Jan 18th, 2014

Nintendo stock drops after Wii U sales

Yesterday, Nintendo el Presidente Satoru Iwata announced what many of us were expecting (and anticipating): Nintendo cut down their Wii U sales estimates from 9 million to just 2.8 million — in other words, the company expects to sell 2.8 million Wii U consoles this fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2014.

And the financial markets in the US and Japan did not like that. Nintendo shares dropped a massive 17%, wiping out $3 billion off of Nintendo’s market cap. Currently, the company has a market cap of $20 billion. Nintendo also announced that they will likely see a loss this year, which is something Nintendo has only done twice before as a publicly traded company.

Nintendo’s stock had actually been doing well over the past few months, rising 20% on good 3DS sales. However, Iwata now revealed that even the 3DS is doing worse than the company anticipated: they revised 3DS sales from 18 million down to 13.5 million.

Despite the bad news, Satoru Iwata says he will not step down. While he may carry a lot of the blame, Iwata has always been honest and has always taken responsibility. Earlier this year, he admitted that Nintendo was to blame for poor Wii U sales. A few years ago, Iwata took a pay cut of 50% as he felt responsible for the 3DS launch issues.

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  • Donaald

    Glad I’m not a stockholder, for now.

    • Akatosh

      Best time to buy.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Buying into a soon to be dead company?

        • Donaald

          Does the arctic circle do that to your brain? How is a company with a capital worth 10.5 billion soon to be dead, fagnus?

        • René Park Triolo

          Hahaha Magnus you sure are hilarous. The day Nintendo goes bust is the day when they finally find Jimmy Hoffa and make him president. SONY and MS on the other hand are in deep waters. The Xbox division has been bleeding money since day one and the soon to be instated new CEO will shut it down faster than you can say XbonePS4 fanboy, and focus on what they are really good at. Now, when it comes to SONY, their corporate ship is sinking like a stone, as they are getting their behind spanked really good by Samsung and LG. Even IF they were going to make money on the PS4, it wouldn’t matter, as the rest of the company is already on the brink of financial disaster.

          Well, Magnus, you will probably downvote me and write a long rant about me getting real or waking up or something even more amusing than that, but you know what… I will just enjoy my WiiU as I’ve done since november 2012 and meanwhile let you take your winter depression meds, which will hopefully make you recover to become a positive person again.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Im not a downvoter. Also I respect your attitude when you say ” I will just enjoy my WiiU”. I might not feel the same, but its subjective. What I dont respect is people celebrating obvious failings and bad decisions out of pure fanboyism.

            Also no need for meds here. Im a very happy guy 🙂

          • René Park Triolo

            Ah nice… very good, Magnus. I totally agree with you on the fanboyism, and I would like to stress that I think that Nintendo really messed up badly in the first 6 months of 2013. I mean it’s basic business knowledge that you have to market your product, if you want it to sell. Furthermore, it’s just plain stupid not having planned ANYTHING software-wise for 6 full months… well, more or less, but it was a VERY long time. Fortunately they seem to have awoken from their slumber, and it was about damn time. Now slowly the WiiU is gaining momentum and the sales are rising, because surprise… the games are finally here.

            But people also have to be realistic. It takes time to build an acceptable install base, and people going ape shit with doom and destruction need to stop NOW with all their nonsense. As mentioned above, SONY and MS are much worse off financially, so why are people not spelling doom for them too?!

            In the end it all comes to one thing, I think. Enjoy the console or consoles of your choice. All platforms have some nice games (well, maybe not Xbone and PS4 just yet), so let’s just have fun and let the CEOs and business men deal with the finances… they are better at it than we are!!!

  • Krzysztof

    I guess it’s the best time to buy some Nintendo shares.

    • Akatosh

      Actually I was thinking about trying my luck in the stock market recently. 😛 Do they pay dividends?

      • Wayne Beck

        Yes, They have a minimum 100 Yen/Year dividend policy, so years like this, you’ll only get 100 Yen. Usually they pay a percent on earnings though.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      You know whats even better? Buy all Wii U’s you can now. Sell them a couple of years from now as it will become a rare collectible 🙂

  • Marcel Kleine

    Hope they won’t die as a company then. We still need more games though.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      They will die as a hardware company. But they still have their IP’s.

      • Michael Hancock

        Bro, that’s what people were saying in 2002.

  • Adam Fox

    I watched a video yesterday on YouTube about the 8th Generation Video Game Consoles….and the guy had some valid points as to why this COULD be the last generation game systems. The PS4 and Xbox One are already struggling with frame rate issues (the Wii U isn’t, its capable of doing 1080p/60fps) and he mentioned alot of games on the Xbox One are 720p instead of 1080p…also stated its not just multi-plat games that are having issues, its exclusive titles having issues which is even worse….software designers are saying they don’t know what to do at this point…..and not only that, theres a ton of people that are being entertained by cheaper devices or devices like their smartphone. Ouya is only $99 and is a great system for emulation. Smartphones and Tablets are in more hands than video game systems…..

    • Akatosh

      Thing is though, Angry Birds just doesn’t offer the same experience as any console or even handheld gaming device.

      • Adam Fox

        I agree with you there….however, if it wasn’t for Angry Birds, Rovio would have gone bankrupt…Angry Birds saved their asses….it was a fun game when it was new, and they are driving it into the ground….Rovio isn’t the only one guilty of driving series into the ground….Look at Activision; they did the same thing with Guitar Hero series….and now doing it with the Call of Duty games…in fact, CoD Ghosts is PROOF they are running out of content by ripping a video almost directly out of Modern Warfare 2! When the market is saturated with FPS games that try to mimic or are very close to the Call of Duty games, it turns people away that aren’t into FPS games….go back to the SNES and Genesis days, what FPS games did you have? Doom? That’s pretty much it, and TONS of platformers….people that liked Doom and Quake on PC didn’t go to consoles b/c they liked FPS games….but now that FPS are all over consoles, some people are steering away from consoles…also, since there are tons of console games on PCs, more and more people aren’t buying consoles b/c they can get the same experience on their PC but with better resolution….whats the incentive there? Their PC may cost more, but they also USE it for more…who uses their game console to surf the web? Browse FaceBook or YouTube on a regular basis? I seriously doubt many people took advantage of the PS3 running Linux on a day to day basis…..

        • oontz

          “more and more people aren’t buying consoles b/c they can get the same experience on their PC but with better resolution….whats the incentive there?”

          Build me a PC set top machine with the same specs, footprint, and exclusive library as the PS4 for $399usd. Sorry not possible. Keep dreaming.

    • Leo

      The industry is on a heavy crisis, this is very clear now. Sony and Microsoft are investing everything they can to make people believe that everything is all right but in reality it is not, Sony is in deep financial worldwide trouble, Microsoft is completely dead in Japan while fighting a battle on the other divisions, Nintendo is facing its heaviest crisis and the third parties are lost in the middle of this mess without making profits on AAA titles, many companies already went bankrupt. I think this Nintendo horrific news is a testament that we are heading on a big industry crash not seen since the early 80s.

    • oontz

      Well clearly sales show otherwise. But cool story.

  • Yoshi5081

    Good Bye WiiU 🙁 and welcome home Wii Z!

    • uPadWatcher

      Why so serious?

    • Akatosh

      Releasing consoles too close to each other is what REALLY killed Sega.

      • C4

        Yep. End of 2017 means 5 years cycle. Even most popular consoles got replaced after 5 – 6 years. The completely _normal_ console cycle will also apply to Wii U and its successor.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Yup. Its pretty dead now.

    • NatT96™

      Ehhh sorta.

  • Frankie

    When Smash and Mario Kart come out things will pick up, and when Zelda comes out things will pick up more. Everyone knows the Wii U will not sell like the Xbox One and Ps4 but it will turn a profit in a few years. Sony lost 3 billion dollars in the first 3 years of the PS3, Nintendo has lost $680 million, but has way more than Sony does in the bank. Iwata will turn this around. Nintendo has way too many exclusives to be out of business.

    • DragonSilths

      PS4 made no profit for 5 years not 3. Xbox One wont sell well outside the USA and UK.

      • Frankie

        I said Sony lost 3 billion in the first 3 years, I did not say they made a profit after that. Where else does Xbox One need to sell?

        • DragonSilths

          Japan, Europe, Canada so forth.

          • Frankie

            Except it does not need to. You do not have knowledge of the industry. The Xbox 360 has never sold well in Japan. In Canada it sold well, and Europe has always belonged to Sony, outside of the UK where the Xbox did well. So the Xbox does not need to do well in Japan and Europe as the 360 proved.

          • DragonSilths

            Your tell me what I already know. And I know a lot about the industry. Seeing as I’m an Indie Dev, who has worked on Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One Dev kits.

          • Frankie

            What game did you make?

          • DragonSilths

            Still in development. I left my former place of employment and have been starting up my own Indie Dev studio. 1st IP is in the works.

          • Frankie

            So what is the game? You can tell us, if you are Indie then you own it and no one is stopping you. Also you said worked on the Wii U, did you make a game before or is this your first?

          • DragonSilths

            I worked with the Wii U Dev Kit. I worked with all 3 Dev Kits just to see what I thought of them. However the project I was working on I scrapped competly after 2 months of working on it, due to my hatred from Nintendo getting to the point I “Quit” Nintendo. Meaning I quit wanting anything to do with them. It was a project I wanted to aim for PC and the 3DS or Wii U E-Shop. Wouldn’t have been on their till 2015 or so but whatever. Scrapped it and am starting fresh….AGAIN, so we are in the brain storming phase again, well I haven’t lately, I am on time off right now due to my grandfather passing away less then a week ago.

          • Frankie

            So why did you quit working with Nintendo,and why would you work with them again?

          • DragonSilths

            You misunderstood what I had said, though you actually got 1 thing right. There were 2 times I spent time on the Wii U Dev Kit 1st was with them. 2nd I wasn’t with them anymore. I quit cause I didn’t like how the company was going at the time. Still don’t. As for why would I work with them again? I wont. Not unless shit gets fixed.

          • Frankie

            So what is your “indie” studio? Give some proof. I can claim to everything you just said, but without proof it means nothing. I am actually a game designer, but I have not worked with any of the new consoles yet. My studio focuses on 3DS games and IOS.

          • DragonSilths

            lol you what proof yet you yourself aren’t playing by your own rules.

    • Ducked

      If he turned the 3DS around, then I’m sure he can turn the Wii U around. And yes, Mario Kart 8 and Smash will jump Wii U sales. And games like X, Zelda, and Shin Megami x Fire Emblem will win game of the year awards. Yes, Nintendo does have to many exclusives to go out of business.

