Feb 6th, 2013

Miiverse has been updated to change how notifications are received, as well as changes in the code of conduct for using the Miiverse. Users will now receive direct updates from Nintendo displayed in a special Miiverse community. From this community, you’ll be able to see announcements about changes to the service. The new notification changes include notifications when someone follows you and you’ll no longer receive notifications from comments made on posts from people who are not the original poster.

Nintendo has also implemented a cap on the number of times you can post on Miiverse within a few minutes, limiting it down to just one post every five minutes. The structure of the comments won’t change, but Nintendo hopes this change will cut down on spam comments and multiples.

The changes to the Code of Conduct have occurred in the “By Gamers, About Games” section. Off-topic posts no longer have a place on Miiverse, so you’ll need to stay on topic in order to not have your posts remove. Also, Nintendo has stated that openly asking for friend requests is no longer allowed.

What do you think of these changes? Are they for the better? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Metal_Man_v2

    1 post per 5 minutes is ridiculous.  I like posting a comment, and then posting a drawing related to that.  But hey, maybe it’s just me.  Why Nintendo?

    • uPadWatcher

      To prevent it from spamming too much.  Have patience…

      • RetroSquid

        If they’re going to reduce the frequency of posts, they should extend the allowed length, 100characters is just not enough, I have found myself having to send two messages at once just so I can finish my sentence…

        Sorry for not using “txt spk”, Nintendo… 😛

        • The one post per 5 minutes rule doesn’t apply to messages or comments, just posts. If one post isn’t enough to hold your thoughts, continue them in the comments below.

          That said, I would love to see the character limit increased a bit.

      • RoadyMike

        That won’t help.That just means we’ll have spam every 5 min…
        I’d rather they increase the amount of characters at least to 200 and do something about those “Yeah!” beggars.Uncreative bastards >:/

        • Gavn64

          your absolutely right i do a miiverse series “chuck blade” it takes effort to script and storyboard it. The 5 minute delay could get irritating though…

        • “Yeah!” begging is against the rules now too. This article just didn’t mention it.

    • Laud

      They’ll knock it down to 2 minutes or something eventually.

    • guest

      comments are not limited like posts.

      • Turquel Baker

        yes they are. everything is limited to 100 characters on miiverse. im assuming they expect people to hand write but some folks have horrible penmanship lol nintendo needs to address this. it could at least be 300 characters.

        • DragonSilths

          He means you can comment more then 1 time every 5 minutes unlike posting.

        • Αίας Ταρνάρης

          Or 140 like Twitter?

        •  Yes the character amount needs to be increased a little.    Also maybe since drawing comments is so popular how about a little color

          • JumpMan

            they added color to Swapnote/Nintendo Letterbox, so why not Miiverse? they’le probably add it w/ the Spring update hopefully. if not, then most likely the Summer one. they’le definitely add it soon, though.

        • val berger

          100 is really dumb. if they are creating this 5 minute window, they should also allow people to write longer texts. 100 chars don’t give you any freedom but for spam

    • Arthur Jarret

       Actually spending some time to draw something good would take more than 5 mins.

      • True. My simpler drawings always take at least 10 minutes. Some of the more complex stuff on Miiverse can take up to 10 hours!

        No complaints from me.

  • D Moness

    only dislike the fact no more notice on posts you are not the starter of. I had some nice discussions with people that were not the topic started. This way it will be near impossible to do that

    • I’m 50/50 on that part. I’m glad I won’t be spammed with useless comment notifications anymore, but I’m sad to miss out on the ones that might be replying to one of my comments.

      Miiverse should implement a comments system like Disqus or something similar. I’d like to be able to reply directly to individual comments and get notifications when others have replied to mine. The ability to follow specific posts would be cool too.

  • Brian

    how about changing the quality of the characters?? give them more detail and more things to edit… this is a new console. I love it, I’ve owned one since it was released. But the characters aren’t that much more detailed than the original. More options!!! 

    Also if they change how you ask for friend request openly… how are you supposed to friend people? 

