May 6th, 2013

Over the weekend my colleague John Kinsley wrote an analysis on why he believes Nintendo bowing out of E3 is the worst thing the company could have done this year. While I agree that it was a surprising move, I don’t share his opinion on Nintendo’s decision. With the May 21st unveiling of Microsoft’s next Xbox, the gaming industry at large will be focused on what Microsoft and Sony will be bringing to E3. It’s akin to two linemen going head to head while Nintendo’s in the background, kicking field goals.

Changing Focus on America

For the first time since the early 80s, Nintendo is once again focusing on the American market. Previous E3 presentations were done with Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto, as well as other Japanese developers taking the stage to talk about their upcoming games in Japanese. A translator was provided for American viewers of course, but the intention was to broadcast the Nintendo E3 press conference in Japan for Japanese viewers. Now, Nintendo will focus purely on each market individually, by addressing them through a series of Nintendo Directs designed for their specific region.


Nintendo realizes that in order to succeed, the Wii U must be successful in America. At the time of writing, only 3.45 million units have been sold since the November launch, which was rather strong. To counter the stalled sales, Nintendo recently announced a change-up in their day to day operations. Satoru Iwata is now the CEO of Nintendo of America, giving him what Nintendo calls the ability to streamline its international business.

Over the next few months, we’re likely to see advertisement for the Wii U step up tremendously. We’ve already seen three new advertisements showing families playing the Wii U, as well as several promotional materials at trade shows like PAX East explaining the difference between the Wii and the Wii U. Expect to see the same at E3.

Staying out of Microsoft and Sony’s Fight

Nintendo chose not to take the stage this year to avoid being sandwiched between Microsoft and Sony and their respective console releases. Inevitably after each of the big three give their press conferences, journalists around the world take to the Internet and write a “Who won E3?” article for their viewers. With Nintendo’s hardware already available, their focus on games is going to seem a lot less grand to the general gamer. Therefore, they’ve removed themselves from that position entirely and can focus on delivering information on games to those who want it.

Last year at E3, I waited in line for up to an hour to play some of the newest Wii U games. For the entire three days that the show floor was open, Nintendo’s booth was packed to the brim with people wanting to play the new games. Microsoft and Sony’s booths were full as well, but walking through the showfloor you could always catch a lull there. In fact, the guys working the PlayStation Allstars: Battle Royale booth actually begged me and my colleague to play on the second day, as there was no one within the trailer.

Nintendo knows that it’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to software and the Wii U is certainly capable of going head to head during the next generation. With rumors like always online connectivity required for the Xbox and the PlayStation 4 allowing a limited use of used disks, Nintendo is standing up and saying, “We’re giving you games. We’re not putting any limitations on those games. Come play with us.” That’s a good thing.

Better Coverage for Journalists and You


While the Nintendo booth will still be available at this year’s E3, Nintendo is taking the time to set up press meetings with outlets in order to provide exclusive hands-on coverage with what’s happening this year. That means journalists will be able to bring you news that’s focused on the content they’re previewing. You’ll get the same hands-on treatment that journalists get, without having to listen to the massive muffle that is the E3 show floor. In short, Nintendo is ensuring journalists can provide you with custom-tailored content about the games you want to see.

Overall, some may lament the loss of the E3 conference for Nintendo, but the reality of the situation is that it just wasn’t feasible this year. Both Microsoft and Sony will be at each other’s throats from the moment the doors open and Nintendo just wants you to play their games. I think I know where I’m headed first.

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  • david jarman

    Thank you! Even though now I’m just confused about this website.

    • Abner Barahona

      Same here

    • There are multiple writers for the site. John gave his opinion, I’m giving mine.

      • david jarman

        Yeah, you’re right.

        • val berger

          You can’t say who’s right at this point. When the E3 is over, we will see how smart they really were. I personally just keep hoping that they know what they’re doing.

          • david jarman

            I’m agreeing to her reply not who wrote the right article.

      • Nintedward

        I like this Ashley. It’s original and refreshing to post two opposite opinion articles on the same site , I like!

      • Elem187

        But to read two articles from the same website gives everyone the impression that Wii U daily suffers from multiple personality disorders.

        But to answer your colleague’s point of view, he seems to think Nintendo isn’t showing up at E3, and that is completely wrong as well as asinine…. Nintendo just isn’t doing another 2 hour presentation of fireworks this year πŸ˜‰ And that’s a good thing.

        • I think it does suffer multiple personality disorder. Wii U Daily is one site certainly, but there are multiple writers here. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion. Get to know us as writers and don’t lump us all together.

          John’s opinion is no more right or wrong than my own. It’s just that; an opinion that he’s shared with you. Now I’ve shared mine.

          • [000]

            Opinion articles should have the word “OPINON:” clearly labeled in the title so they at least look the slightest bit formal. Please, do something about that. It would clear up a lot of controversy.

          • Adrian

            both articles were obviously opinion articles as they are written before the fact. I don’t think there is a need to explicitly include the word “opinion” in the names.

