Jun 5th, 2014

It’s another Thursday, so that means we have several games releasing on both the Nintendo 3DS eShop and the Wii U eShop. Perhaps the biggest title for each console is Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS, a life simulator game where you can import your friends and have crazy adventures. The game generated some controversy for its lack of same-sex couples among the media, but it’s available on June 6 for you to download and take part in concerts, rap battles, and other games.

Nintendo eShop on 3DS

  • Tomodachi Life
  • 1001 Spikes
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Color Zen

Nintendo eShop on Wii U

  • 1001 Spikes
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Chubbins
  • I’ve Got To Run!

Wii U virtual console

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Nintendo Wii U & 3DS eShop sales

  • Nintendo 3DS – Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is available for $29.99 until June 9.
  • Wii U – Just Dance games are 50% on Wii U until June 9.
  • Nintendo 3DS – Bit Boy!! ARCADE is on sale for 40% off until June 26.
  • Nintendo 3DS – Treva Entertainment titles are on sale until June 25.

Quick reminder: Nintendo recently released a system update that now brings the quick start menu functionality to your Wii U. You can view all the details for that update here.

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  • kopaka7

    Minish Cap at last!

    • Fred

      I’m with you I never got to play that one so I’m excited

    • Agent721

      Same boat as Fred….a sure buy for Zelda fans?

      • Sdudyoy

        Yes, if you like 2D Zelda games, than buy this one, Minish cap is mine and may others favorite 2D Zelda game, even though I’ve beat it three times, I’m still going to get it on the Wii U e-shop, it’s a great game.

        • cool. was never really sure about that game as I didn’t like the oracle games as mentioned above and got quite cautious about third party-developed Zelda games. But actually I always heard good things about this game, so I guess I’ll give it a chance.

          • Sdudyoy

            Don’t worry, I didn’t really like the oracle games either, but this game doesn’t really feel like a third party game, although opinion is strange thing and you might not like it as much as me, as a Zelda fan you should get it though.

      • I got it on my handheld. But it certainly is worth it if you haven’t played it yet, even if you played it, It’s definitely worth it. I loved this game.

      • “Sean” jjbredesen

        Got it on my 3DS, and the orginal om my gameboy, but why not buy it again so i can view it on a large screen 😀 Never owned the Gamecube-Gameboy thing, so perhaps i will buy it again lol, can’t say no to a Zelda game, i was once in London and had not eaten, and only had 10 pounds with me, and on my way to buy food, i saw Windwaker in a used game store, and istead of buying food i bought the game xD

        Only missing Oracle games and Links Awakening.

        • I really didn’t like the Oracle games. They felt like a Mod made by fans for the Gameboy Zeldas. Nothing really felt like an original Zelda game and sure, it was a capcom game. I understand that in general those games were quite good but for me, as Zelda games, they didn’t work out.

      • kopaka7

        Not sure, I’ve never played it before but the reviews are good.

      • Agent721

        Thanks guys & gals , that’s what I wanted to hear!

    • been waiting for this, but due to the MK8-Promotion + Premium Account I got MK8, MK(SNES), Sonic Lost World and Batman Arkham Origins for 65 bucks. Now I really don’t have any time for that game left. But at least it’s nice to know that there’s a nice game waiting for me.

  • Ducked

    Tomodachi Life looks really good, too bad my wallet is empty. Lack of same sex couples? Isn’t the game E-10?

    • steve

      the lack of two dudes boneing is enough to wright it off?

      • Ducked

        Wright off?

        • hahahero

          He couldn’t chose between right and write, so he got creative.

          • Ducked

            Oh, well in that case Wright on!

          • steve


      • ch67nyc

        Ok, so inclusion of a dude and chick boneing, as you say, is ok for kids? Why aren’t you judging opposite-sex couples in purely sexual terms as well here?

        • steve

          the lack of any nasty bumpage is fine with me…. then again so is including it ;(

    • steve

      oh wow my bad, i thought you were saying you were not going to buy it because it didn’t have same sex relationships.

      • Ducked

        Nah, something like that would never effect my purchase. Its just a video game.

        • steve

          thats good, aloooot of people have been saying it will. nintendo openly said they would have no problem including it anyway, just too late in the dev cycle.

  • Sdudyoy

    Why do people complain about not having same sex couples? it’s a kid game.

    • Frankie

      Because people need something to complain about.

    • ch67nyc

      Ok, why have opposite-sex couples then?

      • Sdudyoy

        I have no idea what you’re trying to ask, the game shouldn’t matter if it has same sex couples or not because it honestly doesn’t matter.

