Apr 2nd, 2014


EDIT: According to a few sources, the news is Mario Kart 8 related. IGN’s Jose Otero had this to say on a Neogaf forum: “Sorry about that everyone. It’s just Mario Kart 8 you guys. Hype should still be justified. That is all.” That’s a promising statement, saying that the hype is justified. We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

In a very cryptic tweet, IGN hinted that there would be big news for Nintendo fans later tonight. What this means, we can’t be sure. Here is the tweet in its entirety:

Twitter   IGN  If you re a Nintendo fan  you ...

While we’re not quite sure what this means yet, there are plenty of assumptions we can make. It could be an incoming Nintendo Direct. Maybe an announcement of a new Nintendo Land game. Maybe they’ve decided to release Smash Brothers tomorrow! Either way, we at WiiUDaily will keep you updated as best we can, and will report to you as soon as we hear anything.

What do you think this tweet is about? IGN has plenty of resources and contacts in order to obtain their information, so it’s a safe bet that this is something significant. Let’s hear what you have to think below!

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  • No idea what this could be about… I have class at 8 AM, but I can stay up just a little longer…

    • Mitch Hall

      Oh hey, I wasn’t even aware that you contributed articles. How long has that been going on?

      • rp17

        Since December… And haven’t you noticed the weekly Zorpix Den?

      • as rp17 said, quite a while now 😛 I have my own weekly article. You should give it a read if you like!

        • Mitch Hall

          Yeah, I definitely will. Guess I just haven’t noticed because I usually don’t look to see who writes each article. 😛

          Still, mad props for becoming a contributor! (Even though I’m a bit late to congratulate you.)

          • Any congrats is a good one! Thank you :3

    • Stephen Davis

      do we know what it is yet?

      • we do now! Articles are up

    • Nintendofreak

      knowing ign….

      • Nah, they’re usually pretty decent

    • kevin nun—-

      April Fools..

      • I guess it was. a bit overblown, like usual, but great, great, great trailer. haven’t been hyped for a mario kart game since MK64 and this one I just need to get =)

        • Michael Hancock

          Diddy Kong Racing is still better.

          • don’t hate me, but I didn’t like it. I don’t know why, I just wasn’t really into it. I loved Rares games, but I guess I’m too stuck on the idea that a fun racer needs to be a Mario Kart. Maybe I’m just conservative 🙂
            I even do understand, that DKR was better balanced, offered better challenge and had quite a good gamedesign. MK64 looked like a Indiegame compared to that. Still, I just was more into MK, especially iwhen it comes to MP.
            Actually what I liked about MK64 was how glitchy it was. you could find strange ways to move along the tracks that wouldn’t be able in modern games as everything got so polished later on. I know it’s a strange reason, but that actually added a lot of charm to many games in the end of the 1990ies.

          • rp17

            I know what you mean. For games like Super Metriod or Mario 64, things that would be considered game breaking glitches today, were amazing shortcuts back then.

          • yeah, games felt completely different back in these days. Could also work that way with low budget indie-titles or something like that, but they don’t have such a huge audience like M64 has had back then. Not sure if anyone knows Starsiege Tribes here, but that used to be one of my all time favorite PC games at the end of the 90ies. It literally lived from some very fun behavior that got discovered later on, called skiing which let you jump any hill down gaining amazingly much speed which turned into some gamechanging gameplay element for that game which actually never got fixed but pushed. In Tribes 2 skiing was already an official gameplay element. At that time, playing games really felt completely different than today. Wouldn’t say everything was better, but sometimes it was just really cool to discover aspects of games that weren’t really planned from the designer but still did at least some job.

          • Nintenjoe82

            I think you’re in the minority. I definitely stopped playing MK64 because of DKR but never went back to Diddy after finishing it and played MK64 last night.

          • Mr Ninty

            after 10years of playing DKR i finally figured out that if you release the A button before you go on a speedtile you get an extra boost. so i finally beat wizpig for the first time. but i dont want to defeat him a second time, because its hard and i dont want to lose the never finished game because its a symbol now

          • SP-937-215

            DKR was better for single player, MK for multi.

