even program a game on OUYA or two :). Forgive me also :).

        • Andrew

          Getting both will most likely be cheaper then a next-gen xbox or playstation.

    • deSSy2724

      Ouya is only for F2P games….. so.. Nintendo in general wins with 1st party and family games.

      About 3rd party support…. we will see in near future.

      • Paladin

        To my knowledge, the Ouya will lauch with F2P games, but it will gradually move toward developers being able to charge their customers a certain fee for their games. I have no problem with that, especially since there is a good chance that games will cost less for the Ouya than what they would for other consoles. The open-source model generally tends to make production and customer cost cheaper than proprietary software. I agree with you on the point of first-party games. Those belong to Nintendo as their proprietary games. No other platform can use them. I see a greater possibility for AAA third-party games being published for the Ouya, but I can’t quantify the percentage of that possibility. I also think you are correct in saying that we have to wait and see what happens as far as third-party is concerned. Keep in mind, though, that customers can petition individual developers to port their titles to the Ouya. But I cannot gauge how successful these petitions would be. I hope many of them are successful.

      • SethADrekin

        The Ouya isn’t only free to play Games. The Developers have put in place a requirement that all game create for the Ouya must have atleast one portion of the game playable for free to prevent users from wasting their money on bad games. After the free playable demo, the developer is free to charge whatever they want for the software.

    • Steventelation

      There is no such thing as making it “more next gen”. It is next gen, because it has a new way to play, not just better graphics. I just hope GameStop doesn’t inform people that the wii u isn’t really next gen and other consoles are better, because that is definetly far from the truth.

  • Bruno

    To me, this is why I LIKE Nintendo. They stand apart from the other console makers and aren’t afraid to do so. There is a charm and quality in Nintendo that just isn’t found on Xbox or Playstation. Too, for me personally, there is a bit of nostalgia growing up with the NES and every new generation of console Nintendo has put out since. Some of my favorite games have been Nintendo despite playing countless other titles on my Xbox and PC. I appreciate that they still make games FOR kids. I’m 31 now and I can introduce a whole new generation of games to my daughter who has recently fallen in love with playing Kirby and Mario games. As long as there is Nintendo, there’s hope for the future in the kind of gaming I grew up with.

    • mac

      yea man i agree im only 15 and grew up with the N64 and up so im not to your caliber lol but most kids my age think that playin mario and kirby is for 3 year olds and only give a crap about getting the first kill on COD and give a cap about power. power doesnt mean anything if the user experience is terrible but all kids my age wants is the best graphics money can buy. im not gonna like i like better graphics to but thats not the only thing i want in a system if it has good graphics and i have fun playing it then im just fine with the graphics that is given to me

  • Tristan

    That picture is awesome.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    I totally agree with everything in this article, my comment is more for the people who disagree, if most of the “game of the year” games came from ps3, 360, pc.. But, the wii u is greater than 2 of those power wise while at the same time getting into pvp/online/dlc along with changing how you experience the game yet again. What’s to say nintendo won’t out perform those with more horse power. Very much like a race the better car doesn’t really mean they’ll win the race it’s about the driver.

    And all of you who are like yeah well 3rd party wants a power house cause they want more realistic games … Here is some news for you uhhh 3rd parties are all jumping aboard the wii u gravy train. Personally as a programmer I completely understand why nintendo will pwn all other competition, I’ve literally seen it coming since the gamecube days.

  • Nintendofreak

    I remeber the console wars back in d day……when the dreamcast came out it had more pow than the n64 but still lost….so its not about graphics its abou quality…cuz well d dreamcast was like a ps2 graphic wise…..n well nintendo beated atari, n sega..nintendo is like d metal it will leave on d hearths of fans till death, i personally say dat d day nintendo stops excisting i would stop being a gamer

  • Wii Uoops!

    I really hate rumors. Someone says, “The Wii U is less powerful than Playstation 3 or Xbox 360,” and everybody starts thinking that’s the truth and they tell it to everyone and everyone gets mislead. It just irks me! 🙁

  • yannis

    camecube had almost same power as ps2 and dreamcast, nintendo 64 was much more powerfull than ps1 and saturn, snes was more powerfull than mega drive… only wii is less powerfull than rest systems and at my opinion the worst nintendo console (camecube has better games than wii)! so when you say that nintendo doesnt care about horsepower you should only reffer to wii!

