May 1st, 2014


This week Nintendo 3DS owners have tons to check out, as both Kirby Triple Deluxe and Mario Gold: World Tour. The Wii U isn’t being left out however, as Stick it to the Man is releasing, as well as several other games. Check out these releases this week and let us know if you’ll be picking any of them up!

Wii U eShop Releases

Stick it to the Man

Wii U Virtual Console Releases
Mach Rider

Wii U eShop Sales
Starting on May 5, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist will have its price reduced from $59.99 to $29.99.

Nintendo 3DS eShop Releases
Kirby Triple Deluxe
Mario Golf: World Tour
Picross e4
Tiny Games – Knights & Dragons
Bird Mania Christmas 3D

Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console
Mega Man Xtreme

Nintendo 3DS eShop Sales
All Tappingo games are on sale starting today to May 15 for 30% off.
Shin Megami Tensei IV is on sale for $29.99 starting May 5 until May 12.
Bird Mania Christmas 3D is having its price reduced from $1.99 to $0.99.

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  • Sdudyoy

    It’s sad that they have to reduce a games price from $1.99 to $0.99.

    • IwataSucks

      People probably arent buying it because its not Christmas…

      • Pablo Lavín

        That’s why it is not a good idea.

  • incoherent1

    Good to see some new releases. I’m thinking seriously about picking up Kirby for an upcoming trip. I haven’t played a Kirby game since the original back in the Gameboy days.

    • Officer Raichu

      kirby and mario golf intrigue me
      while child of life makes me cry for joy

      • incoherent1

        Yes! Child of Light looks awesome! It’s on my list (after I finish up SM3DW and AC4 on the Wii U, so maybe it’ll be a bit, but it’s happening).

  • Jack5221

    They need to step it up with the Virtual Console game releases. Yes, it already has a very nice library, but we all know it can get 1 million times better. They need to start by releasing more than 1 VC game per week. 1 NES 1 SNES and 1 GBA title per week. And merge the 3DS VC with the Wii U VC. They should both have access to the same VC games.

    • Sdudyoy

      Agreed 100%, and they also need cross buy with VC titles on both consoles, it doesn’t make sense to do it the way they’re currently doing it, with Super Mario bros 3, that came out on both consoles at the same time, so why do we have to buy it on both consoles, and they also need to release N64 games on the Wii U.

      • cross buy would be too customer friendly and modern, I’d laugh if Nintendo actually would understand its benefits -_-

    • I guess they just have some problems with human resources, so I guess it’s okay that they aren’t putting too many of em into VC development, otherwise we would see even less on the retailgames-side.
      I personally can’t understand why it seems to be so hard to just take the Wii’s VC library and convert it for the WiiU. Sure, control mechanics may be different, but it’s not like everything needs to be rewritten as Wii and WiiU share the same PowerPC architecture. I think this is one of the major reasons causing this amount of frustration about the current library. When switching from Wii to WiiU it’s like switching from hero to zero.

  • Fred

    Thanks for the update. I have never heard of that mach rider game maybe I’ll have to go check it out. When I read that yesterday Japan got Zelda Minish Cap on Wii U VC I was really hoping we’d get it today (I never got to play that one). I guess I’ll just keep playing Advance Wars on my Wii U it’s a great game for playing while watching TV.

    • Match Rider is actually a very fun game, racing a motor across a road towards a city route 66 I suppose you can see it with buggie-badies bugging you all the time, you can push them aside and make them crash. Many colored buggies from green, blue, purple, black etc each color is more powerfull then other colors black being the strongest and green the weakest, throughout the game buggies change colors later on you get 3 or 4 different colored buggies. You also need to avoid oil pools and barrels along the way. Used to play it a lot with my brother in the nes days, but we never beaten the game made it to course 26 or so if I recall correctly.

      It’s a really fun but very difficult motor racing game from the nes days. I think I’ll pick it up as well soon

  • Derek

    Mario golf looks good. I am a little cautious about this Kirby game. It reminds me of return to dreamland which I did not like.

  • Blue Hernandez

    I’ve been waiting for you, Shin Megami Tensei…..

  • triplegamer3K .

    I wonder if we’ll get the amazing spiderman 2 there one?

    • TheWichi

      Its been a Whiiiiile since there was a new demo on the Wii U eshop

      • triplegamer3K .

        I know.

        I like free things.

  • 3DS owners have a lot to be excited about!

    Wii U owners? They.. they have… Stick it to the Man! *nervous chuckle* Great, right?

    • It’s a good game.

      • I dont doubt it, but is that it?

        • Child of light came out only 2 days earlier.

        • Grendelmon

          Child of Light? I’ve been playing it quite a bit. It’s a fairly polished title on the Wii U

  • IwataSucks

    Wish Nintendo would poll the fans for games they want released.
    “Please understand… your opinions don’t matter to us”

    • Kevin Sepulveda

      The problem is….people don’t know what they want. They will reuqest something and it wont sell well.

      • IwataSucks

        I watched the video and I know what your saying, but I don’t think it’s applies to re-releasing games on the virtual console. For mass appeal, we can go back to say the Fire Emblem series. Of course they didn’t release any in the series in North America for quite some time because they didn’t think there was a market, but once they did they realized that it may not be as popular Nintendo series or generate the most revenue, it sell enough to be profitable here.

  • Jeremy Baker

    Abyss is a pretty fun yet hard game

    • FlashFan207

      I was just typing the exact same thing and then I saw your post. It’s a super fun game and well worth the price. Highly recommended.

      • Jeremy Baker

        I’m on. Mission 9 and man it gets intense

    • felony211662

      Good hard tho. Always need some challenge unlike infamous ss

      • Jeremy Baker

        Most of the time indie games are better then big company game anyway.

        • FlashFan207

          Ha! Sweet! Looking forward to finding out.

  • AM Real

    Stick it to the man looks mad cool, I wanna wait for reviews before/if I pick it up…just got child of light too so it’ll have to go on the back burner anyways…

  • Wooopigsooie

    Hey, has anyone heard anything on Shovel Knight? I was gonna get it when it was supposed to be released a little under a month ago, but it was delayed indefinitely and I haven’t heard it mentioned since.

  • Daniel Brown

    About time Blacklist was half the price. Without local co-op, it’s only half a game for me.

  • daeglyth

    What’s Mario Gold: World Tour?


    I gotta start saving up for a 3Ds. I love Kirby games


    Yeah that’s great and all but all I can think about is MK8!

  • devmiles

    Wii U Virtual Console Releases
    Mach Rider …. please …. please…pleasssseeeeee