Jun 28th, 2013


As a new console generation takes the world by storm, people are focused on power and next-gen specs more than ever. With this focus has come a lot of scrutiny for the Wii U for being what many consider to be under-powered. Nintendo’s loudest critics call for the company to go software-only, like its former rival Sega after the release of the Dreamcast.

Nintendo of America senior director Charlie Scibetta says Nintendo is still a hardware company because in order to make perfect software, you need to produce the hardware yourself.

“Nintendo systems come to life the best when the hardware and software work in perfect harmony. That’s why we’re still in the hardware business, because we think our hardware is the best way to bring software to life. It’s tuned perfectly for that.”

Scibetta has a point here, since Nintendo games are often some of the best optimized and least buggy experiences when it comes to the console aspect of gaming.

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  • I also really like their hardware ideas. Miiverse is brilliant, and the gamepad makes it possible. Would be a pain on any other system

    • Bob Charlie

      I’m still waiting for developers to start making RTS games for the U! We finally have a console that can excel at RTS games due to the gamepad!

      • Nintedward

        Pikmin 3 and W101 are kinda Action RTS’s.

        • lozman1122

          Kinda, but I’d like more. I really think RTS games can take advantage of the gamepad and provide some awesome experiences.

          • Nintedward

            Yep it could work Perfectly! And Tactical strategy games like Fire emblem.

            Pikmin 3 , the way you can look around the map on the touch screen just shows why its the perfect console for RTS.

          • lozman1122

            I love fire emblem! Just got myself a 3DS and am playing through fire emblem awakening. Excellent game!

          • Elem187

            I’m looking forward to FExSMT on the Wii U…as long as they make it more like Awakening and less like Radiant Dawn they will have a break out hit.
            I’ve been playing Awakening almost everyday since February and the game is still not stale…… just so much content to get through.

          • lozman1122

            Agreed. Although I liked radiant dawn and path of radiance, awakening is excellent and better in my opinion. If the wii u version is like awakening, it’s gonna be a hit. Which is good cause I’m glad fire emblem is now getting the attention it deserves.

          • Fred

            I want Command & Conquer and Warcraft II on the Wii U Virtual console. I’d buy them!

          • Selina Kyle

            I just want Total War on the Wii U…


            Agreed. Take Diablo for instance, it would be a far better fit on Wii U instead of PS4.

          • Elem187

            well need to crawl before walking… If these two RTS titles are successful, other devs might be motivated to give it a try.
            I think the Wii U’s interface would be perfect for a MMO type of game like World of Warcraft… not exactly the same game, but something similar was never possible before because of the controls on a console…
            I could never play WoW with a game controller, but with the Wii U Gamepad, you can use visual icons to cast spells, where as a standard controller would have to use the d-pad to scroll through actions when seconds count.

        • Bob Charlie

          I was waiting for someone to point that out. ๐Ÿ™‚
          I guess what I meant was more Age of Empires, C&C, Tropico type games. I hate EA, but hell I’d even buy a good Sim City game if one ever came to the Wii U.

          • Fred

            They could bring all those games to the virtual console it’d work like a champ

        • Clel

          But I think he means something more like Starcraft/AoE

      • Adrian

        How can the gamepad help with RTS in a good way? Unless all of the gameplay of the RTS was on the gamepad? I don’t see it being a great experience (as a long time starcraft player). The gamepad has a bunch of great uses, but I do not see RTS being one of them personally.

        • Fred

          Why wouldn’t the gamepad/stylus work too control your forces in starcraft? Seems like a perfect fit to me. I remember command and conquer on the N64 very difficult to control, but would have been great with the gamepad in fact I’d love to see that in the virtual console I’d buy it.

          This is similar to playing RTS games on the DS/3DS. I loved playing Starship Defense on my 3DS!

          • BLACKendTiamat

            played the hell out of starcraft 64 with a buddy of mine… think we both wasted a solid 6 months playing that game together just MP mode lol. didnt know we could evolve templars and mutalisks until the end of our time playing though lol. didnt see the c-button commands for it SMH!

          • Fred

            Don’t get me wrong I also played it a lot too, but I’d play it more now on Wii U virtual console.

        • Bob Charlie

          A developer would have to find a way to incorporate the TV more than the gamepad in the case of an RTS game (incredible visuals, 3rd person views of selected units, etc.). It would be simple to make it work on the gamepad itself as the d-pad and buttons could be used for hotkeys and the touch sreen gives faster/better control over thumb sticks alone.

