Jan 22nd, 2014


Japan’s prominent business and economy magazine Toyo Keizai ranks Japanese companies each year according to four different aspects of their business, including growth, profitability, safety, and scale. These sums for these categories are then added and ranked to determine how well a company is doing for the past year. The interesting thing about this list is that Nintendo has nearly dropped from it this year, thanks to the harsh news Nintendo delivered over the last week.

At the top of the list is Namco Bandai, jumping up to the 126th spot on the list versus being listed as 442nd last year. Here’s a full look at the jump for some major Japanese video game companies, including Sony, Capcom, Tecmo Koei, Konami, and Nintendo.

  • 126th – Namco Bandai – Last year’s position: 442nd
  • 157th – Broccoli – Last year’s position: not ranked
  • 173rd – Nihon Falcom – Last year’s position: 215th
  • 292nd – Sony – Last year’s position: 163rd
  • 318th – Capcom – Last year’s position: 701st
  • 363rd – Sega – Last year’s position: 133rd
  • 363rd – Marvelous AQL – Last year’s position: not ranked
  • 390th – Tecmo Koei – Last year’s position: 451st
  • 567th – Konami – Last year’s position: 355th
  • 1647th – Nintendo – Last year’s position: 219th

As you can see, Nintendo had a large fall from grace, being near the top of the list last year and dropping more than 1,000 places. The company received an excellent safety rating thanks to its huge bank account, but it suffered with profitability and scale, while growth nearly killed the Kyoto giant, ranking the lowest possible score. Ouch.

Hopefully we’ll see Nintendo turn its fortunes around this year so we can see them climb back up this list in 2015.

[via DualShockers]

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  • Diaz

    How is Sony higher if they are practically bankrupt?

    • Guest

      Never mind I read that wrong because I thought the list was in descending order.

    • That guy who hates Spike

      They rely on what happened that same year, and determine how well they will do this year.
      Sony will launch the PS4 in Japan. It will likely sell like hotcakes. Plus, they have a whole year to recover if the PS4 misses the proffitable target.
      From what I’m hearing the Playstation Vita TV is selling alot
      Analysts believe that 4K UHD Tvs will start to become very popular this year, so Sony will likely be at the top area
      Sony Pictures Entertainment also seems to be taking a very dramatic shift by not being as big budgeted, but will still have killer successes like Amazing Spiderman 2 this year.

  • Iwata

    Hopefully we will bounce right back up!


  • Kingdom Hearts fan :3

    I hope Nintendo wont stop making new consoles :/

    • Rukiafan Rukiachan

      Never believe this doom and gloom articles what you read on the internet. WII U will survive and Nintendo will not abandoned the console market.

  • Satoru Iwata

    No one can keep Nintendo down for long. We will rise up again and defeat the powers of Sony and Microsoft. Please understand very much, that you are playing with power.

    Thank you for supporting Nintendo.

    • Iwata


      • Satoru Iwata

        Hello my twin. Nice to see you again. With double the Iwata, Nintendo will be in good hands.

        • Iwata

          Nice to see you too! And yes, I agree.

      • Dj

        You’re scaring me, both of you…

        • Iwata

          We are very sorry about that. But tell us, what’s so scary about it?

          • Dj

            What does it mean if theres two Iwatas? Is there a fake?

          • Iwata

            Why no! As the other said above, we are both twins!

          • Nicolas Dorion

            Oh hell I’m sick of you people pretending to be Iwata or Reggie, is that really what you consider humor?

    • Sam

      Can I have your autograph? Please?

      • Satoru Iwata

        I will send it in the mail with a free demo of Super Smash Bros U.

        Satoru Iwata

        • Sam

          Wow thanks!
          I don’t know how you know my address but um…

          • Satoru Iwata

            Iwata knows everything. That is the power of Nintendo. Please understand very much.

          • crocodileman94

            Everything but the western market.

          • Satoru Iwata

            The western market will be converted into a Nintendo loving domain. I’m sorry that this will upset you, but you will appreciate Nintendo that much more. Sony and Microsoft’s days are numbered. Please understand very much.


          • ICHI

            I don’t understand why people vote down good comedy

        • Blue Hernandez

          cool I’ll PM you my address and then can I have a Sonic doll riding Yoshi, please understand how awesome that sounds.

    • Ducked

      So Iwata, when do you plan on buying Japan?

      • Satoru Iwata

        When prime minister Shinzō Abe gives his official surrender to the Triforce, Japan is ours for the taking. Nintendo Land will be loved by the world.

        • Ducked

          Yes, and Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule will be included?

          • Satoru Iwata

            Mushroom Kingdom will be the capital of Nintendo Land. Hyrule will be the biggest city. Please understand.

    • gamesplayswill

      Nintendo Triforce:


    • Nintendoro

      Get a F**ing job, moron !!!!

      • Satoru Iwata

        There is no reason to be upset my honorable gamer. With a dose of Pikmin 3 with a side of Wonderful 101, your spirits will be back up. Or perhaps you’ll just drink spirits. Either way works for us at Nintendo.

