May 14th, 2014

E3 is fast approaching, and 2014 is the year Nintendo will have to show everyone that there’s a reason to own a Nintendo Wii U. With that, we’re wondering what you hope to see announced at the big show.

E3 Nintendo

Early rumors suggested Nintendo was looking to introduce a new piece of hardware, though the likelihood of that happening has hit rock bottom. We’re expecting nothing but games at this point, so we’ll focus our energy on pondering the list of new titles we’ll be able to sink our teeth into in the months and year to come.

I, for one, would die to see a new mature Zelda title revealed. It’s not that I didn’t love the return to the playful, beautiful art style of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS, it’s just that I didn’t get nearly enough of the “grown up” version of this series known as Twilight Princess.

A new Zelda title dubbed “Shard of Nightmare” was recently spotted on a list of games rumored to be headed to E3, so we’ll have our eyes peeled to see if they happen to bring anything regarding our favorite princess and her hero to the show.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing a modern version of Metroid Prime, though I understand the likelihood of that happening isn’t extremely high. Oh, and Reggie. We need lots and lots of Reggie.


It’s always fun to let our imaginations run wild and wonder about what Ninty is bringing to the big show in LA, so don’t be shy and share your thoughts with us. Once you’ve done that, run and circle your calendars for June 10th when all of this is set to take place!

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  • Justin Carlson

    Metroid U or Metroid Prime HD
    3D Mario
    Yarn Yoshi.
    Kirby Adventure U
    New IP
    Mario Party U
    Earthbound U (A guy can dream.)

    • RockieOllie

      I would love a Starfox game with Starfox Assault’s Arwing sections and Ratchet & Clank platforming/gunning ground sections.

    • mario54671

      3D Mario? AGAIN?!

      Come on… the 3D Mario team JUST started work on the next major Mario game… they just released one last year… it’s WAY too soon for one. (And please, let them take their time this time. I don’t want another Mario game like 3D World that only took them about a year to make.)

      • Mario

        But you gotta admit. Even thought it only took them a year to make 3D world, the end results were astounding.

        • mario54671

          3D World was a quality game, but it didn’t strive to be anything better than just… a solid game.

          It was the same concept of 3D Land expanded upon… but that concept isn’t original in and of itself. It’s just 3D Mario mixed with 2D Mario. It doesn’t expand on 3D Mario, it doesn’t really expand on 2D Mario… it just blends the two styles. It isn’t ambitious.

          The levels themselves just feel like lifeless obstacle courses. The Super Mario World/SMB3 levels felt like obstacle courses, yes, but they genuinely felt like they were part of these weird worlds because the hardware they were on limited them in so many ways.

          Now, however, the hardware isn’t limiting anything. Now, they’re deliberately scaling back the style and making the levels these… floating things in the sky with flagpoles at the end of them which don’t make any sense… and they don’t feel like real worlds. They just feel like… levels. Mechanically it works very well, but it does feel a bit lazy. There’s no sense of wonder because there’s no sense of wanting to explore. There are some secrets, but the game heavily discourages you when it comes to exploring because you have a time limit… and you’re not given much to explore. What happened to 3D Mario (N64/Sunshine) that had FULL 3D Worlds without this silly isometric view that allowed you to just fully explore everything without time limits? Levels that you’d go back to, and that would become these multi-layered onions of levels because they’d do something interesting with the same world.

          I don’t want to be “impressed” by how little time they took to make a game. I want them to make a REALLY great game that elevates Super Mario. You know, like Super Mario Galaxy last did. Super Mario Galaxy took them just over TWO years… and that extra amount of time makes a huge difference. Hell, even Super Mario Galaxy 2 took longer to make than 3D World, and that was basically just taking the Galaxy engine, slightly modifying it, and making new levels.

          3D World is a quality game. But when it’ll be looked back upon in hindsight, it wouldn’t stand among the same level as prior 3D Mario games that actually DID something meaningful to the series, not just ride on nostalgia and make some MINOR variants on the narrative and set pieces. That’s not innovative.

          • Mario

            Mmhh… A valid point. Though I don’t really regret getting 3D world. It’s actually a very good game despite some of his minor flaws. But hey! What game doesn’t!? 🙂

          • mario54671

            I wouldn’t regret it… if this were a time where Mario was constantly innovating and they wanted something that stops and looks back on its past.

            You know, like the original New Super Mario Bros. on DS. Mario had been 3D for a while (Mario 64, Sunshine), and we hadn’t seen a 2D Mario game since Super Mario Land 2 in the mid-90s. So NSMB was such a refreshing game. It was the first time Mario had ever looked back and rested on his laurels, and being old again… FELT new. Especially considering that the following year they ended up releasing Super Mario Galaxy, another game-changer in the series. So something that WASN’T innovative like New Super Mario Bros. was easily forgiven.

            NOW, however, after the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 (fantastic direct sequel… but a direct sequel nonetheless), Super Mario 3D Land (Not a direct sequel, but it isn’t unique AT ALL, borrowing concepts from 3D Mario and SMB3), New Super Mario Bros. 2, and New Super Mario Bros. U, a shakeup in the series is expected. Not ANOTHER direct sequel. That’s a major problem.

          • Mario

            But you still liked 3D world regardless. Right?

          • mario54671

            I liked it in the same way I liked New Super Mario Bros. I played it, I was like “Eh, it’s good,” and I stopped. A Mario game shouldn’t do this. Not with the legacy it built, this kind of game is inexcusable.

          • Mario

            Well, that’s your opinion. Not mine. :-/

  • A new Metroid and Zelda would be awesome….
    but I honestly would be fine with any new games, including new IPs!

  • GmailIsDown

    gimme a new home console

    • Jason

      You’ll have to wait until at least 2017.

      • GmailIsDown

        but i will be too old by 2017

        • Justin Carlson

          Are you 117 now?

        • Michael Kelso

          You’re never too old for Nintendo!

  • anon64

    Majora’s Mask remake
    Miyamoto’s New IP
    Smash Bros
    Maybe a reboot of an older series?

    • Ice Climbers U

      • Zakariyya Al-Quran

        Wii Twerk U

        • Wii Twerk trainer now announced for Super Smash Brothers!

        • yugatsuj

          sounds like something that happens in soviet russia

        • Nintendo Of North Korea

          We are currently in development of the game right now! It will be co-directed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Miley Cyrus!

      • Mario

        Earthbound U

        • yugatsuj

          I cant upvote this enough

        • LevenThumps

          I know it’s unlikely, but I will always hope for another Earthbound.

          • Mario

            We can only dream for now.

  • Jason

    I want to see the
    Wii U Zelda,
    Pokken Fighters,
    Smash Bros,
    Yarn Yoshi
    Star Fox U,
    Shin Magami Tensei x Fire Emblem
    DLC for Mario Kart 8 (new tracks, kart parts, characters)

    I’d also like the see the new 3D Mario game they were talking about. Obviously, they can’t show anything, but maybe a tech demo, so we can see which direction the game is going in.

    • DLC characters for Mario Kart would be pretty cool. Especially if they did like, promotional characters only available for a limited time. That would be fun!

  • Metroid
    Luigi Mansion U
    New IP exploiting the gamepad
    release date for X and Bayonetta 2 in the West.
    Advance Wars U with solo and online multiplayer
    Nintendo NFC titles.
    True account system.
    Cloud game saving.

    I will stop there ^^

    • Phoenix Maybe

      Advance Wars, nice!

      • Nintendo Of North Korea

        Please understand, due to a high demand in sequels we have cancelled the game in favour of Wii Fit 3D!

        • Phoenix Maybe

          Now I can work out in disorienting 3D!

    • Mithiragi

      Luigi’s Mansion U. Yes!

    • Gamerrr72

      That’s an awesome list. But I’m dreaming, I’d actually just settle for half the list for 2014. I would just add more info on that new IP that Miyamoto’s been working on.

    • satoru iwata

      today i can confirm that you were obviously drunk if you thought we were going to fufill our fans dream but there is a game i can comfirm its called
      wii jizz on U

  • Josiah Parsons

    a comeback.

  • Zakariyya Al-Quran

    Star Fox Game
    Captain Falcon Game
    Pokemon Wii u
    A crossover of Mario Kart and ssbu, like characters from ssbu in Mario Kart (kirby on his star, mario in his kart, captaion falcon on his car, etc.)
    New Zelda
    Miyamoto’s New IP

    DLC for a bunch of games

    • As mush as a SSB style Mario Kart would kick butt, I really doubt they’d do it anytime soon because of Mario Kart 8.

  • Googs

    This is very much wishful thinking, but I really want Nintendo to have something that’s big & edgy. Something nobody’d expect from Nintendo (in a good way, not a Wii Music way)

    • Justin Carlson

      Haha.. “not a Wii Music way” made me laugh.

    • mojack411

      Mad World 2

    • The Clockwork Being

      Hopefully thats what S.T.E.A.M is going to be.

  • What we will see is Zelda, X, Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and Smash Brothers. But what I like to see as well, I would like to see Metroid, and a new story in the “Last Story” franshise, for some reason I feel Last Story could follow in Final Fantasy’s footsteps with multiple games using the Last Story and having a cool logo and subtitle. For some reason I keep calling the wii game the Last Story: Legend of Lazulis Island (as most of the game took place there) And give us a new Chrono Trigger.

    That’s what comes to mind right now but there could potentially be so much more (including MH4U), I don’t want to hype myself up so I leave it at this 😀

    • mojack411

      I feel like the monster hunter series is never a good thing to demo, though. The MH3U 3DS and Wii U demos were horrible starting point for new players. I almost didn’t buy the game. But boy was I glad I did. I don’t think you could effectively convey the MH experience through a simple demo.