  • Vextrum

    I don’t get why people are so worried. This is a MINOR stock problem for Nintendo, and they have several decades worth of backup if they really start to lose. Just stop losing hope.

    • Akatosh

      Most companies flux normally. Nintendo’s taking heavy hits from releasing both the 3DS and the Wii U. Hopefully when they get everything under control they can start breathing for the next 5 years.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Minor??? Get real.

      • Justagamer

        It is real

    • NkoSekirei

      not like sony whos in financial trouble.

    • Shy Guy

      Apparently the slow months following the holiday season that have historically been a dip for gaming companies means the financial decline of Nintendo, or some nonsense like that, honestly I’m getting to a point where bothering with gaming “news” seems like more of a distraction than relevant information, I should be playing the actual games more instead of reading other people talking about how this or that is failing.

  • ENDOT123

    I hope they can pull out of this.. I want to see Nintendo and wii u survive.

  • NatT96™

    Nintendo just needs a game to show off the console. Believe me, if Nintendo shows of a full all brand new Wii Sports title and advertise it, people will buy it. Also once Nintendo renews there ip’s like Zelda, Metroid, and Starfox, there stock will explode. I do not believe Nintendo should release in new ip’s without releasing an amazing HD versions of the games that made them Nintendo. Mario Kart 8 and SSB4, will help them this year, but Nintendo has to think more of what its fans want, since of course 3rd party publishers are leaving them dry. I believe once they show off there strengths with their fans, 3rd party games will silently start sliding on the Wii U.

    • C4

      It’s so strange they kept the Wii brand yet neither made or marketied new “Wii_” games properly. This is all the result of the last 15 months, first the media reacts, then the stock holder and market – lots of “small” errors by Nintendo were so foreseeable during the last 12 months. They really need to step up this year. If they hesitate now it will only go downhill. The IPs as you mentioned they have would be a start, they knew how important it is by showing a small Zelda trailer during one the first presentation and also by adding popular IPs in Nintendo Land. But – those are small things that only people notice who really look for it at not large parts of the mainstream and casual market.

  • Sdudyoy

    I guess this means that Mario Kart 8 isn’t coming until after March.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      If it comes at all.

      • Kenshin0011

        Wow, such little baby fan boy comments. Get a life

        • SamusPrime

          I know he needs to get over himself.

        • Skelterz

          Yo Bro Fuk Yo Bro Yo Mo’s A ho bro U Mad Bro.

          • Zorlac79


            You get the LEAST intelligent comment of the day award!

          • Skelterz

            I’d Like To thank my family friends i could not have done this without them and yes kenshin you to thanks to reggie for teaching me the fine art of keeping my body ready and zorlac thank you for choosing me i knew this day would come

      • Ducked

        I know, Wii U will probably be discontinued next week or so, lol :p

    • DragonSilths

      No it will be March.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Sounds like a guess to me. Spring 2014 can be between March-May.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    ” Iwata has always been honest and has always taken responsibility. ”


    • NatT96™

      There’s a time when just being apologetic and slashing your pay just does not cut it. The Wii U still needs to sell and improved marketing, renewal of ip’s and system improvements are really what is needed. He took responsibility, now let’s see some change,

  • metalpants

    People act as if Nintendo’s never been in dire situations before O_o. Just let things play out, man! They haven’t released all their big guns yet… there’s plenty of reason to hope for a turnaround still. Even if Nintendo loses ALL their casuals and the so-called “hardcore”, they’ll still have their faithful. And we’re talking 30 years worth of fans. So yes, there’s big loses compared to Wii, but this is nowhere near their worst endeavor.

    To be honest, we’re at a point were even PS4 and X1 are in a pretty bad situation. People are plenty content with their PS3s, 360s and even Wiis to really care much for “upgrading”. I still have my same Android phone that I got like 3 years ago and aside from a few bugs here and there, there’s no compelling reason for me to really get a new one. Game consoles serve one main purpose; playing games… so if you can play games on your old systems and even on your phone (for a lot cheaper) then why bother getting a dedicated gaming device that stays in your living room?

    If Nintendo makes a phone, they might stand an interesting chance in this race. But out of the many kids I know from my job, many are getting smartphones as gifts regularly so, unless Nintendo comes up with some innovative way to mess around with the formula, they’ll have as bad a time as they’ve been having with Wii U.

    That said, this is more intriguing than it is disheartening. When you take geniuses like the ones they have in Nintendo, and you back them up into a corner, something crazy’s about to happen. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Good stuff lies ahead IMO.

  • Justagamer

    This was written by the john loon …enough said!
    But i do hope Wii U can rebound!

    • oontz

      It’s a factual news piece… you don’t believe the facts and figures being represented?

      • Justagamer

        nah i just hate john and his writings..He has no love for nintendo itself. But i do know the facts and nintendo will pull thru

  • Kingdom Hearts fan :3

    Legend of Zelda : Link on drugs! ( Another thing I did 😛 ) Btw I love Legend of Zelda!

  • alex toschi

    Jesus are you people serious?? the most crazy diluted people spouting their mouth off in the comments. Calling for Iwata’s resignation like your a senior director and know how what’s best for a company, freaking out and saying Nintendo is dropping out of the hardware race or going out of business because of market fluctuations. Nintendo is just learning from mistakes, they have plenty of money and if they address their issues like Iwata says then they’ll bounce back after a major business tactic overhaul. At least learn something about the market before you spout your mouth off. Nintendo may be in trouble, but not financially. Their brand and nostalgic grip on gamers is fading because of the new generation, who didn’t grow up with the Super Nintendo or N64, or were even into gaming when they were children with the Gamecube. The Wii’s market is gone, and they pursued an audience that wasn’t there. If Nintendo realizes this, gets up to date with consumer demands such as online play, virtual console, a better account service, and slowly moves itself away from the DAMN Wii brand, they’ll be successful into the next generation and the current one.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Super Smash Bros. Will Help Nintendo’s sale again

  • edge

    Look at the list of top game releases for December and 2013 overall.
    None of them are platform exclusive. Most of them fall into the
    shooter, action, adventure or sports genres. None of these genres are
    well associated with the Nintendo brand. Most people don’t buy Nintendo
    consoles to play sports games or shooters or action games like GTA,
    because they’re not available. What IS most associated with Nintendo’s
    brand are its own franchises. Nintendo believes fervently in these
    franchises, yet now even they don’t have the contemporary appeal of say,
    Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Just Dance or the Lego games. It’s a niche product
    trying to appeal to the masses. The hardware does not appeal to the
    people who buy the most games, and that’s a failure of marketing.
    It’s a weird way to look at it, but if Wii U appealed more to the people
    who played Madden and CoD and FiFA, maybe Mario 3D World might have
    sold better.

  • Michael Hancock

    As long as “X” comes out, I don’t care. As far as I am concerned, the Wii U is the “X” machine. You might as well glue the Wii U shut after insertion.

    • Michael Hancock

      Anyone who who would downvote this obviously has not played the Magnum Opus which is Xenoblade. That game, is it even possible to make a game better than…goddamn that was an engrossing trek.

      • Guest


  • NkoSekirei

    (sigh) jon kinsley u need to stop ur negative articles against nintendo its becoming annoying and making u look like an idiot.

    • oontz

      It’s a factual news piece. The factual news is negative already. Give the guy a break.

  • Sheiky Baby

    This is a good thing. I feel Nintendo works best when they’re pushed by things like this. Sony and Microsoft don’t really push them… And we’ve seen the result of that. Nintendo makes their big moves when they see that the consumers aren’t purchasing their products because they lack something, not because the competition is better. Some people hated the Capcom Five deal, but I thought it was brilliant. It showed how much power Nintendo has, and how intimidating they can be to the competition if they REALLY wanna sell. Although it didn’t work very well in their favor for the GameCube, it gave us RE4, REmake, REZero, and Viewtiful Joe. Nintendo needs to do this again with at least three publishers. A casual, a Mature, and a Hardcore. They need to cover ground outside of their IP’s. Nintendo aren’t known for western tactics… But right now, it is very much needed.

  • companyoflosers

    chinese sales will more than make up for it now that they have free reign there. they kinda existed there before but with restrictions and under the name I’Que. they already have a huge following and user base there, sony and microsoft have only been available on the grey market and in the free trade zone but were otherwise a lot less accessable up to this point.

    • GmailIsDown

      so when are they going into China? they don’t even have a Chinese website set up.

      i don’t think most exclusive games on Wii U will have high localization costs.

      i agree that China can potentially be the biggest market for Wii U, if Nintendo plays its cards right.

      i might buy some Nintendo stocks now and wait until their almost inevitable announcement that they are going to China

      • companyoflosers

        because its not under the name nintendo in china. they will likely stay under the name I’Que since that is the name the chinese people know and trust. maybe look for an I’Que website? idk. i dont know the exact conditions of their internet accessibility over there but i have heard some things that may lead me to believe that they couldnt visit the site even if there was one. maybe? maybe having a site would have conflicted with their status as an educational platform. thats the only way you could distribute games and hardware in china before the lift and the just dont have one yet? there are quite a few possibilities.

        • GmailIsDown

          you might be right, that they will release Wii U via iQue instead of directly. this is the official iQue website according to wikipedia. now it has 3DS XL but not Wii U yet.

  • William Martinez

    Is so annoying to read that (magnus eriksson) dumbass in every post saying stupid things like the 3ds is struggling or the wii u will be discontinued, think before you post, do you think nintendo would cancel all the projects they have this year? that would make them lose a lot of money…. also that can hurt the credibility for future products, don’t try to be a genius mr eriksson 🙂

    • NkoSekirei

      sometimes he trolls and other times hes just being sarcastic that how he works and rare occasions he says nice things about nintendo but not all the time

      • Mario

        I somehow consider Magnus as some kind of ”Anti-fanboy” due to the fact that what kind of Fanboy he really is has been questionable due to his quite odd comments.

  • Squid

    One side of me is actually excited about this happening, Nintendo might just throw off the “Most of our content needs to appeal to everyone” and make new immersive and even more innovative, trying new things.
    Like old Nintendo.

    • NkoSekirei

      i hope ur right.

    • The Clockwork Being


    • Rukiafan Rukiachan

      One should note however that despite what Nintendo’s operating loss is
      they still make more money than Sony or Xbox. Nintendo’s only had one fiscal year where they were in the red and that was 2012. In 2013 they made a 71 million profit.

