May 2nd, 2014

E3 Nintendo

Update: According to OMN, Nintendo UK has contacted them to let them know this rumor is false. There will be no new hardware showcased at E3 this year.

With the reveal of the patent filing for interchangeable controls yesterday, it looks like the internet is abuzz with rumors that Nintendo could possibly be showcasing new hardware at E3. There’s absolutely no confirmation for this rumor from Nintendo, but sites like IGN and MCV are reporting that they’ve heard some type of hardware will be showcased. The most likely bet is Nintendo’s Quality of Life platform Satoru Iwata discussed in its financial briefing at the beginning of the year.

The Nintendo 3DS is doing well enough that Nintendo doesn’t need to introduce a successor for a few more years, and while the Wii U is still struggling all over the world, introducing a new home console now just 2 years after the introduction of the last console would shake even the most hardcore fanboy’s faith in Nintendo. Either way, if new hardware is to be showcased, we’re betting it’s related to the direction Nintendo wants to take as more than just a video games company.

What sort of new hardware would you like to see from Nintendo? Remember rumors that a Fusion console has been considered in the past, and the interchangeable controls from the patent that showed up yesterday could potentially be part of that idea.

Thanks, John!

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  • John Andalora
    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Exaggerated news article I can see. No surprise here. I’m glad that I stick to forms more often this past week. Nothing new here. 😛

  • Calvin Bowens
  • Skelterz

    This is Satoru Iwata i’d like to introduce the latest hardware innovation from nintendo please understand this new hardware is still in development…Introducing
    REGGIE FILS AMECH FOR YOUR HOME!!! Battery’s not included consumers may be subject to random laser beam murders….

    • Rinslowe

      “random laser beam murders….”

      Police operator: Please slow down sir, repeat that again sloowly. Did you say “Random Laser Beam Murders?”.
      Distraught Caller: Yyy y yesss!
      Police operator: Oh Snap!

      • Skelterz


    • Mario

      …Can I use it against my brother?

      • Skelterz

        You could but we sorta need him for smash…

        • Mario

          Aww! 🙁

    • jjbredesen

      Well it has nothing to do with the new patent, as a lot of people are saying.

      The tech was used in a prototype 3DS where you could change the placement of the cyrclepad and the d-pad (see picture below) and they even went as far as to let you customize the entire system, but the idea was scrapped.

      The picture looks like a DS lite, but is actually a 3DS prototype.

      So 100% sure there will be NO new 3DS model. The patent was filed 2 years ago, so they could be experimenting with it, but they have nothing to show.

      As for a Reggie Fils Amech i will be all over one!!

    • ETMew2348

      it would be a fucking honor to be shot at with a laser beam by Reggie ANY DAY xD

      • Skelterz

        Damn straight!

    • Tecpedz94

      Its confirmed by Nintendo that they will not be showing a new device at E3

      • Skelterz

        Are you medically unstable… I’m quite aware that a fils a mech will not make a debut’ at E3 this year…

        • Tecpedz94

          What are you saying ???? I’m taking about what is being said in the article about Nintendo announcing a new device which is not true not what you said in fact i didn’t even read your entire comment i wasn’t exactly referring to you i just added it to this convo so people knew it wasn’t true. Learn to speak to people…..Anyway they updated it and missed that part.

  • Nop, it’s not a Wii U or 3DS substitute

  • Rinslowe

    Dual Wielding Power gloves!

  • Ony


  • Ducked

    Well that was quick

  • Shaise

    A new console to clean things up? If so, THEY OWE ME IT FOR FREE!!!!! Because I bought the Wii U at launch. And remained LOYAL!!!!!!

    • D.M.T

      Calm down, it’s not a new console

    • Zuxs13

      Sense of entitlement much?

    • Steve

      Trade it in to GameStop! I can see it now. A banner promoting:

      “Trade in your Wii U and get $50 off the new console.”

  • Steve

    If they do, it will most likely be a minor 3DS upgrade.

    As far as the patent is concerned, I have a feeling Nintendo’s next console will combine a handheld and a home console. To be more specific, think of the Wii U concept. Now, instead of a GamePad, imagine the next generation DS serving as that second controller. I believe that Nintendo’s next console will bridge handheld gaming with console gaming, where at home a player will be able to connect their next-gen DS to the next-gen home console (rumored to be called the Nintendo Fusion), and play on the big screen. However, when the player decides to go out, he can bring with him the handheld controller. At this point, the controller functions like a regular handheld console.

    Over the years I’ve heard a multitude of rumors. These include the alleged next-gen pokemon game being called Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus. This rumor seems to hint that the game will function differently when connected to a second controller and when on its own. If true, this hints at a potential bridging of Nintendo’s home consoles and their handheld consoles in the future. Think about it. When talking electric charges, a positive charge (plus) attracts/connects a negative charge (minus). This also hints at a potential bridge between platforms.

    Did I forget to mention the leaked discussions between Nintendo and shareholders where Iwata mentioned that Nintendo was looking into doing just that: linking the two platforms?