      • I have to agree there. Played Tri a lot and tried the demo but in my experience the demo was pretty crap indeed compared to the real game. Way to hard for new comers and older players alike. I didn’t like the demo to much myself, but love the actual game.

      • WT Herrod Jr.

        This came up in a previous conversation too when the Wii U game went on sale at GameStop, I mentioned that I *might* pick it up at that price but that the 3DS demo had turned me off of it mostly. Commenters and even staff members came out of the woodwork suggesting I should buy it as the demo was awful. I ended up picking it up but… of course I haven’t had time to play.

        • mojack411

          And boy do you need time for MH. *cough* 200 hours *cough*

          • WT Herrod Jr.

            Ha, I’ve heard it can be an enormous time sink

  • mojack411

    I’m pretty sure it’s all but certain that we’ll see a new Zelda game at this year’s E3 since Nintendo has been talking about it here and there for a while. Didn’t Eiji Aonuma already say some time back when that the new Zelda game will also have a new art style? That means we probably won’t get the hyper-realistic style of Twilight Princess. But honestly, any HD Zelda game is going to look gorgeous.

    Of course I’ve been pining for an HD Metroid ever since the release of the Wii U. Retro Studios have been giving non-answers and little cock-teases towards the subject for a while. I feel like at this point the chances of it are 50/50.

    I think this is the time we’ll finally see Miyamoto’s new IP that he’s been working on.

    Pokken Fighters?

    Star Fox Game would be nice.

    A title for X maybe?

    Finally, something completely off the wall and expected. Like when Kid Icarus made a comeback. Maybe a new Ice Climbers game? lol


    • greengecko007

      I’d love to see Nintendo reimagine Ice Climbers like they did with Kid Icarus. Oh man, now I can’t stop thinking about how they would do that.

      • Mario

        I wouldn’t mind if they did that with Earthbound as well.

  • Brandon

    f-zero wii u & yarn yoshi.

  • TheSpeedymouse

    Yarn Yoshi is all I want!

  • nintendope

    Star Frog U (Starring Slippy)

    • Justin Carlson

      That title would almost be as lame as “Wii U”.

    • condor87z

      No thanks.

  • MerryBlind .

    I really just want a trailer for the new Zelda. The rest will be icing on the cake. Though I hope the cake is not a lie, because if there is no cake, I’ll be very sad.

    • The Clockwork Being

      Yeah I dont care if its only 1 minute long I just want some Zelda

      • MerryBlind .

        Yeah a teaser or whatever. I don’t care what it is, I just want them to tell us “GUYS IT’S COMING HOLIDAY 2015!!!”

  • jjbredesen

    What i want:

    Metroid U

    Star Fox U

    Zelda U


    New IP

    Smash Bros

    Kid Icarus U

    Pokemon Colosseum style game.

    Majoras Mask Remake

    F-Zero U

    What we will get:

    Wii Music U

    • Justin Carlson

      Wii Fit U DLC FTW!

      • Robert DJR

        Better than what is on ps4 no?

    • Please understand that, your list was a great example of what we will not be showing at E3.

      We have decided to cancel our E3 plans, and instead have a stage show during the brake of super bowl.

      • JeanPaul

        “Please understand that, your list was a great example of what we will not be showing at E3.”

        That made me laugh too hard.

      • TCar

        Nice try, but the word brake just ruined it! *break

        • McBlink

          Nintendo PR to the edit rescue.

          • Please understand, that all of Nintendo’s employees where drunk at the time the comment was created, but we are now a bit more sober.

            Thank you for supporting North Korea.

          • We mean Nintendo.

          • Guest

            I love you Nintendo XD

          • Nintendo Of North Korea

            NOA, please do not insult our side of the company. Please understand, we do not mean to hate on your jokes, but keep them clean or we will tattle on your foul play.

          • Mithiragi

            Wow. LMAO

          • On behalf of NOA we are sorry, for insulting the supreme leader.

          • satoru iwata

            guys stfu

          • Please understand that NOA only takes orders from Reggie Fils Amech.

          • satoru iwata

            please understand that you are my bitch

          • Please understand, that you do not match the supreme of our great leader Iwata, and improvising Nintendo’s official spokespersons are against the law.

            Nintendo will take legal actions if, this account is not removed.

            //Nintendo Of America Legal Team.

          • Pokémon Fan

            Thank you Nintendo of America.

          • Hello Pokemon Fan, your welcome.

            Thank you for supporting Nintendo.

          • Pokémon Fan

            You are very welcome Nintendo of America. I stand firmly beside you.

          • Pokémon Fan

            Nintendo of America,
            Is the Super Nintendo Cube 64 U 3D I Advance XL Micro SP Color Lite Entertainment System real?

          • We do not comment on rumors.

          • Pokémon Fan

            I have a reply from you and you confirmed that it was there. It was posted 32 minutes ago on the Nintendo departments combined.

          • rafael

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            IOAUPA – International Organization for the Apropriate Usage of Please Understand

          • Please understand, that you are making unauthorized claims, and will be terminated by Ninjas.

          • Pokémon Fan

            You are not Mr. Iwata. That’s right I called you out!

          • satoru iwata

            k den

          • Pokémon Fan

            Stop telling people that you are from Nintendo!

          • a nintendo employee

            Please understand that i had nothing to do with my colleague whom i gave a simple task but failed i apologise and he has now been fired

          • Pokémon Fan

            Lies! You are not employed by Nintendo!

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            Are you really taking this seriously…?

          • Pokémon Fan

            Yes that is impersonating a Nintendo employee in order to say things that are not true.

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            The guy’s obviously roleplaying, nobody seriously is going to believe that stuff.

            There are better things to do than stop a stranger roleplaying. Carpe diem.

          • Pokémon Fan

            No people could believe that stuff. If I say that I am you and that I am giving away a free Wii U you would be annoyed and stop me right?

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            The difference being that would be a cyber-attack on me, while some anonymous hack is pretending to be Nintendo despite the fact that they would never announce something solely in the comments section of an unofficial site about Wii U.

          • Pokémon Fan

            This is a cyber-attack on Nintendo you have no idea if this guy has only posted here he could have posted on every single video games forum he could find. Nintendo actually has announced stuff on unofficial sites so yeah…

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            Still, the fact you were able to tell it wasn’t a guy from Nintendo just like everybody else means something.

            Example of Nintendo posting announcements on an unofficial sites?

          • The Clockwork Being

            Oh gosh. i lost it at Nintendo of North Korea actually replying.

          • Leon Maverick

            Nintendo of america used foul play it was super effective

          • TCar

            I was bored!

      • Shota

        seriously the guy behind this fake account is genius XD

        • Mario

          I can’t stop laughing! This is pure comedy genius! XD

          • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

            it is 😀

        • jjbredesen

          Thank you 😀

      • PachterStation

        How much is Iwata paying you? Are you wearing his white gloves that jinxed the Wii U?!…..

        • Please understand, Nintendo does not pay it’s employees, that is why we are so wealthy. Only mein fuhrer (Iwata) gets paid.

    • Jack5221


      • Nintendo Of North Korea

        Please understand, we have decided to take the grown-up approach to gaming, like Sony and Microsoft. We have decided to stop this project in favour of Yarn’s Call Of Epic Duty!

        • Shota

          Yarn’s Call Of Epic Duty XD LOLOLOL

        • The Clockwork Being


      • The Clockwork Being

        Hopefully that game along with Fire Emblem X SMT have not been canceled.

    • That guy who hates Spike

      So, basically alot of sequels, and one new title. Classic Nintendo fan, never asks for something new. Don’t you ever want to be pleasantly surprised by Nintendo?

      • jjbredesen

        Yes i would like new franchises, but there is little to no chance of us getting more than 2.

        Unlike games such as Call of Duty or FIFA, most of Nintendo’s sequels, add new twists or they change stuff completely, so that they always feel fresh.

        Lets use the most obvious example: Mario

        1st game was a fantastic platformed, and set the standard for all games to come, and other platformers.

        2nd game changed the formula completely and played very different from the 1st game.

        Then we got Mario 3, and it took elements from both and perfected it, and added its own new stuff.

        Then Mario World added Yoshi, etc. and made a game that still was different and fresh.

        Then we got Mario 64, the mother of 3D games, it again completely changed the way we though of 3D gaming, and without it we would not have masterpiece’s such as Ocarina of time.

        Then we got Mario Sunshine, and it build on what Mario 64 has done, added flud, and new twists such as Yoshi (in 3D) fruit, and new puzzle elements.

        Then we got New Super Mario Brothers, and it modernized the 2D mario games, and added fantastic level design, and a bunch of new items etc.

        Then we got Galaxy, and it again changed the way we thought of 3D games, and gave you unique and fresh new puzzles, FANTASTIC level design and a pretty good story for a Mario game.

        Then came Galaxy 2 and perfected on the first game.

        Then we got New Super Mario Bros Wii that again added new twists, but after this the “New super Mario brothers” series, became a bit more of a repetitive series, but still did more than other games.

        Then came Mario 3D Land, it took elements from all previous 3D mario games, and used the linear design of the 2D games, to make new experience that again was really different, and it added even more twists.

        Then we got 3D World, and it perfected what 3D Land has started.

