May 5th, 2013

Wii U E3 2013Late last month, Nintendo announced some surprising news: they will not have a huge E3 press conference the way they did for many previous years. There will be no big event, no sizzle, no hype. Just smaller, focused events via Nintendo Direct that are just as effective, according to Nintendo.

Shortly after we proclaimed that E3 2013 will be the most important for Nintendo ever, the company announced that they won’t even have a press conference. Bummer.

What Nintendo apparently fails to understand is that the annual E3 press conference is much more than just announcing some games and sales figures. The E3 press conference is the one time where a gaming company (Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony) takes center stage and shows us why they’re the best, why we should buy their consoles. It’s the best place to create hype and anticipation about games and consoles.

Game publishers spend millions on fancy E3 booths to showcase their games, even though only a few thousand people will get to see it. It may seem like a waste of money, but a big E3 presence creates hype and anticipation about the games.

Nintendo Wii U E3 2013You can bet that Microsoft and Sony will have huge press conferences filled with thousands of people, and that’s because it’s more than just a press conference — it’s a huge event meant to showcase the latest and greatest.

By not having a large press conference, Nintendo is effectively saying that they aren’t in the same league as Microsoft and Sony.

Even if Nintendo is technically right and that smaller online events might be better at sending a specific message to the core Nintendo gamers, a big event will no doubt gather more press and hype. The E3 press conference is the one time where the entire gaming world is watching, and Nintendo is now chickening out. That’s right, chickening out. There’s no other way to put it.

The gaming and general press isn’t going to hurry up to write about a Nintendo Direct video. The only folks who watch those are Nintendo fans — the general gamers don’t.

Nintendo needs a big E3 conference to let everyone know they’re still in the game. That they’re still in the mix, that they’re still top dogs.

Nintendo E3 2013This is the time for Nintendo to up the ante and tell the world why the Wii U is an awesome next gen console. The company is seemingly making every single wrong mistake they can make with the Wii U.

All is not lost though, as there are some things to look forward to: Nintendo is still one of the best game-makers in the world, and the Wii U will be getting a ton of great games over the next year and a half.

Be sure to also check out the top 10 Wii U games we’re looking forward to at E3 2013.

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  • CharmanderRulz

    They will still be at E3 if people see this as suggesting otherwise.

    • Levi Johansen

      Of course they will, just no big conference. No to many see those conferences anyway, they hear about the games in the news.

      Nintendo will host smaller conferences with only news reporters and live demos – this will make for more news about Nintendo games with first hand experience by the journalists.

      I think this will turn out for the better and Sony and Microsoft will replicate next year.

      • CharmanderRulz

        I know they will (I did just say that) but quotes like “skipping the big E3 press event,” “Just smaller, focused events via Nintendo Direct” “they won’t even have a press conference” without even saying about them doing smaller E3 shows could make people think otherwise. I had not said that E3’s are good or bad as that’s just an option. I would say logically using only facts or commonly agreed knowledge Nintendo are trying to expand the Wii U instal base and not only dose E3 have more viewers (both online and at the event) but it will be shown to more console fan bases unlike know previous Nintendo only events (like directs) have little diversity from the Nintendo fan base being viewers.

    • John Andalora

      They’ll be at E3, but they won’t have a big presentation at E3 like they should.

  • pfff

    So now trolls are already writing articles here!?
    looking forward to knowledgewhatsup’s articles then -.-

    • THIZZLER209

      Not trolls just being honest.

  • LopsidedPasta

    I somewhat disagree with this article, but I also agree with a lot of it as well. I think that lessening your appearance at e3 is a good idea at this point, given the popularity of Nintendo Directs, but I do think this was a TERRIBLE year to do it. With a lot of PS4 and 720 info at this year’s e3, Nintendo should be saying, “look what we have to offer! Stick with us!” Instead, they are giving the spotlight to the more technologically advanced consoles. Again, good idea, piss-poor timing.

  • fgggd

    “they way they”
    “the way they”

  • discuss

    If Sony and Microsoft make a big show at the E3 while Nintendo mostly ignores it then it will seem like Nintendo has thrown in the towel.

    I 100% agree on ” The company is seemingly making every single wrong mistake they can make with the Wii U.”.

    • Silent

      Then Nintendo will be doomed blahblahblah…

      • The Clockwork Being

        Evey console they have been making was THEIR LAST CONSOLE. But yet we keep on seeing that innovation wins in the end(Wii secnario)

        • discuss

          Hej people with pink glasses on! I never said the Nintendo would die. I just agree that not making a big appearance on E3 is a mistake and that they made many mistakes in the Wii U launch. I don’t need to defend myself as sale numbers speak for themselves.

          • TheFarmboy

            I think you used a wee bit too much glue for your jade glasses.

  • TheImaj

    Shame. Wii U daily I read your articles less and less because of this. Dont you realize that Nintendo already has plenty of press because of the e3 announcement. And any major company knows, any press is good press. You now have people reading about you. Watching your every move. Gaining awareness without realizing it. Now all they have to do is talk about those 10 first party titles in some Nintendo directs. Show up at e3 with a small booth. And people will flock no matter what. How long have you been doing this, Wii U Daily? How long has Nintendo been doing this. Just sit back and enjoy the genius behind one of the most innovative companies of our time. Also..stop writing dumb articles. Have faith you idiot.

    • Mario

      Okay… First of all, you’re right about what you’re saying. Second, what’s with the creepy picture?

      • TheImaj

        Like it? This is what I wear when I’m having a good day. You should see my bad days.

        • Laud

          I sent them this article yesterday and they still haven’t written an article on it.

          Check it out guys.

        • Nintedward

          Your mask reminds me of gansgters in Manchester. They wear scary masks all the time with a hood up like that.

          • TheImaj

            Really? I just came back from being an extra in a film called “Gangsters in Manchester”!
            ^^This isn’t true in the slightest.

          • Lusunup

            I like the way you dress! HARDSTYLE For life!:D

          • Nintedward

            I live in Manchester all my life. And i’ve seen them looking EXACTLY like your profile pic. It’s not common for them to wear shit like that , but it just reminded me of seeing them like that.

        • Mario


          • TheImaj


    • Bloop

      Agreed. Besides they have shown that their Nintendo Directs create JUST AS MUCH hype if not more. So why not use that to their advantage. They don’t need to waste time with a conference showing off things that we already know have been annouced. They just gotta show em. A small booth/conference and nintendo directs will do just that. Nintendo may take their time, but when push comes to shove they get shit done.

      • LopsidedPasta

        “their Nintendo Directs create JUST AS MUCH hype if not more.” Ok, are you out of your mind? While I agree e3 is falling in terms of importance, you can not seriously believe that an online showcase for a half hour is seen by more people and is more influential than e-freaking-3. E3 is when journalists, developers, fans, reporters, and everyone else with even a slight connection to gaming, converge into a single plaza. This is still the biggest gaming event of the year, and now is not the time to rely solely on online communication.

        • Cerus98

          Definitely NOT the biggest gaming event of the year, not even close. That title goes to Blizzcon.

          • LopsidedPasta

            Do Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony even attend those? I don’t think they do. Honestly, I’ve never even heard of it before, but from what I just looked up, it’s mainly focused on PC games. And there wasn’t even a blizzcon last year. It doesn’t seem too important…

          • Cerus98

            You said “biggest gaming event” not MS/SonyNintendo. There was no 2012 Blizzcon due to a hectic schedule with their games. 2011 had a physical attendance of 26,000. Tickets are over $100 and sell out within minutes. Fans come from all over the world. Plus the past several years have offered paid web streaming and PPV via Directv. Attendance has increased every year since its inception. That is for a convention for THREE games.

          • LopsidedPasta

            This is a ‘forum’ of sorts for consoles. Of course I’m not talking about pc stuff.

        • Actually, the E3 is dying, slowly. There was a time when the E3 was the most important event in the gaming year, but not anymore.

          • NkoSekirei

            yep and dont get me started on video game awards that air on spike that show sucks cause only celebs can vote and not the gamers which i find it biased

        • Wayne Beck

          I’m sorry, but your just wrong. The Most important people, the fans, aren’t allowed to go to E3 anymore. You are required to be actively working in the industry to get in.

          The Developers that attend E3 are the big boys. The ones who know what the Wii U is and what it can do. No press conference is going to sway them. All of their employees are just as much in the know, but really have no say in what platforms they Develop for. The studios Nintendo needs to target are the ones that cannot afford a pressence at e3.

          As far as the press is concerned, E3 gets Nintendo a single article from most publishers. Those articles typically mention the good in passing and continue to harp on everything they didn’t like for the rest of the write-up. The same thing happens for Sony and Microsoft.

          Nintendo directs have prooven to grab the world attention. Most game publications end up writing a Lead up article, content coverage and a post presentation review, triple coverage. When Nintendo moves a head with a series of presentations, the sheer number of articles will simplly push their name into the headlines.

          E3 presentations tend to lag, a lot. If you watch any metered streams, you will see interest constantly flatlined with random spikes. By splitting up the information Nintendo can avoid this problem and grip people with the substance.

          Most importantly, Nintendo will get to make use of the political tactic known as bracketing. E3 will open on the high of Nintendos first Direct. Sony will sweep in to steal the Spotlight, but just when the world starts talking about PS4, Nintendo drops the Next Direct, stealing back the spotlight. Then it’s Microsofts turn, but again Nintendo follows up with a Direct pulling the focus back yet again. Then to really round things out Nintendo continues to realease more presentations through the rest of the week.

          By timing the announcement of big names and new IPs, Nintendo can effectively mute the competition by simplly over loading the press with a constant stream of information.

          • The Clockwork Being

            Genius. People need to learn that doing everything at E3 isnt the right thing

          • Bloop

            Exactly. A much more detailed explanation of what I was saying and in my response. E3 blows. Nintendo Directs WTF. Besides how do you not get super hyped when out of no where Nintendo is like “BLAM WE GOT A NINTENDO DIRECT TOMORROW WITH A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT BE THERE OR READ ABOUT IT AFTER/WATCH A REPLAY”. Always gets me hyped.

          • Every ND feels like a mini E3 conference, and we’re getting 1-3 a month.

            The doubters should think of it like sex. Women have just as much fun, if not more, having multiple (but smaller) orgasms vs just the one that guys have.

            I guess the big N just read a Kama Sutra…

          • RoadyMike

            Haha,that was the best analogy I’ve seen so far this year

          • thedeciderU

            maybe someone asked this, but without E3, how is nintendo supposed to lure/inform non-nintendo console owning gamers about the wii u and it’s exciting new games and features and plans? isn’t E3 just as much focused on recruiting the everyman/other console gamers into buying their products? with nintendo directs as the only way of informing people, they are throwing away a golden opportunity to blow away people that would potentially buy a wii u, that are NOT die-hard nintendo fans.

            i don’t agree with the angle in this article, but i have wondered how nintendo plans on selling wii u consoles to non-nintendo fans. i feel the reach with the nintendo directs is quite limited.

            am i way off on this?

          • DragonSilths

            Even people like IGN and such do YouTube videos about Nintendo Directs. Word of mouth as well as popular youtubers like Tobuscus and such who have thousands or Nintendo fans will get the word out. People will hear the info in 1 way or another. E3 wasn’t around back in the NES days yet Nintendo went to each store personally lol. So 1 way to reach people is gone its replaced with Twitter.

          • Bloop

            E3 gets the information out there on a larger platform. Nintendo will still be there though just not in the huge conference that we are used to. They said they will be having 1 or more smaller conferences targeted directly the the North American demographic. They will also have a booth and their big first party titles have either been confirmed to be playable (Super Smash Bros) or have been rumored and are mostly likely to be playable (Mario Kart and the 3D Super Mario U game (obviously not the games name)). I wouldn’t say you are way off, but good marketing on TV and in stores is better for the everyman gamer. Most “gamer gamers” visit at least one gaming site and the reason I say the Nintendo Directs can create hype and buzz similar to E3 is because even though not as many people watch the Nintendo Directs directly, they still get the information from some other source, which is most important. The Nintendo Directs are a cheap way to get across this information so that combined with their E3 prescence (without the huge conference) should be more than enough to get their information.

          • fireheartis1

            There will be major advertising on TV for Wii U leading up to E3, so expect to see it this month. Plus non-Nintendo fans watch Nintendo directs( even if it’s just to talk crap about Nintendo). I think the smaller conferences coupled with the advertisements and the Nintendo directs will give some major hype for the Wii U. It’s funny how people forget that Iwata has stated they will advertise the Wii U, but they don’t forget about the smaller conferences and Nintendo Directs and act all confused.

          • LopsidedPasta

            Ok. I do see what you’re saying to a degree. I’m not going to be a stubborn mule about this. HOWEVER, the 720 and especially the PS4 are going to be seen as much bigger news then the next Mario Kart will be. 2 of the 3 companies unveiling their 8th generation consoles (specs, prices, and such), thats big news. A game won’t be able to ‘bracket’ a console. At least not fully. (And yes, I know that Nintendo has multiple titles ready).

          • Scorpion[MG]

            my friend, nintendo directs now make the 3ds games sell like water, you just need to wait 😀

          • Anthony K Aurelia

            So they should be free? i would say more like Vodka in Russia, lol.

          • D.M.T

            Water is not free…at least not in a lot of countries

          • Unless you’re drinking from a well, clean water is not free.

          • Anthony K Aurelia

            / It should be… / in Florida…most of us have wells.

          • Richard Yates

            wells disease?

          • Wayne Beck

            The way I see it, the PS4 has already been unveiled. The only thing they have left to do is show the Box. There won’t be as much hype for it going in to the conference. Microsoft is set to announce later this month, so they will probably be on a high. That assumes they don’t blow it of course.

            While this year will be the first sighting of the actual hardware, everyone already knows or will know what they can do. This E3 will come down to one thing. Games.

          • steinhauershawn

            you mean the X- “Box”

          • Arthur Jarret

            Actually, it’s going to be called X-Boxers. The first console you’ll wear. The always online function involves damaging shrinking will occur if you ever try to take it off or don’t pay your subscription…

          • Bloop

            That’s the point. A new console is bigger news than Mario Kart. So there is no need for Nintendo to do a conference. For further reasons explained in other comments lol.

