Nov 26th, 2013


With the launch of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 finally out of the way and all three next-gen consoles on shelves for consumers this holiday season, Nintendo is doing its best to appeal to those who might still be on the fence about which console they’re picking up this holiday season. The above infographic shows off several reasons why Nintendo believes you should choose a Wii U this holiday season and it’s hard to argue with the game lineup, even though that took a year to build properly.

Nintendo even goes so far to advertise TVii, though we’re not so sure that’s a good idea given how useless its been. Obviously this is meant to highlight the fact that the Wii U can perform some of the same TV functions as the Xbox One, albeit without the voice commands of Kinect.

What do you think of Nintendo’s latest advertising effort?

Thanks, jjbredesen!

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  • Deadpool U

    First… to state that this looks great and this should’ve beeen in stores a long time ago it would totally clear up confusion.

    • nexxus6

      Agreed. I love seeing the ad, and its nice to see that they aren’t afraid to take a little jab at the competition. These ads should have been out a long time ago. Good to see that Nintendo is showing up to the advertisement party, although it took long enough.

  • jreed3842

    What do I think about this advertisement? All I can think about is how it looks like Mario’s dancing on a stripper pole. Lol.

    • Jamie Briggs

      Agreed, I think if they made the pole shorter and had him doing a one handed hand-stand on top of the pole it would have looked better ?

    • Ducked

      Link is throwing money at the pole

      • BIG Franky

        make it rain….

      • DarkLegacy

        And Sonic’s drinking a load of shots at the bar

      • crocodileman94


    • jjbredesen
      • Now that is a game that i can say that my body is ready for!!

    • hahahero

      you’re welcome

      • jreed3842

        This is the advertisement Nintendo SHOULD be using to promote Wii U… EVERYONE loves strippers!

        • Yeah i’l think about it, it would be very popular with the kids.

          • Michael Rowlands

   you need to watch this video I think he has a point and don’t worry he is not saying anything bad about the wii u

          • jjbredesen

            I have seen this guy he is a genious 😀

          • Michael Rowlands

            its what he says at the end of the video Nintendo need to listen too…………..

          • The Clockwork Being

            I watch ReviewTechUSA every chance I get. I have great respect for Rich.

          • jjbredesen

            Me to!

          • fireheartis1

            I like some of what Rich is saying here, but I disagree that the Wii U is too weak. Games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 are proof of the system being a pretty powerful system. Heck look at AC4 that game looks very similar to the PS4 version. I agree that for Nintendo to drop the Wii U would be a mistake, but I don’t agree that it is way too underpowered.

          • Smart man, i agree with him on a lot of subjekts.

          • Marcos Parreira

            I have to agree, Nintendo needs advertising. But please, STOP ADVERTISING MARIO GAMES, if you got a powerful machine with Call of Duty, then show some friends playing Call of Duty. Even Better, show two guys, one on the GamePad and the other one on the TV. I can say that alone is gonna get you a lot of “moneys”.

  • Zuxs13

    I would take TVii over the Kinect voice controls any day. No need for slow voice commands i can just push a button and the channel is changed, no need to hook an extra HDMI cable from my DVR into an inferior HDMI processor (in the Xbox one) to get it to control my DVR. Oh and no need to pay money every month just to use the products I already have working for free.

    • Luciano

      Wii U is the console that changes the tides that judged him.

      Like 3DS in the beginning,I believe Wii U already changed everything in games with Pikmin 3,TW 101 and Super Mario 3D World (best reviews ever)

      Waiting for DK Tropical Freeze,Mario Kart 8 and much more in the next years!

      • Zuxs13

        what does this reply have to do with TVii and Kinect?

        • Luciano

          Do you really think that Nintendo TVii is available in all countries?
          We need more reasons to buy videogames in other countries,and with this,”put the disc” and play Nintendo’s still the best.

          • Zuxs13

            this is clearly a North American Ad and since its available here then it is relevant. This is a direct jab at the XboxOne TV controlling ads, showing that it is at NO EXTRA CHARGE. That is certainly reason to have it in the ad. So again what the hell does your first comment have to do with what i was talking about (i was directly commenting on ashley’s jab at TVii no being worht it)

  • jjbredesen

    Thanks ashley :)I think this is a smart move they are really getting a lot better at adverstising 🙂

    I do agree on the TVII thing do, but it guess i will not hurt anybody.

