Dec 27th, 2013


After the recent Nintendo eShop outages and the extended maintenance that’s scheduled for today, Nintendo has posted a job listing seeking an IT Architect. The listing is most likely a response to the downtime that many users have experienced over the holidays. One of the chief requirements for the job is “optimizing systems design across technology areas for future flexibility, performance, multi-tier behaviors, capacity, and scalability.”

It looks like Nintendo is taking this outage seriously and hopes to prevent it from happening again.

[via GameInformer]

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  • Vialtoclef

    So, I guess this means they fired their old one. Poor guy.

    • Or maybe they got rid of the hamster running the wheel after he died from overload this Christmas. 😛

      • Brett Butler
        • Juan Benitez


          • starwars360

            This giant mouse and destroy around GTA V world!!!

          • Jelle Knibbe

            That reminds me of the 3DS vs. the Vita. Guess which one the hamster is representing…

          • MetroidZero

            THIS is funny!

      • Aleks

        Ha! Fave comment this year lol.

    • Michael DeVore

      Probably didn’t even have an old guy to fire. Nintendo’s network has been pretty bare bones for a long time now. On demand scalability is actually one of the few things the “cloud” is good at. Having a dozen or more un-allocated servers that can be immediately turned into a server that is being hammered is a useful feature. I personally hate the “cloud” as a marketing buzz word because on-demand hosting services makes more sense, but it’s what they need to be looking at.

    • DragonSilths

      Iwata said before he doesn’t believe in firing people. That makes everyone worry and think could I be next?

    • Hulkamania

      Well… my guess is that due to the overwhelming amount people going on the eshop on christmas day, it caused the eshop to have an outage. Remember… there was probably a crap load of new wii u gamers on xmas day.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    They should write a similar one for the Virtual Console on Wii U.

  • PlayboyPacquiao

    I would apply but I might knock out the entire eShop down if the situation gets rough.


    • PS4/WiiU


    • Mithiragi

      MANNY PACMAAAAAAAAAAAAAN PACQUIAO!!! Salamat Manny. Por da Philippines!

  • GuardiansFan

    not very surprising…what’s surprising is a company like Nintendo did not have a system scalable enough to begin with. Where I work i have to ensure our systems are scalable at the software level and someone else deals with making it scalable at the hardware level. The only reason i could see where this did not get the attention it should have is resources and time (which both cost money)…and i just find it hard to believe a company like Nintendo wouldn’t have those…I guess live and learn as the infrastructure they have in place right now is very different from the original Wii days.

    • guest

      happened to sony’s psnetwork too and many other’s.

      • GuardiansFan

        it did sure but not to a level close to that of Nintendo’s. I have a Wii U and an xbox one and believe me xbox live came back up fairly quickly.

        • Nin1986

          I have a Wii U as well and PS4, my Wii U I was able to play any game I wanted, I did try eShop to check the deals but what a bummer that I couldn’t go spend some more money, now my PS4 I couldn’t play BF4 at all for the whole of Christmas day, that was just f’ed up. On the 26th it was intermittent, I got on in the morning but then ate lunch played some mario 3d, came back and couldn’t get back on. PS4 issues were not just an hour or two it was (for me at least) 25-26 that’s two days of either EA not connecting or PSN not connecting, very frustrating…Xbox, well I would expect nothing less from MS, I loved my 360’s when stuff just worked

    • InsaneZucchini

      The thing is, the Wii U isn’t Nintendo’s only problem here, they’re not dealing with just 4 million+ Wii U owners, they’re also dealing with 34 million+ 3DS owners. PSN suffered issues during Christmas, as did Steam, of course it was for much shorter, but they’re both companies that have had their online services up and running and updated over several years. Wii U has had a slow build up over the past year and then just this month they tacked all the 3DS users into NNID and Miiverse too. That’s going to add a lot of extra strain, especially on a day like Christmas where thousands more are getting a new Wii U or 3DS or even both and try to create new accounts and download games off the eShop.

      • revolution

        It’s probably about 40 million 3DS owners by now.

  • Whatever they need to do to beef up that network. I only can imagine the network will get more congested once the bigger online games come out like MK8 and Smash Bros

    • jjbredesen

      They should team up with valve and google, only then will they have the server capacity XD They are going to need to upgrade the whole system, i dont know what there server capacity is, but if they whent down because of the strain of new users they will need to double there capacity every 2 months, Wii U sales are climbing so there will just be more and more users. Time to take down the Wii and DSI servers and use them aswell.

      • CMB

        I really hope they team up with valve. There were rumors going around that nintendo turned down origin for steam.

        • DragonSilths

          Nintendo said no to EA who wanted to combine the Nintendo Network with their Origin and take it fully leaving Nintendo with nothing.

        • jjbredesen

          That would be awesome yes, but it would never happen, they have there steambox stuff going on and the aim at a completly diffrent audience. When it comes to Nintendo turning down Origin that is because EA wanted all the money.

      • DragonSilths

        NOOOOO. Google can go fuck themselves. You want it to be like what happened to Youtube?

        • jjbredesen

          I don’t mean that we have to use G+ and stuff i just mean there servers XD Google are a great company, but have made some mistakes. But they have a server capacity of over a Peetabyte, if Nintendo had they could give a Wii U to everyone in the World and get the same speed as they have now.