        • ch67nyc

          Why can’t kids who have same-sex parents see their lives and reality represented as well? Why can’t players have the option to pursue a same-sex partner?

          If it doesn’t matter, why was it excluded?

          • Roadkill409

            To be honest, I don’t want my kids to have to worry about either of these subjects. Same or opposite. There should be an age of innocence. Because when children get old enough they will spend the rest of their lives until they are dead dealing with relationships that deal with issues like these. At least give them a childhood where they care more about running around with friends and having fun then worrying about issues that adults deal with.
            I really wish games would be neutral on this subject. People/kids have so much stress in their lives anyway. Why would I want to add anything more? It is my opinion that games should be about fun and less about any agenda, for or against whatever side you think is right.

          • Gameonfool

            Because if it was included then it would matter

          • Sdudyoy

            It doesn’t matter because if it was included people would be freaking out more than they are now, honestly I would rather the game have no dating because there doesn’t need to be dating in a kids game, same sex or not, this is a kids game, dating shouldn’t matter.

          • Darius

            well if you are correct that dating shouldn’t matter then maybe its not a kids game” after all. Did Iwata text you and tell you that? It’s rated “E” for “EVERYONE” if you didn’t already know. ITS FOR EVERYONE PEOPLE! but no matter how hard you try i guess you can’t make everyone happy

          • xdrewxnl

            Exactly! It’s a life simulator and for A LOT of kids, that’s what life looks like. If it doesn’t matter, then why was it excluded? And for those are like “I don’t want my kids looking at stuff like that” – You’re the reason there is a problem. Your kids aren’t blind and I’m sure they have access to the tv and internet – Educate them in the term and concept of sexual orientation and there will be a lot less hate in the world. Ridiculous that we even need to have this discussion in 2014.

          • Roadkill409

            What is ridiculous is the over sexed world we live in where you want me to talk to my 4 year old about adult issues. My kids want to play and have fun. I remember when I was young, I had no concept of sex, straight or same. There is an age where they will learn about it, no one is denying that. But I would rather my 4 year old not have to carry that burden yet.
            I am raising my kids that not everyone will agree with you, but that is no reason to hate them. It is ok to have an opinion. It is not ok to hurt someone.
            Anyway, if you are reading this, most likely you are in a free enough country where no one is making you play this game. Vote with your wallet, and if you disagree don’t buy the game.
            I am sure they “excluded” many other things in the game too. I don’t own the game, did they put cancer in there? How about washing your hands or the dishes? There are many aspects of life I am sure that are not covered. People are raised by their Uncle and aunts or older brothers or sisters, are those scenario included? Or were they excluded too?

            Come on, do you really think you are going to solve the worlds social issues in a Nintendo video game forum?

          • xdrewxnl

            I don’t think anyone is asking you to explain sex to your 4 year old, it can be easily explained as “this is what this family looks like”… As a step father in a same sex marriage (yes our countries are free enough to allow us to marry – Canada and France… I’m Canadian and he is french), I think my step daughters would enjoy playing a life simulator that could simulate a life that they know. After reflecting a bit I will half agree with you, it’s not critical to the game – I mean it’s nothing to get super upset about and no I’m not gonna solve the worlds social issues in a Nintendo video game forum, I just don’t agree with some of the arguments people make… You and I might be intelligent enough to interpret in a certain way, but you have some people who will respond with hate. It’s unfortunate. Perhaps I reacted a little strongly because it’s hurtful to see the extremes people will respond with, or people will bring up the “gay agenda” like we’re living in 1995 or something. Anyways, like you said, I guess people can vote with their wallets.

          • hahahero

            Thank you. Well said sir.

          • lonewolf

            Then go and make your own game. this is nintendo game and they even said that if they ever make another game like this theyll make the concept available in the game.

          • xdrewxnl

            Ah, relax there buddy. That’s great if Nintendo said that. There’s nothin wrong with my comment, especially the second one where I acknowledged any over reaction I may have had… so simmer. Play some Mario 😉

          • Roadkill409

            Just by reading the thread it is obvious that this is a hot button topic. And I understand that some people have this as a closer issue to their lives than others. I really try to play this down the middle. As I get older and now that I have kids it becomes clearer to me that there is no need for hate on either side of the issue. Someone does not gain any credibility by being hateful.
            I like to play games for fun. This is the main reason I choose the Nintendo brand. I am not the biggest fan of “life sim” games to begin with so I was trying to look at this from someone that has very little to gain either way. I understand that not everyone is going to agree with me, nor do I expect it. But I try, sometimes better than others, to give my opinion the least offensive and thought out way I can. I really do try to empathize with other as much as possible.
            I appreciate your response. You seem like an honest guy.
            Take it easy, see you on Mario Kart!

