Mar 21st, 2013

Wii UMany UK retailers have slashed Wii U prices in order to clear inventory because of very low demand from consumers. Obviously, Nintendo isn’t pleased with a price cut this early in the console’s life cycle (they’re not pleased with sales either). That’s why the company has announced that they are meeting with select UK retailers to talk about the pricing issues.

A Nintendo spokesperson told MCV:

“We’ll be speaking to our retailers directly over the next few weeks to take them through our plans for building Wii U momentum over the course of 2013”

So many retailers slashed the Wii U price that the console effectively received an unofficial price cut. Both Wii U SKUs now retail for £50 less than the suggested retail price from Nintendo. The Wii U sold just 66,000 units in February in North America, and much less in the UK.

One anonymous retailer reportedly told MCV about Nintendo:

“They’ve got to do something otherwise it is GameCube all over again.”

The GameCube underwent something very similar to what the Wii U is going through right now. Hopefully Nintendo learned from their mistakes and have a plan or two on how to build some momentum for the Wii U.

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  • RyuNoHadouken

    i have an idea…release some stellar games and cute the price $50, officially. Its overpriced…i always said that…i bought one anyway because i always buy Nintendo systems, but I wasnt happy with my purchase

    • Fred

      Really? I think it’s worth $350.
      Second, they are working on stellar games (Pikmin 3, Game & Wario, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, Yoshi’s Yarn, Wind Waker, 3D Mario, Mario Kart, X, Retro Studios Project) I know we want these games now, but I want them done right MORE.

      • RonaldRayguns

        It would be worth 350$ if the gamepad was more high quality, like having backlit buttons a more accurate, sensitive, better screen, double touch like some tablets and phones have. They will probably release a better one eventually like they did with the Wii controller adding the motion plus. Except it will be like 150$. No its worth 350$ im just mad theres not one good game on it or coming out anytime soon.

        • Nothing5555

          Yea but those phones and tablets you mentioned cost way more that $150 dollars if they are not subsidized.

        • Fred

          So you don’t think any of those games I mentioned are any good?

          • RonaldRayguns

            3d Mario if its nothing like Galaxy and more like Mario64. But thats probably like next Christmas.

      • Dennis Fisher Jr

        This is true.. i know i want to play SSB, Wind Winker, 3D Mario, Kart, X, Yoshi’s Yarn and whatever Retro is working on. but patient is a virtue. they also have Bayonetta 2 (even tho im not a fan, its looks pretty damn good!) Pokemon Rumble U, (which well do numbers, just off the name.)
        p.s.A new Zelda, Rayman, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, and Project CARS. how can anyone say the WiiU doesnt have Good quality games.

        • crocodileman94

          Because those games’ not out yet.

          • Fred

            Are you saying that the games that are already out suck?

    • Laud

      Can’t wait to see what you think about the PS4 price.

      $299 is over priced?

      Don’t know what to say to you.

      • Laud, your spammer/troll problem should be taken care of now. Email us again if it continues to happen.

        • Laud

          Thanks Ashley.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        it is overpriced…i could build a Wii U with spare computer parts for half of what theyre selling it for if we’re talking from a purely technical standpoint and make a $50 profit per unit…i liken it to when the sega genesis came out…it was built with bargain bin components and sold at a luxury price…it failed miserably after a few years and we all know what happened to SEGA after that…I dont want to see Nintendo go that route…I love Nintendo…grew up on them…they need to get back to that winning formula like the NES and SNES…im all over their good, quality exclusives, but i will definitely buy multiplats on PS4…without a doubt…unless the gamepad features are super cool for that particular game. as a matter of fact, im impatiently awaiting the arrival of NFSMWU in the mail as we speak…i played it a friends house and it is by far the best console version….looks like the PC version(scaled down of course)

        • Laud

          No you can’t build a Wii U with Spare PC parts.

          Nor can you play anything on PC with those parts unless you bought a decent GPU. 😛

          I hope you’re good at building things, that gamepad can’t be easy to create.

          • RyuNoHadouken

            reply to your first line: ummm, yes you can…reply to your second line: you just proved my point about it being overpriced…reply to your third line: you think its hard to build a non-capacitive touch screen? lol…check this out:

          • Ultranist

            WiiU has something similar to radeon 4850 and it is still a decent gpu.

      • Nothing5555

        I think it over priced, but hey I always think all initial console release pricess are overpriced. Gonna wait 2 years before I buy a Wii U unless they drop the price early.

  • Mark Thom


  • Nintendo needs to get out from under their rock and start saturating consumers with relevant advertising while also throwing out more information about upcoming releases. Their ‘plans for 2013’ so far appear to be ‘stay quiet and hope our next few releases fix things.’ If they don’t do something quick, it’s going to turn into a runaway downtrend.

    • Fred

      They have 3 million Wii U owners that are the best advertisers possible. This is a system that has to be PLAYED to be appreciated. Invite people to your house to play your Wii U and they’ll want one too. One boy in my neighborhood got one for Christmas and now ALL the neighborhood boys have played it and want one.

      • Guest

        You are right.

      • Adam Porter

        ridiculous, if anything pestering your mates to play a console they have no interest in will only make them dislike the console more. nintendo need to advertise it, make it look cool and new. unfortunately because nintendo haven’t been advertising it all the information about wiiU available to those who don’t own one is negative, UNBELIEVABLY negative.
        someone hears you mention wiiU and they’ll say “oh is that that new console from nintendo that is dying, isn’t getting most of the new third party games and only looks a little better than my ps360??”
        the damage is already done, everyone thinks the wiiU is a flop already and those who aren’t nintendo fans just don’t really care about it.
        it’s really just time we faced up to the fact we have been duped by nintendo, we trusted them and spent €400 on a console that even nintendo themselves seem to have no interest in, by the time this console gets a good game to play on it it will have become seriously outdated. i just want my new zelda game now so i can get it played and out of the way so i can put my wiiU aside and hook up my crappy PC and play FFVIII and Majora’s Mask on some emulators.

