Nov 8th, 2012

Nintendo has released a lengthy walkthrough video of Wii U’s Nintendo Land, showcasing many of the mini games and how they’re played. We get a much better look at mini games such as Zelda, Pikmin, Metroid and others. The video is in Japanese and all we can understand is “Metroido Blasto” and “GamePaddo”, but the gameplay footage is enough to understand how the mini games will be played.

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  • Xadrin

    Seems legit

  • FadedKamui

    I can’t wait to get my deluxe Wii U and play this! 😀

  • rp17

    Looking forward to them all! …except octopus dance.

    • Ravyu


  • Joesatmoes

    Ha! at least i understood “Thema Parka” at the end as well. Lol jk but this game looks really good. i did originally have my doubts on certain games, but once i saw this, all of those doubts went away.

  • Asiancake

    Nintendo land gonna be so boss

  • Bob Singh

    metroido blasto. i’ma gonna fainta

    • safcalibur

      you went from sounding Japanese to sounding Italian all in one sentence! Awesome 🙂

  • [000]

    That felt like a short 7 minutes! I was having fun just watching this!

  • pman0502

    Looin better and better 8 more days

    • Burgertime

      Lucky dudes, I have to wait for 21 days. It is going to be very looong 21 days. Feels like I am 7 again and waiting for Santa.

      • Superstick

        Eh. I have to wait 50 days!!!

        • JumpMan

          game review companies got theirs 3 days ago! stupid Rich and RMC :I jk i love RMC! 😀

  • AndroidSnivy

    I can’t wait to try all of the games out!

  • Superstick

    Awesome! I am going to play this game all day! -Sigh- But the one thing is that until my brother and sister come back for the summer only person i can play with is my MOM. Oh well anybody got some TIPS? I rarely play the game with my mom. eh….

    • KevinxDxD

      Couldn’t you ask your mom if you could invite friends over O.o?

  • ak

    I have the deluxe wii-u preordered and I honestly wasn’t too excited about this game (I have mario u preordered as well). After watching this video though I’m pretty stoked and impressed how much variety of gameplay is included in one pack-in game. This looks like it’s going to be really fun.

  • Noteak

    stop mocking me Nintendo

  • jimmy

    just beautiful to look at, im sure the wii u will be a defining product in the age of video gaming.

  • BananaPwnz

    All these games look awesome(octopus dance looks okay)! It’s going to be so hard trying to decide which game to play first!

  • Superstick

    Pay no attention to the fluttershy avatar. Just move along….

  • Ninteggedon

    y no pokemon minigame… although the rest do look great

    • Dronch

      I think they do have one, but im not sure.

      • JumpMan

        the video showed all 12 games, Mario Chase, Metriod Blast, Zelda: Battle Quest, Pikmin Adventure, Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, Balloon Trip Breeze, Captain Falcon’s Twister Race, Yoshi’s Fruit Cart, Octopus Dance, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, Takamura’s Ninja Castle and Donkey Kong’s Crash Course. notice how none of those are Pokemon. you’re welcome.

  • Takarashi282

    This trailer made the 10+ days wait more unbearable. This looks absolutely amazing!!!

  • Superstick

    The wii u seems like a litle kids toy (and a bad one at that) I think ill stick with my X Box. The wii u is a gimmick, plus the 720 will blow the wii u, or as i call it, the( pee u )away.

    • edward montgomery

      God ill stick with a ps2 over wii u

    • Ikari-pt

      why you think like that?

      WiiU is the best gammimg console ever,

      you want to play party games whit friends? Xbox or PS3 sucks, wii is much better.

      you want to play “hardcore” games, like FPS in HD, get a xbox (well, most of them are not even 720p but ok) and pay for online service

      But whit the wiiU you don’t have to chose, you have 1080p 60fps hardcore games (fifa13 ME3 AC3 bayoneta2 CoD), and party games (also at 1080p), also, online service is free.

      how is it gimmick? dont like the gamepad? use the gamepro, you have absolutely nothing you can argue.

    • NintendoMan :D

      Just leave……NOW!!!

    • trashz

      LOL! You think your Shit Box can take on the Wii U? You my sir, are an idiot.

    • Fireheart

      Hey moron go troll the Wii U on your stupid Xbox forums; Because no one cares what you have to say here anyways. Wii U will be a game changer and your so called Xbox 720 will just be another graphics update fail.

    • Nintedward

      You’re a cock. Leave this website.