        Same with Zelda, 1st game was revolutionary and introduced saving, the second game was completely different and was a sidescroller instead of a eagle eye game. Then we got Link to the past, that added lots of new items, and perfected the design of the first game, and added a bunch of new stuff, then we got OOT it perfected what A link to the past had done, and did it in 3D, and is one of the best games ever made. Then came MM and gave a new and darker twist on the series, used elements from OOT and added masks and a lot of new stuff, and was yet again a FANTASTIC game.

        Then we got WW, and it changed the way we looked at games and added a giant ocean, once again even more twists and was again a fantastic game.

        Then came TP and it was again completely different from WW.
        It was a darker more realistic Zelda, that pleased fans, and added a lot of new stuff. Such as the ability to become a Wolf.

        Then we got SS, and it changed the entire industry, with its almost 1:1 motion controls, and offered something fresh.

        We also got Minish Cap that added the shrinking thing, and sort of build on A link to the past, and made yet again a fantastic and fresh experience.

        Links awakening witch i have not played, is also from what i have heard, added a lot of new stuff.

        Then we have the 4 Swords games, and they added a new twist to the series, with fantastic multiplayer etc.

        And that is just scratching the surface, so don’t come here and tell me that Nintendo sequels are just the same old thing.

        • DoctorWily

          Exactly! Sequels to these franchises aren’t just a rehash of prior entries of their series! Besides everything you said above, many of these franchises haven’t been seen on consoles in several generations: Star Fox, Kid Icarus, F-Zero. I just want to see a ton of new games. Hopefully 80% known franchises and 20% brand new titles we’ve never seen before. Regardless, I think we’re about to get hit with a pretty big list of games!

        • That guy who hates Spike

          Just because a game offers a new element doesn’t mean it’s worth the resources for the game to be made, and doesn’t mean the game is completely new.
          I mean, I can say that Call of Duty has a new aspect and a new story as well, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth being a sequel.
          Look at Art Academy, and the insane amount of Pokemon games, Mario VS. Donkey Kong, Yoshi’s New Island, and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.
          Wii Fit, Mario Kart, Mario Party and even Kirby can be debated with some of it’s titles.
          The time spent on this could have been spent in a new title. Even a game as small as pushmo would satisfy me more than most of these titles in the long run. Yeah, alot of these are fun, really fun maybe. But it’s not much of an excuse to accept the same thing.

          • greengecko007

            I don’t really get what you’re asking for…

            Even if Nintendo revealed a bunch of new IPs, what’s to stop them from being basically the same as old IPs? Sure they could make a different platformer game and toss Mario, DK, and Kirby aside for a while, but at it’s core it would still be just another platformer. The same thing applies if they were to do an FPS. What’s to stop if from feeling like the multitude of other FPS games?

            Perhaps you’re asking for Nintendo to announce of bunch of games that revolutionize gaming as we know it or are extremely unique in some way. I don’t think that’s particularly reasonable, nor does it sound like a good business idea. New IPs like The Wonderful 101 are quality games, but they don’t appeal to everyone, myself included. It’s hard to create something completely new and have it universally accepted.

            I understand that relying too much on the same thing over and over is a crutch, but with the state the Wii U is in, and the expectations of Nintendo fans, maybe it’s a crutch Nintendo needs to use.

          • jjbredesen

            I agree, and there is simply 1 reason that we get all of the sequels that we get: Gamers don’t know what they want, and only buy the sequels.

            People ask for innovation, yet they buy the least innovative titles.

            New Super Mario Bros U will soon have outsold Mario Galaxy, and Mario Galaxy is the one that brought new and innovative stuff to the table.

            The games that do the same things sell way better than those that add new things. COD’s sales are still climbing, and people still bought BF4 even though it was a horrible experience.

            Most gamers today are just big hypocrites and they if they just stopped buying stuff that they don’t want you would get new stuff.

            /End of rant

          • greengecko007

            I don’t necessarily think gamers claiming for innovation are hypocrites, as I think they genuinely want something new, but these people are very clearly the minority, and catering solely to the minority of your audience is never a good idea for a business.

          • jjbredesen

            Well yes i do agree, on that not all of them are, but its not black and white, and yes the business side of things are the reason we get the sequels. Wish more people would think before buying a game, or at least read a couple of reviews etc.

          • greengecko007

            Well in situations like the Battlefield 4 initial mishaps, brand trust goes a long way. The previous Battlefield games have all been quality FPS games for people that enjoy those kinds of games. I know that I won’t be waiting for all the reviews to go up for Mario Kart 8 before I buy it. I’m downloading it at midnight when it goes up on the Eshop!

          • jjbredesen

            Can’t argue against that xD

          • Mario

            That’s why I listen to the people who play these games. The gamers.

          • Mario

            You may be right. But at the same, you might be wrong.

          • Marcel Pérez

            regarding the SMG outsold by SMBU

            New Super Mario Bros U is the standard bundled game in new 32gb Wii U’s

            So it’s outselling due to it being in the packaging not people going out to buy it

            It’s just like Wii Sports

          • jjbredesen

            Yup, that is true, but you can use New Super Mario Bros Wii, or any other of the 2D games as an example.

          • That guy who hates Spike

            I have nothing against reusing old IPs. I support it at times, when they deliver games like Kid Icarus Uprising, and Super Mario Galaxy (At the time anyways). However, there is a point of overkill, and some of Nintendo’s IPs are crossing that line.
            Having original IPs isn’t a good business move? Neither is making sequels to Wii games, on your system called the Wii U. It confuses the customer. NSMBU, Wii Sports Club (Literally a remake), Wii Fit U. After all, Nintendo’s biggest complaint might be how similar their games are, and how the Gamepad is not used to it’s fullest. Maybe if they made an IP specifically for the Wii U, instead of shoehorning their old IPs with it, Nintendo could see better numbers. After all, they are Nintendo so they definitely have it in them.

          • greengecko007

            That makes a lot more sense, and I agree that Nintendo does need something new and they definitely need more games that can put the gamepad to use. They need a reasonable amount of new content and familiar content.

          • Mario

            Yeah… It’s gonna take a while for that to happen. :-/

        • Gameonfool

          I never usually read any comments as long as yours, but it was a good read. Very well put together and true.

          • jjbredesen

            Thank you :D, was going to continue, and it was longer but cut down on certain stuff, so it was possible to read xD

        • Mario

          You are right. Even when they use the same IP, almost no game that came from them were too similar to the previous one. They always tried to change the formula of those games to make it more fresh and new gameplay wise. And they’re still doing that as of today.

        • Robinpreet Sidhu

          Though your answer is valid, the thing is that Nintendo needs to shape up before it does indeed become like Call of Duty or Fifa or Madden!

          • jjbredesen

            True, that is what is happening with the New super mario bros series :/

    • yugatsuj

      Dude that is my list exactly…well minus phantasy star, but its up to sega on that one

    • Mike

      May I follow you?

      • jjbredesen

        Yes, you may 😀

      • Pokémon Fan

        Yes you may Mike.

    • darkcreap

      A lot of third party AAAs? Man, that is dreaming for sure. It is clear that AAA 3rd party games are running away from WiiU. As sad as it is, as long as WiiU does not sell like crazy there will be no such support.

      • jjbredesen

        True, and 3rd parties don’t do well on Nintendo consoles in general, just look at Wii.

    • Marioman21

      Yes on this comment.

    • Mithiragi

      Your list is exactly what I had in mind as well..

      • jjbredesen

        Yup, could not agree more!

    • Robinpreet Sidhu

      You forgot to include the HD in Majora’s Mask HD Remake!

    • sd

      Star Fox U. Yes very much please. the only reason I still have a Wii U is for Mario Kart and then X. Starfox U would be amazing.

    • PachterStation

      Same old, same old though, isn’t it?

    • The Clockwork Being

      Exactly what will happen LOL!

    • The Clockwork Being

      Your list is great. Well the list of what we want.

  • Chase U

    I would love to see a new Zelda as everyone would.. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I wanna see a new Super Monkey Ball.. This would be awesome at least for me since I freaking love those darn games! Monkey in a ball = perfection! And in HD would be very good looking of course. Besides that far-fetched wish I would like to see a new Star Fox because I’ve been a huge fan of that franchise since Star Fox 64. I loved Star Fox Adventures on GameCube and that is unfortunately the last one i bought but hopefully that’ll change if/when Nindy showcases a new one.

  • zdog

    Pokemon Snap 2. That is all I need.

  • FutureFox

    All I want is for Nintendo to not drop the ball.

  • David Flick

    New zelda of course, paper mario in the works, new metroid, jet force Gemini (do they still own the rights?) one can dream of sequels to old rate games evn thogh it’s impossible (dk64, conkers, etc.) Also starfox and new strikers! Perfect time to announce with the World Cup coming up

  • Kuromad

    I am not really curious about the games. I am not a second worried about it, the games will rule and become timeless classics. What I want to see:
    – Pricedrop on Wii U
    – 3DS sucessor
    – PS+ like subscription service that grants free games to play.
    – Second gamepad as accessory
    – First gamepad optional. Patches for most games, pseudo-patch that allows games to think you play with a gamepad while you are actually holding a pro-controller, shortpress of the home button will bring up gamepad screen on tv to navigate mandatory menus and whatnot.

    • jjbredesen

      No, 3DS will stay active for 2-4 years more, and there will be no optional gamepad bundle, as it is the main selling point of the console, and most games need the gamepad to function,, using a menu will just make it more awkward.. Zelda U will be built around the gamepad, and Iwata said they are to focus even more on it now, and in the future.

      I think a second gamepad is possible, and perhaps Zelda U will use a second one in a possible multiplayer.

      No subscription, Nintendo has made this very clear.

