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Hardcore gamers on the Wii U are getting a lot more attention from Nintendo. Last time with the Wii, it was all about (or mostly about) getting the casual folks into gaming. As a result, Nintendo managed to attract a whole new audience and expand the gaming market. But the downside was that hardcore gamers flocked to the other consoles, finding few games on the Wii that appealed to them.

Wii U pro controllersNintendo is looking to change that with the Wii U. The console is powerful enough to attract gamers who care a lot about graphics, it has unique features such as the controller, and most importantly: third party publishers are on board. Titles like Assassin’s Creed 3, Darksiders 2, Batman Arkham City, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will surely appeal to a wide variety of core gamers. But for Nintendo, there’s yet another way to attract core gamers.

Nintendo hardware designer Katsuya Eguchi says that adding the new Wii U Pro controller will make it easier for multiplatform games to come to the Wii U. He believes this is especially important when it comes to multiplayer games. Eguchi says,

“To make it as easy as possible to enjoy certain multiplayer experiences it was important to have that Pro controller. We’re all gamers as well and we appreciate the interest of those hardcore gamers. We don’t want them to feel left out, so we’re making big strides and changes in that area.”

While the Wii U GamePad controller has obvious advantages, it’s easy to assume that some developers would still prefer a more conventional approach. Analyst Michael Pachter recently said that he believes Activision basically forced Nintendo to offer a standard controller for third party games. Activision has said that they prefer the Pro controller for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 instead of the GamePad. It’s easy to understand that some gamers would prefer the Pro controller as well, especially when it comes to fast paced multiplayer shooters.

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  • Draco Breach

    Personally, I like the GamePad. I really like the GamePad. There are a variety of uses I see for it, and I’m not sure I’ll ever really enjoy certain genres on the Wii U without GamePad functionality.

    That said; developers and gamers are given a choice. On Nintendo’s part, it is a really smart move. I think they designed the Wii Classic Controller Pro a little late in its lifecycle. A lot of gamers complained about the flat feel of the original Classic Controller.

    The Wii U Pro Controller is shaped very similarly to the Wii Classic Controller Pro, but its layout mirrors the Wii U GamePad. It’s functional, and it fits.

    If anybody ‘forced’ Nintendo to make the Wii U Pro Controller, it was gamers. Nintendo wants a robust library, and they have multiple avenues to get there.

    I just hope developers carefully consider using the GamePad. I think it has a lot to offer any and all gamers.

    • EvanescentHero

      I like the GamePad too! The uses we’ve seen so far haven’t been anywhere near as gimmicky as most third-party games on the Wii. With so much versatility, I want to see developers using the screen in creative ways. And hey, even if they only put the map or inventory down there, it means less scrolling through menus and interrupting gameplay. Plus if they throw information like health, money, et cetera down there, it means the edges of the screens are less cluttered!

      I really want Valve to apply their amazingness to a game exclusively for Wii U…

    • ChaoSHer0

      Yes i really like the gamepad too because it has a LOT of features but I prefer to use the pro on fighting games and other types of games that have better controls on games like that.So it depends on what game when i use the gamepad or the pro.With the Gamepad when they make a Zelda game on it I could just imagine all the awesome features it could have.Same with Smash Bros.,Metroid,Starfox,ect.So it depends on which game i use which controller.

      • EvanescentHero

        Yeah, some games won’t be suited to the GamePad, just like some games weren’t suited for the Wii Remote. I think the Pro Controller will probably be the best way to play fighting games, including Smash 4. And that’s okay! The Pro is included for developers whose games don’t need the touchscreen. But games like Zelda or Metroid? Hell yeah I want awesome uses of the GamePad! For Star Fox, how about steering the ship by tilting the GamePad? Same for Mario Kart U! And the screen for MKU could show an MKDS/MK7-style map of the immediate area, or it could show what’s behind you–or both, by tapping the screen to swap from one to the other. This is just off the top of my head, and I’m not a game developer, so I’m really excited to see what creative ways developers can come up with to use the GamePad.

        • EvanescentHero

          Oh! And for games that don’t use the GamePad, the extra memory freed up can be put towards making the game look even better or run even smoother. Not that I think graphics matter in the slightest as part of what makes a game worth playing, but I’ll admit that playing a game that looks nice isn’t unwelcome.

    • Slacker

      aaaaa you por babby whiners thats all i fill about cor gamers is pitty

      • OldschoolNintendo

        Learn to spell and leave your mom’s trailer…

      • AKA-Link77


    • joe

      The game pad is nice, it would work well with Sega’s Shenmue Series..
      Yu Suzuki, do you hear me?

    • Ultimate Cheez

      I wonder if you use the game pad for bo because that will be cool like say you got a predator missle and you can use the gamepad to control it as if it were the laptop

      • u mad bro

        im getting the wii u with the pro controller cause its so fricky fricky fresh.

  • trainerblk

    so much potential of this system only the ignorance people don’t see it this system is a true family console for all ages can get on & play casual, core its made to be the ultimate entertainment console for the main room livingroom tv not saying others can’t but i have my ps3 in the bedroom & most my friends aswell but this its only right to be in the livingroom ever thing else degrade such a console

    • Fanboysmasher

      If I understood your post correctly, it looks like you don’t see the potential of this system?

