Jan 19th, 2014

Nintendo dominates JapanTalk about total domination. While the Wii U may be struggling, and while Nintendo is taking a hit on its share price, there is some positive news. Nintendo has been utterly dominating the Japanese software charts throughout 2013. And the recently released sales figures for the whole year confirms that the company is still on top in the Japanese market.

9 out of 10 best selling games in Japan in 2013 were on Nintendo platforms, according to Famitsu. The only non-Nintendo game to make the list was Grand Theft Auto V, which only managed to get to a number 8 spot.

The list is dominated by DS and 3DS games. The Wii U is represented twice on the list, with New Super Mario Bros U and Wii Party U. Here’s the complete list of the top selling games in Japan in 2013:

  1. Pokemon X / Y – 3,976.829
  2. Monster Hunter 4 – 3,923,312
  3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 1,730,182
  4. Friend Collection: New Life – 1,580,067
  5. Dragon Quest VII Remake – 1,227,377
  6. Puzzles and Dragons Z – 1,005,697
  7. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – 982,737
  8. Grand Theft Auto V – 605,882
  9. New Super Mario Bros. U – 584,479 (bundle sales included)
  10. Wii Party U – 518,776 (bundle sales included)

While Nintendo hasn’t been doing as well overseas, it’s safe to say that we can retire the “Nintendo is doomed” trend for now.

Via Famitsu (in Japanese)

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  • Gabe Hoffman

    Doomed DOOOOOOOOMED I tell ya!

    • Guest

      Gabe….is that really you?

      • Gabe Hoffman

        Its sarcasm

  • Guest

    “we can retire the “Nintendo is doomed” trend for now.”


    “there’s not much more “Nintendo is doomed” I can add to this.

  • Hugh Quinn

    but nintendo is dommed…

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    Nintendo is not condemned, only that now, you have to do things we did
    not want to, perhaps advertising in mobile phones, and cheapen your
    console by removing the backwards compatibility,game and wiiu gamepad. i
    like much the gamepad but since. You can not win something without
    losing something else to change.

    • AlienFanatic

      Backwards compatibility can be easily accomplished via software emulation, especially since Nintendo owns the patents and can use native code. I doubt that even the Wii’s games would tax the Wii-U that heavily if they leveraged AMD’s GPU. (I wonder if the Wii-U’s GPU can use Mantle or if they use such an old core that it cannot?)

      • Brandon

        It doesnt use mantle but nintendo put a custom api in the gpu

      • Akatosh

        Why not cheapen the console via offering the Wii U gamepad as a side item and packaging the console with the Pro controller instead. Knock $50 off right there.

        • AlienFanatic

          I owned the Wii-U for nearly a year before I sold it. (The rate of release and quality of the VC titles were TERRIBLE, which was the only reason I had kept it that long.) During that time, I used the GamePad’s features very infrequently and greatly preferred a standard controller. I too wish Nintendo would just admit that the GamePad offers no compelling reason for the upcharge and instead work on allowing the Wii-U to connect to the 3DS for the same function. (Amazingly, in this day and age, the 3DS lacks Bluetooth so this may not be possible.)

          To be honest, I say this not knowing if removing the GamePad is technically feasible. Even when you use a controller, the GamePad remains on. Nintendo has made some weird engineering choices and I worry that the Wii-U will continue to suffer for them.

          • Deadpool U

            So Nintendo should drop the gamepad because you didn’t like it?

          • Relick

            It is not technically feasible, too many games use it as a key component now for it to be possible, some not even allowing the pro controller to be used.

            Also, the 3DS uses Wifi (as does the WiiU Gamepad). Neither use bluetooth because it isn’t good enough. The Wiimote on the other hand does use bluetooth.

        • Deadpool U

          So sell the key component seperately? No just no

    • Deadpool U

      No just no.

      • RecheDiazrivarola

        As the owner of a wiiu i don’t like how it sounds but because if the
        company needs to recover because I believe that the followers we ought
        to be a little more sympathetic, which offer demos for smartphones and
        sell wiiu gamepad separately only as something optional as mapped or
        It would be good if you can offer a
        cheap version for your console for $170.and since there is nothing wrong
        about the ps4 is a cheap version of himself in which Sony only earns $4
        per unit, i would be happy with my wiiu gamepad and surely an
        ambassador program that would give me.

        • RecheDiazrivarola

          Pardon my English is a little bad, but it is that I am from Spain and I want that wiiu sold in my country.

        • Deadpool U


          First off smartphone demos are stupid
          Second the gamepad is the Wii U’s key component it’d be stupid to sell it separately
          Third Get some grammar lessons and lay off the ‘enter’ key.

  • Ryushi

    Hey it’s a positive article from John!
    I kid, I kid, I kid.
    But seriously, this is great news and I’m happy to see Nintendo retaking Japan in hardware sales, now let’s go for America top ten domination sales!

