Oct 3rd, 2013

It’s been a while since we’ve had a full fledged and robust week for the eShop and that trend continues this week. There are no new game releases, but we do have our first piece of Pikmin 3 DLC available. Check out the releases below divided up by country and let us know if you’ll be picking up any of these titles!

New & Upcoming Releases (eShop)

  • North America, Europe & Japan

Pikmin 3 DLC – “Collect Treasure!” Pack – $1.99 / €1.99 / £1.99 / ¥500

  • North America & Europe

Just Dance 2014 (Ubisoft) – $TBC / €49.99 / £34.99

[Available from October 1st (EU)/October 8th (NA)]

  • North America

TNT Racers – Nitro Machines Edition (Keen Games) – $7.99

  • Europe

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (Nintendo) – €59.99 / £49.99

[Available from October 4th]

Wii Karaoke U by JOYSOUND (Nintendo) – Various Prices

1 hour ticket — €1.99 / £1.79

24 hour ticket — €4.99 / £4.49

30 day ticket — €14.99 / £13.49

If you do pick it up, you’ll get a 1-hour free trial!

[Available from October 4th]

  • Japan

Togabito no Senritsu (Kemco) – ¥1000

New & Upcoming Releases (Virtual Console)

  • North America & Europe

Final Fight (Capcom) – $7.99 / €7.99 / £5.49

Final Fight 2 (Capcom) – $7.99 / €7.99 / £5.49

Final Fight 3 (Capcom) – $7.99 / €7.99 / £5.49

  • Japan

Gradius (Konami) – ¥500

Super Famicom Wars (Nintendo) – ¥800

Deals & Promotions (New & Ongoing)

  • North America

Buy Final Fight, Final Fight 2 or Final Fight 3 in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U and get 50 percent off the purchase of another fighting game, like Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting and other selected games. This offer is good until 9 a.m. on October 10th.

BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 – Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Gaijin Games) – $9.99 [Lasts October 1st – 7th]

Little Inferno (Tomorrow Corporation) – $7.49 [Until October 9th]

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  • Shota

    japan has to pay more for pikmin dlc

  • Ricky__Spanish

    Another shitty week for the VC.

    Glad im getting Zelda tomorrow

    • Miguel Angel Barrueta HernΓ‘nde

      limited edition, here i come!!! πŸ˜€

      • Christopher Acuna

        I am jealous πŸ™

    • Zombie Boy

      Am I really the only person that likes Final Fight?

      • No, you’re not. I played final fight completely grey in the arcade back in the days πŸ™‚
        p.s. Note to all: my apologies if I dubble posted this, cellphone’s internet as well as wireless internet just froze due to nearby thunderstorm.

      • Funkee Dynamite

        i love final fight, third game i played when i got my snes back in the day πŸ™‚

      • Javy G

        I grew up with the first one. Played a little with the second.

      • darkcreap

        Another fan of Final Fight here!! I started with Final Fight 2 and continued with Final Fight 3. They are great games for multiplayer.

      • Veries Seals

        I love the final fight series. I think they should do a remake.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Check out what Nintendo did to Wii VC then. They destroyed it. It sucks now.

      Edit: I guess the two downvoters didnt care to check out VC on Wii. Games on SNES is reduced to 17 games. N64 is reduced to 14 games etc.

  • Jack5221

    I love how Nintendo handles their DLC. First with Super Luigi, practically a full game for 20$ digital, 30$ physical. 1 free map with Pikmin 3, and only 2$ to get the other 4. If you haven’t tried out the other 4 maps, then I highly recommend them. They’re VERY challenging. Can’t wait for some new defeat enemies levels, and possibly a story mode DLC showing Olimar and Louie’s adventure.