          • Adrian

            I guess I’d have to see it to believe it. The idea doesn’t click with me haha.

          • Elem187

            Using the stylus on the screen like a mouse… looking at the TV, draging the stylus around the touch screen to move a cursor/pointer on the TV.
            Kid Icarus kind of has the right idea, wherever you move the stylus on the touch screen, Pit’s target moves on the main screen.
            kind of have the same control over the pointer on the tv by touching the touch screen with the stylus.

            of course you can just put the map on the gamepad and control the action with the Wiimote ๐Ÿ˜‰ nothing wrong with that.

            Pikmin 3 will be using that control method… It will be interesting to see how many different control options Nintendo will give us with the Wii U’s first strategy game….. it will help RTS developers figure out how they want their game to control….. seems like devs are waiting for Nintendo to do something creative first, instead of jumping in head first to be creative themselves

      • SH*TBLOCK

        Yes imagine if they brought back a RTS game series that I truly loved on Super NES/N64 like “Ogre Battle” to the U, I would buy that kind of game in a instant!

      • Jeffery02

        I also think that the second screen with touch controls would be perfect for Minecraft

      • Kaihaku

        Yes! I want a full FPS RTS hybrid so much.

        • Bob Charlie

          Ever play C&C Renegade? Take that idea and incorporate it with an overhead RTS on the gamepad %^$#!!!
          brb…need to take a puff, my heart rate just spiked after imaging a game like that. ยฆ)

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      He must be right. This might be the reason why my former games were not exceptional.

      • Miiverse will get you there sonic!

      • Mario

        Can’t wait to buy your game, lost world, on the WiiU and play it Sonic!

    • Rafael Saldana

      Plus you all know that nintendo has the best controller ever made, sony and microsoft would’ve jumped on the idea of a touch screen controller if nintendo didn’t have the rights to it, both the xboned and playstation controllers always look the same, smart glass lol, a weird little touch pad and a share button are next gen? Lol c’mon

      • Superstick98

        XD Smartglass…

      • Mario

        I knok! Right!? It’s like if they always mimic everything Nintendo does and make it look better. Ugh! Copycats!

      • The True Gamer

        Next gen is determined by RAM size. Sure, smart glass is stupid, but the Xbox One and PS4 are next gen because of their incredible amount of RAM, in fact 4 times the amount of the Wii U.

        • Rafael Saldana

          Who the hell is talking about system specs? Obviously if the wii U cost $100 more the specs would be better but try and see the new X trailer and complain about the graphics lol, I’m talking about the same controller the playstation has had since ps1back in the 90’s and the xboned controller that’s been around since 2005, It’s like if nintendo was still using the N64 controller just with two analogs on the wii U lol

          • The True Gamer

            I saw the X trailer, and I did not like the graphics. Did you see InFamous Second Son Gameplay or Killzone Gameplay? That’s next gen. Sure, the Wii U doesn’t need more power or RAM, but they do if they expect much third party support in a couple years.

    • david jarman


  • Matt Lambourne

    I hope they remain a hardware company. No 3DS would make me sad.

    • Nintedward

      Why would there be no 3DS lol ? it’s THE fastest selling game hardware so far. No system has ever sold over 30 Million in the first 2 years of its life.

      NIntendo is DOOMED *ignores spectacular success*

      • Matt Lambourne


        If Nintendo were just a software company the 3Ds wouldn’t exist. Simple really.

        • Nintedward

          Right but why would there be no 3DS ? Why is that even something anyone would contemplate ? is being the fastest selling gaming hardware EVER not enough to deter thoughts of ”No 3DS would make me sad.”

          Nintendo just says tommorow ”Aaahhh fuck the 3DS , it’s too successfull. Lets stop making high quality $40 3DS games and selling 10 million copies and sell pieces of shit for free on Iphony…”

          • Matt Lambourne

            What the fuck are you talking about? I said if Nintendo didn’t make hardware the 3DS wouldn’t have ever existed. Nothing about stop making it.

          • lonewolf88

            he saying it will never happen ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Anthony Franqui

            If they didn’t make hardware and software who’s to say they would have lasted this long to begin with.

