Jul 29th, 2014


Nintendo will be hosting a live stream of Hyrule Warriors on Japanese streaming site NicoNico this Thursday. While the stream will be entirely in Japanese and showcase the game, some notable appearances from Nintendo developers include Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma, and Koei Tecmo’s president Yoichi Erikawa. The stream will start at 2pm in Japan, but for the rest of the world that’s 1am EST/ 10pm PST.

If you want to see some of the action of Hyrule Warriors, you’ll be able to view the stream here. There’s no telling what Nintendo plans to show, but we suspect it will be several of the new characters they’ve revealed since E3, including Sheik, Ruto, Darunia and more.

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  • Thomas Vienna

    They’ve been doing so many things japanese-only lately. I’m feeling just a little left-out.

    • abe

      I’m sure we’ll get an English version in early September

      • amak11

        It’s confirmed Sept. 26th is its’ release date in North America

        • abe

          i meant a english live stream but it’s sept 19 for the EU

    • Nintendo has been utilizing its Twitch channel a lot more this year. I expect to see a livestream in English for the rest of the world before September.

      • Thomas Vienna

        Oh, that’s true, the Japanese version gets released real soon. so this is kinda like a pre-release trailer, and they’ll do one here a little later?

  • Nintenjoe82

    200 hype sessions for Hyrule Warriors, 2 years of hype for Smash…

    I just hope they give every Wii U release something like this from now on.

  • Drugs

    I really dont want one I wish they would leave something for us to discovering our own I hope there’s at least one surprise left

    • majora :D

      It’s not a fact that we’ll get that much characters on Hyrule Warriors, but consider that it’s not uncommon on the Warriors series to have over a hundred characters per game. The One Piece spin-off, which had the less playable characters of any Warriors game, had around 15; on the other hand, we know of at least 10 playable characters on Hyrule Warriors. I’d say there will be still lots of surprises to come.

      • abe

        the e3 demo had ten character slots (7 blacked out) think there wont be many surprises left now

        • majora :D

          Well the Sonic Boom demo had 3 levels, and I don’t think there are only 3 levels in the whole game. I’d say the character slots were a part of the beta when there were just 10 characters programmed.

    • Yash Patel

      There’s always at least one surprise left

  • Logan Wayman

    Maybe they’re hiding the fact that it’s a HYRULE WARRIORS DIRECT!!!

  • MathildaSFreeman

    The stream will start at 2pm in Japan, but for the rest of the world that’s 1am EST/ 10pm PST. http://crazyparts.nl/FQqHiX

  • Rich Garriques

    honestly nintendo has been doing an amazing job presenting their exclusives since mario kart 8’s release. im impressed they are doing a lot better at promoting their games then sony and microsoft. seems like the only people promoting their games are ign and gamespot. since they act like more then half the time nintendo doesn’t exist.

    • Qubonic

      Actually it’s more gamespot than IGN. Gamespot always shitting on nintendo! At least IGN has articles about nintendo like the “Who won E3” article, & others.

    • Rinslowe

      Yep. Credit where it’s due. I’m interested to see for how long they can keep it up. But hopefully this is a permanent positive change.

    • PlayStation4Life12345

      IGN and Gamespot are garbage news anyways, They’re like CNN and Fox News for me :P. All propaganda and shit, that’s why I stopped watching them like a year ago. So hype for this Direct. I hope there is subtitle tho, so we all can understand what they’re talking about!

  • Rinslowe

    They’re taking their Japanese release seriously. Looks like with all the hype there for this game, it might just do OK…

    • Ghost8484

      Is it possible that all 3 next gen console flop?

      Because last gen is still going at a very high rate far as momentum games and sales. Xbox and ps3 can wined up with 100 million sold each.

      • Rinslowe

        I don’t think any of them will flop now. Why I say that is because a console that has more than 5 million user base or thereabouts and growing is a viable platform for first party content to make money. As all systems will definitely break 10m and considering all systems will be supported until the end of this generation, it is unlikely that they will flop in that sense. Third parties will still be successful on MS and Sony platforms including of course PC. The only way any of the next gen systems fail this gen is if they are either “discontinued” or “fail to generate profit” for the manufacturer. Remember gaming and the “real” vehicle for profit is in the software. Because that’s the only reason we invest in a platform to begin with, to play games. It also has the fastest track to profitability compared to the many aspects of hardware and component sourcing/ royalties etc…
        And where Nintendo has a profit advantage is in their software, which they have complete control of the entire process. Their titles typically sell in the millions and their platform is still in a growth pattern – albeit very slowly…
        When all is said and done, it will be interesting to see how it all turns out. But as gamers we have little to be concerned about this generation. And each company I’m willing to bet are able to profit from their hardware and software come this gens end.
        So yeah, none of them will likely hit the same no’s as before but they might just profit earlier and maintain positive revenue for longer. People might be surprised at how much they do so compared to last gen, when all is said and done.

  • Moldorm

    “The stream will start at 2pm in Japan, but for the rest of the world that’s 1am EST/ 10pm PST.”

    lol Americans

  • Dylan Groot

    It just annoys me how much attention this game gets. Dynasty Warriors is a very shitty franchise. Hello?! Why are people thinking this gameplay is suddenly going to be fun? Focus on some serious shit Nintendo! Goddamn…

    • Guest

      BOO HOO

    • MajorRoe

      News flash: Sometimes in life people will like what you don’t like.
      Get the fuck over yourself dude.

      • Dylan Groot

        We’ll see how many people will like this.

        • Guest

          More than you can imagine troll.
          No matter what witty remark you will come up with, there are people that will still buy this game and there is nothing you can do about it.

          • Dylan Groot

            So Im a troll for stating an opinion. I want Nintendo to focus on gold, if that makes me a troll so be it. I hope Im wrong about this game, but what I know of the series and the stuff Ive seen so far, saying Im not impressed is a huge understatement.