Jun 3rd, 2014


Nintendo has announced its full schedule for E3 2014 events that will be able to be viewed by anyone. Four events make up the Nintendo Live @ E3 presentation. The event kicks off on June 10 with the Nintendo Digital Event, airing at 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm UK. This is the main presentation for Nintendo and will reveal breaking news about what’s coming for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS for the rest of 2014 and beyond.

After the Digital Event, Nintendo will air the Nintendo Minute: Live @ E3, which is a post-show recap that contains even more information about upcoming games.

The Super Smash Bros. Invitational tournament will launch later on June 10, starting at 4pm PST/7pm EST/12am UK and will be streamed live on Nintendo’s Twitch channel. You’ll be able to watch the 16 skilled Super Smash Bros. players revealed last month go head to head.

The final event to recap the day is the Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3, which will be aired live on Nintendo’s Twitch channel, except for the hours of the Super Smash Bros. Invitational. Members of the Nintendo Treehouse will be live-streaming game demos from the show floor. Aside from the demos being showcased, the Treehouse will also feature visits from developers like Shigeru Miyamoto. The Nintendo Treehouse is an unscripted event airing June 10-12, so be sure and tune in daily to see what’s going on with the Treehouse.

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  • Hype.

  • Ony


    Retro Studios.

    Or whatever.

    Smash bros is fine.

  • CEObrainz

    I want to see the Digital Event and the Smash Invitational live (if possible), everything else can be seen later on YouTube.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Pumped! is all that needs to be said.

  • Jacob Juul

    Zelda ?????

    • companyoflosers

      they should be. only reason they didnt show zelda last year was cuz they pulled it out at the last second because they felt it wasnt ready. theyve since had a whole year to prepare it further and nintendo likes to announce things closer to their release date than most other companies so i wouldnt be surprised to see it out in 2014.

      • Jacob Juul

        If they don’t show me Zelda Wii U.. I think I’m gonna die.. true story

        • Tecpedz94

          Ya dont worry we can all expect to see zelda even just a simple gameplay. The game should come out the end of the year im guessing possibly early 2015 they should of started development in 2012 so plenty of time

      • palomino blue

        They SHOULD have it out for the holiday season if they want to move consoles. But with Hyrule Warriors (SOMETHING Zelda related) coming out this year and Smash (System seller) at the end of the year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an early 2015 date for a new Zelda.

        • companyoflosers

          If anything, they need a bunch of games out all around each other rather than spaced out. It would catch peoples attention and maybe attract third parties.

      • Ducked

        I think Hyrule Warriors in 2014 should pretty much confirm that a Zelda release in 2014 isn’t even possible.

        • Ryan

          I have a feeling that Zelda U might come at Q4 2015.

          • Ducked

            Yep, probably November 2015

        • companyoflosers

          Zelda for wii u has been in development for MUCH longer. Saying they wont release the full zelda game just because of hyrule warriors is like saying they wont release mario kart because of super mario 3d world. Hyrule warriors is also by a seperate company with little input from nintendo aside from saying what they can and cant do.

  • ShortyStock

    Why do all these big Nintendo things have to go on while I’m at school?

    • Zuxs13

      Because you are still a kid. The rest of us have to sneak it while we are at work and not get yelled at by our bosses. It never changes.

      • Jason

        Well if someone’s a college student, they’re free (unless they’re working), since collage ends in May.

        • I’m a working college student. I can’t win :c

    • marian marks

      Stinks for you cause i am on vacation

  • Frankie

    The smash bros tournament has more than those 16 people. They are letting fans who cosplay enter, and I would not be surprised if someone from Nintendo is playing as well. Also they are not 16 skilled smash players. Most of the best players in the world are not invited. It is a weak tournament really.

    • SM

      i am assuming you never heard of Ken. M2k and Mango would have been a disaster since they are not people friendly and awkward.

      • Frankie

        I know who they are, but besides them they are better players. I honestly believe the girls were invited so no one could say it was sexist.

        • 00EpicGamer00

          Sooo, you don’t believe girls can play video games?

          • Frankie

            Here we go. People like you are just idiots. I never said girls cannot play, I said they picked them so no one could say the event was sexist. If Nintendo invited the best 16 players, no girls would be invited, it is just the facts face it.

          • Xeon2

            Well, they got PPMD, KDJ, Ken, Amsa, HungryBox, PewPew for some of the “best players”. There is more than just Great players here, there are also community builders like Milktea and Rapture, Tourney organizers and strong players like Crismas (organizer of APEX 2014). And even most surprising is Peachyhime, She’s not even an official smash player (she has no official smash experience), she plays Project M, and shows some secret acknowledgement of that mod by Nintendo. They got simply some of the best commentators in Smash in D1, Scar and Prog All of these folks are presentable, which is mandatory for an E3 presentation in front of the whole world. M2K and Mango are just not presentable despite their skill. M2K in particular is in a debatable condition to even think of participating due to medical conditions.

