Jun 3rd, 2013


According to a poster on NeoGAF, it looks like in addition to being the year of Luigi, this may also be the year of Sonic. A poster claims to have received an email from Nintendo of Germany PR that states that all three of the Nintendo-exclusive Sonic games will be revealed this year:

“Today, they (Sega) revealed further details of the second of three titles, which the two companies will release exclusively on Wii U and 3DS. All three games will be released this year.”

The second of three titles of course refers to Sonic Lost World, which showed off new villains and some of the environments you can expect to encounter in the launch trailer. Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics was revealed during the last Nintendo Direct as well. The third game remains unknown, but it could potentially be unveiled at E3. According to information released about Sonic Lost World, they’re incorporating the color powers originally introduced in Sonic Colors. Perhaps we’ll see a tie-in with more previous games. What do you think?

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  • Nintendo and Sega. Who woulda thought, right?

    • Clel

      Oh yeaaahh, I toootally called it <—(Blatant Liar)

    • Shaise Mughal

      Yeah, at first it was Genesis does! And that talk about blast processing

    • Johny

      yup… world’s gone insane… probably for the better 😀

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      We had to team up, since my console base broke down. Ever since Sony joined the war, my home was slowly breaking down, and it finally did, with Dreamcast, my last home…
      However, Mario’s Gamecube and Game Boy Advance saved me from extinction. So it ain’t a bad idea to team up at all.

      • Link

        Excuses me! Marios not the only person to own the buisnes!

  • D.M.T

    It’s stupid to have Mario and Sonic at the Olympics be part of the 3 exclusive partnership because this game was made already on the Wii waaay before their current partnership.

    So in reality this partnership is a 2 exclusive deal, not 3 because Mario & Sonic at the Olympics doesnt count.

    • val berger

      huh? isn’t this a new game of that series?!

      • D.M.T

        Yes but the series started waayyy before their partnership with Sega so this 3rd game would have been made regardless, even with no partnership so it’s stupid to have the game be part of their exclusive deal with Sega

    • incoherent1

      I completely agree. Plus, when would any game with Mario not be a Nintendo exclusive?

      • D.M.T

        Exactly. Any game with Mario in it is a Nintendo exclusive. Mario will never appear on another system.

        • Mario


    • Nintedward

      Ikr ? That’s where I am confused also. Why would they need an ‘exclusivity deal’ to ensure the exclusivity of a game starring MARIO!!!!! Makes no sense.

      Anyway , Mario and Sonic Olympics will be huge for Wiiu sales . In UK Mario and Sonic was HUGE!!!!!! but that’s because , I suppose the latest one was the London 2012 olympics. But the ones before that were huge also.

      Wonder what the third game will be ?

      • D.M.T

        My guess is that the 3rd game is a racing game with Mario in it which doesnt make sense either because Mario Kart is coming soon.

        I want the 3rd game to be completely different, not a Sonic game but it will be a Sonic game I guess. Sega basically wants Sonic games to compete with each other lol

        • ancientgamer

          theres a rumor it will be a kart racer but with mario kart coming it sounds like a stupid idea, im hoping for a mario sonic team up, something like a mario n luigi game, but it even could be another sonic pinball lets hope not

      • gamesplayswill

        I hate the Olympics, they wouldn’t stop blabbing about it on the BBC.

        • MujuraNoKamen

          I hear that. it’s not like our hosting of the Olympics was worth talking about anyway 🙂

        • Nintedward

          I really enjoyed the London 2012 Olympics! It’s the one time where you can appreciate some of the more obscure sports the world has to offer.

          I think it being in Britain made me enjoy it a lot more and I doubt I will even pay much attention to the next games…

          • bizzy gie

            Seriously. I live in the swagfag part of Atlanta and all anybody cares about (outside of garbage rap) is basketball, football, and soccer (mainly hispanics).

          • tronic307

            The ATL in full effect! We both reppin’ da 404!!!

      • I remember every household owning a copy of Mario and Sonic at the 2008 Beijing Games

        That game sold out near on everywhere and damn was it tiring.

        • Nintedward

          There was a time when you would go into game and Mario and Sonic games would have their own full wall section. lol

          A big Yellow wall of London 2012 boxes.

          • I don’t think the Mario and Sonic 2012 Games were as big in my area (Colchester) as in GAME and other retailers there was just a corner on it while the more “hefty” titles and pre-orders were crammed in your face.