          • bizzy gie

            What? I think you’re missing his point. He’s saying if Nintendo was software only, then the 3DS would have never been made.

            You’re over thinking it.

      • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

        “No system has ever sold over 30 Million in the first 2 years of its life.”

        The Wii and the DS did…

        • Nintedward

          No they didn’t. The 3DS was reported to of outpaced the DS (the previous record holder) within a first 2 year time frame.

    • The True Gamer

      Nintendo’s 3DS games have been too disappointing to me recently. I’d say they could make better games on a PSVita if they didn’t focus on hardware

  • gamesplayswill

    *Pats shigsy on the head*
    You did good, you did good…

  • Stuart Thomas

    Spot on! I was determined Miiverse is something i wouldn’t use, yet i find it’s one of the best features and i use it constantly. SLU really opened my eyes to this as i didn’t play NSMBU all that much. I Love Nintendo and they always pull through with a solid product and great gaming experiences.

  • Balamacab

    I hope they don’t stop to make hardware…

    they pitch the most crazy ideas on how to create new ways of interaction with the player(a controller with more than 4 buttons in the SNES, a dual screen handheld, a motion controller only console, a board, a glove as a controller, a bazooka, a bongo, and the list can go by), sometimes they work and some times they fail in a amazing way.

    I hope the still in business for many many many years, It always fun to pickup a Nintendo game and hardware and have fun with it.

  • Justin Carlson

    They may not have the most powerful hardware out there, but they are always trying something new which is good for gaming in general.

  • Nintedward

    Charlie Scibetta is right on.

    Nintendo systems and the software that comes with them have a unique charm and character that would be lost elsewhere. Case and point – what happened to Sega. They were AWESOME until they failed and we started getting multiplat games like Sonic 06…

    Nintendo is here to stay , where’s that guy with the chart of Nintendo’s earnings vs Sony and Microsofts lol ?

  • Bob Charlie

    Still waiting for Punch-U-Out!!, Nintendo. Use that hardware/software harmony and bring back ‘Lil Mac and I!

    • boynhisblobs

      Could see that being really cool. Perhaps an 80s style 8bit on bottom screen with newer updated graphics on top, similar to “bird” in game n wario.

      • Bob Charlie

        That’s actually a really good idea!
        I might be distracted by the retro style and focus only on the gamepad, though. ยฆ-D

      • Nathan DeFalco

        Interesting thought. Though, MS might have an issue with that tech since they just filed a patent where the game can switch from original graphics to new graphics in-game. Similar to Halo Anniversary. Not the same thing, but it still could be patent infringement.

    • Kaihaku


  • david jarman


  • Sonic

    The Wii U will probably be more successful when PS4 and Xbox One come out. That way more people will see how good it really is.

    • boynhisblobs

      Agreed. When the full competition is out there, people will see which system gives the most bang for the buck.

      The obvious choice for Hardcore gamers will most likely be PS4….and Wii U.

      The obvious choice for Moms shopping for their kids this Xmas season, Wii U.

      Right now, its way too early. Last Xmas season PS3 and Xbox360 were the cheaper options, next season they’ll be too “old” already with all next gens out there.

    • The True Gamer

      I actually believe it may hurt the Wii U sales, as the PS4 is only $50 more…

  • audi lover

    Frankly I havent seen a nintendo games in previous generations score less than 92 percent shame then that smbu smbLu and nintendo land did all adv 83 in uk games mags not usualy up to there high standard, lets hope the next round of nintendo games go back to the classics there supposed 2 be and score high

  • Superstick98

    I type extremely fast on my Wii U with the GamePad so It’d be a pain in my neck to do that on 360. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But of course that’s not the only reason I love Wii U. XD I LOOVE off tv play! @.@ It is so revolutionary! Especially since I live in a busy house! People always use the TV. DX But thanks to Wii U that problem is solved. Mission accomplished. I love you Nintendo. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • boynhisblobs

      I have a 4 year old who uses the TV during the daytime a lot, plus I can’t play certain games around her. Off TV play is amazing for that. PS4 will have it, but you’ll need a PS4 and Vita, pretty expensive combo.

  • boynhisblobs

    The world needs Nintendo to keep making hardware. They are the true innovators in the game business. Every generation someone copies one of their ideas. Even the playstation one, started out originally as a design from Sony for Nintendo to use.

    Without Nintendo, who knows what the handheld business would even be. Games on phones are huge nowadays, would it have happened without the gameboy?