      • Dáibhí wotshissurname

        Haow could they have mae a proft in 2013, this article is literally al about how Ninty made a loss

      • oontz

        “Nintendo’s only had one fiscal year where they were in the red and that was 2012. In 2013 they made a 71 million profit.”

        LOL, are you suffering from some sort of cognitive difficulty?
        Here let me quote another article…

        “Today, during a press conference in Osaska, the executive apologized to investors for a third consecutive annual loss”

        This is the 3rd fiscal year they are posting an annual loss.

        LOSS not GAIN, LOSS not PROFIT. You know what loss means right?

        • Jacob D. Taylor

          A loss is very relative. Don’t jump the gun and accuse others of stupidity when you speak without any sign of cognitive knowledge on the matter. There are operating losses and total net losses. Operating losses refer to the actions of the direct business, which is video games, and this year they are taking a loss again. That means all of the marketing, development, research and manufacturing Nintendo has performed is not made back with sales on software and hardware. Fiscal year 2012 ending in Mar. 2013 they didn’t actually lose money due to the state of the yen, investments and assets. Their operations lost money but the company on a whole actually made a little.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            A loss is a loss. Making a little doesn’t say much for Nintendo. They expected more. Nintendo never said anything about gaining any profit to begin with, so don’t know where you got that from. ;P

          • Jacob D. Taylor


            Here. I’m just shedding light on the situation, I won’t deny what you’ve presented but would like the general audience to know that Nintendo isn’t watching money fly out their butt until it bleeds. So long as they break even they are technically successful. Of course it is in the best interest of the company to make far more than ‘break even’. Remember that in a corporation everything over the break even is just money to use wherever they feel like it. Everything else is already taken into account in terms of accounting. Literally earning $1 in profit means that the project was ‘enough’ and they could keep operating. That’s where I got that from ;P..

            Edit: This is not the balance sheet per another comment above, simply the financial highlights which is all I needed.

          • oontz

            “Their operations lost money but the company on a whole actually made a little.”

            If that was the case… then they would have posted a profit for that fiscal year. But they didn’t, they posted a loss. This is the third year they haven’t made any profit or broke even on their investments. This is fact as stated by Nintendo.

          • Jacob D. Taylor

            It is a fact as stated by Nintendo, because that’s a relevant bit of information to investors. If you follow their balance sheets as I do, you’d understand what Im referring to.

    • elton john

      And this is what they say about 3DS awhile after launch game


      If you know what I mean … 😉

  • Lassassino


  • Barters

    Iwata publicly stated last year that if Nintendo failed to post a profit last fiscal year that he would resign. In fact he purposefully stacked game releases later in the year to make the fiscal year he’d so publicity netted his career on.

    I guess Iwata likes to lie to Investors (which I am) as well as his loyal customers (which I used to be).

    • NkoSekirei

      i think iwata needs to stop apologizing and start boosting wii u sales by giving us release dates for some of the games coming in a few months and updates on some of the other ones slated for later this year.

      • C4

        Indeed, I have not seen anything that Iwata tried to change past launch yet. Of course some things take time. They need good release dates (DKCR delay doesn’t count 😛 ) and also announce new projects. The Zelda game doesn’t look bad but we all know it’s just a spin-off (basically a Musou game with Zelda characters) made because the next real Zelda game can still be years away.

        • NkoSekirei

          this year their supposed to be revealing the new hd zelda at e3 which i badly want to see

        • oontz

          “because the next real Zelda game can still be years away.”

          Exactly… the transition to HD has been a tough one. I’d be very surprised if there was even a playable demo at e3 let alone gameplay footage.

          They only have themselves to blame. They had years to research HD development… Y E A R S!

          • C4

            Well, to be fair, it took them 5 years to release an exclusive Wii Zelda. Wii Launch end of 2006, Skyward Sword end of 2011 release.

            Fall – late 2015 sounds like a positive, but not unrealistic, estimate, and that would be just 3 years after the consoles launch. Sounds like a good release date to me, but we will see 🙂

          • oontz

            I agree… I think November 2015 for a Zelda Wiiu release.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Its simple to save wii u get promoting online play and games to support it also get a trophie system in place with nes lvl and add more games indie games are a nice bonus and i want to see adds about wii u everywere

    • Shy Guy

      Remember the days when finally beating that hard level or getting the highest score was a trophy in itself and people didn’t expect little icons to reward them for doing something in a video game? Pepperidge Farm remembers..

      • wiimenonowiiu

        Thats the way it was back in the day now throphies give it a higher level like kill a hundred zombies under a min or find all the chest or assasinate x amount of ppl during the story mode and they help you expirience the game fully and challenge you to do more in the game rather then just beat it

        • C4

          Done right it can be interesting, especially when some games already have similar things ingame. However having those things mandatory there are also many “bad” trophies in some games…

      • C4

        I do and I’d rather have less trophies per game then some of the made up and annoying challenges (jump 1000 times, buy 1000 items whatever – these are not enjoyable lol)

        It makes sense when a game already has some kind of collectibles like stars in Mario or all the collectibles, trophies and battle caps in Wonderful 101.

        Don’t get me wrong I prefer those ingame achievements, but if many people want these system wider, then maybe Nintendo should listen…

        • Shy Guy

          I like how Nintendo lets you write a little message or draw a picture and upload it onto Miiverse to communicate one’s victories and defeats to others.

  • D-Man

    If Nintendo had launched the Wii U this year with specs on par with PS4, could play Blu-Ray/DVDs, and launched with all the current games with plenty of third-party support and first-party, then it would have done so much better.

    • NkoSekirei

      nintendo made wii u strictly for gaming not for movie entertainment and besides many people have blu rays alrdy.

      • oontz

        The stupid thing is it already has a blu ray drive. They would’ve only had to eat the cost of licensing to unlock movie playback. Kinda cheapens the deal if you ask me, since the tech is already there in your wiiu to play blurays, nintendo just chose not to let you do it.

    • Yen

      It also would’ve been $500 bucks which the majority of the world can’t afford. Specs are meaningless if not used right. PS4 and XBox One are wasting their extra resources so far. Wii U can run some games at 1080p and 60 fps and PS4/XBox can’t for some. It’s not about having the power it’s about knowing how to use it which is up to the developers.

      • oontz

        “It also would’ve been $500 bucks which the majority of the world can’t afford.”

        How so? The PS4 only costs $399.usd so if the specs were on par with that then the wiiu would only be $399.usd. Only problem is since nintendo spent the bank of the gamepad it could never be that price. That’s why the wiiu is so underpowered because all the money is in the gamepad. If the wiiu only used the pro controller, then the machine could be on par or better specs than the ps4 at the same price point or cheaper. A direction Nintendo should have gone in my opinion.

        • Yen

          The Gamepad probably account for about 70-100 honestly. So I said $500 if it matched specs. Do realize that for it to match specs, the gamepad would also need to be upgraded. This also doesn’t change what I said about how Wii U’s lower specs is being used better so far. Don’t tell me it’s because it had a year head start, Wii U was running better graphics at launch than PS4 and XBox One was at launch. I’m sure they’ll get better real quick, but that’s still pretty dumb how they don’t even know how to make use of all that power.

          • oontz

            “Wii U was running better graphics at launch than PS4 and XBox One was at launch.”

            Care to provide some factual evidence to back that up? Sorry but I own a wiiu (launch system) and PS4 (Launch system), and there is no comparison. Not a single wiiu launch title comes close to matching the visual fidelity of Killzone ShadowFall. Not one. Not even the multiplatform wiiu titles (like AC4) compete so I am curious to the evidence you have used to form your opinions on the matter.

            Are you trying to say Zombie U has better graphics than Killzone? Cause that’s laughable.

          • Yen

            Don’t twist my words, I know that PS4 has enough capability to make all its games look amazing. However, there are currently more games running 1080p at 60 fps on Wii U than on PS4 did at launch. It was confirmed that at launch, games like Battlefield and CoD Ghost were not running at 1080p or 60fps and only got better after multiple patches. Yes, Wii U had a year head start, but I expected ALL PS4 games to be running at that level DAY ONE with its specs, not just a few. That’s all I’m saying. To summarize, I’m not saying Wii U has better graphics, I’m saying PS4 should’ve had ALL its games running at a better level.

          • oontz

            How exactly am I twisting your words? You said, and I quote

            “Wii U was running better graphics at launch than PS4 and XBox One was at launch.”

            This just isn’t true. If it is please provide some actual evidence.

            “To summarize, I’m not saying Wii U has better graphics”

            Yes this is EXACTLY what you said, as I quoted you saying above.

          • Yen

            If you literally click on the sister sites to Wii U Daily, there are articles on PS4 Daily about how some games were running below 720p and not 60fps. I’m not going to waste my time looking up exact articles because you can google it yourself. I’m not saying Wii U has better graphics, Wii U WAS, key word here, WAS running better graphics AT LAUNCH than PS4 and XBox One WAS AT LAUNCH. I capitalized all the keywords in what I said that made it not the same statement as “Wii U has better graphics than PS4”. That’s why I said you twisted my words. Those are two different sentences with two different meanings.

          • oontz

            “there are articles on PS4 Daily about how some games were running below 720p and not 60fps.”

            You show me one PS4 game that runs below 720p.

            And here is some more fodder for you


            Most of the wiiu launch titles you’re talking about were not NATIVE 1080p but upscaled. Titles like Batman, and AC3 were upscaled to 1080p not Native. There is a massive difference.

            Granted there are quite a few wiiu titles in the pipeline that will be native 1080p and 60fps, but those haven’t been released yet.

            Again I can only speak about the next gen systems I own right now which are wiiu and ps4. You have your data messed up.

          • Yen

            Uh, I didn’t specify any Wii U launch titles?

            I will say this, I think I got it confused with one of XBox One’s articles. That was my mistake, I started this conversation talking about both. However, it is still fact that not all PS4 games were 1080p and 60fps at launch which I expected better from PS4. Even at native 720p upscaled, Wii U was putting out great animations, realistic looking environments, and all this to two screens without noticable lag. I will admit I was wrong about it being below 720p, that was my mistake. That doesn’t change the fact that PS4 had games that couldn’t run at 1080p, 60fps day one.

          • oontz

            “Uh, I didn’t specify any Wii U launch titles?”

            That’s exactly the problem, you’re making claims without any factual evidence to back it up. Where as I am an owner of both consoles and can speak from experience.