          • [000]

            I’m not talking about just those articles, I’m talking about ANY opinion articles, so you don’t have to click on it first. Some people just come here for news. They might not want to hear other people’s opinions. Would you rather they click on the article and give their 2 cents about the article, or that they read the title and skip over?

          • I just don’t see the need to label and article “Opinion”. I only read the articles that pertain to the games or hardware I am interested. Often times, a writer will make one or two opinions in a factual based article. If they were to label every article, which contained one or opinions, as an “Opinion” article, then you would have a lot less articles to read about the games and systems you enjoy.

            On a second thought, they already kind of have what you are asking. Please just look for articles with the following word in it: Reviews

          • Usually when someone gives their thoughts on something, it is usually an opinion. If you need “OPINION” thrown on top of an article to know that, then there might be something else going on.

          • [000]

            Some people come here for news only, so it’s not very efficient for them to have to click on it and read it to know that.

          • GariNGB

            Why would it need to have ‘Opinion’ written at the top? Its an editorial and within the context, its obviously an opinion. If you cant work that out without the word ‘opinion’ plastered all across the headline of the article, then something is wrong.

          • brian murphy

            i like it this way being able to see more peoples opinions it makes things less one sided cause you cant take one persons word as truth based on just there opinion alone

        • tiha voda

          I think you should reorganize this website and separate columns and news into different sections. Otherwise, people will com to read some news and read someones opinion – which should be in columns, blogs, etc.

      • lonewolf88

        well then you mam! i can respect on this blog!

      • crocodileman94

        No offense, but I think it’s stupid to post opinions as updates. Those should be at the forum.

    • Robknoxious1

      It’s not complicated. Neither writer is saying “This is the Official Wii U Daily position on this topic”. They are just Wii U Daily writers writing their opinion.

      • david jarman

        Yeah, but its not usual for one writer to post a negative to just be quickly followed up with a positive regarding the same subject. Even though I appreciate the way, Ashley wrote her article. I understand where John is coming from, but in my opinion some of his articles sounded like he is not much of a fan about nintendo or the wii u.

        • Robknoxious1

          I have to agree that many articles here rub me the wrong way. Not because I don’t think someone can point out areas where Nintendo needs to improve but rather because it seems many of those articles are click-bait with titles intended to annoy Nintendo faithful in order to make them look/respond out of disgust and haters look out of gleeful curiosity.

          I do however like this formula – intentional or not – of point then counter point. It helps keep a sort of balance to the site, one article tempering the other.

  • JeanPaul

    Probably should have released this article with the last one to not angry some people on this website. So that it looks more like you were just talking about the good and the bad about Nintendo not holding a big event at E3.

    • I wasn’t around this weekend, so that’s why it’s gone up today.

  • Guest

    Ya after people rage they post this lol…..

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    Good journalism, Ashley. I’m very excited for what Nintendo has up their sleeves for E3.

    • It’s decent writing but bad journalism. The angle of the article was clear – ‘buy a Wii U, Nintendo knows what they are doing even if it looks like they don’t!’

      • david jarman

        Nothing wrong with that.

      • Oh come on dude, Nintendo been around for decades. They KNOW what they’re doing. We don’t. We don’t know a s**t about games marketing.

        • Elem187

          The troll especially has no idea what it takes to run a business… heck, as he proved this past weekend he doesn’t understand what it means when something is natively rendered at 1080p… he actually think its the same thing as upscaling… BWAhAHAHAH

          • You and that knucklehead don’t understand it. I made myself very clear. Rendering low-res or ‘sub-HD’ textures to 1080P is still scaling. It is the same as rendering a VHS tape to 1080P. The source has to be 1080P in order for it to be true 1080P. Imagine if Revenge of the Sith (hard to believe that is 8 years old!) had been filmed in wide screen 480P then put on Blu-Ray at 1080P. An idiot would call it 1080P but a purist (like me) would call it crap, but we would also know that if it were shot in 480P digital, it’s resolution OUTPUT can increase, but it pixels or native resolution can never increase. You people just don’t know what you are talking about. I learn from the videophile world…

          • Guest

            VHS movies are 2 dimensional moving images. They cannot be re-rendered to a different outcome utilizing the source material. Invalid comparison.

          • The same thing with textures on a 3D model. It is valid, you just don’t understand.

          • tronic307

            *Yawn* Do you even own a video scaler?

          • I was into HD before most people even knew what it was and before a blu-ray player came out.

          • wiiucompl

            Wii U owners are playing favorite games on an efficient and super-comfortable console … and others still dream of Ultra HD. Being a purist in some moments is tiresome and unnecessary.
            Pacman was resolution 336 x 240. Does this mean that the game was bad? Real gamers forgive many…Gaming is just for fun. Nintendo it provides.

      • jay

        WHERE does it say “Buy a Wii U”?

        You’re a fuckin loser. Go back to building up your gamerscore in grandmas basement kid.

      • Silent

        So where is your article proving that you have better journalism techniques? Oh yeah, you dont have one.