          • Erik

            Exactly. It’s too bad the author of the article failed to realize this before making himself look like an idiot.

          • NkoSekirei

            i agree

          • Bob

            Well there’s a thing called TV, and thats what Businesses use to create hype. You said the fans arent allowed to go to e3 anymore, well, people watch it on TV. And now they will be to busy showing MS and Sony’s conferences to show a “Ninteno Direct”. That means no bracketing or stealing the spotlight. While more people will focus on other confereces, hopefully Nintendo will still target people who watch N.D. but are on the fence.

        • Bloop

          I never said that the Nintendo Directs are seen by as many people as E3. But, as soon as Nintendo does one of their Nintendo Directs its spread like wildfire across gaming sites thus creating that hype. Its the same idea as E3. And to your last point again I never said they would rely entirely on online or Nintendo Directs. They can continue to use their Nintendo Directs AS WELL AS use the small booths/small conference at E3 to push their products. They are announcing/showing off new consoles like Microsoft and Sony as theirs is already out they just need to show the games. A small conference and Nintendo Directs will do just the same as a long, lengthy conference at E3 which most people just read recaps of anyway. So no, I am completely in my mind (and loving every second of it) :D.

          • LopsidedPasta

            More people generally equates to more hype. Not very many XBOX fans have been pulled to Nintendo by Nintendo directs. Those are dedicated to people like US. The big Nintendo fans.

          • Bloop

            Yes, but most people don’t attend E3 so they would get their info from the internet, just like with Nintendo Directs. Every gaming website that reports on E3 would report on Nintendo Directs. However, with E3 there is also the news from Microsoft and Sony, while most Nintendo Directs get the main spotlight as there is usually nothing else going on. Plus, Nintendo usually doesn’t have to pull XBOX or Playstation fans. The general public just needs to know there is a difference between Wii U and Wii (and that they can use all their Wii stuff on the Wii U) and they will buy it, and hardcores (the ones that havent bought yet) just need the games, which are coming. E3 has been a terribly drawn out and boring event for years anyway that ends up being a big dissappointment. And again, its not like they arent at E3. They just aren’t doing the big drawn out conference that takes hours to get out information that could be done in 30 minutes. At the end of the day, who really wants a long drawn out conference.

        • NkoSekirei

          let me say e3 hasnt been doing so well lately cause some past e3s sucked and being costly to set everything up

        • fireheartis1

          Nintendo is having a press conference still bro. It’s just not going to be a huge one hour one. That’s were you people need to learn this. Showing off all the games to the press and not worrying about how to fit it in one hour is genius. Nintendo can show off more games to the press in their closed door conference than they can with an hour of content. Plus Iwata has already stated they will be doing major advertising of the Wii U on TV leading up to E3. This is pure genius major advertising, smaller events to show off all their games to retailer and press, and Nintendo directs to show the gaming community what they have. It’s way better than an hour conference at E3.

      • TheImaj


      • Billy_Perry

        The Nintendo Directs do not create more hype, they don’t create anywhere near the same level of hype. You feel that they do because you are the kind of person (like me) that watches the Nintendo Direct, and people’s reactions online. The general public however know more about E3 than they do about Nintendo Directs. Isn’t E3 televised, Nintendo Directs aren’t.

        • NkoSekirei

          doesnt matter dude mostly everyone is on the internet looking at game sites for information on wats coming out or coming down the pipeline so basicly nintendo is catering to the gamers online to attract more gamers to the wiii u which i thinks its a good idea

        • Bloop

          I don’t think E3 is televised. Plus the general public (as in anyone not into gaming hardcore) would know just as little about E3 as they do Nintendo Directs (as Nintendo Directs are on the consoles themselves). E3 isn’t that huge an event outside the gaming world. Nintendo Directs are reported on by just about (if not every) gaming website, as well as being on their own consoles, so people would get just as much as coverage.

          • Billy_Perry

            Last year, the Nintendo 2012 conference was televised on MTV2. Trust, a lot more people know of/ hear about E3 than the Nintendo Directs. I know people who are really into their gaming, more so than I am, that haven’t heard about Nintendo Directs. It is only the Nintendo guys or the really hardcore guys that know about Nintendo Direct. The audience is no where near that big.

          • Bloop

            Oh ok cool I didn’t know it was televised (you learn something new everyday). Yeah there are definately more people in the gaming world that know about E3 than Nintendo Directs, but a lot of the “casuals” don’t know about E3. A lot of Nintendo Direct “viewers” are not people who watch them or maybe even know them, but they still get the news from gaming sites which is most important (and the Directs are cost effective). Again, I have never said that Nintendo should skip E3 entirely (nor are they), but this year and maybe going forward (that is an entirely other debate) the typically long conference just isn’t necessary.

          • val berger

            casuals won’t be watching directs as they are totally targeted at console owners. they aren’t supposed to acquire new customers but to let their fans feel better about the products they already own. sure, there might be some casuals watching them out of curiosity, but that’s not a real target group.

          • Bloop

            I addressed the casuals not watching in another reply to you, but I will say it again here anyway. The most important thing is that the informations gets out there which it does and everyone reports about Nintendo Directs after so you don’t have to watch them. In fact I usually miss them, get my info off a site like IGN or here on wiiudaily and then go back and watch the Direct just to see the footage. And as my post that this comment of yours specifically replys too. They are still at E3. I never said nor thought they shoud skip it entirely. They will still have some little form of conference (whether it is watchable or not has yet to be revealed I believe but the info will still be reported) and by making their games playable. That still gets them their E3 prescence/buzz without a long drawn out and boring conference that all 3 companies have been giving these last few years. The nintendo directs fill in the gaps and give further information in the months after E3.

        • Agent X

          E3 has had 16yrs head start b4 Nintendo Direct. Give it time other companys will follow suit..(“Mircrosoft for all” and Sony Direct) Sony doesnt usually think of new stuffz they just copy nintendo

          • val berger

            true that. I actually own a PS3 and still I gotta say, everything that isn’t stolen from other companies is just totally crappy executed. they just aren’t as original.

      • NkoSekirei

        im glad nintendo is taking a new direction by having nintendo directs and giving more information wats coming out and coming soon im not too worried about nintendo not at e3 and i think they wanna focus getting games out on time and polish so we dont have to deal with rush games

      • val berger

        The Nintendo Directs don’t create shit. They are a realy good and innovative tool to adress their audience, yes. They may strenghten the fanbase. indeed. but does anyone who’s not from the core Nintendo audience really watch them? of course not. Nintendo Directs don’t sell systems. They are only hyping fans who are already hyped as hell.

        • Bloop

          I don’t where the comment is specifically, but the point is that not everyone HAS to actually watch the Nintendo Directs. I haven’t said that more people watch the Directs than E3. But there are always articles that spread like wildfire across gaming sites like ign, gamespot, dtoid, kotaku, just to name a few. That has been my point.

    • LopsidedPasta

      You realize that you are using Wiiudaily to complain about Wiiudaily, along with everyone who liked your comment. The irony.

      • TheImaj

        Of course. Are you the type that talks behind people’s back? Not me. I believe in telling people who are screwing up about their screw ups. Try it. Where else should I complain about wii u daily? IGN? Don’t be dumb.

        • LopsidedPasta

          talking behind peoples back? Dude, this is a website. You were talking about a group of people. You commenting on here about how you’re fed up with wiiudaily is like me posting a Youtube video about why youtube sucks. It’s retarded. Why would I talk about a website “Behind their back”? That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

          • TheImaj

            Lol. Did I strike a nerve? Relax bud. If you’re able to, count to 10. Or try going outside and counting blades of grass. It helps. No one said they were “fed up” with Wii U Daily. Read my post again genius. Also, has YouTube given their opinion on anything that you disagree with? If so why not tell them what you think about them on THEIR site so THEY can see it? Not sure where you live but in America that’s not only allowed but encouraged.
            Wii U Daily SEEMED to be a neutral source of information about the Wii U/Nintendo. How long have you been reading the articles? Then all of a sudden there has been a turn. Less and less newsworthy articles. More “troll bait” articles. I’m assuming this is for more readers or clicks. I could be wrong. I could be right. If I’m right, they would like to get more clicks to make more money from their advertisers. Make sense? Good.
            Anyway stop defending them. If you have been an avid reader of theirs, they don’t care about you. Also, anything to say on the actual E3 subject of my post? Let’s get those brain cells going, shall we? 😉

          • LopsidedPasta

            1) No nerve struck. I don’t talk about people behind their back, and even if I did, I’m not going to get my feelings hurt by a faceless person on the internet.
            2) “Wii U daily I read your articles less and less because of this.” and “Have faith you idiots.” You all but said “I’m getting fed up with you”. Please.

            3) I also live in America. I’m not saying “Don’t voice your opinion.” That’s what we’re all doing right now. I’m saying that it’s hypocritical to be bashing a website that you are actively using. Make your own website if it’s such a huge deal to you.

            4) What articles about Nintendo have been “News worthy” recently that they haven’t already covered? I’m sure when E3 rolls around, It will be nothing but great news and smiles on Wiiudaily. But right now Nintendo is in a slump.

            5) I have openly disagreed with wiiudaily many times on this site. In fact, I did it on this very article already. Read my posts before arguing with me. Common sense.

          • TheImaj

            1. No feelings hurt. Just openly disagreeing with the article and the why it SEEMS like it was written.

            2. If I “all but said” it. Then I didn’t say it. How well did you do in your reading comprehension classes? If I was “fed up” I wouldn’t comment at all.

            3. Hypocritical? Didn’t reply to MY post to complain about ME? You were just giving your opinion, right? That’s what I was/am doing with Wii U Daily.

            4. Are you kidding? How about the Eternal Darkness sequel? +10 for me. Minus the rest of your points.

            5. Of course I read your posts. I’m not arguing about what your posts say. I’m simply pointing out that it was idiotic to write an article like this. Keep in mind that this is the same author who posted the “Sniper rifle vs. Wii U” article. What’s the point in that? I’ll tell you. Clicks. Views. It’s common sense, right?

          • Zorlac79


            I agree in that I am annoyed in the recent posts being very degraded and superfluous.

            That doesn’t mean I have given up on them or lost faith.

          • LopsidedPasta

            Oh we’re keeping score now are we? Well, since the Masters recently finished, let’s do this golf score style:). Dude, no matter how we cut it, you can’t convince me, and I can’t convince you. Let’s just handle this like adults and end the bickering.

          • TheImaj


    • TheKnutMan

      Nice comment Thelmaj!

      I have to say, I’m also thinking, Nintendo, what the hell are you doing? But besides that I think, Nintendo is an awesome company, they’ve been doing this for a long time, they must have a good reason and a good strategy in mind. Maybe you’re right Thelmaj. Being the best sometimes means standing out from the crowd and Nintendo is definitely doing that right now. As always 😉

    • The Clockwork Being

      (Looks at the author) oh its the same for every dumb article.(most of time)

    • LopsidedPasta

      OMG guys! knowledgeiswhatsup isn’t commenting on here! Did I just hear a flying pig???

    • Zorlac79

      I can’t agree with you enough. I have been visiting this place less and less; I am starting to think that one of the fanboy trolls took over to push doom n gloom articles!
      I am sure that Nintendo “fails to realise the importance of E3” because they are a brand new company and are not familiar with the term “marketing strategy”!
      And I have to say that the average consumer doesn’t even know what E3 even is! Mainly people around the business and hardcore gamers, but not the average consumer or most parents, the ones who actually buy the majority of the systems.

      • TheImaj


      • How about fair and balanced instead of doom and gloom? This may be a fan site but it is not a propaganda site! If all people told Wii U owners was good news, then you would still think that your system had a future.

        • Zorlac79

          What was that? I thought I heard something, it sounded like a fart. Smelt like it too.

        • Don’t you have a closet to go back to hiding in?

          • The way that you keep harassing me, it looks as if you want me in a closet for your own sick purposes.

          • Awww, the Wii U Daily resident troll is sensitive to harassment. If you don’t like it, fuck off and go play your Xbro 3 Shitty, dull, grey, FPS with all the other retarded children.

    • Scorpion[MG]

      i was gonna say this, is this the only shit that this site cares about? this is why i go read my articles on nintendolife . com and nintendoenthusiast . com

    • Nintedward

      This^ . Nintendo not in the same league as Sony and Microsoft…. lol. I suppose he’s right , Nintendo is in a league of its own.
      Highest selling Software and hardware ever and the highest rated games ever. Facts are facts.

      I mean seriously…….. WHO thinks the reason Nintendo is ”shaking things up” this E3 means that they are scared ? What you think Nintendo is just saying ”Fuck it , we give up?”. LMAO , no.

      They are simply doing things differently. This years E3 will be a head to head between 2 new consoles. Meanwhile Nintendo is Using directs and the Showlfloor and smaller events to try and do something differently.

      And cmon Kinsley. The 3DS is the fastest selling gaming hardware ever. no platform had ever sold more than 31 million in 2 years. So they are in controll of the fastest selling hardware ever. They have nothing to be scared of .

      • You guys can keep fooling yourselves and BSing about Nintendo being on top when the 80’s are long over.

        • Landiien

          Right. So Wii didn’t outsell PS3 and 360, 3DS isn’t outselling Vita, and Wii U hasn’t sold more units than PS3 and 360 did during their launch windows, combined.

          YOU can keep BSing about Nintendo NOT being on top.

          • If Nintendo were on top, it would have all of the 3rd party publishers on their jock as they did with the NES and SNES. 3rd parties are high tailing it out of town. For (hopefully) the last time – the Wii was a NOVELTY item! Novelty items always sell well but they only sell well ONCE, as we are learning from the Wii U’s lack of sales.

            If you want to do real math, the Wii was outsold by both the 360 and PS3 which means that more people did not choose Nintendo. The Wii as a novelty item shows itself when not even 1/4 of Wii owners bought the Wii U.

          • jay

            damn “playa” you just got DESTROYED.

            Oh and welcome to the 2000’s!!

          • tronic307

            You always give a different reason why the Wii U isn’t selling too well. That smacks of pure BS. You can’t even make up your mind, yet you’re desperate for people to listen.

