Jun 11th, 2013

In a post made on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, Reggie has listed the games that will have playable demos at select Best Buys this coming Wednesday and Saturday.

The games are:

– Mario Kart 8

– Super Mario 3D Word

– Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

-The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Honestly, the list is better than I expected. I can’t wait to check out all these games, especially Mario Kart 8.

Which games are you guys excited to try?

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  • Fred

    I would love to try Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country!

  • Nintedward

    God dammit I wish I was in USA :/

    • Mr. J

      Don’t worry I’ll take a video for u……………. Maybe

      • Nintedward

        There is no reason to put these on Wiiu Eshop. Give us 2 play limit if you have to for what ever reason…. They just look AMAZING.

        All of them….

        • BlackInferno

          They don’t cause E3 demos always have glitches, and they don’t wanna mass market glitched up games to the world. I have faith in Nintendo that they could make demos without any problems, but that’s the excuse they’ll use at least. I’m in the US but not near any of these. Dang, I wanna play em too

        • Nothing on Nintendo looks amazing. Everything that they came with we expected – which is why they fail. The sad part is that none of the games looked mind blowing and they all had play mechanics designed for a 2D world. This is why people love GTA, because they innovated and renovated gaming for the 3D era. Maybe if Nintendo thought about making games that take advantage of the hardware instead of just being scared making old games, they could be about something.

          • dxcvs

            What about monolith game?

          • Luffy

            your really are pathetic.. go bend over behind your xbone

          • I dismiss the Xbox One.

          • Nintedward

            That’s a nice wrong opinion yo have there. Enjoy your plethora of grey , dull shooters.

            Mario Kart Looks flat out Next gen as does X. Smash bros is 1080p 60FPS so is Windwaker which is GORGEOUS. Mario 3D World looks interesting also. A pure Mario experience with multiplayer.

            Hyped for all those. X made me say WOW , no xbox one game did.

          • I hate FPS! I bought a new video card and they gave me free games (Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 and Bioshock Infinite) – am I excited? Only to see the graphics but not to play them since I hate those types of games.
            MK looks like current generation and don’t be fooled by the trailer, that was a cinematic view where the main characters were bigger than they will be when playing. Nintendo is late to the race. Even if I could be impressed by these games, they won’t come out any time soon and when they do, it will be much too late. The Wii U won’t move anymore units with these. I dismiss the Xbox One and I don’t even want to discuss that.
            Nintendo’s problem is that they are too predictable and they always try to play it safe. We all know which games they come with and we know how they will look, which is a shame. MK looked like I thought it would look, although I hoped that it would look better. Nintendo might as well scrap the Wii U and come with something new.

          • Nintedward

            No… Mario kart looks far from current gen , the shading and lighting is way way ahead of current gen. And it’s native HD 720p or 1080p running at 60FPS.

            Current gen my ass.

          • BS. It has a more modern GPU, so shading will be better. There is no detail as the graphics are baby graphics, nothing spectacular. The Wii U won’t survive with only Nintendo games, and the same old ones on top of that.

          • Mr. J

            So for one you have posted the most comments on this NINTENDO site out of anyone yet you hate Nintendo:
            That means there is only one person in the world as non-sensible as u Obama

        • Luffy

          maybe they will after e3… that would be great! but they didnt put it now because they want people to see a crowd gather around a wii u.

    • Jack5221

      You and I both! :/ (Studying abroad in Costa Rica)

    • Clel


      • Nintedward

        Cheers man , I needed that :(.

        Those Americans will pay for their crimes ! 😛

  • Josiah Parsons


  • boynhisblobs

    Wish i was closer than 5 hours from the nearest store. Would love to try the new mario kart and mario 3d world

    • luigiman2z

      If you REALLY REALLY REALLY care, than it might be worth it.