    • mac

      gamecube not camecube

    • PKUltima

      Gamecube was the most powerful system last generation, Resident Evil 4 looks way better on Gamecube than Playstation 2.

      • SanPharaoh


  • darkfox

    what up with the second memory port for the GC looks a little odd

  • Captain snugglebottom

    @Wii U playwithme| Look i’m 13 and I fell in love with nintendo when I bought my wii in 2006 (yes it was my first console) I don’t need drug dealing and free violence in my games there is already too much violence in this world. All the other boys in my class have a ps3 and call of duty and they always brag about how much kill they got and stuff but you know what I think CoD is just a big pile of free pointless Violence

    • SanPharaoh

      I agree. CoD for the most part is following the Golden Eye formula, (Which Ninty perfected) but now the mulit-player is optimized via the net as opposed to a single screen being split into up to four ways.

      Credit goes to linking gamers from around the world though. I’m sure that was no easy task, but aside from better graphics the innovation suffers and CoD (in multi-player) has never really grown beyond it’s Golden Eye daddy.

      Moreover, most of the people who reign in CoD would never wish to fight in a real war, in real life, and yet they swear by the graphics and want them to look even more real. It’s a bit of a satire.

      Long Live Nintendo

  • Man

    how do you balance a Wii U on top of a Wii?lol. But Nintendo are the true Gamers of all three companys they brawden the spectrem of gaming and due to that they will Never die out like sega

    • Steventelation

      SOLUTION!!!!!!!!! Turn the wii flat on its side.

  • Nitro

    This is exactly why i will always come back to nintendo. They are so unique and different than the other companies. They dare to try something completely new and innovative, but they aren’t doing silly unique things such as the ouya is doing.

    • Angra

      is very good; it’s bright and clear when loinkog direct More >> Nintendo Black SP Console Amazon.co.uk Review At first look, you might think the Game Boy Advance SP is a sleek travel alarm ttp://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/410WQSMH0XL._SL160_.jpg” alt=”” /> Amazon.co.uk Review At first

  • Dustin

    Next gen is all about graphics– unless you’re delivering a next gen one handed 3D motion tracking controller with an analog stick instead of five keys on the face. That would pass for next gen hardware, but I don’t see it anywhere in their plans.

    The WiiU tablet does not move the gaming experience forward– it’s pure gimmick. There is not Mario 64 type of game that makes use of the screen in a way that makes it a standard for all 3D gaming going forward. At least with the Wii; we all recognized immediately, “This will be great for saber controls in Star Wars…”

    • Britton

      You made your comment without reading anyone elses. To YOU maybe next gen is all about graphics. We have already established in great detail on may other discussion boards on this website that next gen is, in fact, NOT all about graphics. I would advise you to read more before you speak. These types of comments are deserving a response less and less.

      • Dustin

        Graphics matter because I’ve already got a current gen console and don’t need another.

        You can’t claim that the interface offers some great new experience when there isn’t a single game that makes even a good use of the tablet; let alone a revolutionary use of it.

        They created this gimmick to cash in on the tablet trend and never thought about what the demand was for it in games. You design a new interface because you want to make a new game that can’t be done with current hardware (like a Zelda with two 1:1 motion controllers); you don’t make an interface and try and figure out how it applies to your games.

        The fact is that if you don’t have a revolutionary new game; then you better deliver amazing next gen visuals.

        • Draco Breach

          See my response to you trolls below.

          You fail. Hard.

      • Enigmatic

        That’s right Britton, graphical horsepower and innovation can make a console next gen. Too bad the Wii U lacks in both for a next gen console.

        • Draco Breach

          I challenge you to back that up. I can back up my assertions, but you won’t be able to. In fact, you don’t even seem willing to.

          • Enigmatic

            I already have, actually.

            Just read.

          • Draco Breach

            I have read, and I’ve been severely disappointed in the lack of objectivity.

