Jul 3rd, 2013


One of the many complaints leveraged at current console and handheld digital prices is that they’re not much cheaper than their physical counterparts. For many, this is a deal-breaker, as no discount and the fact that the game remains tied to the console is more gambling than many are willing to do with their games. However, Nintendo of Japan is now experimenting with the pricing on their digital titles.

For a limited time in Japan, Wii U owners who purchase Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, and Lego City: Undercover will receive 10% off the purchase price in the launch week. This is similar to the digital deluxe promotion we saw here in America, where deluxe owners receive 10% of their purchases on the eShop back as credit. If this makes it to the West and happens to stack with that promotion, deluxe owners could see a whopping 20% off of their digital purchases.

What do you think of this effort? Would you support it if Nintendo of America or Nintendo of Europe tried such a promotion? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Magnus Eriksson

    Yup, would.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      They can start by discounting Pilot Wings which is over priced.

  • NintendoNoob

    That’s a very smart idea. If they make all digital retail games 10% off it’d help with the sales and be more convenient for the consumer since they don’t need to leave the house. Nintendo would get a higher profit since it’s digital and they don’t need to produce anything for it and the Eshop cards would sell more. More people buying games digitally all the big devs will see that Wii U sells many games per consumer so they’d start developing their games for the Wii U

    • Arthur Jarret

      They shouldn’t do this in America… people really need to leave their house… and… like… walk and stuff.

      Convenience leads to unhealthy habits!

    • Ivan Hernandez

      they should also implement the charge to the credit card via NFC, that will remove the need of the Eshop card …. then I will only need to ask my bank to put a NFC chip on my credit card

  • lozman1122

    Absolutely. I think it’s awesome they’re trying it. Bring it over here, Nintendo!

  • mojack411

    I hope they do this for NA as well since I was already planning to buy Pikmin 3 digitally anyways.

    • lozman1122

      It’s sad. But I never actually have played pikmin. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great. But I suppose I’m more of a zelda, Mario, donkey king, metroid, and fire emblem guy. Would you recommend it? I’d buy the first one if they put it in the eshop…

      • I would surely recommend the game…I loved the first Pikmin game and I recently got Pikmin 2 for the Wii to try it..but at least I can vouch for the first game…it surely was fun back than on the GC

      • PS4/WiiU

        I’ve never played Pikmin as well, but since it’s so popular and as I’ve seen by the trailers they look amazing, I will buy Pikmin 3

      • Fred

        You can buy the Wii version of Pikmin 2 for $20 new. I was in your shoes and that’s what i did. I figured I’d rather waste $20 if I turn out to not be a pikmin fan then $60.

        • lozman1122

          Would I lose anything story wise? Playing 2 first instead of going in order

          • Ivan Hernandez

            Story wise, nop, those games have very little story at all, they are more around managing resources and not let your pikmins get eaten

          • Fred

            I don’t know I also haven’t played the first one. I didn’t feel like there was something critical that I didn’t know though.

      • mojack411

        Pikmin is very much a strategy game and somehow I managed to have fun with it as a dumb little kid when the original came out way back when, even when I failed to escape the planet in 30 days. I had fun with it at that point in time because of the world and character all the Pikmin and enemies had and from the satisfaction of beating every thing is sight down.

        When I went back to play the first 2 today and actually able to formulate strategies and plans, the game was even more fun, deriving delight from maximizing each and every day even when something unexpected occurred.

        Long story short, I feel like anyone can have fun with this game. Whether it comes from micro managing your day or just building up an army of Pikmin and wailing on every single thing you come across even if it meant the demise of that army you just built up.

        The third game looks like it’s going to capitalize on all of these aspects and that’s why I can’t recommend the series any more and I absolutely can’t wait for August.

        Story is practically non-existent. Don’t worry about that.

      • gamesplayswill

        Ok, pikmin by far is probably the most emotional Nintendo game ever if you read the journals, see his emotions, understand the pikmin see him a a parent, if you think about it it is a depressing at times.
        The gameplay will frustrate you at first but don’t give up!, you’ll eventually get the hang of it and when you do… you’ll have years of gameplay value right there.

