Jul 25th, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 4th, 2012, 11:04 am

Nintendo just released their financial results for the second quarter of 2012, and while the overall picture is looking better, the company still saw a $220 million loss during the period. It managed to sell some 1.8 million 3DS consoles and a scant 750,000 Wii consoles.

Nintendo HQNintendo also revealed that the company expects to sell about 10.5 million Wii U and Wii consoles by March 2013. Wii sales are declining and will likely see an even sharper drop once the Wii U is released, so it’s easy to assume that Wii U will make up for the vast majority of the 10.5 million consoles that Nintendo expects to sell. Of the 10.5 million consoles, we estimate that the Wii U will account for about 8 million of those. That’s 8 million Wii U consoles Nintendo expects to sell by March 2013. Which is roughly 2 million per month, if it launches in late November, as everyone thinks it will.

One of the big news was that Nintendo is no longer selling the 3DS at a loss, which will improve the bottom line going into the next quarter. The company previously pointed out that they won’t be selling the Wii U at a loss when it launches later this year. Over the past few months, the company noted several times that the Wii U price at launch will be the key to success. Company president Satoru Iwata recently said that “being to market first isn’t important, what’s important is the launch price”.

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  • 3dsguy

    Nintendo is making profit again starting today on 3ds and i hope the wii u hits its targets its an amazing console.Get my 3ds xl 2 days GO Nintendo

  • Ledreppe

    2 million Wii U’s a month, that’s 500k a week! I don’t think any console has sold that well continuously for 4 months after launch. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be too optimistic.

    • theaquacharger

      You have to understand this is also counting launch day in three regions where more then likely 350k will be sold at each launch (going by launch numbers from the 3DS because I’m lazy and it’s a more recent launch system and give or take some). That right there is close to a million for launch weeks.

  • Wii Uoops!

    That seems about right. I would guess, at most, 10,000,000.

    • Wii Uoops!

      Whoa, I didn’t realize March was so close…

  • derty

    ^awesome. I love my 3ds and wait for my epic wiiU.
    Also @3dsguy, do u play mk7?

  • swic11

    I think it is toooo optimistic. I am a day 1 buy, and I am sure a few million more people are day 1 buyers. Lets hope the Big N makes a crap ton of sales. But I think 8 million by the end of March is a little much.

    They didnt even produce enough Wii’s at the start of its cycle. Hopefully they fixed this problem. Although, maybe it was a strategy that Nintendo had to sell so many up front.

  • Alienfish

    I’ll do my bit to help them achieve it

    • Alienfish

      “I’ll do my bit to help them achieve it”

      This is not my comment. Am I that awesome that people actually want to be me? I don’t think so. Either way I guess it does hold true for me.

      • Alienfish

        ^They are fake. This is the real me!

        • Alienfish

          Ok really guys, stop. This is the real me! I never realized that I was so popular on this site.

          • Wii U Daily staff

            Sign up for Gravatar and upload an avatar. That will take care of the fakers.

  • Nillion

    Does anyone know where Nintendo manufacture their consoles?

    • Alienfish

      Planning a raid?

      • theaquacharger

        which one of us isn’t?

    • XDLugia

      In China like 93% of the world does.

    • theaquacharger

      Nintendo has a manufacture plant and they use Foxconn.

  • ck1x

    It’s not to far fetched for the WiiU to sell that well over a 4 month period. It is the holiday shopping season and if priced right, might be out of stock just like the original Wii was.

  • Leeroy

    Thums up if youre a day one buy! I know I am!

    • theaquacharger

      I hope I am. I am saving up money starting in August to get it.

      • Non-Specific Action Figure

        My B-DAY IS IN AUGUST!
        I don’t want your money
        Im joking

        • Shadriczo

          Hey, what a coincidence!! My b-day is in august too!!

          • FriendCode

            me 3

  • Lord Carlisle

    If they succeed, then that would be amazing. Can’t wait to play it! I’ll definitely pre-order it.