        • Fred

          If you invite your friends over to have some fun and play video games and they consider that pestering then either they don’t like video games (in which case advertising won’t change anything) or you have weird friends. Mine love coming over to play with my wife and I

          • LonDonE247

            you realise the comment you made, “you have weird friends. Mine loving coming over to play with my wife an I” sounds wrong, LOL it sound like your into threesomes, LOL only kidding mate, that comment ave me a chuckle! please dont get offended by it!

        • Well you just proved your advertising point useless. If non-Nintendo fans already for whatever reason don’t have an intrest in the Wii U then what is the point of advertising? I do think Nintendo will start to advertise more and more as the year goes on. I have already seen several commercials for it where I live so they are doing advertising just not as strong as people think they should be. Hahahaha if everyone already thinks the Wii U is a flop God help us if the Ps4 and next Xbox have slow console sales in the first few months of launch. Its time people like yourself quit getting your panties in a twist and see that a game company such as Nintendo do care about their customers. Just because they don’t have a large library of games(Nintendo titles and 3rd) does not mean they have “Duped” the customers.

          Saying a console will be seriously outdated by x amount of time is kind of a simple minded thing to say. All consoles are basically outdated by the time they launch so that should not be a big negative for a console gamer. Ps3 was pretty much outdated hardware by the time it released.

      • So, you buy a system in order to do Nintendo’s job? These people get paid a lot, so they should get it right!

        • Ultranist

          fanboyism at it best XD

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Showing people hands on is probably the most effective way but it’s not going reach the masses in the same way TV ads will. What should happen is Nintendo should make a decent Wii U ad, show it, then it will start getting attention and as word about Wii U spreads, people will go and try out Wii U in local game shops or ask their friends about trying one.

        • Fred

          3 million people all letting their friends play their Wii U won’t reach the masses? explain that one to me

          • Guest

            Well, I’m pretty sure a lot of those people have a few friends who really dislike or hate Nintendo(typical narrow-minded fanboys), so that could potentially negate some of the spreading. But still, that is a way to reach the masses. The only thing is, it takes a lot less time for people to see some advertisements than it does for the word to be spread by consumers.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            If all 3 million Wii U owners can show it off to their friends great, but TV ads are going to reach all those people and more. There’s a lot of potential Wii U owners out there who don’t have friends/family with a Wii U so Nintendo is relying on them to, by chance, walk into a game store with a Wii U demo and try it out. And since all the demo stations I’ve been to only play 1 game, it’s not going to give them the best showcase of the console. If these people aren’t really into games that much they’re not going to go anywhere where they could try out a demo whereas they’ll surely be exposed to TV ads that will then capture their interest, then they’ll go to somewhere with a Wii U and ask about it/try it/buy it 🙂

    • exactly. The only way to get POSITIVE attention on the platform is to start being direct with the users. It would have been nice to hear about Deus Ex a while ago, i actually nearly bought it a few weeks ago for my 360. if they have any other games being worked on in secret, they need to fess up. it’s not 1993, they dont dominate the market anymore, and their (really very awesome) console is struggling…

  • I see what they are doing a mile away and believe that long term it’s going to extremely benefit them. In order to have more third party games we have to not just go and purchase Mario or Zelda. It’s just a having to sit and wait it out that sucks. At least the dry spell of games has lifted this week.

  • Marius Valasinas

    Games are overpriced. Console is overpriced.. No adverts on TV + many more why it sruggles. Hope that’ll change

    • Metal_Man_v2

      Depends on where you are from if you think games are overpriced. In the US, $60 has been the standard for years, with Wii games only costing $50 new. But I’ve heard that Australian games can go for as high as $90.

      • tooby77

        Just bought nfs for calculaded 599sek to 90$ and the walking dead for 499sek/ 75$

      • Einar

        Sadly, many of the new releases for any console can go as high as 100$ here in Norway I’ve even seen 119$ tags..

      • NintendoYOU

        I live in Aus and new Wii u games go for $69 for normal games such as arkam city and Mario and what have you. whilst 360 and ps3 games go for an average of $10 more. So i would say that the games arnt overprice. they are actual cheaper. In fact game started getting cheaper here when the wii u came out. I Believe it was out of competition.
        Also i don’t think the price of the console is an issue, every console other then the Wii that i have bought on and release has been more expensive. Plus Nintendo are already selling at a loss until they sell a game. So i don’t get what peoples problem is in the price point regard :S
        I think its just the negative closed minded attitude towards Nintendo combined with lack of advertising.
        But in all seriousness love my Wii U but Nintendo need to pull the finger out and get hard to work. Get more dev’s and adverts etc

  • Héctor I. Rivera Negrón

    People like me that spend all day looking for information on the internet and have friends employed in retail stores like Game Stop know about the Wii U and the games. But a lot of people don’t ever know what it is. My sister’s boyfriend ask me if it is a controller for the original Wii. I’m very happy with my Wii U but nobody that I know that are not gamers even know what the Wii U is. Nintendo needs to aggressively advertise the Wii U.

    • Yup. They need to start by late July or it is officially a done deal.

      • Nothing5555

        They should have started before they launched the consoles. A couple of teaser T.V. commercials before launch could have brought some interest or information to potential buyers.

  • for a current gen console it is way overpriced. plus it has no games so RIP wii u

    • jay

      Using YOUR OWN LOGIC.