            A false assertion is not a data point to back up a statement. A baseless assumption is not hard fact. A flippant attack is simply a troll.

            I’m willing to banter back and forth, but I want to see some substance. I’ve made a substantial case against everything you’ve said because I like to see how hard trolls bite into arsenic. I find it funny.

            The GamePad is true innovation, adding immersion to the visceral experience the Wii Remote offers. I’ve pointed out how great the GamePad is for action, survival, and first person shooter openly, and I’ve hinted at how it will improve gameplay in role-playing, simulation, and massively-multiplayer.

            While I do like the power the Wii U offers, I would actually be satisfied with using the power to improve elements like artificial intelligence. The fact that developers don’t have to “dumb down” computer-controlled elements while maintaining 1080/60p is a technological achievement far and above what the current generation of consoles can even hint at.

            The Wii U and GamePad are the first shot fired in the eighth generation of console gaming. It is an impressive first shot that Sony and Microsoft were quick to try and copy this generation. They failed.

            They failed miserably.

            They failed hard.

            There is no doubt they will release a more powerful console because the requisite hardware will drop in price, but they won’t drop a console for a loss. They also can’t afford to drop a ‘quantum leap’ console. A 2013 release will see a 20~45% increase in power. A 2014 release will see a 50~110% increase. A 2015 release will see a 150~230% increase. A 2016 release will see a 360~450% increase.

            These are not arbitrary numbers, either. They are based off of rough estimates of a $400 release price tag for all consoles involved. I’ve based the $400 on my estimates for the Wii U being about 175% more powerful than the current generation (a fair estimate) with a marginal profit – say $30 per console. If the next Xbox and PlayStation release at a similar price, they can pack their consoles with hardware equal to the above estimates

            You’ve said nothing of substance, really. I just pointed out the flaws in your, uh, ‘arguments’ rather handily. The above is really more than I need to say, but it’s fun to bait traps with poison for trolls.

            I just wish I could have a real, objective dissection.

        • Steventelation

          I think Enigmatic is being sarcastic when he says the wii u lacks in graphics and innovation.

    • Draco Breach

      You want use? Really?!

      ZombiU is an example of how the survival horror genre can advance. You can have a zero-pause interface where the player is, more realistically, looking between an inventory on the second screen and the action on the main screen. You have to look away from the main screen, where something might just happen, as you check your map and radar.

      What is currently available on the current generation? You have an ugly HUD interface right in your face in The Last of Us. Do correct me if the title is wrong. Either way, I’ll take the ZombieU interface over The Last of Us interface any day. It is more realistic to the frantic action of survival.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not big into survival horror. The last time I played one I actually liked was Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. I still might try ZombieU. I’m more likely to try The Last of Us if it comes to the Wii U with the more realistic interface.

      Shall I continue? Let’s aim high. The popular first person shooter genre whet your whistle? It doesn’t mine, but I can see reason to get back into with the innovative gameplay offered by the Wii U. After all, it might be the first time since Golden Eye 64 that I enjoyed a ‘core’ FPS – as bunches of anti-Nintendo fanboys seem to disclude the amazing Metroid Prime trilogy.

      I saw several nice interfaces for FPS games at a variety of events. The ‘blaster’ peripheral works nicely here. You can easily use the GamePad as a scope. I can quickly switch between the scope and panoramic view by, very realistically, tilting my head or my ‘gun’ out of the way.

      I could go on. I haven’t found a use for it for fighting games just yet, but you can bet I will. I have already thought of immersive uses in racing, simulation, role-playing, massively-multiplayer, et cetera genres. I’m not even trying, either.

      The fact is very simple. Nintendo made the GamePad with immersion in mind. This truly leaps the next generation forward. The added horsepower is simply a bonus of newer hardware. The fact that the Wii U can handle 1080/60p rather handily is proof positive.

      I liked the immersion of the Wii. I’d really consider it the true current generation. It was a visceral experience. The GamePad adds to the visceral element with an immersion element.

      This is a true generational leap.