      • greengecko007

        I have reached a whole new level of hype now. It’s a good thing this is coming out after classes are over. That rainbow road track though is beautiful!

      • Matthew Nunez

        It could be, but I think it will be another trailer. They wouldn’t release this before the “big news”. Maybe Kirby for Mario Kart?

      • There was a new trailer released last night. Video article is up! 😀

      • The Clockwork Being

        This looks gorgeous and the items seem to be a lot of fun!

  • Dan

    Well I’m glad I’m on spring break so I can see this news! Sorry to everyone who still has class.

  • Nintendofreak

    barely got back from work, i stay awake till 3 anyway n go to class at 10 am

  • Lophs

    Menopause Kong is joining Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

    • Nintendofreak

      here you go

  • Tj Reed

    Iwata stepping down? New Zelda news?

  • JB

    Zorpix, burning the midnight oil. That’s dedication right there! Lol

    • I saw the tweet and had to jump on it XD

  • lilmc01

    Its actually Mario Kart 8 news, earlier GameXplain tweeted this

    Our Mario Kart 8 coverage is almost here–keep an eye out for it later tonight! pic.twitter.com/qMK9M9udTz— GameXplain (@GameXplain) April 3, 2014

    • rp17

      lol at the same exact time

      • lilmc01

        Oh wow, yep.

  • rp17

    Odd, GameXplain said something similar on their Facebook page…

    “Our Mario Kart 8 coverage is almost here–keep an eye out for it later tonight!”

  • Magnus Eriksson

    This is it… they are pulling the plug on Wii U and is about to announce a new console. Kind of sad, but its probably for the best. My guess is that they will release Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros on the new one instead, and it kind of make sense. Well, im not buying it. I was tricked one too many times by Nintendo, so I learnt my lesson.

    • Michael Hancock

      The Wii U is still worth it for “X”. When this shit drops, just glue the console shut. 400+ hours easy, by yourself. If it turns out to be an MMORPG, 4000+ hours of some of the best damn gameplay you will ever experience.

    • Stephen Davis

      Oh gosh I never thought of that, that would suck. Cause I really like the WIIU even though it is kind of been a sinking ship with lack of 3rd party support and all. I hope thats not the case. I hope your wrong.

    • Nintenjoe82

      The sad thing is that the children reading this take it seriously. I’ve heard it’s called a Wii Ya and is compatible with Ouya

      • SP-937-215

        Oh god no.

    • SP-937-215

      “I was tricked one too many times by Nintendo, so I learnt my lesson.”

      You know… I keep saying that too, but damned if I don’t buy a fuckin’ console every go around. They always trick me with the awesome potential of the machine, then they never live up to it. Wankers.

  • C.S. Bailey

    Is this a west coast thing or what? 0034 where I am right now, and there’s nothing on IGN’s actual site.

  • Doctors Tardis

    It’s mario kart. Other press outlets have already said as much. All the respected games sites know it already.

  • Stephen Davis

    how late?

  • Black leg sanji

    im on ign i see nothing??

  • anthony optimo

    Wii U is more than adequate, FIFA 13 still looks better than any of the other console versions. Nintendo should keep this console up and running, pulling the plug on the Wii U would be a defeatist approach. Nintendo will prove the naysayers wrong by pushing the Wii U hardware with excellent second/third generation Nintendo quality games.

    • matt

      Fifa on wiiu look amazing and they didn’t even max wiiu out the sport games on ps4 ect are crap and graphically just average madden anyone.

      • anthony optimo

        Precisley, that is another one of the things that really gripes me about the third party developer mentality, for example, if 3rd party developers played to each console’s strength and weaknesses, we as a community of gamers, across all platforms would be happier customers. Games like FIFA 13 could have been better on the Wii U graphically, if EA took a little longer trying to figure out the Wii U instead of porting it from the PS3 and XB360. It’s like a waste of their talent, and EA is scared to shine bright. This is why I learned to like Nintendo all over again, they are like the Apple of Japan, who, like apple, can be a secretive group when need be. This approach can be frustrating to us as consumers and other media types but the end product is one of true Nintendo quality.