        Thank you and please understand very much.

    • gerome

      NO! i am tired of your nonsense! you promise and promise that nintendo will change, and nothing happens! please understand my sweet bottom!

    • LopsidedPasta

      a) STFU no one likes you.
      b) If John Kinsley had posted this, he would’ve been trolled hard.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        44 likes on this comment. Plus more going through out this article. How does no one like him?

        • LopsidedPasta

          EDIT: No one cares what you have to say. They’re all just jacking off to your avatar. Is that better?

          Also, 44 Guest votes? Are you dumb enough to actually fall for that? LOL

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Disqus must be messed up on your end due to maintenance. I see more users than guest votes. Lol. I think you’re a bit upset over an impersonator account.

          • LopsidedPasta

            Well, maybe. And yes, I am annoyed at impersonator accounts. They do nothing to enhance the quality of the site, and make it so other people with actual things to say can’t be heard.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            How so? Just because their comments can be top comment and push some comments down in the section, doesn’t mean people don’t scroll down to see them. While they may not enhance the site, they do bring enjoyment or entertainment to it, which most here appear fine with. Only a handful are the exception.

            We get that you don’t like them, but you have to accept that they are most likely sticking around. In this case, it’s deal with it, or move along. Not much you can do. No one is dying from it. Lol.

    • William Cole

      M-m- Mister IWATA! It’s such a pleasure to meet you!… wait a second…
      you’re not Iwata!

      Quick question! What is your… favorite fruit!? The Iwata imposters always get this one wrong.

  • 8ruc3

    So what? Nintendo will come back on their feet.

    • Wildman

      Nintendo hasn’t fallen yet. They only fell on the ranking of Japan’s companies.
      That means little in the big picture of things. They’ll come back around no doubt.

  • Eduardo

    Just politics Nintendo it’s still god of video games period.

  • Shane

    The power of talking shit

  • Nintendoplaystation

    2014 will be a big year for wii u, remember iwata’s stated sales is for this financial year which ends April before the big hitters. So next financial year starting April il be a different story.

  • Sdudyoy

    Next year they will do better, I really don’t think Nintendo is doing as bad as everyone is saying.

    • GregoryTheRainMaker

      This. There is no doubt Nintendo is struggling with the Wii U, but now it’s just getting ridiculous.This is being blown up more than necessary. All Nintendo did was lower their forecast, because they didn’t believe they were going to reach their “own” goal which nobody believe they were going to reach 9 million to begin with. The way everything is being portrayed you’d think NIntendo is going bankrupt. I assume the gaming media is doing this because of the game drought we are in for all the systems…they don’t have anything major to talk about. They can only put up negative articles to get clicks.

      • Tiago Gomes

        Doom articles of Wii u is what is killing Nintendo in my opinion! If a person have an idea of getting a wii u and do some research on the internet the only thing it will find are doom articles ofc they think twice and dont buy one! Sorry for bad text, portuguese guy here :)!

      • Jonathan George Anaya

        While I want to agree with you, how does this look?
        “Investors, remember when we told you that we were going to make $550 Million? Yeah…. we kinda actually lost $250 million….”
        Pokémon XY, Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker, Mario World, and the 2DS couldn’t help bring Nintendo Net Profits. What more are they to do?

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    You just did this just for the negative hits. Weak.

  • Tekina Sibawo

    I think it’s time for Iwata to step down

    • Iwata


    • Satoru Iwata

      You will never take me alive. Please understand.

      • Iwata

        There are two of us anyways. That makes it twice as hard!

        • Satoru Iwata

          Indeed, brother. Sony and Microsoft won’t stand a chance.

  • Mj78

    Satoru Iwata is a very stubborn man but I really fail to see how he can keep refusing to resign. Surely no one can have any confidence in him any more. All Wii U needs is a bit of effort and he seems to not bother. Some times you have to stand aside and let someone fresh have a go. Iwata is doing Nintendo little favours by staying in position.

    • Iwata


      • Wildman

        I have faith in Nintendo and Iwata-san.
        “Leave Luck to Heaven”

        • Iwata

          Thank you, Wildman!

          • Wildman

            No problem sir.

    • I am Error.

      NOA needs more freedom. Japan is clearly not in touch with US audiences these days if you look at the commercials Nintendo airs here. And the print ad campaign? Yikes. Reggie seems cool, but he’s being used as a figurehead. I have this vision of him giving NOJ plenty of feedback, but of them mostly ignoring his reports from the field. US gamers are glad to express what they’d like to see. Look at us! We’re free focus group data =)

  • Heaven on Earth

    Nintendo you have to do better and bring good AAA games to the wii u on a consistent basis and without games you are not only giving more fuel to critics but you are destroying the hopes of us wii u owners.The best way to start rebuilding is not by making another system that would be throwing all our hard money down the drain but make the games that we desperately need sure Mario 3d world was great but I rather would have sunshine or galaxy 3 , metroid, or does starfox rings bell, we know zelda is coming but when,You only fail Nintendo when you have nothing to give and I think the war is far from over its only the beginning you have franchises that can turn this ball around I am not dissapointed in the technology of the wii u only the lack of effort you guys fail to promote and bring software to what us supposed to be nexy generation step it up Nintendo.