      • jsty3105

        Every article has to have a clear angle – it’s writing 101. It’s the first question any worthy editor will ask you when you pitch an article. Just because you disagree with the angle doesn’t mean it’s bad journalism.

  • Robknoxious1

    Between the two articles on this topic I agree with this opinion.

    I would only add that by not having a full E3 conference all the hype concerning how “awesome” that conference would have to be to “save Wii U’s bacon” is effectively deflated. People can just focus on the games and what IS shown not whether or not a conference was epic enough.

  • jcnba28

    Nice finish to the article, sums it up really. The gamers care about the games not what a console is going to look like.

  • While I think a big on stage presentation would not hurt Nintendo other than the cost of the presentation I think in this day and age there is more effective ways of getting the information out there. I have always felt that these big presentations were more about hype than anything really useful basically a company saying “Look at us we are Awesome”. It may make a bit of sense for Sony and Microsoft since their NextGen consoles are not released yet but Nintendo has theirs out and I think wants to focus on presenting the console in action and give people the opportunity to see and use it in action.

    Microsoft and Sony are going to try and “wow” people with graphics and what may come to their new consoles but if I was attending I would much rather have something a bit more personal where I can see and touch and use the product even if it was in pre-release stages.

    Also in this day and age where there are many easier, more effective, and less costly ways to present information I think the gathering of people around a stage is a bit outdated for an industry such as this.

    All that being said all Nintendo has to do to sell their console is release some games as Nintendo games sell themselves for the most part. I have been rarely disappointed with a Nintendo game that I have purchased and when they release their 1st party titles or second party with their well known characters people will buy the console. Nintendo knows they will most likely not be the sole console in many households but I do not think they want to be. They want to be different than the rest and offer value and fun. Microsoft and Sony seem to be trying to be a PC judging from their price and this is why I am going back to PC gaming along side my Nintendo system. If I am going to be forced to change platforms since backwards compatibility is being cut out from Sony and presumably Microsoft as well I will just go PC and not have to worry about losing that backwards compatibility so much the next time Microsoft and Sony decide they want to release a new console.

    • Frank

      Agreed. I also should note that they’re also trying to compete with mobile market as well. If they get a share in that area, they’ll be able to rival Sony and Mircosoft in digital sales, more so than they already are now

    • Elem187

      I don’t think the cost has anything to do with it.
      I think Nintendo has just learned that the media isn’t on their side and will take any oportunity to twist what they say and kick them while they are down. So instead they switching around how they do things so they can control the message a little better by delivering information directly to their fans, and then giving the press a hands on with their new software so they can only write about whether a game is good or not, not this twist the crap out of what their press release says to fit the media’s agenda.

      Take for instance Eddie Makuka-liberachi at gamespot who twisted the latest Nintendo press release from helping indie app devs porting titles, to a story how Nintendo is changing their physical hardware in the Wii U to become an iPad…. the dude is certainly way out in left field…. seems like every article about Nintendo is written by this troll, and he always twists what Nintendo to say whatever he needs it to say to fit his anti-nintendo agenda.

      • Some analysts, bloggers and trolls will twist the words of Nintendo and any other company that does not conform to their standards. Nintendo is penalized for being different and thinking outside the box. This is why other companies like EA pull their support because Nintendo will not just lay down and take it.

        Speaking of EA, I just read that Disney is in talks with EA to publish future Star Wars games since Disney killed off LucasArts

  • Man, this sounds like a damage control article to kiss Nintendo’s (and their agent’s) asses. It did not sound like another writer’s opinion, but more like another writer’s ‘correction’ of another writer’s true and unbiased analysis of the Wii U situation. The other write told it like it was, this one tells it like a propaganda writer by even purposefully adding an error ( “At the time of writing, only 3.45 million units have been sold since
    the November launch, which was rather STRONG. To counter the STALLED
    sales…”) to try and fool the reader into thinking that nothing is wrong.

    Ms. King’s article was written like an NBA referee’s explanation of giving a player a foul so that his team can win the game even though he was not touched! Ms. King wrote this for damage control, not facts. I am sure this site received quite a few emails because agents think that it is not going hard enough in the way of pro-Nintendo propaganda. This site should not be about propaganda, but about facts. The facts are that the Wii U is not selling, Nintendo is chickening out at E3 but agents are trying to make it look as if they are ‘masters’ of promotion. Nintendo has had the worst marketing campaign I have ever seen in video games.

    This is a damage control article much the way anyone who goes against the gay agenda must explain themselves or get fired. The other write went against the gay agenda and this writers is making the corrections to show that they support it. In other words, she is trying to show that the other writer was wrong and this is now the correct view on the matter.

    • We received exactly zero emails about our content from “agents”. Sorry bub.

      • Sam Muir

        Hey Ashley, will you be covering the amazing looking Shadow of the Eternals? It looks really promising, and being a huge fan of Eternal Darkness I’m personally really excited πŸ™‚

        • It’s on my docket Sam, thanks for asking. πŸ™‚

      • Ok. I assumed that was the case given the number of complaints on the front end.