      • Kuromad

        They want the gamepad to be the main selling point. It isn’t. The Nintendo IP library is the main (only) selling point.

        Most games need the gamepad simply because of some menu’s, stupid gimmicks or inventory management. Not many (maybe only the party games) actually require the gamepad for main gameplay. It can get patched out (3rd party wont bother though)

        The 3DS has reached its peak. It will go downhill from here. I hope Nintendo has learned from past mistakes and will not let a generation die before announcing the successor.

        The subscription won’t be required to play online, just to play the VC, smaller Nintendo games (like NES Remixes, DrLuigi and such) and older games without paying for them individually.

        • greengecko007

          If the VC had more games I could see paying a subscription service to be able to play them. Maybe one day.

      • darkcreap

        No subscription? You sure? Too bad, I think that they should do more promotions and all that. For instance, subscription would be fine for VC. I don’t like paying 5€ or more for certain titles. It feels a rip off.

        • jjbredesen

          Yeah, it would be good, but i can remember Iwata saying, that they have no plans to use this on the current generation or in the future.

          • darkcreap

            He said something about not being able to charge the prices they have been charging for games. I think that hinted something about a change in price policies. Maybe not subscriptions, but maybe more Steam-like sales more often? I wish they did. I feel ripped off some times.

  • Fernando Cabrera Jaramillo

    Ok.. Mario Kart make take the bite for the Wii U and pre-order the bundle; what I hope to see in the E3…:
    New Zelda… Skyward or Twilight Princess style
    New Metroid prime to ease my quasi FPS side.
    New F zero …. PLEASE F ZERO… there was no F Zero in the WII, Mariokart is a fun racing game, F Zero is a Hardcore Racing Game…
    Some Wii U Watch Dogs footage… would like to see how much was “loss” in the Wii U anyway the game is in my buying list if ever gets released.
    Anyhow, I don’t regret buying the system all ready great games out and more to come.

  • I<3supermario3DworldandimAgirl

    I want to see more of yarn Yoshi or whatever it’s called

  • Mario

    I want to hear a bit more about the Nintendo NFC figurines. You know a little bit more details about those.

    • ShortyStock

      Never got into those Skylander or Disney whatever games, but I’ll most likely buy some of these NFC’s, depending on how Nintendo handles them.

      • Mario

        True. Hope they’re worth buying. 🙂

  • oregano

    I want see what Smash Wii U has to offer over Smash 3DS .
    Trailer and release window for Zelda U.
    Some virtual console announcment.
    Release date and final name for “X”.
    A consumer loyalty announcment. Not just for early adopters but incentives for non Nintendo players to join the party.

    Oh… and everything everyone else said.

  • Assassinated23

    Nothing less than the best E3 they’ve ever done. One that will get the WiiU back on track, and fix all the mistakes they’ve made that have lead to its current almost certain failure. The WiiU may yet be saved, but the task will be long and arduous, and it must start here.

  • ezquimacore


  • lonewolf88

    all i want is tingle U sounds like a amazing game.

  • Noah

    I want to see Zelda, but don’t care so much that its a “dark, edgy, adult, omg its so grown up” game. Why? Because Wind Waker was still a blast.

    • CaptRodgers

      I personally don’t care that art style, but if love a realistic yet extremely colorful Zelda. There’s no need for the game to be dark and gritty, but it would be cool to get a more realistic game after skyward sword, kinda like have each new Zelda switch up between realistic and cartoony. Either way I’ll probably love whatever direction they take

      • Mario

        A game that has an unique art style? Not a bad idea. 🙂

  • Arthur Jarret

    – Aonuma already said the new zelda will be shown at E3
    – Pokken fighters will definitely be feautured
    – Focus on the 2014 titles: new SSB challengers, Bayonetta 2, X and Hyrule warriors
    – A load of playable eshop titles
    – Full details about the figurines – including a set of games supporting them
    – Footage from 2015 titles FExSMT and Yarn yoshi
    – Surprise games (maybe a few, maybe a lot)
    – Details of the new Fatal frame
    – Teaser for Miyamoto’s new IP

    3DS stuff… too much 3DS stuff

  • Noah

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more from Sonic Boom.
    (Though not made by Nintendo, it is a Wii U exclusive)

  • anthony optimo

    Ability to multitask, like watch hulu on TV and play game on gamepad.

    • JellyB.

      That’s a really cool and creative way to use the gamepad. Hope Nintendo does something like that.

    • darkcreap

      I am not sure the WiiU has enough memory to do that, if it had, it would already do it. Apart from that, I don’t think it is desirable that they take more memory from the OS instead of devoting it to games.

      • anthony optimo

        If the devs at Nintendo can make a game to look like Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 on a system with the amount of ram it has, I’m sure they can find a way to run Hulu/Netflix while I play a game.

  • That guy who hates Spike

    5 New IPs from Nintendo for Wii U

    Deals with Capcom, SEGA and/or Level 5 for some awesome Wii U games
    Some sort of membership format like PS+
    Pokken Fighters or any new fighting game. Smash Bros. Can’t be the only game to please me in the genre
    Mario Kart 8 DLC would be awesome
    More experiences for 3DS/Wii U connectivity
    Clarification on when Flipnote Studio 3D will be localized
    Steamworld Dig 2

    • Guest

      I would guess that the app is done and the internet services for Japan are reported to have been fixed months ago. We are just endlessly waiting for them to say something now. And reason they can think of now to delay this is very likely false.

  • paulthevgking

    GUYS I’M NOT LYING, I WAS ABOUT TO SAY MAKE A POST ABOUT OUR WANTS FOR E3. I WENT ON AND THIS WAS THERE. well, i want either a new 3d mario game or mario galaxy, new ip, metroid, zelda, nfc figures, and tease new console.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    an announcement that Zelda U, Xenoblade, SMT x FE and Fatal frame will release this year in the states

  • Matthew Tyler Preston

    Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts type games! Square Enix could help them out!

    • Jason

      Or bring FF15 and KH3 to the Wii U. They have games on the GBA, DS, and 3DS, so there’s a market for them on Nintendo systems.

      • Brandon

        this especially ffXV though. I just want ONE mainline final fantasy game on a nintendo platform! It’s been too long. 🙁

    • condor87z

      More rpgs would make this system so much better. It has such a small amount.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    What do I want to see from Nintendo? A new President and CEO of Nintendo present at the E3 and Iwata back to developing in Hal Labs. That is all. <3

    • Guest

      Idiot. You have an opportunity to talk about games and all you do is complain about leadership. You’re a hater and a broken record.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        The question at the end said, what do you want to see from Nintendo? That means, that the question didn’t imply only to games. Otherwise it would have said what games do you want to see from Nintendo? Seems to me you’re the one complaining over an opinion of one poster. That makes you a hater and a broken record. Gotta love the irony in that one. Also, hi5 for deleting your comment. I know it was you Magnus Gonzalez. ;P

        • Magnus Gonzalez

          lol, honestly it wasn’t me. I see nothing wrong with what you wrote. Many of us agree

    • Mario

      Better then getting fired. :-/

  • Fred

    Demo and release date for X

  • Gamemech10

    Zelda, metroid, star fox, pokken fighters, f-zero, majora’s mask hd, yarn yoshi, fire emblem, X, and hyrule warriors.

    • Fred

      We know we’re getting Zelda, X, and Hyrule Warriors, but I’d like a demo and release date for X and Hyrule Warriors.
      Star Fox U YES

  • Kenshin0011

    I really want to see more than a simple trailer for Zelda U. I want gameplay, info, etc.

  • Kenshin0011

    Look at all that space Nintendo has! And people ignorantly rant about how Nintendo is not felt at E3

    • Brandon

      Wow, mircosoft has alot of space. I have high hopes for them.

      • MerryBlind .


      • Robinpreet Sidhu

        Just more room to keep the worthless Kinects!!!!

    • Mario

      I obviously would felt it. O_o

    • The Clockwork Being

      I’m curious at what Atlus will be showing.

  • David Flick

    Open with showing a nintendo logo then the mask salesman saying “you’ve met with a terrible fate haven’t you?” Majoras mask HD on the way and nintendo is saved.

  • andrewjcole

    Is this a new author?

  • LukeMM95

    Along with the return of some beloved IP, I also want to see some brand new projects that Nintendo are working on. Something that will make full use of the Wii U’s capabilities and give us an experience like nothing else. Kind of like what Shenmue was for the Dreamcast. Just a real game changer. Of course, realistically, I doubt the new IP will be that big but I do hope it’s something that will get us really hyped.

  • Jackson five

    An HD meteoid, either
    like super meteoid or an fps like prime would be really awesome.

  • BushBacon

    I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the possibility of a Paper Mario U! I’d also REALLY like to see revivals for Star Fox and Pokémon Snap. Also maybe a Kid Icarus U’d be nice. And maybe Pikmin 4? I’d be game (but really just want more Bingo Battle stages. Why wasn’t there DLC for that? Just Mission Mode…) I also realize people have been clamor ing for Metroid and F-Zero so why not make it happen, Nintendo?

    • Michael Ocampo

      Didn’t Intelligent Systems say they were making a new game for Wii U? A new Paper Mario game could be possible than.

  • McBlink

    What I want is what I am not going to get so no point in listing. I do however think they will announce either a Luigis Mansion 2 port or Kid Icarus Uprising w/expanding the multiplayer limit to 12. Both will fill there lineup with little development effort.