          • xdrewxnl

            I’m loving Mario Kart <3 And I got Wind Waker as my free game download… never played it before and I'm really enjoying it. It's beautiful in HD.

          • Roadkill409

            Thanks for your opinion. I have yet to choose what I am going to get. I don’t have any of the 4 games. I think I am going to wait until July to download anything so I can get the club points for next year. I just cracked the threshold for “gold” status with Mario Kart and I don’t think I will get another 300 points for elite in less than a month. Zelda is always a good pick, but I may want to go with a multiplayer game. But I think Wii Party might be out, because I can get a controller with the retail version. So as of now it might be Pikmin or Mario, but I think my kid might want Zelda, so I we will see.

          • GamerBoyo

            It’s a storm in a teacup. People like yourself make it sound like gay people have been soooo excluded and oppressed when in reality the idea of exclusion probably NEVER even came across Nintendo. And last time I checked, the whole world has been pretty gay-friendly. Stop nitpicking and get on with life.

          • xdrewxnl

            I’m not nitpicking. I’m pretty sure I did “get on with life” because I conveyed my thoughts clearly and admitted any over reaction I may have had. Who’s the one nitpicking? This conversation finished days ago. I’m grateful for the progress society has made when it comes to being gay-friendly but the “whole world” has not been, and is not… Still many challenges ahead. In Russia you can’t even talk about it… Still many states where gay couples don’t have basic rights like being able to visit their spouse in a hospital room. Please don’t minimize the struggles gay people have had… I’m grateful to live in a country or well, countries because I have homes in two, where I do have the same rights as others. With that said, its not always smooth sailing. You may think its silly that this discussion has come up around this game, and I’ve admitted that it’s not the end of the world that same sex couples weren’t included, but don’t minimize the struggles people have faced. I’m sure you meant well with your comment but it goes a little far.

          • GamerBoyo

            I hear your point, but remember, it’s a very narrow argument when people narrow down to just gay people being mistreated. Your example about not being able to talk about homosexuality in countries like Russia is not simply a gay issue, it’s much much more than that. I expect different countries to have different environment, e.g. try talking about Jesus Christ and Christianity in Iraq or Iran. All I’m saying is it’s unrealistic to expect every country in the whole world to react the same way to the same issues.

          • xdrewxnl

            Absolutely. My example about Russia was just in response to “last time I checked, the whole world has been pretty gay friendly”. I just thought that was a broad statement. But anyways, I’ve made my peace the difference of other opinions. I’m very grateful that I live my life without little interference and free to love and be married to whom I choose. Nintendo has acknowledged the situation. It’s all good.

          • Ducked

            Because Nintendo doesn’t want to encourage kids to get aids when they grow up :3

          • not sure if it actually got excluded. I guess they never planned to include it in first place. doesn’t really change anything, but it’s a bit of a different take on that issue. Nintendo seems like they never even thought about that as they are too conservative and I guess that’s what some people are actually complaining about. It would’ve been nice for a company like N to show people their values have arrived in the 21st century.

    • B. J. K.

      There are children who have parents from same sex couples. Its ignorant to say “its a kids game”

    • hahahero

      Have you ever been excluded from something? Not a good feeling is it? Now think about that on a scale of a civil rights issue. Simplistic, but I think it does a fairly good job of illustrating how I see this issue.

      • Sdudyoy

        What are you talking about? what is the problem with Gays not being in a game, it’s one game, get over it.

        • hahahero

          Just answering your question guy.

          • Sdudyoy

            That didn’t answer my question, I asked why it mattered in a video game, this is a video game site, it shouldn’t matter whats in/isn’t in a video game as long as the game is fun, so what does it matter that you can’t make gay characters, why should that matter? as long as you can have fun playing the game.

          • hahahero

            You asked why people complain about not having same sex couples. I answered, in so many words, people want to be represented in the games they play. I agree, I think the whole things been blown way out of proportion; and is, for a lack of better words, stupid. It isn’t really news. Don’t know why Ashly even had to throw this whole thing back out there in her article. It just gets the community riled up.

          • Sdudyoy

            I guess the reason I don’t get it is because I couldn’t care less if I were represented in games, I couldn’t care less if I was excluded from stuff either, I play games for gameplay and gameplay alone, I don’t care about the characters or anything else, I guess that’s why I don’t care for life simulators and I really don’t see how this matters.