    We’d also probably still not have seen motion controlled gaming, which some will debate whether we need or not. Before the Wii, the closest you could get was at an Arcade which are few and far between. Now every system has some type of motion control.

    rumble packs, Nintendo was first.

    game add on packs, ie the beginning of dlc (90s square anybody?)

    backward compatibility

    Really, the list of Nintendo firsts in the industry could go on and on…

    • J_Joestar

      Well before the Wii, we also had


    • everyone

      I need a new rumble pak. Starfox 64 doesn’t feel the same without it.

    • oontz

      “backward compatibility”
      I keep trying to put my NES and SNES cartridges in my N64 but they don’t fit ๐Ÿ™

    • Mario

      This could go on till the end time!

    • The True Gamer

      Sure, nobody can deny the importance of Nintendo years ago, but now they are lacking any sort of true innovation. Sure the gamepad could have been great for games, but they lack of third part support really limits its potential. Nintendo needs to make more consoles, but focus on more power and third parties. A Nintendo console that can play games like Fallout and Mirrors Edge would be a truly great console.

  • everyone

    While the other hardware companies develop to mirror expensive computers, Nintendo takes a different step and innovates with new ideas. With these ideas they develop games for their original consoles. Skyward Sword doesn’t fit on any other hardware.

  • Dell Goodman

    Well without Nintendo, we get identical consoles, with nothing different from A and B apart from their controllers. Why would we want a world without a brillant console designer such as Nintendo?

    • Mario

      Without Nintendo, I wouldn’t be even here talking to you people right now. And I meant that in a good way.

    • The True Gamer

      Well, game consoles like PS4 and Xbox one seem to make many gamers happy so I think the world would be fine if Nintendo stopped making consoles. They saved the industry in the past, but they are coasting in their success instead of truly creating games on the scale of Fallout and Halo.

      • Dell Goodman

        Unreleased consoles are making people happy? Comparing something that is all hype to reality is a silly move. What happens if both the new consoles fail the bar?
        Wasn’t the legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time rated as one of the greatest games ever made?
        As for Halo and Fallout, we using those as examples due to personal opinion or from the sales? Wouldn’t Cod and bf3 be up there two aLong side assassins creed games for sales?
        Fallout is an amazing series, halo on the other hand, is a really boring game from my personally view, that I’ve not touched the series since Halo 3.

        • The True Gamer

          You complain about too much hype, yet alls Nintendo is is hype. Nobody is sure that the few games for the Wii U will be good. It’s all hype. People have been disappointed by Nintendo for years, but PlayStation and Xbox have kept people happy with features like party chat and large online communities. The Wii U is only hype at this point, because it hasn’t had a single game that truly sets it apart from any console.

  • Beat

    I like the way the Wii U is. If it was as powerful as the ps4 and Xbone, it would have seemed like too much of a leap from the wii.

  • Pikachief

    If my only options were the 2 very similar PC-like PS4 and XB1, i’d be really sad. I hope Nintendo never goes away

    • The True Gamer

      The XB1 and PS4 aren’t PC-like in the sense that their consoles. Consoles exist so gamers buy one console and don’t need to upgrade parts.

  • greengecko007

    Competition between companies makes a better industry, period. While having only one console to choose from that plays every current gen game possible sounds appealing at first, monopolization in the past has taught us otherwise. Competition also helps progress move forward, and get’s ideas circulating.

    Nintendo has it’s place in the industry. People may think the Wii U is doomed, for whatever reason, but the astronomical success of Nintendo handhelds is undeniable. Nintendo isn’t going to stop producing hardware anytime soon.

  • Mc Robins

    I HATE Apple but they have the same approach here. But Macs are PCs now so it’s not a huge difference anymore.

    • oontz

      macs were always PCs since PC stands for personal computer.

      • Mc Robins

        No need to be super literal. You know what I mean.

    • The True Gamer

      Well, Macs are different because they get viruses MUCH less often, and are closer to game consoles as if something works for Macs, it works for most Macs.

      • Mc Robins

        But on the same front doesn’t that slow innovation when you have to think about legacy devices?

        • The True Gamer

          Good point. I never thought about Macs that way. Seriously. Thank you. That is one of the best points I have heard in a long time.