          • Yen

            Speaking from experience doesn’t make it fact, it makes it an opinion. You’d need to prove that your judgement is correct with factual evidence and references that are willing to back you up to be able to use it as fact. I didn’t list any Wii launch titles because there was no reason to in this conversation yet. You’ve only demanded I list PS4 games that were running below 720p, which I’ve admitted, I couldn’t. There is no reason to list any Wii U games because it is confirmed by Nintendo, and you’ve posted an article yourself, stating that Wii U launch games were running 720p. If personally experience counts as much as you think it does, I’ve had a Wii U since launch and despite having lower specs it’s displaying games way better than what you’d expect when you hear it’s an under powered system.

            Since you really like having cited sources in your meaningless internet arguments, here’s some other than what you posted that says Wii U runs 720 first party and 1080 on some third party:



            Did it make you believe my words anymore because I added links to articles? I doubt it, hence why I didn’t, but if you insist I do it, here you go.

          • oontz

            You haven’t backed up anything yet… first you made this claim.

            “Wii U was running better graphics at launch than PS4 and XBox One was at launch.”

            Which you can’t prove because it’s not true… then this claim…

            “there are currently more games running 1080p at 60 fps on Wii U than on PS4 did at launch.”

            Which again is completely false.

          • Yen

            Sigh, can’t even take a win without making a fuss? I already admitted that I was wrong about PS4 running below 720p. But if you insist.


            Here’s a list of PS4 and Xbox One games.


            Here’s a list of PS4 launch titles. If we cross reference the two list, we get that these titles were running 1080p at launch:

            FIFA 14
            Killzone: Shadow Fall (30 fps single player)
            NBA 2K14
            Need for Speed: Rivals (30 fps)

            Yea, not a full list because there are games we don’t know the resolutions of. But compared to an underpowered Wii U, it should definitely be more right?



            A few links for some games that are 1080p on the Wii U

            Batman Arkham Asylum
            Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
            Scribblenauts Unlimited
            Toki Tori 2
            Transformers Prime
            Windwaker HD
            Bayonetta 2

            Yea Bayonetta 2 is unreleased but they have shown it running 1080p at 60 fps in demos. That article was only a few weeks old so I won’t bother linking it. This list doesn’t include all the indie games on the e-shop that are running 1080p as well which I can’t find direct links on. There are a lot of multiplatform games like Rayman Legend as well that counts in this but I didn’t list. Don’t forget that the Wii U is also displaying on 2 screens at the same time. Honestly I don’t think it matter what I list and don’t list at this point because you’ll just keep arguing with me anyway.

          • oontz

            I only wanted you to backup your original statements… which you still can’t. You could easily man up and say you were wrong or continue down this road… which it seems you have chosen.

            Now you provide a list of 7 Launch games on PS4 running NATIVE 1080p, but forgot to add titles such as Warframe, COD Ghosts, and AC4 (to name a few) which all are NATIVE 1080p, on PS4. Funny enough using either AC4 or COD ghosts as an example… on the wiiu they only achieve a resolution of 880×720, same as PS3 and XB360. However on PS4 they run Native 1080p.

            Then you provide a list of wiiu titles that are Native 1080p, however to fatten your list you chose to include a title that isn’t even released yet. Not to mention that one of your titles is a very simple 2d sprite based game. Your list still comes in at less than PS4.

            You then ask…

            “compared to an underpowered Wii U, it should definitely be more right?”

            To answer your question… YES. Yes it is definitely more. There are definetly more PS4 launch titles in Native 1080p then Wiiu launch/current titles in Native 1080p.

            So now you have actually proved you original statement of

            “there are currently more games running 1080p at 60 fps on Wii U than on PS4 did at launch.”

            as a false statement, something I said from the start. Now you chose to add this GEM…

            “Don’t forget that the Wii U is also displaying on 2 screens at the same time.”

            Please remember that sony was doing this first, and when I use my PS4 and Vita the connection and framerates are solid and it works JUST as good as my wiiu however in some ways it’s even better. With remote play on my vita I get a much greater range than with my wiiu and gamepad. So again it doesn’t really help your original argument.

          • Yen

            Shows that you didn’t even check the sources I gave, AC4 and CoD Ghost were NOT 1080p at launch, they had to be patched up to 1080p. Plus they were on Wii U as well so I skipped them. I missed Warframe because I didn’t know its resolution.

            I included titles on Wii U that aren’t released yet because that matches my statement which you liked to quote:

            “there are currently more games running 1080p at 60 fps on Wii U than on PS4 did at launch.”

            I claimed that there are currently more games on Wii U running that resolution than PS4 on launch day. So any Wii U game counts. Even if it’s just 2D sprite games. I did admit using Bayonetta was cheap, but I kept it only because it IS running on Wii U already. Plus I could’ve used Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. as well if I really want to buff the list which I didn’t. You can argue that what I said isn’t fair because Wii U games take less resources to reach 1080p, which I would have nothing more to say against but you didn’t. You had the option to take the win when I admitted I was wrong about PS4 having games under 720p at launch, you chose this path as well.

            Also, are you trying to say that Sony did gamepads first? Sony might’ve had remote play between PS3 and PSP but it was nothing like the Wii U. At first you can only play PS1 games I believe and only a few PS3 games actually used both screens together. Using both screens together and displaying the same diaplay to the PSP/Vita is not the same thing. It’s a feature in Wii U to do that, but Wii U does way more with it.

            I’m glad your PS4 and Vita works fine together, but there are known cases where PS4-Vita remote play has noticable lag. For a system as powerful as the PS4, I’d expect it to be able to handle Remote Play without noticable lag.

            “To answer your question… YES. Yes it is definitely more. There are definetly more PS4 launch titles in Native 1080p then Wiiu titles in Native 1080p.”

            My answer to this statement is this. I know the PS4 is a powerful system. I know it can display all it’s games at 1080p and even more later on in its life cycle. But so far, it isn’t being used nearly to its potential. When I said it should definitely be more, I meant lots more, not having games that needed patches to run at full capacity. The Wii U might be underpowered in comparison but Nintendo knows how to use what they have. Most Wii U launch games can run 1080p native but it was a design choice to run 720p at 60 fps to allow more accurate controls. That was in one of the articles I cited incase you demand sources. But the PS4 had to hold back to avoid crashing the game and had to be patched to fix this issue. That’s not how you want your $400 hardware to perform when you buy it now is it?

          • oontz

            “AC4 and CoD Ghost were NOT 1080p at launch, they had to be patched up to 1080p.”

            AC4 was a day one patch on PS4 so it counts as a Native 1080p launch title. It isn’t 1080p on wiiu and that is the point.

            “I included titles on Wii U that aren’t released yet because that matches my statement which you liked to quote”

            No it doesn’t, including games that are not released and are coming out 1.5 years after the console launch contradicts your original statement.

            “I claimed that there are currently more games on Wii U running that resolution than PS4 on launch day.”

            Which there aren’t. You were only able to list 6 + 1 that hasn’t released. You can’t use games that aren’t even out yet to back up your argument because again it contradicts what you’re saying in the first place.

            “Also, are you trying to say that Sony did gamepads first?”

            No, I nor you mentioned a gamepad. You said “2 screens at the same time” you mentioned nothing about the actual gamepad.

            “I’m glad your PS4 and Vita works fine together, but there are known cases where PS4-Vita remote play has noticable lag.”

            It works amazing well, so well it surprised me actually.

            “When I said it should definitely be more, I meant lots more, not having games that needed patches to run at full capacity.”

            No more means more, as in 1 more or infinite more. As for games requiring a patch it doesn’t change that fact that the game DOES run in native 1080p after patched, it still shows that the system is capable of running more native 1080p games.

            “The Wii U might be underpowered in comparison but Nintendo knows how to use what they have.”

            Not a single Nintendo developed wiiu game other than windwaker hd… runs at native 1080p. Nintendo has yet to show why the gamepad matters and is the future of videogames like they did with the wii mote.

            “Most Wii U launch games can run 1080p native but it was a design choice to run 720p at 60 fps to allow more accurate controls.”

            Coming from a developer point of view that makes no sense. Higher resolution would actually allow for better controls. The only thing design wise about the choice is getting the game to run properly in that resolution. Nintendo is playing catch up with HD games so it’s understandable that their titles were not hitting the mark visually.

            “the PS4 had to hold back to avoid crashing the game and had to be patched to fix this issue.”

            What are you talking about? Any game patches are just that… GAME PATCHES, not hardware or console patches. When you install a game patch it’s for that software it doesn’t affect the firmware of the actual machine. No console manufacturer would allow that.

          • Yen

            “AC4 was a day one patch on PS4 so it counts as a Native 1080p launch title. It isn’t 1080p on wiiu and that is the point.”

            Day one patch or not, I expected more from the most powerful system this gen.

            “No it doesn’t, including games that are not released and are coming out 1.5 years after the console launch contradicts your original statement.”

            Once again you never explained how it contradicts my original statement. I never said Wii U launch day, I said there are CURRENTLY, as in, as of TODAY, more games than PS4 LAUNCH DAY. Even if unreleased, they are still games that ran on the system at that level.

            “No, I nor you mentioned a gamepad. You said “2 screens at the same time” you mentioned nothing about the actual gamepad.”

            Sony did not do 2 screens at the same time. Remote Play just streams the data to another screen. They did this with Sony Smart TVs as well if I remembered right. That’s not 2 screen at the same time that’s just streaming ONE display to multiple monitors wirelessly. And again, for some people it has noticable to game breaking lag. Depending on the range and games I’m sure, but still a problem. The Wii U is less powerful, but I get consistant quality with it and that’s what I want in a hardware I invested in, not a box with the most powerful parts.

            “No more means more, as in 1 more or infinite more.”

            So you’re saying it’s okay that with all the power of a PS4, if it is even 0.1 whatever unit you meansure in, better than the Wii U, it’s good? Fine, it’s more than the Wii U. If you’re happy because your PS4 is more in everything than your Wii U, then be happy with it. I’m disappointed with it so far and considering I have multiple PCs that play blu-ray, I don’t see a reason to get a PS4 until at least another year. Most good games will probably be ports on PS3 anyway.

            “Not a single Nintendo developed wiiu game other than windwaker hd… runs at native 1080p. Nintendo has yet to show why the gamepad matters and is the future of videogames like they did with the wii mote.”

            Nintendo has not shown it as well as they did with the wiimote, I agree. However, casual gamers aside, I’m surprised by how much hate there is for it. I personally see a lot of potential for it. In the games I’ve played on the Wii U, there was no weirdness with using a second screen in your hand. The amount of things you can do with a secondary touch screen is infinite if the developers would get off their lazy asses and think up ideas. In the end, you don’t even NEED it. If the gamepad is really throwing you off for some reason, just use a wiimote or pro controller. Considering how most people have touch screen phones and games on them, I don’t see how the gamepad couldn’t be used well in a gaming console. It CAN be the future considering Microsoft and Sony were so worried that Smartphones are going to take over the gaming industry.