            And WTF is wrong with novelty items? Nintendo has been selling them since 1886.

            Listen up: No matter how poorly the Wii U sells, Nintendo will profit while the others bleed BILLIONS!

            The only thing that will keep Microsoft and Sony from going into the red until 2016-17 would be cellphone-like contracts. What do you think #AlwaysOn is about? Your console won’t work if you don’t pay your bill!

          • I don’t give different reasons why the Wii U is not selling, I give the same reasons! I am not desperate for people to listen, but people like you are so desperate for people to not listen to me that you disinformation artists (AKA publicists, AKA professional liars) do nothing but lie and try to distort the facts to fit your lies. WHen caught out, all you do is name call.

            The Wii was the only novelty home console Nintendo sold. Like I wrote, novelty items can make a company money, but it is only good for as long as the fad lasts. This is one of the reason the Wii U is not selling – there is no fad with it. Nintendo did not cater to the real gaming crowd and miscalculated on the Wii’s audience devotion.

            I don’t which company profits as I am not profiting from any of them! Only agents of one of those companies cares.

          • DragonSilths

            3rd Party doesn’t define a successful system. 1st party games are what define a system not 3rd party. Which the Xbox 360 had the best of… 3rd party multiplts lol. A console CANT be a success with just 3rd party. 3rd party games are STRICTLY BONUSES.

          • You guys keep thinking that lies helps your cause. It is a FACT that 3rd party games make a system a success or causes it to go under.

            The NES had all of the 3rd parties while the Sega Master System mainly relied upon Sega’s games to survive. The SNES had massive 3rd party support and (I believe) more than the Genesis, but in that case Sega’s games tipped the scale for Sega.

            The Sega Saturn, 32X and Sega CD had poor 3rd party support and they went away quickly. The Dreamcast had 3rd party support, but no EA, which people wanted then. This paved the way for 2K to do it’s thing and make people forget about Madden or NBA Live as they were better.

            The N64 had horrible 3rd party support and the Playstation had it all like the NES had. That was the factor. The Gamecube – much of the same. The Wii – even less 3rd party support. The Wii U – hardly any. It is a done deal for the Wii U.

          • The Clockwork Being

            dont forget about the DS outselling the PSP and basically all their handheld destroying the competition

        • AWwriter

          Wait what was the best selling console last generation? I forget…seems you did, too.

          • It was clearly the 360. The Wii was a novelty item and it was not a last generation console, it was the generation before that (Gamecube) with a new controller. Giving an old machine a new name and dress does not change what it is, it just introduces a new generation of suckers to it. These people were fooled once but not twice!

          • AWwriter

            Haha, cute. I see what you did there.

            You can quibble about technology, but clearly this is about chronology.

            Of the console systems available to consumers during the lay seven years, clearly and definitively, Wii was the best selling console no matter how you cut it.

            Interestingly enough, I bet you and I agree more about the current Wii U fiasco than we disagree. That said, it still doesn’t make your statements here correct.

          • Calling people who bought Wiis suckers. Funny. Then what do you call all of the people who ran at and bought a second 360, a 3rd, a 4th, and so on all because of the RRoD? Hmmm…

        • They won the console race last gen, so as of now they are still on top.

          • And their software consistently outsells titles of other publishers and rank on top of the best video game charts year after year.

        • jay

          He has no life. So he spends countless hours trolling your favorite company.

          He is…. knowledgeiswhatsup

        • tronic307

          It’s ’80s not 80’s. 80’s means something belongs to 80. ’80s is actually a contraction. Do not becomes don’t, 1980s becomes ’80s.

          • You wrote all of that to be wrong. The NES was IN the 1980’s which of which the NES belong to that decade. Do you want to try being wrong again?

          • david jarman

            If Xbox is so great then why are you here wasting your time with people who don’t care what you have to say?
            You should “know” this by now, Mr. Knowledge.

          • fireheartis1

            No no his name is Ignoranceiswhatsup. He has no knowledge of anything gaming. I bet he doesn’t even really own a Xbox 360. He probably still has the original Xbox and calls it a 360 lol.

          • david jarman


          • I am here because I can be.

          • david jarman

            What a cheap answer.

          • tronic307

            No, just do some research BEFORE you open your mouth! 1980’s should be 1980s which is contracted to ’80s. Whatever. I heard Einstein was dyslexic, so at least you’re in good company.

          • david jarman

            The eighties were great! I wish we could go back to that decade!

      • TheImaj

        Good to see you chime in Nintedward.

        • Nintedward

          Thx , Thelmaj. Good to see you back in these comments sections. I remember seeing you here last year , months ago.

    • John Andalora

      1) Any press is not always good press. Press that shows problems and mistakes hurts credibility and reputations. Think of all the celebrity news you see and think of how you think of the celebrities after they do something stupid.
      2) Nintendo direct is only watched by those who already own Wii U. It doesn’t being in a new crowd.
      3) All companies make mistakes that are big failures. Need we remind you of Virtual Boy?

      • TheImaj

        1. Any press IS good press in entertainment. This is actually why a lot of celebrities do the things they do right before their movie comes out. Or right before their album comes out. As long as there are people looking at them, sales increase. Not saying this is why Nintendo is doing it, but there are a lot more people paying attention to the Wii U now than before.

        2. Terrible point. Go ask 10 random people on the street what E3 is. Come back and post here with the results. E3 creates awareness amongst people who are interested in gaming. It doesn’t bring a new crowd either. If Iwata did a 10 second Nintendo Direct saying “The new Zelda will be released on **insert date here**, then showed some 5 second teaser footage it would have the same effect in the media as if Nintendo did a $100,000 show saying the same thing. Why? Because they do press releases after the Nintendo Directs. The media will eat it up no matter what. So why do a big E3 presentation again?

        3. Smartest thing you’ve ever said. Of course companies make mistakes. How do you think some of them become great? It’s how they recover. Virtual boy sucked. Nintendo learned. And is still more innovative than any gaming company.

        • John Andalora

          1) Not really.

          Brittany Spears had terrible press for a long time, and her sales didn’t increase just because of it. in fact, people thought so little of her because of them.

          Same with Michael Jackson. Sales of his music didn’t increase just because of what he was doing.

          Lindsey Lohan didn’t see more credibility or increase in sales since she’s been stealing things.

          Bad press is bad press, and getting it doesn’t increase sales: It hurts credibility and turns people off.

          2) Who do you think a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE is going to appeal to? GAMERS!

          Nintendo Direct is only getting traffic from those who are hardcore Nintendo Fans. The casual market is still (for the most part) unsure of what the Wii U is or why they should buy it, and the Non-Nintendo market is still saving their money up for their PS4 or new Xbox. There are 3.5 million Wii U consoles out there and only 300,000 views for Nintendo Direct’s most watched youtube video. It seems like only a few people are watching them at all.

          Nintendo needs to show people why it’s number one in as many facets as possible. They’re a company that makes a 7.2 billion Yen profit ($72,698,400) and a 635.6 billion Yen Revenue ($6,417,653,200), and with good reason. However, they gotta show people in as many ways as they can. E3 is one of the biggest gaming journalism showcases in America, and holding any conference to show people how great their games would be over the other consoles would probably be a very rewarding venture. What’s $100,000 to advertise to everyone rather than $0 to a couple of diehards who already know what Nintendo says before they say it?

          3) What I’m saying is that they aren’t always geniuses. I’m saying that there’s a possibility that if Nintendo doesn’t shape up on this console, that it could prematurely fail and not be as good as it was raised to be. I’m saying that maybe this isn’t the “genius” that we all expect from Nintendo.

          • TheImaj

            1. First off.. you put Brittany and Lindsay in the same post as MJ. Epic fail. Second.. You’re wrong. The week MJ was accused of that “stuff”, the Thriller album sold 9000 more copies than the previous week. Any press is good press in entertainment.

            2. I’ll say it again. Press releases. Press doesn’t need to watch YouTube videos. The read the press releases and write on their own sites.

            3. We’ll have to wait and see. But something tells me they know what they’re doing.

          • John Andalora

            Lohan and Spear were famous in their time.
            As for your claim with Michael Jackson, you know what’s even better? The fact that he sold 750 million during his career.
            What really sells is wing amazing and selling something amazing. Here’s the perspective from a marketing network.

            2) So, like what about If Nintendo set up a press release at a time when the most publishers, gaming journalists, and developers all converge on the same spot in the biggest gaming event of America? A press release like that would REALLY help Nintendo’s marketing, and get the woe out for their console. Now if only there were an event like that…

            3) Who knows? But, it doen’t really look like Nintendo’s making the correct choices right now.

        • Zorlac79

          You keep nailing it on the head before I have the chance!

          Dude wants to use virtual boy advance as an example, what a moron!
          How about examples of failures, which all companies have by the way, that were catastrophic for the company?
          Doesn’t seem like that failure did Nintendo in too bad.
          Still BY FAR the most innovative company in gaming history!
          How many other gaming companies are still going stronger than ever after 30 years?
          They are still making consoles, arcades, games, etc.
          How bout ATARI? SEGA? Ummmm….. , let me think…..

          • John Andalora

            “Virtual Boy” was to show that not all companies do everything perfectly, and maybe that the Wii U isn’t the “genius” that we’d expect from Nintendo.

            You want other companies that have lasted a similar time frame as Nintendo? Try Electronic Arts, made in 1982 by Trip Hawkins.

            Or Activision? Founded in 1979 by co-Founders of Atari.

            No, they’re not making consoles now, but I certainly hope that we don’t judge the merits of a gaming company just on whether or not it makes some console.

            Every company makes mistakes, and frankly I wouldn’t say that what Nintendo’s done with the Wii U is “genius,” but rather just “good intentions, bad approach.”

            Also, I wouldn’t call remaking the same game over and over as “Innovative.” Innovative is when you make new games, like Nintendo did from the NES to GameCube Era. Most of what they got now is just an enhancement of the past games that they made.

    • Anubis

      In my opinion, not having a major confrence it’s a blessing in disguise. E3 is getting less important because the major news will already gets leaked almost the day before, thus ruining the whole point of having the expo.

    • juancaar

      People like you are the reason i never came back to this si te….. Too many fanboys that say… Fuck logic

      • TheImaj

        Really? You’re that weak? I have that much control over you? In that case fly away little bird. Don’t forget to do your chores before you go. And don’t forget your box of tampons.
        P.S. “Logic” says that Nintendo has always done fine. What “logic” do you use?

        • juancaar

          Little bird?… who do you think you are… the hound?? All you do is show your fanboyism…. NOBODY likes fanboys… You cant say something bad about nintendo freely here because your a ps or xbox lover and your stupid… well NO… We all have a right to say whatever the fuck we want…

          You may claim that nintendo is selling but the companys recent reports show that it is losing a butload of cash…

          Sure that graphics aren’t everthing… BUT THEY SELL… especially nowadays with so many ps and xobx fanboys…

          I defend the person who wrote this NEUTRAL article!

          P.S. FUCK YOU thelmaj… you should be the one sticking that ox of tampons up your ass you fucking little virgin fanboy.

          • TheImaj

            Lol. You realize I just won, right?
            Try to relax more. It works!

          • juancaar

            You havent won anything…. Lets wait and see how fast nintendo goes broke becasue of their horrible decisions…

          • [000]

            Ok, just a sh**load of money to go…
            This is going to take QUITE a while..

          • Synthetik

            Nintendo going broke even though they sell more units then Microsoft or Sony? Considering the hype with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past sequel? Retro Games has a new game which clearly has hype, new 3D mario game. Super Smash Bros. New Mario kart not to mention an additional 2 more Zelda games? (one being a remake). You clearly say fuck logic over and over. This isn’t about fanboyism as you call it. This is clearly your favoritism and your negative outlook on a GAME COMPANY that is doing better then two Corporate Giants. Not to mention how many people knock the Wii’s graphics and yet sold a shit ton more consoles that didn’t have a failure rate of insanity at launch and still to this day down the road.

          • david jarman

            Actually, nintendo made a small profit this year besides “poor” wiiu sales.

          • Guest

            Yay! Stickers for everyone!
            Seriously, what does anyone win on here? Maybe we should have a prize system so people will be even more invigorated to argue with each other…

          • TheImaj

            No physical prize needed. I beat his soul. See how mad he got? I whooped it. 🙂

          • Nintedward

            Is your name pronounced Wanker , Juan caar ?

      • david jarman

        Speaking of “logic”…never came back?

    • [000]

      You know, you could have just said “John Kinsley needs to be fired as soon as physically possible.” Same thing really.

    • crocodileman94

      you should replace that last word with “idiot”, since it’s only one person who are writing all of these stupid articles.

      • TheImaj

        Noted. Updated.

    • At this years North American International Auto Show Ford (GM, Toyota) will
      not be having a public unavailing event showcasing what’s new to the WORLD. Instead you will just have some side booths where you can pick up brochures about their.

      Doesn’t right does it? Nope. Sounds crazy.

      Nintendo is doing just this.

    • Morits Lian

      Just take a look at John Kinsley’s articles.
      It’s not EVERYONE here, just him apparently.

    • A great example would be Microsoft. After months of rumours of the next Xbox being always online, if Microsoft came out and said it not going to be always online, it’d make them seem like the ‘hero’.

    • val berger

      unbelievable, that there are fanboys like you who still can’t realize what’s going wrong here. If you were with SEGA, you’d today still be claiming that the Dreamcast is still doing GREAT, wouldn’t you? Goddammit, I’m a Nintendofan too, but I’m at least not that brainwashed to admit, that this company is, like all the others, capable of doing mistakes. And they are proving that since 6 months and counting. And no keynote indeed is a huge mistake. huge,huge, huge. Everyone who held a marketingbook in his hand for once would agree, that direct marketingstrategies won’t attract the broad masses who don’t already own that console. It will be a total disaster. But yes, we may stop trying to see the uncertain future here and just wait for what Nintendo is really planning.

      • TheImaj

        Fan. Not fanboy. Know the difference. Yes Nintendo can and has made mistakes. This isn’t one of them. Trust me.