  • Rukiafan Rukiachan
    • RockieOllie

      Starcraftland lol!

    • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

      I can’t wait to sail on the Sea of Nintendo to go Cheep Cheep fishing.

    • Shy Guy

      Excellent, now that precedent has been created I shall purchase Russia and rename it Tetrussia!

      • Josiah Parsons

        Hungary needs re-named RubiksTopia.

    • That guy who hates Spike

      Sea of Nintendo?
      I guess that “Blue Ocean Strategy” Nintendo went with in Gen 7 really worked.

    • Zanzama

      They really dropped the bomb with Pokemon

      • Magnus Eriksson

        The ball, not the bomb. They dropped the ball.

        • Zanzama

          That attempt at trolling was… weak even for your standards. Need some inspiration?

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Its not trolling, its a fact. Iwata himself admits it. He even acknowledge the Wii U to be a dead flopped product, and that he was too incompetent to understand what the market wants.

            I saw all this happening a long time ago, trying to explain it for you fanboys for very long. But you were busy celebrating what everyone agrees was stupid business decisions. Are you not ashamed of yourself? You should be.

          • Zanzama
          • DarkYoshi

            I didn’t hear anyone mentioning Wii U? Did you? ‘Cause I only heard Pokèmon.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Oh, my bad. This is a Wii U site and Pokemon Rumble was just great…

    • tronic307

      I thought I read Koopa Strait for an instant lol!

    • readypembroke

      There goes that damn Anti-Nintendo Disqus troll.

    • Nathan C.

      How did you get so many downvotes? >_<

      • WolfgangAmadeusMozart

        It must be some hacker who is messing with the voting system.

  • Deadpool U

    A positive non-clickbait John article? Mind blown!

    • That was beautiful…. I think I cried a little…. and peed..

    • The Clockwork Being

      The universe will blow up as this is impossible!

    • Ducked

      He sneaked in some sarcasm but he pulled it off

    • eichs22

      Dr Jimes Tooper can’t comprehend the amount of software Nintendo sold because that number is really really really really really really really really really really really fun.

    • uPadWatcher


      • Magnus Eriksson

        Are you happy now? Getting to read what you want to read instead of the truth? This is a Wii U page, and Wii U still did crap in Japan.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      kind of hilarious to see crybabies like you actually can cry so much that J.K. writes what you want to hear instead of reporting on the truth.

  • Shagrath1983

    mr. iwata needs to relocate to America or the UK and start absorbing the culture outside of Japanese influence.

  • Jack5221

    Lol, love how at the end, he says “We can retire the Nintendo is doomed trend” when John Kinsleys one of the morons on that bandwagon.

    • Ducked

      Wii U Daily ordered him to do it

      • Magnus Eriksson

        Fanboys on this page cried so much that he felt sorry for them.

  • Mario

    Man! I really need to get Pokemon X or Y!

    • Deadpool U
    • Ace

      Yes you do.

    • Diana of Themyscira

      You won’t regret it, it’s amazing.

      • D.M.T

        It’s weird seeing you here on Wii U Daily Chelsii. I thought you hated Nintendo.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Hate again… You really cannot think outside the dichotomy of love and hate? There are things in between you know.

          • D.M.T

            Don’t comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about Fagnus. Chelsii used to talk shit about Nintendo which is why I thought she hated them. There’s a difference between criticism and bashing and she bashed Nintendo.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Why do you call me fag-nus? Do you have anything against homosexuals or something? Actually homophobia would fit quite good into your pattern of hate. So it doesnt surprise me.

        • Diana of Themyscira

          You’re too easy to wind up, that’s why. I might get the Wii U when the price drops, along with Wind Waker.

          • D.M.T

            The Wii U already had a price drop, it went from $350 to $300 for the Premium model and it won’t get a price drop anytime soon. I suggest you stop being cheap.

          • Diana of Themyscira

            I suggest you go back to your hole.

      • Mario

        Oh I’m so getting it!

  • William Martinez

    Good news, now 2014 will be the same… i hope they release zelda wii u this year and obviously X from monolith soft.

  • Josie the Sketcher

    I must say that Animal Crossing New Leaf is a amazingly addictive game. It’s like heroin but harmless. Not surprised it’s in the top three.

    Now if only Nintendo could get their Wii U to become a success outside of Japan.

    • Leo

      Animal Crossing New Leaf is a dangerous way to ditch real life, once you start it you cant stop lol

    • Sdudyoy

      Yeah, I recently started that game, my little brother got it for Christmas but It’s addicting, I still prefer the classic Gamecube version, but this one is close second.

    • abe

      Its not harmless, dont play for a week and see the horror!