            “Coming from a developer point of view that makes no sense. Higher resolution would actually allow for better controls.”

            Yea, Nintendo has only just started developing in HD, meaning even 720p is a new thing for them probably. I don’t see how you can think higher resolution allow better controls though. Super Mario Bros. an 8-bit game, had a display of 256×240. I can code that game in 1080, which means width wise I’d need 5 times as many pixls to display Mario. But assuming the game engine stayed the same, it wouldn’t make the control any better. Taking another route, if I code it so Mario stays the same size, but the entire world is at 1080 size, then Mario would look tiny. It might make it easier to play because you can see more of the level, but I don’t think that makes it better controls. However, running a game between 30 fps and 60 fps makes a huge difference depending on the game. With double the frames, the player’s inputs are way more precise. Which is why it make sense from a developer stand point to go for 720 instead of 1080 if 1080 might drain framerate.

            “What are you talking about? Any game patches are just that… GAME PATCHES, not hardware or console patches.”

            I know? At least 2 games we know needed patches to raise resolution. Meaning at one point, there was a problem displaying full resolution for that game and they had to ship it before they fixed it. As a Wii U owner, I’ve been told constantly that the PS4 is so much better and Wii U is underpowered. So why is it that the best system ever had even a moment where it couldn’t run every game at full capacity? Note that I’m not saying you said that. That is my opinion on the matter. I’m disappointed with the PS4 having that problem.

      • D-Man

        The PS4 is only $400. $50 more than the Wii U Deluxe set. The PS4 has sold just as many PS4s as Wii Us in 1 month then the Wii U had in 1 year. And of course the launch titles aren’t using full power. As game development progresses, you’re gonna see most games on PS4/XBone in stunning 1080p at 60fps, leaving Wii U in the dust. Don’t get me wrong, I have a Wii U and is a good system, but they did make a few mistakes.

        • Yen

          Trust me, I understand that PS4/Xbox1 are just having a slow start on development and will look great once the devs learn to use it well. I only bash it because considering their biggest advantage over the Wii U is their specs, they’re using it horribly. A machine with a WAY more powerful processor, 4 times more RAM, better dedicated graphics processor, SHOULD be able to run 1080p at 60fps like they promised at launch, or at least run better than the lower spec of the Wii U even if it’s at launch. The Wii U streams 720p and 1080p at launch to TWO screens. That’s pretty impressive by comparison.

          • D-Man

            The Gamepad screen resolution is only 480p. But just imagine what Nintendo could have done with PS4-par specs! I mean, wow! And I’m also a Sony fan. I have a PS3 and Wii U side by side. PS3 has better internet connectivity, can play DVDs/Blu-Rays (use it all the time), same graphics as PS3, GTA V, a much larger internet community. The Wii U has all my favorite first parties, VC, Miiverse, backwards compatability. If Wii U had specs on par with PS4, DVD playback (Blu-Ray is sony only), reigon-free, it would have blown PS3 and 4 out of the water.

          • D-Man

            i mean same graphics as wii u*

          • Yen

            It’s a cost and effect thing though. Anyone can make a console with all the newest specs, but would that really make a better gaming system? Like, some people are really impressed with PS4’s specs, but compared to any desktop computer, it’s a baby. I can also say, why is PS4 so under powered? Imagine how much more the PS4 can do if they made it on par with a PC. Nintendo designed their consoles to do what they want without putting extra crap in it. So far, I haven’t seen any performance issues with the Wii U other than loading time so I don’t really think the specs is a problem. DVD player would be nice, but I have a laptop for that so it wasn’t as big of a loss for me. The Wii U streams the internet pretty well though so I can still watch youtube and stuff with it.

  • AWwriter

    Uh, I guess most folks have little knowledge of the stock market. If you read the article, it had risen 20% in recent months and just dropped 17%. So they are still up 3%. It could have been a whole lot worse. Stocks drop and rise all the time, and this reactionary drop off due to the financial announcements put a nice dent in but they are still up over what they were. This isn’t good news but it’s not the end of the world, either. And it’s laughable that people even attempt to compare to Sony – which STILL has a market cap below Nintendo anyway – when all Nintendo does is produce games whereas Sony has a whole gaggle of revenue streams beyond gaming.

    • GmailIsDown

      or just put NTDOY into the search engine.

      yeah it is still higher than pretty much most of the last year. it will probably not ever going back to the $60+ per share Wii era, at least not in a long time.

    • mch

      Well and it makes it a good time to buy the NTDOY !
      Right in time before Smash Bros. and MK8 will revive the console and the Stock ..and the new emerging market China and then X and of course Zelda U.. Future looks bright for the shareholders especially since the stock kind of already is at the bottom, only representing the companies ‘actives’-value at the moment.

    • ShilaquilOneal

      Nice post that puts things in perspective.

      And its nice because there are a lot of people out there that believe firmly, that Nintendo is about to go bankrupt and go the way of Atari.

      Everyone is going nuts over the perception that Nintendo is d000m3d.
      They seem to think that just because the WiiU has been prepared for
      burial by most of the gaming media (and quite a few fanboys), that the same could be said of Nintendo’s situation. Not quite.

      As of right now, Nintendo has 18 billion dollars in the bank to fall on. This means that Nintendo could be losing the same amount that they lost this recent fiscal year for the next 30 or 40 years and still be solvent enough to function as a company. And that’s without making any more profits from the 3DS or any future handheld or home console.

      Even the most pessimistic of estimates suggest that Nintendo could still manage to deal with even more Wii U debacles for 15 more years.

      And yet you look around on the web & you see people who are so convinced that Nintendo DIED last weekend, that they’re already discussing which Nintendo IP’s will appear either on the PS4 or Xbone.

      Its so ridiculous the hysteria going on about Nintendo.

  • Aaron Lucas

    I’m tired of hear this negative news because what it doesn’t state why sales went down in this month. It wasn’t just nintendo sales that went down it was all consoles because there no f!cking games coming out this month except Bravely Default next week on 3DS that is going to boost sales 3DS next week. The next Wii U game comes out February 21 around tax time to take advantage of the tax money. Nintendo genius moments so just wait and stop being negative towards Nintendo because Sony and Microsoft was affected as well. These critics and analyst aren’t telling you everything.

    • oontz

      This has nothing to do with sales this month. This has to do with Nintendo’s fiscal year from March 2013 to March 2014. Read much?

  • Nathan C.

    I hope this will knock some sense into Nintendo. Their marketing campaign for both systems has been…pretty bad.

    Let’s just hope they market the crap out of their next few games (like Smash Bros4/Bayonetta2). They’ll need every bit of support they can get.

  • Aaron Lucas

    I’m tired of these negative news about Nintendo and it doesn’t tell the whole truth. Nintendo wasn’t only ones affected with low sales this week because Microsoft and Sony consoles sold low as well. The reason is there was no f!cking games that came out this month so far. Bravely Default is going to boost the 3DS sales for Nintendo next week. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze doesn’t come out until February 21st of this year around tax time which will boost Wii U sales so chill out an wait btw Nintendo releasing this game around tax time is genius.

    • Zorlac79

      Try to ignore the doom articles from this sad little so called “journalist” John Klumsey.

      • greengecko007

        The only sad thing about John Kinsley is that he has to put up with ungrateful brats in the comments section of his articles. The “doom and gloom” must be in your own imagination, because there certainly isn’t any in this article. John Kinsley reported factual information. Nintendo’s stock has decreased by 17% and they have lost money. WiiUDaily reports when Nintendo stocks go up or down, because that’s news. You can’t report just the positive news. That’s clearly biased and flawed journalism.

        • Shadao

          Yeah, like his “important” Breaking Bad star looks “bored” with a Wii U article. Clearly a “factual” news by a “professional” writer *sarcasm. http://wiiudaily.com/2014/01/breaking-bad-star-looks-bored-with-a-wii-u/

          • greengecko007

            Yes, it is factual. Nintendo tweeting a picture with a bored looking celebrity is such poor marketing it could actually hurt the Wii U’s image.

    • GmailIsDown

      i don’t think Nintendo cutting sales estimates for both Wii U and 3DS has anything to do with post holiday season shopping fatigue (on people’s wallets). they should have incorporated this in their original forecast. yeah everyone having any knowledge of Nintendo already knew their original forecast was out of touch with reality. and the market responded.

      this is the reason that Nintendo said itself that it would go into red, taken from the official forecast and dividend modifications document released yesterday: “In the year-end sales season which constitutes the highest proportion of the annual sales volume, software sales with a relatively high margin were significantly lower than our original forecasts mainly due to the fact that hardware sales did not reach their expected level. As a result, the total of selling, general and administrative expenses will surpass gross profit, which leads to an operating loss.”

      in other words, they sold significantly fewer copies of games than expected *during the holiday shopping season*, and they believe it was caused by bad hardware sales.

      you can download the document here

  • olajuwon_patterson

    i honestly think that iwata should just step down he tried his best but nothing is happening we need somebody else that can relate to the newer generation the guys that are in their twenties and more im pretty sure you guys dont agree with me but it is the truth. Iwata done his part so its time to let a younger person take the lead

    • Yen

      20 year olds running a company only works for college drop outs in America.

      • GmailIsDown

        or North Korea

      • olajuwon_patterson

        i said to target people in their twenties fool (CONSUMERS). it seems like you guys like switching words around to make yourselves sound smart or make a point

        • Yen

          Okay, honest mistake in reading your words. Don’t need to get so serious about it. I don’t think what I said was really that smart nor did it make a good point. Chill out.

          • olajuwon_patterson

            my fault bro i thought you were one of them guys that just find a way to disagree with everything someone ways for no reason and defend nintendo even if they did something wrong lol my fault again

          • Yen

            I mean, I personally don’t think Iwata stepping down will help the situation at all. Let’s say he steps down because of this, then Nintendo would have to spend time and resources finding a good replacement. What if the new person isn’t any better? Then the situation could be even worse next year. Nintendo has issues but firing people isn’t what will fix it.

          • olajuwon_patterson

            yeah true but i guess we have to wait and see if they can turn it around this year hopefully they can do it otherwise we will be waiting another year

    • Zorlac79

      Yeah, then we would all get stuck with Call of Duty 6-20 with a few spin offs. . .
      No thanks!