        • val berger

          weeeell okay, let’s just see what happens. In the end it’s not like they’d not present at the E3. I’m just starting to get sick of Nintendo’s experiments. They really gotta start knowing instead of trying out. After the past months I guess I’m not the only one who starts getting frustrated. Especially because I’m a Nintendo fanboy at heart and never had to see so many fails with a system launch. And that E3 seems to be like the last chance to turn something around, and with those other next generations of consoles it’s gonna be damn hard to deliver. Well and yes, maybe the only way that’s gonna work is to stay different. I’m just everything but confident and in the past, there were many mistakes where fans always kept believing like ‘Nintendo knows what they’re doing, trust me, it’s gonna be all good’ and then, nothing happened. Problem is, that if nothing would happen this time, this would turn out damn bad. So in the end I agree, something’s gonna happen as Nintendo’s not that dumb to just let go. Not with such a great system.

    • Agreed 1000%.

      p.s: Not 100, 1000 PERIOD.

    • fireheartis1

      To be fare it’s not all of Wii U Daily who brings this doom and gloom crap out. It’s only John Kinsley and I’m sick of reading this bull crap. This guy has to be fired or what ever it is. I think he writes for Wii U Daily for free, so he needs to be banned. The crap is getting ridiculous.

    • Fred

      Seriously, notice it’s the gaming press that are the most disappointed at the announcement. They just want it for themselves when everybody knows that talking or reading about the Wii U doesn’t sell it people need to get their hands on it and play it. That’s why their E3 focus will be on demos for you gaming press people to play and enjoy.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      The writer of this article is 100% right. This is an insane move. They need to resend their message about WiiU if they want to sell more consoles. Instead they do this. Incredibly stupid. Its failing.

  • Rafael Saldana

    Nintendo has billions lol, they know what they’re doing, a better article would be ” Hey! Now you can download Tank! Tank! Tank for free on the eShop” instead we get this article meant to piss off Nintendo fans

    • Zelly Jeffers

      Whoa! Is it really?

      **fires up Wii U**

    • Nintedward

      Is it just F2P Tank X3 like we have in Europe. If so , it’s a demo with daily play limits. And you have to pay a ton to unlock all the content.

      Surely , they’re not just letting you download the game for free ?

  • Jonathan Grine

    the “journalism” on this site has gone really down hill lately.

    • TheImaj

      Yeah it’s not real “journalism”. It’s “we need to get more readers so we can make more money from advertisers”. They don’t care about much else it doesn’t seem.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Nice troll bait article

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Nintendo is not backing down, they will still have all their announcement bombshells and the news will still spread anyway

  • Shaise Mughal

    I thought Wii U daily is supposed to be supporting Nintendo! Nintendo is doing great!

  • Captain Falcon

    Why is that the controversial articles on WiiUDaily are usually by John Kinsley?

    • I bet they hired him so that the site can get clicks.

    • Silent

      The answer is simple. He just wants the hits coming.

    • val berger

      You’re right. why aren’t other writers able to think with a clear head?

  • Zombie Boy

    Sorry, but I agree with this article. I love my Wii U and do have faith in it’s future, but Nintendo really are making a lot of mistakes. Even if Nintendo fans have faith in the console, people will see their no-show at E3 as ‘chickening out’. Like someone above said, this is the worst time to do this, when they should be showing off their new console and what it can do. Even if it doesn’t compare with the competition’s hardware, their games should be on show to speak for themselves and generate interest.

    The only people that watch Nintendo Directs are the fans and the gaming press, and someone that doesn’t know too much about Nintendo (i.e. the casual gamers, people thinking of buying a console for their children or people mildly interested in buying one) probably won’t watch them or even know about them. Instead they’d buy the console that has the most publicity – the next XBox or PS4.

    • AWwriter

      And those people aren’t even invited to E3, which is why it’s irrelevant. It’s for industry. You just made the perfect argument for them not making a big deal there.

      • Zombie Boy

        But people DO know about E3. I’ve been a PC gamer for god-knows-how-many-years, and took a chance with the Wii U. But I didn’t know about Nintendo Directs until the last one. But I’ve known about E3 for years! I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world in this predicament… Also, the mainstream media (not just the gaming press) covers E3 (and anything that stands out there is regurgitated to the public) but that isn’t the case with Nintendo Directs. This is a bad move for Nintendo, and it’ll do their credibility, and their sales, damage (due to missing out on the advertising opportunity).

        • Cerus98

          Knowing about it and giving a damn are two entirely different things. I’ve been gaming for close to 30 years and have never once watched any E3 videos or cared to know what took place.

          • Zombie Boy

            Let me paint a picture. You and I watch Nintendo Directs and get excited. But Mrs Jones, next door (whose two kids are nagging her to buy them a games console), doesn’t. She decides to treat them, but doesn’t know anything about gaming. Randomly browsing one of the daily newspapers (which DO cover the highlights of E3) she stumbles across an article and reads all about the PS4 and next XBox. So what does she buy for her kids?

            All I’m saying is that, as a company, Nintendo needs to advertise their products as much as they can. Not just to existing gamers, but to everyone.

        • AWwriter

          See my other post. This was the smartest thing to do. They were never going to be able to compete with Sony and Microsoft who are making game changing an cements by showing us a bunch of first party titles. People already know the next Mario, Zelda, et all will rock. The gaming press doesn’t need confirmation of that, and no matter what they do will be out shadowed in hype by two major new systems being announced. Nintendo oversold last year, this year it’s very smart to sit back. It would have frankly been embarrassing for them, they most they would have gotten would have been some footnotes about how Nintendo consoles yet again are seemingly only all about first party titles.

  • AWwriter

    Nope, sorry – this is the best thing they could have done.

    As the writer states, Sony and Microsoft are going to be making mega-presentations unlike anything we have seen in the better part of a decade. Nintendo simply cannot compete with that even with a bunch of A-list first party titles, even big ones like Mario Kart, new Mario 3D, SSB, Zelda. In fact, if they did, then it would just reinforce the alread ubiquitous Nintendo stereotype – that the Wii U is a first-party system you buy for those Nintendo native franchises. They don’t need to shout that out to all the gaming press, they already know.

    Quite frankly, all but the most ardent fanbois realize by now that Nintendo somehow dropped the ball behind the scenes with 3rd parties – games are dropping like flies, and of the multi-platform games that do come to Wii U we get gimped versions that aren’t supported with DLC, etc. Injustice is a great game, but we paid $60 like all th either systems with no possible preorder bonuses and no way no get future DLC, from the looks of it since its already on th either systems. Even if we do get it sometime (I am doubtful), we still lag beind the other versions.

    Nintendo needs to lay low and start getting quality product out there. While I too wanted Wii U to compete for third party support, it’s looking like Nintendo mucked that up somehow along the way. They just need to get the first party games cranking out – if you give them Mario, they will come.

  • Levi Johansen

    Everyone is moving away from E3, Nintendo with their Nintedo Directs and Sony and Microsoft aswell with their own press conferences.

  • leafsfan73

    I don’t agree. Here’s why. If E3 was “the” place to hype your product, why did Sony and Microsoft choose to “not” introduce they’re highly anticipated new consoles there? Easy, because E3 isn’t the place to build hype with the general public. Most people can’t go, and watch the conference online. So if people are just going to watch a video online, why not just make up you’re own video in a controlled environment and edit out any gaffe’s (ie. skward sword not working right) and let people watch that online instead.

  • E3 isn’t the same anymore the past few years have sucked Nintendo will be doing e3 their way the press conference way is dumb they have to follow a time schedule with the direct videos they do what they want ill ta take 3 days of Nintendo direct over a confronce that tskes an hour

  • -_-‘

    Internet: “Nintendo won’t get any press during E3 since they’re doing smaller events rather than a major E3 press conference!”

    Really now. The internet has been stuck on stupid for awhile now. What’s this then? You just gave Nintendo attention because of an announcement about them skipping the big gaudy E3 press conference.

    Gaming press won’t write about their Nintendo Directs. Okay, wow. Do you live under a rock man? Really do you live under a rock? All Nintendo has to do is wave their little fingers and the gaming press will come. Gaming sites have covered NDs in the past, so I fail to see how they’ll skip writing about any NDs. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the lack of their huge conference gains some attention even by the Associated Press (aka, the casual news outlets).

    Also you fail to even mention that Nintendo is going to have smaller events that will target specific audiences. The media will get an early hands-on experience with the games before the public. Then you have the small conference with distributors.

    Is Nintendo not doing what every company dreams of? Sending direct specific messages directly to their target audience?

    I can’t wait for when the internet is dumbfound as to why their doom about Nintendo’s E3 was incorrect. That’ll be music to my ears (or should I say eyes).

  • Archiq09

    E3 you have 3h max. for present items of your console and nintendo need 4h or + it’s normally if they want make them conference… -_-

  • Silent

    Why having John Kinsley as a news writer is a catastrophe for Wii U Daily? The answer is simple and obvious. This garbage comes up.

  • mchelski

    so nintendo direct are only for nintendo fans and e3 is for everyone? gosh, most people don’t even know what e3 is, the ones who watch nintendo direct are the ones who watch e3, simple as that.

  • Mike

    I completely agree. I do not think nintendo should be taking even more steps to further themselves from sony and Microsoft. With talk of the wii u not being next gen, as compared to the ps4 and next Xbox, I don’t think nintendo should be furthering themselves even more from their competition.

  • Pink Floyd

    “they aren’t in the same league” *stops reading*

  • Kyle Zawacki

    Hahaha. But they AREN’T in the same league.

  • Guest

    if ppl what to no what on of for wii u then get on

    Nintendo is like you what to no what on wii u go get one or go to youtube were that put up Nintendo Directs that dont need to put out $$$ for e3 to me e3 on tv is a joke

  • Cerus98

    “The gaming and general press isn’t going to hurry up to write about a Nintendo Direct video. The only folks who watch those are Nintendo fans — the general gamers don’t.”

    First off, no one looks to CNN, Fox, NBC, “insert name of print news” or any of the “general” press for gaming news. Second, general gamers don’t go to or watch E3 either. NDs reach a broader audience because its pure Nintendo information direct from Nintendo. The biggest buyers of consoles and games come from those who don’t even know a gaming news site exists and think E3 has something to do with oil corporations.

    They get their information via ads and store displays.

  • Lord Carlisle

    Wow. We haven’t gotten an article all weekend. I’ve been impatient with a lack of articles and you post THIS garbage?!

    • The Clockwork Being

      You sir are disrespectful You think its easy to write articles with no news out huh. Your just another loser thinking that its easy, you insolent punk have a little more respect. This community has had it with your non sense and immature attitude. LEARN SOME GOD DAMN MANNERS you are even worst than the trolls on this site. (SMH) Learn your place you bug because this community is better off without disrespectful insolent son of a gun idiotic imbeciles like you.

      ^^THis post is bullshit im joking with you. And I feel the same way as you. Every like 4 hours ive been checking this site since yesterday to see a good article but I see this garbage. Plus its by the same guy every time

      • Lord Carlisle

        Oh, okay. I was starting to think about how hypocritical your post was. You had me going for a second there!

        • The Clockwork Being

          LOL, i just taught it would be funny to try this. I taught id be getting dislikes

  • Joseph Parsons

    if ppl what to no what on it or for wii u then get one

    Nintendo is like you what to no what on wii u go get one or go to
    youtube were thay put up Nintendo Directs that dont need to put out $$$
    for e3 to me e3 on tv is a joke

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    They’ll be there to show new games, which is exactly what people want to see….no more, no less.

  • ZeldaFan83

    I think it’s smart of them to not do an E3 press conference for 2 reasons:

    #1 they know that any news they bring will be almost impossible to compete with Sony or Microsoft because they will be announcing and showing off their new consoles which will overshadow any Nintendo news.

    #2 By announcing that they won’t have a big huge event which in itself created hype all the gaming fans/nintendo fans/press etc will be looking and searching for where to find their smaller events which will be in press conferences and smaller events at E3 as well as Nintendo Directs. They also said that this E3 is all about the games for them and the fans meaning they don’t need to waste time having a big 2 hour conference just to announce their great lineup of games, so basically just come by and see what we have for you to play.

    Nintendo is making it very simple. It is a gamble but a worthy one at that.

  • Do people forget when the Nintendo Wii was Nintendo stepping back and allowing Microsoft and Sony compete? How the Wii was just a complimentary console and wasn’t expected to compete? No? That has completely been re-written for videogame history? Okay, just wanted to check.

  • mystadia

    E3 press conferences in general have not been that good the last few years. Seriously, when was the last press conference that had a big or lasting impact or was overly impressive in the last 2-3 years? I am glad that Nintendo is taking things in a different direction and not joining Sony and Microsoft in Bore-Fest 2013. The only people who have a problem with Nintendo’s decision are people who like big theatrics to promote games.


    With Nintendo Direct, we can now get month by month updates on the latest upcoming games as well as new announcements.

    This sounds better than a hyped up demo reel at E3, followed by drip fed info on various gaming sites.

  • ReckoningReckoner

    I just don’t see why Nintendo isn’t doing and e3 conference. With SSB4, the new 3D Mario, Mario Kart,new Zelda, WWHD, Yoshi’s Yarn and Retro’s secret project (please please be a new IP), Nintendo could easily win this E3 and get all the hype up.

    The fact that they’re not doing this implies that the stuff they are going to present isn’t very hype worthy. That worries me very much. Optimistically speaking, it could mean that Nintendo might be doing something very unconventional and awesome, but I highly doubt that.

  • E3 is nothing but a waste for everything gaming. It’s nothing but a look what games are coming out. It’s stupid and Nintendo knows this . If you have ever gone to E3 in person then you know this dies not change a single thing at all for anyone and will / has ZERO IMPACT ON NINTENDO. This artical is nothing more then a scare tactic by wiiu daily .com shame on you wiiudaily

  • Kyle Crozier

    Personally I think Nintendo is not doing the right thing by not having a big E3 presentation. E3 is the biggest gaming trade show of the year and by not having a big press conference to showcase their upcoming games they are not going to have the mass media exposure they so desperately need. This is a terrible decision on their part. And while I know a lot of people will say, “but there not showing off a new system just games so why have a big event?”. The problem with that statement is that games sell systems. If you close off the public from the upcoming games for your system without showcasing them in a big event you’re less likely to get the public interested. Just having small events and Nintendo Directs ain’t gonna cut it. They need to show the world why consumers should buy your system and the games for it. I don’t want to see Nintendo fail, but at the rate they are going with the Wii U and their promotion of it I can’t see them truly survive on a large scale which as a Nintendo fan of 25+ years is really sad to me.