    • D Moness

       They should rather do something about posts that beg for yeahs (like yeah all my posts and i will yeah all yours)

      • Zelly Jeffers

        That drives me mad!

        “Yeah this post if you think I should buy this game!”

        No! **rolls up newspaper**

        • Megan Allen

          i dont mind doing that with 007 legends it needs people to buy the game 😀

          • Zelly Jeffers

            But is it Yeah-worthy? 😉

      • Jeffery02

        Actually, this was added to the Code of Conduct as well. I just read that part myself.

      • Brian

        I’m looking forward to when they bring MiiVerse to PC. 

    • Adam Porter

      yea how are you supposed to make friends if you don’t do that?

      • Send them friend requests.

        The rule only states that you can’t make posts begging for friends (Yeahs too). It’s off topic and a waste of space considering you can send a friend request with a message to whomever you want.

        I’m glad they did this. Really don’t see why people are making a fuss.

        • Jay

          i agree with these rules. i hate spam.

    • Mauricio Guaura

      Uh, hello? What the heck are you talking about when you mean “characters”? You mean the miis? In that case, they HAVE changed them. The difference is pretty noticeable…

      And yeah, just like Adam said, how are you supposed to make friends without asking people you don’t know to be your friends? OHH, THE HORROR!

      • Megan Allen

        they mean say in posts like “Friend me”

    • You would just give them your # the thread. However, where is the official Nintendo notice indicating that this is taking place? If it exists, I would like to read it before I get upset about anything this article claims. Please, if anyone knows where to find it, I would like to read it. 

      • Found it! This stinks everyone that uses add friend feature, but I only have one friend on my list and I’m almost never on due to school anyway, so meh! This doesn’t affect me too much. Sucks for the rest though. =/

        • Nintendo is turning Miiverse to a communist community… Hahahahaha! You do what they say, when they say it, how they say it. If not you get BANNED! What a load of crap!

          • Jay

            i rather have this, then trolling/spamming that you get from xbox live, or PC mmorpgs

        • You can still add friends just fine.

          Nintendo doesn’t want people spamming posts like “HEY GAIZ ADD ME 2 UR FRENZ LIST!” in communities anymore. It happens a lot and gets annoying after a while.

    • SoulSilverZero

      They are trying to prevent a situation where a middle-aged stranger asks a 8-year old to be his friend, which could possibly lead the 8-year old giving out his address and the stranger to find the 8-year old.

      • Not really. The main purpose of the rule is surely to discourage people from constantly spamming posts where they ask people to friend them.

      • Jay

        GTFO i’m getting sick of sick people who think like you. its to prevent spam.

        u fucks always have sick fantasies about older people raping kids.

        • SoulSilverZero

          Why are you treating me like I’m a pedophile?
          Also, why do you have Weston’s profile pic? You identify thief.

        • if you want people to respect your opinion quit swearing man.

    • link2nintendo

      I don’t think they mean any post simply asking to be friends, I think they mean posts like, “ADD ME AS A FRIEND” under a certain game topic–which i see as a good thing, as these posts would take up unnecessary room. I don’t see why they would limit the ability to comment on a post, asking for a request. Either way you can still just send a friend request yourself or message people and ask them to be your friend.

    • Johny

       well they’re only discouraging posts like “Great game! ADD MEEEE .. “

    •  You mean make them more like Xbox Live?

      • Jay

        NO. They’re waaay different.

        BTW them Avatars and the NXE? Where the fuck do you think they come from shithead? I swear I have no respect for you, because you have got to be the stupidest person I have ever encountered online.

        • NintendoNoob

           good! I thought I was the only one XD

          •  Nope, Donaald is an idiot but according to him people only disagree with him because he speaks the truth.   You know it is the rest of the world that is wrong not him.   Sounds like the typical attitude of a know it all 13 year old to me.

    • Jay

      you’re supposed to find friends in real life. dont be like those annoying facebookers with 4000 friends.

  • DemonRoach

    1 per 5 minute lol. No notifications of comments by other uses? lol. Nintendo must be having major bandwith issues.