      • olajuwon_patterson

        you realize that we are talking about in japan terms right now so you don’t have to worry about call of duty and i dont even like call of duty and i have never said forget about all their godlike ips

    • NkoSekirei

      if they were gonna replace iwata they would need to choose someone that knows how to get things done the right way and not apologize every time their stock takes a minor hit.

      • olajuwon_patterson


  • DragonSilths

    Wii U is already at like 5.5 million. add the 2.8 and you get 8.3 million. So its really only an overall drop of 700,000.

    • Yen

      It was 3.45 last march I think. It would be 3.45 + 2.8 which is around 6.25 by March 2014. I THINK that’s what the 2.8 means at least.

      • DragonSilths

        So your ignoring the sales from last march till now?

        • Yen

          I’m going to say this right now, don’t take my word for this. I thought that the 9million and now 2.8 million means sales for the fiscal year. Meaning, from March 2013 to March 2014. So no I am not ignoring last march til now, 2.8 is from last march until this march. If I’m wrong about the fiscal year thing fine down vote and correct me but show me actual facts first because I don’t see a better explanation.

          • DragonSilths

            I’m saying Nintendo originally wanted 9 million by March 2014. They are at like 5.5 million currently. They lowered how much they wanted to get to 9 million by 700,000 aka 2.8 million by March 2014.

          • Yen

            But your numbers don’t make sense. If 9 million was the total they wanted by March 2014, it doesn’t make sense to drop it down to 2.8 when they’re already at 5.5. >.> They lowered it to 2.8 meaning they think they can sell 2.8 in this fiscal year as oppose to the original prediction of 9 million.

          • DragonSilths

            They dropped down the REMAINING number they needed to get.

          • Yen

            If that’s the case, that’d be great, but I don’t see how you get that idea. Every where I look says they lowered the estimate from 9 million to 2.8. If it was the remaining number, why not just say, “we predict that we will sell 2.8 million before march 2014”?

          • DragonSilths

            All the authors who wrote the stories, whether mynintendonews, here, Nintendolife where ever they wrote it not quite right. Its very misleading.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Only one problem dude. Do you have actual official numbers that show that Nintendo has 5.5 m Wii U’s sold? Did Nintendo mention any of this? Source matter more than one person’s word. I’m sure you know that. Lol.

          • DragonSilths

            Nintendo themselves have given numbers.


            That story mentioned 4.3, So we don’t know how many it sold in December for the holiday season. 700,000 or more isn’t impossible.
            But we will see.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            That’s my point, you’re going by what you think the number is now, not what it actually is. No, 700k isn’t impossible, I agree. Which is why it’s best to wait until the fiscal year ends to find out what the final numbers are. For now, 4.3 is the only factual source at the moment.

          • FutureFox

            I read somewhere that did 460k in december. There was some hooplah over it because analysts were saying they needed to better than november sales which was 220-260k. Bottomline: Nintendo ain’t making even 2.8 million which is quite telling. I also think next-gen as a whole will be seeing little momentum since most people are happy with current gen consoles. I think the Wii U may have a rebound once support from PS3 and 360 goes away and they have compelling games to fill the void.

          • FutureFox

            The 5.5 million you have there includes life-time sales since launch. That is incorrect.
            FY2012-2013: 3.45
            FY2013-2014: 5.5 (using you’re numbers) – 3.45 = 2.08 million units sold currently for THIS fiscal year alone which is the topic of discussion.

            Judging by this they’d be lucky to sell 2.35 million, since they only sold 390k units in Jan-Mar last fiscal year.

            But that’s what they get for not having an aggressive ad campaign. They’ve rarely sold more than 200k units per month and with the holidays gone and no hit games to consider buying well past their benchmark, I have to say they made their bed already.

            Its like their ashamed of their own console. Is the Wii U merely a practice console for something…greater?

  • Heaven on Earth

    The problems with the wii u is the same problem it has encountered the previous years before the wii u with the exception of the super nintendo and the wii is that nintendo has the best first party in gaming yet their 3rd party support is the worst which basically is the downfall of nintendo.Allow me to elaborate for a second just imagine how greater the wii u would be if they had a consistent flow of incoming 3rd party games that utilizes the gamepad like ubisoft did with splinter cell blacklist while you wait for the heavy hitters to arrive such as mario kart smash bros and zelda.I love nintendo first party games yet it sucks that after playing them there would be no 3rd party games tokeep me afloat while i wait another 3 or 4 years to play another great game of zelda which is a problem.Their handheld is their strongest arsenal to compete in which knowone denies but in this era and day in time the average gamer wants a blu rayer /dvd player /online/great specs to justify their purchase which is hard earned money spent to make them feel its a good investment.When you buy a wii u you are basically invested in mario and zelda thats it which is sad because i love zelda but 300 for zelda is just not going to cut it for me I think the best case scenario now for nintendo is to apply everything they learn from the failure of the wii u and make the next nintendo home console fire on all cylinders and bring great games at launch.

  • Ducked

    Has Kinsley ever wrote a positive article? I seriously think this is someone on Wii U daily who uses this account to get hated on so they wont.

    • Kevin James McAllister

      Really? You’re blaming factual reporting of their market info on anti-Wii U bias?

  • leo

    Honestly, Nintendo needs to change. The first year they completely wasted, they might as well have launched later seeing the 1 year head-start didn’t help. They need different management also, were not in the SNES era anymore. Nintendo can’t rely on 3DS to save their ass all the time.

  • Sheiky Baby

    What’s even crazier, is that Nintendo can afford to lose 3 Billion… I don’t think Microsoft or Sony could afford to have a failed console generation.

    You know, it sickens me, cuz I ran into a video that some Shokio guy (I guess he’s pretty popular amongst Ninty fans) and he was stating about this generation being the worst, and he is definitely right. It’s gonna be fucking great for all the idiotic fools who just bend over and say fuck me for my cash :):):):):)

    Nintendo put out a product that feature:

    –Backwards compatibility
    –The ability to use any Wii accessory (I remember thinking how expensive they were, and never thought they would expand their lifespan for next gen)
    –Off TV play
    –4/5 players local multiplayer
    — Streaming services for free

    Yet, “gamers” chose to once again call it kiddy and not real next gen because of its specs. Well, you know what higher specs mean, douche bags? More $$$$ to make things.. And you know what that equals?!? More OF YOUR MONEY SO THEY CAN MAKE THEIR CASH BACK!!

    I remember during the 2 gens ago, I had a conversation with a friend (Indy developer) he told me how certain companies were thinking about DLC to expand gameplay… And we thought how great it was going to be.. Until reality struck. Developers hate when Nintendo tells them that their DLC is overpriced and that it doesn’t ethically fit their business standards; so what do they do? Leave Nintendo.

    Moronic bro gamers believe that they have the power to speak up now because they have social networks, and Internet blog bull. Yea.. How did Battlefield work for you? And how in the blue hell are you still buying EA products?!?!

    It’s up to Nintendo to get gaming out of this sh*t hole. They need to get everyone back on their board, and not just families and casuals. Yes; games are about fun, but the field is completely different now. They need to take all of the things that are ruining gaming like stupid shooters, over priced DLC, and pointless apps to their favor and create something unique with their amazing creativity. The Wii U can already do wayyyyy more than it does now. Unlock it’s potential, and give it some of today’s western value with a twist.

    Sorry for the rant, I just hate to see what we are heading into 🙁

    • LJay

      My mate just bought battlefield 4 for £60 for the xb1 the told me a few days later he bought the dlc at £40!!-what a fool! I cannot be the only one who thinks this is utterly ridiculous!??? I will never buy a game like that especially from EA,its just plain half finished-total rip off merchants.

      • Sheiky Baby

        It’s disgusting!!

        • oontz

          What’s so disgusting about investing in a long term source of entertainment? Something that will last days, weeks, even months.

          How much does it cost you to see a 2hr IMAX movie?

          • Sheiky Baby

            Who’s saying it’s disgusting to pay for a game? I mentioned Battlefield because people paid for a half broken game.

            In reply to your other post:

            I understand what PSplus is. I do find it more user friendly than Xbox Live. I also understand that nobody is forcing me to pay for DLC, or disc locked content; what I’m saying is, that the more people continue to pay for all of these things, the lazier developers get.

            I don’t think you understood my point in my lengthy post, and if you did, and you’re okay with the, then we clearly don’t see eye to eye, that’s all.

          • oontz

            “I understand what PSplus is. I do find it more user friendly than Xbox Live.”

            Obviously not since xbox live is nothing like PS+. Maybe you’re talking about the PSN store?

            “the more people continue to pay for all of these things, the lazier developers get.”

            How is it a representation of being lazy? A developer is trying to recoup some of the production costs of the DLC, by charging for it. How is that a bad thing? Should developers not get paid at all?

          • René Park Triolo

            Definitely NOT £ 100… othewise you’ve been cheated!

          • oontz

            So how is it someone is cheated if their 100 investment is a long term one, as is the case with game machine and game purchases in general. I don’t think someone is ONLY going to play Battlefield for 2 hours and never again. Be real.

      • Petri

        EA sells half the game as DLC, and that trend does not seem to slow down.

    • oontz

      “It’s gonna be fucking great for all the idiotic fools who just bend over and say fuck me for my cash”

      You can’t be serious… for what you get with a PS4 the price is amazing. Can’t speak for XB1 as I don’t have one… but the PS4 is a quality piece of gaming gear and worth every dollar.

      • Sheiky Baby

        What’s so worth it about it? Paying for online gaming?!? Really? Sony sneakily walked you into that trap. If they had kept their services the exact same, then they would have been a true alternative, but nope! There’s no difference between them, and Microsoft. Put it this way..

        No backwards compability, which means all the cash I belted out on the other console, is now worthless, unless I power that one on.
        Pay for online gaming
        Pay 20 FUCKING $$$ for DLC which means I’m paying $70 for game that should have included that in the game as an achievement for beating the game! How is this okay with you?!?!?!
        Yes, I love the fact that PS plus gives you free games, but you don’t get to chose which. ultimately, by the time you get to pick what you wanted, you’ve already spent monthly cash, and you could have purchased something YOU desired. I’m very careful about unfair subscriptions, therefore I don’t see myself just giving them $50 on the spot for something I may not revisit.

        Just check your pockets, and slowwwwwwly think about it. It’s not fair, or okay. It was never meant to be this way, and it turned out to be acceptable. Things are about to get scary…. You can’t deny it’s going to happen, since most publishers have already admitted to it.

        • oontz

          “What’s so worth it about it?”