  • YayGs

    I think if they were to work on another F-Zero game the Wii U would be the platform for it. What racing experience could be more intense than having a First-Person Cockpit view on your gamepad?

  • Dodge Pribyl

    Has anyone encountered a game breaking glitch in any Nintendo games? No? Has anyone had Skyrim lock up on them or refuse to work otherwise? Yeah.

    • John Raybell

      Skyrim was horrible, fucking great game, but holy shit was it buggy and in most cases is still buggy as all hell. And load skips are annoying as hell.

    • majora :D

      …skyward sword?

      • The True Gamer

        Have you ever actually played Skyrim?

    • oontz

      seeing as there isn’t a single nintendo game with the scope of skyrim, not really a fair comparison.

    • The True Gamer

      With the knowledge that Nintendo games haven’t really changed in size since the 90’s, I would hope so. And with other consoles, you could patch a game years ago.

  • Tekina Sibawo

    this is the same approach that apple takes with apple computers

  • Andreas Sunde

    “Those who are serious about software should make their own hardware.”
    – Some dude at Apple (Probably Steve)

    • A SNES Day Off

      Actually, it was Alan Kay from Atari.

      • Andreas Sunde

        Thanks, learned something new today!
        Pretty sure it’s part of their policy, though.

  • Ducked

    Not much of a strong message imo. But, they do have some what of a point. The gamepad is amazing, but I hated the original Wii…

    • John Raybell

      I thought the wii was more innovative, and so far had much better support.

      Gamepad is pretty meh, hasn’t really offered anything new other then playing with a buddy on a separate screen. best selling point right now, other then some of the games.

      Sadly, the game pad has been used in more gimmicky ways then the wii was.

      • Ducked

        The Wii U can be very innovative if more developers could see it. The motion controls were only good for your extreme casual games. There’s a lot of features they could do with the gamepad, and hopefully were see it in the next year

        • John Raybell

          thats not really true, some games pulled it off pretty well.

          I would like to see you come up with some idea for the wiiu, no gimmicks, try it

  • FlyingBoat

    plus remember the old rumours from months ago, that the hd zelda (not windwaker) and the ideas they wanted to include in that game, influenced the design of the gamepad? nintendo could never do things like that if they were designing for the ps4.

  • Dez

    Frankly, any studio motivated enough to compete with StarCraft in the traditional RTS market is going to get their ass handed to them. Moreover, though the Wii U is by far the best console for traditional RTS titles, a mouse and keyboard offer precision sought after for competitive purposes. Then again, Blizzard did have StarCraft on the N64 back in the day though it did score considerably lower than its PC counterpart for obvious reasons.

    Still, I thought it was common knowledge when it came to this topic regarding Nintendo. If you make the hardware, it is obvious that you’ll be able to make the most of it as a first party developer. Nintendo games are pretty polished overall, the only real issue that I recall off the top of my head is with Twilight Princess where you can get screwed for eternity if you save immediately in the vicinity of of that one explorer as you trying to get to the 9th dungeon in the sky.

    Nintendo FTW!

  • Lewis Te Whaiti

    What I don’t get with Nintendo is why did they make the console itself look aesthetically pleasing, but the gamepad looks like some cheap imitation toy Ipad thingy. I have to say, to me anyway, that the gamepad is the most disappointing part of their package. I know to most Nintendo fans (that includes myself) the most important thing is the games yada,yada,yada, but we live in a world where looks mean a heck of allot, just imagine how well the Ipad would sold if it looked like this thing, Nintendo really should look elsewhere for their inspiration when it come to the aesthetics of their products, personally I think they need to outsource their design creations, because hardcore gamer’s aren’t going to be attracted to something that resembles a cheap toy that you can buy at the local toystore for $20 for the kids. Come on Nintendo get your act together and start being a little bit more creative outside your games.

  • nin-10-doughfan


  • 210stuna

    I can’t wait for Sony & Microsoft to copy Nintendo’s hardware ie: The WiiU Pad

    Oh wait…

  • $39063977

    RIGHT! why the heck don’t they release any proper games that work in harmony with that hardware then? i hope they don’t mean that having the menu on the pad is what distinguishes Nintendo’s innovations..or throwing stupid arrows from the pad in a game as stupid as Game & Wario is such a big deal that deserves a 300 pound price tag. There is literally nothing that shows off the hardware right now…other than NLand.