      After all, Microsoft and Sony were quick to try and copy it. They’ve both failed on adding the immersion at this venture. They’d best try again when they actually launch their next consoles. Make no mistake. They will try again.

      • Dustin

        The only universal use that has been talked about is the idea of using the tablet and its motion control for camera control in a shooter, but there is no shooter where the whole game takes place on the tablet. There could be an option for this control method in ZombiU, but they havn’t put any emphasis on it. What I’ve seen of ZombiU has been using the tablet as a scope or for inventory– that’s what a gimmick is.

        People shouldn’t be scratching their head over what to do with a new controller. If the new interface was a glove, a haptic controller, or a VR visor; people would get it instantly and truly be wowed by it. If it were as simple as Reggie putting on a glove at E3 and showing on screen, in first person, how the avatar’s fingers animate 1:1 with his hand; there wouldn’t be anything to explain (unless we control the camera like in Minority Report or there is a nunchuck/pistol with a holster…).

        • Draco Breach

          Scope = Immersion = Realism

          Scope =/= Gimmick

          You just like saying gimmick and nothing of substance, obviously.

          Developers are finding uses. I’ve highlighted just a few. I’ve hinted about other uses. I’m not a developer, nor do I work for one. I am, however, a programmer with imagination.

    • SanPharaoh

      You’re trolling, but I’ll throw a bone.

      Sony was irresponsible for charging 600 for a system that cost them over 800 to manufacture, banking heavily on the gamble that Blu-ray would overcome DVD’s the way DVD’s overtook VHS.

      They lost big on that gamble even though Blu-ray beat-out HD-DVD.
      The DVD will be here a little while longer and Blu-ray will exist beside it.

      I believe the PS3 is good system, and I will buy a used one someday so that I can play “The Last of Us”, as that game just looks AMAZING.

      But let’s just say for shits and giggles that Naughty Dog decided they wanted to port a sequel or prequel to the Wii U (as I’m sure Sony was smart enough to get the exclusive rights to this amazing title). They would be able to do so seamlessly, and the graphics that you so swear by would be superior on the Wii U by comparison to the PS3…Blu-ray disc and all.

      And if Sony continues to be smart they will not release a PS4 (any time soon 2015/16 at the earliest). Instead they will and should try to find ways to improve on the PS3 as a PS4 at any point in the near future spells out inevitable doom for that company and it would mark the final console they would ever release.

      Gaming graphics are slowly nearing a plateau and no matter how you slice the pie CGI will never quite reach the richness and beauty of real life and if I’m not mistaken it seems like that’s what graphics hounds are increasingly after, games that give the player super human powers with the visuals of REAL LIFE.

      Nintendo’s approach has never been to try to capture real life. Instead they seek and have always sought to capture the imagination while making video gaming a fun and entertaining escape from real life.

      A new XBOX would meet a similar fate as a new PS which is most likely why there are a ton of rumors with no actual facts to support them because they are just that. Rumors. Don’t get your hopes up for a PS4, or XBOX 720, instead get a gaming PC and leave the gaming console world behind as graphics can really only be truly tapped in that sector.

      p.s. I played a ton of wack ass titles with great graphics, and regret every single one of them. I also played a ton of great games with okay graphics where the game world was immersing and I will never forget the goodness that it made me feel.

      p.p.s Comments like these make me wish Nintendo never would have sold Rare to Microsoft. I wonder what your precious Halo would look like then? Oh well.

    • Steventelation

      Just because it is a new thing that no one has ever thought of ( like the tablet) and is advertised doesn’t make it a gimmick. “oh look, something cool and innovative! IT’S A GIMMICK!!!!! Oh look a new way to play games! GIMMICK!!!” sorry I’m not really mad I just think calling the game pad a gimmick is very low.

  • nucima

    Lets see with which console, the tower on the picture will crash :P.

    I have to say:
    I care about graphics!

    But: For good graphics there isn’t a high-end hardware needed. It just helps to do photo-realistic games, and adds opportunities for developers.
    With Cell-Shading or something like that, a great looking game is also on Wii U possible.

    What I’m angry about: Why no Full-HD support! Its just lazyness and greed, not adding this in minimalistic games like Super mario bros….