    • Marcel

      It doesn’t matter if Nintendo presents a game in the middle of a forest, it’s still going to appear on the internet. with the internet if they announce a new smash brothers game it’s going to appear in the front page of every video game blog albeit shown on a E3 presentation or Nintendo Direct

  • marth175

    You guys haven’t said anything about panorama view, which is pretty amazing!

    • zhenyaivan

      they haven’t even said ANYTHING about Eternal Darkness sequel!

  • prettypinkpanacea

    Another fine article from Mr John Kinsley. Do you even like the wii u?

  • Frank

    Just because you are skipping the E3 press conference, doesn’t you’re not up against competition. Nintendo is taking advantage of the social media on the internet with Direct and is creating hype by showing upcoming games and new releases. Besides all Sony and Mircosoft will do is show the capabilities of the console and not focus all too much on games. They’ll rehash everything they talked about before and not really impress us since we already know what about what they know. Sometimes less is more.

  • Greg Allen

    I’m going to finally say something on this “nintendo is doomed, nintendo is bat shit crazy debate” as so far, I don’t seem to be seeing any comments which are all that relevant. I’m a graphic designer and have some degree of understanding marketing techniques and I have also been fully acquainted with Nintendo, since the nes days as well as the rise and fall of Sega as a hardware manufacturer. Playstations rise to fame and the evolution of the Xbox.

    I have so many thoughts on this subject so I will basically just bullet point so as to not avoid confusion…

    1. Woods for the trees (or Nintendo Wii U IS a success right now)

    There has been virtually no marketing for this new console. Sure you can hear Iwata and Reggie make apologies for lack of sales, lack of line software etc. Don’t believe them. This is ENTIRELY an intentional strategy. Let me tell you why.

    I’m going to use the fairly recent launch of the 3DS as an example. Nobody understood this hardware when it came out. It not differentiate itself enough from its predecessor. People actually thought that it was just a Nintendo DS in 3d. Hmm. Sounds familiar. It released with pretty much zero games, certainly no AAA titles. Again sounds familiar? You can think if you want that Nintendo are crazy, or stupid or just lazy. Perhaps they just dont understand the market? But the facts are that this little system went from being a complete flop, to the worlds number 1 portable system. I dont believe this was a fluke, I also don’t believe it was purely based on the release of Mario Land 3d and Mario Kart although this was a key part of their strategy. The Vita is technically more impressive than the 3ds in practically every single way imaginable. Even more powerful than the system itself, was the hype leading up to the launch of the Vita. Suggestion is nearly always more impressive than when the curtain is fully lifted and Nintendo knows this. Hardware can compete with hardware, it cannot compete with wide eyes and speculation. Nintendo knows this. By launching the 3DS with zero games you are selling to a very specific demographic. The early adopters of new technology and the people who are diehard Nintendo fans. It released the absolute bare minimum of software that would get it through its first couple of months. Nintendogs and cats 3ds. Steel fucking diver anyone? And pilot wings 3ds. A game of the casuals and the female demographic. Steel diver for the tech buyers who generally dont care what theyre buying and a Pilotwings game that would appeal to the hardcore Nintendo fans. Then nothing, for months. They did not market the 3DS, because theyre phase one goal was to simply install a basic userbase and generate a few sales. When you launch a system, the price comes down over time, it can never go back up. So you sell for way more than you would ever expect to get longterm and watch people enjoy, or hate on a product. And let me tell you, Nintendo are in a very unique position in this global market because they’re AAA titles guarantee sales because systematically each release is regarded steller amongst its peers. Mario Land 3d and Mario Kart 3d was well into development at the time of the launch of the 3DS. They knew what was cooking in the kitchen people. They released an updated graphical port of a classic Zelda game to tide people over. It wasn’t until the launch of the Vita, which again launched with very little. All of a sudden the speculations surrounding the divine “ps3 in your pocket” became hardcore facts and that is when Nintendo released Starfox 3d, Mario Land, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Professor Layton etc etc… nearly every single month we are seeing tripple A titles added to an expansive library which has propelled the 3ds to superstardom and global success. The rise of the underdog.

    We are seeing the EXACT same marketing strategy for the Wii U. Launch games were tailored to just cover the early adopter demographic. Mario for the purists. Zombi U for the tech heads. Nintendo land is aggressively family orientated because where as a portable system is sold as a personal system a nintendo home console is designed around the living room space and family use. I am actually amazed that the Wii U has done as well as it has with this strategy. From this view point, to have sold many units in such a short time for such an expensive product is actually quite impressive. I don’t care what they state in public about sales targets, I would imagine that a multi-billion yen company is more concerned about appearing to make a loss, then to openly sell a godamn prototype to people. Other developers, as with the 3DS are only concerned about turning a profit and any developer worth their salt in the industry, is not going to develop games to launch during Nintendos ‘Phase One’ strategy. Monster Hunter has been hugely successful, but this is not a new game. Its the same game with slightly improved graphics. Its a nice little cash cow for a game that ultimately didn’t need a full start to finish design. Capcom knew damn well that releasing that game would pretty much sell to most Wii U owners who are starving for games. It was a safe bet for them.

    Nintendo are releasing an updated graphical port for a classic Zelda game which is enough to keep people at least a little hopeful. But this is as the joker would say ‘all part of the plan”.

    In less than 4 weeks time the Xbox 720 will be revealed, the PS4 has already been showcased. Consider the world gobsmacked. This is what we have all been waiting for. However I’m guessing that its not Nintendos goal to be only home console in a gamers living room… i’m also guessing that now they have purposefully created this absolute myth themselves, through zero games and zero advertising, that when they show off just what this system is capable of (NATIVE games designed from the ground up for Wii U) an assault of AAA Nintendo exclusive titles from their industry leading list of IP’s… Im guessing that it will very much be another Underdog story rags to riches story for this console.

    And let me just remind you that Mario Galaxy, Zelda Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime, Kid Icarus, Luigis Mansion, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, F Zero, Mario Kart, the Mario sports titles etc are renowned for being the top of their class. It is my “opinion” but it is also the opinion of many creditable journalists who are payed to know what makes a good game. 10/10… Perfect. The best yet. Bla bla bla. Nintendo have shown time and time again that they make the best even better and will continue to do so with the Wii U.

    2: Nintendo is for kids

    Id also like to point out that kids referring to Nintendo games as games for kids are never going to understand what they are missing out on until theyre parents let them stay up past 10pm. I am 30 years old and let me tell you, movies like Back To The Future, Indianna Jones, Star Wars etc are movies that remind me of better years in my life for good reason. They keep me youthful and remind me that the world is not just about advertising the lastest disposable shit. Nintendo, like Disney in its heyday and Pixar today have a seal of quality that any parent would be doing their children an injustice not to experience. It has been such a rewarding part of my childhood, collecting mushrooms, seeing “super 3d fx’ of Arwings flying out of a hanger, shooting shells at my best mates for hours on end in a completely rigged and unfair race. These are experiences that should NEVER disappear. That phrase “they dont make them like they used to” well guess what, Nintendo still do. We all grow up and you should be glad that Nintendo don’t. Not that Mario Galaxy was any less enjoyable to me as an adult but thats just me.

    3. Wii U is not next generation

    This actually tickles me. The months and months of debates on forums about who has the best graphics with the only viable argument being ‘graphics aren’t important its gameplay’. Well no you fools, graphics of course are important they are just not THAT important. Its fairly important for a female game character to have massive breasts but its not THAT important. Let me tell you what is important.

    The PS4 and the Xbox 720 will be released in the near future, they will release for a huge amount of money and they will also, like the wii u, struggle with their launch windows in terms of software. Does everyone think that when the ps4 releases that the ps3 will suddenly switch off forever and die. No people. What we will see atleast for the next couple of years is developers releasing cross platform games. A triple A title released for the PS4 will ultimately generated more revenue if it is cross platform. That means on BOTH xbox720 and PS4, as well as the previous consoles (in our economic climate these consoles will be alive for much longer than you think) so PS3 and Xbox 360. The nintendo wii u is somewhere in between. Not only is it in-between, but it also offering new ways to play. When the inevitable console price drop comes, when the next Zelda gets its perfect reviews and clearly looks like the best game to play ever (like it always does) guess what? It will make a lot more sense for a consumer to buy a Wii U either as an alternative “next gen” machine or as an additional “nintendo box’ for the Hardcores. Your Call of Duty and Assassins Creed will be multi platform. That means titles that are coded around the notion of being played on a spectrum of devices. Not SUPER AMAZING versions and then watered down. Just basic concepts for games with systems producing better textures, better frame rates, better lighting. Im not saying they wont look good on ps4 im saying, who the hell really cares? If you honestly think that developers are going to shoot themselves in the foot and care more about one system just because you yourself saved up all your pocket money to buy one system, you are wrong.

    I would also like to add that as good as these graphics are, you and I within 6 months will be used to it. It happens ever generation. Right now the idea is more tantalising. The dark knight rises couldn’t of possibly been anymore anticipated. Do you know anyone that prefers it to the Dark Knight? I dont. But for a little while there it looked like it was going to be perfect huh? Life is cruel. And simple. And predictable. No matter how amazing the graphics wind up being, people will still be playing mine craft, they’ll still be playing angry birds. Graphics are just not that important anymore.


    This is just my opinion please feel free to tear me a new asshole. Just ask yourself this. I know what Call of Duty in 2014 is gonna look like, I know hows its going to play. I know how assassins creed 5 is gonna play. The next 3d Mario game is slated for release in the next few months leading up to christmas. Look back at Galaxy and tell me honestly… whats a HD 3d mario going to look like and how are we going to play it? I dont think any of you who actually know these games inside out could tell me. You’re gonna “jump” and collect mushrooms and stars. Well clap clap clap. There is an art form being completely missed right under your nose. Maybe they should give mario a gun and put him in Afghanistan. That would be a real achievement.

    • Lord Carlisle

      Okay, this is what you need to do.

      1. Become a writer for WiiUDaily

      2. Copy/Paste that entire comment and post it as a “discussion” article.

    • Silent

      I will forever treasure this masterpiece. I cant write like this. This is WAY better than reading the troll article. PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO WRITE LIKE THIS!!

      • Greg Allen

        I’ve been playing these games my whole life thats all. People have a selective memory. In my opinion the games industry owes its entire industry to Nintendo and people should have a little more patience, a bit more faith and a whole lot more respect. There are some of us that enjoy games for the right reasons. I won’t find any games made by Nintendo that are conjured in boardroom meetings, by men in suits, waving pointers at pie charts and doing market research into current trends and pixelated “fashion”. I’m sure I’m not the only person here that doesn’t see that as a bad thing. I like my games like my movies like my music like my food. Quality control. Substance over hype.

        • Quicksilver88

          Good post Greg. I have been saying the same things in this forum for weeks just in bits and pieces. I have you by about a decade and I have been gaming since the dawn of arcade gaming in the late 70s. People have been overlooking a lot of the things you mention like the fact of diminishing returns on grafx technology and that the crap economy is going to be a factor in the next gen wars. Microsoft killed xbox quick when x360 came out but Sony milked ps2 for a long time. I expect Sony to keep ps3 around a while but not sure on x360. Still I think the lack of unique IPs is going to hurt Microsoft. Nintendo has the best and most IPs, but Sont now has a considerable amount of good IPs that people look forward to. All Microsoft has is Halo (which isn’t the same since Bungie jumped ship) , Gears of War (already worn out), and Forza (generally considered inferior to GT and codemaster racers). They spent a bucketload on Rare and haven’t used their IPs for years. I think this Xmas and next year Nintendo will shine with a great lineup and a relatively inexpensive console!

          • Greg Allen

            We’ve seen some gems over the years huh?


            One things for sure, this is going to be a fantastic generation for games across the board. I will probably invest in a powerhouse and a wii u. I just think if you have a true hunger for games you need a fork AND a knife. Its the food that matters. So it is with good games, and Nintendo never fail to remind me why I care in the first place.

    • zhenyaivan

      Much better than the actual article, lol it puts this article as “crap”.

    • Well said.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      You sir are one the most intelligent people I have met on this site. You make a lot of good points and effectively destroy the arguments of every troll I have met on this site. Props to you. You ought become a writer for this site and replace the moron who came up with this troll bait trash article

      • Greg Allen

        every generation breeds younger players who have a vauge understanding of the generation before it and not much else. this particular time round we’ve also got all the casuals that were introduced through crazy party games and motion graphics. I was so mad at Nintendo for not jumping to the next gen during the snes days. Early playstation titles were soulless though, Nintendo gave us Donkey Kong Country and proved then and there that gameplay is the only thing that matters. I’ve learned not to argue. The absolute worst that could happen is that Nintendo ONLY gives us the best Nintendo games we’ve ever seen or played… and which means that no matter what, there is a lot to look forward to.

    • John Andalora

      1) I don’t get it.
      You didn’t explain how selling a handheld console with nothing at first, then having price go down and selling to everyone else was in any way a good idea. Frankly, it just sounds kind of dumb.
      Selling a console without games hurts the fans and decreases interest from the casuals. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Triple A games come out first, and THEN have more people be enticed by it immediately and excited to buy it? Shouldn’t the goal be to always make Triple A games so that people will always be excited in what comes out next rather than making cheap games for those who start and making better games for those who start late?
      I think the reason that the Wii U sold as many units as it did is because of the people who liked the Wii and wanted more of that. I think the success of the Wii us what made headway for the Wii U.