    • I am Error.

      Despite being the longest run-on sentence I have ever read… you make some good points. <(period)

      • Heaven on Earth

        Lol was typing on my galaxy sorry but yea the wii u is a innovative console I just wish Nintendo put some serious effort into the wii u and not take for granted we will always be here because of mario and zelda.

  • D.M.T

    So let me get this straight: the 3DS is DOMINATING in Japan and the Wii U is doing better now and yet Sony is much more “powerful”? Really? REALLY? I can’t take this list seriously.

    • C4

      The linked source explains the rating in detail

      “It still got an excellent safety rating with 998, while profitability
      and scale were average with 774 and 708. What really penalized Nintendo
      was an awful growth score: It was awarded the lowest possible 500”

      Basically everything except growth looks at least not that worrying on that scale.

  • Squid

    They’ll get up soon.

    • xdrewxnl

      As I was scrolling through the comments I thought you said “they’ll get it up soon”. Struck me funny.

  • jhell

    nintendo is the best to me

  • Shy Guy

    Capcom, the company now notorious for killing Mega Man and shady DLC practices scored that high while Nintendo scored that low? I question the reliability of this list.

    • Mario

      Uh. Good point.

    • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

      Its Nintendo´s fault man

    • Andrew Chambers

      Four words: Capcom, Monster Hunter, Japan.

      • Shy Guy

        … touche

  • olajuwon_patterson

    that sucks for nintendo but i am happy for namco lets go bring the power!!!

  • Ace

    Please understand the situation.

  • Rinslowe

    I dont care where they’re placed tbh – 1st or 1000th. It’s Nintendo, arguably the most important company to gaming in gaming history.
    Is that not enough already… Why should I care about their position in this list?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Well if you read the article, it’s talking about where they are placed on the finance list, not about their importance to the industry. Of course being the most important company in gaming history is your opinion which you are certainly entitled to.

      • Rinslowe

        I know what the article was about which is why I said I don’t care where they’re placed and why after reading it… Was that difficut to read?
        And thank you really for once again pointing out to a poster on Wii U Daily the obvious “we are entitled to our opinions….”
        You also missed the part where I mentioned – “arguably” – clearly indicating personal opinion.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          ” Arguably the most important company to gaming in gaming history.
          Is that not enough already?”

          While you did say you don’t care, the next sentence shows that you clearly do from where I look at it. I think if you didn’t care, there wouldn’t be no reason to comment on it, but that’s just me. I can read quite well, I just didn’t buy it. Nothing more.

          “You also missed the part where I mentioned – “arguably” – clearly indicating personal opinion.

          I read it well. I did notice you suddenly edited it to strengthen your point rather than admit your wording was off. Nice try though.

          No reason to get offended or take it the wrong way. Lol.

          • Rinslowe

            What are you talking about?
            Arguably, you need to relax, lol…

            It was an opinion…
            Implying that a person cannot edit their post to better reflect the point being made, or to avoid confusion is what is really – off – here. Or that I am somehow obligated to you in any way for my opinion is just odd…

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I am well relaxed, don’t see where I’m calling you names or yelling at you. Lol. Looks like a backtrack in words from where I sit. Though if you wanna call it making it clear, then be my guest. Having said that, this is about the most time I’ll give your type, I know how you are. ;P

            Good night.

          • Rinslowe

            What the?
            Are you feeling ok today Gonzalez?

            “Having said that, this is about the most time I’ll give your type, I know how you are”

            Was that really necessary? A cheap personal dig.
            lol to that…

  • DragonSilths

    This is a good thing. After Iwata admitted to fucking up and misreading the markets outside of Japan, this is the kick in the ass to get Nintendo to actually FIX THE ISSUES, that Nintendo Fanboys are blind to.

  • Old School

    Not surprising when you have garbage games (except for 2), waste so much da*% time playing around with that virtual console crap and have a horrible marketing team! Nintendo is lucky it has Mario Kart 8 and Smash coming out otherwise it would be better to just stick to handhelds.

  • Old School

    Can someone tell Nintendo for me that whoever is in charge of Mario Kart 8’s marketing/updates is doing a pathetic fu*$&@g job!! No character updates, not a single battle course shown, nothing to keep us excited.

    Tell them to take a lesson from who’s in charge of Smash Bros marketing/updates. They are showing updates about characters, stages and keeping the hype going. On top of all of that, Smash is coming out later then MK8 LOL!

  • Petri

    Is Nintendo purposely being quiet on Wii U

    are they trying to artificially replicate what happened to 3DS?
    I just can’t believe, that transition to HD and internet era really caught them pants down.

    What ever they are doing, they should start making some announcements soon.