    • Linskarmo

      I thought I was far from a Best Buy, but it sure looks like you have me beat there. 😉

    • CapnCrumbles436

      It’s fun, but not worth a 5 hr drive…just look up footage on YouTube

  • Mr. J

    I already figured this out I posted it as a comment in the watch the nintendo direct article TWICE!!

  • andrew

    wii u daily u put super mario ”word instead of ”world

  • Guest

    This list is crud, I’m sure the demos are great just… No pikmin, W101, watch Dogs, AC, Rayman? WW is the best on that list followed by Kart, but it only appeals to Nintendo loyalist and primarily a young audience, can we have more “hardcore” games, these and AC, Deus Ex, X, etc. Nintendo blew it, they gave a shitty E3 and they can’t even get demos for games we’ve known about for a year. Shameful.

    • Ugslick

      You make no sense. Why would Nintendo waste time demoing other developers games? Anyways these are the games that are going to make people want to buy a Wii U, so getting them in people’s hands is the best thing to do. Its a strong lineup. If they added Pikmin 3, it would have been perfect (circumstantially).

    • Luna Moonfang

      The moment you said “but it only appeals to Nintendo loyalist and primarily a young audience, can we have more “hardcore” games”, you lost your respect in this website. Also, they can’t give people those “hardcore” games you’ve mentioned because Nintendo would need their respective publisher to authorize them to appear on this open to public demo.
      Most of you guys don’t realize how innovative this Best Buy stuff is, and you can only see problems where there are plenty good news out there.

      Luna, the Moonrider~

  • Assassinated23

    Gah! I thought it was today, and drove a half an hour to Best Buy, only to find out its tomorrow and Saturday when I’m working.

  • John Andalora

    I guess i’ll try Mario Kart.

  • Which games I am not excited to try is the shorter list because that number is 0. OK maybe I do not need to try WindWaker again but I would still like to see it in action with the gamepad.

  • luigiman2z

    I live in Memphis, so I get to go tomorrow! I never played the Gamecube version of LoZ: Wind Waker but planned to so instead, I’ll get this one!
    I’ll play everything else, but so far, this is what I really want!

  • derty

    MARIO KART 8 hands down!!! I almost passed out thinking that this weekend i get to play mk8 before everybody else lol

  • luigiman2z

    Here in Memphis (TN), they’re aren’t many gamers so….. I GET TO PLAY ALL DAY!
    Hopefully they won’t tell me to leave.

    • Clel

      If you buy something–even if it’s super cheap–they won’t give you any trouble.

  • Jamin Daniell

    the nearest participating Best Buy is 30 minutes away and my parents are BOTH on call for their work tomorrow. ONLY 30 MINUTES! GAAH! i’ll try to get my sister to take me i guess… she loves Mario Kart & 3D Mario games… Evil plan in progress! MUAHAHAHA!

    • CapnCrumbles436

      I’m 26 I took my 14 year old brother. Tell her that other people are taking their little bros. Guilt trip 😉

  • Brony Kid

    Mine’s only 24-26 minutes away from my house. ^_^

    Cant wait to play 3D World, WWHD (I’m a pre-teen, only played it when I was 3), Mario Kart and DKC! Me, Dad, and Anthony (my best friend) will be having a blast. I think I’m going to spend the most time at 3D World…


  • dan smith

    Leave a message…am i the only one whos pissed that nin is not supporting the gamepad? the only game they showed the pad is wii party if nin isnt going to support the pad then who is

    • kenny Johnson

      What do you mean by “supporting the Gamepad?” Pikmin uses the gamepad quite a bit with the maps and it can be played Gamepad only. The new Mario uses the Gamepad to let you reveal hidden things. Wind Waker uses the Gamepad to take pictures, etc.

  • meekmeek93

    The closest best buy is In Atlanta which is an hour and a half away, but It Is so worth it to drive down there to try out all the demos!! Im so grateful for the opportunity!! I can’t wait! I seriously wanted to play mario kart, Wind waker, and super mario ever since Nintendo revealed the best buy deal!!!