          Ummm, the hardware for one, then there is the lightning fast OS and user/friend integration. It is worth every dollar it’s a great piece of hardware. Using the wiiu OS afterwards feels archaic, slow and un-intuitive. I still enjoy my wiiu, don’t get me wrong… but Nintendo could have splurged a bit and improved the user experience in my opinion.

          “There’s no difference between them, and Microsoft. Put it this way”

          Nothing like MS at all, sorry but you fail with that comment.

          “Pay 20 FUCKING $$$ for DLC which mean I’m paying $70 for game that should have included that in the game as an achievement for beating the game! How is this okay with you?”

          No one is forcing you to buy DLC, NO ONE. I’ve never bought DLC and have yet to see a need to.

          “Yes, I love the fact that PS plus gives you free games, but you don’t get to chose which”

          Ha ha, yeah if you can’t find value in over $1000usd of free software given last year to PS+ members or games you like from the massive list… then there is no point of trying to convince you otherwise. At least Sony gives its users something and doesn’t just charge for online services or provide a lackluster online service for free. I wouldn’t even think of it as an “unfair subscription” as you put it. I’d actually say it’s very fair for what you’re getting seeing as with just one PS+ account I get free games for my PS3, PSvita and PS4… every month.

          “I don’t see myself just giving them $50 on the spot for something I may not revisit.”

          That’s cool, I just got 15 months of PS+ for $30usd. (That’s an investment of $2usd a month BTW) Hardly any injustice there. Not only do I get a solid online experience… streaming, gameplay, sharing content, etc… but I also get free full retail games every month.

          Not sure the point you’re trying to make, but if Nintendo offered some sort of similar subscription based service (let’s call it the 1up service) and users received free retail wii, wiiu and 3ds games every month… you’re telling me you wouldn’t subscribe? Come on be realistic.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Quite sure Wii U owners wouldn’t mind subscribing to that. Hell, it’d at least give people another reason to buy one.

          • Sheiky Baby

            I sure as hell wouldn’t want Nintendo to charge me for online play in order to get a game that I don’t get to pick from once a month. Although, they have a better library in my opinion, so it could be good as long as online is free.

            I recently got $15 from them, just from purchasing games on the Eshop. That’s a better deal to me.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            What’s a better deal is exactly your opinion. If you don’t feel that Sony is offering you that, then stick with Nintendo as you are now. As much as I like Nintendo over the years, I don’t see their service anywhere near the PS Plus. To each their own here. I’m still not ready to buy either a Wii U or PS4 yet as I’m still satisfied with my PS3 and my newly purchased 2DS.

          • Sheiky Baby

            I loved Plus when I had it, but I found myself using the discounts more than the free games. The fact that I could play online with friends without having to pay, is what made me ditch Xbox Live. I was gonna go for the PS4 until I found out I had to pay for online. To me, having to pay a fee for a service that others are still offering for free is just mehhhh.
            I could see myself getting a PS4 a year from now maybe? Just cuz I love Sony’s exclusives, since they actually try. I loved The Last Of Us. Even the multiplayer was fun! I didn’t feel like I had to pay for some DLC to enjoy it or get extra perks. Everything that game needed was on the disc. That’s what needs to continue to happen.

            Didn’t know you weren’t a Wii U owner. Did you have one before then sold it?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Never had it, no. Only have plans on investing one and a PS4 later on. I never buy a console early in it’s life and tend to wait a few years. I stick around for the news and keep up to date.

          • oontz

            “To me, having to pay a fee for a service that others are still offering for free is just mehhhh.”

            You get what you pay for, in the end something that is free is usually not the best service. Nintendo has already proved that point.

      • René Park Triolo

        PS4 is ok and nice but waaaay overpriced for a system with no games and no backwards compatibility + the scam of having to pay for online… that IS indeed disgusting.

        • oontz

          “PS4 is ok and nice but waaaay overpriced for a system with no games”

          $399usd is overpriced for 5+ years of entertainment? Ok then, so I take it you don’t own a wiiu either? Also there are a ton of great games available on PS4 right now, not sure where you’re getting your facts from.

          “+ the scam of having to pay for online… that IS indeed disgusting.”

          How is it a scam? A scam is a dishonest scheme; a fraud. I paid $30usd for 15 months of PS+, for which I get free retail games every month for my ps3, psvita and ps4. I even got a free month when I bought my PS4, and you know what got 3 free awesome games on day one. Nothing fraudulent or dishonest about that. Thanks for trying though. Maybe do some research into things before just speaking out your ass.

  • Relick

    Nintendo’s current strategy is play unsafe with hardware and play safe with software.

    They should try the opposite, they didn’t get some of the world’s biggest IPs by playing it safe.

  • FutureFox

    I know nothing of the motives of business management but it seems like this is more a ploy to raise the stock by sandbagging. Think about it: if they come around in April and say they actually sold 5 million (> 2.8 million) in the fiscal year, that kind of press might encourage more investment. Nintendo is full of secret maneuvers. At the very least they’ll gain $3 billion back. Its not a death nail by any means which is why I think its just business ruse.

    EDIT: Though after responding to someone else’s comment below with some “numbers” even what I say here maybe in a word: hopeful.

    • C4

      No I think it’s a hard time from a financial point of view, and also for one of their consoles, but I think at some point problems have to be expected. They need to face them and from then on make the right decisions.

      At the moment negative press for sure means negative press.

      What I agree with is that they can get over this situation and the first half of the year is important. What they can’t do is to stick their head in the sand currently. So they need to do take the right decisions – either said then done though 😛

      • C4

        I don’t think the numbers are _that_ important. The problems are real wether they make 1 billion loss or 10.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Nintendo does best when they reaise they need to Npull their socks up. Watch this space.

  • The last Chozo

    As a super intellegent almost exinct creature, I can say with 99.9% certainty that: GOOD GOD THAT’S A BIG DROP! And also that a new good Metroid game would totaly solve absoluty everything, Nintendo.

  • Dylan Groot

    Though I hate to admit it, Nintendo is in dire need of a branding change. Most gamers that came to love Nintendo are now between the ages of 25 to 40, yet they still push this family concept. It just isnt working anymore, they arent relating to newcomers, and they’re not relating to hardcore gamers. I’m not sure what they SHOULD do, but I feel that if they would just easy up a little on the “fun for everyone from the ages of 3 to 90” they could reach a whole lot more people. Just take a billion dollars out of that huge treasure chest and develelop some seriously epic new ip’s. A dirty and gritty 16+ shooter with that genius Nintendo game design, or an adventure game thats as cool as Zelda, but with more rpg elements. Co-op with SquareEnix and make an RPG that can compare to the likes of Final Fantasy 7. This is all perfectly doable. You just need someone to set the wheels in motion, Iwata COULD realise these ideas, but he doesn’t. Time for someone who actually is a gamer to step up and take over. Iwata is a cool guy, but he’s not living in the gamers here and now. He’s out of touch with what gamers really want. The Wii was a huge succes because it spoke to a whole new audience. The Wii U clearly isnt gonna go down that same road, So to save it, why not make it this great litlle kick ass console with harcore games, which might not appeal to everyone, but at least to all gamers.

    • C4

      Don’t know if that works but I agree that is the point of view that Nintendo should have of course in _addition_ to what they currently do. I mean if you have devs who excel at doing platformers you make them do more, and market them appropiately. They also need to look at what sells on other consoles – if you look at NSMB and 3D Land which started on 3DS that is exactly what they did, but only in a limited scope (in that case, Mario, and their own handheld console)

      One or two bob-ombs would be enough IMHO and also let the other Wii U games shine, at least for me, diversity is also important even if I normally just stick to 2 or 3 genres 🙂

  • Justagamer

    Michael Hancock Hahahah this creep is stalking me.What a loon. I see hardcock has no life..It’s sad

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      No offense, but calling people names and calling out those who you feel are stalking you is rather childish. Best course of action is to ignore people you don’t like. You only come off as ignorant as the people who “stalk” you. ;P

      • Guest


      • Justagamer

        Meh! Just stating a fact and if some people get offended than so be it..

  • erich80

    Stocks rise and drop – otherwise they would not be “stocks”.

    No need for hysteria, guys.

  • Robinson Dantas Camila Oliveir

    The Wii U is fantastic, but too much people still plays last generation consoles. When the support for last generation declines, the wii u will take first place again. All the next generation consoles will suffer until this happens.

    • oontz

      “All the next generation consoles will suffer until this happens.”

      Do you live in a bubble where the sales data for the PS4 and XB1 are unavailable to you?

      • Robinson Dantas Camila Oliveir

        better in a bubble than in a xbox where I cant see the truth. xbox one sales have already tanked. Pcstation 4 WILL TANK SOon my friend. the wiiu took some weeks to sell one million. ps3 games will continue make success. its a good console as ps4. AFTER THIS It will increase ps4 sales.

        • oontz

          “Pcstation 4 WILL TANK SOon my friend.”

          By Pcstation you mean playstation 4? You think it will tank? Ha ha… it sold 4.2million units in a month and a half… and it hasn’t even been released in Japan yet where the pre-orders are through the roof. Not to mention that it’s still in very high demand with stock being sold as soon as it hits the stores. Sorry but Sony did everything right this time with the launch of PS4. It’s not going to tank.

          “ps3 games will continue make success”

          Of course PS3 games will continue to sell. Just like PS2 games sold into the life of PS3 and PS1 into PS2… that’s how it works. People also still buy wii games. Not sure what point you’re trying to make.

          “its a good console as ps4”

          The PS3 is nothing like the PS4 I still use have my ps3 and its heavily outmatched next to my PS4. You’re obviously not speaking from experience.

          • Robinson Dantas Camila Oliveir

            Hey man, you seem so stressed trying to prove your sony is much more powerfull than out Nintendo console. Why don’t you try to buy a Wii U and play some real videogame instead of being the official not paid replyer of sony here. PS4 sales have already tanked… Try reading new numbers in the web. The holidays have gone and everything is back to the normal. Or you think people will be buying a console that has only five games? Man, continue playing your PS3 and with some magic, you come here and say to us it’s better than WiiU. Even the president of sony play more WiiU now. He has 2 WiiU’s at his home.

          • oontz

            “Hey man, you seem so stressed trying to prove your sony is much more powerfull than out Nintendo console.”

            Not stressed at all. Was just pointing out the flaws in your original post.

            “Why don’t you try to buy a Wii U and play some real videogame instead”

            I’ve owned a wiiu deluxe bundle since day one. Was playing SM3DW this afternoon with the wifey. Also played a bit of Killzone Shadow Fall online with some mates. Are you trying to imply that video games on other platforms aren’t in fact “real”?

