Jan 16th, 2013 publishUpdated   Jul 18th, 2013, 9:49 am

Nintendo is planning to unite its console and handheld divisions by February 16th, combining the two into a singular unit that will focus on next-generation hardware. The combined unit will incorporate 150 handheld and 130 console engineers and will operate from a $340 million dollar facility located near the company’s headquarters in Kyoto. The facility will be completed by the end of this year.

This move is the first organizational restructure for the company in a decade. The last occurred in 2002, when Saturo Iwata replaced Hiroshi Yamauchi as president of Nintendo and then moved two Research & Development teams into new divisions focused on entertainment and analysis. This move is rumored to be the first of many restructuring plans designed to keep the company on its feet after Shigeru Miyamoto leaves the company. In a 2011 interview, Miyamoto made mention that Nintendo should be structured to operated without him before he leaves the company.

[via Engadget]

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  • EmilyAhn Wu

    Hes leaving?!?!

    • ipaxton

       Well he is 60yrs old after all.

      • Nintendofreak

        but looks younger dan my 38 year old dad

        • audie bowler

          im 40 and i garantee i look young enough to be your 38 year old dads son it scares me wen i see school friends they look like old people i look like jonny freaking depp for real people think im 26

    • MujuraNoKamen

       Not yet, they’re just making preparations for when he does, it’s been rumored before that he’s retiring, and then quickly proved wrong. I think he’ll be at Nintendo for a little while longer, he’s said that himself.

  • Grzegorz Sobocki

  • ipaxton

    3 hours too late Wii U Daily…already up on Cnet.

    • wiiucompl

      Three hours later it really such a big problem for you?

  • Jonn McNally

    I don’t understand

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      I don’t understand the article too… My English isn’t very wel XD

  • Lazara the Last

    The day Shigeru Miyamoto leaves Nintendo is going to be a sad one. The day he’s leaving this world, I’m taking a day off to stay in my room to cry ;(

  • John Paul Herrera

     So, this means more games like Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and Super Smash Bros will be cross-platform, hopefully? Because that’d be really awesome and I’ve wanted it for a long time.

    • Kingdom hearts cross platform because of this merge is unlikely, as it’s not a Nintendo title 😉 The other titles could very well be cross platform, can’t be a bad thing unless they keep all Wiiu games graphically on par with 3DS, now then we could say Houston we have a problem, or the WiiU is really far less powerful then initialy said, nah I don’t believe the last part.

  • Michael Wakeman

    I ahad no idea shiggy was leaving 🙁 is there any guesses to when. Also it would be cool if they would make a festure hwre the gamepa AND the 3DS culd play games at the same time, say for something like 4 swords or multiplayer games!

  • Benji Lauzon

    This is good and bad. It’s good if it helps them financially but it’s bad because if all of their games start going cross-platform… Then why the hell do I own my 3ds AND my wiiU? I will feel ripped off if all of the games I start seeing on my 3ds are all on the wiiU or vice-versa.

    • Goginho

       Well ..a 3DS you can take with you anywhere, and it has the capability of displaying true 3D graphics.

      • Benji Lauzon

        What the hell? I bought a 3ds to get 3ds games, not wiiU ports. Same for the wiiU, I bought a wiiU not to buy 3ds ports. If this is how they are going to proceed, I will just no longer buy the 2 of their systems anymore. And just for your information, I always play my 3ds at home. I bought my 3ds in order to get 3ds exclusives to play AT HOME, I am an adult now, so I don’t really play my handhelds in the car anymore because I am driving it myself.

        • Goginho

           lol ..OK. Well, different strokes for different folks. The options are there. You know, everything has its pros and cons ..we’ll just have to wait and see how things unfold in the future.

  • Laud

    You see that Nintendo building? Doesn’t it look like it’s the safest place in the world?

    The building support beams consist of concrete, steel, diamond, and Nintendium.

    • Jonn McNally

       It looks like a prison.

  • DanUnreal

    This seems like a move in the right direction

  • Wing Zero

    I think it’s a great move weather we like it or not sooner or later PC,Phones and tablet will emerge into one device I think Nintendo want to make a place foe them in the new era after a couple of years. Just imagine a Mobile phone that you insert Nintendo game cartridge in it  and play real games nested of the angry bird rubbish

  • Makes sense. The Wii U is already a hybrid between the Wii and the DS. I’m already expecting that their next console (whenever they release it) is going to be such a blend of the two that there will be no distinction between mobile and console.

  • Kirbyomega

    The next gen console should have a controller with a screen but the controller would be thinner. It was also be portable and you would be able to put gamediscs in it and play it anywhere, thus having a handheld and home console in one!

  • John Paul Herrera

    I think being able to substitute a second Gamepad for a 3DS would be great, which is the kind of thing I’m hoping they’ll be working on with this merge.

    Just think, maybe games like Pokemon X and Y and Kingdom Hearts will be cross-platform!