            Kind of sad kids demand CoD over lovable mascots now. No one could tear me from Crash Bandicoot and Spyro back then

          • HackerCrazy

            i know what you mean S. Swerve and your talking about Colchester Essex right

          • Indeed I am

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Because Sonic is the star of the game. Mario is only an extra. Nintendo should feel honored to have one from their franchises to take a small role at the side of Sonic.

        • Mario

          Whoa, whoa, whoa! Mario just an extra? I hightly doubt that!

      • Mario and Sonic Olympics will be huge for Wii U sales because i’m in the game

    • greengecko007

      They’re releasing a Winter Olympic Game this year? But the games are in 2014.

      • Mario

        That’s because they release the previous games 1 year before the summer and winter olympic games. It’s their way to advertise this event to get people fire up for the next year.

        • greengecko007

          I see. Thanks for taking the time to answer this. I was kind of confused, and wanted to be sure it was coming out THIS year, not next year.

          I’ve never actually purchased any of them, but I’ve heard decent things about them, especially the London Summer Games one, so I think I’ll pick this one up.

  • Superstick98

    This has got to be the best year for Sonic ever. First we get Mario and Sonic (the two best guys in the world) then we get Sonic Lost World, Then we get ANOTHER epic sonic. IN ONE YEAR! I’m bursting with so much excitement!!! If it has the chaos in the third adventure then… O.O Someone catch me because I’m about to fall. ^.^

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      Already did. You’re welcome.

      • Superstick98

        Wow thanks! xD

  • DennisJKA

    Nintendo just stated today in a press release that ONLY Sonic Lost World has been confirmed for 2013. The 2 other games have no official release date yet. They apologized for creating this kind of confusion with their previous press release…

    • Cubester_64


  • Guest


  • TobyObey

    Hey Ashely, I was wondering if you could post an article about the game “A Hat in Time”. Is this game that finally launched on Kickstarter and you guys already have had an article about it might coming to WiiU(It wasn’t on Kickstarter back then), and if there comes more money there is a higher chance for it to come to WiiU!

    • Fred

      Look at the top right of this page. It says “Got Article Ideas” Click that and it lets you email them directly with article ideas.

      • TobyObey

        But she, for some reason, have stop answering me on those one. Or else I would send an E-mail

    • Squid

      I know! That game looks awesome!

      • TobyObey

        I know right! I have supported it with 150$! Have been waiting for a looong time for it to come to Kickstarter!

  • LarryGobbles

    The 3rd exclusive better be worth noting. I am sure Mario & Sonic olympics will be fun, but I am hoping they save the best for last. Pretty excited about Lost World though.

  • Metroid33slayer


    • Mario

      Mario=Sonic and Sonic=Mario

  • Metroid33slayer

    Along with sonic racing transformed that makes 4 sonic games in the first 12 months of wii u, thats before dk, zelda, metroid, fzero, animal crossing, starfox etc has even one. Only mario could keep pace with the proliferation of sonic releases on wii u.

  • peeer

    I’m still wondering what is this Sega Spectrum rumour is all about tho.

    Here: http://www.gamespot.com/forums/topic/29398312/rumor-sega-announcing-new-console–sega-spectrum

    • Relick

      More than likely just a new arcade unit. You know, SEGA is still in the arcade business.

      • peeer

        Yeah I know but its still something weird, the picture says E3 date for revelations. I didn’t think they use E3 events to reveal an arcade game unit tho.

        I’d be surprised if they announce a new sega exclusive stuff for Nintendo Wii U. Some project called Spectrum, something which could be anything from Virtual Console to a real game.

        I guess I’ll keep on dreaming until E3. xD

      • Squid

        They do have Tank Tank Tank in the Disney World arcade…. If Sega made a new system that wouldn’t make sense.

  • wober2

    mario and sonic at the olympics is soooo lame! They are really not good games please stop making them, especially every year!

    • Well, kids seem to like them. Isn’t that all that matters?

      I don’t know why people seem to think videogames are only for males between the ages of 16-35. I mean God forbid that I get a game for my eight-year-old brother that isn’t CoD.

      I mean granted, he doesn’t play Mario and Sonic, but the point still stands.

      • Mario

        Yeah! Video games are not just for adults and Teenagers! Their also for kids and future gamers!

      • wober2

        I agree. I think mario sports games are well made titles. These olympic games games (lol) are not made that well imo. They seem to capitalize on the fact they are based on actual olympics for hope that parents will buy this for their young kids to enjoy the olympics a bit more.

        Video games are in a weird place, some want them to be taken more serious as a medium like film; others want them to be glorified toys. I think I want them to be discussed like film but still be engaging for all ages. Critiques are not destructive, it is constructive 🙂 or it should be!