    • Anna

      If you commented on one of Nintendo’s posts your notifications would be spammed for days until it reached the 1000 reply limit. It was extremely annoying.

      • Sidney Majurie

         Yeah, I made that mistake. It was hella annoying so I don’t have a problem with that. As long as I still get notifications for post I started, I’m good.

      • Arthur Jarret

         Yeah, some kids kept chatting – off topic – on the nintendo video posts… so annoying. Glad they did something to fix it – even though I usually post jokes as comments, and get comments by others on my comment a lot, which comments I’ll now miss until the original poster comments too.

      • This.

        I was to the point that I was afraid of commenting on some of the more popular posts becuase I didn’t want to be flooded with notifications. 🙁

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    They should definitely raise the amount of friends one can have. 100 is too little…I’m at 34 and I’ve had the console for two months…I’d imagine I could reach 100 by summertime. I just feel like it should be unlimited or at the least 500.

    • Turquel Baker

      im at 54 and had it since christmas. I agree they need to raise the friend cap to 200

  • nintendo just killed their miiverse w this update! 1 every 5 mins. ppl will stop using miiverse. such a crap update.

    the backup button nd option doesnt work anymore either.

    • uPadWatcher

      Nintendo hates spammers.

      • Noteak

        Still 5 minutes SO MUCH TIME.  I agree with Kevin it is a crap update

        • DragonSilths


      • kevinaaaa

         Actually, I’ve never owned anything else other than nintendo machines since the 80s.  Dedicated to nintendo even when its in last place.

        the backup option doesn’t work all the time, and the ‘B’ button (use to be backup) never works on this update.

      • SoulSilverZero

        They also hate canned Spam.

        • tronic307

          And Green Eggs and Ham.

          • Genesect4ssb4

            but everyone likes Michael Jackson’s song Jam

          • JumpMan


          • Srpg2ishere

            Lol. A song made specially for me!

          • Genesect4ssb4

            lol 🙂

    • Turquel Baker

      if enough ppl voice displeasure, theyll change it. Thats the beauty of it, miiverse can be updated and changed at any time

    • Last time I checked 5 minutes isn’t that long for making posts. If they made it so you had to wait 5 minutes between making comments, what you said might come true.

  • anyone else notice how much slower miiverse is with this update?

  • DragonSilths

    The 1 POST every 5 minutes is nothing but a nuisance. Shorten that to 1 POST every 2 minutes. Hell if people are doing duplicates that when they hit submit Miiverse says “Sorry this has been asked already”

    The biggest disaster is the NO OFF TOPIC POSTS deal. Yeah we get it you dont want bullshit off topic stuff by trolls and such. But what about the artists on Miiverse? What about my “Lets Talk” discussions about Nintendo related stuff. Just yesterday I made one for people to chat about what they want to see in Mario Party 10 on Wii U.

    This was a terrible idea Nintendo. Tsk tsk. We need a General or Other community then. The thing about social networking Nintendo is PEOPLE TALK ABOUT STUFF.

    So we all need to buy Wii Fit U so we can create our own private communities and spread the word about it to talk about cool/important stuff? What a joke.

    • AAAkabob

      First of all, your post was very tough to read.  

      Second of all why do you need to create more than one topic and not wait 5 mins in between? 

      Third, like it or not, Miiverse is mainly here to talk about software for the Wii U, nothing else.

      Lastly, research your last point because what you wrote is completely false nonsense.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      In the future you will be able to create your own communities. Nintendo said so

    • JumpMan

      it sucks for now, but when each game has 3 or 4 communities each, then we’ll probably have an “off topic discussions” community. it’s only logical.

  • Ryan House

    These Changes Suck

  • Nintenjoe82

    Talking about 50Hz is probably now considered ‘off topic’

    • Gavn64

      yeah just like no one talks about the whole can you play wirelessly on the gamepad downstairs whilst the computer is upstairs.