    • napst0r

      I’d rather have a online bingo battle mode. wouldn’t mind paying 20$.
      I love that game and just can’t understand why it doesn’t include online :/

    • Cyberus

      But it’s very inconvenient to me

      Having to go allllllll the way to GameStop
      And buy the game
      Play it
      Then go alllll the way back to gamestop
      A pay 25 dollars for a prepaid card
      And then spend 2 of those dollars on Pikmin

      It’s a lot of hassle for a level that could’ve been included or free

      • Elem187

        Debit/Credit Card? And why not get the game plus a prepaid card at thes me time, instead of two trips??

        Last I checked Nintendo is a business, and businesses do things to encourage people to part with their money. Nintendo is by far the most generous of the big three….. Which system can you play online for free next gen? That’s a $300 cost if you plan on gaming online for the entire generation…. I don’t remember Sony/Microsoft giving out free dlc on most of their games…. But of course don’t let the truth stop you from bashing Nintendo for what you give Sony/MS a pass for.

        • Cyberus

          I’m 16, I don’t have a credit card

          And does what Hitler did make what Osama did okay?

  • Aleks

    Yet another week Nintendo offers me nothing to give them MONEY for on their Virtually-almost-a-Console.

  • Ace

    I wonder if I will still get the 50% off another game if I upgrade my Final Fight on the Wii U for $1.50? Anybody know? I doubt it since I am not purchasing it at the full price.

    • Fred

      Actually, in the past they’ve counted that so no guarantee, but their track record says YES

      • Ace

        Well let’s hope you are right. If so, I might pick up Final Fight 2. We’ll see. I don’t know about anybody else, but I like those games. I know it isn’t what we were hoping for, but I still like those games.

  • Shelim Uddin

    Fucking Game UK didnt dispatch my zelda bundle looks like il get it on monday ffs

  • Fred

    I’ve given up waiting on great VC releases for Wii U. Now that I can play them on the GamePad I’m going back and I’m going to buy a few more VC titles in Wii mode and i’ll just play them on the GamePad. Why Wait!

  • Nintedward

    I got my physical copy of Windwaker a day early πŸ˜‰

    • Ace

      I looked today at Target and they didn’t have any out so I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I will just have to wait till tomorrow. I justified getting it day 1 since I have gotten all Zelda games from OOT and up on day 1. Gotta keep the nostalgia going.

  • Jon Turner

    I dunno, the Final Fight trilogy does sound like a compelling offer.

  • therealmackay

    Hmm, what’s happened to the Splinter Cell Blacklist: Homeland DLC pack that was supposed to be released last week (two new side missions – billionaire’s yacht & dead coast + assorted new outfits/gadgets etc) – according to Ubisoft’s website it should be available to download direct from the Wii U console, but I’ve not seen it advertised/mentioned anywhere on eShop etc as yet ? It’d better be coming or I’ll cry !!!

  • Simon Stevens

    Boomerang rentals sent zelda out to me this morning, hoping to get it by tomorrow, gonna be a looooooooong weekend πŸ˜€

  • Tom Greene


    • Dez

      I’d kill for Ecco the Dolphin, after Sonic it was Sega’s best selling franchise at least back in the Genesis days. Incredible music, challenging, and beautiful. I love that game I would kill for Sega to make a new Ecco game in HD.

  • Jacob T. Plante

    C’mon Nintendo can we please get some games!? πŸ™

    • uPadWatcher

      Quality comes first, Jacob.

  • WellWisher

    WWHD is 79.95 in AU. Lol. I’ll get a hard copy for less thanks.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    but… b.. bu… but where?!… Where are the Nintendo 64 games for Wii U VC at?………..

  • devmiles

    VC is crap and money waste. So much fuzz about old games in 4:3.. WTF?
    Either transport the whole Wii VC library to the Wii-u or just stop this crap.
    As a company supporter i feel fucked very hard to say the least.

    The new games or remakes worthy stuff is fine but releasing all those crappy 10.0000000000 times played over games is just not right….seriously

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Haha! Check out what they did to the Wii library the. Its shit now

  • Shelim Uddin

    Just got the WW HD bundle πŸ™‚

  • discuss

    Start releasing some quality VC games instead of this crap list. Also make them cheaper. €7 for a 20 year old game is a ripp-off.