  • Guys it seems we finally got the dlc content for Injustice ha…this along the Batman Arkham Origins dlc is good news…but it still boggles me how they take their sweet time to release dlc on the Wii U…if any…

    • Wait, the Injustice DLC is out?

    • gamesplayswill


    • That_one_guy99

      Still no Black Ops 2 dlc

    • ludist210

      Wrong article.

      • Saul Rivera

        There was no article about the injustice dlc when I posted this…..there is now….guess someone from the site noticed

    • wober2

      OMG I cannot believe Iwata has a 77% approval rating!

  • GeekDaddy

    When a game comes out and is on Amazon and Bestbuy for 39.99 but the Nintendo store is 49.99… They need to do something. I have sent complaints to them before.

    • mojack411

      Do you mean used copies or hot-off-the press launch copies? I’m looking at both sites right now and both Pikmin 3 and Wonderful101 are listed at $59.99. Lego Cities is cheaper but that makes sense since it’s been out for a while.

      • sd

        A lot of new games in australia are discounted at launch for the first week or two. So digitally they are often $10+ more.

    • Sidney Majurie

      Lego Batman 2 for Wii U. Good call.

      • GeekDaddy

        that would be the specific one i was waiting for. I ended up snagging it from Amazon for 29.99 at one point. Nintendo sticks at the MSRP, if they sold it for less than what it costs and best buy/amazon then bestbuy/amazon would refuse to carry the product (assuming everyone would download it)

        Nintendo can’t afford for that to happen because they count on these stores to have sales in flyers advertise the system/games without nintendo having to pay for that advertisement.

        It makes sense… but it is the consumer who gets screwed

  • PS4/WiiU

    I still like the physical copy more. I like looking at my shelf of Wii U/3DS games

    • Completely agree with you.

    • sd

      Me too, I recently bought need for speed wiiu in digital format ( it was too difficult to get hold of at launch in australia). Anyway it turned out im not a major fan of the game, but im stuck with it now. ๐Ÿ™ so digital has a big disadvantage for me. Not to mention many shops discount at launch anyway. Plus digital prices need looking at anyway. I can buy injustice gods among us in the shops for $57, or buy it digitally for $79.95. This is evident with most games.

    • GuardiansFan

      i also need a bigger discount….the price difference of the luigi DLC was enoughf or me to choose Digital over a physical copy for the first time ever…i however would never choose a Digital copy over a physical copy unless the price difference warrants it….another problem with digital is you cant sell it to someone but you can sell your physical copy if you get tired of the game.

  • Fred

    Truth is, I’m buying all my Wii u games digitally right now. In fact I downloaded Game and Wario Monday night. So yes if they offer bigger discounts then the 10% we already get I’ll smile and continue buying digitally.

  • Arthur Jarret

    A quick math lesson:

    If you get 10% off, then an additional 10% of your spent money back – that wouldn’t mean a 20% discount.

    If you get 10% off in the launch week of a $10 game. That means you pay $9 for the game.

    You then get 10% of the spent amount back. That’s $0.90. This means you actually spent $8.10 so you get a $1.90 discount, not $2.00 discount for each $10 spent.

    It only costs 50 cents on a $50 game… but still. Every grammar police needs their math division.

  • Ivan Hernandez

    hell yeah I would

  • Joe Fraley

    I’m all about this. I can’t wait for developers to start making a serious effort toward digital. Sustainable and convenient, as well as wildly more cost efficient to publishers, there are no real downsides to this system. When it’s made more affordable to consumers (like this), and when Nintendo gets their digital accounts shit figured out, people will make the switch and the industry will only improve.


    I guess there is the used-market puzzle, but we’ve already seen creative solution proposed, even if they haven’t been ideal (like Microsoft’s), and I think that this would be less of a painful surgery than many people think. My impression is that not many people miss used music media (besides audiophiles), or used movies, and less and less used books.

  • jims66

    You would think that downloading a game would be cheaper , but no , they choose to mug us of , with over the top prices , its the same on PS3 store , everything is over priced , its not just Nintendo , its the whole gaming industry , and greedy corporates squeezing ever last penny out of the user , this has to be addressed , because it will drive people to buy from 3rd party shops who take a fair chunk of the profit anyway , so why not lower the price Nintendo , it makes good business sense .