  • Marmor

    Foxconn builds the DS and Wii. Also Xbox360, Playstation, Apple products, Dell and several other. So my guess is China.

  • Dmonkeyman

    That is way to optimistic I think at most there going to sell 6 million with 4.5 to 5 million much more likely

  • eugoreez

    the 8 million figures didn’t really came from nintendo isn’t it?

    • BOSSMX

      No. It’s an estimate based on the expected decline on Wii console sales.

  • Roedburn

    Who cares if the prediction is a little high? Aim big, that’s how you achieve big. Nintendo, I hope that you show the world you’ve got it. Sell those 8 million consloes baby!

    • Roedburn


  • Alienfish

    I hope they keep it in stock this time. When the Wii launched, I was the first in line at a Sears and thought my purchase was assured. Then they opened the doors and told us it was a raffle, and I lost. Luckily, two other people won who were boyfriend and girlfriend and offered me a winning ticket since I was first in line. This time I want to walk into the store and pick one off the shelf without all the tension.

    • Marq

      I hope you get your Wii U with no hassle, but for me personally, I will not be upset if I walk into a store and can’t find one on the shelf. That means it’s selling well, which is only a good thing. It also means I’ll be forced not to murder my wallet so early, which is also a good thing. I keep telling myself to finish all the Wii games I need to play first, but man do Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed and P-100 call to me like sweet sirens.

      • Mikey

        I agree with you about Arkham City, but Darksiders 2 seems more appealing to me than Assassins Creed.

    • BOSSMX

      I hear ya, man. I had to wait five months in order to get my Wii. Sold out everywhere! I had to go to a little Walmart in the outskirts of town to get it.

      • fedster

        i waited 2 years for my wii… damn long islanders r so materialistic

    • FriendCode

      my question is why would you go to Sears for video games. That is like buying a game because it was rated high in the New York Times…. neither company has any place in the videogame world

      • Alienfish

        Actually I went there because I didn’t want to compete with the lines at the Walmart nearby. If I went to Walmart, or anywhere else for that matter, I may not have gotten so lucky.

    • Paladin

      By selling my PS3, its games, some Blu-ray movies, and books to friends, family, and Amazon.com, I have already estimated that I will receive more than $300 in cash and Amazon reward points, which should be enough to obtain a Wii U without having to spend a penny (if the price does not vastly exceed that price point). The extra cash could go toward the purchases of Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition and Assassin’s Creed III. Just those two games would keep me preoccupied for at least several weeks. Also, by pre-ordering and purchasing the Wii U and the two aforementioned games from Amazon, I hope to save myself some of the hassle involved with waiting in line to buy a console on the first-day launch at a store. These include several factors: (1) not worrying about camping outside a store; (2) not having to wait in a huge-ass line; (3) not being disappointed about finding out there are no Wii Us left in the store; (4) not being trampled to death by fellow customers; and (5) not having to pay a sales tax on the items I buy. I am sure there are some reasons that I probably neglected to mention, but I can’t seem to think of them at this time. In general, I tend to avoid stores on launch days. That being said, I am looking forward to getting myself a Wii U. This is special to me since I have not owned a Nintendo console for the past 16 years, with the last one being a Nintendo 64. Good times. Now excuse me while I go wipe these nostalgic tears from my eyes.

  • TheMaddMan

    Yeah! Nintendo is back in the game, baby. Btdubs, I’m a day one buy.

  • WiiUPlayWithMe:P

    You guys keep averaging the sales. Don’t forget about the holiday rush. They’re probably gonna get half those sales just I’m black Friday and the time leading up to the holidays, if not more. It’ll slow down after that, but overall will hit those numbers. I mean, there is a pretty good chance this could happen. It’s a new system, and if people are excited about the next generation, then they’ll jump on this, being it’s the first one. Or maybe they’ll wanna wait a year for the stronger systems, though anyone with a brain would know that difference probably won’t be enough to matter. The Wii loyalists will get in on this way fast though

  • SuperShyGuy

    Seriously what were they supposed to say?

