Dec 26th, 2012

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Nintendo announced just a few months ago it was no longer publishing Nintendo Power Magazines. Well, it looks like Nintendo Force will be taking its place and picking up where the longtime magazine series left off. They have been building a team since the original announcement that Nintendo Power would no longer be in business and they are promising the entire selection of content that the original magazine offered. You can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook as well.

This is not run by Nintendo itself, but a group that thought it was a shame to see the magazine end. I don’t know about you all but I am really pumped for this and glad somebody took up the challenge to carry the torch. We luck out as consumers because it looks like they put together a really great team. Nintendo Force is expected to launch in January and 100% of their first issues earning will be donated to charity.

We wish them success and hope they can keep the ball rolling. Let us know how you feel in the comment section below.


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  • Even though it will take time to get used to the title, i’m glad they didn’t just pick up on the Nintendo Power name……hopefully it will be just as awesome as Nintendo Power has been….

  • MetroidZero

    Wii —-> Wii U

    Nintendo Power —-> Nintendo Force

    • Th3PANO

      what the fuck is wrong with you. it is one month old rofl. and i like it already more then wii. are u trolling?

      • Nintendude

        I’m pretty sure he isn’t saying that the Wii is better than Wii U… I think he is saying that Wii is to Wii U while Nintendo Power is to Nintendo Force.

        • Th3PANO

          sorry for that, i guess i reacted a little too fast 🙁

          • Kaleb Taylor


      • Linskarmo

        I believe those are arrows and I have the same interpretation as Nintendude.

    • Weraru


  • Linskarmo

    I hope it’s a wonderful and popular magazine.

  • Justin Gray

    sign me up!

  • Game Master

    When dose Nintendo Force go on saile?

  • Jeffery02

    I will probably pick this up for the first year. Depending on that, I may stay or give up on it. Don’t let me down, and you’ll have my money for years to come. 🙂

  • Revolution5268

    don’t mock the power…of the force, NINTENDO FORCE!!!

    • CheckItNow12 AtScratch

      Use the (Nintendo) Force, Luke!

  • john

    I’ll need to see the first title page before I can determine whether it’s worthy.

  • Hunthe Universe

    They should send out a trial issue so that people don’t have to waste money if they don’t like it.

  • Ryan Saunders

    This just made my day. Nintendo fans can be so awesome when they band together. This is getting an instant submission from me. I was devastated when Nintendo Power announced it’s cancellation, and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was affected by the news in that way.

  • Nintendo power stopped this year, nintendo force takes over next year. I envy the USA for that, official nintendo magazine (for Benelux at least) stopped nearly 20 years ago  🙁 and even now unofficial nintendo only magazines don’t exist in the Benelux or if they do they are pretty much impossible to find 🙁

    • WillWare

      Which is why Nintendo Force is also being offered digitally.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    OH YES!! I knew there had to be a successor to Nintendo Power!

  • I Can’t Think of a Name

    Nintendo (Tri)Force Magazine! I like it!

  • fireheartis1

    Is this going to be a Subcription only magazine, or will it be in stores as well?  I used to just buy my Nintendo Power magazines at the Walmart I work for, but if this is Subscription only I will most diffinatly subscribe to this magazine.  I can’t wait to see how awesome this magazine is going to be.

  • cory m

    i have only one issue of nintendo power magazine i found in a thrift store and it has a full walk through for oracle of seasons and the first two dungeons of oracle of ages oh and the third mario party game for N64 

  • chronicthrone

    my body is reggie!!!

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    I wish they did it for Nintendo Gamer magazine (UK unofficial nintendo magazine, best and funniest magazine in history)