Dec 18th, 2013

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that Luigi would be starring in his own virus-slaying puzzle game called Dr. Luigi. The game features the famous puzzling gameplay that most of us are familiar with in Dr. Mario, but turns that idea on its head with a couple of new features.

The first is L shaped capsules, which add additional challenge to the game as it combines two capsules at once in an L shape. The second is a new attack versus mode, which sees the opponents next capsule changing color at the last moment, instead of extra capsules being dropped as in Dr. Mario.

The game will be available on Wii U on December 31 in North America and January 15 in Europe. Will you be diagnosing with Dr. Luigi?

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  • Christopher Acuna


  • I seen this coming

  • BIG Franky

    I’ll be picking this up….. looks like a fun game.

  • Skelterz

    So Dr luigi is online but Super mario 3D world didnt cut it….logic behind that if you will iwata.

    • Javier Smith

      Somehow I feel if Nintendo patched in online to SM3W, it would be the smash hit this holiday season, beating every other game’s sales.

      • Mr. Berzerk

        I started to play with my daughter, and it is cool. They have little
        miis posting things all over, the connectivity code is there, they just
        need to expand it a bit.

      • Jon

        I don’t know…. I can see it being fun but at the same time….. agonizing, people constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. People just being complete morons by hogging all the items just to die and waste all your lives. Them picking you up and throwing you off a cliff…..

      • Skelterz

        I agree entirely there’s next to no chance though man the games incredible but nintendo don’t play ball with the fans that often, There mavericks lol.

        comments aside i would love an online mode for 3d world.

    • Fred

      I’m guessing it’s a lot easier to make Dr. Luigi online. Nintendo isn’t exactly cutting edge when it comes to online so they’re willing to do it if they think they can put out a competent product. Remember how bad SSB Brawl was online even though it was awesome offline.

      • Skelterz

        that’s true but trial and error is an important process how are they going to improve there online services if they hold back on the AAA titles multiplayer intergration yeah your correct Dr luigi online is alot easier to deal with but will it shift sonsoles i don’t think so if you scroll up javier smith made a great comment about if they patched online for 3D world it would be a smash hit i completely agree.

        • Fred

          Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending them for not doing it. You asked a question and I answered. I think Nintendo would do well to hire a whole new online department of guys from other companies that already know how to do online correctly to do a few games like 3D World for them/teach their other studios while they do it. If 3D World was online I could talk more Wii U owners into getting it to play online with us and I could convince a few more people to get a Wii U for Christmas. Especially if they used the built in mic on the gamepad to integrate voice chat.

          • Skelterz

            oh yeah totally maybe you read my comment the wrong way i wasn’t jumping down your throat mate, i agree with you i think nintendo are fragile at the moment it seems more viable for them to get more comfortable before they do something like that anyway maybe after some more software comes out we’ll start seeing more risks pay off but for now i reckon there gunna play safe. happy gaming

    • val berger

      I really wouldn’t play SM3DW online. I know, I know, you would and others would, but in that case, adding offline coop maybe woulld have been too much to ask for and if I had to choose, I would totally go for offline Coop. it just is so damn much more fun and there are so unbelievable many onlinegames out there and Nintendogames like Super Mario have always been about getting together in front of a TV and having fun. Nintendo actually never really liked Online-Games and with Dr. Luigi they, once more, just added such a mode, because it wasn’t a big deal to implement. Doesn’t really mean, they changed their philosophy. AAA Nintendogames won’t see too many deep onlinemultiplayer components that soon, maybe with some special new IP that could happen, but a Super Mario or Zelda game with Online Coop, naaah I don’t think so.

      • Skelterz

        I understand your points but i think im part of the larger majority that want that plus whats mario kart whats smash bros?? there online they do great it dosen’t hurt offline mode at all it only enhances the game as a whole why would you not want a feature thats optional for you to play in the first place surely more content crammed in is better right regardless of preference to whether you prefer online or offline.