  • andrew

    i want to see
    new zelda
    pokemon possibly in the style of colluseum/xd
    new starfox
    miyamotos new ip

  • nintendofan

    paper Mario would be the best thing for Wii U as there are so many gamepad possibilities… also ill say it again… pokken fighters is an idiotic name.

  • Thomas Vienna

    This is my wish list for Nintendo:
    New IP
    New IP
    New IP
    New IP
    New IP
    Zelda U.
    Metroid (though probably not. If a Metroid has begun development, it’s probably not too far yet).
    F-Zero can wait til next year, as to not steal the lime-light from the racing game getting the spot all this year. StarFox, I don’t really appreciate what that series has become, at least from what I have played in StarFox Command.

    • Guest

      Would those new IPs actually be different or could you slap one of their existing franchises or someone elses on top of the gameplay and not notice the difference?

      • Thomas Vienna

        Heck, if the Gameplay is ground-breakingly unique from it’s previous franchises, than sure, slap Mario on the title and make it even better! However, I do not believe they have done that yet with Mario since Galaxy, if even.

        • C4

          I’m also unsure how I would handle it. Imagine EAD prototypes a new groundbreaking 3D platformer. Who wouldn’t then slap the plumber on it?? IPs like StarFox have potential for anything from space shooter to 3rd person Zelda style (even if StarFox Adventure maybe wasn’t that great) so again if someone has a similar idea in concept why not make it a StarFox. It’s hard to decide not to do it…

          But 2 or 3 completely new IPs of course wouldn’t hurt! 🙂

    • C4

      “F-Zero can wait til next year, as to not steal the lime-light from the racing game getting the spot all this year.”

      You ARE talking about FAST Racing Neo… right?? 😀

      • Thomas Vienna

        Lol, not quite.

  • greengecko007

    In addition to what we’re already expecting at E3, such as an official Zelda U reveal, I’d love to see a Collesuem/XD style Pokemon RPG, Paper Mario, and Ice Climbers reimagined, all for the Wii U. Unlikely that all or any of it will happen, but it sure would make me broke as a joke for the future.

  • Guest

    I think Nintendo will reveal Super Mario Rehash U, New Super Mario Rehash U, Super Mario Rehash Galaxy U, Super Mario 3D Rehash U, Super Mario 64 Rehash U, Mario Rehash Party U, Mario & Sonic at Summer Olympic Games, and finally, they will announce that Toad is getting his own year, and they will make Captain Toad U, New Super Toad Bros. DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U, which includes Toad, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and Nabbit as the playable characters, Wario’s Woods 2, Toad Kart, which is DLC for Mario Kart 8 that brings three new courses dedicated to Toad and lets you play as any colored Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom, and finally, an entirely new game for the Nintendo 3DS that features Toad as the main character where he must adventure through a strange unknown world all by himself. Nintendo will also announce a limited edition Toad Nintendo 3DS XL.

    Besides all the katrillion Mario games and Mario related things that will be revealed, a few new Wii U games will be shown, like Wii Music U, Wii Party U 2, Nintendogs + Cats U, Nintendo World, a sequel to Nintendo Land, and Wii U Chef, a cooking game. Also, the Nintendo 3DS isn’t getting left out, new 3DS games will be Find Mii Adventures and Face Raiders 2.

    I also expect to see two new third party titles to be shown.

    • condor87z

      I can’t believe I actually read all of that nonsense.

    • iamserious

      You feel better now?

  • wiimenonowiiu

    A big arrow pointing to ps4 booth with sorry please understand under the arrow

  • kopaka7

    Please understand, there are almost too many games to list here. My top picks are Super Mario Galaxy 3 HD, Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 HD combo, Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, Metroid Prime 4, Zelda U, Majora’s Mask HD, Kid Icarus Wii U, and F-Zero U.

  • Igor

    I want to see Iwata being fired.

    • Thomas Vienna

      In a stage show? That would be hilarious! They would have a whole segment shaming him, lol.
      But really, jokes aside, Iwata is on his last year for me.

  • companyoflosers

    they NEED to show zelda this year. they were about to show it last year but pulled it because they didnt think it was ready so theres no excuse now. we need to see the art style, control scheme and please god dont let it be motion controls again! a release date would be nice but im not expecting too much more than a general time of the year that we can expect it if its even coming out this year. they need to show more X as well and definitely need to announce a release date for that. it has actually been more than a year so i think theyve had enough time and giving themselves a deadline is needed i think. I know alot of people want to see metroid and maybe they should, i just dont get the same thing they do out of that series i guess. Star fox would be nice to see as well but im more interested in seeing if they can turn a stale formula for that game into something fresh. not something nearly as dramatic as adventures for example but assault just didnt feel up to snuff to me. a pokemon rpg game would be amazing but i wont hold my breath because gamefreak may be too set in their ways unless they are willing to oversee it being handed to another more experience home console oriented developer. i do expect to see what all this pokken fighters stuff is about, though the name sounds very similar to tekken which i dislike those kinds of fighting games. id rather see it be more like the ultimate ninja storm games honestly. i REALLY dont want to see anything motion control based or fitness based this year at e3. if they really want to win over more core gamers like they say they do, they can save announcements like that for another nintendo direct after e3. i feel like smash bros is close enough and we have seen enough of it that it doesnt HAVE to make an appearance at e3 unless there are even more characters to announce which now that i think about it, i feel there should be. wheres ganon? it would be interesting to see a majoras mask remake for 3ds though on wii u might be interesting too but i dont see it happening that way. i honestly dont care for the NFC based games. i feel like its too gimmicky and uninteresting. i dont wanna spend all that extra money just for some cheap plastic figures. im not a kid and the age of toys is pretty much over. id LOVE to see a square enix rpg for the console. maybe they will be able to get in on this kingdom heart 3 stuff but something new and exclusive to wii u would be nice.

    • ShortyStock

      Yes! I need Ganon to come back and it would be cool to have a control scheme option of motion or nonmotion, but I prefer nonmotion of course.

      • companyoflosers

        problem with the option to switch between motion and non-motion is they are likely to include mechanics that require motion themselves but arent required to beat the game. youd still miss out on that experience unless you grudgingly plugged in a wii remote long enough to do it. sort of like the doors with eyes in them that you had to make dizzy in skyward sword, imagine that being how you got into an optional part of the game like the caverns beneath gerudo desert in twilight princess where you fought waves of enemies, each more difficult than the last as you get further down with the fairy tears at the end. its story related but hell if that wasnt an awesome part to experience. imagine missing out on stuff like that because your preferred scheme is with a regular controller.

        • WT Herrod Jr.

          I don’t think we’ll see motion in the next Zelda game as a I recall reading somewhere that the gamepad was developed with ideas for the new Zelda in mind. I couldn’t pull up anything online to support this memory though, so grains of salt and all that…

  • Brock Lancaster

    I believe a Nintendo published football game would be a great way for them to stick a beautiful middle finger to EA and show them they dont need an NFL license to create a football game. They did it before on the NES(NES Play Action Football) and I believe they can do it again. I know seeing Ben Rothosbergner of the Pittsburgh Steelmen wouldnt bother me and with an in game editor, one could change team and players names if it meant enough to them. It would seem to me Nintendo saw the second year snubbing of Madden happening long ago and it would be an awesome surprise at E3. I know I would be super pumped if that was announced at E3 and it would also show all third parties that Nintendo wont be held hostage on any franchise. Anybody else share the sentiment?

    • uPadWatcher

      I can see it now… Nintendo’s Play Action Football U.

  • Charlieblizz

    A lot of great suggestions already made that you couldn’t go wrong with. We couldn’t go wrong with new Metroid, Star Fox, or Zelda.

    What I want is a new game with a western theme. On the NES I played a game called Gun.Smoke for hours, and I haven’t seen another game quite like it since. The closest might be the western themed Oddworld game (that I think is going to be redone in the near future, no?). If the U can bring in an open world western, I’ll be in line for it.

    Also, I want to see some exclusive, quality indie titles. It’s unlikely we see a lot of quality support from major third parties, but if Nintendo wades into the indie scene a bit, and is willing to put some money on the table to bring in some quality titles, I’d find it reassuring as a U owner. I want to see effort.

    • MerryBlind .

      You’re talking about Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (or something like that) and it has already been redone. I believe the HD version is available for PC and PS3 only though.

      • Charlieblizz

        That’s the one. It’s coming to the eshop (along with New & Tasty) at some point this year.

        Have to think I’m picking both of them up.

        • MerryBlind .

          Oh! I knew about New & Tasty coming to Wii U, but not Stranger’s Wrath! Thanks for the info… Still not sure about Stranger’s, but I’m getting New & Tasty for sure. Always wanted to play the original and almost bought it on PSN countless times, but I’ve always thought “ahhh another time”. Now I won’t make the same mistake!

    • the new zelda has a western theme

  • Callmemario

    i actaully expect Mario soccer for wiiu eshop

    i actaully made a video check it out on my channel Mario73.

    sorry if this is against rules

  • Nintenjoe82

    Zeldroid Fox 65

  • Nintenjoe82

    dUck hUnt

  • Archiq09

    Conduit 3.

  • Nintenjoe82

    N64 games

  • dinos24

    Am I the only person who wants Pokémon Snap U?

    • ShortyStock

      I’m not really sure about it, as I never played the original. But imagine it with X Y Pokemon (never played X Y) in 1080P! That would have me sold.

    • paulthevgking


  • ShortyStock

    Why’s everyone want a new MetroidPrime. I mean I wouldn’t mind it, but I really miss the old Metroid.

    • Leo

      Yes! Imagine what Nintendo could do with a Super Metroid style with the WiiU technology! It would be a work of art!

      • ShortyStock

        Sadly, I feel like if that happens, It’ll be for 3DS…

  • Logan Wayman

    Pac-Man in SSB4, more Hyrule Warriors info, Metroid U, Pokken Fighters, Punch-Out!! U, F-Zero U, Star Fox U, Kirby U, and a new never-before-seen Wii U game.

  • Rinslowe

    It may have been possible they wanted to initially show a little something about their new emerging markets strategy. But that would have been wrong show, wrong crowd – at E3.
    Not sure the QoL platform, whatever that ends being, belongs there either.

    Hopefully, whatever they choose to share on the show floor is 100% related to games.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    What I want to see is:

    Monolithsoft’s X – launch date (nothing like “winter 2014”, I want a precise launch date), more info on gameplay and story, internet connectivity for multiplay and solo campaign, customization settings, list of characters, a new bundle and possibility to call your Save Data from Xenoblade to get access to extra content or change a few things (like the Data Transfer for Fire Emblem Path of Radiance to Radiant Dawn);

    Bayonetta 2 – A more precise launch date, updates on control scheme, difficulty settings and useful features for the Gamepad;

    Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei – anything goes! We have got nothing at all ever since the title has been announced!

    Yoshi Yarn – it’s been over a year and a half (as memory calls), and so far all we’ve got was a couple of screenshots. Give us something to look forward to.

    Pokemon U – hopefully that Pokken Fighters thing will be something regarding this title, the same we’ve seen on the launch of Pokemon X Y. Hopefully it’s a Pokemon Colosseum alike title.

    New IP – to tell the truth, I really don’t want to see a new IP. Every time Nintendo launches a new IP, fans and media alike criticize them for not doing what they thought it would be. Nintendo Land, Steel Diver, even the Wii Sports series weren’t treated as Nintendo new IPs at first, and some still are not, even though they were created by Nintendo and work as a series of games. Instead, I want to pass this year with something that will please all, which means:

    Zelda – after seeing what they came up with the 2011 Tec Demo, plus the rumors about having two different worlds – one colorful and the other dark – I’m really hyped for what they can do with the Gamepad! I hope there’s no way to play the game with a Classic Controller, since I want this game to need the Gamepad for all its purposes, just like Skyward Sword used the motion controls.

    Metroid – I’m actually quite concerned about this. Even after the abysmal sales of Other M (sorry if you liked it, but it doesn’t give Nintendo money) they still decided to make Samus appear in Smash Bros. with her hated Other M appearance. Metroid fans all around the world are afraid Nintendo might drop the series, but seeing how they’ve been quite hyped to develop a Metroid title for Wii U, I’m afraid we might end up seeing ANOTHER Other M, and that would actually be worse than having no more games and letting Metroid be a good memory.

    Mario – ENOUGH OF MARIO! Let the guy rest a bit. Let the developers rest their minds from this series and work in something else. A year or so of resting would let the development team organize their ideas better, and understand what has been lacking in the series ever since New Super Mario Bros. Wii, that feeling of playing a unique title, something unforgettable. I never thought I’d say this, but I DON’T WANT TO SEE A MARIO TITLE THIS YEAR!

    • Michael Ocampo

      I agree with everything but the Mario title and New IP thing. As long as it’s something that feels and looks new I’m game for the Mario title (heeheehee I’m game), but If it’s something we’ve seen before, then maybe they should put it on hold for a while. A new IP is risky but can gather some interest and I’ll definitely give whatever Shigeru Miyamoto and the others have in store for us a fair shot.

      • Mario

        I don’t care what the new IP will be like. As long as it’s a great game, I’m up for it.

  • verymetal

    Cranky Kong!!!

  • Donaald

    All I want from Nintendo is to announce a new Dream Team so we get tons of exclusives and no game droughts ever. Is it too much to ask?

  • Daniel

    Luigi’s Mansion 3/U
    N64 and Gamecube virtual console
    Lego city undercover sequel
    Paper Mario U
    Nintendoland 2(with more minigames and online play)

    • Michael Ocampo

      Maybe DLC kinda like how New Super Luigi U was to NSMBU for Nintendo Land titled Nintendo Land 2?

  • Michael Ocampo

    Nintendo on E3: We present to you the new *huge drumroll* Lvl. 100 Shiny Magikarp Event for Pokemon Soul Silver!!
    All jokes aside, this really is a crucial E3 and I really think Nintendo will deliver. Good Luck Nintendo!

  • Aaron Grant Hilton

    Wii U from Nintendo

    Nintendo Land 2
    Zombi U 2
    Pokemon (an RPG)
    Pokemon Snap
    F Zero
    Wave Race
    Pilot Wings
    Geist 2
    Metroid Prime U
    Kirby Air Ride 2
    Animal Crossing
    Eternal Darkness
    The Legend of Zelda

    From 3rd Parties

    Baten Kaitos Origins
    Beach Spikers
    Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg 2
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
    Phantasy Star Online
    Gotcha Force
    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life U
    Resident Evil Revelations 2
    Super Monkey Ball U

    Just some that come too mind that i would love

    • Will the3rd

      great list

    • Brandon

      gave you a downvote because of crystal chronicles, you don’t want that those games suck ass.

      • Aaron Grant Hilton

        Haha the first one on the Gamecube was amazing, and think with multiple game pads or online play it would rock 🙂

        • Brandon

          since the series sucked since then don’t count on it. 😛 the only bad games in the main series as of right now is 13- lightning returns & 14 but a relm rebor blows those games right out of the water.

          • Aaron Grant Hilton

            I thought all 3 of the 13s were utter crap and the new one on Xone and PS4 doesnt look that special either

          • Brandon

            I said that all 3 of the ff13 games were garbage! plus I just want that game FFXV on wii u since people claim that the directx11 thing was false but the main series will never EVER come back to nintendo home consoles & we’ll get stuck with crystal chronicles sucking like usual. great…. -__-

          • Aaron Grant Hilton

            Nintendo just need to throw some money at them and get them to make a Kingdom Hearts type game with Nintendo characters that would slay 🙂

          • Brandon

            not happening either bud! >=(

  • Anthox Androniux Zoltwes Zoltw

    metroid prime u

  • LevenThumps

    Above all else, I want Nintendo to get me hyped for the upcoming year. Besides Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, I’m not that hyped for the WiiU right now.

    As for specific games:

    Zelda U
    Star Fox U
    Metroid U
    Earthbound U
    Majora’s Mask Remake
    New IP
    Pokken Fighters
    More info on NFC

  • Cyrus Malachi

    as much as a would love a new version of all their IPs as well as their new IP they are working on, one game that would blow everyone’s mind if they was to ever make would be Captian N (four player online with open worlds)….and mario paint, man mario paint with the gamepad should have been done already.

    • Nintendo Of North Korea

      Great idea, we are planning to unveil the spiritual successor of Mario Paint at E3, Wii Fit: Art Academy U!

      • Cyrus Malachi

        sorry but art academy is nothing like mario paint.

  • C4
  • C4

    X, Smash, Bayo 2 and Zelda (graphic style as close as possible to OoT 3DS and ALBW artworks) playable on E3. F-Zero (like GX), Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, new Mistwalker RPG, new Platinum / Kamiya game announcements & Trailer. Metroid? NFC, Pokemon and something like Nintendo Land but with more content and more polish (Nintendo uh Universe?). 1 or 2 ports / remakes like WW HD. Majora’s Mask and Advance Wars for 3DS. Also new Pro Controllers in shiny red, silver, blue and golden.

  • Marioman21

    I want:
    Star Fox U
    Metroid U or 3DS
    Zelda U
    Shiggy’s New IP
    Endless Ocean 3 for Wii U (dat ocean + dem graphics = pure bliss)
    Kid Icarus
    Pokken Fighters
    F- Zero
    Mario Party 10 with great use of gamepad
    Mario Baseball U
    New Excite game sequel to bike or truck
    Battalion Wars 3
    Fingers crossed

  • ben

    Fire emblem

  • 504HotBoy

    Interesting! My Predictions:
    The Legend Of Zelda will finally be shown. There will be a trailer and a playable demo on the show room floor, targeted release info.
    More on Super Smash Bros. Perhaps a final release date, more character announcements, new trailer, playable demo.
    Bayonetta 2 – New trailer, release date, playable demo
    X – final name for game, release date, playable demo
    Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem – A new trailer, maybe some gameplay footage
    Yarn Yoshi – A new trailer, maybe gameplay footage, possible demo
    Devil’s Third – Nintendo announce as Wii U exclusive, new trailer, release date, playable demo
    Fatal Frame – Teaser trailer
    New Mario Game – Teaser trailer
    Retro Studios – New IP or Metroid – Teaser trailer
    Miyamoto’s New IP – Trailer, targeted release date, playable demo
    Platinum Games – New Game( could be new IP or existing Nintendo franchise) – Teaser trailer
    Sonic Boom – New Trailer, release date, playable demo
    Pokémon announcement (some form of Pokémon game) Trailer, maybe a playable demo
    There will be some 1st Party, as well as 3rd Party surprises. Some Indie games will make an appearance.
    My wishes:
    Action/RPG from Mistwalker
    A sequal to Eternal Darkness
    A Capcom exclusive (new Resident Evil with major Game Pad features)
    Dragon Quest XI
    A new Kid Icarus
    so many things, hard to think ……

  • uPadWatcher

    Four things I want to see from NIntendo at E3–

    – Bayonetta 2 official release date for this year
    – X’s finalized name and release date
    – Super Smash Bros. U
    – (tied) New IP from Retro Studios and Platinum Games’ StarFox

  • A surprise… If I told you what it was it wouldn’t be a surprise, now.

  • WiiUPS4

    Just want to see lots of new games coming

  • I am Error.


    Unified account system.
    N64 and Gamecube titles announced for the flailing Virtual Console.
    A preview of the next Zelda.
    Sequels to dormant franchises like StarFox, F-Zero and Metroid.

    These hopes aren’t unreasonable.
    But I doubt we’ll see any of them besides a Zelda demo.

  • Brock Lancaster

    Killer instinct would be an awesome surprise. Nintendo needs something of their own that is a little edgy and more serious. An all new killer instinct would bring people back who were maybe nintendo fans years ago, but felt nintendo wasn’t “serious”enough for them anymore. Couple that with a nintendo published football game and I think you would get back a large segment that was lost long ago. Of course, all this has to be marketed correctly which nintendo hasn’t done the whole existence of the wii u. I see playstation and xbox commercials all the time. I have never seen a wii u commercial. Get some commercials of the afore mentioned games that are aimed at adults, an you have gold jerry, gold!

    • Hyde Gaming

      Um Killer Instinct is a Rare IP….and IP that happens to be 100% owned by sorry thats out of the question. Plus KI3 came out for Xbox One.

  • Leo

    I wanna see Yarn Yoshi being Nintendo only “surprise” at E3 just to see the dudebros here having a major meltdown.

  • Nookling

    Besides seeing some Zelda U and more Smash… I won’t name anything specific. I honestly just want to see something new and surprising. Something that when I see it I automatically smile and say “I want that”.

  • Nicholas Hamilla


    • Nicholas Hamilla

      it WILL happen

      • Nicholas Hamilla

        I bet my life on it

  • Gamerrr72

    How about resurrecting some old or dead IP’s or games such as Turok or Perfect Dark? Let’s hear more info on that new IP that Miyamoto’s been working on. A release date for X and Bayonetta 2. I’d settle for a new Metroid or Zelda announcement with some gameplay footage. Starfox for God’s sake, in my lifetime. A customizeable home page and game folders. More use for Tvii.

    • Leo

      Uh? Turok could be handed to Nintendo… but Perfect Dark? that IP is within Rare vaults under the M$ wing, so unless Nintendo (finally) buys Rare back or its IPs the chances to see a Perfect Dark on a Nintendo console now are close to 0%.

      • Gamerrr72

        Yup, forgot about Rare…ummm yeah no chance. I would like to see an original fps from Nintendo though. Thanks for correcting.

    • David Flick

      Perfect dark. Yes. It blew out goldeneye for me, I would love to see it

  • Purple

    I want to see this! …

    • Hyde Gaming

      OH GOD!!!!!!

      My body wasn’t reggie for this.

  • Purple

    I want something New also! I often tell people .. Mario Galaxy could have been an all new game title.. without mario. They should make new games with new characters. But they’ve already said no they like to think of new game mechanics and see which characters could fit into it.

    I hope we see something new. or old or borrowed or blue.

  • Purple

    I hear about a lot of games coming to Wii U e shop but they sure take awhile.


  • TrueWiiMaster

    For the Wii U I’m expecting a few new game announcements (including a trailer or teaser for the new Zelda), but mostly a focus on what we know is coming. From E3 on the Wii U has 6 1st party games already on the way, and I don’t think Nintendo will want to steal the focus from them and put it on the games coming in 2015. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo announced another game or two for this year. I’m also expecting indie games to be featured in some way, along with promised eshop support from Nintendo in new and old games. Nintendo will probably also announce at least one new feature and/or promotion.

    For the 3DS, I’m expecting a lot of game announcements, but not much else. The 3DS is finally through almost all of the previously announced 1st party games, which means it’s about time for Nintendo to announce a bunch more. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Majora’s Mask 3D finally be revealed.

    What I’m hoping to see at E3, but can’t necessarily expect, are the announcements of a new Advance Wars, Luigi’s Mansion, Kid Icarus, and/or Paper Mario, and maybe the announcement of Animal Crossing U, as long as it doesn’t release this year (I’m still playing the 3DS game). A line of HD Gamecube and Wii classics would be awesome too, including games like Mario Sunshine, Galaxy 1 and 2, the Metroid Prime Trilogy, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Pikmin, and Luigi’s Mansion. I’d also love to see Nintendo finally kick the Virtual Console into gear, adding N64 and Gamecube games, as well as, if possible, Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast games. I want them to make more eshop-exclusive 1st party games too.

    And finally, the fantasy announcements that I don’t at all expect would be the announcement of games like Endless Ocean 3 for the Wii U and a new Chibi Robo and/or port of the Chibi Robo America never got, and translated Gamecube games that never made it West coming to the VC. Oh, and something with Nintendo Power.

  • Robinpreet Sidhu

    What I want to see?
    * AHEM *
    Starfox U
    The Legend of Zelda U
    A new Mario Mini-game on the eshop.
    DLC for Super Mario 3D World (It is my favourite Mario game of all time!)
    Metroid U that is 2d and 3d. (Maybe have 2 Metroid games or combine in one game).
    New Summer update to be talked about.
    Reggie saying his body is ready again.
    Smash bros. 3ds and Wii u being talked about.
    EA to take the stage so they can be booed off stage.
    A new Nintendo IP for 3ds. (Not Wii U maybe later because if my list is true, then there is a lot to look forward to!)
    Bayonetta 2
    Sequel to The Wonderful 101 to be announced.
    Mario Kart 8
    Mario Kart 8 Demo on eshop to be announced.
    Majora’s Mask HD Remake
    Watchdogs U
    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare to be there just to see what Sledgehammer will be bringing to the WiiU.
    Maybe a new Deluxe promotion for the people who bought the Wii U the first couple of months it came out like me!


    F-Zero to be announced for the 3ds AND WII U
    New cartridge that allows a 3ds to be used as a Gamepad for the Wii U
    Sonic Boom!
    Lastly, new miiverse colour! Why can’t it be something other than green! Uggghhhhh.

  • DJKeens

    Zelda U and X as confirmed. Would love a Metroid reveal and sorry guys I absolutely loved the Prime games and would love to see it come back with multiplayer like Hunters. What would really make my day is some mind blowing third party announcement like “Surprise, Destiny is coming your way!”

  • bugart19

    Nintendo needs to show some excitement, remind the world that Wii U will be the fun and highly interactive gaming console that everyone can play and enjoy. Kick in a bunch of motivated Reggie appearances, show us as much 3rd party support as possible. The Wii U may lack 3rd party support but it wouldn’t matter as much if the right 1st party games were present and overshadowing third party interests.

  • LordYukYuk

    My wish list for unannounced Wii U stuff:

    Something fresh for Zelda
    New IP from Retro (would be extremely disappointed to see another Metroid).
    N64, DS, Dreamcast and GCN games on VC
    Star Fox
    Animal Crossing
    Hopefully one of those cool new Gamepad heavy games will be Pokemon Snap 2
    Hopefully Nintendo has worked with some Japanese 3rd parties to bring exclusive games to Wii U as well.


    Cruis’n USA U haha

  • gamingpalooza

    Animal Crossing, Zelda and pokemon games on the Wii U.. hopefully

  • Callmemario


  • kendawg182

    what about yarn yoshi? I’m sure they’ll showcase it this year 😉 although I’m certain the shard of nightmare rumor is indeed false… I’m actually really confident they’ll showcase ‘zelda u’ the next core title in the franchise. i mean… they kinda have to if you think about it. either a new mario title or a new zelda title to help push sales. would love to see them surprise us with something new and amazing with metroid and star fox! maybe even an earthbound/ mother u?? maybe I’m asking for too much xD

    • Dampf

      Nobody cares about Yarn Yoshi

      • kendawg182

        lmao…. well then YARN EXCITE BIKE U!! previously being developed for wii and then cancelled for ads and then brought to wii u to save a dying console xD

        then it’ll appear on intends new ‘improvement of life’ console haha

  • kendawg182

    and fire emblem u <3

  • Hyde Gaming

    What i want to see?……I want both reggie and satoru to both fly to e3; walk inside the MS booth to walk on the stage during their conference and for both of them to ask… much do you want for banko and the conker IP’s.

    • Christian Schoff

      The cheering would blow the roof off.

  • Michael Hancock

    Endless Ocean U

  • MysteryT

    Majora’s Mask 3D
    Pokémon Snap U/3D
    Pokémon Stadium Ultimate
    Super Smash Racers
    Zelda Party
    Animal Crossing U
    Mario Party 10
    Metroid U
    Starfox U
    Kirby’s Amazing 3D Adventure
    Kirby Air Ride 2
    Twilight Princess HD
    Minecraft for Wii U
    A crossover between “The Legend of Zelda” and “Tales of”- series
    Sonic & Mario United. A crossover platforming game where you can play as both Mario and Sonic.
    Pikachu’s Fun Adventure Time. A Pokémon Channel styled game, where you have a Pikachu and you go on adventures and stuff together.
    Pokémon Colosseum style of game.

    • ElPeeDee

      wtf is “Zelda Party”?

