Feb 24th, 2016

Nintendo is going all out with Twilight Princess HD marketing, as you’ve probably figured out by the sheer amount of Twilight Princess news here on Wii U Daily. And being suckers for Zelda, we couldn’t help with the latest bit of Twilight Princess promo from Nintendo: a cool retrospective on the game with its original creators, including the boss-man himself, Eiji Aonuma.

Aonuma recalls how fans loved the idea of a realistic Link (after the Wind Waker) when they showed the very first Twilight Princess trailer. You’ve probably seen the videos of roaring people when the trailer was showcased at E3 2004, where fans collectively lost their minds. You can find that footage below.

Other developers were moved by fans’ reactions so much that it inspired them to work harder, according to designer Koji Kitagawa.

You can check out the retrospective video above. Twilight Princess launches on March 3rd on the Wii U. The original game launched on the GameCube almost 10 years ago.