      • Nintenjoe82

        I can do that with mine on NSMBU but not AC3……

  • Genesect4ssb4

    i’m so happy i get to see no more please yea my comment~

    Im mad bcuz that means i cant draw on the Sonic Transformed communtiy (and my art is above average)

    Also hate the 1 post every 5 minutes

    need the character limit to be at least 300. 

    And the friend list to max out at 250, which is a nice number. 

  • kevinaaaa

    i wonder if all the comments in M13 are off topic, over 80% of all comments are from people that never played M13 and just want to talk about real football.  Try asking a question in M13 community, you probably will not get an answer because most people never played it.

    I’m torn on the update,  parts r good, and parts r bad. 

    To me, the real big issues is the slowness of miiverse now, and the backup option doesn’t work.  sometimes it does nothing.

  • $41809923

    how do you make friends then?

  • disqus_VhKgr3TIxs

    Ummm…is that geddy lee from rush on the big ol picture up on top? And yeah these are good changes, though there are some things nintendo can do to make it better. For one, facebook integration! That’d be pretty cool

  • Αίας Ταρνάρης

    Fail (IMHO). Give total freedom and customization to users. They will love it. I guess that what Facebook did (to a degree) initially…

    • AAAkabob

      No…that’s what Myspace did lol

  • Nintendo is turning Miiverse to a communist community… Hahahahaha! You do what they say, when they say it, how they say it. If not you get BANNED! What a load of crap!

  • One post every 5 minutes seems excessive.   I sometimes like to read through and comment on a few and so on or make a post in couple different communities.  Maybe one every minute would be more reasonable.   Also options for the types of notifications would be nice.  

    • Arthur Jarret

       The 5 min. limit is only for posting new messages – you can still reply/comment 500 times in a minute if you want

  • SoulSilverZero

    5 minutes/post isn’t really a problem for me, since I usually use the time to think of my next post.

  • Jray

    well to make friends, you could just chat with someone til they like you, and then send them a friend request on their profile page, simple 😛

    • It seems people are jumping to conclusions. They read the article and think Nintendo has made it so you can’t send make friends on Miiverse at all.

  • Edward Rhoderick

    I think being able to Friend someone should be a Parental Control option not make so no one can.Being part of a community such as the Miiverse and not being able to make friends with people you’ve met seem’s strange.

    • Except that’s not what’s happening at all.

      You can still friend people like you always have. This new rule forbids off topic posts in communities begging for friends.

  • Stephen Baxendale

    Do all the Earthbound comments in the Balloon Fight community count as “off-topic”?

  • DemonRoach

    $400 ps4 kills pii u?

    •  Yeah I heard the PS4 will come pre-hacked out of the box so when you turn it on and put your information on the console it will immediately be available to hackers to steal your information. 

      It’s not a problem… its a feature!

    •  PS4…Might last 3 months and then sony go’s bankrupt

      • Jay

        i honestly dont know how sony’s gonna do this. They can’t afford to build and sell another console.

        The only thing i can think of is:

        1. They remove MOVE support. ReMOVE

        2. They skimp on hardware and have it about the same capability as the Wii U or less.

        3. They remove the Blu Ray player and go digital.

        either way, i don’t see the benefit of a new ps console 🙁

    • Jay

      Gaystation 4?

      see i cant be immature too000o0o0!!!

  • Gavn64

    this is off topic but does anyone know anything about the editor of ign tweeting he has a juicy wiiu story and he will reveal all tommorow

  • not a problem here i never hardly use it Im here to play games not so much on chating

  • its cool with me.

  • Miguel Antonio Morales

    “should i buy this game”

    I see this comment EVERYWHERE.
    How am I supposed to know if you, a complete stranger, should buy a game?

    • AAAkabob

      You get to know them…

    • Petri

      Thats also one way to beg for yeah’s, saw one dude post on every community, “yeah if I should buy this”

  • i like it 🙂

  • MasterPpv

    To all the people who are wondering how you’re supposed to friend people with the changes – in case you haven’t realized, you’re still able to friend people. What they’re not allowing is blatantly making posts ASKING for friend requests; that sort of thing.

