Nov 14th, 2012

If you’re still unsure about some of Wii U’s many features, Nintendo has released a 15-minute video walkthrough with Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen, who explains features such as Miiverse, the Nintendo Network, the new web browser, and Wii U hardware in general. We’re sure you know most of this, but it’s still interesting to see a complete breakdown of the features from Nintendo themselves.

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  • eli

    mwa ha ha!

    • AKA-Link77

      was that the motal combat laugh?

  • Nintendomination

    4 days….

    • Noteak

      For you (Nintendomination) I have to wait till Christmas for my parents to give me it:(

      • Eli


        • Mr. Blobby

          eh? How does getting the wii u bought for him make him spoiled?

          • Nin

            Because it’s 300$ ?

          • Michael

            Because his parents are buying him a $250 Christmas gift? Maybe…

          • Johny

            1st world problems:
            “life is so hard…lucky you guys! i have to wait for about a month so i get my 350$ Wii U for free :'(”
            thats why

      • Lord Carlisle

        I had a similar experience with Skyward Sword.

      • afroninja

        me too i cant wait im so gonna just sit and count the minutes… Im 11

      • ILUVWIIU

        my parents are gonna give it to me when it comes out yay! 🙂

        • Melee

          you lucky bastard!

      • Kirbymon123

        😛 i have to wait until they have a new shipment in Feb

        • ssb4 3dsFC3007 8585 6950

          oh. I feel sorry for u.

          • Kirbymon123

            Yeah…. So do I.. Sooooo doooo I.

        • Elite

          I had this experience with the wii. I was 16 at the time. Bought Twilight princess in November and it just sat on the counter for 3 months till i got my wii.

      • rz6

        To bad the world is ending dec. 21st

        No wii u for U

        • TheUNation

          The world ending December 21st? Yeah… right. Don’t believe what you read in Scientology class.

          • Michael

            Pretty sure it was a joke. Plus, scientology’s way crazier than that.

        • Superrty

          But that is where you are mistaken my friend (not really, i don’t know any of you). The waves or earthquake or whatever is supposed to kill us will see the awesomeness of the Wii U and stop killing us to play it.

          The End

      • Destructonation

        Hmmmmm. My birthday is the 2nd of december, so I wait two days like with skyward sword. I think it was two days wait.

    • BLACK OPS 2?

      where can i get a bigger hard drive? and how much storage did the Wii have?

      • zonda777

        Look around on Amazon or eBay. They have some cheap ones with high memory amounts.

        • Melee

          eBay is da shit (good shit)

  • Madmagican

    glad to have some more info on this

  • Nintendomination

    14:03… why???

    • TheCruzKing

      lol im wondering the same thing

      • TheCruzKing

        of course im watching it without sound* ^

    • NintendoMan :D

      Nintendo seems to like fruit. Awhile back Iwata was holding bananas in a Nintendo Direct.

    • JumpMan

      they just looooove fruit…

      • Eli

        Just like me!

    • Elite

      2:05 is pretty nasty. Not a big fan of origin. But i bet one day valve will join the party.

    • Drawin

      Iwata likes Bananas, Bill likes Oranges ..

    • Matt

      isn’t it obvious? it has Japanese roots.

      • NintendoMan :D

        I would be surprised if Myamoto (sorry don’t know how to spell his name) held an apple at a presentation like the Wii U’s.

        • NintendoMan :D


          • NintendoMan :D

            I am awesomely awesome

          • NintendoMan :D

            Really? You can’t fool anyone, we are all going to know you’re the fake when you post something as stupid as “I am awesomely awesome”. TROLL PATROL!!! 😀

    • theBALLANCEDopinion

      Word on the street is its hinting that they are gonna make a banjo and Kazooie Game. Look it up. But don’t quote me.

    • Michael

      I think it’s an inside joke with Nintendo. Like Nintendoman said, Iwata did the same thing in another video.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Don’t know why, probably no real reason but it’s kinda funny (and weird 😀 ) At the pre-E3 direct Iwata held up a bunch of Bananas and stared at them for a while, just like Bill did here. I thought at the time it was a hint at a new DK game but since oranges showed up here, I’m guessing it’s just a little recurring joke Nintendo will be using. or as theBALLANCEDopinion said, something to with a new BK game – lets hope they can save it from the mess Microsoft made of Rareware.

  • Anubis

    I guess Nintendo really likes fruit. lol

    • Nintedward

      They’re paranoid about Miyamoto’s Pikmin stealing all the fruit. All that delicious fruit…

  • MSLFan

    Out of all the things they showed off for the system, the only two things they NEVER talked about were the NFC on the Gampad and Nintendo eShop. Also, Retro Studieos’ new game. PLEASE RELEASE IT NOW!!!