    • Jon

      last I checked, no one cares about it anymore, the reason why it keeps coming up is because sites keep bringing it up.

  • RGorgory

    I read somewhere, that the games bought with a WiiU console, can only work with that WiiU console. is that true? what if i want to use that game on another house? what if i want to borrow the game to someone else?
    I’m Asking because i want to buy MarioKart8, but i don’t want to deal with possible scratches on the disc. In that case, buying it online is much better. But if it is only related to the console, I don’t think it’s a good idea.. what if my console gets broken?
    Please, If Anyone can help me, i’ll be very appretiated. thanks

    • Relick

      Yes. Downloaded games are tied to the console and you can’t share them with other people and you can only transfer to another console if the first one breaks.

      The discs are blu-ray meaning they can’t be scratched easily, and I often find buying the disc is cheaper anyway so I recommend getting the disc.

    • J_Joestar

      Digital games/purchases are tied to your account, but those are tied to consoles and can only be moved around with Nintendo support iirc.

    • RGorgory

      i think i’ll go for the blu-ray disc.
      thank you so much for taking your time answering me.

  • MrTravan

    All of our kids are going to live in a world with a lot more same sex couples than we grew up with (or at least that we had knowledge of). It’s just reality. Why hide that from kids? We are conditioned by what we learn from childhood. If our kids grow up not having same sex couples being a big deal, they won’t know the difference. As adults they’ll just accept everyone the way they are because it comes naturally to them. How’s that a bad thing?

  • Darin

    I have several friends that are gay and I asked them about the “same sex marriage issue” in this game and their exact response was, “who cares? It is just a video game”. I don’t get why this is such an issue when every single video game ever made that somewhat touches on life simulation will leave something out that you can’t prepare for and will upset someone for not being included. This will be a midnight download for me.

    • Exactly.

    • I understand that people care about that and wish that Nintendo would care more about that issue, but this whole thing got overblown in no time. Why isn’t Mario rescuing a Prince Toadstool? Why isn’t Zelda a man? Sure, it’s something different with Tomodatchi Life and Nintendo doesn’t want people to feel annoyed if their male friend Mii’s try to marry them, but a single Option when creating your profile at the beginning of the game could help out here.

      Still it’s of course a bit ridiculous. If Nintendo would’ve thought about including homosexuals, it would have looked good and would’ve taken them on some more modern appealing liberal level, but I don’t see such a drama here either. It’s just a bit typical for a company like Nintendo that’s usually appealing a bit conservative.

  • Jonathan Crout

    where is minish cap im on usa store it says release date to be dtermined whats going o on here most handheld zeldas i never played except gbc ones

  • steveb944

    I wish I could get Tomodachi now, but with work and such a backhaul on games I can’t justify the purchase yet. Still hoping for a Wii U release.

  • RedRocBoy

    When are we getting How to Survive. Need more zombie games on the Wii U.

  • Tron Javolta

    I still can’t believe people were complaining about same sex marriage in a GOOFY TAKE ON LIFE GAME. I mean, I guess I get it if you were taking this game serious, but that’s not what it’s meant to be. I mean, I’m a straight dude but in Fable 2 I made my dude like guys just for the heck of it lol. It’s just a video game, I really don’t get it. Either way, picking this game up immediately and downloading Shaq.

    • Jon

      whats funny is no one would have brought it up if it wasn’t for Ashley writing that.

  • Darius

    I wish we as people of Earth tackled real world problems the same way we tackle “no same sex relationships” in a simple video game. If we did then we just might be alright

  • TheBoldman67

    Tomodachi, Tomodachi, Tomodachi…

  • Curious if HTTYD2 will be any good

  • Pokémon Fan

    Yeah Munich Cap!

  • Elvis Michael

    Im happy that Nintendo are adding more consoles into their VC lineup, but the more consoles they add, the less chances we have of seeing a game we might really want. All because they keep releasing only ONE game per week.

    If you’re supporting so many different consoles, how about you start releasing 2 games per week instead of just one? Once the DS games kick into high gear, chances are you won’t EVER see a game you’ve been waiting to get your hands on (on NES, SNES or other system.) Not at the snail pace of one game per week, that is.

    I love Nintendo, but they can be seriously stubborn about some things.

  • Suraj Alexander

    Could someone tell me how much just dance 2014 costs right now on the wii u eshop cuz my wii u is packed away for the exams?