Aug 4th, 2014

Nintendo has announced it will be performing scheduled network maintenance on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, which will affect online system functionality. This extended maintenance will be right before the live-stream of the Hyrule Warriors Direct, so it’s possible we could see a system update announced, though Nintendo has not said anything about it. Here are the scheduled hours for several regions:
  • USA East: 8pm to 10pm
  • USA West: 5pm to 7pm
  • UK: 1 am to 3am (Aug 5)
  • Europe: 2 am to 4 am (Aug 5)
  • Japan: 9am to 11am (Aug 5)

Remember to tune in to the Nintendo Direct tonight if you’re in the United States. For Europeans, you’ll have to stay up extra late in order to catch it.

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  • Nintenjoe82

    Half Life 3 confirmed

    • Devesh


    • linkzero65

      i’m dyeing

  • Hyrule Warriors demo confirmed.

    • Daniel Golightly

      Good Om I hope so

  • Petri

    I hope they add some demos of upcoming games, especially Bayonetta 2.

    • HotInEER

      I agree. The demos now are a joke.

      • Petri

        I havent tried any other demo than W101, because usually they release those after the game releases, and I already have it.
        But I’m glad I got W101, even though the demo felt kinda lame.

    • Virus6

      Smash Bros too would be godly.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    i just want to be able to use the wii u pad to play wii games give me that and i’m good

    • Virus6

      I’d love to be able to use Wii U controllers for Wii mode. Sucks going back to play Smash or Xenoblade and needing to find the Wiimote and batteries >_>

      • thedeciderU

        can’t agree more, but i kind of doubt it will happen.

    • bistricky

      Great idea …. I hope they do that soon.

  • Petri

    Rather wake up extra early, Direct is airing 6am for me, just in time when I wake up.
    But if I were in U.K, I would go to sleep and wake up earlier, rather than stay awake until 4am.

  • Mayoo

    Only in United States, because nothing else exists in that timezone …

  • Sheik

    Live in Sweden, Hyrule Warriors Direct at 5 am, sleep or stay awake, STAY AWAKE OF COURCE!!!! I CAN’T MISS SOMETHING AWESOME LIKE THAT!!!!!

  • DC777

    Well there was an update but I don’t see what’s new.

  • ChariotMan7

    I wonder how much 1GB of ram for OS. is left for the Wii U after all these updates.

  • Spencer Manigat

    Dear god, I hope they update with cloud storage. I can dream.