    Nintendo managers act like politicians for all i know…fake, lying, smart asses. I remember once they were selling the wii u for THE 3rd party oriented console. Reggie said over and over again that the 3rd party support problems the original wii had have now been solved once and for good….Wii u is a hardcore gamer oriented console he claimed….ASSSHIT! not even Ubisoft is bringing its next-gen titles to the console.


    • david jarman

      When they say hardware they’re referring to the actual gpu/CPU and nintendo knows their architecture the best.
      As far as the gamepad goes, pikmin 3, bayonetta, the wonderful 101, Nintendoland, blackops2, trine 2, nsmbu, lego city, game and wario and Zombiu makes great use of the gamepad. I know these all arent nintendo games, but I gave them props!
      As for game and wario? Have you even played it? It’s alright, but there are games on there that show what the gamepad can do. Personally. I like Kung fu, gamer and pirates make great use of the game pad that can’t be done on any other consoles.
      Ubisoft is bringing watch dog , AC and splinter cell and are watching the sales for wii u.

      As for the hardcore gaming remark. If your passion is playing video games you are a hardcore gamer.
      Hardcore gaming as nothing to do with third party developers or what game you’re playing. It has to with the level of passion you have for gaming.

      • $39063977

        this is what you think, and a bunch of other nintendo maniacs. the general POV though falls along the same lines to what i said earlier. Nintendo hasn’t proven anything other than living some 7 years in the past. AC, watch dogs, splinter cell are coming to the wiiu in the same way they are coming to other current gen consoles. None of the games running on next-gen engines (some portrayed at E3) will see a wii u arrival. NONE whatsoever.

        as for nsmbu, bo2, trine2, zombiu (of which i own all and have beaten to end) are nowhere near what any logical person living in today’s world would describe as innovations with the gamepad. NOWHERE NEAR. the only exception would be zombiu but that was ruined by so many other factors that fell utterly short (graphics being among them). you guys ought to stop acting like hypocrites rushing out to attribute “success” to anything that is Nintendo, while everyone else passes it by. watch/read some reviews (gamers and critics alike) and seriously consider what you attribute as innovation, cause in the end noone will believe you. you’ll become an isolated bunch promoting some mediocre concept, until even your own boss/BigN turns its back on you. this is the current situation…if you haven’t noticed you guys are doing more harm to nintendo than any other hater out there

        • david jarman

          Harm? By enjoy the company that we loved for generations.
          As for logical. You bought a console that you had no faith in and they gave their outline of games upfront and if you were true nintendo fan you would have known its not all about graphics to them or us. You’re complaining about launch title games like you’re new to the industry. Black ops 2 is awesome with not having to split screen and I actually like off screen play to let others use the tv and still spend time with them in the same room.

          Just because the majority of us don’t see eye to eye with you is because we actually enjoy the system. So no one not doing harm because nintendo is catering to us. I think you illogically chose the wrong system which I have never seen you on here before and you choosed this particular thread to comment on so I question your authenticity. No offense.
          By the way whats so innovating about the other console?They may have more power, but anyone with a logical mind knows that that’s not what innovation means

          • $39063977

            to enjoy a system is one thing – to BLINDLY enjoy a system is another. If you sit there and accord to anything these jurk offs say (N managers etc), you are NOT helping the community or the company in any way. Instead, you should signal their wrongdoings and place proper judgement without the usual bias – that way you force them to try harder, while winning some respect for your honesty – lying is not a virtue i.e. everyone knows that G&W is shit, but if you go out there claiming that it’s fun, then next time noone will believe you and you may even alienate a few who may become inclined to purchase it.

            Innovation should come in the games, not be tight to some gimmick. plus, alot of the essential fucntionality of second screen consoles can easily be achieved with an ipad or mobile. unless you mean innovation in gaming is being able to play off tv? Are you telling me that all the online glory, coordination, graphical immergence and gameplay witnessed in “The Division” at E3 are not innovation or step up in gaming? come on! The sad thing is that some of you Nintendo supporters would even call G&W better than MGS.

            I’ve been playing video games since before you were probably even born my friend. I am also a tech person/pro. I know when someone is lying out right to people. Big N is not doing well and they are merely trying to squeeze as much as they can from what’s left of them. that’s my take

          • david jarman

            Really, blindly? First of all “bro” I’ve been gaming since the Commodore 64 era. I own a wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, turbo graphix, sega master, nes, super nes, ps one, ps2, gameboy, gameboy advance, psp, GameCube, dsi xl, and wii u!

