Dec 18th, 2012

ABC News is reporting a huge loss for Nintendo today as Thieves shamelessly backed up two large diesel trucks into a Nintendo warehouse in SeaTac, Washington earlier today. Police say the criminals stole thousands of consoles by using forklifts to put all the Wii U goodies into two 53-foot semi-trucks. One officer said,

“I’ve been a cop for 28 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this…this has come straight out of the movies.”

While the original article never mentions the Wii U, the accompanying video (seen above) makes it clear the new console was the target. There is some saving grace for Nintendo, however: all Wii U consoles are traceable, meaning it’s just a matter of time before the criminals are caught selling them.

That being said, in a holiday season where Nintendo needs all the momentum they can get, the absence of those 7,000 consoles could be equally damaging. That’s not only 7,000 less people paying $300 a pop ($2.1 million total), but also 7,000 less people supporting the console, buying games, playing online games, buying online content, and moving the console forward.

Whether or not Nintendo has any extra measures in place to prevent stolen units from being used is unknown and unlikely, but buyers should beware if they’re not purchasing from a big box store or reputable online retailer. For example: say you purchase the Wii U on EBay, it’s one of the stolen units, Nintendo is able to track it, and they come knocking at your door. It’s unlikely Nintendo will yank the Wii U out of your hands, but the potential headaches are most likely not worth the effort.

Hopefully the thieves find that out the hard way, but with how easy the heist seems to have been pulled off, we’re wondering if this was some sort of inside job?

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  • Immallama22

    Wow! What a jerk-ish thing to do. The thieves are just so jelly of the Wii U they need 7,000 of them for themselves 😛

    • william maxwell

      i know there so jelly!

  • HSN1

    Some guy a few hours earlier:

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      Does this site have a load of new writers ? I keep seeing new writers up there…. 

      • HSN1

        It probably was posted in the forums

  • Genesect4ssb4


    -little extreme but 7000 wii u’s! was that not enough or something?

  • Kyle DiCesare

    Wow, that’s just wrong! Can’t believe that, now when will I get my Wii U? 

  • PKMN_Trainer_Red


  • fireheartis1

    Wow what kind of punk still from a huge company like that.  Don’t they know that’s at least 15 years in jail.  Who ever buys one should be fined as well.  This must be the doing of Sony or Microsoft employees.  People need to stop this ridiculous crimes.  It’s not as bad as killing but come on how stupid can you be.

    •  Some people might buy one off amazon or ebay and honestly not know the console was stolen.

      • NkoSekirei

         at least they can be traced to those douchebags

      • fireheartis1

        Ya that’s true I guess it wouldn’t be fare if they bought it off of eBay or Amazon to be fined.  Most people probably don’t even know about this website or the fact they were stolen from Nintendo.  I just hope they get caught soon because that’s just bull crap.

    • Pameliza

       I think it is more like 50 years in jail.

      • fireheartis1

        Well if that’s true the fags deserve it no doubt.

        • How do you know these guys were not forced to do this?Maybe some gangsters said they will kill them if they don’t steal the Wii Us,and might have held these peoples family members in hostage.I know that this probably not true,but you shouldn’t judge until you know the full story.

    • GKage

      On the contrary, I wouldnt call the thieves punks. I’d say it takes quite a set of cajones to attempt, let alone actually SUCCEED in pulling off a heist of 7000 Wii Us….in two 53-foot semi-trucks no less. 

      The real question is…how the hell do you drive away in semi-trucks and not get noticed fast enough? 

      • brian

        No idea. They even drove forklifts around? Imagine if they towmotor they jumped on had an empty propane tank. They wouldn’t have been able to move jack.

    • It’s prolly just Santa. Relax, guy.

      • fireheartis1

        Dude I wish this sight still had the thumbs down button because your statement is plain ignorance.  The fact is theft is illigal and these fags need to be punished.  End of story enough said good day sir!!!

    • Joe Stockdale

      Fuck Ninetendo, they haven’t made anything worth playing in a long time. 

      • fireheartis1

        What are you doing on a site for a Nintendo product moron.  If you don’t like Nintendo stay off sites about them.  It’s plain common since bro really.

  • sigh…. the idiocy of these thieves gave me a headache…

    • rainfall2112

      I think you are the fool.  Anyone who can pull this heist off knows they are traceable. They are likely headed overseas where there is little jurisdiction.

      • there are still ways to bring justice
        also 7000 CONSOLES OVER SEAS
        i think that the airlines will be mildly suspicious 

        • Airlines?  They ship those by sea.

          • brian


      • TheWindWaker

        Why is he a fool?

        •  exactly, that’s the only thing that boggles my mind

      • why are you calling him a fool? Your point was reffering to the people who stole all those products not knowing that they are traceable.

  • Leo

    It’s not that hard to get a wii u. I see them in stock every day

    • ConCity Soldier

      Maybe so… But their is 7,000 gone from potential buyers.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    Where was the damn security? 

    •  My thoughts exactly.  Really hope the consoles get tracked.  These could have a really big impact on Nintendo’s holiday sales.  Also, the proficiency for which it was done, I think it had to be a inside job.