    • Master Ppv used common sense.


      • MasterPpv

        Haha thanks man. Unfortunately I seem to be in the minority here >_<

        We bash XBOX and PS3 trolls for their lack of common sense and yet so often we fail to demonstrate the capability of the cognitive functions we demand of others. It's pathetic.
        Understand – I'm not hating on our community. I love it. That's my reason for saying these things though. If we're willing to take some constructive criticism (do note the "constructive" there…) every now an then, we might actually be able to eventually be an example of what we ask others to be.

  • AAAkabob

    Lol nearly flipped cause I thought they were limiting our comments >.>

  • Marco Hrnjez

    A single 100 character post each 5 minutes? Way to go, Nintendo.

  • Johny

    finally a dedicated communities… just what i was looking forward to 😀
    like when you had to discuss something about some unreleased games or the system itself… up untill now you just went to the community that had  the most people in it (a.k.a. Nintendoland)
    so glad they did this 🙂

  • Aidan Dawes

    Get special outfits for them by playing certain games.

  • Sidney Majurie

    If you want friends on Miiverse, just ask people to add you here. sidistic0N3 Add Me 🙂

    • Or you can send friend requests to anyone that will accept on Miiverse itself.

  • Petri

    If its not broken, don’t try to fix it.
    There was nothing wrong with miiverse before, I never saw any spam.
    Sure the yeah beggars are douches, but this will not remove them,
    they will still beg for yeah’s.
    And lets be honest, you seldom saw a same dude within 5 minutes begging for more yeah’s.

    About 99% of topics are off-topics, but that’s what made the community.
    Now, according to new CoC, every other picture would have to go too.

    Also the notification thing sucks too. Although someone made a point of official nintendo and
    I guess nintendo verified people getting message’d so hard, that it will fill your notifications.
    But maybe they could make an exception, that in officials and verified, you would only receive notifications from post starters.

    They clearly didn’t think these changes through.

    Only change they should make, is increase the message length.
    Some people can fit twice as much text in a handwritten comment.

    Miiverse was the best place to escape boredom, but if they’ll start enforcing these
    new rules, it will become a ghost town of “Deleted by administration” posts and someone every once in a while asking code to a door in Zombi U

  • Nick Kulakovskiy

    They also updated the Notifications; now you get a notification when you get followed!

  • nintendo as nintendo can be. instead making their miiverse a little bit more useful they are going the opposite side which means full suppression. i barely got a reason to switch the wii u on and the few times i do i am always wondering what this miiverse COULD be and what it IS. for sure is one thing: nintendo is not for me anymore. there is almost no point left i would agree with them on any decision they are making.

  • Nintenjoe82

    It’s not just to deter spammers, they probably want people to think before they post so there are only useful and interesting discussions going on rather than everyone just saying ‘hello/hallo/hullo’ 

  • Th3PANO

    you have to admit. once miiverse is available on 3ds, smart phnoes and pc there will be more spam. i guess they are thinking about the future.

    • Noteak

      That is true ps and xbox fanboys are just going to start spamming like crazy

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Geezus people Why are you whining. 5 minutes is not that long! And you can still send requests like normal, Nintendo simply does not want people to be posting stuff like ADD ME PLZ!! And they said a future update would lets games have multiple communities. Cool your jets people

  • Megan Allen

    I like that idea

  • Jon Fisher

    I think it’s too strict now.

  • Andre’ D’Arcy

    I was hoping they would actually get less strict, it’s not much of a big deal about staying on topic. They could just make a button saying,”Off-Topic” or “On-Topic”. Or they could at least make a community for misc. where you can post anything

  • Evan Laundrie

    I’d like to see a rule that forbids “Should I get this game” posts. All my Waru Waru Plaza is is a bunch of sheep who can’t think for themselves or at least Google for a review

  • Pretz3ls

    Welcome to the online world Nintendo.

  • YiyeUniverseMB

    Mii Wara Wara needs costumes, props or hats for the Miis.

  • K-Man

    Wow, I see Geddy Lee from Rush in the top, center-left!