Apr 26th, 2012 publishUpdated   Apr 28th, 2012, 6:28 pm

Nintendo expects Wii U sales to reach 5 million by March 2013, Wii U Daily can confirm.
Wii U sales

Nintendo released a financial report today which includes forecasts on future home console sales. However, the sales forecast also includes the new Wii U console. The company predicts that in the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from April 2012 to March 2013, Wii and Wii U sales will reach 10,500,000 consoles. You can find the full report here.

While Nintendo didn’t break down how much they expect the new Wii U to sell compared to the Wii, Wii U Daily managed to get a statement from a Nintendo source who was present at the analyst briefings in Osaka yesterday. The source told Wii U Daily that Nintendo expects those 10 million in consoles sales will be a “roughly 50/50 split between the Wii and Wii U”, with the Wii accounting for most its sales leading up to the Wii U launch in Q4 2012. This puts Nintendo’s Wii U sales estimate at 5 million for the first 5 months on the market. While this doesn’t sound like much compared to previous Nintendo console launches, the company has a history of conservative forecasts when it comes to new consoles. Back in 2006, its estimates for the original Wii were far off, with the console selling many time more than Nintendo anticipated. This led to Wii shortages for over 6 months.

Wii U Daily reported earlier this month that the Wii U launch date has been set for November 18, 2012.

Software wise, Nintendo’s forecasts Wii and Wii U software to sell 70 million units from April 2012 to March 2013. However, we could not confirm how many of those software units will be attributed to the Wii U.

Nintendo also confirmed that Nintendo Network, its much anticipated online service, will launch with the Wii U later this year. Nintendo Network will offer multiplayer gaming, digital distribution, social apps, and more, for the Wii U and 3DS.

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  • Dan7el(Wii U day one purchase)

    Yeah! Nintendo Network hopefully will help the virtual console by allowing a game to be played on the 3ds and then played on the Wiiu with a single purchase and transferring save states. Please Nintendo! I know you could do this. Surely you won’t make people buy the old school games twice. This would give people one more (good) reason to purchase classics through the virtual console. Obviously this wouldn’t work with any game cube releases to the virtual console but still even 64 games would make the 3ds break a sweat and there only around 20 mb at most. I wish Nintendo wouldn’t hold back so much from the virtual console. I wish they would allow
    1. More restore points like on the 3ds (maybe 3 or so)
    2. Graphical filters to make old games look prettier if the player so desires
    3. Ability to remap buttons if the player wants(like on the 3d classics series)
    All of these things would increase sales in the virtual console and make the old games so much more appealing, even to those who use emulators. These things would put the virtual console on another level(especially graphical filters) but all this is just my opinion(that goes without saying of course)

    • mkdhdh

      with virtual console yess!! please!! i never bought one because i had so many disk games that my wii was full off channels and savegames and screenshots and stages from brawl that i couldnt buy anymore and i would have to go to the store to buy the points 🙂 and i would buy virtual console if you can put it on both yr 3DS and yr wiiU :p like apple store 🙂

  • Swic11

    Take a look at IGN.com, new info that Nintendo put out today saying they aren’t going to price the system or give a release date at e3. Nintendo also said downloadable content will be day 1 for the wiiU, so I’m pumped about that, I just ordered a 750gig hard drive from amazon, so I will literally have no download limits

  • tron:6Rsd4

    I wont buy one if thats realy what the console looks like.

    • amatboy4010

      Yah, its like their not even trying, not exciting, just repeat-repeat-repeat. I use to get excited bout new nintendo consoles or games coming out. Xbox and ps4 looks like theyll be cool and awesome specs. Its like nintendo dont know what cool is, its sad. Even if their first they still wont win.

      • swic11

        I do think the console itself looks dull, I will buy one regardless. But Nintendo needs to start thinking about a better design for consoles, the GC was awesome looking, The Wii didn’t even suck when they FINALLY released a black one. All of my electronics on my entertainment center are black. I would love to have a black Wii U

        • amatboy4010

          I want it to look like a piece of alien artifact. Anythings better than white, but the shape is boring, and my mom is holding the controller in all those add pictures.

  • jcb411abuser

    you haters can’t give up can you, who the hell care what the console looks like, it’s not a piece of artwork, it’s the quality of the games that you should be worried about, and nintendo always make the best first party games, and now with HD capabilities there won’t be anything to hate about this console

    • swic11

      I’m not hating on the console, AND, the console design should reflect what the company is trying to say about the console. This design they have for the Wii U is simple, so is Nintendo trying to say that the console is simple?

      • david6

        It would probly work with apple, but nintendo is original. I highly doubt thst is what the finshed product. It would be a bad move. And im not a hater, i played have played nintendo since i was a kid. I even bought a white wii, waited in line 12 hours on launch, and i bought a black one later(thoug i had to play sony xbox on side be entertained.) And bought 2 long time ago added for cousins. But now im hoping for something different, competitive and better, and not feel like im in the desolate kiddie wall at gamestop.

        • swic11

          Exactly, there is nothing wrong with a console developer whoever it is, to put some thought into the look of the console itself. I’ve been playing Nintendo since the NES, I want something thats not going to look plain on my entertainment center.

          • david6

            And its not just that, if leaks are true ibm poer 7 cpu, it should look powerful.

      • rafael

        I think its pleasent and fits naturaly in the living room, unlike other consoles that look too odd and diferent, like strange alien machines

        its suposed to look natural to people who are not used to videogames

  • david6

    Ibm power* 7

  • Leeroy

    Who cares what it looks like what it does is the only thing that matters

  • GirlGamer

    Me too.WiiUTheBestConsoleNotLikeBullShitPs4AndBullShitXbox720