            You have no right telling people that they blindly enjoy cause that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m 36, kid!
            It’s about having fun and enjoying all of gaming.

            Having prettier graphics isn’t that much innovating. Having a different way to interface with game can be.
            Crytek, sho’ en, frozenbyte, ubisoft, activision and criterion are bigger pros then you and I’ll take their words for it.

            If your so logical then why don’t you and all the other haters on here post your complaints to nintendo cause all your doing here is upsetting the community, but I’m sure you figured that out.
            Oh and if you older then me then act like it.

          • david jarman

            Edit: shin’en

            I’m not saying buy every console. I’m saying let people enjoy their choice if console. This is a fansite and a lot if us have been fans of gaming since the 70’s.

            I’m still puzzled about one thing about you.
            If you know some much about gaming and consoles why did you buy a wii u. I and the majority here knew what they were buying. Unless you’re lying about what you own.
            You claim to be an adult, yet you decide to attack a fan site instead of posting your feed back to where it would be better heard by those that can do something about.
            I’ve never seen you post here before and its just funny you choose this thread. You’re account is new so go figure.

          • $39063977

            “I and the majority here knew what they were buying”

            Are you so sure about this? Do you honestly think that the majority of wii u owners are happy about the whole situation regarding the console? Read some of the comments here, IGN, gamespot, kotaku, etc. and you will find not a few people (and sometimes even a good majority – at least those who don’t act like they are affiliated wth Big N) complaining how there are no games, no or very distant plans for many common expectations, crappy ports, no 3rd party support etc. etc.

            i am no bot, hater, troller or whatnot. i post here from time to time and have no problem giving a thumbs up or a compliment to things i like. i have no problem responding unpleasantly to things i don’t like either. we can go on and on about this. but please do “read” my comments rather than simply react to them. it’s not my personal war against the guys at Big N, but rather a voice from all around the Web

          • david jarman

            I think the key word your missing is “some.” I think it’s you who needs to read the “majority” of the comments on this site of actual owners who would like more games but love the wii u. I’m on ign too and the only people who really say something negative are the trolls bashing it saying its a failed console and the ps4/xbox one is better. When most the fans who bought the console and most the fans on miiverse that are in the hundreds of thousands post that they love their wii u.
            Look at most the comments on this thread like the one below us.
            And yes I’m positive about it. They may not be happy with the way third parties have been treating the system, but they are happy with how the console performs and a crap load of us are excited about the games coming out.

            That’s why we have a fan site cause we’re fans of the system.

          • $39063977

            unfortunately, things ain’t as you would like to describe them. otherwise the console would be getting some love right now (besides the few sworn swordsmen like yourself). exceptions don’t make the rules. on the contrary, the console has been marginalised in a rather shameful way…and it is not 3rd party’s fault. a few thousand gamers are not representative of a successful system by any means in today’s standards – a very small minority of the wider gaming community that is.

            p.s. i can’t help but notice how many likes your comments have and the ratio of likes/dislikes in the comment below you just mentioned.

          • david jarman

            You have no likes and those people below are praising the system. Nintendo is getting love, sales have improved and Ign gave second place to nintendo when it came to e3 and the comments show love. Plus, we were talking about owners being happy with their consoles not state of sales. I see ign showed some nintendo love. Ps4 came in first and Nintendo came in second on ign’s little competition on e3 and the comments there are showing nintendo love and respect.

        • david jarman

          People like you suck the fun and joy out of video gaming and being a gamer cause all you do is hate on other people.
          As far as the reviews go its 50/50 depending on who’s review you’re looking at. I don’t go by reviews alone. I like to form my own opinion cause its quite possible that I might have a different taste. Maybe you illogically choose the wrong console for you.

          • $39063977

            ok dude. your solution is to go buy every game that comes out to test it out yourself. you or your parents must have a lot of money – i don’t. most people don’t function this way. also, forming an opinion based on the “average” POV out there (critics, gamers, youtube etc) is not a bad way to go before making a purchase.

        • david jarman

          By the way you might want to look up the definition to hypocrite cause nothing that anyone here had said is hypocritical. We are all nintendo fans and support them. To be a nintendo fan and say I love them and then hate on them and the fans that do love them. Well, there you go. Hypocrite.