    • Michael

      I know! I want to know what NFC is for. All anyone can come up with is that you can buy some kind of DLC without downloading it and just upload it via the gamepad.

      I think Nintendo is more creative than that so I would love to ask them what it is for.

  • Nko Sekirei

    4 more days to go for wii u but i want my deluxe edition wii u so badly come on father time speed things up for us or were all gonna explode from over excitement and waiting.

    • Nintendonoob

      CMON DIALGA SPEED UP FREAKING TIME! Oh and loan me 200 dollars to buy Wii U games ok? Thanks

  • NintendoMan :D

    I think I heard him say “isplayed” instead of “displayed”. Can’t wait, only 3 days!!! 😀

  • Zaiiii

    Hopefully online doesn’t lag and is strong…

    • albino donkey

      Will probably be a peer to peer as most systems have been in the past (In game at least)

  • Nintendonoob

    UGH! Now 4 days feels like 4 year!! No more! NO MORE NEWS! I NEED THE WII U! I GOT WII U FEVER!

  • meh


  • Madmagican

    ….I think Nintendo may have just created the next league of nations through Miiverse

  • wiiuland

    lol this is like 2 days old video

    • Ledreppe

      This is the english language version with Bill Trinen, not Iwata’s version which is 2 days old. Read the report properly!

  • Hibill18

    Only 4 more days to go! And Miiverse looks great! We all need to stay connected after the Wii U launches, and there’s no better way to do so than with Miiverse!

  • WiiUWiiUWiiU

    Can’t wait to post a rhyming comment.

    • WiiUWiiUWiiU

      On Miiverse.

  • immallama

    15 minute video of heaven! 😀

  • Leeroy

    What’s with the orange?

  • GAMER101

    oh good i thought if someone puts a spoiler i would have to deal with it.and who else is buying assassin’s creed 3 for wii u?

    • Lazara The Last

      I am! As long as my playstation-playing big brother don’t spoil it to me… He got his copy today and I have to wait yet another 16 days ;(

      • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

        I got it today too, but I can’t play it yet. Ooo those beautiful rounded edges sooooo pretty.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I am

  • Pedro juan

    i was specting non-specificaction figure new video 🙁 to lame nintendo broken my heart 🙁

  • Armani

    Whats with the orange?

  • mikey

    Does playing games online (for example assassin’s creed 3) actually cost money like the xbox 360? I hope it doesn’t because I know he said features such as browsing and mii plaza and so on are free.

    • Kahhhhyle

      Its free for now.

    • rp17

      No it’s all free. Xbox is the only scam!

  • SnakeBurns

    Wii U Deluxe pre-order paid in full – Check 🙂
    ZombiU paid in full – Check 🙂 !
    Super Mario Wii U Paid in full – Check 🙂 !!
    Wii U Pro controller check – Check 🙂 !!!
    Original Wii-Mote + Classic Controller – Check 🙂 !!!!
    The Last Story collector edition – Check 🙂 !!!!!
    Day off on release – Check 🙂 !!!!!!
    Dragon Quest X North America Release – Pending :S

    4 Days !!!!!

    • Madmagican

      I wish I had money like you; I can’t even afford to buy a basic set Wii U 🙁

      • Braulio500

        I’m in the same situation as you… =/

    • Dronch

      thats enough games for a year

      • Ian

        Only for the rest of the year.

    • Michael

      Okay, can someone tell me what’s the Dragon Quest thing all about. I saw there would be a free beta version in Japan. Will it be coming to North America too? And what is it?

      • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

        In America Dragon Quest was called Dragon Warrior. It has since spun off many sequels, even the Slime has its own game.

  • Tobbe

    I will give Mr Ibrahimovic a Wii U at christmas.

    • Nintedward

      Hey tobbe. When England were winning 2-1 , I was gunna leave you an annoying comment. But I take my hat off to mr Zlatan Ibrahimovic!!!!

      What an AMAZING player , he’s always been one of my favorite in the world. But seriously 4 goals in 1 match lol ? And that overhead kick, even I a hardcore England fan jumped and shouted ” OMG WHAT FU&KING AWESOME GOAL”

      So I will let you rue this day with Swedens 4-2 win over England. But you know it was because we didn’t have all our best players 😛

      • Michael

        *Obligatory American anti-soccer comment.*

  • jon

    wii u or ps3? adv of wii u: next gen system, more powerful than current gen, great first party games zelda, metriod, disadvantage spec not really known nintendo hasn’t revealed much so it could be a disaster or success. Adv of ps3 good network most my peers have ps3. Cons last gen, old compered to wii u.
    wii u or ps3??

    • Lazara The Last

      Wii U all the way, baby!
      Remember, the launch is always the worst part of a consoles life. And the Wii U have a great launch!

    • NintendoMan :D

      I had a PS3 and it lasted for 18 months. That is all.

