Jul 7th, 2012

Wii U invertWhile it’s perfectly clear to most gamers that the Wii U is a new Nintendo console that continues the Wii brand, some people still find it a bit confusing. This is according to Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan, who said that there are still people out there who haven’t understood the new console, who think that the Wii U is a just the controller add-on for the original Wii.

“Out of E3 2011 we had some people that didn’t feel they understood it was a new console”, said Ryan in an interview with Mario’s Hat (yes, that’s what the site is called). Ryan added that Nintendo feels they did a good job at E3 getting the message across. However, he admitted that “there are a few comments [from people] that we get, asking if it’s a new console, but the majority get it”.

There was some initial confusion among gamers about the Wii U when it was introduced, given it has a similar name. But it appears that the vast majority of gamers know exactly what the Wii U is about. When it comes to the more casual and family gamers, Nintendo will probably have to do a bit more to get the message across, though. The company previously said that the Wii U can appeal to all people, including core gamers, casual fans, and the family as well.

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  • Mike

    Those people are probably trolls, you can’t be that retarded, just Google the damn name, is it that hard?

    • Acesonnall

      So true. I know many families that were actually able to realize that Wii U was a new console.

      The only way you can have the benefit of the doubt is if you’re younger than 6 or are very old with cognitive issues.

      Other than that, you’re stupid or are a troll.

      • Mike

        Exactly, let them name the console as they want, it’s just a name. If you aren’t completely sure what the thing is, do some research, we live in the 21st century, we aren’t cavemen anymore. What I find funny about this situation is that people were not confused about the SNES, it’s also just 1 more letter, or 1 more word. How come people understood back then that it’s a new console? I believe that people are getting dumber and dumber over time.

        • Andrew

          It may has something to do with the companies having constantly released add on equipment for the current gen. From Microsoft’s smartglass to Sony’s move to Nintendo’s balance board. It also could be that the articles by the sites bias against Nintendo keep saying the Wii U is just another Wii could confuse people who get all their game news from there.

  • Garzard

    Resisting…the urge…to say “newfags”…

  • Madara

    Do your research people! Google and Youtube have been out for how long. If you’re interested in this console, then you should have the means to access the internet and look up the information you need to end your confusion.

    • Alienfish

      If you have the means to post a comment about not understanding, then you should also have the means to look it up. Alas, I have met more than one strange idiot who surfs the internet daily and uses google, but has no idea how to ask the right question to get the right answer.

      • nintendon’t

        What’s Google? I tried googling it but I got confused…
        Also, I tried finding a video about what Youtube is on Youtube… nothing came up?!?

  • Jadnice

    Mike… not all gamers are tech sevey or feel they have to do out and find information on a new gaming console. It is Nintendo’s job to sell the product. You don’t see Apple saying “I guess there is some confusion on what the iPhone is or can do” (not a iPhone fan… just giving a valid example). They market their products and the consumer gets it.

    Nintendo is doing a piss poor job at selling the Wii U. Hell.. I am a techy and its been over a year since it was shown (E3 2011) and we still do not know its hardware specs, is full UI, its online capabilities and a host of others. Ask yourself what do we really know about the Wii U… as in concrete facts that cannot be disputed.

    • Frankensavior

      Onw thing. Nintendo doesn’t release hardware specs.

    • Mike

      We never know those things, Nintendo always release the release date, price, etc. shortly before the launch. Just look back at their other consoles.
      And how come people are confused about the Wii U, but people weren’t confused about the SNES? ”Super” doesn’t necessary mean that it’s a upgrade, it could be something like the 360 Slim or the PS3 Slim, though, people understood back then that it was a new console.

    • Andrew

      I feel if there is only one thing they made clear it is the fact that this is a new system. It understandable to have questions about anything else but that. If I am going to be something that is more than $20 I’m doing research on it. If they know how to find the Nintendo site to ask a question they can takes some time to read whats on the site.

  • Master Daddy Sir

    Can’t tell if trolling or just stupid! P.J.F

  • Jadnice

    Correction: savvy

  • Dan

    I can Laugh so hard that people didn’t get this thinking it was just an add-on LOL well the original Wii was out for so long and would be about time that they come out with a new console, how confusing is that…

  • Acid

    that orange ”U” logo with the black console looks sick! XD

    • Bob Singh

      i think it’s the original console with its colors reverted.

  • Swic11

    Ok, so not trying to hate, but this is clearly nintendos fault. The Wii branding did it all. I’m fine with the name of the console, but they should have k nown their would be confusion considering most Wii’s were sold to “casual” gamers

    • Mike

      So they can’t take a different direction with their brand once they established it as a ”casual” console?