      Here are the launch prices of each console:

      ps3 $599.99

      xbox360 $399.99

      Wii U $349.99

      You’re a fucking moron 🙁

      • greengecko007

        Not confirmed, unless you are somehow from the future.

        • D.M.T

          Not confirmed? He’s talking about the PS3 and 360 not the PS4 dude. How is he from the future when those are 7 year old consoles?

          • greengecko007

            Go to, find me a ps3 that costs $600 that isn’t the model that comes with 4 games and a year long premium service. Regular models cost $250.

            Go to, find me a xbox360 that costs $400 that isn’t a model that comes with games and accessories.

            These prices are false, unless this guy comes from the magical future where all next gen consoles failed and last gen consoles are in high demand again.

          • SamuraiShampoo

            He is comparing the launch prices of the consoles not their current prices.

          • jay

            Cool I see some people have some sense. 🙂

          • Metal_Man_v2

            He posted that after you said you compared launch prices, nobody new what you were doing before you said that.

          • jay

            Some people DID know. Others have selective logic.

            And selective memory:

            It’s ok to bash Nintendo for launching at $349.99 and praise the 4GB 360 for costing $199.99 7 YEARS AFTER launch.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Nobody knew until you specified what prices you were getting.

          • jay

            I knew it would be less than an hour before a moron misunderstands my post.

            He says the Wii U is overpriced.

            He is JUDGING the launch price.

            So using HIS logic I compared LAUNCH prices.


            I didn’t think there would be enough morons for me to have to explain this /facepalm

          • jay

            I’m playing fair using “beanerslayers” OWN logic.

            Launch price for Launch Price.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            But why are you comparing launch prices to begin with? The reason some people think the Wii U is priced too high is because other consoles are currently priced lower. Consumers don’t care how much they cost 7 years ago, they care about how much they have to pay now.

          • jay

            True, BUT I’m just exposing his own hypocrisy.

            Like I said, If I trolled on this website and said:

            “the 3DS is overpriced! Get a PSP instead!!”

            I’d have a herd of Nintendo fanboys doing the same to me. lol

            I’m not stupid, i KNOW the damn 360 is cheaper than a Wii U, But to say the Wii U is overpriced is ludicrous considering the fact it contains high fidelity technology.

            I’m done here. Some people get it. Some people don’t.

      • ahahahaha and you called me moron? no wonder the crap u is dead

        • jay

          I knew it would be less than an hour before a moron misunderstands my post.

          He says the Wii U is overpriced.

          He is JUDGING the launch price.

          So using HIS logic I compared LAUNCH prices.


          I didn’t think there would be enough morons for me to have to explain this /facepalm

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Let’s not call people effing morons, when your prices are way off for last gen consoles.

        • jay

          I knew it would be less than an hour before someone misunderstands my post.

          He says the Wii U is overpriced.

          He is JUDGING the launch price.

          So using HIS logic I compared LAUNCH prices.


          I didn’t think there would be enough morons for me to have to explain this /facepalm

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Maybe you should be more clear, and try not too attack people when your posts cause confusion for many people.

        • audi lover

          Beanerslayer is a f$#@in moron nothing wrong with the truth

    • RonaldRayguns

      Fuck You, change your name you piece of shit pussy.

      • jay

        changing his name won’t make him less of a piece of shit pussy.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      What jay said, and Monster Hunter, Lego City, Need for Speed, Deus Ex and Resident Evil say hi. And we’ve got Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Wii Fit U, Luigi U, Bayonetta 2, Wind Waker HD,”X”, Mario Kart, 3D Mario which will [most likely] be out before the end of the year and not too long before Zelda, Smash Bros, SMT/FE, Metroid, Starfox, Retro’s project etc

      • jay

        Smash Bros. Retros IP and……. Wii Fit!!

        • MujuraNoKamen

          fixed, I also forgot Pikmin and W101 🙂

          • jay

            sweet!! And Bayonetta 2, Wind Waker HD, Yoshi’s Yarn, Shin Megami x Fire Emblem!!! Whew!!

          • MujuraNoKamen

            Dammit! how could I forget these things!? Man I hope E3’s gonna be as good as the January Wii U direct and there’s a very very good chance it will be 😀

    • Silent

      Bed Time Beanie!

  • Silent

    If you are wondering if to get a Wii U or not, here’s some advice: Get OUT of this comment section as soon as you can and go to other blogs. The Wii U is great but there are people who will make you feel bad with the nasty and rude comments. Go anywhere else than this comment section.

    • Adrian

      Food for thought for prospective Wii U owners: i got my Wii U because I never had a Wii, and it was backwards compatible. I finally had a chance to play Wii games on my big screen, which was awesome (just went through NSMBW, Twilight Princess, and Super Mario Galaxy). I loved the touch screen concept, the off-screen play concept, and the Nintendo T.V. concept.
      Admittedly, Nintendo T.V. has so far been a letdown. And I thought the Off-screen play would also apply to Wii Games, which it doesn’t (unfortunately). But overall I really love my Wii U. The touch screen controls are great, the graphics are what you would expect, and the potential is amazing. I mainly want that touch screen to be used for RPGs or other great immersifying experiences like in ZombiU.
      And console wars is a bunch of bull. I love my PS3. But the Wii U IS offering something that you won’t find anywhere else. And it IS exciting. The PS3 of course has a much better selection of games. But given the potential of the Wii U, any multi platform releases would leave me wanting the Wii U version.
      I will continue with my Wii U and PS3 for years to come.

      • This is exactly how I feel. The Wii U is something completely different, I have my PS3 and my PC, while I used to also have a 360, it delivers a different gaming experience over the others. Console wars are bull, I have no idea why people can’t enjoy more than one type of console.