        I feel like Nintendo is experimenting with something really special behind those R&D doors, maybe hologram technology to by pass that gimmicky and cumbersome VR headset. What ever it is, I hope they push the Wii U to its absolute limit.

      • james

        Graphics on PS4/Xbox One are better than Wii U, lets at least keep it real. I love Wii U but lets keep it honest at least.

        • matt

          wiiu has better graphics so far and yes ive played second son…

      • matthew garcia

        And your on pcp lol

    • matthew garcia

      Ha lol your on crack

      • anthony optimo

        Take ones to spot another

  • Stephen Davis

    Maybe EA is announcing BF4 for WIIU or Star Wars Battlefront early release for WIIU with special feature gamepad mechanics or Watch dogs. Ubisoft had a change of heart due to the feedback been getting…what could it be. Am I getting warmer?

  • They’re buying Capcom.

    • matthew garcia

      Cooking Mama U lol

    • Shane Michaels


  • Stephen Davis

    Steam on WIIU. thats what it is. yep.

  • RedChu

    I’ll bet it’s video demonstration of the new track editor.

    • Dagehon


      • RedChu

        Oh how I hate to be wrong.

  • Stephen Davis

    Oh I figured it out. Iwata is going to either leave or fired from nintendo. Yea that it. Too bad. Like the guy but too many empty promises and a little outdated thinking on his practices in analyzing the market.

    • Old School

      This ^

      These idiots should have been advertising Mario Kart 8 for months like crazy to entice people that don’t own Nintendo products.

      Mario Kart is a serious console seller and they haven’t been taking advantage of it. They are too cheap to advertise much on TV so Nintendo direct it is lol


      Would be nice to finally see something about battle mode. Battle is huge and they have been letting fans down

  • Stephen Davis

    Wait what if its Nintendo breaking out of the hardware business. No more exclusives ect. Becoming only software company? that would be hard blow to the chest.

  • Bob Charlie

    Mario Kart will be delayed.

  • swampcat1

    kart 8 beta or demo id die!! 😀
    they should itd sell wii u’s like crazy

  • Capt. Smoker

    Claims its big news, leaves me a devasted wreck

  • LukeMM95

    I’d be happy if it was just a release date for Bayonetta 2.

  • Looks like its the same quality of Nintendonews we got most of the past 1 1/2 yrs. Huge expectations that turn out to be NOTHING AT ALL ;D

    • garf02

      hyped by IGN, you are the special retarded kind right :3

      • any reason attacking other users? apart from the fact that admins on these boards give a shit about it? have a nice day.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Its nothing to cwre about, its probably not even his own fault. People who never got loved doesnt know how to show it to others. You should feel sorry for him.

          • I do 🙂 I just feel the need to comment the administrators ignorance covering people like him. Wouldn’t wonder if they’d erase my comments again, like usually, when I’m comolaining about users calling me an idiot & cocksucker. It’s really weird. As weird as the fact, that I just keep coming back to this page, not because of the quality of its articles or the actuality of the news but because … of the disqus integration ;D
            commenting on Nintendolife for instance doesn’t really make any sense at all 🙂

  • LukeMM95

    Looks like it was just Mario Kart 8 stuff. Oh well…

  • Its goint to be VGX13 all over again… “Durr yeah, we are very proud to tell you, that there is another character coming to mk8. CRANKY KONG! yay you guys!”

  • domahman

    breaking news!!! nintendo wii U will come in another color…stay tuned and stay up! just give me zelda and shut the F up.

  • oontz
  • Rocky Math

    It’s Mario Kart 8 here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zVy6QO0Umg

    • Wooopigsooie

      Interesting… So why is it when he switches to off tv play does it still show split screen? Shouldn’t it be just the racer w/ the gamepad being displayed? I can’t imagine people would actually play split screen multiplayer on the gamepad alone.

  • oontz
    • My god that course is beautiful. Can’t wait to knock all the other players off into the city below!

  • oontz

    It look like wiiudaily writers DIDN’T stay up! 😛

  • Smartphone World
  • Con

    Something I learned being a Nintendo fan. And thats to NEVER EVER GET YOUR HOPES UP!