          • Frankie

            Project M sucks. The people that made the mod did a great job and they should be proud of what they accomplished, but it is bad. It shows why game design should be left to the professionals.

            I am not saying the players are bad, I am just stating the fact that there are better players, when the article says it is the best players in the world.

          • mac1275

            Two of the girls are very prominent and the other two are simply replacements for the smash players Nintendo felt it was better not to invite. This is a publicity tournament anyway.

          • Frankie

            Take out M2K and Mango, there are still other players that are better than the girls.

          • mac1275

            It is a publicity tournament. They dont need the top 16 players. Heck the 4 v 4 with items until the final round should have been a decent clue. All of the women chosen are prominent and or skilled enough to warrant a spot in a tourney like this.

          • Frankie

            I am just going to say what I said to the person above you.

            Yes, all the players are good, but they are not the best players in the world, like the article says.

          • Xeon2

            Not all of them are “the best” but enough of them are extremely top tier players and all of them are important to the community as a whole, even if you’ve never heard of them individually. This is an amazing opportunity to be rejoiced, not criticized line by line. Also, what specifically makes Project M, “bad”?, its a mod made by fans that is one of the best designed mods ever made to any game, let alone any console game. And to counter your argument on game designers should be the only ones who make games, Why did Killer Instinct’s Double Helix recruit professional fighting game players to assist in development? I will remind you that the new KI is quickly becoming one of the most interesting new Fighting games and I look forward to its appearance at EVO.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Wow, if what you just said isn’t sexist, I don’t know what is. Perhaps you should do research before saying retarded things. You do reaize a girl can be just as good, even better than a guy?Also, how am I an idiot? What you said sounded sexist so I wanted to get clarification….and is it wrong that I’m against sexism in gaming? I just want everyone to get along.

          • Frankie

            You are a whiny idiot. I never said girls cannot play games. I said those girls are not in the top 16 players. Go whine about sexism somewhere else.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Maybe you should think before you type and go throw your little pissy fit somewhere else, yes? So what if some girls are chosen to be in the top 16. You should be greatful and happy that those people got chosen, instead of sitting here complaining about how girls shouldn’t of been there.

          • Frankie

            It is not a pissy fit, it is a fact. The top 16 players for Smash Brothers all happen to be men. Get over it. It is not sexist it is a fact. Go cry about it somewhere else.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            You got proof on that?

  • 10114jose

    According to the E3 schedule there are four unannounced titles from Nintendo.

    • mac1275

      Could just be the infamous open slots where nintendo knows they want time to talk about something, but they arent 100% sure what.

  • Ducked

    Confirmed Wii U Games at E3:

    Legend of Zelda Wii U (TBD)
    Yarn Yoshi (2014 release date)
    Hyrule Warriors (2014 release date)
    Super Smash Bros Wii U (Winter November/December 2014)
    Monolith’s X (2014 release date, so they say…)
    Nintendo’s New IP (TBA)

    Confirmed 3DS Games at E3:

    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (November 2014)
    Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright (2014 release date)
    Super Smash Bros 3DS (Summer July/August 2014)
    Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 (Spring 2015 release date)
    Harvest Moon Story of Seasons (2014 release date)

    What else Nintendo should bring at E3:

    GameCube Virtual Console on Wii U (new controller adapter could lead to it)
    Nintendo to go after Third Parties (Kingdom Hearts III and Star Wars Battlefront Wii U)
    Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D (3DS)
    Star Fox Wii U (a new Star Fox is more overdue than a Metroid)
    Metroid Wii U
    New Wii U Pro controllers (seriously all we have is black)

    If at least half of those I listed happen then I’ll be happy

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      If we get star wars battlefront for the Wii U, i would be sooo happy, that was my fave game for a long time, if it doesnt come to wii u, im preatty much forced to buy a ps4. but hope not

      • Robert Butters

        I too am a big fan of swbf, but I don’t see the new one living up to it’s predecessors. Lets keep our fingers crossed

      • Not to put a damper on thing but EA will be publishing the game.. We all know EA and Nintendo don’t have the best of relationships but one can only hope.

        • Yet Disney are behind the publishing rights of Star Wars and look what’s happened so far, Disney has been a bit support of Nintendo and they still are.

          • Good point, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. I hope it does get a Wii U release as that may entice people to buy it for that said console. Who knows, EA may be impressed by the sales figures and decide to develop games for Nintendo again 🙂

          • Xeon2

            Yeah, DICE kind of hates NIntendo’s guts right now. It really depends if people start buying the Wii U after E3, if so, then a Port by third parties would not be surprising

      • Brandon

        Not happening at all. Sorry though.

      • marian marks

        Hey Disney owns Star wars not EA so odds are it might be on Wii U.
        And i wish Battlefront can be on the wii U and plus nintendo are in a pretty big dept. so it might help to pay off the dept.

    • “Sean” The Scorp

      You wish yarn yoshi would come this year, but i doubt it. I have a feeling it will come early next year to fill in the space gaps of no games at the beginning of the year.

    • when was yarn yoshi confirmed to be there?

      • Ducked

        My bad, not confirmed. Nintendo did confirm last month that Yarn Yoshi would be a 2014 title, so I’m guessing it will make an E3 appearance.

    • Sycamore

      I’ve got some likely 3ds titles:
      -Pokémon Art Academy
      -Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
      -Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

      Wishful thinking titles:
      -Bravely Second
      -Dragon Quest VII

      • Ducked

        Good list. I think Theatrythm Curtain Call may be confirmed, it’s suppose to release in North America in 2014. Pokemon Art Academy is very possible as we’ll. I’ve heard a lot of rumors of Dragon Quest VII hitting the 3DS. I’d sure love a Persona as well.

    • HavokPants

      ACTUALLY WITH THE PRO CONTROLLER should have a mic port,accelometer,gryo scope and the gamepad the main controller but optional because i broke my gamepad and want to buy a new one

    • daniel is gay

      I would expect to see the last two wii u sport titles baseball and boxing,and perhaps Mario sunshine hd?

      • daniel is gay

        I did hear a rumor of luigi;s mansion hd a while back to

    • Brandon

      Kingdom hearts 3 would make sense, but it isnt coming to the wii u. Battlefront is a game I cant wait for, but lets be realistic its definitely not coming to the wii u.

      • Spencer Manigat

        Yeah but Disney owns Star Wars, not EA. They have the final say, and they want their content on every platform. Also, there is a developer working on a “AAA next gen port” for Wii U that isn’t rated M, and is being made by the same guys who worked on Deus Ex for the Wii U, another Squenix game. There’s a very large chance that game will be Kingdom Heart III based on that description and the developer.

        • Brandon

          Kingdom hearts 3 has been confirmed for xbox and ps4 only, still it would make sense to bring to the wii u. Battlefront not so much, knowing that its EA, the game wont sell well on the wii u. They want to make the game they want and not scale anything back, thats why its only going to be for xbox one, ps4, and pc.

          • Spencer Manigat

            If they could scale back Force Unleashed for the Wii, they can scale back Battlefront for the Wii U.

          • Brandon

            If they do scale it back, it wouldnt be anything bad, but the sales wont show for the effort.

    • uPadWatcher

      You forgot to add Bayonetta 2.

      • Daniel Stevenson

        Yeah Bayo

    • I think EA hates nintendo too much for Battlefront WiiU

  • Zuxs13

    Oh yeah 7 days away!

  • Elvis Michael

    Where can we watch the main Digital Event live? Is it from the Nintendo Youtube channel? or somewhere else?

  • ZeldaFanzzzz

    Games I’m excited for are:
    1. Zelda Wii U
    2. Smash Bros Wii U
    3. X
    4. Bayonneta 2
    5. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
    6. Miyamoto’s new IP

    and one game from Microsoft: Halo 5.

  • DoctorFart

    7 more days !!!

  • MarkyWiiU

    I can’t wait for the new games to be announced and for the SSBU invitational tournament! #SOMUCHHYPE

  • dcj91x

    Xenoblade (placeholder title for “X”) is listed on the Walmart and BestBuy websites as of this morning for a december 2014 release. Walmart has a description for “X” from monolith soft.

  • Brandon

    I cant lie. Sony and microsofts e3 is going to kill,im more excited about theres then anything.

  • Ryan

    Did Nintendo announced that Yarn Yoshi is coming to E3 or was that a rumor?

  • Dark Link

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Nintendo will announce 2 Zelda’s(Wii U and possibly a Majora’s Mask remake or Ocarina of Time Sequel) and 2 Metroids(a new sidescroller and Prime Hunters 2).

  • So the smash bros is at 12am for me…

  • jaynkenz

    Treehouse reminds me of Link’s house where he is woken up in recent games. The graphic looks a little cartoony. Geez I wish for a realistic Zelda.