        The problem with people complaining about the Wii U seems to revolve around the lack of games. It’s only just been released, you can’t seriously expect every game under the sun just as a console is launched. Given time it will develop, every new conosle is the same. I feel though that Nintendo do need to market it more, I have yet to see any proper adverts for the console with people still in the dark about it. They need to pull their finger out on that one, considering I couldn’t watch tv without a wii advert gracing my screen. Put the same level of commitment in to the U.

        • Link Slayer

          exactly there needs to be more games and TV adds.

        • Barters

          I agree, but I must also admit that story after story of publishers having a game ready for the Wii U and not releasing is concerning. Hence the reason the game doesn’t come isn’t because of the game not being ready.

      • Link Slayer

        I feel the exact same I love the Wii U and never had a Wii. I hope people get Lego City its AWESOME!

    • wiiudaily

      Looks like you could use some critical thinking…

      • Silent

        Well, Im just stating my paranomical views. You are a mod so i think you are aware of what’s going on this comment section. Dont get all serious on me when you yourself can ban the trolls on this comment section, but for some reason, you havent done so. As I said before, im stating my views and warning people of whats coming.

    • ps4ultimania

      sadly thats the truth people will dis you get nasty and start ass fucking for no reason all but there own weakness but itll hurt so get a wiiu TELL NO ONE READ NO COMMENTS JUST ENJOY IT

      • Ultranist

        what the hell?! Is this a new blind religion? XD

        • ps4ultimania

          lol its true tho people get nasty when you tell them you own a wiiu the others that own wiius are of course ppl friend among…usally

    • Teem Four Tress Too

      Heres a good idea nintendo; make kid icarus, metroid, starfox. Anything that might surprise the fans like how kid icarus uprising did. Not that third party game crap.

      • Silent

        So you want a new KIU with Mr. Sakurai working on SSB4?

  • Ray01x

    U see, they’re not Oblivious to what’s going on, They know what they’re doing.
    People just have to be a bit more patient like with the 3DS. 😛

  • Justin Grandon

    I love Nintendo. however, they really need to start showing people the true potential in the U. I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been a Skype or Spotify app release yet.

  • I made a list of E3 predictions for nintendo check them out please!/VideoGameNext?__user=100003100978685

  • its because the shitty wii u games that r out now is the reason why its not doin so well

    • tooby77

      Well have got some money from me anyway. Have 14 physical discs games. Latest today Twd and nfs. Supported nintendo since -86

    • Zuxs13

      true there are some bad games out there on the system just like any launch but far more are great (though some of the great ones could use some polish) I for one loved Mass Effect 3, CoD, Batman, Dark Siders, AC3, Mario, Nintendo Land, Ninja Gaiden, Lego City, NFS, Monster Hunter and not to mention games like Trine 2 and other brilliant esope games.

      There will be more on the way, this is how every single video game system launch has gone for more than 30 years.
      I just wished they had the foresight to launch the system with all the virtual console games ready to go. That would have made so many much happier.

  • Easter_egg27

    Wii U sold in a month in the US as much in a week in Japan

  • Fuzunga

    But GameCube is my favorite console!

    • sdmac200600

      but it sold terribly. only a little over 20 million units sold. that is what retailers are trying to prevent but nintendo is barely doing anything

    • audi lover

      Ive still got mine love resi evil remake, resi evil 0, and all x-wing games and of course pikmin fantastic little machine

    • Nothing5555

      Aww yea Metroid Prime, Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia, Wind Walker, RE4, Soul Caliber 2, etc…

    • tronic307

      You mean the Metroid Prime machine?

  • Matt Jarvis

    I contacted Nintendo directly yesterday and they say they will respond to me in due course, with regard to the poor marketing of the Wii U. the machine is excellent with lots of potential, and I will be interested to hear there views.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    how about you all try and advertise it then!? People are saying it’s a good thing that Nintendo haven’t advertised it because the system “isn’t finished yet” (Not many games, OS issues etc) whether they’re right or not it’s about time Nintendo starts marketing properly, since launch we’ve had BO2, AC3, Batman, Trine, ZombiU, Mario Bros U, ME3, Nintendoland etc, if they weren’t enough to win over the public we’re now getting more games such as Monster Hunter, Lego, NFS:MW, RE:R and more. That’s enough quality games so stop sitting on it & tell the public about them.
    All they have to do in these Wii U ads is say it’s a next gen console, not an add-on, talk about the features (off TV play, Internet, Netflix, TVii), show the power of the console (2011 tech demos, “X”, Trine 2, Batman etc) there, that’s it, no cheesy family gaming clips, just proper information, gameplay, graphics that’s all you need.
    If they wait on it any longer, their sales are going to remain low, confidence in Wii U will diminish and they’ll lose ground when Sony and MS start marketing their consoles.
    Don’t let yourselves down Nintendo!

  • D.M.T

    Wii U will never be the Gamecube all over again for many reasons. People don’t know the meaning of patience these days. Gamers and retailers expect Nintendo to shit out games so early into Wii U’s life. I believe in Nintendo,I know they are working their asses off to make sure Wii U becomes a success. I refuse to get mad and sell my Wii U.

    If you want a Wii U, buy it now or wait a few more months to get it. Don’t listen to the haters telling you not to buy it.

    • Not hating, but when you buy a new console, you want new games that you can’t get on other systems. As a fan, I think Nintendo shouldn’t release a console when they don’t have any of their own 1st party titles to keep the momentum. Lets face it, we buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games. This is why the Wii struggled with 3rd party developers, despite the high console sales, people were buying 1st party software.