        • val berger

          I still do believe its something different with a Jump&Run game. The games you named are both competitive games that doesn’t necessarily need active teamwork or the ability to talk to each other. In SM3DW it’s crucial to tell someone’do this, then I’ll do that’ and although this could be done with voice chat as well, I understand that this isn’t accessive enough for Nintendo to push it in a AAA game. I don’t know, I obviously got your points too and back in the days I used to be a huge fan of Online games and I really wanted Nintendo to do more on that sector. But nowadays I really enjoy the WiiU to be the system for offline Coop Multiplayer and stuff you can play with friends who crash at your place. sure, I could of course live with both options, but I like it that they needed to decide for one thing in order to save resources. Online-services aren’t that easy to create and really good offline Coop is something you can’t really find on the competition’s systems. At least not that often.

          • Skelterz

            Yeah i understand all that but as an optional feature with no real incentive other than something different to playing on your own it would have made a cool addition to be honest it isnt a deal breaker for me like yourself i completely adore the single player nintendo games and currently have only one game i play online really and that’s cod ghosts the rest of my games are offline including 3D world and it does’nt bug me but to have the option of riding plessie with someone from italy or defeating bowser with someone screaming dodge the lava at the top of their lungs would have been a laugh i spose we both have valid points and i think we both can agree to say it isnt essential for 3d world but it would have been a welcome addition.

          • val berger

            Still I would prefer a game, that has a Online from scratch. Not a nice addition but you could for instance easily create an Animal Crossing World like an Online game. OK, AC isn’t the game I’d play but it would really, really improve the game. I’m just saying that Nintendo doesn’t like this gap between Onlineplayers and would more likely try to create a game where this isn’t such an issue. But sure, you’re especially right about the lack of Onlinegames on the WiiU. I have totally stopped playing them, I only tried out Mass Effect 3 and Need for Speed Most Wanted U once but as Onlineplay isn’t really pushed that good by N there weren’t too many players out there even back in the day when those games got released. And as long as Nintendo isn’t doing anything about the awareness of the WiiUs Online capabilities, this won’t really change and, indeed, it’s a true shame. Still with a game like Super Mario, I’d prefer them to do something from scratch instead of adding it. The Coop-Mode already felt kinda added afterwards which, yeah, didn’t hurt, but I just think, Online with such a game is quite a big issue if I think of Little Big Planet, which didn’t always run too good although this really was totally designed for that purpose.

      • ETeach

        Agreed. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. 3D world without the local interaction would just feel cold and sterile.

    • Morphballs

      I wonder if they can update SM3DW in the future to include online

  • flybass

    this is a cell phone game

    • Justin Carlson

      If cell most smart phone’s had dedicated controller buttons then yes I would agree. But this game without precision controls would be frustrating.

  • Ducked

    How much is it?

  • cThreep

    Sounds like a party, I love Dr. Mario.

  • SmashFinale

    I hope he and mario get this as a costume swap in Smash 4.

  • Yen


  • Agent721

    My GF is going to go nuts…Dr.Mario is her favorite game. Between this, NES Remix & golf, that’s a lot of cool downloads!

  • Johnny Be Me

    This helps me further see that there might be costume alternatives in SSB4. Mario and Luigi may each have a Doctor costume.

  • val berger

    I really don’t know why Nintendo is putting resources into stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about Dr. Mario/Luigi, but in times like these, Nintendo should work more on a better Virtual Console Lineup (where are N64 or even Gamecube games?) or strengthen their developerteams creating stuff that could really drive the WiiU into a better fate. And somehow Nintendo never really seems to get it. They just keep surprising me with announcements like this, and I don’ mean in a good way.

    • ETeach

      Yeah, but it’s really no different from what Nintendo’s done the entire time. They kind of just ignore conventional business practices that would help save their skin. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but they have the funds to do whatever they want for a really long time yet. And I kind of enjoy just going aloung for the ride.

  • Mario

    Mario: Glad I’m not only doctor here anymore. I could use an extra hand from my bro!

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Luigi can be put to better use than to be another knock off of Dr. Mario.

  • Neilandio

    This should be on 3ds also.

  • uPadWatcher

    This is just what the doctor ordered on the U!

  • Wesley Corbin

    I can’t wait! I hope its 2 player online!

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    Wow… the haters are silenced! do you hear me?… SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. this blows all next gen games away! i mean wow… who needs candy crush when you got this?… man i’ll give you a blank check you write down any amount and i’ll be happy to pay it for this crap. where are the games?.. i wanna play X already. what are they waiting for? just release it.