      2) No. Nintendo is actually not making them like they used to.
      Think about the differences from the original Super Mario Bros., and think of the New Super Mario Bros. U. I beat NSMBU in the span of one weekend. But, I still haven’t beat SMB.
      The challenge curve is a massive difference, but I will always respect the old stuff because it could make such a challenge without feeling cheated. It was much more harder to try and keep the challenge up. Today they just throw another hundred levels with their own different concepts, which after you learn it, can be easily discarded and ignored. The learning curve is much lower because of this.
      I also think Nintendo needs to make original games. Not remakes. Not different installments of the same thing. Actually new, unique, and fresh games with new characters. That’s what made Nintendo so cool in the past. They were willing to experiment and challenge us in so many different ways. They actually gave us a new puzzle with each game that we had to face. Things like the original Super Mario 64, Luigi’s Mansion, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Kirby, and Donkey Kong(2nd party, I know) games will always hold more value to me because they were fresh and new, and the childhood spirit I had with them was because they were new, not because they were “better” than the first.

      3) I think the Wii U is a new generation console. But, it needs to be improved before others will think that.

      That’s about all I think about that.

      • Greg Allen

        mario galaxy felt pretty damn fresh to me. and if the formula doesn’t work why did it work for 3ds? the console wont improve. everyone is writing it off in some mad consumer panic and nobody has even seen anything of its AAA titles and its NOT unintentional. They might be from the east but theyre not insane.

        • John Andalora

          It wasn’t a “formula” that worked. It’s a console that they made games for, so people wanted it. Also remember it’s cheaper than PS Vita and advertises itself like it should; handheld console game, not “Like console in your pocket” concept.
          PS Vita was advertised as more of an accessory to the PS3, while the 3DS was advertised as the 3DS, and the fact that they made games and were cheap sold their console, not some “it looked bad but got better later” marketing formula.

          • Greg Allen

            im not suggesting they made it look bad. they didn’t say we’ve got shit hardware buy it. i’m saying that there is a strategy to when they release information on their games. when the whole world is saying please please we need games your console is shit we’re not buying it, you dont think nintendo has a formula or strategy? The psp was advertised as the worlds number one gaming portable. Period. Every single gamer knew about it and every gamer expected it to do better than the 3DS. It didn’t sell because it failed to compete with Nintendos marketing strategy of perfectly timed launch of hardware and launch of software. Period. And yes it was cheaper, but it was damn expensive to begin with? The parallels between this and Wii U are obvious.

          • John Andalora

            I think that, if Nintendo had a strategy like this, that it is nothing to be praised or recommended.
            A better “formula” would be to always release great games so people will always have a reason to recommend it to their friends and have more people buy it because of how awesome it is.
            Frankly, I think Nintendo just does a bad job at releasing the console, then LATER releasing games when people are tired of the old ones. They get too excited with their new console, so they release it prematurely without any thoughts for games lined up, so they make expectations that third party developers will pick it up (but they don’t), so Nintendo then has to pick up the slack.

            And, frankly, the PS Vita is stupid to begin with. A touch screen on the back that you use in games? Dumb.
            Frankly, I consider the 3DS to be the only “handheld console.” Sony advertised their product as “A PS3 in your pocket,” which went below expectations, and thus sold less. The 3DS was advertised as a handheld console, and met expectations.
            It’s simple marketing. Advertise for expectations, and allow people to see how it exceeds them.

      • Greg Allen

        You mentioned some truly god awful musicians there my friend. You should listen to some Ninja Tune it will be good for your soul.

        • John Andalora

          Where? I talked about musicians somewhere else, but not here.

    • Ray01x

      Sir, please, you Must become a writer or at the very least join the small community at ^-^

      Its a gaming news site that posts very nice & interesting articles every now & then.
      The guy who runs the site(Furious Francis) Doesn’t write any Troll bait like this site and makes sure to ban any trolls that happen to wander there.
      The community is a little small, but is very nice & intelligent, and you would fit right in. lol

  • Nintendofreak

    le me think that nintendo created more hype by not saying that they will not have e3 conference so now everygaming thing in the internet is reporting about therefore creating a really weird n smart marketing move since now everyone is like wtf then nintendo directs will have more focus than e3

    • TheImaj


  • Greg Allen

    and while you’re chewing on that, chew on this. What happens to E3 when Nintendo pull this off and lead the way (d pad, analogue stick, 3d, motion controls, touch screen etc) when Nintendo manage to pull this off we will see Sont and Microsoft set up their own little “directs” because in todays social network society do you really need to take your prize winning tomato to one big fair, or just have everyone know about it and discuss it instantly without spending millions. This isn’t the death of Nintendo, quite the opposite. Its the death of E3.

  • commonsense PRO
















  • Sturm Davenport

    This title should be called “how gaming journalism has become a catastrophe”

  • Chance White

    That is because Nintendo is not in the same league as Sony & Microsoft. Those two companies push the edges of gaming and deliver great experiences while Nintendo is content to sit back and deliver kiddie consoles and keep recycling Mario and Zelda for the ten thousandth time. Nintendo needs to go the way of Sega and simply publish software for the big boy consoles.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      First, critics say you’re wrong. Second, there have only been 15 Zelda games in over 25 years, only 5 of which have been 3D. For perspective, there have been 11 Ratchet and Clank games in under 11 years, CoD has had over a dozen games in 10 years, and God of War has had 6 games in about 8 years. Third, do you not see the irony in claiming Nintendo recycles their games, only to say you want them to go 3rd party so their games can be on your system?

      • Chance White

        Critics say I am wrong? Sales of the Wii 2.0 say otherwise. Sure, the real gaming consoles definitely do have sequelitis as well, but they also have TONS of other quality titles worth playing. Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, and…metric tons of shovelware because major third party developers will not get involved with Nintendo’s crap consoles in any meaningful way. I loved Nintendo as a kid, but we all know they are not exactly the go to source for gaming any longer. As for the 3DS, would it kill Nintendo to even attempt reasonably decent graphics that are at least a little more advanced than the N64?

        • TrueWiiMaster

          Wii U sales have nothing to do with the fact that Nintendo still makes some of the best scoring games out there.

          Same for Nintendo. Even among 1st party games, they have much more than Mario and Zelda. And the Wii did have a fair number of great 3rd party games, even if you’ve never heard of them. Games like Muramasa, Red Steel 2, Deadly Creatures, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Zack and Wiki, Little King’s Story, Geometry Wars, etc often fly under the radar of someone only interested in the biggest games on the market.

          I don’t know that. In fact, I know otherwise. I go to Nintendo for gaming. They’re currently the only hardware developer of all three that is just a gaming company after all.

          You’re thinking of the DS, which was around the N64 level. The 3DS is closer to the Gamecube, probably a bit stronger.

  • beerkin

    And WiiUDaily is now being removed from my bookmarks. I’m not blind to the few faults Nintendo has, but I’m over this doom and gloom bullshit! I love my Wiiu and especially love my 3DS. Bye wiiufaily. Mynintendonews is the best place to go.

  • SWES2012

    This article, just……wow smh

  • Gamal Hernandez

    I do disagree most with what this article says but I think it made it worse because of the title, especially the use of catastrophe. The fact of the matter is that Nintendo will not be able to compete with Sony and Nintendo. Everyone can agree to that. The key thing to remember is the fact that they ARE still going to be at E3, just not as much bang as before, and that they are trying to correct the problems that have plagued the Wii U so far. Not having a huge conference is not necessarily a death sentence for Nintendo or the Wii U.

  • Time to move on. It’s been fun WiiUDaily, but your pessimistic and blinded articles have come to be intolerable. FOr others who feel the same, I suggest

  • B. Adriano

    It should be more like:

    “Why No Nintendo E3 Press Conference Means E3 Is Getting Less and Less Significant To the Game Industry.”

    2K and Activision aren’t even going at all.

    Major Car manufacturers skips Auto shows all the time, simply because they’re freakin expensive. Having a full blown show is worth $100Ks easily. I want Nintendo to put that money on making games and not showing off already announced games with added glitters and lights. People want to see games in playable and in action on the floor. Announcing them “again” does nothing.

  • E3 is just waste of time & money. Nintendo spends that to dev games, not to arrange mindless circus. End of story.

  • AAAkabob

    Why does John even write for this website? He’s obviously biased and has no clue what he’s talking about.

    • Guest

      ^Source: 95% of all John Kinsley’s articles. He is entirely valid, so if you downvote him, you are an idiot.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    Nintendo is in a different league. That doesn’t mean lesser.

  • Nintedward

    ”Nintendo is effectively saying they are not in the same league as Microsoft and Sony.”

    No. I always have to bring this up but here I go again.
    156 million DS’s and 100 million Wii’s. That’s a Quater of a billion Hardware units. Microsoft sold 75 Million Xbox 360’s.

    So what ”League” are we talking about ?

    Again , 3DS is actually the fastest selling gaming hardware within its first 2 years.
    Nintendo is in a different league to Sony and Microsoft lol.
    3DS – 8 million copies of Mario 3D land sold. I will eat my hat if the PS4 or 720 get an exclusive that sells close to that.

  • Joey Perez

    your article is horrid… im changing websites today …. this is not supposed to be a personal opinion of the writer site is it? i am a web designer and feel im gonna make a better wii u site or blog for those of us who know you are wrong with your misleading headlines and doom and gloom when in all actuality nintendo is one of the strongest companies in video gaming.
    secondly they have a reason to not be at E3 with a conference its a waist of money since nothing but software will be shown as their hardware is already out.. lets be honest sony and Microsoft were boring last year and had nothing to show other than kinect crap that never happened and a halo 4 preview … no speakers necessary right? plus G4 is no longer televising it and spike does a bad job…. im gonna be honest 90% of e3 watchers including myself and probably you watch the next day via streaming event or youtube… and that is exactly what nintendo will show with its software no need for a conference…

  • Anubis

    John, you should be ashamed that you wrote this article :/

  • e3 is all about shitty dubstep farts

  • a non pathetic





  • jay

    *Waiting for knowledgeiswhatsup…*

  • RyuNoHadouken

    e3 is a huge waste of money anyway…viral campaigns are way better when it comes to reaching your consumer base because the world is “always connected.”

  • Yes the normal gamers don’t WATCH the directs but you can be sure they’ll hear plenty about them.

  • Press Conference = Presentation to media for company to get business proposals and ideas to potential investors or customers through media.

    Nintendo Direct = Presentation directly to customers.

  • blaster man

    I think what most people get out of this is that Nintendo has no games to show and they might be abandoning the Wii U.

  • Nintendo’s approach I think can be VERY successful. They’re going to release Nintendo Directs which are directed to the fans leading up to E3 which will generate a lot of hype. Then the people they really need to win over, the developers, retailers, and press, will get to play most of these announced games hands on at E3 and believe the power of the Wii U for themselves. So us fans will already have all the information we need, but THEN the people in the industry whose opinions actually have the power to paint the Wii U in a positive light will (hopefully) be made into Be-Wii-vers. Media outlets will still cover the games at E3 except now the information will be coming from sources GAMERS care about most. Whether you read/watch IGN, Rev3Games, Gamespot, WiiU Daily, Giant Bomb, EVERYONE that WE AS GAMERS choose to follow will be making their own (hopefully) POSITIVE remarks about the Wii U. And all of this will be accomplished without spending millions of dollars on a press conference that probably would have been awkward as hell anyway.

  • steinhauershawn

    Most of the games with the Nintendo Directs were for 3DS and were mostly Mario Spin-offs like the GameCube all over again.

  • wet dreamsssz






  • This guy will end up shunning the majority of the readers of this site. Man, seriously, this is very annoying. Few here agree with him, and yet, he keeps doing that. What does he want? Attention? I really don’t know.

  • zhenyaivan

    i facepalmed

  • For some odd reason… I have this feeling that Nintendo could be getting bankrupt now…

  • Adrian Brown

    “The only folks who watch those are Nintendo fans — the general gamers don’t.”

    I agree. I even watch the competitor’s conferences to see what they offer, but I don’t think others than Nintendo fans (an specific Nintendo-related press of course) will watch the ND’s. I am a dissapointed Nintendo fan since I wait for E3 as I used to wait for chrismas morning when I was a kid.

    • zhenyaivan

      you’re ignoring media sites Nintendo has the press by the balls.

  • Robknoxious1

    Everyone knows that if Nintendo DID have a full press conference at E3 that two things would be true.

    First because they’re not the ones with a console release this year people won’t be paying as much attention to them regardless.

    Second, whatever attention that IS paid to Nintendo will be this kind -> “Nintendo’s Wii U is struggling and MS and Sony are releasing new consoles this year. If this conference doesn’t knock everyone’s socks off the Wii U is in huge trouble!”

    That kind of hype will almost certainly lead to disappointment.

    Nintendo’s way is better IMHO.

  • Lev M

    they bettter just showcase the consoles full capabilities & showcase some new unreleased games or some shit, they’ve got a strong 2nd half, they better show everything they got

  • Nintendo knows they are done. I think that they are throwing in the towel. I still refuse to accept any marketing team being this incompetent.

    • Nintendofreak

      doesnt make a difference e3 is a thing for gamers, game journalist n such… its not like the rest of the world gives a shit about it and its a hell lot better than hiring some random celebrity to talk about something they don’t nor want to know shit about while they try to make e3 into a oscar or grammy like event and being honest i never watched a e3 live just recaps …. n dont make me start with shitty conferences cough mr caffeine cough that dude was so fucking bad he was actually good

    • Es is joke now. Nintendo knows it.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      And by “done” you mean only just begun….The Wii U needs games and that’s what they are focusing on. Not some god-awful two hour presentation with flashy lights and Kinect dancers and music and shit. Iwata comes on, says “we have some new WiiU games to show you”. We end up seeing 3D Mario, WW HD, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Retro’s project, Yarn Yoshi, Bayonetta 2 and X. He then talks third parties with Rayman, Shadow of the Eternals, Splinter Cell, AC IV, Watch Dogs and Batman as well as some new announcements (possibly Metal Gear, GTA IV or Destiny). And bang, were good for the rest of 2013.

      • Those won’t cut it and they won’t come out this year and will be canceled. Don’t hate on MS or Sony because they do it right. You guys spend too much time hating on the comp because there is nothing to get motivated from Nintendo. Don’t hate what they do right, hate what Nintendo keeps doing wrong. Nintendo had a big presentation for the Wii and you did not mind that.

        • That was then this is “Now”. We live in a world where you can post videos on a site and millions can see it, where you can post updates and millions can see it instantly. These means of communication/advertisement did not exist or where not as effective as they are now and E3 was much more relevant.