    • Guest
    • companyoflosers


  • Ace

    With this information, do you think Nintendo’s going to focus most of there efforts in Japan? Because there hardware and software sell better there? and more or less ignore the western world? I mean, they’re kinda already doing that with Hyrule Warriors. That looks like a game that would appeal to only japanese gamers and not really western ones. (Because Dynasty Warriors is far more appealing in Japan and not in the west.) Nintendo is a global company and should appeal to everyone and not favor just one country. I’m not saying make a first person shooter and appeal to everyone but what I am saying is keep all countries in mind and not just one.

    • Akatosh

      FPS = Metroid.

  • RoboticLink

    Although this is good news, the only reason Nintendo is dominating is because of the 3DS. The two Wii U games on this list are in 9th and 10th place.

    Nintendo is far from doomed but the Wii U isn’t doing as well as we wish it was

    • Shinigami King

      Because there are only two Wii U games are on the list it can be misconstrued that the wii u software is doing poorly but if you think about it, this shows that if you remove the 3DS sales, there are two wii u games in the top three, which is pretty decent.

    • Gameonfool

      But Nintendo as a whole ain’t doing that bad really

  • wiimenonowiiu

    It is there back yeard and id say china they do as good

  • “Retiring “Nintendo is doomed” for now.”What are you talking about?Nintendo isn’t doomed,at all.Plus,I’ll give Nintendo time to sell more consoles.

  • LevenThumps

    This is good news from Nintendo. Hopefully 2014 will see Nintendo dominate in Japan again, but with a few more WiiU games up there as well.

  • Sdudyoy

    Nintendo + Handheld + Japan = Dominance.

  • Brandon

    The 3ds is doing well but the wii u is just doing bad and when the ps4 launches in japan its going to knock wii u out the charts. Im not saying the wii u sales are going to suck but obviously the ps4 is going to do alot better but the 3ds will most likly stay on top.

    • Akatosh

      Except the only games available currently on the PS4 are games like GTA and that’s number 8 on the list. Japan’s culture is waaaaaay different then what PS4 has right now. That’s why they delayed PS4.

      • Brandon

        Gta is not on ps4 but playstation is a japanese company and its going to do well when it launches. They already said they have alot of pre orders over there already and the ps3 did good because it had a lot of japanese games so the ps4 is obviously going to do good also.

    • NkoSekirei

      wat games ps4 doesnt have that many so saying it knock the wii u out of the charts is stupid.Keep dreaming dude.

      • Brandon

        It has many great games coming and the ps4 has new features that ps3 owners been waiting for that wii u doesnt have.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    John is posting good news. Think about yesterday folks

  • David Trail

    More people need to buy Wii U. It’s an amazing console!

  • ETeach

    This site is so bipolar. News is either super positive or super negative 0.0′

    • Nookling

      Thats cuz the Wii U is selling super bad and 3DS super good

    • Deadpool U

      No that’s just John we don’t know if he’s anti Nintendo or just here to mess with us.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      True, most of the authors here are liars. Everyone but John who dares to speak the truth.

      • Wighead

        Good one 😉

  • Alex

    We want Monster Hunter 4 outside of Japan come on if Capcom won’t do it I hope Nintendo would.

  • Grand Theft Auto V in Japan would be even more amazing if they brought it Wii U… imagine the sales

    • Shota

      inventory and map on the gamepadscreen…..off-tv play.. holycrap gta v on wii u would blow up sales

  • Donaald

    Iwata said it best, they know what the trends in Japan are but are oblivious regarding the west, it’s still not to late though, they can still recover their lost market.

  • wober2

    Random tangent but i think nintendo’s wiiu might be the mist suited to a vr headset like occulus rift. All they would need is an altered wiiu gamepad with off screen play… This could help the wiiu win over the core gamer audience and justify their hardware departments.

  • Kyle

    To be honest, I’m suprised Wii Party U sells so good, bundle or no bundle. Nintendo needs to capitalize on China to boost them.

  • Zanzama

    Don’t tell this is… John Kinsley… with actual news?

    • DarkYoshi

      Stop bullying this poor guy xD nah when i think of it.. LET HIM FEEL OUR WRATH

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Just hope Nintendo..especially IWATA starts to listen to fans “really” now instead of insisting on this stubborn path that’s hurting them more than helping…otherwise a Nintendo without Iwata will become reality soon enough. I like Iwata, but if he continues to be stagnant it will be time to get someone who can better lead Nintendo. Change has to be real..not just words for the moment, so you can look like you’re humble…yet you don’t end up doing anything. I will watch to see what Iwata and Nintendo actually do over the months just like most people will. IT’S TIME FOR ACTION!

    • Michael Ocampo

      Listen to the fans to a degree though and they’d need to do SOME stuff like their competitors but in a different fashion. Adding more online if it could work instead of shoehorning it in there. Tons more they could do.

      • Eduardo

        Virtual console Gamecube/Dreamcast/Wii.

        • Michael Ocampo

          That’s why i said listen to a degree… really? Wii on Virtual console when the Wii U has Backward compatibility and most Wii games are in the stores anyways

          • Eduardo

            Ok not wii then your right that was a brain fart. My bad. But Gamecube and Dreamcast would be bad ass and the stocks would sky rocket.

    • NkoSekirei

      i wonder if iwata has a account on the wii u cause if he does we could send him messages directly.

    • leo

      Iwata must go or he must understand US

      • Wighead

        You mean us or USA, because if us is the japanese gamers, he is understanding them, but if US is USA or NA then he is not understanding us, the biggest market.

    • Simon Stevens

      This whole console war stuff is starting to feel a lot like my football team (Tottenham Hotspur), we had a lovely man as our manager, within his short time at the club, he had a decent season, nearly had cup success, as well as league success, but broke club records never the less, felt like we were really getting somewhere under his leadership, albeit in a less desirable manor, come this season, things start to fall apart, no real improvement on the team despite big names coming to the club, results were poor, inevitably, he lost his job, very nice guy and he did a good job, but the man in charge now is also a nice guy, more up to the footballing standard set by the premier league and results are flowing in, things couldn’t be better, this is how I see Nintendo right now, a great company with great assets available to them, but under out dated leadership which isn’t utilizing them properly, everybody involved and everybody in love with Nintendo will all support Iwata, blindly almost, but it doesn’t mean they can’t give that level of support to a new guy, they need somebody already within the company who knows the company inside out, a young boy who’s Nintendo through and through, Nintendo are a great company and with there ips, deserve to be the greatest, not the laughing stock there portrayed to be right now, the Wii U has been an absolutely farcical, but somebody out there can turn it around and show us it’s potential, Iwata is a lovely man who commands a great deal of respect, but it doesn’t mean he’s the right man to take the company forward, the Wii got lucky on a gimmick, the DS was in production way before he arrived, I think if he ever had any ideas, he’s completely deflated and has none now.

      • Wighead

        Totally true, but it is a japanese company and sometimes it looks like they prefer bankruptcy than to defy their boss ideas and way of doing things. We now live in a fast world which requires fast actions, sometime brutal. I think that the japanesse traditionnal way of operating may be hurting them in a global/world market.

        • Simon Stevens

          I feel that’s what’s dragging them back, it’s the definition of operating like the 80s, back then it was just acceptable to scrap a console and start again, the market has changed since then, there stuck with the Wii U and looking back on the gamecube, unless they get some momentum going by port begging and forming third party relationships, it’s going to be one long generation for the Wii U, yeah people say it’s cheaper so it should sell, and as good as the family friendly first party ips are, in comparison, it’s not good value for money, I feel a man of Iwata’s generation will never figure out the mindset of modern people.

  • The Clockwork Being

    9 out 10 were by Nintendo thats true. But wow most are 3DS games! And the fact that Wii Party U is in that top 10 comes to show that Japan sure does love to party!

  • Jordan Junior Smith

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  • Blaž Cegnar

    Fukushima accident is still critical and unstable. Radiation is getting out of hand. If and when it blows – no more Nintendo and Sony. Please understand.

  • FutureFox

    This is old news. Nice try John. Not fooling everyone.

  • lonewolf

    I was wondering for a while now why is not wiiudaily posting any news about sales outside of Japan fo example Usa and etc because there is no other way we could know if the wii u is doing badly overseas or not.

    • Brandon

      Because everyone already knows the wii u is doing bad overseas

  • InterTreble

    Yep. Wii U is not doomed, Nintendo even less. There is room (and games) to revert the situation. Again.

  • Gameonfool

    I think kinsley was ordered to post something positive

  • Eduardo

    Wii U should do been called “Super Wii”.

  • Eduardo

    Nintendo s next console should be called Nintendo entertainment system 7 or NES7. Is will be there 7th home console.

  • Sam

    Well its not console sales.

  • Kurt Schneider

    Just sell the system without the gamepad with a pro controller and sell gamepad as an optional device.

    $199 without tablet give sports club and another game. With pro controller.
    $250 with tablet and sports club and mario U

    Done. And keep games coming. Make Virtual U a better deal as well.

    • Deadpool U

      The gamepad is Wii U’s main it makes no sense to sell separately.

    • Virus6

      And when the main UI of the system is controlled with the GamePad, how will that work? You can’t even go through the setting without the GamePad.

      • Kurt Schneider

        A system update would work. I love the gamepad by the way. I have many games and most don’t even use it.

        If the system is cheaper it will sell. Everything has a price point.

        Super mario 3d world was an almost perfect game and was easier with the pro controller I felt. Having to switch and blow a microphone is the cutting edge we are going to get?

        The promise of the controller is not in the software.

  • @ Eddie Great article about recent Nintendo’s market, i hope now it will get increase revenue by using Japanese charts.