        • Adrian

          You are a very strange kid. How old are you? I’m only asking because I have a hard time understanding your actions. (e.g. why you even come to this site)

    • “The other write went against the gay agenda….”

      What gay agenda? Are you going to bring in how you feel homosexual people are not really humans again based on your beliefs?

      • THAT agenda!

        • tronic307

          What if someone said “black agenda”? How would that even seem sane?
          Whoever makes a list of ‘undesirables’ puts themselves on that list. Discrimination cannot be contained; it goes viral and infects us all. It senselessly divides people, snatching harmony from humankind’s grasp forever.

          • There is no black agenda, only a gay, new world order and one world government agenda. The black agenda (there is none) get’s no endorsement from he president. No one get’s a phone call from Obama just for being black.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Or that article was his opinion, this one was hers…you sound like a freaking 9/11 conspiracy theorist, always talking about propaganda and people having paid opinions…If this was a damage control article, it would have been written by John Kinsley. Funny how you’re the first one to jump on here and start spouting fire, especially towards Ashley. How dare you.

      • Well, a writer can give his or her opinion, but if they are to be journalists, then they are not to give any opinion at all – just report on the facts. Of course all ‘journalists’ still spin stories to whatever an agenda is, like the gay agenda for instance. A NBA player comes out and everyone acts like he is the greatest thing in the world. Even the president calls to congratulate him on being gay! Most of the people happy are not gay and if a journalist does not conform to the agenda, they get fired. To think that people had a problem with Benzino and The Source for slanting stories to his interests.

        • tronic307

          It’s called an editorial. You can assert your ignorance as strongly as you please, it doesn’t make your ‘point’ any more valid.
          Homophobic, much?

        • Silent

          Where is that article that you wrote that has better writing in it? Oh yeah you dont have it. therefore STFU.

          • What idiotic point are you trying to make? You always comments with something that has nothing to do with anything. You just comment to be noticed – punk.

          • Silent

            You dont understand my point because you are too busy having oral sex with the other trolls. You cant judge her when you cant do better.

            ”You just comment to be noticed”

            Thats your life story.

          • flamingfeenix

            “You cant judge her when you cant do better.”

            That is a terrible and naive argument. I couldn’t make a video game if my life depended on it, I don’t know how, but I think we can all agree that the new Alien’s game was bad, right? Just because you can’t do better, doesn’t mean that something is good.

            I know knowlegeiswhatsup is a troll, but constantly arguing with trolls, and doing so poorly, makes you look just as stupid.

          • Silent

            ”I think we can all agree that the new Alien’s game was bad”

            This is true because we know that most people who played the game say it is bad. So Imagine this: You are asked your opinion on a dish. You try it. You are going to judge it according to your knowledge of something thats good. In ignoraceiswhatsup’s situation, he is criticizing the article, but in this case, we dont know what HIS dish tastes like therefore he shouldnt say that Ashley’s dish is bad. I know you dont have to be a chef to know when food tastes like crap, but there IS a reason there are licensed food critics.

          • flamingfeenix

            It doesn’t matter what his “dish” tastes like. How good someone else is at something doesn’t affect how good someone else is. I can be the worst at something, but that doesn’t make everyone else good.

            I don’t agree with knowledgeiswhatsup’s opinion that this article is bad. I thought it was well written, and Ashely gave her opinion in a nice way. But you can’t say his opinion is invalid, simply because you haven’t seen him write an article.

            Some more sincere advice. Stop arguing with him and the other trolls. You can’t win against them. Responding to them isn’t going to make them leave. Ignore them and move on.

          • Silent

            True, Time will tell

    • david jarman

      Yet, you promote anti-nintendo propaganda. I think it takes more balls to do what nintendo is doing and that’s is far from chickening out. You want to get rid of the only console that cater to families and wholesome gamers. You hate nintendo cause they don’t conform to the norm of this world. Which I am thankful for cause this world has gone down the shit tube for what’s normal. I’m sorry, but I want my family to play wholesome high quality games then the mainstream crap that’s desensitizing our country and kids(as if movies/tv wasn’t enough).

      • Now you want to involve world social norms into the conversation about a video game console? You guys won’t stop reaching out of your ass to act as if people must buy a Wii U in order to save the world! Nintendo does nothing special, they are just doing everything late which is why they are alone in doing it.

        • david jarman

          I guess you never heard of the word,”influence” and I never said you had to buy the wii u. I just appreciate a company that has better values and morales. Where you’re trying to spread anti-nintendo propaganda. Nintendo games are what is special and the last time I checked it was wii u that was doing something different. Both Xbox and playstation are the really chickens. Too afraid to try something different and innovating.

        • AJ Chioino

          i think hes too busy having SithWiiU’s Penis in his mouth to understand anything a fan of the wii u has to say. Based on all his whinny ass comments ive seen in the past week lol. theres plenty of shoulders for you to cry on over at ps4daily, kotaku, and gamefaqs.

        • Clel

          ‘Now you want to involve world social norms into the conversation about a video game console?’ Who’s the one who first brought up ‘the gay agenda’?