          • If it were like that, the E3 would not exist. Once again, when Nintendo is the only odd one out, you guys try to get us to accept their madness. Nintendo is the only one who does not like to release detailed specs and this. Clearly what they are doing is not working. Lightening does not strike in the same place twice.

          • What do you mean? I said that E3 has remained relevant for so long because there has been no real other way of getting a large amount of info from companies. Ever since Youtube and other sites such as Twitter,Facebook , Nintendo Direct, Inside Xbox delivering Xbox 360 related news directly to Xbox 360’s etc. E3 has become less “important” on the grand sceem of things. Nintendo is the first company to grasp that they don’t “Need” to have a “Big” E3 presentation to show the games and services they are going to bring there customers. They can reach much more people through other means such as Twitter, Nintendo Direct etc. that cost them next to nothing to do, while still having small press event’s that show off what they have to offer. E3 has been losing relevance for years as more and more people can get there info in more convenient ways than watching a long presentation.

            IMO the only time the big 3 should have big shows at E3 is when they are showing off/launching there new consoles, and 3rd party devs/publishers are showing off there games on the showroom floor.

            I believe that E3, while yes important will become the least desirable place to get info offered elswhere or straight from companies and provide less and less of an impact on the gaming world as time goes on, which you have to understand is not really a negative. Nintendo is taking advantage of social media this time around which may or may not sway in there favor but either way in today’s world having a big show at E3 is less important than in the past and anyone who truely looks hard enough can see that.

        • Jimmy D. Fugate

          “You guys”…..that’s a quite the generalization. And what do you mean “that won’t cut it”? At least 6 of those games are due out by the end of 2013. IF Nintendo were to discontinue the Wii U it wouldn’t be for another year or so….and I’m not hating, I’m just saying they are cutting the shit and getting down to the games. And I don’t know what you mean by “Nintendo had a big presentation for the Wii and you did not mind that” as I skipped out on seventh gen systems” all together….didn’t feel like getting nickeled and dimed from every game I bought. It wouldn’t make sense for Ninty to have a huge conference because they are only showing software…

  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    I agree.

    “The company is seemingly making every single wrong mistake they can make with the Wii U”

  • Aiddon

    people seem to forget what age we’re living in now. Information and hype will be spread regardless of whether they have an E3 presser or not. I don’t see people spelling doom for Rockstar since they don’t attend E3 either.

  • Syrindigo

    “Nintendo is not in the same leauge as Microsoft and Sony”

    Duh. If the Wii Didn’t proove that Im not sure what will. I mean this in a positive way for Nintendo. They always try to innovate and make games / toys. Things that primarily focus on fun rather then… i don’t know, whatever Microsoft and Sony does? A power race maybe? Lots and lots of shooters? Im not sure what they do. If anything I think this more so just puts Nintendo in it’s own category. Where they have always been.

  • I was under the impression that a lot of gamers are bored with E3 in general. Maybe a large E3 presentation isn’t as important as it used to be. It’s not as if having a big presentation was enough to convince gamers to get a Wii U. They might feel a different approach is necessary.

  • Seth Callahan

    This negativity is getting tired. I’m done with WiiUdaily. Sad, because I’ve been a reader ever since the initial Wii U reveal at E3 ’11., here I come.

  • jcnba28

    Wiiudaily sucks, just saying.

  • Erik

    Worst article ever. Just…bad. It’s like it was written by a 10 year old who jumps to conclusions without thinking. While I agree that Nintendo has made many mistakes with the Wii U launch, not having an E3 press conference isn’t one of them.

    E3 is for the press, not for the general gaming population. Strong marketing is what gains the most attention, and Nintendo is already doing that with Nintendo Direct. Nintendo has made a very wise move because they are not releasing a new console this time. What’s the point of a big presentation if they are just showing off games? It’s not like they won’t be there at all. Nintendo Direct is a great method, and so is having smaller events spread throughout E3.

    Fire this author

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    This is a terrible article

  • Quicksilver88

    Why is this writer even here and wiiudaily is like the national enquirer on websites. Its all doom and gloom sensationalism here! Look E3 is nothing but a jack off fest for the gaming media……period. The mainstream media covers it for like 2 minutes and directly it produces very little hype. The hype is always generated in the gaming media the days and weeks after E3. Saying Nintendo direct is reaching only Nintendo fans is ridiculous. I mean my lord IGN which is like the ESPN of the gaming world does fully editorialized videos of every Nintendo direct and then they and every other site breaks down the directs into individual game clips. Look Nintendo is doing a unveiling for the media and having a full floor presence. As long as they have playable versions of their big IPs while Sony and Microsoft are showing video demos then Nintendo is still going to win the day……they is a matter of substance over style……trust me ifmtheothers announce their price points that is going to bring plenty of people down!

    • This is a truth some people are unable to see: Nintendo Direct already gained attention from the press.

  • Zuxs13

    Well it looks like john did his job and will collect his pay check. 170 comments so far and many more to come. Too bad he didn’t do it with any kind of journalistic prowess or skill!

  • Catastrophe? No. I mean it’s definitely a bad idea for them not to have a press conference. Nintendo Direct is meant for Nintendo fans….E3 press conferences are for ALL gamers, not just Nintendo Gamers. Nintendo will barely be able to get their message through to these young gamers that did not start off with NES or SNES or Gensis. The Wii-U will not beat out this generation of console war…no IMO they will not win. They probably will match or stick close by in 3rd place, but they will not win. If I am wrong about it then so be it. But this generation of gaming has spoiled us rotten. This always connected nonsense has made damn near all of us cynical assholes that are never pleased with anything we get. I tell you what man, the internet and DLC have ruined gaming…but maybe thats just my age talking lol.

  • Ryn Ntvdd

    Nintendo wants to focus on dialogue with developers, publishers and press at E3. Then kiosks for gamers to try. All they to do is do a Nintendo Direct called E3 edition and show it through the internet. Problem solved.

  • Anthony K Aurelia

    E3 went downhill when they closed it to the general public and created a separate event in October. Nintendo’s decision to do this will probably garner more press than if they did a big showing. Last year Ubisoft was considered the “winner” of the conference due to the “Big 3” putting more effort into theatrics instead of content. Your way off Mr. Kinsley.

  • Beto

    I don’t agreed with this article. I like what Nintendo is trying to do. They learn from what happened to Nintendoland, so they are gonna change things up. See, Nintendoland kicks ass but you don’t know it till you play it. WiiU is like that overall, it’s a new way of playing games and they haven’t been able to get their point across. That’s why Nintendo can’t focus on a fluffy presentation, they have to focus on people playing their new games under conditions that can help them get their concept across better. I think Nintendo is gonna duplicate what they did with the LttP 2 reveal, but on a larger scale. The combo of Nintendo Direct and having the media play their games under comfortable condition worked. It help the media get better videos (with music!) and good impressions of the new titles. That helped amplify the message with more clarity. I got a feeling that the new 3D Mario is gonna deliver gameplay that Sony and MS won’t be able to duplicate on their consoles. I think it will need a different type of coverage too. So, Sony can bring the circus. They have different needs. After all the new Killzone looks like it plays just like the old Killzone, so their message will not be hard to get across. Sony is gonna bring improved graphics with the same gameplay. That’s why I predict that Nintendo is gonna take E3. At the end Nintendo will kick ass and we will all get a better picture of what Nintendo has cooking for the WiiU.

  • bxbombers007

    It’s amazing how many blind fangirls there are on here. Wii U Daily is spot on with this article. You people remind me of the Dream Cast fangirls of old. In the end you do more damage than good. Another Wii U port is cancelled and you all say the game sucks. They bow out of E3 and suddenly E3 sucks.

    • I really haven’t seen people saying E3 sucks, but I have seen more people realizing in this day in age E3 is not really needed to advertise product’s to a huge market and Nintendo only pointed it out. E3 is like MTV, it was much more relevant back in it’s prime before site’s such as Youtube and Itunes came about. Now it doesn’t show music videos anymore because it is not relevant in today’s day in age to watch music videos on tv when a much more convieniant option is available.

  • Ibi Salmon

    Wow. Out of all the sites, I didn’t think that Wii U Daily would write this. Thank you so much! Nintendo Direct is a great way of speaking to the fans, but why not take advantage of a press conference that grabs the attention of the entire industry to get more people on board. Nintendo is wasting a HUGE opportunity by skipping out on a big press conference.

  • Ducked

    Has Wii U daily lost hope in the console the site is based on? Seriously, E3 isn’t what it use to be, and Nintendo is still revealing games at E3 so whats the big deal? C’mon John.

  • “By not having a large press conference, Nintendo is effectively saying
    that they aren’t in the same league as Microsoft and Sony.”

    I agree with that statement… Nintendo is not like Sony and Microsoft because most of what they are showing off is all talk and hype. Sure their systems will have better graphics then their last generation but they will also have a higher price tag and will also alienate their customers by eliminating backwards compatibility and have more restrictions. They both have impressive technology to show off but not much of it will be affordable to the gamers.

    That being said I was impressed by the IlumiRoom from Microsoft but Sony failed to impress me with features they are copying off their competitors. At least Microsoft is trying something different and it is unfortunate that they are implementing their always connected to the internet methods and eliminating backwards compatibility with such a high price tag otherwise I would consider their new system,

    • Lets “Hope” that the always online is just a rumor or another seperate project. I don’t see the huge negative in non backwards compatibility but I still think of it as a negative. Lets just hope they are all just rumors.

      • Microsoft confirmed the always connected rumor even though they have to provide details of what that exactly means but it sounds like it needs a live internet connection at all times.

        I know people’s opinions differ about backwards compatibility but I personally would hate to have two XBOX systems plus all the other devices connected to my TV at the same time. That is two systems to manage and who knows if they are going to allow you to use the same XBL on both systems. I would suspect that they would but still I think a console should be backwards compatible at least one generation of games and especially with one with a $500 price tag.

        Edit: Apparently the sites that said Microsoft confirmed the always on internet are now saying that it was NOT confirmed….. UGH!!! This is why I hate the blog style of tech news…. So much assumption.. When will I learn to just wait and see what actually happens.. These tech predictions are as bad as weather predictions…. Rarely right.

        • Yeah I agree non backwards compatibility is not a good thing and can understand why people would like backwards compatibility.

          I don’t see a huge negative coming from always online connection because really in order to fully access what makes the Xbox (360) unique it requires online to access these unique features so I don’t see a huge problem with a always online requirement. I do see some people I guess that would have trouble with it who live in rural parts of the U.S/ Other countries of the world. And people who want to just play single-player but I still don’t see the problem with having to have internet as most devices today require them, though I guess most items today allow for offline use. IDK we will just have to wait and see what they plan on doing in detail with the Always online requirement at there announcement.

          • I read this on another tech site just a few minutes ago:

            “The memo was allegedly sent to employees working on Durango, Microsoft’s codename for the console. “Durango
            is designed to deliver the future of entertainment while engineered to
            be tolerant of today’s Internet. There are a number of scenarios that
            our users expect to work without an Internet connection, and those
            should ‘just work’ regardless of their current connection status. Those
            include, but are not limited to: playing a Blu-ray disc, watching live TV, and yes playing a single player game.”

            So at least according to this the always on has been debunked. Now if they have a plan to make it convenient to keep my existing XBOX360 library without having both consoles then I would move it from the definitely not category to the maybe category. Either way it will not be a console I purchase at launch and will probably wait a year at least.

  • The thing is , is E3 is not as big as it used to be. Sure you get alot of people to watch it but more and more each year having a huge showing at places like E3 becomes overkill. With technology allowing for Devs to communicate directly with fans on a massive scale(Twitter, Facebook etc.) the need for an E3 press conference dies down alot. Really in my opinion the only reason E3 should exist anymore is for the announcement of new consoles and for 3rd party game companies to be able to show off there games on the showroom floor, but even then E3 does not hold as much value as it used to pre-social media broadcasting/cummunication. Nintendo is really just doing what all the companies should start to do and that move on to the more practical way of advertising there product’s.

    It’s kind of like MTV. It used to be the place to see new music videos but started to lose steam towards mid 2000’s. Why? What happened? Well really it is simple it got replaced by something much more effeciant, Youtube/Itunes. Once these two media services came about the need to sit and watch a TV channel to see music video’s became obsolete much like what is happening with E3. As connecting to a mass of people becomes easier one way the other old way fades to the point where it does not impact people the same way it used to.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      I completely agree.

      Nintendo’s new(current) strategy is damn pretty smart, especially what they’ve been doing with Nintendo Direct.

      • Guest

        It really is quite an amazing/awesome way of advertising. 1: Make the internet go crazy, get your companies name in peoples mouths/minds 2: Harness the awesome power of multimedia(Twitter, Youtube, Nintendo direct etc.) almost all of which cost much much less to do than having a big big show at E3. 3: still allow the public to see first hand via small press event’s and hands on of there products by gaming reporters etc. Truely Nintendo is embracing one of the greatest ways of communicating of our time and that is media services such as Twitter etc. I see a bright future for Nintendo and leaving E3 is not going to hurt them in the slightest.

        • Haha deleted that after reading it again lol, thanks for reposting it though kind of felt stupid after deleting it.

  • Ace J

    hmm a article written by john that is again another negative article. He is just as bad as the trolls, always looking at the negative side of things

  • david jarman

    Sometime, I feel like that they just want to see us fight. Where’s the article on Shadows of the eternal from the creators eternal darkness? The trailer looked awesome.

  • Kenshin0011

    There is literally little to no risk associated with doing this!

    The information will still be revealed, and everyone will have easy access to it…..Just as easy as they would to MS/Sony’s information.

    What, do you think that just because it’s not being revealed during a live conference means it doesn’t exist? Are people honestly thinking that if Nintendo simply showcases it’s announcements a little differently, no one will play their games when they come out in stores? lol, that’s not how the world works.

    A pretty small amount of people actually watch the conference itself start to end. Most people (including the press) gather their findings from a collection of all of what E3 had to offer, and they get it from sites like IGN. Nintendo’s live conference is simply being replaced by a Nintendo Direct and the press will still be spoken to directly at the E3 closed events.

    So both fans and press will get all of Nintendo’s E3 news during E3 in a more organized way.