  • Googs

    They really need to stop doing this, they could have avoided hyping this up too much by saying something like: ‘Some cool Nintendo news coming up later tonight, nothing too major’. Saying that we should stay up tonight is going a little bit too far tbh.

  • sharlo galmo

    Confirmed that it is mariokart 8, but why it is big news hmmmmmm? Maybe it launch realy about two week? If they do that, Nintendo gonna make a lot of peeps happy! !!

    • oontz

      it still launches the end of may.

      • sharlo galmo

        I now that but i hope that big news is a early release, you never know.

        • matthew garcia

          What if it’s the opposite and its delayed

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Aww still no Nintendo direct!? Just one more X trailer before e3 please!

  • Tim Hart

    fire tv has more power then wii u…WTF ?!!

    • Decker Shado

      Okay, I just looked up the Fire TV specs, and…. how?

      Fire TV has a quad-core 1.7ghz ARM processor. Nice numbers, way slower than the x86 in the twins and laughable compared to Wii U’s PowerPC architecture.

      The Qualcomm Adreno 320 GPU is about 400ghz, while Wii U’s at 550ghz. Haven’t found the info on deeper details, but it still doesn’t look to be in Fire TV’s favor.

      ….where the heck did someone say that it was even close to as powerful as a Wii U, let alone more powerful? Unless the fact that it’s more powerful than a 360, and for some reason people still think the Wii U is less powerful than that… maybe then… but it’s painfully outclassed here.

      • The XBOX 360 is more powerful than this cellphone processor and GPU found in the Amazon FireTV.

        • Decker Shado

          Eh, I was trying to give the GPU the benefit of the doubt.. oh well.

          • Oh I am sure it will be very capable of doing things your phone or tablet can do just on a big screen. Basically Android Games and Apps. Amazon is trying to be the Ouya and AppleTV all in one. Maybe for some that is worth it

    • If you are serious then you are not very bright. It may have more cores and a higher clock frequency but it is not even remotely close to being as powerful as the Wii U. Just like the 8 core XBOX One and PS4 are easily outperformed by a modest quad core mid-range PC.

      • Tim Hart


  • Jon

    Soooo… what was the new in the end… I don’t see anything about it MK8 announcements…. unless the news is on April 3… but then that wouldn’t go with the “later tonight”

    • starwars360

      Hmmm… Now I same boat as you. We confused now. Mario Kart 8 got ton of news in morning and afternoon today.

  • starwars360

    I guess WiiUdaily staffs sleeping at moment since different time. So it is not surprises tonight but ton of surprises for MK 8 update news today.

    Shy Guy coming!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • starwars360

    SHY GUY is playable in MK 8!!! :):):)

  • Jonathan Dogey

    Maybe mario kart 8 will be released early

  • Smartphone World
    • Zuxs13

      the nokia 930 was announced yesterday and looks nothing like the images on the page you posted

  • Mayoo

    News is : Nintendo just looked at the date and will develop something that is 2013+ technology.

  • Commander Raichu

    if you guys want to know the new stuff in mario kart they announced

    2 new items piranha plant and boomerang

    return of lakitu, metal mario, and shy guy

    other older courses are moo meadows and n64 rainbow road!

    it is also confirmed that there are 2 new items an 8 and a cannon from 3d world we dont know what theyll do until Nintendo announces them

    heres the comparison for rainbow 64 and 8


  • Kinhas

    europe or america timezone?

  • Sam

    They finally bought SEGA.

  • SuperUltramagnus

    some announcement for Zelda games?!?!? or upgrade to the wii u game pad! battery life or a next version of that so you can plug in ur ds/ 3ds in wii u!

  • NintendoMan

    Mario Kart 8 news.

  • thedeciderU

    there’s a new stamp in sm3dw

  • brian

    Welp, it’s the 3rd. No news. IGN lied.

  • Squid

    Do you people not remember that website saying a game that’s not Starfox or Fzero will be announced in April?

  • brian

    Uh, comments deleted? I said… no announcement. IGN was wrong.

  • Jonathan Dogey

    What was it?

  • Rodger_Ramjet

    Maybe purchasing Sega, platinum, capcom? Heck, Nintendo can buy them all and Sony if they wanted