Jun 12th, 2013


Today Nintendo revealed to investors at the E3 event this year that the company is currently working on a free-to-play title, which will see release some time this fiscal year (ends Mar 2014). According to Nintendo, this new game will not be based on the Mario or Pokemon franchises. Other than that, information about this new game is scarce, but look for the game to pop up before the end of March 2014.

Which franchise do you want to see as a free to play game? Perhaps F-Zero in a similar model to how Zen Pinball 2 released additional tables? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ony

    Personaly, I hate Free 2 Play. I downloaded Zen Pinball cause it was free, and 165secs laters “BIM BAM BOOM PAY TO PLAY LOLOLOL”

    Duh D:

    • Brett Butler

      Ya, that was a lame.

    • Jon

      I don’t think that was really a free to play game though, it was more that you can get the game, play the demos of the tables and then buy the tables you want to play, over all cheaper if you only want to play a few tables and not have to pay for a full game.

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      Tank tank tank was a real free to play game

  • Brett Butler

    Easily going to be a new Megaman game for free. But they’ll accept donations. I, however, will donate $100 to play it for free.

  • DemonRoach

    MMO RPG please.

  • Superstick98

    I hope this free to play game isn’t like Zen Pinball 2 where it only lets you play for like 3 minutes and then tells you to pay. lol I guess If It’s free then why not? Heh.

  • jvccujngy

    Zelda online animal crossing or a new ip

  • Petri

    Phantasy Star Online 2, is all I really want (now, not for Christmas).

    • mojack411

      That would be amazing but let’s be realistic here.

      • Petri

        Nintendo should just rub Sega some more.
        But I guess Sony has paid for it already.

        • Andreas Sunde

          Nitendo should just buy Sega. Would make everything so much easier.

    • Ken Seymour

      That would be nice but how about the game they teased last year and we haven’t heard from since??? DRAGON QUEST X!!! Where is it!!!

      • Petri


      • mojack411

        Oh, that would also be very nice.

    • sdmac200600

      I think it’s only on Vita sadly πŸ™

      • Petri

        I think it was planned on PS3, and Android too.

    • Superstick98

      That would be great! (Btw does anybody else see how much MONEY is on that users eshop profile?! o.O

  • RyuNoHadouken

    its gonna be a whack party game

  • Jason Matias

    SAVE IT NINTENDO!! If your asking 20$ fir a DLC (Luigi Bros. U) i dont even want to imagine what garbage yall gonna put out fir free! ( and like always, with the vague deadlines, wich im sure it will not even be met)

    • mojack411

      Well considering that “DLC” is the length of the original game that cost $60, I would say that’s a pretty good deal O.o

      • Johny

        yeah its how dlc should be done

      • Jason Matias

        Lol yeah you think that if it makes you feel better about getting raped by nintendo, like we been since the launch of this “console”

      • Magiphart

        The levels are significantly shorter.

      • greengecko007

        If you think $20 DLC to play the same game as a different character is a good deal, I can’t wait to hear what you think of real DLC from CoD or The Elder Scrolls. $15-20 for 40+ hours of NEW content. That, is DLC done right.

        • Mochlum

          You do realize it is 80 new levels? I barely even care that Luigi is in it, I want to play a ton of new levels.

          • greengecko007

            You do realize it is the same 80 levels slightly altered? If you want it, go ahead, you have every right to play it and enjoy it. But if you are getting it thinking it has all new levels, you may want to reconsider.

          • Mochlum

            Dude, they’re not slightly altered. They’re completely new. Have you seen many of the videos for it? Sure, the overworld is the same, but all the levels are new.

          • greengecko007

            “Gamers can enjoy alternate versions of all the original stages in the game”

            The worlds and levels are the same, with some differences in the level design such as more enemies, and some stages start with only 100 seconds left on the timer.


          • Mochlum

            I think when they say “altered” they mean new levels just in the same world and spot, not slightly different. I guess we’ll just find out in a week or so.

        • Michael Jurado

          Please the fact that you even mentioned CoD nullifies any argument you had and sends it straight into the fan boy pile

          • greengecko007

            Please the fact that you didn’t even give any substantial reasoning or evidence nullifies any argument you had and sends it straight into the fanboy pile.

            You’re either biased against FPS games, or you’ve never played CoD.