      • Superstick

        Wow. I leave this website for 2 seconds and some guy tries to steal my name. Too bad for you man. I have fluttershy avatar that’s how I know your a fake. Nice try tho.

      • Major Beauner

        LOL….nice! And straight to the point!

    • Dronch

      Yeah, i can have so much fun with an Xbox 360 and its completely creative smart-glass(i wonder how they came up with such an original idea). That’s why i’m going to pay money every month for a cheap multiplayer and a free app that Microsoft says is “much better” than the game pad. Microsoft CANNOT compare itself to Nintendo anymore, no matter what stupid device they invent next!! And as for Sony, they’ll most likely make a cheap gaming system like they did with the play station move. So go ahead and stick with your fabled bandwagon. You’re just a little poop-stick who doesn’t accept change and brilliant ideas. Now go to your room and play with your stupid Xboy, while i play the one and only, Wii u.

      • oops

        Sorry, I accidentaly hit the thumbs down thingy instead of the thumbs up thingy(honest)

        • Dronch

          Thanks for the support

  • Michael

    This game definitely looked the dumbest to me, but now it actually looks like a blast. Nintendo, you’ve proved me wrong again.

    • LyingTuna

      Hm… Your last name isn’t Pachter, is it? If so, your mood swing doesn’t shock me…

  • nice

    child games…. i would have preffered AC3 within the start bundle

    • NintendoMan :D

      Hey, if 12 year olds can play COD, older kids should be able to play Nintendo Land.

    • LyingTuna

      Dude, one of Nintendo’s biggest selling points is high-quality games that can be played by anybody. I enjoy Assassin’s Creed, but honestly, that wouldn’t work in a starter kit. Sure, Europe got a ZombiU bundle, but it was a choice between Nintendo Land or ZombiU. With the US getting one bundle including a game, I think Nintendo Land is by far the best choice.

  • Canyarion

    Something must be wrong with me. None of those games excite me. I’ll probably still get it though, I want that black Wii U…

  • Nintenjoe

    It’s beyond exciting now and feels like torture. The 11 or so days between US and EU launch is going to be like school in summertime.

    I really can’t see how playing chase or the other similar ones will be fun unless you’re playing with kids. On the other hand, killing things like in Metroid, Zelda and Ninja Castle looks awesome!

    My body is ready, my bank account isn’t.

  • Rage quit

    Cool I like graphics those mini games look fun

  • nintendoododo

    i bet all those 3 above me is same person.

  • Fireheart

    Nintendo Land best party game ever made. Enough Said!!!

  • nintendoododo

    I must agree the wii u is going after little kids. The xbox is the way to go for real gammers such as myself. You heard it here, the wii u will bomb crash and burn,, Long live XBOX.

    • Nintendo22

      Pachter, is that you?

  • nindude

    I’m just glad there’s no pokemon.

    • JumpMan


  • Linskarmo

    They all look epic! But I don’t think I’ll be playing the octopus dance one. All the others I’ll be playing a lot if I can!

  • I was frozen today!

    UK magazine Gamesmaster only gave Nintendo Land %86 glad I didn’t pre order the delux bundle opting for the Zombi U bundle instead.

  • I was frozen today!

    I just watched the Neetendro Rando video I can’t beleve it got as high as %86 in GM 6 of the games look decent great for online multiplayer but the other 6 six just look like filler.

  • nintendoododo

    just to let people know. I didn’t write that long live xbox message

    -greetings from real nintendoododo

    • JumpMan

      what about your Finnish that’s supposed to go at the end of all of your comments? YUP! U IS B A LIAR!

  • WiiUnited

    If I’m going to play nintendoland, I have to get some wii motes 🙂

  • Yepppp

    You can just tell Octopus Dance is gonna be so badass

  • blabla

    Stop hating on the octopus game.. It looks freaking awesome! lol

  • LyingTuna

    I am way to exited for Nintendo Land. Seriously, I have never been this exited for a pack-in game.

  • Hibill18

    I’m really looking forward to this game, especially the Zelda and Metroid ones!

    And by the way, how do I put a picture next to my name when I comment? I can’t figure out how.

    • JumpMan

      link a Gravatar account to your Email that you post comments on with. go to , sign up and add a pic. BOOMSHAKALAKA you got yoself a pikychure.

  • Ashley

    Not long to go in the uk can’t wait for this console to be released been Savin for months gonna get the lot!