            “PS4 sales have already tanked.”

            You said before that they will tank soon, now they have already tanked? Which one is it? Truth of the matter is that PS4 is consistently being sold everyday as new stock is shipped to market. It is still in very high demand, so much that sony can’t keep up with the demand. This is fact… the console has far from tanked. We haven’t even seen anything yet… just wait to see how it performs in Japan and its first week of sales there.

            “you think people will be buying a console that has only five games?”

            There are A LOT more than 5 games, ha ha. That shows you have no idea what you’re talking about. Seeing as the PS4 launched with no less than 26 games on November 15th. Nice try though.

            “Man, continue playing your PS3 and with some magic, you come here and say to us it’s better than WiiU.”

            When did I ever say PS3 was better than wiiu? Now you’re putting words in my mouth? You can admit your mistakes or keep beating around the bush.

            “Even the president of sony play more WiiU now. He has 2 WiiU’s at his home.”

            That’s great for him. The wiiu is a great system. That was never the point. I love my wiiu and I also love my Ps4, also my PS3 and my PSVITA. I love gaming on my mobile phone and also on my home computer. The point you were trying to make is that next gen PS4 sales have tanked which just isn’t true… the sales data clearly shows the opposite.

            You may want to take a bit of your own advice and stop being so stressed trying to prove your allegiance to Nintendo and the wiiu. If any of the next gen machines have under performed its the wiiu. Definitely not the PS4. Sony did everything right with this console launch. You need to give respect where respect is due.

            Enjoy games to enjoy games… no need to get worked up when people enjoys more than one system or platform. It’s not a personal attack against you even though you seem intent on taking it that way.

          • Robinson Dantas Camila Oliveir

            Right. Thanks God you play your WiiU and your PS4. The fact is this: PS4 and Xbox one are news!!! They’ve just been released. The Wii U sold 3 million units in a few months. The PS4 will become a reality, but it will tank sales because the enthusiasts are finishing its stocks . And when it become one more console for the non enthusiasts, it will sell few units because the other consoles ( PS3 X360 and Wii ) are still working at the house of too many people that will not change because they do not need to. And this time the console has too few to increase its sellings, because the difference to its antecessor is not as big as from PS2 to PS3. They seem too much. The Nintendo only has a very big difference in quality from Wii to Wii U, and soon it will atract more buyers, because it’s cheaper than the others, producing a similar result in quality. The 3ds faced the same problem at it’s beginning. The PS3 took long three years to become a best seller. There are too many options in the market. Including last generation. And the Wii U takes the attention for its game pad, every one becomes curious about it. And it will move sells to Wii U too.

          • oontz

            “The Wii U sold 3 million units in a few months.”

            And the PS4 sold 4.2million in 1.5 months… what’s your point again?

            “The PS4 will become a reality, but it will tank sales because the enthusiasts are finishing its stocks”

            I actually don’t know what you’re trying to say here. The PS4 IS A REALITY, because I have one in my home theatre… it’s not a figment of my imagination.

            “the difference to its antecessor is not as big as from PS2 to PS3.”

            I own a PS3 and PS4 and the difference is massive. Obviously you are not speaking from first hand knowledge of the hardware.

            “soon it will atract more buyers, because it’s cheaper than the others, producing a similar result in quality.”

            As I own both systems and can speak from experience… the wiiu and ps4 are not similar in quality. The wiiu is more similar to the PS3 than the PS4.

            “The PS3 took long three years to become a best seller.”

            Yes in it’s first year on the market the ps3 only sold 3.68 million units. The PS4 already beat that in just 1.5 months. Sony learnt their lessons from the PS3 and did everything right with the PS4 launch. The numbers are growing every day and show no signs of slowing.

            “the Wii U takes the attention for its game pad, every one becomes curious about it.”

            The gamepad so far has been the thorn in the wiiu’s foot, so to speak. Not even Nintendo have been able to utilize the gamepad in clever ways. Only a few titles have so far. Nintendo should have stuck with more powerful hardware and just the new pro controller.

            ” it will move sells to Wii U too.”

            Obviously not, as the current market trends and sales show us.

          • Robinson Dantas Camila Oliveir

            Man, pay attention, it’s my opinion, and only in a few months we can see it’s true or not. With only two months in the market, you can’t ensure it wil continue or not.
            The PS4 you have is similar to Wii U in graphics yes. It’s better, but for the eyes of non criterious people, it looks like too similar. The Ps3 in comparison to Wii did not leave doubts. It was better. But its live had been darken by what really imports in games. Funny. You can sell graphics for 20 million. But for funny there’s more than 100 million interested in the world. I have the two also, the Xone and the PS4, but i play Wii U instead. For me the Wii U is undoubtly more funny. I can bring 10 people in my house to play my Wii U. But they look to The PS4, tell me it’s beautiful, but please, turn on Rhytm heaven fever. ( I can play it in my WiiU now ). So everybody has fun time. The best similar game I played in the PlayStation was parappa the rapper, It was fantastic. For the play one. Now, me and my wife are playing SM3D, and it’s funny, a lot funny. Nobody knows Wii U is a new videogame. There’s a lot of misunderstandings about this. When it becomes clear, no doubt, Wii U will return to the top. It’s much more funny. Not for the hardcores, For everybody.

          • oontz

            You are becoming harder to understand with every post. I also find it hard to believe you purchased an XB1 or PS4… seeing as all of your posts have been bashing those consoles while praising the wiiu. Then you mention a PS1 game from like ten years ago. It’s okay to admit you only own a wiiu and actually (as your posts have shown) no nothing more about the PS4 than what you have read on this site.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Reminds me of Treble.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            A console that is in high demand is tanking? Yeah, that’s quite relevant. ;P

            I’d go into further details, but I think oontz covered all your flawed statements quite well. Being a fanboy never pays my friend.

  • HandsomeStranger

    That little? I thought they would lose more! It’s really not that bad for a dying company.

  • Miles “Tails” Prower

    Hopefully Nintendo can fix this.

  • xdrewxnl

    I’m an early adopter of the Wii U and I’m hopeful that they can pull a 3DS and fix this up. But I have to say I’m a little disappointed in Nintendo for not marketing this better. I think they almost have to come out with a tv commercial that says “Wii U. It’s NOT a Wii. It’s a brand new console! With Brand new games!” … I know it really dumbs it down but it might be necessary lol. It was refreshing to see the positive news in December but it was short-lived. Hopefully the new games coming out in 2014 can be a catalyst for the Wii U.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    *sniff* I really love my Wii U. I really do. The only console that has actual fun gameplay. I’m so sick and angry of all this negative stuff. If only gamers weren’t so blindly close minded and arrogant, Nintendo wouldn’t be in this mess. *sniff* People are so brainwashed about powerful consoles with realistic graphics, I really am losing my faith in games. I miss the PS1/PS2 days when gameplay was more important than graphics and had less interactive cutscenes. I dislike this new gen of gaming. Prepare to see less gameplay, more hollywood realism blockbusters. *sniff*

    • oontz

      “People are so brainwashed about powerful consoles with realistic graphics”

      It’s the natural progression of videogames, has been since the history of videogames. If it wasn’t then there actually would be no Nintendo since there wouldn’t have been any need for the more powerful NES. We’d all just still be playing our Ataris and Collecovisions.

      • Josie the Sketcher

        What I’m trying to say is that you don’t need a ultra powerful machine to get great games. Take Angry Birds and Candy Crush for instance – do they need so much power to have work well and have so much fun? No and they’re certainly not realistic. If they became realistic, they wouldn’t be so much fun, would they? Nintendo games have those sense of fun and colourful feel to them.

        • oontz

          So you’re comparing Nintendo games to Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Also you’re actually calling Angry Birds and Candy Crush “Great Games”?

          W O W

          • Josie the Sketcher

            Ok fine! Continue to be an ignorant fool. I believe the Wii U still has potential like other people on this site. This site is about Wii U. All Nintendo has to do is release awesome games and they don’t need to be ultra realistic to be successful.

          • oontz

            “All Nintendo has to do is release awesome games and they don’t need to be ultra realistic to be successful.”

            Obviously sales show this isn’t the case. Not everyone is going to buy a wiiu JUST for Nintendo games. Only the real Nintendo fans will. I bought a wiiu fully knowing I’d also be buying a ps4 for everything else. But some people can’t afford more than one console. Those are the people nintendo needs to sell to, and if the wiiu ONLY has Nintendo IPs… they aren’t going to. Nintendo needs a more diverse game catalogue including big name 3rd party titles. If they don’t have that then one console families are going to look elsewhere for it.

          • Josie the Sketcher

            You’re right! Nintendo does need some 3rd parties but they have been striving on their IP for years. I am also a fan of Sony but their fanboys are driving me crazy. I was brought up playing Nintendo and Dos games. I’ve also support Sony since PS1. I respect Microsoft too. I’m sick of people saying which console is the best. The whole console wars is crap!

          • oontz

            “Nintendo does need some 3rd parties but they have been striving on their IP for years.”

            But they do this because they know good and well that the real nintendo fans will buy their system and also one of the competitors systems to compliment it.

            “I’m sick of people saying which console is the best. The whole console wars is crap!”

            I agree it is crap…. people should enjoy games regardless of developer, manufacturer or platform.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    The easiest ad they could make is having a clueless man putting a wii u game into his wii console. Of course it wouldn’t work. So this dumb guy goes to a game shop and complains the game isn’t working on his Wii. That’s when the shopkeeper introduces the Wii U showing what wonders it can do. That would make It the easiest and simplest ad in the world. If people still wouldn’t understand it, they would have a low iq.

  • blindtiger

    buy buy buy!

  • Daniel

    The Wii U has only been out for a year. If things haven’t picked up by 2015, then you can start ringing the alarm bell. Everyone needs to just chill.

  • Zuxs13

    Great time to invest now. Nintendo direct should be in the next few weeks, the stocks will rise.

  • PlayboyPacquiao

    When I was knocked out cold by Juan Manuel Marquez, I stood back up and wanted to keep on fighting. I hope Nintendo does the same. God Bless.


  • Leo
    • Mo Mo

      That would be amazing!

  • Mo Mo

    Why all the gloom and doom. Seems like there’s so much worry that a low user base means Nintendo won’t be giving us the games we would like to see. One thing Nintendo has proven time and time again is that no mattter what the user base, they will deliver the games we want. I know there was no Star Fox or F-Zero for the Wii, but does anyone really thing it was the right system for these games? I feel motion control and gamecube graphics would have ruined those games.