          • Michael Jurado

            Well it’s not that I don’t like FPS I’m actually waiting for half life 3 and I like borderlands 2 that’s a FPS that actually took time too make but the DLC is bull shit in that game I’ve spent about 120$. That’s the game + 3 DLC’s +2 characters not too mention I’m missing 1 more and even with all of the dlc combined ive hardly even hit 15hrs playing every last mission the only thing keeping the game going is the loot system -.- so no I’m not biased towards FPS I just like my games made with quality not rush turds like call of duty …. For fuck sake the game has shit in its title

          • greengecko007

            Borderlands 2 is great, but to be fair, nobody made you buy the DLCs for it. It’s not essential to enjoy the game at all. DLC is extra content meant to increase the lasting appeal of a game, although some games have given DLC as bad name in the past by releasing incomplete stories (FF13-2, Mass Effect 3). But ultimately it’s up to you, the consumer, to decide what is and isn’t worth your money.

            Now that you have actually explained yourself, I do retract my statement about you being biased against FPS games. However, you have to understand that CoD is a very casual game. It’s a pick up and play FPS game. It doesn’t require the mastery over game mechanics that some shooters do, and is primarily played at a faster pace. It’s perfectly ok to not like the series.

            But Activision does in fact do a good job at releasing new content as DLC for the CoD games. New maps and guns add a lot of new gameplay elements, that are all optional and not required. It’s also worth noting that not a single CoD game has had disc locked content on it used as DLC. This means that after the game is released, developers continue to develop new modes for players, and release them as DLC, rather than expecting players to dish out $60 again.

          • Michael Jurado

            Yeah your right about borderlands no one made me buy … With all the money they’ve made off people I better see a 3 coming soon lol

            As far as CoD goes despite it not being my cup of tea you cannot deny its sales so although it pains me too say it they are doing something right and I believe that’s the multiplayer

          • Jamin Daniell

            everybody has played CoD. if you’ve played one, you’ve played ’em all. the point is, we don’t find thrill in slapping a new title on the same game over and over and then paying $60 to run around shooting people in the face and blowing them to smithereens we like strategic, challenging, fun games that differentiate themselves from past installments.

          • greengecko007

            Each game offers new game modes, new ways to play, new stories and campaigns, new guns with new stats, more customization, and upgraded mechanics. Once again, if you don’t like CoD, that’s perfectly fine. But played one CoD you’ve played them all isn’t true.

            By the way

            Strikeforce Missions – strategy

            Changeable difficulty settings – challenging

            And obviously, fun is entirely subjective.

      • Clel

        I feel like this DLC shouldn’t even be called that. It should be called an ‘expansion’, because DLC is supposed to feel like it was meant to be in the game since the beginning.

        • greengecko007

          DLC just stands for Downloadable Content. Some people argue that DLC shouldn’t exist because it should be in the game in the first place. In reality, if that were the case, the game may never come out at all. The game would forever be in production, adding more content. Where do you draw the line between DLC and sequels? Should sequels be given out for free because they are also continuations of stories?

          • SmarterThanYou

            Nope. DLC is just garbage a bunch of retards put together after the fact to make a quick buck (The Taxidermist from Heavy Rain for example). A sequel is a real game with a real story and had thought put into its development.

          • greengecko007

            So you agree that Super Luigi U is terrible? Careful with that opinion. Judging by our downvotes, people think we are “trolling”.

          • Mochlum

            So just because many games have horrible DLC, doesn’t mean all games do…

          • SmarterThanYou

            Yes, it does.

          • Mochlum

            With that logic, all Americans are fat idiots, all British people are extremely fancy, all black people are criminals, all Canadians are jolly and kind, and all rich people are evil douches. Cuz if one stereotype is always true, then all of them must always be true!

          • SmarterThanYou

            Nope. Because people aren’t downloaded.

          • Mochlum
          • SmarterThanYou

            in other words, I’m above the point.

    • Joey Perez

      its actually a full size game…

    • Michael Jurado

      So 82 levels custom made for luigi for 20$ is bad? Yet 5 maps and a few guns for the same price is good??? How about you get your head out of your ass sir

      • thedeciderU


      • greengecko007

        I think you may be uninformed of what Super Luigi U is. It is a DLC that features alternate versions of the pre-existing NSMBU levels and allows you to play as Luigi.

        Also, if you are referring to CoD DLC when you say “5 maps and a few guns for the same price”, it isn’t the same price. CoD DLC is $14.99…

        • Michael Jurado

          You forget to mention you get to play as the nabbit a character whom previously was a bad guy thus giving him full immunity too all the enemies on the screen so 80 revamped levels and a new character also yes levels have 100sec time limit but guess what that’s how you get replay value out of a character with a new move set yes believe it or not luigi jumps higher and farther than Mario and in a Mario side scroller a character with new jumps means whole new possibilities and with a small time limit it means you’ll be coming back to re test your skills with Luigi. So despite how you feel about it 80+ levels redesigned for Luigi and a new character for 19.99 is a terrific deal

      • Jason Matias

        Hey dumb ass, when the fuck have i said anything about CoD, i dont give 3 shyts about FPS either if i did i wouldve stuck with PS3 instead of buying garbage U, my point is nintendo is ripping its gamers off, luigi u was just one of the many examples about it, they are just pretty much telling us “we just dont give a fuck no more, but its ok because u dumb fucks will throw ur money away on anythin with put our nintendo logo” example: wii fit trainer new character on SSB are u fucking kidding me?!!!

