Dec 7th, 2012

Owners of the Wii U Deluxe set get a lot of value for their money. Besides a few accessories and a free copy of Nintendo Land, Deluxe owners get a whopping 32 GB of internal storage for games and media.

Now there’s another perk for Deluxe users: the Nintendo Network Deluxe promotion, which gives gamers 10% off on all digital download purchases made on the Wii U. Nintendo has just launched the service for all Deluxe members.

Deluxe owners who purchase content will get Nintendo Points, which can be redeemed for cash in the store. It basically translates into a 10% discount. For example, if you purchase something for $50, Nintendo will give you $5 to spend in the store.

In order to take advantage of this promotion, you have to have to sign in with your Nintendo Network ID on this Nintendo page. It’s a limited time offer, so if you’re a Deluxe owner and like to download games, you should definitely sign up.

Wii U Deluxe promo

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  • prettypinkpanacea

    Sadly, I don’t think APAC is eligible for this promotion because we received the ‘premium’ pack, not the ‘deluxe’ set. Perhaps its just semantics but my nintendo network id didn’t work.

  • Linskarmo

    What a great deal!

  • Ken Seymour

    Apparently you actually have to buy something first, then the day after your first purchase you can activate the promotion. Must be the Deluxe bundle though..

  • Mickey Mouse

    prettypinkpanacea you should go to: it worked for me and I’m in Europe with a premium pack, the deluxe is North American.

    I spent £10.99 on Trine two on launch day and it says I spent £9.24, I should have 109 points not 92 which is what it says.

    • Frei Wild

      You have to substract the tax from the price first, then you have your 9.24

      10.99 / 1.19 * 10 = 92 points
      price / tax * points per £ = final points

  • Thank you for the heads up, WiiUDaily! Just got my promotion account set up and ready to earn from extra freebies for my Wii U!

    All I have downloaded from the eShop so far is Hyper Switch Force HD and Nano Assault Neo, but I’m sure down the line I’ll be getting a bunch more!

    ESPECIALLY once the Virtual Console is up and going! 

  • Sonic Chang

    Way to exclude us Basic set owners… I actually got an external hard drive and downloaded Trine 2 and NintendoLand!

    • The promotion is an advertised part of the DELUXE model. Buy what you want, don’t whine for it to be given to you, entitlement-brat.

  • Justin Lee

    So I need to buy something first to sign up on the promotion? And then buy something to get the discount on the next purchase? Wow so in total I need to buy 2 things before I can use it.

    Seems wrong to me.