  • Gecko Altair

    E3 is for small games that need advertisment in a big way. Games like Zelda, Mario, Starfox, F-Zero and Super Smash Brothers are already huge well know franchises. People dont need to know more about them, they simply need to know that they are there.

  • Chance White

    Nintendon’t is always playing catch up to Sony and MS graphically and in terms of online offerings. PS3 launches, and Nintendo pumps out the Wii (aka the Gamecube with motion controls. PS4 is soon to launch and Nintendo rolls out current gen specs in its “next Gen” Wii 2.0. For God’s sake, the DS line still looks like the N64 visually! When will Nintendo strive for more than its 3 first party titles and try to hang with the big boys?

    • smashbrolink

      “Hang with the big boys”, is it?
      You mean those asshats like Crytek?
      No thanks.

  • Those people who doesnt agree with this article, probably dont know that even if Nintendo get overhyped by Microsoft and Sony on E3, they will be still in the same ship, that means everyone will at least hear about the upcoming games from Nintendo, totally different from a Nintendo Direct, that a person who doesnt go to any website like IGN wont know about the upcoming games from Nintendo! You wouldnt know Pepsi if there was no Coca-Cola!

  • Only a few are true gamers

    @John Kinsley Im sorry john but maybe you need to go write for sony than because your calling nintendo chicken..Sorry that is just sad

  • Jizz Beard thePirate

    I think all this is, is a Business Decision… All eyes will be mostly on Sony and Microsoft at e3 as they are launching their next generation consoles… I believe Nintendo’s logic is… Will we make more money than we spend doing an large e3 press conference? And they are clearly thinking no… Missing one year isn’t necessarily a bad thing and provided they do some ads, I don’t think they will lose too much…

    However… I do still wish they did an e3 press conference… One announcement of next Super Smash Bros, Zelda, and 3d Mario and everyone is basically on the Nintendo Hype Train.. But at the same time, they are experimenting… And for better or for worse, their “massive” ad campaign that they announced they will do should soften what ever blow the e3 will have at them

  • prettypinkpanacea

    John Kinsley apparently loves the nintendo wii u. Particularly with all his positively glowing articles!

  • prettypinkpanacea

    Why are my messages failing to be posted again!?!

    • prettypinkpanacea

      This site is poo for user comments.

    • prettypinkpanacea

      Why does John Kinsley even bother posting articles on this site?

  • People are forgetting one really big thing about this E3, they aren’t announcing any new systems!

    The PS4 has already been shown off and the Xbox is in a few weeks.

    E3 is pretty much just showcasing games on all sides.

    • smashbrolink

      Actually, unless I’ve missed something substantial in the last few weeks, Sony never showed off the actual console, just its controller, and a little of what the system can do.
      They haven’t done a full-out reveal yet.
      And X-Box is most definitely doing a full reveal at E3.
      So, yeah, they’re both still going to have a lot of hardware motivations for their show, whereas Nintendo already has their hardware known, and now they’re focusing entirely on games.

      • Except Microsoft will be showing their hardware before the end of May. As for Sony, the only thing they didn’t show was the console, but all the important parts have been shown. The only way the physical console would be relevant is if it was really small or something.

        • smashbrolink

          I doubt Micro will reveal everything before E3. They’ll want to save something for the show, just like Sony did by not revealing the looks of their console or announcing a price point, let alone going deeper into the titles available or the status of the selection of games on their Cloud service.

  • Mauricio Guaura

    …See? This is why I don’t visit this shitty page anymore.

    Guys, let’s go to Nintendolife!

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Easy Nintendo. Do your Press Conference and 2 Nintendo Direct, Thats All you need to do

  • crocodileman94

    Another “Nintendo is screwed” article by John Kinsley? I’m sooooooooo suprised.

  • DESS_M_8

    Another reason why I hardly check this site. Utter nonsense and trash article written by a retard.

  • Ray01x

    Troll bait. . . . . . .

  • Is this article somehow saying that if Nintendo suddenly announced the next big thing via youtube and not E3 that it would effectively be regarded as shit?

  • At this years North American International Auto Show Ford (GM, Toyota) will
    not be having a public unavailing event showcasing what’s new to the WORLD. Instead you will just have some side booths where you can pick up brochures about their.

    Doesn’t right does it? Nope. Sounds crazy.

    Nintendo is doing just this and Iwata becoming American headman, not so sure that’s a good thing. His ego has expanded into denial and this only adds to the fire.

    • Kitsune Hazard

      Except the world does not watch E3. Barely anyone does. What they do see? What the reporters report on and Nintendo is having conferences for the press during E3. Crazy, huh? The “record breaking” coverage that spike had a few years go? Just over 4mil people who watched on TV, not exactly earth shattering. Sure, more people watched the coverage online but what do you think they talked about during all that live coverage? Just the big press conferences? Hardly…they talked about everything.

      • It’s not about it airing on television. The auto show isn’t aired either that’s why it’s so important. To create a wow factor, products must have a buzz or else no one will buzz about them.

        • smashbrolink

          The biggest buzz will be formed from those who search for the info online, though.
          After the show is over, that’s where everyone who either could not watch or didn’t bother and just wanted a run-down of announcements is going to be going, if they want the detailed info.
          And there is most decidedly more people who don’t watch the main TV presentation, than those who do, amongst the gaming community.
          In the end, we’re all connected to most of our news via the net, and on the net, no news goes uncovered.[far as E3 is concerned anyways]
          No one is going to miss out on anything. All that on-stage pomp and flair at E3 is just that; pomp and flair. It won’t make nearly as huge an impact as the news itself will, and the news will, undoubtedly, be delivered via exciting announcement trailers for any and all new games.
          The hype won’t be any less so, you just won’t see a small audience screaming in front of Nintendo’s stage over it. You’ll see entire internet comment sections blowing up instead.

  • DragonSilths

    Uhg…face fucking palm. Just change the name of the website to seriously Nintendo is mixing up the formula at least wait till AFTER E3 to see if it hurt them. E3 is dieing and has been going downhill for a few years now. Next year Microsoft and Nintendo and Sony if they’re still around wont do a big show. E3 is finished. The future is the way Nintendo is doing it. Like usual Nintendo does it first which for some retarded reason that is an automatic Nintendo is doomed they don’t know what they are doing yet they are almost always successful. Seriously just wait till AFTER E3. Their Nintendo Directs will dominate and do what they need to do.

  • I agree with this i don’t understand some people here man.. I’m a big Nintendo Fan but some people can’t stay real as i can see..

  • David Thany

    Okay this was a really bad article. It goes on to say throughout the entire article what a huge mistake it is to not have a large showcase event at E3 then at the very end say it’s it’s not that bad though because, quote: “Nintendo is still one of the best game-makers in the world, and the Wii U will be getting a ton of great games over the next year and a half.” What’s the point?

  • BL4CKSH33P

    Um didn’t he right this same article like a week ago, or…?

  • Merham Limba

    WiiUDaily is slowly turning into the DarkSide. I wouldn’t be surprised if this website changes its name into something like “XboxDaily”. Then they would lose all of their fans. Just like what happened to WiiCast. WiiCast got very popular then they went multiplatform. Then nintendo fans stopped visiting the site. Now it’s gone. I don’t know if anyone of you remeber that website.

  • deadmansam

    Wii U Daily author: I’ve got nothing to write about on this shitty website, so why don’t I make an article on how bad I think the Wii U is doing? Not going back to this website again..

  • JG711

    The last few years that Nintendo have taken center stage at E3, the press left confused, bewildered, and/or disappointed. Your argument is invalid just upon that premise alone. Nintendo have been able to garner way more attention and street cred just by talking to their fans directly.

  • val berger

    Sessler totally nailed it down:

  • Arthur Jarret

    I disagree.

    Commercial attention to E3 has, despite being televised in a few countries, decreased year by year. Currently, a strong online presence – especially on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) shows it has much wider reach to both new & existing customers.

    This does not only concern E3 or videogames, CEBIT, HK trade show and many other of the big tech events draw less and less attendees every year. These types of events simply do not fit with the current times – where it is easy to reach consumers in a more direct way than putting on a little stage show for the press.

    Nintendo is just the first one moving away from doing a big press conference – but I think they won’t be the only one to do so next year.

  • this proves you are a dumbass with nothing to report. you should never another article about the wii u you sound like a troll

  • Jason Setley

    Wii U, dont you understand whats at hand now for Nintendo?
    This is a great move, for the future,also its not the first time a major company has done this.

  • gamesplayswill

    Please Wii U Daily…. just stop and let Nintendo get on.
    This is one reason why there is so much hate….

  • none

    Wiiudaily suck now. Havnt been here in 4 months. is 100X better and post 2-4 posts daily.wiiudaily avrages 2 week.
    Adios wiiu daily.

  • What nintendo fails to realize is that nintendo direct its for nintendo fans already, if you dont have a 3ds or wii u, you dont watch nintendo direct and at e3 there are new fans to gather or other plataforms players that are eagearing for a change

  • fireheartis1

    When I see an article by John Kinsley I don’t even have to read to know it’s trash. When is the owner of this website going to stop letting this dude wright articles. I’m pretty tired of the trash this guy writes. It’s always doom and gloom for Nintendo from this guy. Either this guy is a true Nintendo hater or a one of the biggest trolls on the internet. I’m sick of reading his bull crap and it has to be stopped enough is enough.

  • Potemkin

    Good article.

    Nintendo needs to step up it’s game in order to compete with the others.

    What people don’t seem to understand is that if Nintendo fails to lure third party developers into making games for their system, it’s only going to be Nintendo, Platinum Games and Retro making games for that platform.

    Advertisement is what Nintendo needs. Attention from the general public is a MUST and making small directs, which very few people know about (PLEASE, at least know that the general public knows sh*t about these Nintendo Direct) is not enough.

    The BS of Nintendo being in it’s own league has brought them to this situation where they are desperately struggling to attract people and developers.

    Business environment change constantly and the need for adaptation is essential.

    • fireheartis1

      Nintendo is adapting bro don’t you see. Nintendo is holding a smaller closed door conference for 3d parties, retailers, and business partners, and then another conference for the press. That’s a genius move right there bro. It gives them more time to talk about the Wii U and it’s games specifically. Plus Iwata has stated that they will be doing major advertising leading to E3, so expect to see more commercials for the Wii U on TV. The Nintendo directs are for the gaming community Nintendo fans and non fans alike. All the upcoming Wii U and 3DS games will be on display way before the other 2 big companies have their press conferences. That gives people time to go check out Nintendo’s games and see what they have cooking up for 2013 alone. This is a pure genius move on Nintendo’s part and why people can’t see that is beyond me.

      • Potemkin

        I wish I could see the bright side just like you, but these past years with Nintendo have shown me otherwise. I would like Nintendo to be like in the SNES era, when it was not only powerful but also the crib of wonderful games (3rd party games, that is).

        • fireheartis1

          It’s funny because the only 3rd party developer that don’t care about Wii U is EA and to me that’s just fine. That’s why Nintendo is having the smaller conference for 3rd parties, retailer, and business partners to show just how powerful the Wii U truly is. Once they show the 3rd parties who are just on the fence about Wii U they will begin to develop for it. EA is still mad at Nintendo for the whole Origin thing and we all know it. Why do you think a game that will sell well on Wii U like Madden isn’t even going to hit the console. It’s bull crap and EA are pricks for doing such a thing. That’s why these smaller conferences can help Nintendo in the long run with the other 3rd party developers. They can show the others just how powerful the Wii U is by showing off games like Bayonnetta 2 and even Wonderful 101. Those are 3rd party exclusives and to show them in the smaller conference would be more beneficial than trying to do it in a large conference with less time to do it.

  • Andrew W Garttmeyer

    Pull all of your 3DS game on the Wii U and I won’t sell it and never look back.

  • People thought the same when Apple and Microsoft backed out of the huge industry conferences. This is no different. It’s a position of power to do so.

    They have a lot of issues to correct with the Wii U and spending tons of resources on E3 doens’t help them one bit.

  • Graham Gillman

    No Wii U daily they announced it 4 days before you made your wild prediction. You even had it on your website.

  • Wii U sales are so abysmal that Nintendo can’t afford an E3 production! Whoops.

    • smashbrolink

      At least they aren’t selling off corporate buildings like Sony did to recoup losses.
      It’s not that they can’t afford it; it’s that they don’t want to use the money on it this year.
      They’ve got games to make, and every penny that goes into them will make them better.

  • For a wiiu fansite all I see are hate articles from this John guy, makes me upset that he doesn’t believe in Nintendo.

  • $39063977

    many sides to this coin… maybe they’ve run out of money (i doubt), but maybe they are trying a different approach, which may pay up in the end. I believe Nintendo is trying to avoid getting mixed up in a no-win battle of raw power and more shiny graphics (pretty much the only things that next gen sony and ms have on offer). personally, i’ve learned not to be impressed or raise expactations from such shiny conferences. i expect more unique gaming experiences next gen and Nintendo will definitely deliver in that respect. graphics can do it for some games, but even them after a while get all the same.

    • Ok I understand that most don’t look this far in to Nintendo so please believe im not being an ass, Nintendo has about 11-12 billion in the bank they are not and will not, at least for a very long time be in a situation of not having money. They actually have more money than Sony and Microsoft when you count only the gaming divisions of Microsoft and Sony. So they are not doing it for financial reasons, though im sure not having a big E3 event saves them alot of money. I feel they are doing it for no other reason than it makes more sense to not do a big E3 showing and take advantage of alternate means of showing future content. Seeing as E3 is not as relevant as it used to be it is a smart move.

      I also feel that Nintendo will deliver many games that are graphically amazing(Zelda etc.) and maybe even some that match the PS4 and Next Xbox in power, seeing as the PS4 and next Xbox wont reach full potential power until much later. I also believe unique experiences that we expect from Nintnedo will be present.

  • Merham Limba

    WiiUDaily is slowly turning into the DarkSide. I wouldn’t be surprised if this website changes its name into something like “XboxDaily”. Then they would lose all of their fans. Just like what happened to WiiCast. WiiCast got very popular then they went multiplatform. Then nintendo fans stopped visiting the site. Now it’s gone. I don’t know if anyone of you remeber that website.