          • Tornmage

            That’s not how google works, they’ll say WHANNA CONNECT YOUR MIIVERSE ACCOUNT TO G+ KNOW, and there will be a remind me in 10 minutes button and it bother us all day.

      • same here, with the google cloud they will almost never sufer another problem

        • readypembroke

          or use Amazon’s S3 service which alot of websites use.

        • jjbredesen

          as long as we don’t get forced to use G+

      • John

        No way should Nintendo have anything to do with Google and its mission of world dominance.. If they did it would spell the end for sure!

    • kevin

      nintendo copied/pasted website. they both can handle tons of peopl.

  • PS4/WiiU

    Man, I wish I was older, I would sooo want to take this job. This is exactly the type of thing I want to be when I grow up and plus it’s Nintendo.

  • Fred

    Awesome! I love seeing Nintendo Hiring people internet people are good game designers/programers are even better

  • Guest

    Can you please fix the RSS image ? Your face appears in every single RSS post. And you are not salma hayek to be honest. Just put the post image as the post rss feed image.

    If you dont know what im talking about just add this blog to a RSS feed and enjoy ur face in every single post.

    • It’s Salma Hayek and you could have gone without the insult in your request. I’ll let our programmer know.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Dont listen to him. You are beautiful. 🙂

      • Guest

        So as i said, salma hayek. i edited my post 2 seconds after posting it 🙂 just a typo.

        • Virus6

          Says the person who is probably a hideous troll

    • darkcreap

      Why did you have to insult like that, man?

  • Madmagican

    I kinda expected this after Nintendo got their first taste of true consumer overload

  • Maybe the last one lost their job… On xmas 🙁

  • Martijn Plasmans

    They probably fired the one they had. Come on it’s 2013. They should have anticipated on the crowd. What happend is unacceptable for a huge company like Nintendo. They make a lot of money from the eshop, so that being down during Christmas is something that is not allowed to happen.

  • Gregory G Wied Jr

    Meh. This job has been posted off and on for months, now. I thought about applying for it.

  • Skelterz

    Im Gunna apply kiss shiggy then hand in my notice…then unhand in my notice.

  • I am Error.

    Sweet! Next I’d like to see them replace the blind hamster they have who’s been placed in charge of each week’s Virtual Console releases.

  • FutureFox

    This happens and they want to reach (and support) 9 million more units sold by March? Pfffft.

    I will now quote Billy Crystal who plays Ray in the movie Running Scared where he impersonates his boss Logan, with proper substitutions regarding this matter:

    (Ray as Logan): One guy? You are going to give the responsibility of fixing millions of eShop accounts to one guy?
    Where is his asshole partner? Hm?

  • Hulkamania

    There was so many new Wii U gamers on xmas day… the eshop server couldn’t handle the load.

    • Michael Pullar

      … Why did I read that with a Scottish accent?

  • John Madsen

    I could fix this and i am no it professional its simple really run the eshop on a macintosh server then you have a better security control system in place and people cannot hack into or mess with the server same can also be done with linux as well but hackers run linux so no thanks on that front

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Even nintendo dint think they would sell that many wii u this xmas it nice to have this problem it means the wii u sold a lot this xmas can’t wait to see the numbers

  • Chad Dodsworth

    I think this was planned and not due to the high capacity network load this past week. Smart company’s (Especially Nintendo) rarely act immediately on completely remodeling the architectural system of anything. Due to the job placement timing… it does draw that initial reaction towards a possible cause.

    On another note, Hope you all had a great holiday!!! Mario is calling my name 🙂

  • Sam

    Count me in! I’ve gotten a WiiU! Its even better than I thought…

  • cThreep

    I got a $20 eshop gift card for Christmas and couldn’t get on the eshop, but I certainly wasn’t outraged.

  • Justagamer

    Awesome Nintendo

  • Bosmur

    I think a contributing factor would be the release of the poke bank, a lot of people would be wanting it.

  • Illmatic1234

    “The listing is most likely a response to the downtime that many users have experienced over the holidays.” – I’m sorry; how exactly did you come to the conclusion? Some of your assumptions just boggle my mind Ashley. If you are going to say something like this please use a proper source to back up your assertion; it’s really simple journalism.

    In fact, Game Informer ran a similar article and later apologized for the error (see below). Can you at least do some fact checking before trying to post articles that inflate your article count (since you seem to openly state that in your signature)? I don’t care that you posted 1161 articles, but how many QUALITY articles you post.

    “Our initial report (and source) on the timing did not paint the complete the picture. A job listing was shared via the @JobsAtNintendo Twitter account at 4:47 PM Eastern on December 24. This Twitter account was dormant after a two month lapse until eleven days ago. Digging deeper into Nintendo’s own job site reveals that the position was originally listed on December 11, 2013. Game Informer apologizes for the error.” – Game Informer (

  • John

    These news comments are silly, don’t people realise it takes ages to create job descriptions, publish adverts etc etc… That said the recent issues have highlighted an already well known fact that Nintendos Network Infrastructure is rubbish and needs some serious investment and redesign to help speed things up and make it far more robust.

  • Jacob D. Taylor

    After many a list of comments I really want to post this… Nintendo is an ‘it’ not a they. It is Nintendo has, not Nintendo have.
    EDIT: Apparently this is an American thing and the UK uses the plural sense. Sorry, cultural difference there.