      I think it’s ridiculous to call gamers impatient. This is why the games industry is so lucrative, because the demand is so high. Nintendo knows this more than anyone but is so arrogant to think they can launch a system for 5 months with no follow up 1st party software. And with no game annoucements, we might not see another Nintendo game until March. I wonder how people will react when they price drop it.

      • D.M.T

        I don’t just buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games so don’t act like every Nintendo fan is the same. I buy a console to play all types of games, not just 1st party games. Nintendo fans like you are to blame for the lack of 3rd party support because you just care about 1st party Nintendo games. I don’t have that mentality, I want to play all types of games on my Wii U and i get mad when 3rd party developers don’t want to support it.

        Gamers need to learn to be patient. If you don’t have patience then you shouldn’t have bought a Wii U at launch. I’m realistic, I don’t expect a 4 month old console to have all the games that i want. I know it takes time to make games for a console like the Wii U. Nintendo has already announced that they are working on a lot of games so instead of complaining, I’m just gonna wait.

        • sithWiiU

          Lol. i do not know if you ntoiced, but after the Wii, there wasn’t really anygreat 3rd party games. YOu’re in the minority here. the majority of the people buy a Nintendo product for the Nintendo games. It has been said many times by different people.
          Any idiot who buys a Wii U expecting GTA5 or Bioshock to be there too are delsuional fools.

          Also, you are not realistic.

        • Dude get a grip. I haven’t bought the Wii U because of the reasons I mentioned previously. So stop making ignorant assumptions that I shouldn’t have bought one at launch.

          I have both a 360 & a Wii (with plenty of 3rd party games), I have no reason to go out & buy a Wii U for $450 with a rehash mario game and a fun but shallow mini game that is not even online. No 3rd party develpors have used the gamepad in an inovative fashion to convince me that their games plays better on the Wii U. In fact, a lot of 3rd party games play at a poorer framerate. If you love 3rd party games so much, maybe you should have bought another console.

          Enjoy being patient.

  • tooby77

    I bought The walking dead today, one day before it is released in Sweden.
    Now i will see if it sucks like all say. Damn i just went to buy only nfs. 🙂
    They had mh3 there too, but i passed, for now

    • tooby77

      Lol dont buy the walking dead. Its really bad. It suck big hard.. u know what

  • Desmond Lum

    I think just more awesome games and timed advertising is fundamental to the process of getting the Wii U back on track.

  • jay

    oh geez Nintendo!!


    Drop the word “Deluxe” and offer the white color as a 32GB model.
    Maybe pack the white version with NintendoLand and the black version with ZombiU.
    Box them both as simply “Wii U” NOT “Basic” or “Deluxe”.

    Pikmin 3 NOW!!!

    Add MORE playable demos in those lame ass Wii U kiosks!! I swear they only let you play Rayman(a delayed game). And show you screenshots of games. LAME!!
    No wonder no one is sold on a Wii U!!

    ADVERTISE TVii, Miiverse and the damn WII U!!!

    Make MotionPlus MANDATORY for every Wii U game that utilizes the wiimote, this should have been the case at launch.
    Also release a new Wii Remote(yes a NEW one), they already have the patents for an even MORE immersive form of motion control, I hope the announce a new Wiimote or Nunchuck at E3.

    Announce Wii Sports HD with tons of sports, Miiverse and ONLINE multiplayer!!

    Some fanboys say “Nintendo is waiting for more games before they advertise” but with the arrival of Monster Hunter, Lego City and Need for Speed Most Wanted, there’s enough good games now, time to play hardball!!

    I swear I love Nintendo but they’re only a few decisions away from having the greatest console of all time or another overlooked piece of tech like the Gamecube.

    • Einar

      If they implement motion plus in every Wii U game I sell it as soon as I can. The reason I bought the Wii U was that it didn’t rely on motion controls.

      • jay

        That’s fine for YOU. But most people never experienced Wii MotionPlus, which made for some amazing experiences.

        I meant Nintendo should require Wii MotionPlus if the game calls for wiimote controls E.G. Nintendoland multiplayer, NFS multiplayer etc.

    • Silent

      Wow… a new wiimote is a great idea. I was thinking about it the other day and wondered if they are making a new version of the 3ds…

      • jay

        Thanks!! They actually have the tech to improve it. They have the tech to remove that annoying screen calibration thingy. You know, when you play Wii Sports Resort or Skyward Sword when the game says “Point the Wii Remote at the screen and press A”
        Well they got tech to remove that now!!

        I would love to see an improved Wiimote!!

        Also they ARE working on a new 3DS.

        and also working on something completely new. It won’t be an update to the DS line or the Wii U!! So what the heck is it?!!

        • Silent

          Wait….How DO you know THAT? Hmmm….Suspicious

          • Cubester_64

            Rumors? Guesses? Something else???!?

  • audi lover

    I live in uk hand havnt seen a wiiu advert for months, first thing nintendo advertise, advertise, advertise first thing you learn in business, this aint japan where respect gets you everywhere you need to start being ruthless, then start releasing some quality AAA games, monster hunter aint even out till tomorrow here and gota wait till 28 for lego city, then you need to sack of nintendo germany because i hate being f@$#ed by there silly violance laws (they started two world wars for f@$# sake stop trying to make up for it) and so us adult nintendo players can download 18 rated games before 11 at night and after 3 in moring, shit thats only a five hour window, cant download a full game in that time, broadband is shit in the uk

  • Angelo Ricardo

    Wii U is great, NSMB U is wonderful, probably a lot great games are comming, BUT NINTENDO NEEDS TO WAKE UP!!!!


    Nintendo problem never is the hardware, is the conservative mind of managers.

    • Silent

      I want cross game chat in the 3ds… That would totally improve the experience…

  • Pikachief

    ADVERTISE THE WII U. Maybe if people actually knew what a Wii U was, they’d buy it! The vast majority of the people do not even know what a Wii U is.