          • That was to compare the fanaticism of the gay agenda and the Nintendo fools. You are more or less telling people that they should get a Wii U for social reasons instead of the games.

          • david jarman

            No, we are saying get a system that has good games that are great because of quality and fun, not because it has rape and pole dancing as a bonus levels. I like when there are some shooters and mature themes, but there are just too many unnecessary immature crap games that live on Xbox.

    • Opinion favourably to Nintendo: delusional and fanboy
      Opinion contrary to Nintendo: unbiased and very true


    • Petri

      Where can I get a check for writing biased propaganda about Nintendo?
      I could totally do that.
      And where do you get your check for bashing Nintendo at every corner?
      I could totally do that too.

      • It’s not bashing, it’s called truth. Nintendo does not know about the truth so they hate. I wish that I could get a check for bashing Nintendo! I’d go a lot harder!

        • Silent

          Its called bashing, therefore people are downvoting you. If you want to tell the truth, start by telling how sorry you are for being a sick troll.

        • tronic307

          Lol yeah, the ‘truth’ is biased. That’s the ticket!

    • tronic307

      Gay “agenda”? A bigot on top of everything else? No wonder you’re known around here as ‘Ignorance Is What’s Up’!
      My bad for expecting maturity from a dudebro meathead!

    • Silent

      And this is why you get 11 downvotes. Because of the s**t that comes out of that keyboard.

  • Great article Ashley.
    Also I think it’s cool to see another opinion on this subject coming from the WiiUdaily writers. Both have valid points and only time will tell which one will be the more accurate.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    it kills me how hurt people got over that last article, some people are realist some are cynics and some are delusional. I’m pro nintendo all day but just because you support something does not mean you have to support their every decision.

    the saddest part is: its not the writers, no, the writers are just writing for hits, the sad part is with the reader and how ignorant they choose to be, when the rumored specs were let out of the @$$ of whoever made them up the fansboys/girls screamed “YAY” when the more accurate specs were leaked fanboys/girls screamed “LIES” and “how dare you post this” people on here swear Mario zelda, and metroid will save the company when fact of the matter is they only generate sales the company was already going to get.

    Nintendo hoped the same buzz to pull in replacements of lost fans with Wii would transfer to the the Wii u along with old fans who dropped Nintendo for other consoles. that didn’t happen, because they have been making mistakes since the name was announced. the 3ds didn’t pick up until a drastic price cut and some 1st party releases. and that is the same road Nintendo is traveling down again. and dammit its scary.the wii u is all ready being sold at a (minor) loss.

    but to get back on topic, this is a news site or is supposed to be, if their job was to feed you everything you wanted to hear they wouldn’t be doing their job properly, I found yesterdays article to be refreshing someone like me who supports Nintendo every generation but is tired of seeing them make bad calls. he didn’t feed the mass sunshine and rainbows like usual even after Nintendo themselves admitted they were screwing up and I appreciate that.

    we are Nintendo fans and customers, not sheep. this isn’t msnbc or fox news.

    also Ashley you may want to change it to two linemen and not line backers line backers only play defense and can’t go head to head lol

    • You’ve discovered my astounding lack of knowledge for the game of football. Thanks. πŸ™‚

      • Adrian

        Watch Eyeshield 21. it’s all you will ever need to know.

    • Adrian

      I do think it’s interesting how upset people get over this stuff. Haha. But I also want to point out to those who think Nintendo is making mistakes, or think they could do things better, you have to realize that there are marketing experts behind the scenes. People with probably decades of experience in analyzing markets, advertising, and making strategic decisions for brand and product awareness. These people aren’t stupid. So yes, there is a small chance that some of us fans are genius enough to outsmart these people and come up with better company decisions/strategies, but I highly doubt it.

      • Adrian

        And just as a note, this applies to many companies other than Nintendo, not just Nintendo.

      • Geoffrey Tasker

        nintendo said they screwed up with wii u marketing already so that argument is invalid. in my family we have a saying, “trust the man who admits he is not perfect, be wary of the man who claims no faults.” i trust nintendo will 3ds this situation, i just wish they did not have to

        • Adrian

          We are talking about E3 here. And yes, even experts make mistakes. That doesn’t change the fact that they are experts.

    • Silent

      Thats why I say, Games speak louder than specs.

  • Ducked

    I’m sure people aren’t aware, but US is the biggest battleground. I’m also sure, some not be aware that there’s a thing in the US called Black Friday. On November 29th, all of the big sales will be there, but since the PS4 and Next Xbox just came out, there be full price with no special bundle or price drop to save you money. But, since the Wii U got that jump start on Sony and Microsoft, there will be a nice Wii U bundle on sale that everyone will want to buy, so they can play games like Mario Kart U, The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker, etc. So therefore the Wii U will outsell the other consoles in 2013. So if anyone should be worrying, it should be Sony and Microsoft. However, I believe Sony will stay safe, Microsoft on the other hand will only rely on PC.

    • Willgord

      “So therefore the Wii U will outsell the other consoles in 2013.” Was there ever a doubt about this? πŸ˜›

    • In case you are not aware, there was a Black Friday last year and the Wii U was available for people to buy. They did not buy it buddy.