  • mario hernandez

    i did not like the mario 3d you should make a game similar to 64

    • Luffy

      ill reserve my judgment for after ive tried it. tomorrow i will know 🙂

  • Guhtere


  • Linskarmo

    I really want to go to Best Buy now. I’ll try to go there. 😀

  • ATherohatch

    Lol “Super Mario 3D Word”

  • Luffy

    I want t try them all! but my top is mario kart, it look sick!

  • Sami Rautio

    When i heard all these news i was like X) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkzD1l2noWs

  • Harley

    Of course Mario Kart 8…

  • ZakAttack7

    And every European Nintendo fan silently wept… :'(

  • aldo2410

    To Best Buy……..I must go……..no time left…………Ijust have to play Mario Kart 8

  • The-Master

    Personally, there wasn’t any “Winners” at E3.
    There was just a looser… RIP (Rust In Pieces) X1.

    Xbox one showed games and flashed “Exclusif” so many times, but what’s the point of thoses games if your console if it turns into a brick when it ain’t connected. Their games aren’t interested enought to sacrifice all your rights and freedom.. and privacy.

    PlayStation Slap Xbox One in the Face, telling everyone there will not be ANY DRMs.
    And immediatly declare themselves the winners of next-gen Hardcore consoles.
    Destiny, Killzone Shadow Fall & Infamous SS Debut+E3 trailers, Knack (the new Crash), Assassin’s Creed BF and Watch Dogs really nailed it.

    I’m sure the new Mario/Donkey Kong games will be great, but I ain’t 15 and younger anymore.
    The Wii U isn’t central in hard-core gaming, but it should, the Touchscreen controller isn’t innovating enought to drop a 300$ for it, especially since most people already have a tablet/smartphone. Wii U is still pretty good, but developpors need to take advantage of it even more. Batteries need to last much longer too and a Price drop is in order.
    Like I said, you can’t release more than 1-2 kiddie games per year since parents can’t afford or will not pay that much for games for their kids. Hardcore gamers (The 20 and above) they work and can afford multiple games per year.
    Like I said, Nintendo needs to invest in more studios.
    Get 1-3 kid games per year.
    Get 2-5 Teen/mature games per year
    and 2-4 Casual “For Everyone” games per year

    Do that, and we have a great contender.
    A Hardcore gamer is a mature gamer 17+ to like 55 if not more.
    While a kid gamer is between the age of 5 to 15, do the math…

    Continue to get more 3rd party publishers to the platform. My guess is, if the Xbox One becomes an Epic Failure, it’ll be much easier for the Wii U to not only get more games, but exclusives as well.

    Of course, Microsoft got cash, but they want to “make more money” with this used trade deal, all I wonder is how much money will they have to spent to convince developpers to make exclusives and will it actually be worth the investment?
    Last gen exclusives on third parties weren’t that great, the current E3 lineup isn’t great. Killer Instinks* looks good, but it’s a clone of Bloody Roar (the Werewolf) Super Street Fighter (The guy that does fireballs) with a Mortal Combat setting. So you tell me.
    The biggest laught I got was when they announced the new Halo, NOW With 60Fps!
    I’m like what? Are you serious? You mean the others b4 WEREN’T 60frame per second!!!?!??! Did I missed a generation?? Cuz all PS3 games were running at 60Fps. Hell, Sony even implemented 3D, they working on 4K HD, 8K HD and 120Fps, so STFU, you’re embarrasing yourself and mocking us by thinking we’re all a bunch of easy to impress idiots.

  • IV

    thank goodness I live so close to a participating best buy… hopefully there aren’t many gamers in MN

  • CapnCrumbles436

    Man did we get this wrong!! The reports of P3, 101, and Luigi U were all wrong! I went to my local BB today with my bro. COMPLET NERD FEST lol. We played MK8. It’s gorgeous and it takes a lot of inspiration from MK7. I would say DK and MK were the most visually impressive.