  • Majora’s Mask

    lame ad they thought wii fit u and pikmin3 are high rated games

    • Gregg Cerenzio

      Yes, actually, they are……

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Pikmin 3 wasn’t a big seller, might have been what he meant.

        • Gregg Cerenzio

          Nintendo 1st party games tend to sell over longer periods. Also, makes sense to push the quality games during this time as new adopters will be asking: What are the good WiiU games?

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            So do a lot of games over a long period of time. As good as Nintendo is, they don’t always have big sellers, no matter what the rating is. Besides, ratings are just made up of opinions. I have to bring this up though, what do people care about ratings? I do recall a commentator upset that Sonic Lost World got a bad rating despite claiming that those reviewers are idiots. So they’re only idiots if they don’t give a game a high rating? That’s rich. Sorry, I’m being fair about this.

        • BIG Franky

          the way I read it, “high rated” is well received or highly regarded… not necessarily that it sold a lot of copies.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Of course. Despite it being high rated, it didn’t sell well. I think Nintendo would rather have profit than high ratings any day.

          • D.M.T

            If that’s what you think then you don’t know much about Nintendo’s mentality. Nintendo wants to make money just like any other company of course but their main goal is to make quality products, things that they can be proud of. The Pikmin franchise in general is not a big seller but they still released Pikmin 3 because Pikmin games are high quality. So yes they want to make profits but their main goal is make something of high quality.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Unless you work for Nintendo, then what you said is just assumptions, just like mine is. Like you said, they’re in it for the money, just like any company. Even if the ratings were bad, would the average Nintendo fan care or yourself? Weren’t you the one who said that people shouldn’t listen to reviews, such as Sonic Lost World? I do recall that.

            Yes, they want to make high quality games, any real developer would want that. There are plenty of games that received a high rating that get low sales and vice versa. That was pretty much my point.

          • D.M.T

            It’s not a guess, it’s me knowing Nintendo for years. I understand why Nintendo does things and I understand why they are stubborn. I’m not guessing. And I wasn’t talking about reviews, I was talking about gamers opinions on Nintendo games. Gamers opinions matter more than paid reviewers.

            You shouldn’t even be talking about sales because the subject was high rated games. Everytime people have something positive to say about Nintendo, you downplay it or say something else that’s negative. Sales has nothing to do with a game being highly rated.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            “Gamers opinions matter more than paid reviewers.”

            I’ve heard that one before. Yet, you criticize it when it’s their opinion. You assume that everyone is paid to review. Get over it, these guys could be fans just as much as you are. Sorry, but you get ahead of yourself often. I know Nintendo well and have been a fan since the 80’s, and I understand their stubborn behavior, which only hurts them than does them good in the gaming industry.

            “You shouldn’t even be talking about sales because the subject was high
            rated games. Everytime people have something positive to say about
            Nintendo, you downplay it or say something else that’s negative. Sales
            has nothing to do with a game being highly rated.”

            Pot calling the kettle black again? Your passion gets in the way of your common sense my friend, that’s how I see you. So what if I change a topic towards sales a bit, are you against the negatives of Nintendo? I bring out both the postives and negatives. Sorry if that’s not to your liking, but I have my own opinion on news.

            I’m going to just be fair here. How about we just go back to leaving each other be, like you suggested before(one that you broke)? Cause really, let’s face it, we aren’t going to get along at all. We have our own styles of commenting and we aren’t going to see eye to eye. Truth is, I don’t like you or your type, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual. Let’s spare ourselves the back and fourth BS.

          • Majora’s Mask

            hes the second troll of this site and he says hes a REAL reviewer

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Seems like it. I just think he’s too passionate for his own good, and it clouds his better judgment. Ahh well, can’t mesh with everyone.

          • D.M.T

            So let me get this straight…I’m a troll because I’m not doing the popular thing these days which is criticize and talk bad about Nintendo 24/7? I suggest you look in the mirror before you accuse someone of being a troll.

            And when did I say that I’m the real reviewer?

          • D.M.T

            If the majority of gamers think a game sucks then it sucks, if the majority thinks it’s good then it’s good. That’s what I mean with gamers opinions matter more than paid reviewers but as always Daniel misunderstood what I said. If I criticize a gamer’s opinion is probably because he’s not being honest about what he thinks of the game or because he’s not making any sense.

            It’s not an assumption dude, most reviewers are paid to review the game. Are you telling me that an IGN reviewer is reviewing games for free? As always you misunderstood me yet again, when I said paid reviewers, I didnt mean that reviewers are paid to give a game a low score or high score, I meant that it’s their job to review games.

            My point was that the opinions of gamers who bought the game matter more than reviewers. Do you get it now or you still don’t get it Daniel?

            Doesn’t matter how you see me Daniel, I didn’t ask you what you think of me. But since you love to judge me, I think I’m gonna judge you as well. Maybe I’m very passionate about the things I like but i think twice before I say something, believe it or not. You try too hard to be leveled head, you try to hard to be someone who’s supposedly not a fanboy or biased. You are trying so hard, but I mean so hard that it looks fake. I see you as someone who pretends to be someone you’re not. You are biased too and you seem to be a Nintendo hater. You will never admit it but your comments says otherwise.

            You should just stay on topic, if people are talking about high rated games than why talk about sales? Who cares if Pikmin 3 wasn’t a big seller? Pikmin 3 owners love the game and that’s what matters. Sales and rating are 2 different things.

            The reason why I started replying to you again is because I don’t like told hold grudges but its pretty obviously that you wont change. You will continue to be this dude who’s trying too hard and never understands what people are saying. Good idea, lets go back to ignoring each other because you are just wasting my time with your nonsense.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            You’re not a very humble person, and you do get uppity when someone questions anything you say. Little modesty would never hurt you. Maybe I can be harsh, but you are no better my friend. I do agree with you on one thing, people should look in a mirror. You should practice what you preach.

            You believe I talk nonsense, and I believe you talk nonsense. I don’t like holding grudges either, but unfortunately, your personality doesn’t mesh with mine, and that’s the reality of the situation. Best of luck to you.

            Edit:Yeah, there was more to say than I thought. Now I’m satisfied.

          • Guest

            dont let this guy bother you he upvotes comment that talk bad about mexicanss

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Yeah, I thought I was the only one who saw that. Personally, he upvoted it cause of the fact it was me, which makes it perfectly clear. Whether he’s racist himself, I can’t say since I don’t know the guy personally and won’t make accusations on it. Only thing I find funny perhaps is the fact he supported a comment that came from someone who was obviously a troll that made baseless remarks about Mexicans(I’m not one by the way).I suppose that speaks volumes about someones character, but I digress.

            Anyways, I don’t wanna get too deep into this stuff again, but I do appreciate the support and at least there are some people who have their head on right. Take care, dude.

          • Majora’s Mask

            all games expect knack expect a good rating

          • Guest

            yeah you know more than anyone man LOL! i know your kind and you come around actin like everyon is misinformed and cant take it when somone else has a different view and try to shoot it down, you are so full of yourselff. coming from a guy who votes up comments that racist. you prove you hav no class man! 😉

          • D.M.T

            Whatever you say Daniel, your opinion is irrelevant.

        • Majora’s Mask

          partially but pikmin really had controll problems

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I heard that from several fans. God forbid you point out the negatives, though.

    • Agent721

      I have both, they’re great!

  • Gregg Cerenzio

    That is one of the clearest and most effective adds I’ve seen yet from Nintendo, for WiiU.

  • GameBoy1979

    Nice to see some of the stuff Nintendo is finally rolling out advertisement-wise. They seem to have really amped it up a bit lately.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    It’s a good ad overall. Only thing that might be a good idea is not to make the gamepad stand out too much. I feel that’s what led to the confusion of the Wii vs Wii U in the first place. The box art was very similar as well.

    Still, while I don’t care for Mario personally, it will certainly get the fans attention, and SM3DW should help move out some consoles. I’m still skeptical about 2014 for Wii U, but we’ll see what’s in store for Wii U next year.