        • Michael Jurado

          Clearly you’ve never played wii fit lol you mad cuz we have a character that actually lifts brah??? All jokes aside you are insane if you think wii fit trainer is worse than mr. Game and watch or R.O.B again get your head out of your ass sir!!!!

          • Jason Matias

            Lol u really justifying the wii fit trainer? Lol u just made my point, lol

          • Michael Jurado

            dayum jason you can’t even read XD i said all jokes aside

  • Lusunup

    My guess is they are referring to tank tank tank we you can play the game for a limited time but is still free.

    • Paul

      their referring to a new game…one thats not currently out…from them

      • Lusunup

        Most of you misunderstood me.. I know their referring about the new games but I brought up tank tank tank as example of a free game…

  • Christopher Acuna

    Dragonquest X?

  • Pikachief

    Im hoping for animal crossing or metroid.

    Well really i just want PSO2 lol

  • bizzy gie

    The Swapper!!

  • Magiphart

    Something obscure that won’t get much attention; seriously, I don’t like free to play. I’m glad their protecting PokΓ©mon’s sanctity at least.

  • Paul

    F Zero would be interesting. What Nintendo franchise best suits Free To Play(besides mario and pokemon)?

    • Arthur Jarret

      MMO battallion wars?

      Earthbound online?

      Startropics Universe?


      Chibi robo 3: Clean China

      Something in the excite, wave race or 1080 series?


      • Noteak

        I would love another Battallion Wars, it would work so well with the gamepad.

        • Arthur Jarret

          Me too. I also just thought of something:

          Animal crossing would make A LOT of sense as a free to play game. Since this is a game that requires everyday play – and it effectively limits what you can do in one day:

          Having a Gamecube-esque daily limit of stuff to do in town that can be crossed by paying for it (i.e. real money to pay for a train ticket to the much larger city where there are more shops, other real players running around and more dig spots, fishing spots – and different wildlife entirely) would make sense.

          Then again – I really dislike games that want me to keep paying to keep enjoying or finish it: So I hope it’s a new IP

  • Clel

    I love the E-shop’s interface. You see a bunch of colorful, happy mario characters, it’s all light and happy. On to next item…


  • Magnus Eriksson

    I have a feeling it will be a Chess game or Tic Tac Toe game.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I doubt that.

  • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

    A successor to Prime Hunters maybe?

  • Harley

    STAR FOX…!

  • Nintendofreak

    well its free so dont hate it if turns to be some kind of checkers

  • MetroidZero

    My Hard Drive is ready…

    Not really…Have to delete ZombiU and Resident Evil: Revelations demos first.


    • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

      I got a 1TB one for 50€. That should be less than 50$ πŸ˜‰

      • MetroidZero

        If you could provide a link, I would appreciate it! Been looking for an AC-Powered External Hard Drive with at least 100GB.

        • Andreas Sunde

          I’d be surprised if yiu can even find an AV powered external HDD that small. You should get at least 1T, so it lasts long.

  • Mark Nie

    Whatever happened to Ghost Recon Online btw?

    • Noteak

      I was looking forward too that but I heard they stopped developing it for the wii u and are just working on the pc version

      • Andreas Sunde

        They are finishing the pc version, then they will continue on the U version.

  • andrewjcole

    Maybe none and they will do something new. Doubt it.

  • david daniel wharton camacho
    • Jon

      You are signer #2 [?]

    • Edward

      I signed it and was number 6

      • david daniel wharton camacho

        we need to get to 1000 quick so ubisoft thinks they’ll sell well…. πŸ™

        • Petri

          1000 signs on petition does nothing, you need those 1000 people bombing ubisofts twitter and facebook accounts.
          Same with squeenix.
          I still cant fathom where they got that “overwhelming” demand for Deus Ex HR DR from ps360 gamers.

          Edit: I think there was quite few signs on Tomb Raider for Wii U petition, but I guess that was not a demand?

          • david daniel wharton camacho

            i do want tomb rider

  • Schultz38

    DOTA Nintendo style anyone? lol

  • peeer

    Unless they don’t give the same kind of play restrictions as with Zen Pinball, I won’t even bother trying.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Imagine if Nintendo got together with Valve to make TF2 on Wii U. Just think of the promotions!