    • Kahhhhyle

      Well definetly don’t buy a ps3. Either wait for the ps4 or get a wii u

    • Ian

      If you have to ask then those ps3 players are not your peers. We already know that developers can get far better performance out of the wii u than the ps3, for every console you don’t see the full extent of what the console is capable of until later in it’s life so the best is still to come. With all the RAM available you won’t even have to wait in games for loading, well not nearly as much as current consoles. No online fees for the network, convenience of a 2nd screen even when you’re not gaming… no need to get a roku or an apple TV..

    • Schizza

      Wii u now and PS4 later 🙂 That’s my plan… I also have a ps3 now though as well for big games not coming wii u next year. GTA5 Holy Shit!! and The Last of us.. AMAZING.

      But I am really looking forward to Mario HD 3d, HD Zelda (buying and playing skyward sword on wii u first) metroid… Pikmin 3, all the Nintendo greatness!! oh yeah.

      Its a great time to be a gamer… with money 🙂

  • Kahhhhyle

    Ugh. Remember when we went to gamestop came home popped in our new game and just played? No release day patches? Those were the days

    • rp17

      This is better. This way they can continue to improve the software even after manufacturing begins. You just have to endure a little extra waiting (suffering)!

      • Kahhhhyle

        Yeah but I miss the instant gratification. I might die a little waiting for this day 1 patch

  • PKMN Trainer Red

    a little lengthy about stuff we knew, but i love the way nintendo is making an account system! YAY:) Keepin’ my bros off my data!

  • PKMN Trainer Red

    BTW how do i put a pic on my profile?

  • Joesatmoes

    A bit too late, but m’lay. Pretty badass shtuff

  • Mr. Blobby

    god, I hope that the internet browser for wii u is as good as it looks in the video. I’m using my wii’s browser right now and I have roughly 100 complaints about it. so I’ve been hoping against hope that the wii u’s browser will be better and it looks like it will be. I suppose that it will at the very least be quicker and easier to type using the gamepad.

  • PKMN Trainer Red

    How do i put a picture on my Avatar? I’M NEW NEED HELP

    • Nintedward link an account on that site to the email adress you use on this site and then add a picture on gravatar.

      • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

        Thanks for that chap, I really hate clones!

  • nintendpatrick

    i have to wait ’till
    plus i had already seen this on youtube a few hours ago

  • Lazyboy88

    That was Hillarious! Loved the fruit stare. nice vid, keep it up xD

  • James Bowserman

    LOL! Why the tangerine!?

    • NintendoMan :D

      I think it’s an orange, tangerines are usually smaller and don’t have as any dimples. I’m not a fruit expert, so I’m not sure. 😀

  • marioU

    game saves on the cloud?

    • Michael

      Don’t think so dude.

  • Kirbymon123

    Anyone notice the new features (i.e. hair and eyes) for the miis? Sucks i have to wait until february… Couldn’t you guys have let me preorder before you?! XD

  • James

    Who wants Metroid Prime 4 on Wii U? If you do please like this page on facebook so we can get Nintendo’s attention! 🙂

  • TheUNation

    I feel like Tobuscus in here… WIIIIIIIIII U!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dronch

    i thought it was funny when he was staring at the orange

  • theyoshiking20

    i luv the “choose a user idea”

  • theyoshiking20

    yyyayyy watching this got me about 15 minutes closer to launch

  • 343 H4K0R

    Mmmmm orange

  • Linskarmo

    I like Bill! And the account system looks great. Nintendo Land looks great too! The plaza looks really fun now. 😀

  • Michael

    One thing I was worried about was downloading a game on one user and not being able to play it on a different user. Glad that’s cleared up. w00t!

  • Raif

    If they added cross game chat and a party mode (like Ps Vita and 360) then i would always say Wii U over ps3.
    But as of now, if someone came up to me and asked I would still tell them its what games appeal to them.

  • nintendoododo

    I get wii u for christmas but it’s for my whole family(9 people).

    • Lazara The Last

      I’m buying one for my self, but I can’t wait ’til I go home to my family for Christmas! NintendoLand and NSMBU with my siblings and parents are gonna be great!
      And ZombiU with my big brothers 😀

  • Gmoney

    What the heck is up with the tangerine at the end? I loved the videos, not so much the unenthusiastic guy reading a teleprompt and studying a tangerine for no apparent reason?

    Either way I am SO excited to pick this up on sunday

  • MujuraNoKamen


  • nm_nintendo

    I think the wii u is even not comparable to ps3 and xbox360 cause of the newer hardware and advanced gameplay..

  • Tonight!!!

    Tonight at midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SMO

    Will the old Wii games work on the new WiiU?

    • tree hugger


  • theunfinishedthought

    that guy looks like he’s crying.