  • kentray1985

    Iwata needs to resign because I feel like he’s taking nintendo in the wrong direction but who knows, maybe in the future he will succeed but as of now he’s been making cheap and bad decisions with the wiiu. Why doesn’t the 3ds nor the gamepad has hd screens and it has bluetooth but they restrict you from pairing and using your headsets but worst the games that should have multiplayer doesn’t have it and that’s simply because they are trying to force ppl to use the gamepad! The games get no advertisements and he hasn’t hired enough ppl to make seperate teams for each games so thats causing delays on games because he takes workers from projects just to work on others, does that make since when you have all this money but you can’t expand your company!

    • Link Slayer

      maybe he knows this console may break them if they go all out and are going to focous on Software only after this

      • kentray1985

        They went the sameway with the wii, trust they are going cheap because tgey know they have die hard fans that will buy their games nomatter how cheap they go and how is going all out hiring other creative devs to expand their company in order to bring games out on time, they have a trillion dollar company so I doubt that making a decent high quality console would break their pockets!

      • The True Gamer

        We can only hope

  • Bob Bilbert

    Which is why every other non first party game is complete garbage.

  • discuss

    The WiiUยดs hardware is crap.

  • Ford Crews

    Unlike Apple which is a software company that forces you to run their software on mediocre hardware, Nintendo at least innovates.

  • The True Gamer

    Nintendo needs to either change its game policy, as it tends to lower the challenge of games in recent years, or get out of the hardware business. They recent 3DS Mario games were nothing short of the biggest disappointments in any games I’ve played. What happened to challenges? Nintendo needs to change, and actually make powerful hardware. Sure, some may say graphics isnt everything, and its not, but an increased RAM power allows bigger worlds, and the potential for more innovation. The Wii U should have had more RAM, and a less laughable name.

    • boynhisblobs

      It does have more RAM, currently way more than any current console on the market. 2 gigs worth compared to the 360’s 0 and ps3’s 0. Sure, you’ll debate how the ps4 is going to have 8 and the xbone will have 6, but compare that to pc’s that don’t need that much ram to process both applications and games and you’ll see how much RAM will truely be tapped into this generation.

      So True Gamer, what Wii U games do you own and have played to experience this lack of RAM you like to talk about? Apparently never LEGO City, which has virtually no pop up in the game with one of the biggest in game worlds ive seen in recent years that never loads. You can look at a building approx. 20 mins away across the map and continue to fly to it with only more and more detail coming through the closer you get.

      Now, what mario games on the 3ds are you referring? Because Mario 3D land proved to be one of the more challenging Mario’s in recent years. Once you’ve “beat” the game on world 8, 8 more worlds open revealing the games is actually 16 worlds. Those last 8 worlds are very challenging, so much so they are levels i need to go back and get all 3 stars.

      A little more specifics instead of just random negativity.

      • The True Gamer

        The Xbox One has 8 Gb of RAM, and the PS4 has 8gb of DDR5, a faster RAM. The new Killzone game requires 4 GB of RAM, which is 4 times the amount the Wii U has dedicated to games. And as good as Lego games are, the fact that Lego City is one of the biggest third party games is enough to prove that the Wii U lacks the third party support and power to compete with other consoles, as opposed to being on a completely different level.

        • boynhisblobs

          Your words show that you don’t know what that even means. 8gb of DDR5 memory does not yet exist. You are misquoting the 8gb of GDDR5 RAM which is essientially, DDR3. Basically, in the PC world 4gb is the max right now, so if Sony is saying Killzone will require 4gb, thats the max of the system. It won’t ever get better than that with 4gb of RAM remaining to run to OS. They had to use that much RAM when creating a home entertainment system, not a gaming console. If you think games will use 8GB of RAM, you are sadly mistaken.

          • The True Gamer

            Where did you here the max RAM for Ps4 is 4Gb? The Killzone developer even said that they were not sure how much RAM the PS4 would have so they developed the game with 4GB. The Ps4 OS takes up 1 GB of ram. Learn your facts.

  • Guest

    Love it

  • Your money

    I can’t find any holes in Nintendos argument. If Phoenix Wright cross examines this, he will most likely lose his attorneys badge.

  • Forbsz

    Nintendo are perfect and so is the gamepad just need a game like Advance Wars on the Wii U!