      • Ducked

        In case you were not aware, there wasn’t a black friday bundle for it last year because this system just came out. Seriously, get a life. You post on this site everyday bashing something you don’t like.

        • Pretty sure Nintendo sold out of the store supplied stock for the first couple weeks of release. Sales were pretty steady up through Christmas.

      • david jarman

        Uhm, yes they did cause there were actual lines specifically for the wii u. I should know cause I was in one of those lines.

      • AJ Chioino

        hes aware NOKNOWLEDGE, youre just too busy getting london-fogged by sith to read it properly

      • Silent

        And there are the down votes proving you wrong.

      • tronic307

        That’s EXACTLY when they bought it. The only way you could get a Wii U in 2012 is if you preordered. Google for just a few minutes BEFORE you post; correcting your BS gets tiresome.

        • No agent, I saw first hand on Black Friday that no one was interested in a Wii U and there were plenty to go around but no one want it to go around.

    • Adrian

      Good black friday deals are generally limited in quantity and only there to lure people to the store (and then 90% of the people who came to the store for a certain deal won’t get it ). Most black friday deals can be beat throughout the year if you follow the sales of the products you are interested in.

    • AJ Chioino

      i agree. i might still get a ps4 shortly after though if the games on it get decent reviews. or the console as a whole rather. i always go with Nintendo/Sony. had all 3 at one point but the 360 has just gotten stale for me recently.

      • Ducked

        Same with me, I’ve always been a PlayStation/Nintendo Gamer. I only had a 360 because no one I knew had a PS3.

        • Adrian

          I’ve been mostly a PS gamer in the 2000s. But, I won’t get a PS4 until the price is low and there is a huge game selection. I’m thinking 2015. If they wanted me to pick up a PS4 any time near launch, they would have prioritized backwards compatibility.

          • Ducked

            Again, Same with me. The only game that would make me buy a PS4 at full price would be Kingdom Hearts III exclusively to PS4. But I’m hoping KH3 isn’t exclusive to PS4.

          • Adrian

            Is KH3 in dev?

          • Ducked

            No, they haven’t confirmed it in develop, but its possible its there next project. According to Nomura, no Kingdom Hearts III until FF Versus XIII is completed. My guesses is Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Collection will come out next year as shown in the credits, and possibly Kingdom Hearts III for 2015. If not then were probably get one more side story. I just hope it comes to Wii U.

  • Jeffery02

    So both articles agree that Nintendo cannot compete with Sony and Microsoft this year. The reasons behind it are totally different though. It takes 3 points to make a pattern and this is only 1. So when the last article said that this means that Nintendo is not on par with Sony and Microsoft, I have to call a foul. If they back out of E3 in 2014 and 2015, THEN we can say that Nintendo’s plans are questionable.

    After the PS4 and Durango hype calm down, I bet Nintendo will be back on par with them. Sony and Microsoft combined last year could not compete with Nintendo when they announced the Wii U and Nintendo will not be able to compete with them this year for the reverse reason. No matter what Nintendo does, new consoles ALWAYS get the spotlight. When everyone will be comparing what the 2 new consoles can do, no one will want to talk about software and that’s all Nintendo has right now. I must agree with Ashley overall with this.

    There are pros AND cons to what Nintendo is doing, so no one can say that this is a purely good or bad decision on their part. It cannot be terrible, but it cannot be amazing either. It will be somewhere in the middle and the only thing you can do is guess whether it is better than or worse than neutral.

    • AJ Chioino

      its simple to understand that. some trolls beg to differ though lol. “this is the beginning of the end for nintendo!” i swear every time i see them post shit like that i picture a skitso hobbo with a cardboard sign frantically waving it downtown whereverville.

  • John Andalora

    So, a company shouldn’t advertise for the biggest gaming show in America, and allow the competition to overpower them so they can make nintendo direct commercials which (for the Wii U) only get an audience of 300,000 of the 3.5 million out there because Sony and Microsoft are in a video game war and Nintendo should just stay out of it?

    To most gamers, that’s like Nintendo saying that they aren’t up to par with the other consoles.
    They’re in a war too. They should start showing it.

    • Abner Barahona

      U really like e3 presentations? Try Nintendo 2003 when the gamecube was in Trouble and u ll undestand that Nintendo is going To Do it on its Way. I think is the Same they are trying to do now.

      • John Andalora

        Right now, Nintendo needs advertisement. Anything. Only hardcore pay attention to Nintendo news right now. They need to stick it in the other consoles faces how good it is.

    • Adrian

      As somebody who has gamed more than most, but has never watched E3. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Especially given that Nintendo has a well established brand and doesn’t really need to put on a laser show to make it known that it is relevant.

      • John Andalora

        SEGA was a well established name brand too. Doesn’t mean that people automatically bought everything from it and that they didn’t new to advertise.
        All companies need to advertise, especially in advertising how their console is better than the others. They need to tell people “Why wait for a gamble when you could go with a sure thing?”