    • Andre’ D’Arcy

      Hats, Hats everywhere

      • Andreas Sunde

        Not just any hats, either. Mario! Luigi! Toad! Samus! Cpt. Falcon! Link! Miyamoto head! Reggie as playble carachter!

  • Ghenry Perez

    “Perhaps F-Zero in a similar model to how Zen Pinball 2 released additional tables?”

    Yeah, in my dreams. I would be ALL OVER THAT, though.

  • $41809923

    chess would be good but like to see battalion wars 3 for wii u

  • The-Master

    Well, Sony started to make them on Consoles, but Microsoft said they weren’t really interested, would that mean World of Tank would not be free? I’m confused… Their PRs are just misleading.

  • diqus sucks

    maybe a game like planetside 2 or something. one typically not seen on arcade machines

  • $41809923

    just heard that it could be star fox free to play game that would be nice

  • adit

    The nintendo is as old as me, i was introdyced to nintendo product when i was 4, Game and Watch, when i was 5 my father bought me nes. My generation was known as nintendo generation, i’m 30 now alrrady have 2 adorable kids. In my age i’m still playing games, but only to fill my spare times with the kids, it’s good to know that nibtendo is still focusing on kids titled game. For the online multiplayer they shouldnt lose from this grip, a games where the 30 ages will play with their kids, and dont lose any progress when they dont play it extensively

    • Zeldatrek

      You’re over 100 years old?!? How were the handafuda cards back in the day compared to now?

  • Edward

    Online Nintendo Sports would be nice. Imagine Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort upgraded with online support and high scores or leagues. They could do a lot with those games. If I could bowl online with friends or start a league that would be awesome.

    • Edward

      Golf could have 18 holes, different courses and rankings. In Boxing we could have rankings and belt holders (you got to rise up the rankings by winning to get a shot at the titleholders). Tennis could be the same way different places to play tennis (Clay, Grass or whatever). Baseball you could make teams and play vs other peoples teams you could have batting avgs and pitching avgs. Many possibilities. Bowling could be just leagues at the bowling alley or just one match if you want. You could have averages on how many games you play.

      • Andre’ D’Arcy

        It would be awesome to have an open-world Wuhu island game where you can explore the island as your Mii online with others and go to the buildings to play sports

  • klenko

    New Earthbound? Am I the only one wanting a comeback from the series?

    • Jeffery02

      I’d love a Mother comeback. I can’t say that I want THIS game to be that comeback though. A free-to-play Mother/Earthbound game would have me worried for what parts we’d have to pay for.

  • ItzameyaToad

    Im not sure what I would want. I don’t want something that requires purchasing items to be fun like most free to play games. A great example of how to do the free to play would maybe be the way Microsoft did Happy Wars.I think it would be cool to see something similar to Happy Wars but maybe have more realistic graphics and make it be like a Samurai war game or something where teams of people fight a war with other teams to control areas of a map and have clothes and other clothing items able to be bought from a in game store to customize your character!

  • LunarNinja

    What about a port of Maple Story to Wii U?

  • palomino blue

    Mine Sweeper

  • Jecko

    Nintendo are a complete joke!!!
    The Wii launched with a free game,Zelda and a year later had Super Mario Galaxy which was awesome!!
    The Wii U launched with no free game,no new Wii sports game,no Zelda and the big AAA launch game was a rehash of Mario Bros Wii but with just HD?LOL
    And a year later the big new Mario game is just ANOTHER REHASH of Mario Bros on the 3ds?WTF!!!
    So in one year Nintendo you have made 2 Mario rehashes?LMFAO!!
    With Mario Kart and Smash Bros and Zelda not arriving till mid next year the Wii U is finished!!!

    • Maxid765

      Go scream all your Doom and Gloom elsewhere. The Wii U is no where near finished. YOU just want nintendo to fail

    • Shaise Mughal

      get off this website hater

    • Nolan ArchLord

      Deluxe version has a free game. It rules by the way.

    • SmarterThanYou

      When the Playstation 3 launched, it didn’t have a good title until Bioshock was ported over, along with Bioshock 2. It’s first title that was not ported over from another console that was any good was Bioshock Infinite. Everything else on the PS3 sucks, yet it did perfectly fine.

    • Joseph Barrentine

      Oh, it’s like how every year there is a call of duty re-hash and a Battlefield rehash and another Assassin’s Creed re-hash…

  • C.S. Bailey

    I see an Animal Crossing game…….

  • Sora Morp