      • Swic11

        I didn’t say that at all, I’m saying by using the wii branding, it’s confusing people such as the casual gamers

  • akalink77

    Yah…ppl can be total morons! Like once i seen this one guys comment who thot that the wii u controller was the system itself that cud play wii / u games! -_- *facepalm*

  • trainerblk

    It be clear to them when they go to a store & ask hey can i get that wii u pad for my wii & the clerk look at eacthother & laugh

    • Andrew

      I wonder how many people will get a tablet and get it home and find it does not work with their wii.

  • Wii Uoops!

    Yeah, they focused a bit much on the controller in 2011.

  • Tristan

    They should have named it something different.

    • Wii Uoops!

      I would call it the “Nintendo Gamecore”, because it’s supposed to be targeted at hardcore gamers. It has a light on its top then changes color depending on if your friends are online, you got a message, or if its turned off or on.

  • Frankensavior

    I’m assuming these moronic mass consumers also confused the Xbox 360 from the original Xbox. I think this name thing is a illogical. There is actually a court ruling with this subject in mind. A case was opened saying that consumers may confuse products in certain instances, and they ruled only an idiot would confuse products at the point of a purchase. That its no ones fault but the consumer.

  • CyanideInsanity

    People who don’t know if its a new console or not fall into a couple of categories – They are either not tech-savvy and can’t understand some relatively simple things about hardware, and idiot who can’t be bothered to do a quick search, or an idiotic fanboy who only lives in their own delusion of a fantasy, and maybe a few more.

    I don’t see how people that are interested in the wii u don’t understand that it is a new console, with new hardware. It doesn’t take much effort to do a quick google search, and yet people insist on not using one of the most valuable organs they have…

  • Shankovich

    I understand it’s the branding and all, but was it worth the risk of losing business because casuals will probably think it’s an add on? We’ll have to find out, but would it have really been that bad to call it Revolution???

  • Common Sense Giuy

    I refuse to believe that there are people that stupid who do not know the difference between Wii and Wii U but they have no problems telling the diffenrence between Xbox and Xbox 360 or they thought they went deep into the future where we went through Xbox to the Xbox 360 .

  • DerikGotro64

    Some people just can’t be helped. No matter how much you preach to a non-gamer that the wii U is a totally brand new console, they still gonna think it’s a wii just a gamepad add-on. OMG the stupidity of them all

  • Ricky Bobbby

    Can we PLEASE stop posting these ridiculous articles? How many times to we need to hear this? The same thing happened with the Wii and look what the end result was. This will be released to the public this holiday and everyone will be in a mad dash to buy it – shortages surely will ensue. Blah blah blah… the same thing that has happened at every single new console release (except the Saturn) since Jesus lost his sandles.

    Let’s move on to real news please and stop trying to get everyone’s panties in a bind…

    • deSSy2724

      WTF ur talking about? remember the release of current gen consoles? (and before that) Most analyses and rumors said: PS3 will sold about 150 mil copys, Wii only about 30 = FAILED SO MUCH!

      Remember GC? most sony fanboys/nintendo heaters said, PS2 will be much stronger = AGAIN, FAILED SO MUCH!

      So, i dont want to believe this shits again, i dont want to believe those “anonymous” rumors anymore because there is to much percent they will/can FAIL!

  • Mike

    They’ll get it when they see the price of the thing in the store, I’m sure a add-on wouldn’t cost about 250$+.

    • SanPharaoh


  • Paul

    if a video game store like gamestop, hmv, gamestation etc dont know what it is then they need to lose there jobs

    • Mike

      Nobody said retailers don’t know what it is, it’s only said that the 3 people (dramatization) that aren’t involved in gaming don’t know what it is.

  • darkfox

    Yeah people were sooo unclear when super Nintendo, came out and game boy color, then game boy advance oh yeah XBOX 360 is just a new controller right? Who is is dumb?= people who do not care about video games and will not buy them, and trolls who hate NIN, and the last group people who are supported by the other companys (G4, IGN, all video game mags) I will never watch G4 again they have talked SO MUCH trash they are supposed to be video game NEWS not talk about WII U for 5sec and dis it when they have not played it.

  • A_Lonely_Wanderer

    If you’re on a mac do: Command, option, control, 8. And then look at the picture. IT’S NORMAL!!!!!

  • john

    what’s confusing them the wii didn’t have a tablet controller, and the price at launch should clear things up. because it will cost more than the wii.

  • 3dsguy

    wii u = wii 2 simple as that that took me 0.1 of a second to work out wen first heard

  • mac

    lol cant wait till launch so i can c people attempt to pay $250+ for a controller XD. people are stupid. o yeah cause when i see a picture of the wii u and it has a system that dont look anything like the wii with a tablet controller i automatically think that only the controller is on sale -____-.

  • Manjinder

    what so unclear about it it’s a new console with a touch screen controller?

  • Joyous Killer

    Damn Canadians -_-

  • Marmor

    I still don’t like the name but isn’t more confusing than

    iPad -> iPad2 -> new iPad …