    • Joe Fraley

      I don’t know exactly what pricing decisions are dictated by in general, let alone at Nintendo in particular, but my suspicion is this:

      The fact that digital pricing matches physical pricing probably means that their financial department believes that most of the cost associated with developing and selling games goes to things like marketing, software development, administration, R&D, etc. Those things have little if anything to do with the physical production of games, so even if they didn’t have any factories or shipping costs, they’d still have roughly the same breaking point for profitability. That’s honestly just an educated guess at the schema, but it’s hard to imagine what else would necessitate the current matching-model. Especially since, as GeekDaddy noted, developers must realize that their games are sold at significantly reduced prices by many popular retailers.

  • Sdudyoy

    I think that third party games should be 20$ off in the Eshop and first party games should be at least 10$.

  • Orange Lada

    It is about time. I registered but barely know about the 10% digital deluxe promotion and how it works. Means nothing to me at this point.

    All I see are FULL PRICE games, which can be purchased for 30%-35% less if I buy a hard copy. I end up buying neither (exception being Ubisoft when the put software on sale), as I’m unwilling to pay the price, and prefer the convenience of digital.

  • Sidney Majurie

    This digital download stuff isn’t going to work for old farts like me. This is something you young gaming whipper snappers seem to be into more. Grandpa gamers like myself who used to walk 20 miles in the snow in South Florida to play TMNT: The Arcade Game, still like our physical copies and collections ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Elem187

      Lol, I’m 34 and ready to go all digital for Nintendo published games.. I realized a few weeks ago I have never had a desire to sell or trade in my Nintendo made/published games… I always end up coming back and playing again and again, so I want them always on my system…

      But I’ll stick with boxed retail for third party games because the replay value is absolute crap, so I want to have the option to trade them in if I feel I won’t play them again.

      When the TMNT arcade game was ported to the NES it was all over for me, I never left the house.

  • That 20% would be the incentive I’ve been waiting for. I’d gladly buy digital over physical if it cost less than the physical. I don’t understand why they expect you to pay packaging fees for digital content.

  • audi lover

    Never buy digital when cost is insane, paid 35.99 for smbu in a uk retailer and its 49.99 to download in uk, they would have to knock off 50 percent even for me to consider downloading a game, sort your pricing out nintendo its not even in line with retailers

  • Adrian

    I won’t consider a digital copy of a new (non indy) game until it is less than 60% of the physical copy. I prefer the physical copy in every way, the only thing that could make a digital copy appealing would be a better price point.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    For Nintendo first party games I prefer the physical disc but sometimes a digital download with a little discount can be tempting.

  • Wayne Beck

    I think if Nintendo continues to price it’s games more competitively and then adds a substantial Digital Discount, they will see an increase in Digital Sales. I, personally, am trying to go all Digital for my Wii U, but it’s very hard when Physical Prices drop every week and digital price remain at full price indefinately.

    I do like the idea of having a Have Upfront have cash back discount though. That’s a great way to do it.

  • Beat

    I gotta buy Pikmin 3 as a physical copy so I can own all 3 pikmin games though…

  • Zackary Bruley

    Its a step in the right direction. But, Lets be honest. We need an account system AND prices need to be drops 25-40% permanently.

    • Luffy

      especially an account system. We need that now.

  • Grulnork

    “One of the many complaints leveraged at current console and handheld digital prices is that theyโ€™re not much cheaper than their physical counterparts.”

    They are not cheaper at all. Retail games are up to 50% cheaper then the e-shop. I like digital libraries like steam. But with these prices it is just rediculous.

  • Windsmoker

    Not for me !

  • Elem187

    I’m going all digital for Ninty published titles starting with Pikmin next month….. I just realized I have never traded in or sold a single Nintendo published title… The replay value is just sick… Now third party games, I always see to put them up after beating them and never returning.

  • e_rocket

    I’m a Deluxe owner, how do I get that 10% in the first place?