    • Clel

      I would just like to point out that, while Nintendo Direct itself doesn’t get that much of an audience, there are always articles on every game site that talks about everything that was shown/announced in the Nintendo Direct. So, in fact, ND DOES get a lot of attention.

      • John Andalora

        Think about those who actually read the articles. Nintendo fans.
        Nintendo needs to take as many opportunities as it can to show why people should buy it now rather than wait for something else. It needs to show people that it’s in the same race and class as the other two.
        Use WiiUDaily as an example. All Nintendo news. Who reads it? All Nintendo fans.

        • Clel

          Firstly, the Nintendo news are not only on Nintendo websites–the big headlines are always crowded next to PS and Xbox headlines, so that ‘general game news’ sites’ visitors (e.g. IGN followers) DO get a healthy dose of Nintendo news.

          Also, the articles tend to be very short (1 to 2 paragraphs), or at least will quickly sum up the Direct and then state some opinions about it… but you can always stop reading. Yes, people who use Wii U dedicated sites are Nintendo fans, trolls, or just curious people. However, the fact that Nintendo Direct is talked about on pretty much EVERY gaming news site is very noteworthy.


          • John Andalora

            Just because a website has news on a console doesn’t mean it’s good news, or that people will even make an attempt to read it. Nintendo needs something that will shove it’s console in people’s faces in order to really get the word out there.

            For example, IGN doesn’t have a separate Wii U browser. They have an Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 browser, but Wii U is just placed under Wii news. That’s not good for Nintendo right there. Gamespot has nothing good to say either. Most of the articles are based on how “underpowered” it is, and all the “negative” news about the Wii U. One article is how people think the Wii U is just a Wii with a gamepad.
            Nintendo needs to show people why their console is awesome, or publications like this aren’t going to doesn’t matter what Nintendo says to them. They may say what Nintendo Direct said, but the lean towards “this is a bad console” will always be there until Nintendo really shows them how good it can be.

  • Ryn Ntvdd

    While I respect different opinions. This looks like Damage Control. The site could have written ONE article where writers are giving their opinion about Nintendo not holding a big conference at E3.

    • Adrian

      We don’t even know how often or how much the different writers on this site communicate. I think the other guy is in Australia (john K), while Ashley K(I think) is in the U.S.. While there are definitely ways to collaborate, it’s likely that the “organization” that is Wii U daily has not set up a way to write collaborative articles yet.

  • kutral

    im glad that i can read 2 opinions so divergent one of the other.
    Im with you all the way Ashley. In a reunion for my videogame section of my magazine we talk a lot about this. What happen was the same divergent opinions.

    πŸ˜€ keep it up!

    • AJ Chioino

      they both had valid points. but i think nintendo is playing it right this time around. we will see afterwards.

  • zhenyaivan

    Ooh and of course positive news is low
    But I’m glad that this site isn’t all about negative news πŸ™‚

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Im still waiting for the post of Shadow of The Eternals (Eternal Darkness Spiritual sequel)
    for Wii U and PC

  • Clel

    Love the lineup in the titles of the articles:

    Why no E3 press conference is a catastrophe for Nintendo

    and if you scroll up

    Why no E3 press conference is a catastrophe for Nintendo

  • Potemkin

    What on earth…?

    Why don’t you guys make a thread in the forums instead? Having two contradictory articles right next to each other seem more suited for a forum discussion rather than an editorial opinion or you can put both articles in one. Like what IGN and other gaming sites do.

    You can’t take much credibility from a gaming site when things are like this…

    • audi lover

      No thats journalism 2 arguments and you make the choice

      • Potemkin

        Hence a discussion of ideas together in one particular article.

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    Personally, I see more benefits than drawbacks and thus it makes it a smart idea but the only problem is that the majority of casuals walking around E3 won’t really know what’s going on (although the Nintendo booth will be pretty hard to miss)

  • Justin Carlson

    While I like seeing differing opinions on a new site, just looking at the title of the articles looks like this site doesn’t know what it wants. Maybe having strong opinion pieces prefaced with the word, “OPINION:” would be helpful can clear up some confusion.

    • Adrian

      When would an article like this NOT be an opinion?

  • tronic307

    E3 2012 showed that its best days are behind it. We will know all we need to know about the Sony and Microsoft consoles before June, so E3 is redundant. I’ll still watch, but the hype is all but gone for me.
    Kudos to Nintendo for making a stand, despite the naysayers!

  • H8ersBh8n

    There’s a new troll in town. And his name is dsfsdfkjhkj. It’s most likely sithWiiU, Demon Roach, or Zorbo85 with a new account, so just keep your eyes peeled.

    • Guest

      I have a theory that every troll on this site actually one person; An evil mastermind with multiple-personality syndrome in an underground vault somewhere.

  • Silent

    And THIS is why im still in Thank You Ashley. By the way, dont get fired or anything. Please stay how you are.