      • wober2

        Weird but I thought I posted a reply already… Maybe it was deleted. I agree I think video games should be critiqued like film. I think a good kids game like luigi mansion still has merit as being a good game that transcends the age group. I do not judge it based on “cartoony” characters. I judge it based on shoddy game play mechanics and if there is “need for a new one”. I think only young teens should play COD that is the maturity level they strive for in their campaigns… 😀

        • I agree about the CoD comment. Howeverf, games should not be expected for one group. I tend to like games and movies that are actually different and show thought and hard work put into them, but not everyone is the same.

          Granted, M&S sport games suck, but I know there is a small group that actually likes them. They are still games, just crappy ones based on our standards. It’s like the Angry Birds argument I hear from “hardcore” gamers. Just because it’s designed for a broad audience doesn’t mean that it’s not a game.

          Just because a painting is of a banana doesn’t make it any less of an art piece then something like Minotauromachy, it just makes it less meaningful to certain groups.

          You seem like a respectable fellow, and this isn’t an attack on you, but rather a rant that hopefully others may consider listening to. I’m just really sick of the terms hardcore and casual being thrown around by a bunch of elitist assholes. I did notice that you already shy away from those generalization, so thank you for being part of a solution instead of a problem.

          Now if only we can get the rest of the planet to join in. I doubt it’ll happen.

          • wober2

            Awesome! I love the art reference, I had to look it up however :). Picasso is divisive as well, seeing an image of that print though it is interestingly weird (so is the myth of Taurus). The ungulating horse face matches the way the light and flesh seems to vibrate really make it such a charged work. I can see this movement being in regards to sexuality. So interesting how the old shapes and forms Picasso used from older more primitive work can so so much about how beautifully strange humanity is.

            Thanks for sharing the artwork. There is something so interesting to comparing this to video games. The overly sexualized monster is something present in so many games. Also the 2d nature of the print made this seem so much like a strange platformer that I would love to play.

            By the way: I notice nintendo fans tend to overlook subject matter in favor of form. Angry Birds is a good game just got old. I do love bad piggies though! I think that game is under-appreciated.

          • Yeah, it’s one of my favorites from him. I’m not sure why. Him and Dali where just so damn good about hiding the coolest little things in their paintings.

            A quick note about Picaso and Dali. They are both of Spanish decent. In Spain, the horse is commonly used to represent humanity. Have you ever noticed how often you see bulls and horses in their work? The bull is usually an image of humanity’s power. Have you ever seen La Guerra? I like how the horse is killing himself using a bulls head.

            Sorry about the detours in the conversation, I’m just a huge fall of surrealism. Then again, I think that most gamers are. That’s why I’m such a fan of Myst and Silent Hill. I know, strange mix.

            Bad Piggies? Yeah, I think it’s more popular with the Android crowd. I could be wrong though.

    • Mario

      You do realize that they do these games in order to advertize the summer and winter olimpyc games, right?

      • wober2

        They seem to frequent then that. 2014 Sochi olympics should have the game release the same time ,imo. Also There is just not enough of differences to justify them that regularly. It is not like the characters change like they do in Madden based on that season. Just the setting changes slightly.

        • Mario

          And yet, they are still going to keep making the games no matter what you say.

          • wober2

            What?!?! I thought if I say stuff on the inter-webs companies change policy and direction. I will need to rethink my long term planning… hmmm

  • Ony

    First: Mario & Sonic
    Second: Sonic Lost World Wii U
    Third: Sonic Lost World 3DS

    nailed it.

    • Chris Heskin

      oh man thats amazing

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      I’m pretty sure that this ain’t right. My Olympic game might come to the 3DS as well, making it a fourth game. I hope it is something totally different.

  • DemonRoach

    2d sonic or it didnt’ happen.

  • HypocritesRROD

    Question: Anyone know where Michael Pachter is nowadays? I bet he’s really enjoying his WiiU right now. Lol.

    • Predicting that the X1™ will be the most successful console of all time and effectively causing Sony and Nintendo to go bankrupt. You know, he’s always right.

      • Be careful the X1 is trademarked by Comcast/Xfinity

        • HypocritesRROD

          Many people were right for saying that it looks like a Comcast Cable box. Now i realize that it was also named after it. Xbox One = X 1. It really is a cable box. Lol.