  • Zuxs13

    4 months old and the system is selling 20% less than it predecessor in the same time period (the one with the record setting pace) and every retailer is panicking. Hmm why didn’t they do that when the iPhone 5 “flopped” in the first 4 months, oh cause some times patients helps and in this case games do as well, thankfully there are dozens and dozens on the way…

  • prettypinkpanacea

    Out of curiosity, has anybody else noticed this particular author appears to present the pessimistic image of the wiiu in all other articles? I think he plays devils advocate 🙂

    • Nothing5555

      Nothing wrong with these types of articles. Remember they would not be post this if the Wii U was selling 300K+ units a month.

    • Silent

      I have noticed….Meanwhile Ashley King brings the good news…most of the time.

      • sithWiiU

        She’s a Nintendrone.

        • Silent

          I dont care what her affiliations are, I like the way she writes and everything. Unlike you, she makes people feel good by bringing us the good news.

  • prettypinkpanacea

    Devil’s Advocate!

    • Silent

      No, hes not. but he should write more positively. Just stating my views.

      • John Andalora

        No, he’s right in being so blunt.
        They need to make some games for this. They’re putting so much into the 3DS. If they put in any of those games onto the Wii U or even spent that much time on it, they could make it a huge success.
        I would’ve bought the Wii U for a new Luigi’s Mansion for Wii U rather than gambling on Rayman Legends like I did…

        • They are making much more money on the 3ds so it is common (or should be) sense that they focus much more on the 3ds getting big games. And it takes time to make games just an FYI. Should they have perhaps put more emphasis on Wii U launch titles? Yes. But we must remember 1 games take time especially Nintendo games 2 releasing all your big titles at the beginning is stupid and will lead to a flop in sales later in the year or consoles cycle. Games are coming and as the past has shown almost all consoles have slow sales in the beginning. Take the Xbox 360 it really didn’t take off until the launch of Halo 3, Cod 4 and Gears of War. Halo 3 launched almost 2 years after the Xbox 360’s launch as well as Cod 4. Both games helped sales spike as they where system sellers. The same with the Wii U the games are coming and people need to learn to be patient.

          • John Andalora

            There’s a cycle for you.
            Why are they putting so much focus on their 3DS? Because they get so much money out of it.
            Why do they get so much money out of it? Because they put so much focus into it.
            The more they make for it, the more they get for it.
            They need to focus as much as they do on the Wii U as they do on the 3DS.

            1) Games take time. That’s why, instead of releasing games prematurely on Wii (like Mario Party 9), they should have waited until their next gen console got out, and then released them. Maybe then they would have had some first party for people to play with.

            2) Maybe not release all of the titles, but have SOME titles ready. NSMBU is, again, not enough to keep us satisfied. I beat it in one weekend, and it was about as rewarding as eating a piece of stale bread.

            People should be learning to take examples from the other companies problems by working to increase sales at launch. Xbox 360’s problem was that there weren’t massive games that started the hype. Also, it’s not something just natural to game consoles. Take a look at the Wii for instance. The Wii shipped 3 Million within ONE MONTH of it’s initial launch. By March 31st 2007, they shipped 5.8 million.

            That’s not what I’d call slow.

            Their Launch included a Wario Ware game (which I still proudly own), a Super Monkey Ball game, a Trauma Center game, and a Legend of Zelda game, along with the Wii Sports pack in (without a $50 increase in price). These were good because they weren’t too many, but they weren’t too few either. They were a good series of games which allowed for people to get excited about launch and have some games for the coming months.

            They did so many things right with Wii that they aren’t doing with Wii U.
            They need to change a few things around here if they want this Wii U lasting 2 years.

          • I guess I should have mentioned the fact that handheld consoles generally do better and or seem to be prefered in Japan. Seeing as Japan is Nintendo’s big seller(aside from the other regions/countries)
            it makes sense to support something much more popular in their home territory. Also you act as if the 3ds was launched side by side with the Wii U, it was launched almost a year ago so its only natural that some games that might be good on the Wii U will only be on the 3ds. And that’s the thing not much titles where on the 3ds launch either. The sense im getting from you is that you think they have dropped support for Wii U when in actuality they probably have a large line of Wii U only games that if people will have patience will be released throughout the rest of the year. And who knows maybe once some of the big Wii U titles are released we could see some of the 3ds only titles come to the Wii U.

            I totally agree with you they should have had bigger games at launch but
            Nintendo is not the only company to not release big titles until a bit after a consoles launch. And seeing as the Wii U can basically play all Wii games it wasn’t a bad (IMO) move to have put Mario Party out before the Wii U’s launch.

            The Wii sold mainly do to its Inovation and the fact that it was doing and or introducing something that had never really been done before which got people excited. Plus we where not in as bad economy as we are now. So does Nintendo need to improve on some things? Yes, but alot of the things such as lack of titles and stuff are going to be fixed as the year goes on.

          • John Andalora

            Handhelds do well, but if they’re going to release a home console, they gotta at least throw a bone to that too.

            It makes sense to support the 3DS, but not spending additional resources on Wii U is really showing now. Besides, if they were to just throw a bone to those with only a Wii U that would attract attention to newcomers (like a Luigi’s Mansion port, like what they’re doing with RE:R), then they could support the 3DS demographic and the Wii U demographic in one fell swoop. I mean, think about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. They made that for both systems. So why not do the same with some 3DS games? Why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

            I’m not sure what I said that would have indicated that I didn’t know the 3DS was released a while ago, but I apologize for giving you that air.

            I don’t think they dropped support for Wii U, but I do think they were expecting Third Party Developers to do something exclusive that never happened, and that now we need to rely on the First Party that has no back-up plan and has little planned for later.