  • Adameh

    If only TVii was even available in the UK and Europe…

    • Cesar Barroso

      agree, too many countries with different policies. I think that is the problem with Europe

  • BIG Franky

    in all seriousness… anyone on the fence should probably pick up a Wii U now and a PS4 down the road…. by this time next year, the PS4 will be cheaper, and there will actually be some good titles available for it. the games available right now for PS4 aren’t that great…and certainly not worth investing in at this point…. whereas the Wii U has some very good games currently available, one or two excellent titles, and some really big titles coming before this time next year, so there is definitely more bang for your buck right now.
    I finally got my PS4 set-up and rented AC4… the game is amazing, and it looks GREAT!! ….but to be honest with you, there is very little difference between the PS4 version and the Wii U version. its borderline unnoticeable. some slight lighting differences, and water texturing… but the difference is so negligible its not even funny, and certainly not worth getting a PS4 for…. people that don’t have a system yet shouldn’t get a PS4 or XB1 just for the sake of it… sure there are early adopters like myself, but people like me at least know we’re making purchases that make no sense.
    serious gamers should pick up the Wii U and there is more than enough quality content and more really good content on the way that will keep them busy until the PS4 has the games that will really blow people away… plus by next Christmas season the PS4 will be cheaper too.

  • Rocky

    Free online gaming should be on there, that’s what got me to buy the Wii u instead or ps4 and xbone

  • Justagamer


  • Tvii huh? 1yr and still not available in Europe… I want it so much 🙁

    • Nintendoplaystation

      I know man, I keep selecting It now and then to see if anything happens.

    • I may be wrong but I swear I remember reading somewhere that the EU is the hold up with TVii in Europe. Something about how the EU thought the service was too confusing and people may mistake it for an actual TV content service.

    • Nintendoro

      Shame on Nintendo Europe if you ask me. Poor marketing there

    • Dylan Grimes

      TVii is really glitchy, it’s a great application but doesn’t work very well, for me at least.

  • Nintendoplaystation

    What has Nintendo learned this generation, that the general consumer is dumb and you have to literally explain EVERYTHING to them.

    • D.M.T

      ^This, a million times this!!! Nintendo overestimated consumer’s intelligence. They thought consumers in general would understand what Wii U is all about easily but truth is the general consumer isn’t smart enough.

    • Nintendoro

      beating dumb people with a stick would help them learn about Wii U, but would not make Nintendo look good. So they have to come up with all this Infographic stuff

    • Adrian Collins

      A blend of Facts and Comedy…..Here…my last upvote,TAKE IT

  • Sean

    its a good start

  • JuneBug81

    11 years. Just over a decade. That’s how long it’s been since I last laid eyes upon my home. My kingdom. In antiquity, it was a glorious place. Only to see it was to understand its wondrous luster. The colors. The light. This was, of course, before the arrival of the SCOURGE.

    I still remember the last time I saw it, receding around me as I sat unaware. The magic. The fire. The… Sunshine.

    I was a younger man. And the scourge hadn’t yet infused itself into everything around us. We were innocent to its ways. We did not notice as the life slowly ebbed from our realm. Until it was to late… for the scourge had infested its very soul.

    When it did come, the authorities tried to assuage our fears. “Please remain calm. We will do everything in our power to ensure those of you unaffected by the scourge can still gain access to the life giving services you need.” But it was all lies.

    The scourge consumed everything and everyone in its path. Those that would not succumb or who fled, were barred from the Kingdom. The magical, blessed home they had known since their earliest days.

    Forced to watch from beyond the borders of our sacred homeland as those bewitched by the scourge’s expert puppetry moved about, shaking, waggling to and fro… we few survivors looked on in agony, knowing we could never return. Nor save those within. They no longer wished to be saved. As it had that of the land itself, the scourge had pierced their essences.

    For the scourge was motion incarnate! And it would not be denied!

    And so, reluctantly, we set out for other realms. Other worlds, full of other delights and torments. In time, we found new homes in these lands, and settled. We were happy… after a fashion.

    The scourge at times would appear on the horizons of these worlds. There were rumors. It would take a few, here and there. But these kingdoms were sturdy and resilient, and so it never penetrated or spread or consumed as it had our former home. We were safe… if only imperfectly fulfilled.

    But then one day, change visited us once more. While wandering the wastes and woods of our new land, I came across a curious sight. A light, glimmering in the underbrush. The way it glinted reminded me of something I had not felt in so long, I was ill equipped to recognize it. I reached down, and found myself caressing a curious artifact. Rectangular and smooth, with a window or portal on its face which could only be the work of witchcraft, it fit securely into my hands like the binding of a book. But this was no book.