    At this point, these are all rumors. I may even be wrong. But, this is what I believe Nintendo is working towards. Heck, call me crazy, but I think the Wii U was Nintendo’s way of testing how well consumers accept this idea of a fusion between the two platforms. If anything, the Gamepad just feels like a giant GameBoy advanced, with analog sticks.

    • Purple

      Had the same exact thoughts after purchasing my wii u. In fact I believe tgis is Nintendos way of testing It.
      Since the the days of Snes theyve been finding ways to link the two. With Super gameboy. N64 pokemon data transfer. Gamecube advance player.
      Etc… I remember when the gameboy color had a peripheral attachment for a camera. Now the Ds/3ds had one built in. It seems like theyve always been innovative and thinking ahead.

    • Purple

      It just seems like the next obvious step. I see no reason that the next gen Nintendo handheld cant stream to a “roku” type box to stream to your tv. Even have nintendo eshop connectivity. Its just so awesome. I cant wait. Exciting times.

  • Nintenjoe82

    I want a Wii U Zapper more than a Reggie Fils Amech.

    I wonder if someone figures out how to make a proper light gun for LCD TVs. I want a HotD:Overkill sequel with perfect aiming!

    • J_Joestar

      I’d want a New Metal Combat game.

  • Zuxs13

    Typical Wii U daily, this “rumor” was from 2 days ago, and before they even wrote this article Nintendo already came out and stated they are not revealing any new hardware.

  • AM Real

    I definitely DO NOT want them the showcase new hardware this year unless it’s a higher storage Wii U…I’ve been a Wii U owner since day one and I don’t want them shifting focus on something new especially when they haven’t even tapped the Wii U’s full potential as yet…wait the 5 or 6 year console cycle to unveil the next Nintendo home system…-_-‘

  • Called it. That it was fake, that is

  • Squid

    It’s too soon. I don’t know why people say wii u needs to get replaced, more like it needs more games and more 3rd party support. Though the Nintendo Fusion idea was kinda awesome.

  • paulthevgking

    i think the fusion is true and that they might at least confirm it? maybe tease next e3?

  • paulthevgking

    Also, Nintendo WOULD OBVIOUSLY deny it, for why would they want to spoil a big surprise, or create anger for wii u owners and stop others from buying a wii u. I think they will tease it for next e3

  • Kevin James McAllister

    IGN didn’t report it. They mentioned it in their podcast, and went out of the way to say that there’s no confirmation. It’s a bit misleading in your article, though I guess the point is moot now that we’ve had confirmation that it’s false.

  • Nintendoro

    Quality of Life nothing else

  • GariNGB

    I cant believe there were people on the internet actually thinking that Nintendo were going to announce a successor to the Wii U at this years E3. Really, people? Yes the Wii U isn’t doing as well as it could be, but by announcing a new piece of hardware that would replace the Wii U, would be disastrous for Nintendo. The brand would be effected in a big way if they did this and out of all the companies in gaming, Nintendo is super proud of the brand that Nintendo has become.

  • fireheartis1

    Maybe the 3DS Micro? Sounds like a Nintendo thing to do with their handheld consoles.

  • Ian Settlemyer

    Maybe a new Wii U controller?

  • Ian Settlemyer

    I want to see all of the starter characters revealed in SSB4.

  • Adam Fox

    Remember back in the day when all your video game news was in the form of magazines? You didn’t get new information every day or few hours, you had to wait a MONTH for the next issue to come out. I remember the first time I played Super Mario Bros 3…..I didn’t even know the game was coming out, its like it came out of nowhere to me. Friend of mine brought it over one time and I was BLOWN AWAY….I didn’t have RUMORS of what it MIGHT be like….or 15 minutes of game-play footage showing the features, everything was a NEW experience. Even the screen-shots in magazines weren’t total spoilers…..(unless you were in the cheat code section of the magazine…which, that is something else I miss with modern games, cheat codes… me, the satisfying sound that it makes when you properly enter a code made it all the more awesome….now you got non-stop rumors….you know how a new console is going to look and have spec-wise before its even on the shelf. It will NEVER again be like the experience of making the jump from 8-bit to 16-bit….or 16-bit to 64-bit….we already know what its going to be like before it hits the shelves, and now you can pre-order 6 MONHTS ahead of release date….

  • Purple

    I just can’t wait to see what The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will at least look like!

    We already know that Aonuma said he definitely is re thinking the way the dungeons are approached as he was testing out with A Link Between Worlds. And that the Wii U Zelda will be the largest Zelda game in terms of Scope and world i.e. exploring and most likely length of time it takes to complete.

    I mean you all have seen how polished games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart are looking right? granted they are not the scope of an adventure game like The Legend of Zelda but i have no doubt it will look just as if not more stunning than anything we’ve seen or imagine thus far.

    i can’t wait to trot through a evergreen forest on Epona, slashing my sword at poe’s while on horseback.
    hookshot up Death mountain to have a Goron make me a giants knife.
    Swim through the mouth of a giant whale and visit the zora tribe.
    all in the most stunning and artistic grand High Definition Nintendo can offer to date!
    DROOL….. 😛

    oh the possibilities are endless.

  • matt

    In my eyes Nintendo have put off selling the GAMEPAD seperate because a new one is coming…….that’s my guess.