            But, god, there’s only so long I’m willing to wait for games. As of right now, this is the list:
            And, honestly, it feels very small. (or, at least, the game that actually look good).

            The only things that interest me are Game and Wario and Rayman Legends. (I’m not a Pikmin fan, and if E3 doesn’t go well, I’m going for Watch Dogs on PS4).

            We’re already starting to see 3DS titles come to Wii U: Resident Evil, Revelations.

            It’s just not the good ones that they’re porting.

            I understand that Nintendo isn’t the only company to not do that, but isn’t that something that should be noticed as constantly a major mistake that should be avoided? I mean, we’ve seen so many examples of this, people should be able to realize that this happens, and that most people find success with more exclusive / first party titles. As for backwards compatibility, I’ve played those games so many times. Let’s get some new ones. That’s why I never really was 100% on backwards compatibility.

            Xbox 360 was in a good economy and didn’t sell well. So economy isn’t a good excuse.

            As for innovation, I think the Wii U is very innovative. However, there’s only a few games that actually showcase that because there are too few games. Make more to show it off.

          • I think Nintendo probably has good reasons to not follow Capcom’s and many other publishers footsteps when it comes to making two versions of their games(note there isn’t a large history of Nintendo porting there games from handheld to console etc). Im sure one of the main reasons is keeping a difference between the two console’s. If the Wii U had a majority of the 3ds games what seperates the two aside from one being a handheld version and the other being a console? I mean sure it would be awesome to see some 3ds games come to the Wii U (im sure some will down the road aside from RE) but some of the 3ds games should stay on the 3ds, instead of Nintendo focusing energy on making two versions of a game when they could focus on making great Wii U games while also focusing on 3ds.

            Should Nintendo be focusing on both the Wii U and 3ds fairly? Yes and I believe they are its just Nintendo(like you said) goofed by thinking there would be more 3rd party support than there has been.

            I agree with you companies such as Nintendo,Sony,and Microsoft should try and steer clear of not having a strong line up of first party games at launch.But if you look at it in the way that Nintendo probably thought it would go they probably thought the Wii U would sell really well and that alot of 3rd party games would be released as they worked on finishing their 1st party games.

            The Xbox didn’t sell well because it lacked good console defining games. If you where to take the economy of 2006 and sell a Wii U you would get alot more console sales than you get now. Now it takes much more to change people’s minds and get them to part with their money. So yes in many ways the Economy does play a role in a consoles sales.

            In short I too believe that Nintendo has made some mistakes with the Wii U but nothing that will completely DOOM the Wii U in the long run.

          • John Andalora

            They don’t have to port all of them; Just maybe they should have ported one or two that would help to keep people satisfied with their purchase.
            I would agree with the “They could focus on two versions or rather make one great game” if there was a great game to speak of coming out soon. If they have a launch coming up with few actual titles for them, they should have considered adding another to the list or porting one for excitement level, rather than just making an NSMB clone that was too easy.

            As for 1st party and 3rd party, no video game company should rely on third party support like that, ESPECIALLY when they’re trying to add another bit of technology to it like a gamepad with a screen. The Wii was already difficult enough for third parties, but adding more onto the formula would scare third party. Nintendo should understand that they need to rely on first and second party developers to make some more games at launch and through some months if they dare think to add another form of technology into the mix.

            If you were to take a Wii U back in 2006, it would sell because it looks innovative. As for now, there’s nothing to define it as its own console. It uses so much of Wii stuff, and tells you that if you want to use your Wii power plug, AV cables, Wiimotes, and Motion sensor, that you CAN. So many individuals I talk to won’t buy it because they don’t see any games worth getting it for. Nintendo hasn’t shown people that it’s any different from a Wii, or that it’s any more innovative than one. If they can do that, they could definitely get some more support and more purchases.
            However, such is not the case.

            The Wii U right now is kind of like a failing mall. No one wants to set stores there, so it’s not getting support. If it doesn’t get support, the mall does badly in sales. If the mall does badly in sales, then more and more businesses choose not to support it.
            Nintendo needs to show not only how to develop a game for the Wii U, but also how support can make it thrive and succeed.
            If E3 is not a smashing success for Nintendo, then I would not expect the Wii U to last more than 2 years.

          • I agree that it would have been a good idea for Nintendo to maybe port one or two games from the 3ds or maybe even had the Wii U version of said games on the back burner(kid Icarus would have been an awesome one) just in case they didn’t have strong 3rd and 2cnd party support. It was a silly mistake that Nintendo made im sure it probably was they thought they could launch the Wii U much like the Wii. When you really look at the Wii’s launch though it really isn’t that different than the Wii U’s. True there was a gamecube port “Twilight Princess” and Wii Sports(much the same as Nintendo Land in the sense it shows off the Wii U) and Red Steel. Wii U launched with Super Mario Bros. U (yes it can be considered a clone but at least they brought something over that many people enjoy and can show off the possibility’s of the Wii U controller) and Nintendo land as far as Nintendo launch exclusives for both system.

            Yes Nintendo should have had more 1st party and 2cnd party support for these past few months especially with new tech. But from what we have been hearing from 3rd party publishers its not developing for the Wii U that is the problem its that there is not one of two things 1: Large enough install base to make a large profit off there games (note some companies have canceled production of Wii U ports/games because they are afraid they won’t turn a large profit) 2:The graphics are not up to what they believe is next gen.

            And really if it is any defense to Nintendo look at the games which where supposed to be ported by one of the biggest 3rd party publishers EA. Crises 3, Battlefield 4(im sure was in development for Wii U) and many other popular EA games some of them new some old where supposed to be coming to the Wii U but things went south with Nintendo and EA. Im sure Nintendo was feeling fairly confident with it’s launch lineup before things went bad with EA. I mean what console company wouldn’t feel good about having Crisis 3 and many other big EA titles being planned for their console?