    Staring through its window – its portal – a light began to emanate from within. Dim at first, but then brighter, and brighter still. Through this portal I saw it! Our homeland! Restored and made whole! The scourge had been beaten back. It now only threatened the fringes of our kingdom. I knew at once that it was safe to return! At long last, we would go home. We would heal our broken spirits, and rejoice in the reuniting with our glorious, sanctified pasts! I heard a faint voice calling to me, like the siren call of an angel…

    “It’s a me! Mario!”

    And that was the day I decided to buy a Wii U.


  • B-Ray

    Why is there no mention of HD? Isn’t that supposed to be huge selling point for “upgrading?”

    • D.M.T

      HD was never a huge selling point for the Wii U. Graphics is not Nintendo’s focus, you should know this already. Plus they did mention HD, they said that Zelda Windwaker HD is a highly rated game. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Wii U is HD because it plays HD games like Zelda Windwaker HD.

      • B-Ray

        Ok yes, the letters “HD” appear next to “Wind Waker” on the 5th line, on the bottom half of the poster. I’m saying, it’s not nearly as prominent on the poster as, say, “Nintendo TVii,” a feature that I’ve found to be far less useful. I’m not talking about being able to “figure out” that Wii U is HD. I’m talking about better marketing, marketing that doesn’t leave anything for the consumer to have to figure out.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      The gamepad is basically the selling point. HD was just to play catch up more or less.

  • Marius Valasinas

    There will be a day when Wii U will be known *runs out of the house laughing loud “mwaahaahaahaa”*

  • nexxus6

    Nintendo maybe is about to pull a Rocky!

  • It’s smart to hit the advertising like this. For $100 less you can grab a good console with some awesome games instead of something with almost no games. Hopefully they grab a bunch of holiday sales!

  • JVAN63

    My only problem with TVii is that it will not search Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu+ for shows. It seems to, but the results are not accurate. I do not have cable, and that is all the results it wants to show me. Exciting concept, but if you only do streaming, it’s a worthless feature. Hope they fix it in the future for those that only stream TV.

    • InsaneZucchini

      It’s not always accurate, that’s true, I searched for “The Help” and it took me to something that was definitely not The Help on Hulu Plus. But it does work, searching for shows like, in my case, The Good Wife, it can direct me to the episodes available on Amazon Instant Video.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Wow good, still not perfect – it should state that it’s a different thing to the Wii, talk about being next gen and show a better variety of games but its still a good advert. It shows off popular games like Mario and WW and directly states that its a better buy than PS4 & XBone as well as talking about Wii U’s features. Keep it up Nintendo.

  • leo

    they should have put free Online ( Nintendo Network)

  • DragonSilths

    They should have added, “Get banned by the Miiverse Admins.”

  • Veries Seals

    Well I am one of the biggest Wii U supporters out there and I also have an Xbox one and they are great consoles. I have also played the PS4 and i don’t care what anyone says, the Wii U is king. Yes the Xbox One and Ps4’s graphics are very pretty. I am enjoying the Xbox one but not nearly as much as my Wii U. Guy’s trust me it is not an emergency to go Xbox One nor PS4. The best fun experience is definitely Wii U.

  • Rinslowe

    It’s great what Nintendo are doing now with their various angles, really great.
    But as far as visual appeal and how the information is put across, I don’t think I’m such the big fan of this infographic. Being nitpicky, I’d say too busy with the boxes, too simple with the artwork…
    Just my opinion, though.

  • Nathan Verbois

    Again, Nintendo is finally stepping up. Keep it up!

  • ondori

    Coming a little late.

  • bugart19

    I guess the ads are ok, as long as it makes sure that consumers see clearly what the Wii U can do, how it is not the Wii and it is not just for children.

  • Baconfat23

    They should of said somewhere ‘The ALL NEW Wii U’ and, I know it is the stock image, but they should of enlargened the console for uninformed customers to see its different.

  • Vakua Dorn

    no voice commands, eh? time for a hack!
    JK, the Wii U’s so cool that it doesn’t need them.

  • WoodenSaucer

    Great advertisement. The only thought I have is that they should have mentioned that their online services are free and there are no required monthly subscriptions.