    Reporter: How many Wii Us do you think you’ll sell?
    Nintendo: Well we expect to sell as well as the PS Vita that’s our water mark!

  • Britton

    I’ll be one of the millions that will buy the Wii U within the first 4 months for sure. I dont think it is too optimistic. With how much debate they are putting on just the price, PLUS they still havent release all of the specs and possible bundle options, AND they have more games coming that have not been announced that could easily help console sales. Add in the fact that the current gen consoles are getting kinda boring, people are ready for something new, and it will be Christmas time, and you get good console sales.

  • LOLPole

    Why would Nintendo plan to sell 2.5 million Wiis in 4 months if 750,000 units were sold in 3 months? I’m pretty sure Nintendo plans to sell 10 million units of Wii U and 500,000 units of the Wii.

  • Megaman

    This will never happen. Iwata is pathetic if he thinks it will.

    • UGotWongGuy

      The word you are looking for is optimistic.

      Is it overly optimistic? It most certainly could be, but what do you expect? They certainly are not going to predict crappy sales. Besides, these are Wii Us, not PS Vitas.

  • 3dsguy

    Yes derty of course i do it wicked also jus goy kindom hearts and xl in 2 days do u want my fc

  • SuperSonic 128

    I think Nintendo can do it, their launching the system with a Mario, so that should help alot & not to mention the new Pikmin 3 that im looking forward to, because I’ve been playing the first two games which are great.

  • Mark D. Pane

    Yawn, when do we get too see say, new game announcements, or new information on games already revealed, at least the Wii U’s price and release date?

  • Dustin

    Lol, this is not possible. And what amazing game is going to come out and sell 7 million units in March?

    • Draco Breach

      I’m really beginning to wonder if all you do is troll.

      While even I think 10 million in 4~5 months may be a tad optimistic, it’s not unrealistic. Even the 3DS has sold 1.1 million units per month worldwide – 19 million in eighteen months. Sales are expected to pick up with the 3DS XL based on excitement surrounding the console.

      The Wii U has an excellent chance to capitalize on Golden Quarter sales (November ~ January). I think they could easily top 5~6 million in those months. I don’t expect more than 2~3 million in February and March, but stranger things have happened.

  • SanPharaoh

    I wish I was rich enough to buy one for me and all my friends. But I know I’m at least broke enough to buy one for just me. Can’t wait. 10M+ sounds about right.

  • Paul

    day one release for me

    once local stores have nintendos release date and price if under £300 then ill be first in line

  • rafael

    There are nice games coming to it, but no games that i feel like i really need. Besides that, here in Brazil this things are quite expensive…even if its priced at U$300, its going to be like at least R$1.200 here, what is equivalent to U$600…so, yeah, not buying this very soon :/

    Waiting for F1 by Codemasters, Silent Hill, Zelda, or some surprising new thing

  • Shankovich

    Yea I think it’s a little too much as well. I think they’ll have supply though, because if the Wii U was in its “final form” at E3, I won’t be surprised if production starts within the month

  • Colton

    I will do my part too achieve it.

    • Eiger

      wii sotprs?in wii sotprs tennis how do you do a power serve where white flames come out the back???( ive tried swining very very hard but it wont work)

  • link5

    It can be done but most likley not going to happen first of all nintendo lost a lot of money and if they want to sell this much they have to spend even more money to advertise and get the word out to non gamers and gamers so then people would buy the systems and even to advertise its a lot of money so the question is will nintendo come threw ???????????!!!

  • joe

    Put Shenmue on the WiiU and make that 9 million.

    • Emma

      when you box swing wildly in the lower areusamm tennis hit it high and smoke will go and it will go really quickp.s. when you play tennis while the screen is black hold 2 and you will get a blue arena

  • Azzadude

    Hope they do make a profit