            I believe many people probably looked at the Wii in much the same way people are looking at the Wii U. Here was a console back in 2006 that for the most part people viewed as a Gamecube with motion control. True launch games such as Wii Sports and Red Steel helped showcase the power of the Wii and motion control possibility’s but the same can be said of the Wii U and Nintendoland/Zombie U. The Wii didn’t truely show what it was capable of until after the initial launch so I don’t see why we should jump on Nintendo’s case when they(and Ubisoft) have put out about as much games showcasing the possible usage of the Wii U gamepad as was shown on the Wii with motion controls.

            I feel that this E3 will need to be big for Nintendo but I don’t think that it will need to be huge, but just big enough to catch people’s attention and show why there haven’t been alot of 1st party title’s thus far and what we can expect from the Wii U.

  • tronic307

    Nintendo needs 3 AAA first party games, like tomorrow.
    Problem: Solved.
    Crisis: Averted.
    You are: Welcome.

    • jay

      Luigis Mansion U!!

      Gamepad as a ghost scanner baby!!

  • Silent

    If you are wondering if to get a Wii U or not, here’s some advice: Get OUT of this comment section as soon as you can and go to other blogs. The Wii U is great but there are people who will make you feel bad with the nasty and rude comments. Go anywhere else than this comment section. It is not my fault there are nasty morons on this comment section.

    • John Andalora

      Speak for yourself

      • Silent

        There is a reason im not pointing out people. If you know you are not a nasty moron, then dont reply since the comment is not directed at you.

  • Dylan Groot

    I sometimes dont get Nintendo. (biggest understatement of the year) They could’ve handled this drought of games and negativity by simply releasing the virtual console at launch, with all it’s wii virtual console content already available, PLUS some new stuff, like Gamecube games. Seriously, that alone would be a good reason to get it. Now we all know that the new virtual console is just around the corner but they’ve already said that it will start from the ground up gamewise. Why? Why the hell do this? This IMO is a huge mistake. If third party dev’s arent willing to bring out their games for it, you sure as hell better provide massive content yourself, and the content is there, 25 years of it. Oh man, if I could be Nintendo president for a day….

  • RoadyMike

    NOW do you see that everything is NOT fine Nintendo fanboys?

    • lonewolf88

      yes its not doing good but its not bad either we know that nintendo must be working on marketing now and as long as they get games like monster hunter on the system it won’t become a game cube and another thing is that nintendo will never die the pretty much own the handheld competition and the game cube didn’t make nintendo go bankrupt even know the wii U won’t end up as the game cube fact

      wii U has the potential to have the best version of games if the devs use whats there

      sure ps4 might have higher graphics but it still won’t have the extra details you can do with the touch screen on the wii u.

      also don’t always be deceived by this blog they always try to post the worst news they can find..

  • Nintendo needs to stop with the coy crap and tell the retailers AND the gamers who have purchased the Wii u exactly WHAT they are working on and WHEN we can expect to play it. every day that they spend grinning and saying ” there are some games coming…eventually…” the deeper the hole becomes….

  • Pedro Alves

    i was playing a minute ago nintendo land metroid game the ridley boss stage and it was briliant how we use the gamepad screen to fight ridley. love wii u

  • Joey Perez

    again no sources… and gamecube still did not do horrible. and also this speed is not bad considering it will definately pick up after E3 hype…

  • An Uknow

    “They’ve got to do something otherwise it is GameCube all over again.”

    I don’t see that as a bad thing so many great games. I don’t know why people want Nintendo to advertise so much. For example money and time spent on Advertising isn’t money and time spent on game development.

    Nintendo can shift consoles if they want but that isn’t what this is about this is about building bridges strategically. They need to be sure what message they want to send to the public so…

    1.They first strengthen the Wii U’s interface so people can’t complain.
    2.Then they release couple of awe inspiring games
    3.Then reveal all at E3 that will blow everyone away with real time footage of everyone’s favourites, plus more.

    Finally they continue to release games afterwards till Christmas because thats what normally happens.

    People will look back and wonder why everyone was slagging nintendo off…

    The End

  • Ibi Salmon

    At least Nintendo’s doing something. Three month late, but it’s better than never.

  • Ryan House

    nintendo hasnt been that popular since the Snes days. third parties ignored N64, GameGube and Wii. a lot of people bought Wii just for wii sports. i have mariokart wii, mario galaxy, and skyword sword. that is it

  • Ryan House

    i got wii just as nintendo was releasing wiis that dont play gcn games. else i would of waited even longer before buying. wii. but i preordered Wii U

  • dgallo911

    wii u is having a big sale at yhe moment. 50% off – check the e shop

  • Retailers actually have skin in the game, in fact they biased in favor of the WII U b/c they lose money if their WII U inventory doesn’t sale, so if they say WII U sales are bad and cutting prices, then it is really bad. So the people on this site who willingly staying in the Nintendo erected potemkin village, reality is crashing down.

  • John Madsen

    see the reason for the price cut as well is because even europe is having issues with jobs for it’s people and the price cut helps sell a console that would be to expensive for most nintendo wants to compete compete by lowering the price for all countries to make it fair for everyone

  • I would have said get it now while its cheap but nintendos not showing they give a damn about the console. Ive just been playing the 30 cent games, demos and the 2 games I have.

  • InterTreble

    “We’ll be speaking to our retailers directly over the next few weeks to
    take them through our plans for building Wii U momentum over the course
    of 2013″… Please, also to us, your beloved customers! 🙂