  • TheWindWaker

    Wow. Just wow. I’m a serious Nintendo fan so when I saw this I felt like I got punched in the face … and then had 2 million dollars stolen from me. 

    • rainfall2112

      I see you made corporatism your new religion.   Not much of an atheist at all, are you?

      • TheWindWaker

        Ignorant douche

        • sdmac200600

          how is he ignorant? you just said that you feel as though 2.1 million bucks have been stolen from you yet you don’t even get a penny from nintendo. that in itself is ignorant

  • “7,000 less people supporting the console, buying games, playing online games, buying online content, and moving the console forward.” That’s a bit rich. It’s not like the thieves (may a thousand insects bite at their gonads) will just be sitting on the haul laughing. They’ll be fencing them to end users – who will be buying games, playing online games and buying online content.

    • yeah, but nintendo still loses 2.1 million

      • Anthony K Aurelia

        They didn’t lose the money….things like this are covered by the Ins. of the freight company. The shipping company is at a true loss here. If found to be an inside job they likely lose business and if they are able to remain open will likely have increased rates on their Ins.

  • Matthew Kivlahan


  • SoulSilverZero

    I think they are just stealing 7’000 Wii U’s because they want to give them to poor families.

    • that would be very nice of them if they did that

  • i hate this, but there is one good thing about this. It means the wii u is very very popular

    • RoadyMike

       Optimist Prime?

  • no sarcasm intended

  • Chris C

    I’m not too worried.  These guys will be caught soon – it’s too greedy, too large.  Too easy to be seen and found.  Unless those Wii U’s are on a secret cargo-freight to China or something by now, I’d bet money these guys get caught and most if not all the consoles are recovered.

  • Pameliza

    Good thing I already have my Wii U under my tree. Just a few more days. I don’t think I can make it without opening earlier. Hope I make it.

  • BGhp

    Lets help Nintendo and get those consoles back,for the sake of the company.

  • Those were Wii Consoles, not wii U consoles.

  • Maybe it was Santa trying to fulfill everyone’s Christmas wishlist!

  • brian has the same article. Only they specifically say it was not Wii Us, it was just the Wii

  • brian

    Also appears as though doesn’t know the difference between Wii and Wii U

  • This was a publicity stunt if not insurance fraud on the part of Nintendo due to wiik Wii U sales.  You heard the man “they knew what they were doing.”

  • brian

    Next week:  
    “Thanks to the mandatory large day-1 firmware update, police were able to apprehend the suspects…” BECAUSE IM SURE IT TRANSMITS A SERIAL NUMBER. It has to. To register the console. Remember? Soon as someone they sell it to tries to do the firmware update, Nintendo should pretty much know that the console is online. From there, the police can do their job. Maybe.

  • Canyarion

    This is actually some pretty good publicity! 

  • Asim Khan

    This is the original story posted on Seattle Pi, it was the Wii console that got stolen not the Wii U. jackassThieves snag 7,000 Wiis from SeaTac warehouseCould it have been Wario?The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after thieves stole about 7,000 Nintendo Wii gaming consoles from a SeaTac warehouse.Investigators hope the public’s help might identify the thieves, who stole the consoles from Seattle Air Cargo, located in 19100 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive.Employees there said the theft occurred sometime between 9 p.m. Saturday and noon on Sunday, Sgt. Cindi West said in a statement.The suspects used forklifts on the premises to load up two 53-foot-long trailers and a box van with at least 64 pallets of Wii game consoles, West said.Detectives believe the suspects drove two tractor trucks to the warehouse and used forklifts inside to load up the trailers and box van with the pallets of Wii games.  Detectives estimate the value of property stolen including the vehicles is over $2 million.Both trailers are white in color and have the name “McKinney” on the side. One trailer has a California license plate number 4HB3365 with a trailer number 533457. The second has California license plate number 4EA5521 with trailer number 531841.The box van is a large International van with Seattle Air Cargo written on the doors; Seattle Air Cargo is not written on the side of the box, only the doors. The box van has Washington license plate number B40622K.Anyone with information may call the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206-296-3311 or 911 if you see any of the vehicles.

  • Sounds like a bigger loss for the insurance company than Nintendo…

  • My goodness, 7000? How do you plan on selling those without getting caught? and b) If you aren’t gonna sell them, then why the hell did you do it?

  • ByteManNeo


  • Dominic Coradazzi

    I can’t decide if the guys who did the heist were really big Nintendo fans, just wanted a shitton of money, or simply did it out of hate for Nintendo (xbox and playstation fanboys)

  • LaidbackENT

    You all probably won’t believe me, but I think there is a conspiracy to destroy Nintendo, from the misinformation around launch time about the supposed 5gb day 1 update. Certain sites choose to bash Nintendo at every turn and never consider reason. Zombie U 4.5 on gamespot really shows how out of touch these “professionals” are with every day gamers. 

    I believe these goons were contracted at this strategic time to hold back Nintendos full holiday sale potential, changing the fate of many youths on christmas day instead of opening a Wii U, they’re opening a 360. It’s just a theory.