          • And from the looks of it the X1 is touting many of the same features that the XBOX One is trying to do. I think this will happen with other set top boxes too as TVs have evolved into smart TVs and BluRay players are media streaming devices… This will hurt the XBOX One market for controlling your TV experience as these boxes will most likely come as part of your TV subscription and people are likely to choose that over using a third party device to do what their set top box or TV already does.

          • HypocritesRROD

            Yeah. I’ve seen the latest samsung tv. It can do the thing s that kinnect can do on tv mode. With its motion gesture and voice controls.

        • There, I fixed it.

    • Shaise Mughal

      Yeah was proved wrong

    • John Andalora

      Not like I follow Pachter or anything, but he’s just not saying much about the Wii U. He’s just talking about how he thinks Xbox One and PS4 will sell out at launch, but also that the world wouldn’t be better off without Used Games.
      He’s pretty much just saying whatever he feels like saying.

      • HypocritesRROD

        He is not talking much these because there’s no bad news about Nintendo. There’s only bad microsoft news. He’s a hypocrite.

    • Squid

      He’s probably predicting that the Bu Ray player will be the most sold system, while he bashes Wii U because he wants Bayonetta 2

  • LoZ4life98

    Wonder what the third game is?:)

    • Maybe they’re just counting the 3DS version as the third game?

      • Shaise Mughal

        No, why would they do that? Because its the same game, they just havent announced the third one yet

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Probably a Sonic Tetris game, a card game or something like that. SEGA would be unwise to publish something else than shovelware to a failing console…

      • Cubester_64

        “Sonic in Tetris Puzzle-y Land” Yeah. Right.

  • Nintendofreak

    sonic adventure 3…i hope

  • warpstar

    A new Sonic Rush with HD Wii U graphics would be nice.

  • Squid

    I hope it’s Sonic Adventure 3

  • miiandmario

    Once big enemies now best friends

  • TaintedXGamer

    Year of sonic? About F***in time!

  • Teves153

    Jesus Christ sega on at a time!

  • Arthur Jarret

    If sonic & mario at the olympics are already part of the exclusivity deal… then I’m afraid the last one will be ‘Smash bros.4’. Well, at least we get colors 2 – erm, the lost world – out of it.

  • Cory

    How could they reveal the first two games,but keep the last game secret?

    • Ice Climbers

      To save it for E3 of course.

  • LaVonte Ima Boss Grigsby

    Sonic Heroes 2?

  • Brendan Jones

    If the third game isn’t the new Smash Bros. game, I’d really love to see a 3D platformer Mario and Sonic crossover game. Imagine what a cross between Sonic Adventure and Mario Galaxy would produce…

  • Jack5221

    PLEASE be Sonic Adventure 3 battle!!!!

  • Lusunup

    Okay is this article stating that there going to release these games this year or that it will be unveiled at e3 this year? i’m confused here.

  • FlyingBoat

    That third game will most likely be a virtual console release, or some other spin off game. Not enough time to have a full blown mainstream sonic game developed and released.
    It’s also a shame, cause I was really hoping the three games would be released over a few years, maybe even the entire generation.

    • wober2

      Me too! I was really hoping for a series of interesting Sega games, like Shenmue! Not only Sonic games and not sonic “fluff” games.

  • Andrew Longo

    3 games? you mean mario and sonic olympics, sonic lost worlds for wii u and sonic lost worlds for 3ds. nothing special :/

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    So… Talking about SEGA……. WHAT IS THE SEGA SPECTRUM!!!???

  • RockGod

    Nintendo said they were working on more hybrid games like SMT X FE… and rumors from Sega hinting toward sonic making an appearance in a certain racing game… could we possibly see this soon >>> Mario Kart X Sonic Racing
    i’m hearing Nintendo may have issued an apology and this mystery 3rd game won’t be ready until sometime next year. this may imply that the game is bigger than anyone has guessed thus far… how would people like to see something akin to this >>> Mario & Sonic RPG?
    what do you guys think of these possibilities?

    • RockGod

      Mario & Sonic Olympics as well as Sonic: Lost World both games coming to both Wii U & 3DS.
      3rd Sonic game still a mystery and won’t be released until next year.
      I think sonic will still be a playable character in the new Mario Kart game.

  • SinNiji

    1. Lost World
    2. Mario & Sonic 2014 Winter Games
    3. Yakuza 1+2 HD


  • HojihatesSONIC

    Dang, not for 360….or the soon to come xbox 1. I need to get myself a wii u…..

  • Link

    Lol Nintendo bargaining with the enemy. Forgive and forget (Nintendtont Blast Processing) Need i say more? Nah im for them teaming. best of both worlds. imagine if they teamed up for next generation consoles!