  • Dear Nintendo:

    It has been quite some time since you managed to really got me to feel real excitement and empathy when watching your keynotes. The last real great one was when Reggie unveiled Twilight Princess out of nowhere. If there’s anything I wanna see at the upcoming E3 then it’s a return of your ability to drop jaws. You even managed to present Super Mario 3D Wörld in a way it never deserved as I had to found out later that this was actually one of the most fun games of the past 10 years while I hated that game thanks to your bad introduction to it until that point. That’s not how things should work. If you wanna tell us something, we are listening, but please, tell it. You don’t have to be ashamed of selling your stuff to us, we got lots of money and are waiting to throw it into your direction, just take the time to deliver those reasons packed inside some nice surprising package that puts a smile on our faces. Because this is, what it’s actually all about: Surprise. Why are you guys so damn scared to come up with surprises? Why is everything we really can expect from a new Nintendo console not more that New Mario, New Zelda, New Smash Bros, New Mario Kart etc?
    I don’t ask you to do one thing or o another but to do both. Stick to your traditional franchises while introducing new experiences. And if you claim that you’re already doing that, take a minute, take a breath, take a few steps back and tell me you really are so sure about this, as the past 1,5 years prove different.

    The only thing I really wanna see at that upcoming E3 (actually I don’t even mind if that happens at E3 or at any other point in near future) is something really surprisingly great. Anything. The past years being a Nintendo Fan felt like living in some retirement home. every day, week, month, year stuff I might have already expected. Sure, there were some glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel. X and Bayonetta for example. But about 2 years after their reveal, they remain glimpses of light at the end of a tunnel. So, show me the light, my eyes are wide open and my expectations on your performance at an all-time-low. It has never been so easy to please me. If you still manage to fail, then I might really getting pessimistic after all.

  • satoru iwata

    hello everyone today i can confirm our first new title we can only give a name and its a new i.p and its called wii jizz on U

  • satoru iwata

    WE WILL ALSO GIVE DLC please understand that we will only give dlc to our shitty games and not the ones that people want it for so to pay for this our next direct will be FULL OF DISSAPOINTMENT please understand

  • Petri

    Bayonetta 2 release date…
    Then more games announced.

  • PachterStation

    Wave Race for the Wii U has been at the top of my list for years. And one franchise that’s not been milked by Nintendo, Pilotwings for the Wii U. Stunt Race FX 2. F-Zero GX with all the AX tracks, but not if it’s full price. A new F-Zero is pushing the boat out.

  • LordiMcKill

    My body is ready Nintendo, i just hope your’s is too.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    X!!! 2014 release date please 🙂
    Bayonetta 2 release date
    Watch Dogs release date fast!
    SMT X FE
    Yarn Yoshi
    Hyrule Warriors
    Fatal Frame info
    more crossover games

    As for new announcements:
    Zelda Wii U – Hopefully a bigger, more grown up style one but Zelda is Zelda, it’ll be great whatever they show 😀
    Metroid – probably not by retro 🙁 but as long as it’s good.
    A new IP or 2 two – and they’d better be something special not 2D sidescroller 1,000.
    Starfox please!!!!! Platinum can do it if Nintendo can’t be bothered.
    And Eternal Darkness 2 😀

    And if we’re really unbelievably lucky

    Retro Studios project 😀

  • Kev

    You want to tear the roof off E3? Give Nintendo fans a brand new HD Zelda U with gameplay footage, a title name and a 2014 release date. Give Monolith Soft X a proper name and release date. Those are the 2 things I want the most.

  • Nintendo, this time DO NOT CANCEL your presence @ E3! NDirect’s are not enough. You need all the marketing & positive signs you can get – to get back on the top. OK?

    • Christian Schoff

      You are way late on that dude. They have a booth just like last year.

  • Denvy

    What I’d like to see at E3 is GAMES! Not games and trailers of ones we’ve known about, but NEW! Things we had no clue were coming. You can only take so much of trailers and “new” information on well known plans.

  • Aleksandar Antonijevic

    I want to see Project X. And monster hunter 4 for wii u !, smash bros, and zelda u

  • palomino blue

    Hyrule Warriors release date, Pokemon ANYTHING for Wii U, New IP, X.

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    My list:

    Zelda WIi U

    Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland 2

    Metroid Prime 4

    X (monolith)

    Miyamoto IP and the new NFC game announcements

    Pokemon MMORPG

    Majora’s Mask HD

    F-Zero Wii U

    Smash Bros

    Yarn Yoshi


    SMT X Fire Emblem

    Star Fox Wii U

    The Walking Dead by telltale games collection on the Wii U making use of the touchscreen

    Assassin’s Creed Collection including AC1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations and Liberation HD

    GTA V Wii U

    Darksiders 3 (also Wii U)

    Animal Crossing Wii U

  • The Clockwork Being

    E3 FLOOR PLAN REVEALED!!!! Nintendo has rented out the biggest space!

    • Christian Schoff

      Clockwork you can’t talk trash about fanboys because you are one too. *cotinues playing Chronicles on Wii U*

  • Christian Schoff

    I’d like to see any Kingdom Hearts game for Wii U.

  • Magnus Gonzalez

    It won’t matter. the Wii U sucks right now. Only Star Fox and Metroid (conveniently the very last games to be expected to be announced/revealed) would interest me enough to buy. I’ll be busy playing my PS4 and enjoying the one game for it. Crap..did I sign in as Magnus?..meant to use Daniel…balls

    • Christian Schoff

      This PSA brought to you by someone who thinks we care.

      • Magnus Gonzalez

        you must be new

  • WarioForever

    “I, for one, would die to see a new mature Zelda title revealed. It’s not that I didn’t love the return to the playful, beautiful art style of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS, it’s just that I didn’t get nearly enough of the “grown up” version of this series known as Twilight Princess.”

    That’s the spirit!!! I want it too.

    • Purple

      I figured you’d say you’d die to see a ….. wait for it…. ” WARIO WORLD 2″

      • WarioForever

        O_O, Wario World 2? OFCOURSE! (but right now, the hype goes to Zelda, but you got the point!)

  • asdfg

    I really want a mature, complex Zelda game.

  • What do I want to see? Fils-a-Mech

  • thomas stevenson

    If nintendo shows they are currently working on star fox and metroid the wiiu will be in a good position.

  • J_Joestar

    More surprise crossover titles?
    (and more details on the ones already announced)

  • I want it all. Anything, and everything necessary to catapult the Wii U to success.

  • Dampf

    I want to see: Zelda U in a more “mature” style (similar to Majoras Mask, OoT and TP), Metroid FPS for Wii U, FZero and a new core IP.

  • gerome

    i just want to see the legend of zelda; sharted nightmare.

  • Pokémon Fan

    I would like…

    Super Smash Bros

    Legend of Zelda Major as mask remake

    New(er) Super Mario Bros

    Super Mario Galaxy U

    Some Kirby game

    Epic Mickey

    Mario Strikers

    Pokémon arena game

    Nintendo employees not drunk!

  • Potemkin

    Hmmm….for sequels:

    Eternal Darkness
    Mario Sunshine (remake)
    Golden Sun
    Mother/ Earthbound
    Star Fox

    For new ip’s: everything is welcomed, as long as it isn’t focused on younger audiences.

  • Brandon

    Far cry 4

    • domahman

      It’ll be a far cry to see it.

      • Purple

        ha! that’d be cool if Far Cry came to the Wii U. lol

  • domahman

    I want to see wiiu in red color…that is all I’m expecting of Nintendo.

  • FreezeToLife

    I want Zelda U, SSB, Monolith Soft’s X, New IP from Miyamoto, New 3rd party game…. Please and thank you!

  • Shaise

    Oh my goodness. It’s surprising to see those words said again, “E3 is around the corner”. I only noticed then, it is, it’s May. E3 is only a month away. Damn….E3 2013 felt like yesterday. And now E3 2014 is how they say “around the corner” AGAIN! I’m actually excited to see what they have to announce for PS4, Xbox One and this time Wii U.

  • Allvalve

    F-Zero: I’d settle for an HD remake of GX, but a new game would be great, I see no reason not to let Sega do the honours again.

    Starfox: Please Nintendo, farm it out if you have too (I doubt this will happen)

    Generations game packs for £25, bundling old classics, maybe udgraded to HD:

    Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s mansion

    Mariokart collection: SNES, N64, Cube and Wii editions suitably overhauled. This could be a good money spinner off the back of MarioKart 8 hype.

    Starfox collection: As above but throw in Starfox 2. Could be a good toe in the water for Nintendo to assess the viability of a new game.

    A bit left field, but I think a Stunt Race FX game would be a great showcase for Wii U Hardware.

    • Brandon

      except sega did not make that amusement vision did. sega now would just screw up!

  • Tomek

    Dragon Ball 😀

  • Darin

    With the PS4 and Xbox One having issues hitting 1080p/60fps on a lot of their games, I hope to see Nintendo not only introduce a slew of new games but also announce that each one will be in buttery smooth 1080p/60fps to silence all of the naysayers.

  • Pokémon Fan

    Philips is evil!

  • Elvis Hayes

    i realy want to see demo of smash bros for both wii u and 3ds with victory themes and poses

  • Christian Schoff

    Just how many times are you going to reiterate the debunked rumor that Nintendo would announce new hardware?

  • Decker Shado

    What I want… a good direct, with exciting enough things, things out of left field, a genuinely enjoyable experience… then, right when it’s about to end. “We have one more thing to show you.”

    Cranky Kong slowly walks out onto a stage, smacks the ground with his cane, the place explodes in pyrotechnics, and Zelda U is shown in all it’s glory.

  • beez1717

    How about you actually show us some 3rd party games that are going to be exclusive and that every gamer wants. What about showing us why the tablet is better than better graphics. How about you show Project CARS running on the Wii U? How about you listen to us for once?

  • CommanderBlue

    I can’t be the only one who wants an open world spectrobes game.