Nintendo NetworkNintendo Network is the online service for the Wii U. Nintendo Network offers game downloads, videos, content and DLC, and personal user accounts. The new network is the second online system for Nintendo, and is the successor to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Unlike the previous system, Nintendo Network will not require friend codes and will be based on a user account system, much like the competing Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services. Nintendo Network will launch in Fall 2012, and will be available for the Wii U when the console launches. The new online system will also be available for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. A key part of the new system will be Miiverse, which is a social network for the Wii U.

Nintendo Network features

Nintendo Network will combine multiplayer gaming with online services such as a social network, eShop, digital distribution service, and more. Here is the full list of Nintendo Network features:

  • Personal user account: each Wii U user will create a personalized account that will tie his games and content to. Unlike Nitnendo Wi-FI, the new Nintendo Network does not require Friend Codes to play online with friends and others.
  • Wii U eShop: digital download service with full retail games, game demos, and downloadable content (DLC).
  • Wii U Virtual Console: via eShop, older Nintendo titles such as NES, N64, and GameCube titles can be downloaded and played on the Wii U. See more on Wii U backwards compatibility.
  • Video: The Nintendo Network will include a dedicated video channel for the Wii U, with game trailers, movies, interviews, and much more. It will also be available to purchase videos for download.
  • Wii U apps: the Wii U will support apps such as video streaming (e.g. Netflix), productivity apps, and more.
  • Wii U channels: will be back from the Wii and will include internet browsing, social network, and many other non-gaming related channels.
  • Miiverse: lets players connect with their Miis and share screenshots, game progress, videos, messages, and more.

More features will be added to the network as the service matures, rumored future additions include a YouTube video channel, and several TV network channels where users can watch online TV through the Nintendo Network. This will most likely be based on geographic location of the user.

Nintendo Network games

Games that support Nintendo Network online play, downloadable content, and other online features will be marked with the “Nintendo Network logo” on the box (the logo which you can see on this page). So far all of Nintendo’s major first party Wii U games, like Pikmin 3, Mario Kart, and Zelda, will support some of the features of the Nintendo Network features. Third party publishers are expected to roll out features as well, including multiplayer gaming like Ghost Recon Online, in addition to downloadable content (DLC) as well.

Nintendo Network storage

The service will utilize Wii U’s internal flash storage to store games and content. While the internal storage on the Wii U will be limited to 8 GB (rumored), the console will offer expansion via USB hard drives, USB memory sticks, and SD cards as well. Nintendo Network content can be saved to any one of those 3 external devices.


  • will the new system be able to play dvds and cds like the x360 & ps3? we dont need netflix!!!

    • ak47rocks1333

      no sry

    • pbsds

      You’ll probably have to wait for homebrew…

      • Pokemon Master#1

        No homebrew. I’m tired of all the hackers.

    • Nintendude

      Netflix is way better. You don’t even have to leave your house to get movies.

  • someSHET

    typo at require at the third paragraph 🙂

  • mega164

    the wii u will not support dvd’s

  • TheMaddMan

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always hated that the wii didn’t have a reliable online network like the xbox and ps3 and THIS IS THE ANSWER! Now let’s just hope I get a lot of birthday money…

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      And let’s hope that Nintendo can make the network free, so you can spend that birthday money on other games

  • Mike

    Why is everyone askind about DVD/Blu-Ray support? Almost anybody has DVD’s or Blu-Ray discs, and if you have a DVD/Blu-Ray disc, chances are, you have already a device to play them on.

    • miko

      well because its better to just play it on a game system instead of you having to turn off the wii u turning on the dvd player and then plopping the disc in and waiting for it to load

      • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

        In other words, people be lazy 😀

      • Steventelation

        First world problems……….

  • Alex

    I want online multiplayer and the ability to voice chat with my friends while playing the game.

    • TheMaddMan

      Me toooo…..

    • jhon

      you can chat but no voice chat

      • Xarret Vanitas

        Then what’s the purpose of the build-in microphone. People think if is there then use it in every possible way.

      • Nin10doh98

        Where is your proof? What is your source?

  • Jerm1234

    awesome, but Nintendo should make the storage space larger if they want us to download stuff, sure we can buy flash drives and SD cards but I always use those as an “accessory”.

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      Yeah, but then they have to have a whole line up of models, and not to mention, they probably wouldn’t have gone much over half a terabyte, and while that’s a lot, games are getting larger, so it would probably be more cost effective for Nintendo and consumers for us to just to buy our own, larger hard drive. If you’re downloading games, you’ll probably need it anyhow. Besides, having it built in would just add another middle man in, no offense to Nintendo, but I’m buying my consoles and games from them already. If I’m getting a hard drive, I might as well just get the one I want without having to go through Nintendo for it, and I think that’s what they were thinking when they made that decision. They probably figured, customers who want to download will need a lot of space, so have an external hard drive capacity for them. That way, they could do just as much as they want. And save the on-system memory for saved games and maybe some apps or whatever.

  • Wii u crazer

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this is awesome, when I have trouble with a game I can just see what people posted instead of sending a message to my friends with a friends code. Which could take forever for them to reply. So his is a revaloution for all of nintendo fans all over the world.

  • Dan

    WE WANT VOICE CHAT!! Definitely on the Wii U Pro controller! Please Nintendo, put a microphone jack on the Pro Controller! PLEASE!!! If you don’t, I’m going to cry:(

  • dillon

    the nintendo network better be free and have voice chat so even if u r not playing the same game u can still talk to your friends like on the xbox and finally they r getting rid of the friend codes so we can have or own layer card hopefully the nintendo network turns out to be awesome

  • dillon

    i meant playercard