May 21st, 2012

Wii U E3
Nintendo previously announced that their E3 press conference would kick off at 9AM Pacific time (noon on the East Coast), and now they have announced that you’ll be able to watch the event live on and via other channels. The company has partnered with Spike TV and MTV2 to showcase the event there for free as well. However, most of us will probably watch the event on Nintendo’s E3 site, so go ahead and bookmark this link for June 5. The press conference will focus on the Wii U and the 3DS.

In addition to the E3 press conference, Nintendo will be streaming a few other events, including a “Software Showcase” at 6 PM on June 6, where a lot of the gameplay from upcoming Wii U games is expected to be shown. There’s also a “Developer discussion with Wii U Hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi” which will happen on June 5 at 11:30 PM (that’s almost bedtime!).

We’ll have a full roundup of our E3 expectations later this week, where we discuss what to expect from the Nintendo in regards to the Wii U. Stay tuned!

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  • Swic11

    Im too excited, two weeks away now? Too bad they aren’t going to unveil everything about the Wii U.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    2:30 am eastern time. Worth staying up to hear about the Wii U. Get me my soda, I have videogames to learn about. Thank God for late night nerd stuff

  • david6

    Im so excited I think I might make a little fort in my bed an watch it from there, usually I only watch gay porn at night but for this I’ll make an exception

    • nathant16

      oh yeh dave my man, my big strong man, lets cuddle up together and watch it xxx

  • the real david6

    Your not allowed to do that

  • david6

    I’m watching this from the little fort I made in my bed xx see you there nathant16…lover xx

  • the real david6

    Your jealous because we can watch tv and inyerface, im not on here all the time its on my live feed, and me and nathan are friends.

  • david6


    • david6

      Hope nintendo wins an award, it must be sad to work for a losing company.

  • Jat

    Hey! i just wanted to ask you guys a small question
    i live in north carolina
    at what time will these things be shown in my area?
    …..dont tell me i am stupid
    …………..i already know that

    • alienfish

      That should be Eastern Time, so:

      Nintendo E3 presentation Tuesday @ 1:00 p.m.
      Developer Discussion thing Wednesday (early morning) @ 2:30 a.m. Software Showcase Wednesday @ 9:00 p.m.

      Next time just use Google -> images -> type in “time zones” and hit search. The first result will probably be good enough. Google answers many questions, so please use it or some other search engine.

  • Wii U Daily staff

    Guys, don’t force us to start moderating and deleting comments here. Please stay respectful of each other and please refrain from trolling. Also, imitating another commenter will get you banned.

  • david6

    What i was going to say was, i like tech demos, excited about e3, and i have a feeling nintendo might surprise us, i wish i could see it now. And im not a troll, im a real nintendo fan that has a real voice about what i like and dont. Peace

    • alienfish

      I’m pretty sure a recent developer commented on how the games we see at E3 for WiiU are going to surprise a lot of people. I’m thinkin’ it was THQ on the Darksiders II team.

  • Lilfid

    I hope this Will astonish us !!!
    Really !!! Or i could stop video games …

  • andrew chavez3

    wii u is going to have better games i bet

  • Hamzilla

    Sigh..another E3 during school

    • TheMaddMan

      I know… and three days before school ends too!

  • uPadWatcher

    Despite a few delays, I have complete confidence that Nintendo is gonna blow us away with the Wii U… console and games. 2 more weeks and we’ll be ready for the most epic shock of all!

  • Wildman

    Countdown to E3 2012.

    Iwata will drop the bomb!


    What will be the time that I can watch it….California.

    • alienfish

      You’re in Pacific Time, the list in this article is also for PT so just follow those times and you should be good to go.

  • BlueFalcon

    To bad my school (i’m at High school) ends at June 8th 🙁 so I won’t stay up at night to see this.

  • SkarZ0_o

    heres a excellent chart for E3 times in different regions: