May 12th, 2014

As always we start seeing rumors cropping up about a month before E3 with supposed lists of all the games that will be available on the show floor. It happened last year and it’s happening this year, so take this with a grain of salt. Sometimes it turns out to be true, but most of the time it’s filler. Still, if anything on the list does happen to exist, color us excited. So let’s dig into it.


The list leak includes Sony and Microsoft, but we’re not getting into that. We’re here for the Nintendo stuff! Here’s what this rumored document says will be playable at Nintendo’s booth this year. It should be noted that it does mention the Nintendo Treehouse, which we know will be on hand this year at E3.

  • Bayonetta 2
  •  Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2 (3DS)
  •  Hyrule Warriors
  •  Mario Kart 8
  •  Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate (3DS)
  •  Pokken Fighters
  •  Sonic Boom
  •  Super Smash Bros. U
  •  Super Smash Bros. 3D
  •  Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS)
  •  The Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare
  •  Xenogears: Origins

So how much stock do I put in these rumors? Not much. It seems fishy that Nintendo would dedicate any show space to Mario Kart 8, since the game will have been released by the time E3 takes place. E3 is about showcasing the upcoming, not what’s currently available to your customers to purchase.

The Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare is also a pretty nonsensical title for a game and I doubt there’s any credence behind it. What do you think of these rumors?

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  • RockieOllie
    • Keli Just

      That rumor sounds pretty legit. The list of games, release dates and “Surprises” sounds about right. If those listed here are true, should be a great E3.

    • Mr Ninty

      i like your list more, because this one sucks. all the games we al ready know that exist are on the list and no new games.

      but i do hope that BG&E2 is at the e3 but i hope its nit going to be x1 exclusive

      • 00EpicGamer00

        You do realize that this is a (rumored of course) list about PLAYABLE games at E3. There’s going to be games shown that are just trailers. That’s what’s NOT on this list. Even if this was the real list from Nintendo that told us exactly what’s going to be shown. Do you really think Nintendo would reveal everything in a document? They’d obviously want to keep some surprises.

      • Brandon

        Beyond Good and Evil 2, if true, would not be an exclusive. On top of that it wouldnt come to the wii u anyways.

    • Ducked

      To detailed to be true, still better then this list.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I’m sure there will be a few new Mario games at E3 again to whore out.

        • Ducked

          New Super Mario Bros U 2!

    • gerb1977

      Hope this is somewhat accurate…….would make for an entertaining E3 Direct

    • Thomas Vienna

      “New Miyamotoโ€™s game โ€“ย Lots of Gamepad and NFC gimmicks.” But no name.
      “Hyrule Warriors, final title,” how convenient.
      This leak sounds so much like someone just wanted to post their own crazy rumor and have people believe it.

    • M.C. Pauly GooGoo

      yeah this one is awesome haha. The writer didn’t even put an about us page on his brand-new blog, just created a blog to publish one page on super-official nintendo e3 stuff. good show.

    • Rich Cole

      Yeah that one is more believable

    • Leo

      Oh… finally a new Metroid 2.5D game?! My body wasn’t ready… *–*

    • MujuraNoKamen

      Sounds good ๐Ÿ˜€ Sounds plausible even but what doesn’t sound right with me is the way they’ve not given names to half the games.
      If they new what would be in the trailers/demos then they’d surely know the name of Retro’s new “sci-fi action adventure”, Platinum’s Starfox etc

    • andrew

      i don’t believe it and mainly because i don’t think gamefreak would let namco make a pokemon game

    • Ben Ifits

      wow that LoZ bit would be perfect with the two worlds! imagine a higher def skyward sword art style for the light world and the gritty ultra realistic tech demo art style for the dark world!! EVERYONE would be happy!! lol

    • Chrop

      It’s fake, Tomogachi life is on the list with a trailer and details yet it’s already out by the time E3 has arrived

  • jjbredesen

    Shard of Nightmare??, now that sounds legit in my opinion, but it could be made up! And it suggests a dark story! Yay, even if this is not true i am now really hyped!, but as the article says take it with a grain of salt.

    BTW: when do we get to know who winds a MK8 game?

    • We’re announcing that later today. Hang on to your boxers. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • jjbredesen

        Okey!, i am sort of holding on to them xD ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Shaqfu2


    • aefd

      Don’t ruin the hope! ๐Ÿ™ I want it to be real! LET ME THINK IT IS REAL! ;-;

    • Levi Johansen

      Yup; I was so hyped when I saw Beyond Good and Evil 2 (I loved the first game so much), but the Nintendo list ending with Zelda Shards of nightmare…

      That is just a stupid name for a Zelda game, it can not be real.

      • brian murphy

        so was uncharted 4 the sunken blade

    • matthew garcia

      If this is real then it was so predictable. If this is true then there will Nothing surprising about this at all which would be bad. Let’s hope this isn’t all of it

    • abe

      fake for many reasons, gears of war gameplay (new devs only had it a month or 2), A castlevania 3ds sequel (a game they claimed can only exist on 3ds and “was all ready hd” only for a HD port to appear later and “pokken fighters” is such an unlikley western name for anything pokemon

      • Guy Brohski

        They could easily show off Gears 4 gameplay by the time E3 rolls around. A scripted scene with a couple minutes of actual gameplay wouldn’t be hard to pull off in a few months…

    • matthew garcia

      The no press conference is true which sucks

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        Big mistake on their part. If there just doing another Nintendo Direct thing like last year, then they’re missing out on an opportunity to branch out and reel in the non-fans.

        • thedeciderU

          true, true. big mistake i think.

    • Doubt it, Microsoft and Sony’s lists are actually pretty accurate so the Wii U’s library is likely accurate as well. Also, why should anyone trust you with a name like “Shaqfu2”?

    • HSN1

      Yeah, they missed The Last Guardian and Half Life 3

      • Guy Brohski

        Half Life 3 won’t even be announced until at least 2020. Gaben told me this in a dream…

  • memk

    Xenogears: Origins and Shard of Nightmare are the ones I’m most interested in. Always smash, but we know a lot about that to where we just want to play it.

  • Vorpal Blade

    I hope these aren’t the new games Iwata was talking about. Zelda, Origins and Thearythm are the only games that would be new to me. (Unless Origins is the final name for X.)

  • anthony optimo

    Symphony of the Night 2!!!? Time to take the plunge and get a 3ds xl if this game is true.

  • candyisgood

    I kind of agree with the article, sounds like possible nonsense. Hyrule Warriors doesn’t have an “official” name but now there’s Shard of Nightmare? Also it’s playable/get your hands on somehow, an yet we’ve heard nothing about it? Secretive Nintendo in the past for sure, but not usually that secretive on a big game, then to randomly just come forward with it like this where you’d be able to play it? Also the 3DS stuff seems odd. Not sure why they’d feature anything Final Fantasy, and Castlevania doesn’t seem important enough anymore. Monster Hunter = Capcom and don’t they usually deal with their own?

    • Noah


  • Elvis Hayes

    mario kart 8 is not going to be in e3 because it going to be out this month so itsfake

    • companyoflosers

      just because it will be released by then doesnt mean nintendo wont want to demo it to people who are still skeptical and want a hands on experience before buying it. any excuse they can give people to buy a wii u they will use. maybe if it would have been out for a bit longer, then ya maybe they wouldnt do it but i dont see it as definite proof that this is fake. parts can be true and parts can not be too.

      • Dekup

        Maybe a dlc of Mario kart that would be awesome

    • Gameonfool

      What was listed for Nintendo was what will be playable at E3. We don’t know what the digital event holds.

  • Wooopigsooie

    The biggest thing that jumps out as fishy to me personally is the Sonic Boom playable. Really? I just don’t think the game has been in development long enough to produce a demo.

    • It could be a vertical slice that the development team has been working on specifically for trade shows, which isn’t necessarily the same as a demo, which is usually a level taken from the game.

      For example, Aliens: Colonial Marines used vertical slices to up the hype factor for what turned out to be a disappointing game.

    • James Tyrer

      The dev team of Sonic Boom have said that the game started development before the Nintendo exclusive deal, and that it was originally multi platform, which kinda shows that it’s been in development for longer than a year, and to further back up my point, Sega have said that the development cycle started some time after Generations came out, about 2012-ish.

    • Noah

      Game has been in development for two years. The dev team said it will show more at e3 but no necessarily playable.

  • companyoflosers

    My reactions: Meh, hyrule warriors is just another reskinned dynasty warriors with very few changes to most aspects like the case with that series has ALWAYS been. mh4u: wonder why they wont announce a wii u version, oh well ill still get it. Pokken fighters: sure hope pokken sounding similar to tekken doesnt mean they will be using similar fighting mechanics (i dislike tekken). Sonic Boom: longtime fans will hype it then complain when its out like they always do due to nostalgia warping their expectations to unrealistic levels. LoZ shard of nightmare: is it dark? it sounds dark! oh how i hope its dark!!! not grungy an unartistic mind you, just similar to TP but with more style and flare put in it. Xenogears origins: is that what they are calling it (X) now? woulda hoped they come up with something more creative like they did with xenoblade. ill still buy the hell out of it though XD.

    • aefd

      If new Zelda is dark… I think i will cry with happieness…

      If X is shown again and even better looking… i might die.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      Seriously i am praying this is legit!

  • Shaqfu2

    Also “shard of nightmare” isn’t even good engrish. “Shards of nightmares” “shard of nightmares” etc are how it should be.

    • companyoflosers

      unless nightmare is an entity or a thing given the name or title nightmare. theres alot of things wording it that way could imply but if we try thinking a bit outside the grammar nazi box, we may be able to learn something once in a while.

      • Alex Welch

        rude much?

        • companyoflosers

          as rude as insulting the intellegence of a multibillion dollar japanese corporation that has thousands of people making this kind of stuff when said person in fact knows very little? not so much.

          • Alex Welch

            yes still very rude. and nintendo has denied this list already

    • Purple

      Or how about, The Legend of Zelda: “I sharded in my nightmaresโ€œ

      • matthew garcia

        Ha lol to funny

  • DoctorWily

    Zelda for the Wii U has already been confirmed for E3 so while I doubt “Shard of Nightmare” is the real title I’m still hyped because I know I’m going to see something from Zelda that is real!

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta Hernรกnde

    everything sounds legit to me, but symphony of the night 2???? whaaaaat!!!!???
    if its true im gonna have a heart attack

  • Please understand this is fake, Nintendo has a lot more game than this to show, but we will not share any new information before E3 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • uPadWatcher

      Now you’re playing with POWER!!!!!

  • Ducked

    Star Wars Battlefront III? Already fake. Its just called Star Wars Battlefront. Plus no Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III.

  • Skelterz

    Shard of nightmare? Sounds cool.

  • Alec Thomas

    It’s probably fake, but… it was fun to read lol. It made me excited for what we actually will get to see at E3, because some of these could be possibilities.

    I do think Pokken Fighters(or whatever it will actually be called) will be there.

  • Sam

    “Shard of Nightmare” Sounds cool, but a bit scary.

    • jjbredesen

      And that is good!, i want a dark Zelda like Twilight Princess and Majoras Mask, a large open world and a lot of quests to do, fantastic music, and brilliant story.

      If they can make a TP2 style game, i can die happy. Would even like it a bit darker than TP and MM:

      • Sam

        Really? Darker than TP? I haven’t played TP yet, I find it slightly frightening.

  • mojack411

    As everyone else said: fake. Look at the press conference lists for Sony and Microsoft as well. There are hardly, if any, new games mentioned in them. I’m pretty sure Sony said they were going to announce a whole load of new PS4 games and Microsoft definitely they were going to showcase a new IP.

  • Virus6

    Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare? That’s not the most linguistically pleasant title. Sounds very engrish… and Zelda typically has avoided those subtitles. Xenogears Origins is an odd title too. Do they actually plan on tying Xenoblade to Xenogears for real? Assuming this is all legit. Would also be interested in seeing if this rumored Pokken Fighters is a traditional fighting game a la Street Fighter. Would be pretty cool.

  • Ultrasyd

    Shard of Nightmare XD

  • That guy who hates Spike

    Is anyone else hyped for Pokken Fighters? The Wii U needs more fighting games, and I’ve been dreaming of a Pokemon fighting game. Might really support Nintendo’s relationship with the fighting community as well.
    I just hope this ends up happening.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      If it looks as good as the little sneak peek trailer thing they showed (hopefully even better looking. Maybe Pokemon with fur, have fur texture?) I’m hyped. But, I’m hyped regardless. It could look like a N64 game, and I’d still be happy…but hopefully it won’t look like that, lol.

  • TheGamenerd5

    its hard to tell the format looks fake but some of the games are plosible,

  • TheGamenerd5

    idk aout Zelda but xeno gears sounds like it could be real considering we haven’t seen anything about it and tere are robots and its more tecknoligy in the game so the name makes sence

  • Nintengoth

    Its Fake… There’s no mention of Metroid, F-Zero, Starfox! lol they wont and should not show Mario Kart 8 off coz that’s already out by then lol I also want to see more news and characters from SSB, new peripherals, new ips that are in the works just a load of great things! and loads more top grade indie eshop games! please! lol

    • aefd

      ALl i can say is.

      if Xeno origin is X

      and Shards of NIghtmare is a Twilight princess 2.0 (i don’t be mean rehash i mean it has the same graphical style) and with a dark story… Every Nintendo fan will cry with happieness… And Sony and Microsoft fans jaws will drop.

    • Kevin James McAllister

      The list are only playable games, not all announcements. And MK8 could be showing off playable DLC by e3. Stop saying it’s fake because it doesn’t mention games you hope to be at e3. This has nothing to do with the direct. Just what’s playable.

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      They need to continue to promote Mario Kart 8 regardless. They already said that the marketing for it will go well into the end of this year. This list might not actually be fake. These are just playable demo’s. There’s still going to be a lot more to show, e.g. trailer and things. There’s no reason really why this should be fake. It doesn’t mean it’s real, but we don’t have to discard it either unless there is solid reason to do so.

  • shanafan

    Sequel to SOTN? I thought I read that Konami was done with the classic Castlevania approach.. but, maybe fake

  • Isn’t Xenogears trademark belong to former Square Soft?

    • Capt. Smoker

      Aye… be a real slip up on their part if they went with that lol thinking of that series now, makes me really miss the psx and ps2, rpg machines at their best, Sony now though…. meh :/ just gimme the old days back lol

    • Kev

      When I saw Xenogears I knew the list was fake.

  • Will W

    Although it’s just rumours, that’s a reasonable list…
    BUT WAIT… What about the Quality of Life thing?

    • aefd

      If it is X’s official name…. then what will you think?

  • ezquimacore

    The Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare… I love that name.

  • Thomas Vienna

    Shard? That’s such a generic fantasy word for things, I’d be rather embarrassed to refer to it as Shard of Nightmare.

  • Lil J Moore

    This sounds fishy

  • janco tianno

    That list with Pokemon Uranus, Metroid U and F-Zero U was funnier.

    Anyway, they should include Watch Dogs on that.

  • Ony

    Because… No Metroid ;_;

    • ezquimacore

      not playable, but maybe a trailer.

      • aefd

        Yes it did say Playable not trailer. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Purple

    Shard … haha what a funny word.

  • aefd

    If shards of Nightmare is Legit… Omfg i will cry with tears of joy..

    If ExenoGears origin is the final name for X… I will faint, and maybe go into coma..

    Seriously if this list is Legit.. Nintendo might win E3, and not even go to E3…

  • Derek

    If this were true, which I doubt, this list is disappointing

    • ezquimacore

      why, this is just playable. not all the trailers

      • Derek

        Oh good, then I would be satisfied with list if they showed a few trailers as well.

  • Ferd726

    To many great games too bad they only going to release too fall or beyond.
    I only want to see the new Legend of Zelda. If they still hope new metroid.
    Games I Really want for Wii U
    Earthbound, Kirby, Star Fox, F-zero, No more Heroes 3, Luigi (C mon luigi deserve another Shot) and The real a sigle player or at least Super Mario 3d platform like 64 or sunshine.

  • Jon

    no Yoshi Yarn ๐Ÿ™

    • BIG Franky

      not playable at least….

      • Jon

        That is very true

    • uPadWatcher

      Never believe what you read on the internet.

  • Rich Cole

    Reasons why fake.

    No Halo 2,

    “x” being called Xenogears.

    Gear of War 4 gameplay when they’ve only just started working on the game and we are only expecting a trailer this year (because you know, Halo 2 and 5, Gears “4” wont come out til 2016)

    No Metroid/Star Fox – Retro game.

    I feel like I’m missing something. Just looking at the list something else feels off but I cant out my finger on it.

  • Satoru Iwata

    Hello everyone. This list is not what we will be showing. Please understand, that we at Nintendo are appalled at this rumor. Fortunately, I am here to give the real list of what to expect from us at Nintendo. Please be patient. E3 is only a month away.

    Super Mario Rehashed (Wii U)
    Super Smash Bros U (Wii U)
    Super Soccer Moms Extreme (Wii U)
    The Legend of Tingle: Seven Year Nightmare (3DS)
    Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)
    Pokemon in Space (3DS)
    Angry Poke Birds (3DS)
    I Iwata Rules (Wii U)
    Sonic Boom: Capcom vs. Sega

    I am sure our honorable and loyal fans will appreciate our efforts to bring these games this year and into 2015. Thank you for always supporting Nintendo and it’s products.

    • M.C. Pauly GooGoo

      E3 is gonna rule, Iwata-confirmed.

    • janco tianno

      I Iwata Rules (Wii U)?

      Shouldn’t it be “Wiiwata U Rule” ?

      • Satoru Iwata

        Please understand, that was originally the codename, but we felt that it was too egotistical and changed it to what you see above. Thank you for your understand and continue to support Nintendo and it’s products.

        • linkzero65

          so… no miley cyrus twerk u? i’m disappointed!

          • Satoru Iwata

            She is on board to promote our reboot of Wrecking Crew. Don’t be too disappointed. Please be patient.

          • Noah

            ^ genius!

          • janco tianno

            Yes… I miss those balance board games too…

    • More reasons why you aren’t the real deal…

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I don’t think anyone thinks he’s real. Lol. They’re here for the purpose of humor. Though, I take it you don’t like these kinds of accounts.

        • jjbredesen

          People need to appreciate the genius behind these accounts xD

          • Mario

            Yeah. Comedy genius. ๐Ÿ˜€

          • jjbredesen

            Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

          • thedeciderU

            not on 75% of articles though. humor is welcome, but this is kind of annoying now.

          • To be fair, so are the people who act like they can’t just ignore such comments. They’re just a scroll-wheel away from never minding them.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Then don’t read their comments. Problem solved.

          • jjbredesen

            I wish that was normal behavior, but on the internet, people normally will:

            -Downvote comment

            -Flag comment

            -Send a hateful reply where they tell the person to stop living in his moms basement and label him as a troll xD

          • thedeciderU

            i was the minority this time, but i wouldn’t resort to that. that’s crazy!

          • jjbredesen

            My comment was not aimed at you ๐Ÿ˜‰ more to those that just randomly hate at people because of having a different opinion.

          • jjbredesen

            Nah, i still find myself funny xD

          • Dominicruz

            I love satoru iwata’s account he is funny ,polite and always with a please.Try to undestand the jokes please ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jjbredesen

      Your back ๐Ÿ˜€ Looking forward to work with you again ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nintendojitsu
    • Shy_Guy

      What about Fuck U? (Wii U)

    • SolarShane13

      Why doesn’t Disqus have SOME method of reporting obviously FAKE profiles? These fakers are beyond annoying.

      • Are you REALLY SolarShane13??!

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        You certainly are not made up of Solar, so I suppose we should report you for being fake? Lighten up, and appreciate humor of these people behind these accounts. People with any knowledge of the internet know that impersonators are common. Far as I can tell, most are fine with them. Gotta deal with them, or move along to another site.

        • thedeciderU

          usually i don’t mind, but this was obnoxious. i don’t need to be scolded, thank you.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Unless you’re SolarShane13, I don’t remember scolding you. Lol.

      • M.C. Pauly GooGoo

        Wait hold on, are you saying that’s not actually Satoru Iwata?

      • Is this really a problem in your life? I envy you.

    • NowhereStarr14

      Is it weird I read that out loud in Iwata’s voice?

    • Tuks Oil

      This is good and all, but why aren’t you guys saying the MH4 ultimate will be released next year? weird

    • Broku78

      Thank you for the update Mr Iwata. What will really help Nintendo out is not 3rd party games but creating new IPs, bring back Long awaiting IPs, and most importantly understanding Western play style.

    • Fred
    • Andrew Acevedo


      what is super mario rehashed(wii u)?.will be there a third super mario galaxy for wii u?

    • Andrew Acevedo

      what is super mario rehashed?is it a third super mario galaxy or another game for wii u?

    • Andrew Acevedo

      is the rehashed 3d super mario game for wii u going to be a third super mario galaxy for wii u?

    • Andrew Acevedo

      which is the new rehashed 3d mario game for wii u that is going to be announced during your nintendo digital event on june 10?.

    • Geckoblade64

      What about Nintendogs Benny?

    • Pokรฉmon Fan

      Hello Satoru Iwata,
      Thank you for posting a real list of what will be revealed at e3 I am a huge fan of Nintendo. I do not want to be confused when you reveal different games then rumored.

    • Andrew Acevedo

      is the super mario game,super mario galaxy 3 for wii u?

  • M.C. Pauly GooGoo

    Not even pointing out the Nintendo-specific section of the document, why would an E3 document, meant for organizers of the show, list the times as “Pacific?” it’s meant for their eyes, and they’ll already be in California! Definitely fake, without a doubt. Also in regards to Microsoft’s section, there have been many official “hints” to Halo 2 anniversary edition which isn’t even mentioned on this sheet. Definitely calling shenanigans on this one.

  • Sdudyoy

    I’m pretty sure this is fake, I’m not even sure if the next Zelda title is ready for a playable demo, I’m also wondering why they would have a list like this, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be one guy setting this all up, so why would they have a list with all three’s company’s secrets that they just give these out to untrustworthy employes, there are many reasons why this is fake, but I’ve been wrong alot.

  • adamm

    Was ready to believe the LoZ title (especially because I can totally see realistic and dark being the direction they head in) but some of the other stuff is very questionable.

    First and foremost, there’s more public knowledge about the dates and about Nintendo’s press conference than this lists:

    Also, there’s no Halo 2 remake listed, just Halo 5, even though the former is more likely to have gameplay ready. Project Spark is a free game that has been out for a while now so it’d be strange to have that as a playable demo (especially considering the amount of time that must be invested into it). We’ve seen Star Wars Battlefront announced already and there’s no ‘III’ in the title, it’s supposed to be a new take and a reboot.

    the one thing I can totally believe here is Xbox having far more than PS4.

  • I don’t believe this list. Some things…maybe, but no mention of Metroid?

    Something I would like to see…

    A compatible Gamecube controller, whether it be the old ones that will somehow connect to the Wii U or a new design of a Wavebird, that will allow you to play…


    Ok I’m done.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Meh.Where’s the real list?

  • The games I’m interested in:

    Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare
    Xenogears: Origins
    Sonic Boom
    Pokken Fighter

  • Spencer Manigat

    Square Enix owns Xenogears. This is fake.

    • Skelterz

      Lol you never know.

    • J_Joestar

      this is definitely the biggest issue i find with this “rumor” as well.
      I would be surprised if Nintendo somehow managed to get them to let go of the franchise while keeping it hush hush for so long.

    • Fred

      They could have bought the rights to use the name

      • MujuraNoKamen

        It’s possible but if Nintendo were to buy trademarks from Square then chances are that would have come to light.

    • Noah

      Sonic Boom and Castlevania

  • BIG Franky

    I actually could see them having MK8 as a playable title at E3 this year… given the emphasis Nintendo is placing on the title it is a significant part of their marketing efforts going into the next 3 or 4 months (until SSB hype starts building)…. plus, lets not forget, its only releasing 10 days prior to E3… so its not like its a stale game…. it will be in full-on high buzz mode at that point…. I’m guessing wee see significant push of the MK8 Bundle at E3….

    • Rinslowe

      It would make a lot of sense.

  • BIG Franky

    if anything screams “fake” to me, its the fact that Sonic boom has a “3DS” behind it when it is a Wii U ONLY release this fall….

    • C4

      Sanzaru will do the 3DS version afair that’s already confirmed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • BIG Franky

    regarding MK8 as a playable option: who knows? maybe it includes some DLC announced at E3?? like a battle mode or new tracks/karts/racers, etc…. (I’m not saying it is a real list, I’m just saying the notion of MK8’s inclusion as eliminating it from consideration as a plausible option is kinda silly)…

  • Noah

    All I need is Sonic Boom, Smash Bros, and Zelda and I’m good.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Well I hope they’ve got more to show than that ๐Ÿ™‚
    Probably fake anyway as Square still owns the Xenogears trademark.

    • MujuraNoKamen

      I do wonder what it’ll be called in the end. It won’t be “Blade” or “Gears” so Xenoworld (rumour)? I have a feeling it’ll be Xenodolls.

  • triforcehunter

    Couldn’t help but think of this…

  • ChrisCamp

    What is your source?! Where are you pulling this screenshot from???? These are important details to include in an article!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Good point. Never even heard of these rumors. Sources would be nice.

  • C4

    Print out stuff to make it look more legit eh ๐Ÿ˜› …

  • Skelterz

    it only says call of duty for xbox one and that game ain’t no exclusive lol its fake.

    • BIG Franky

      are you new to E3? it is quite often that the playable demo’s work in conjunction with the title’s exclusivity deal (even if timed or DLC-related)… the platforms pay for that…. no one is saying that its exclusive, but at E3 you can only play it on the XB1… just like at E3 you can only play Watch Dogs on a PS4…

    • ezquimacore

      cod is always there

  • Henry Hotspur

    Symphony of the Night 2 . . . ?

    Yeah, that’ll be the day. Even if this was real, that’s just dumb pandering to old fans, trying to lure them in with another bad Castlevania title. Almost as shameless as “Sonic the Hedgehog 4.”

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Symphony of the Night was actually a good game. Lol. Critical acclaim even. Not sure you know your history, or are you trying to say that it(the rumored sequel) will have a similar quality of Castlevania games of this era?

      • Henry Hotspur

        No no, you misunderstood. Symphony of the Night WAS a great game. But slapping on “Symphony of the Night” onto a completely different title is shameless pandering. There have already been installments that feel like sequels to Symphony of the Night, they just had different subtitles.

        Recycling the subtitle just because it was the most popular one is pathetic, even for Konami.

  • Kyle

    Lol really? shards of nightmare? xD

  • Noah

    “wut. shard of nigtmare? soundz dark so pumped omg i hate bright colorz”


  • Josiah Parsons

    Seems legit. Shard of Nightmare? Sweet! Pokken Fighters? Epic! Xenogears Origins? Can’t wait!

  • Phoenix Maybe

    I remember this happening last year, so I don’t expect Shard of Nightmare or Xenogear: Origins at E3. The alleged (list) does not mention anything new for the Wii U (other than Zelda), which contradicts Iwata’s statement on the games Miyamoto is helping to create that focuses on the Wii U’s GamePad.
    However, rumors are always good sources of food for thought, whether they are true or not. Will Zelda go back to its darker, Twilight Princess mood? Will X be a prequel to the Xenogears that for some reason has a futuristic vibe? Also I really hope that Pokken Fighters is real.

  • Dimitri Soto

    I highly doubt that’s the next Zelda title but of course Nintendo themselves even said they would reveal more at this e3. Im not sure but I think they were debating of showing something on Zelda at last years e3 so obviously it was done enough to show a trailer so by now it should actually have gameplay especially since it will most likely release in 2015 and they usually show gameplay the year before it releases. I’ve heard that its been in development since late 2010 and if it didn’t start till 2011 then that still gives it at least a 4 year development cycle. of course im not to sure of this information.

  • Nintengoth

    Meh still, I wanna see at least 30 playable games, and at least 30 Wii U game announcements Ninty needs to pull their fingers out!

    • Marcel Pรฉrez

      you know 30 announcements and 30 playable new games is down right unrealistic right lol

  • wii u is awsome

    fuck everything else when you see THE LOZ SHARD OF NIGHTMARES

    • linkzero65


  • Squid

    I don’t think this is true. First of all, Nintendo needs a bit more new titles than Zelda to show off, and Pokken fighters is good but I mean two games, we know Nintendo can do more. What the article says on Mario Kart is also reasonable. And last of all, Xenoblade:Origins does not make sense. The term origin refers to where it came from, and a prequel to Xenoblade would not have the huge mechs we have seen.

  • Ferd726

    The Legend of Zelda Shard of Nightmare.
    I think is fake is too early to said but for some reason is true well if this game is a sequel of twilight princess or it would be sequel of majoras mask I need to know if the hero of time find navi and see how link was able to accept all the trauma hi face in majoras. Because zelda fans are dying for a remake of majoras mask and theres alot of references of majoras and theories.

  • AM Real

    Fake…at least that’s what I hope…that’s a pretty sorry lineup…also it says BG&E2 is an XBox exclusive which would suck

    • Brandon

      It doesnt say its an exclusive, is just showing its going to be shown during their press conference(if true).

  • uPadWatcher

    Xenogears: Origins…? Nintendo and Monolith Soft… I don’t care if the title is finalized or not, I’m STILL gonna buy it!

  • Gamemech10

    God. I wish all of this was true.

  • puhbu17

    Shard of Nightmare sounds so cheesy please no.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    you say that its odd nintendo would showcase a game thats out already? how many times was zombi U and wonderful 101 demoed post release? its a major title, its going to happen

  • Maxemillian

    XenoGEARS: Origin? The last I checked, Square-Enix still owns the rights to the name Xenogears. It’s why Monolith Soft was never able to use that specific name again since the 1st game. This list sounds just a bit too good to be true.

    Also SOTN2 on 3DS? I love wishful thinking, but I would think that would go multi-platform before it would ever get made to begin with, let alone a 3DS exclusive.

    I don’t think that the new LOZ would be playable this year. Announced, maybe but playable? I don’t think so. I would love to be wrong on that front though.

    The rest of that list is fair game. (But no MK8, it will have been out by then. why waste the space)

    • DragonSilths

      Iwata has said they are focusing on games that are near completion this E3. Since Zelda is there its nearly done, its coming this year. Its just that simple. It will have been in the works for 4 years come the end of the year roughly.

      • I highly doubt that the game is anywhere “near completion”. Near completion in my eyes mean fall 2014 release and with Hyrule Warriors being the buffer Zelda game for this fall, just as Wind Waker was last year, odds are that they make a mention of it with maybe a trailer and nothing else. If they have a bunch of mystery titles for the rest of the year, that’s where their focus is going to be.

        • ben

          Nintendo usually releases two Zelda games per console. WWHD does not count.

        • DragonSilths

          My god people are lacking more brain cells then usual these days. Hyrule Warriors IS NOT A ZELDA GAME. IT IS NOT TO HOLD PEOPLE OVER. IT IS A SPIN OFF, A TRIBUTE TO ZELDA, IT IS DYNASTY WARRIORS WITH A ZELDA SKIN. IT IS A SHITTY GAME THAT WILL FAIL AND IS NOT WORTH A PENNY. By your logic the Zelda DLC in Sonic Lost Worlds is to hold people over lol. Nintendo specifically said prior, that WINDWAKER WAS TO HOLD PEOPLE OVER UNTIL THE NEW ZELDA. That and THAT ALONE. If they did show off Zelda like they wanted to originally last year then everyone would be saying well since we saw it once already yeah I could see it coming out this year. Sheesh, nothing has changed, development continued on. Zelda was on the sheet of paper at the financial meeting last week, Iwata says they are showing off games that are near completion at E3, they are showing off Zelda, put 2 and 2 together. Now yes there is the possibility of the typical 1 year Zelda delay. But unless that happens its coming this year.

  • Draud

    The big surprise would not be Nintendo showing Zelda U at E3, it would be not showing it. As of the title, “Shard of Nightmare”, it sounds appealing to me. Borderline cheesy, but if it means that Zelda will take the plunge and unearth our darkest fantasies with the dreamy, otherworldly feel that Zelda has, then I am HYPED. HYPED BITCH.

    • DJKeens

      I hadn’t thought about it that way but a dark Zelda beyond what TP accomplished sounds very appealing to me.

      • Draud

        You express it un a very nice way: Beyond what twilight princess accomplished. Fully agree.

    • Suraj Alexander

      according to sources ( Zelda will be open world and plays like elder scrolls and has two zone, one dark which i presume is the nightmare world and other more colourful like skyward sword.

  • Mario

    I’m just gonna see what games they’ll show at E3. -_-

  • I believe it is also fake. BUT… Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2, Xenogears: Origins and Bayonetta 2 is already enough for me, Xenogears a.k.a. X and Bayonetta are obviously very plausible, Symphony of the Night 2 could be possible as most others. But Zelda:SoN and Pokken Fighters most likely not, we’ll probably see some trailers for both though…

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      I think it is true, you remember the picture shown last year of Pokemon on Japan. Man imagine that graphics on Wii U come Christmas Nintendo is no1.

      • Well if it’s true I’ll be the first in line for it for sure. So let’s hope it is true indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          Yep the most impressive was on X Box One. It seems Nintendo are competing hard against Sony this year let us hope the best company wins. I am not sure who will win but it seems to between Microsoft and Nintendo. But hell if Sony showed their secret weapon then I might be wrong.

  • DJKeens

    SOTN2? I’d scream like a little girl but I doubt it and I’d also agree it’d be multiplat (unless it’s some pacification to the DS Castlevania series, but still). I’d guess X Is a no brainer but Max is right, Square still owns the rights to Xenogears so regardless of the obvious, it wouldn’t be called gears. And the Zelda name, yeah Nintendo can and will do better with the title.

    • DragonSilths

      Monolith guys used to be Square. Perhaps the guy who made Xenogears actually left and is part of Monolith there for he has the title. Plus they are Monolith, fuck the law and whats right, they can take the name if they damn well want.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare, you say? Oh my God! So epic! But so fake at the same time! That title sounds a little too simple. I think Nintendo would have a title with a little more…”pizazz” in it, you know? Or, maybe it’s just a working title. I have no idea. Only Nintendo has the idea. Maybe, even if it’s a (most likely) false name, perhaps it’s a clue that it IS a sequel to Twilight Princess? Oh please be so ;). That’s it, I don’t care anymore! just want to see the damn game! Come on, Nintendo! Quit teasing me!

    Oh, and I agree with the author about MK8. Unless you happen to be the one person living under a rock, everyone knows MK8 will (hopefully…I’m keeping my eye on you Nintendo -.0) be released on May 30th, which is way before E3. Why would Nintendo show an old game at E3? A “show” dedicated to NEW/UPCOMING games. So that’s off the list, lol.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but does this list look too small to anyone else? The number of games seems too little.

    • C4

      “That title sounds a little too simple. I think Nintendo would have a title with a little more…”pizazz” in it, you know?”
      Nightmare of Shard? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Yes? I’m not saying it’s a bad name. It just doesn’t sound as epic as the titles before it. Come on honestly, which sounds better? Twilight Princess or Nightmare of Shard? It just sounds like a generic title you’d hear in a movie or book. And that title doesn’t really make sense. I guess I can’t say that, since we know nothing about the game but it’s just how I feel.

  • mac
  • Although this is Nintendo related, I can’t help but notice Beyond Good and Evil 2 on Microsofts list? Isn’t that the sadly massively failed game from GC, my brother has it and it’s a great game, but I believe that trademark has also been re-registered by Nintendo like Metroid Prime and Eternal Darkness, I read/heard somewhere so one more reason to stamp this list as fake. Still Castlevania:SotN2… Amfg *Drools on gamepad* crap I need a tissue now…

  • ZeldaFan83

    If this is true I would be pretty sad and upset that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is only listed on Microsoft’s list of games. Its a Ubisoft title after all.

  • Josh Proell

    Shard of Nightmare sounds like the back story used for Link in Soul Calibur 2 were he fought an evil wizard possessed by a fragment (shard) of soul edge which makes nightmare.

  • FutureFox

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2 (3DS) would be absolutely incredible if the rumor turned to be true. Quadruple that if the game actually turns out great. Anythings possible with the success of ALBW.

  • steveb944

    Bayo, Hyrule, Xeno… I’m ready.

    I highly doubt we have a Zelda game coming, but I sure hope we do.

  • link2nintendo

    I hope the next Legend of Zelda game isn’t called Shard of Nightmare, that name sounds so unimaginative

  • lonewolf great star fox 64 promo video just sit back enjoy and laugh out loud.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    I mean what the hell. Why is this happening Xbox has more games to show. Lol if this happened it is catastrophe.

  • Archiq09

    nice~ ๐Ÿ˜€ and GEARS OF WAR 4! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Sorry I just like this game~ x)

  • Spaniard0069

    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2?! How can you gloss that over?

  • Nintengoth

    i do know just would be good though lol

  • William Cole

    That Zelda game sounds sweet. Give me Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon all you want but what I’m really concerned about is Zelda because it is the only Nintendo series that is most susceptible to change.Don’t get me wrong, I love everything else they do but Zelda is always that wow factor for me.

  • Petri

    They should show some demo love to eShop, I would not mind a Bayonetta demo.
    And that list is as real as Peter Pan.

  • Mario Garth

    Mario Kart 8? Hmmmm maybe DLC ?

  • X is NOT going to be named after a bloody batman game!

    • Chuck Norris 2.0

      Look again it’s xeno gears origins

      • I’m talking about their use of the word ‘origins’. It doesn’t seem plausible that they’d use a name so recently used with batman. People often refer to that batman merely as origins.

  • Overall, it sounds like a good show, from Microsoft to Sony to Nintendo, if it’s true. If it’s fake, wellll, I can’t be too upset about it.

    All I can say to Nintendo is do it up right, or else,

  • kopaka7

    Beyond Good and Evil 2?! Did I read that correctly?

  • Somebody

    So the X name was changed to Xenogears: Origins right?

  • WiiUPS4

    When i saw Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2 (3DS) on the list i already knew it was a lie..I see that being on PS4

  • Stephen Macneil

    Lots of games already out are shown at E3. Sony was still having The Last of Us on the floor. Not saying this is real, but it’s not really cause to dismiss it for that reason. I also don’t see Shard of Nightmare being any less nonsensical than any other Zelda game. Perhaps it doesn’t make sense to you because you don’t have the story context yet.

  • ben

    I doubt very much that all three companies have given information to anyone about their presentations, never mind it appearing all on one convenient print out . I am pretty sure that people with in Sony, Xbox and Nintendo do not know what will be appearing from their own companies. These things are very competitive, and this year is one of the most important in recent history. This years E3 will be huge for all the companies.

  • Thedude3445

    How does anyone believe this when Xenogears: Origins is on here? The world of X as we have seen in the trailer doesn’t even look like Xenogears, let alone the fact that Square Enix owns Xenogears, not Monolith Soft. I’d have bought Xenosaga IV sooner than that (considering Namco is somewhat cozied with Nintendo lately).

  • RockD79

    Having Mario Kart 8 on this list by no means would I consider this a fake. I’ve seen several games in the past appear at the shows that had recently been released or about to into retail. More so the Xenogears title that I believe is still held by Square-Enix kinda points this to being a fake.

  • Clint

    Beyond Good & Evil 2… On the Xbox One exclusively…

    Let’s hope this is fake.

  • nintendofan

    first of all, I would like to be the first to say Nintendo wouldn’t allow a pokemon franchise game to be displayed as “pokken fighters”. it would confuse pokemon fan consumers & also you assume it’s a pokemon fighting game just from one clip with no one moving & a pokemon fighting type symbol in the backround. also why would they show this clip after showing off pokemon rpg’s throughout history… yes it would be nice to have a pokemon fighting game but come on. use you’re heads. -.-

    • Clint
      • nintendofan

        if this is actually true, they should reconsider the name, I read in that forum comments and they think its incredibly idiotic as well. to be honest im hoping for an rpg. for wii U. ive done research & watched videos of the most recognizable sites for E3 & channels such as IGN saying if Nintendo want to make a comeback, make a pokemon RPG for a home console.

      • nintendofan

        it would be smart because pokemon has one of the biggest fan bases for Nintendo. if I am not impressed with this years E3 with a new Zelda, a GOOD Mario franchise (because I still want a free roam Mario like 64 or a good rpg like paper Mario) or something that will completely wow me just like many others I will not be owning a Wii u anymore .-.

  • SolarShane13

    The fact that the list includes Microsoft AND Sony tends to make me believe this. If it were just Nintendo like the last one, I would yell fake.

    If legit, then this will undoubtedly be the worst E3 yet; besides MK8. I really hope there’s some Pikmin DLC announced this year too.

  • Nah, there’s no mention of the gamepad-reliant games promised by Iwata unless they’re Zelda and Pokemon.


    “It seems fishy that Nintendo would dedicate any show space to Mario Kart 8… E3 is about showcasing the upcoming, not whatโ€™s currently available to your customers to purchase.”

    Have you ever been to or seen e3? Almost consistently all gaming platforms showcase and have games released in close proximity to the the event on hand to play as a form of advertising. Literally every e3 has that, which is why you will see games like Watch_Dogs on hand to play.

    Not saying that this is a true list, its obviously fake for a few other reasons, but not because mario kart is there. sheesh.

  • thedeciderU

    man, if symphony of the night 2 is a real game coming to 3ds, i’m going to have to buy a 3ds for that game alone. shit. my wallet can’t take this year.

  • GmailIsDown

    what is Xenogears: Origins?

    • Suraj Alexander

      i assume it is the actual name for monolith soft’s project X

      • J_Joestar

        which would be weird since SE should still own Xenogears unless Nintendo managed to get the rights for it and somehow keep it under wraps for so long.

        • Suraj Alexander

          well another source said it is called xenoworld. don’t know which to believe. damn i can’t wait till e3.

          • J_Joestar

            from a licensing PoV, Xenoworld would probably make more sense anyways.

  • Broku78

    Capcom vs Sega hmm nice that be a must see

  • james

    Ahh sweet, I hope Beyond Good and Evil 2 for Xbox One is true!!!


      Kinda want it to be true but doubt it. Also hope its going to be multiplat like the original

  • WhataShame

    So many freakin’ trolls and complete morons. It would be nice if there were 110% fewer obnoxious, immature children commenting. Sad attempts at humor that wouldn’t be funny on a elementary playground. So very pathetic that this is all that there lives amount to. Even sadder still that they don’t realize it, and will defend their idiocy to their last breaths.

    On topic… that document is quite the low-budget fakery. ‘Playable on the show’? Hilarious. I do hope Nintendo brings it… but I don’t think that this is it.

  • Willie Crespo

    If Mario Kart 8 is going to be discussed at E3,,, Yeah, DLC.

  • symphony of the night 2 tells me it probably isn’t true. because if it were, I would have already bought 7 3ds’….

  • jugss

    what? No pokemon ruby and sapphire?

  • Ryudo9

    Xenogears belongs to Squarenix. iga left Konami and MS is done with the LoS series. So kinda rules out CV games for a while. Zelda isn’t a CDi game so no. The list is Bullshit on the Nintendo side.

  • smashbrolink

    To be fair, Twilight Princess sounds like a nonsensical title, too, until you get into the meat of the story and find out that the subtitle has a place in it.

    I’m guessing Shard of Nightmare, if that is indeed the subtitle they’ll go with, will have storyline significance too.

  • Guest
  • ShortyStock

    Oh my…

  • Andrew Acevedo

    what is super mario rehashed (wii u). is that a third super mario galaxy for wii u?

  • gamingpalooza

    what the hell is pokken fighter

  • Pokรฉmon Fan

    Does anybody know if e3 is open to the public?

  • Pokรฉmon Fan

    Is e3 open to the public?