  • ICHI

    I don’t even think this is just because of Sony or MS but also because of the lull in sales. If Nintendo gave a full E3 showing which was tailored to potential developers/investors as much as the end users like me, then they wouldn’t get to highlight their strategies.
    Nintendo said they are holding closed events for those potential dev’s, publishers, investors etc, and are probably going to outline things to these people they don’t want the competition aware of just yet. We will still get our news about new games, and I don’t see how thats a problem like the other article made out. How many of us on this site are going to E3? Everyone is just going to read about it or watch an online video (so it’s exactly the same for me). Nintendo needs to show more of it’s hand, just not to the whole world yet and so while being forced to be less secretive than they usually are they are also managing to keep that a secret πŸ™‚

  • This is a really interesting idea, posting two extremely different opinions on one news site. I’m a bit worried this might cause a big split between readers, but I’m definitely keeping my eyes on this site.

    Great job, Ashley.

  • kyuubikid213

    …I’m confused. Glad there is a positive article, but… I don’t know.

    • Adrian

      The answer to your confusion is Naruto. Dattebayo.

  • Nintendofreak

    the article is…to well written my eyes cant take so much awesomeness

  • discuss

    So basically you say thats it’s useless for Nintendo to go to battle with Sony and Microsoft because they would lose anyway?
    The E3 is one big advertisement … and Nintendo won’t be in it.This fits perfectly into their current market strategy of being invisible. A strategy that clearly isn’t working.

    • noel

      It doesnt mean nintendo wont take part in E3, nintendo will take part. Its just that they know the wii U wont shine as much as the Ps4 or the NextBox. Who knows maybe their strategy of Nintendo directs will either backfire or revolutionize the gaming industy once again. Only time would tell.

  • enigmaxtreme

    The fact Nintendo isn’t going to have a major E3 presentation has giving them more coverage then any keynote would have done….

  • LopsidedPasta

    Very interesting, having two articles on the same topic with opposite viewpoints. Please consider doing things like this again, because not everything that Nintendo does is AWESOME or EVIL. There are usually good and bad things about every situation, and having a two article system shows that.

  • Jeovany

    I disagree with everything this article says. The most Press conference their get is at E3 not Nintendo direct. E3 allows them to talk to wider audience other than Nintendo fans, who are the only people who watch the Nintendo directs. More journalist pay attention to big convention like E3 or pax. They have whole pages directed to each companies E3 breaking down everything shown while when Nintendo does a Nintendo direct they just summarize th importance things. Also Nintendo need to be apart of the console war or there going to fall behind. I like Nintendo idea I just think they Choice the wrong time to do it.

  • plsburydoughboy

    I wonder if its OK for you to reveal who that person manning the PlayStation Allstars: Battle Royale booth was?

  • ReckoningReckoner

    Though I do think no E3 press conference isn’t a great decision and I was expecting this site to do some half-assed revoke for older article because of all the butthurt it received, this article is actually extremely well written.

    /end rant

    The article does bring up something interesting: is this is a new stage for Nintendo? Instead of attempting to hang on to it’s position on top with Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo can cool things down to make it more manageable. Instead of Nintendo fighting to be #1 among the hardware developers, it can focus its attention on being successful under the software devs? Maybe then we can also have more and better Nintendo games, new IPs and new innovations?

    We’ll all see how this thing turns out in the end. To gain something, you must lose something else. Nintendo won’t be the company we were familiar with over the last decade. I’m not quite sure if for better or for worse, but now we wait. It’s easily possible that the Wii U will flop and Nintendo will take a big hit, or that Nintendo will thrive and grow over the next ten years as well. I hope things turn out okay.

  • zhenyaivan

    “In fact, the guys working the PlayStation Allstars: Battle Royale booth
    actually begged me and my colleague to play on the second day, as there
    was no one within the trailer”


  • Gabe Hoffman

    This has renewed my faith in WiiUDaily. Good Job Ashley

  • RaShaun Forte

    great article, I’ve been explaining this to people for awhile now, but now I’ll direct them to this as well as a few other articles.

  • yienwae

    While I will watch the big presentations that MS and Sony will be having, I am looking forward to seeing what N is going to be showcasing in their little part of the world.

  • Kirbyomega

    King vs. Kingsley

    ROUND 3

  • JoyousKiller



    Believe it or not, if you scroll down to the bottom of the home page, you can see this article in the “Opinion” section.

    Btw, great article!

  • Hey, Wii U Daily editors, if this prior post addressing my six counterpoints is mistakenly posted twice for some reason, please delete one of them. I think my comment is waiting for your approve, because it’s quite a bit of length, but still, I parsed it well and each point packs a good punch rather tersely. Anyways, I had a little trouble in posting this and might have posted this twice by mistaken.

  • John Madsen

    See I am glad for this sony and microsoft have lost the gamer at large there producing more and more consoles with more and more bells and whistles then what do they do charge you 600.00 to even 700.00 for a console not caring one bit about the games or software leaving there console with shovel ware now what is funny i have only seen shovel ware on the ps3 for the last year where microsoft places ads and even vodka commercials in xbox live to get kids to drink booze nintendo doesn’t do this neither does sony my next consoles are this.

    wii u

    playstation 4


    thats it