      • trainerblk

        i said it can be in the room, my personily feel for this system is it should be in the mainroom the livingroom, it can be in the buyers room but i feel you won’t get the same exprince you would as a big livingroom in a small bedroom. if you can fit about 5 people in your room with wii wonds & wii u gamepad good. but me i can’t & if i did would’nt want that many people all in my room at once.

  • Alienfish

    I like the idea of a pro controller for WiiU, but I think the biggest mistake will be not pushing the bar or even breaking even as far as what is expected from a standard controller nowadays. They excluded analog triggers and I hear they didn’t even include rumble in the pro controller. I know Nintendo is trying to cut costs and everything, but hardcore gamers appreciate worthwhile hardware and I fear that anyone who picks one of these up is going to put it back down and reach for their Xbox 360 or PS3 controller. I’m going to buy one, of course, but I feel like this is going to be a repeat of the Wii, if not to a lesser degree. Skimp on the graphics if you have to, but give us the controls.

    • UGotWongGuy

      I disagree here slightly. I find the rumble feature to be gimmicky at best, and it is often the first thing I turn off in the option. I play a variety of games, and I have really yet to find a game that the rumble adds to the gameplay.

      Maybe I’m from too “old school” to see the point, but if the controls fit the game, why does the controller need to be “just like everyone else’s”? Nintendo hasn’t exactly followed the crowd on controllers. GameCube and the N64 both had controllers that no other console had, yet they worked perfectly well. So, why does Nintendo have to change their strategy now?

      I don’t care what controller I get, because the PS3 controller is not a XBox360 Controller, and vice versa. So why should the Wii U controller be anything but a controller for a Wii U? Unique to that system, end of story.

      • Alienfish

        Nintendo has also bee known to keep full functionality for their controllers up until the Wii. My point is that if the Gamecube controller had it, this new pro controller should as well. The reason that the pro controller should be everything that Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers are is simply because it is going to be a tool for developers to use when porting multiplatform games. They already have a unique controller to the system in the new gamepad, the pro controller is the one competing for third parties. There are also a lot of people that do care about rumble because it gives physical cues. Analog sticks are good for driving games and giving variance to something that would otherwise be either off or on. I don’t give a flying f*ck what your personal preference is, this is about options, and it is lacking.

    • EvanescentHero

      To be fair, the version shown at E3 might not have been their final version. It may have been rumble-free to reduce weight or cost for making the prototype. And since the GamePad has rumble, I’d be pretty surprised if the Pro controller didn’t. I dunno about analog triggers though. That may not happen. Personally I don’t care if it does or not.

    • CandCmen

      Where did you get the idea of the pro controller not having analog triggers?

      • Alienfish

        It doesn’t, check it out. They’re regular buttons, just like the classic controller pro. Heck, even the first classic controller had them.

        • CandCmen

          Huh. That’s strange. Wii U Daily said that it would have analog triggers… I don’t know who to believe now.

          So, your idea came from looking at a picture of the pro controller?
          Did Nintendo actually say that it wouldn’t have analog triggers?

          Even though the buttons looks like the one in the classic controller, doesn’t actually mean it would be the exact same thing as the one in the classic controller. Nintendo could’ve just adopted the looks of the buttons from the classic to the Wii U pro and spiced it up by adding analog triggers.

          But I didn’t try the pro controller myself. I suppose you tried it?

        • Nintendude

          The Wii U gamepad itself has analog triggers, so why should the Wii U Pro controller not have analog trigger? That would just leave out a bunch of key gameplay elements, and 3rd party developers probably wouldn’t develop for it.

      • Hi8us

        So many people misunderstand the phrase “analog triggers”. Analog triggers refers to the shoulder buttons, not the analog sticks. And unfortunately the ZL and ZR shoulder buttons are just buttons, they’re not analog. Not a big deal but there’s a few games that benefit from them, like driving games.

        • EvanescentHero

          The biggest driving game on Wii U will be Mario Kart U, I’m sure of it…and I dunno, but since it’s a simpler game, all it really needs is either to be driving or not (non-analog button). That being said, I think Nintendo should add analog triggers, simply so developers have more options and so people who bash Nintendo for not having them will stop bitching. I felt the same way about clicky sticks. I personally hate them, but I’m glad Nintendo included them so that developers have the option to use them and everyone can shut up about the Wii U not having them.

          • rafael

            Even the wii has F1 2009, and analogue triggers are greatly missed there…so i hope nintendo will include them.

          • Fanboysmasher

            Nintendo controllers have never had a single analog button. All other consoles since 2000 have not only had analog triggers, but analog face buttons as well. Not to mention a digital button within the analog sticks.

            I guess Nintendo fans who only own Nintendo consoles will be content as long as they don’t know what they’re missing.

  • Wii Uoops!

    I told my friends who are obsessed with Halo and Call of Duty that they were making a Wii U and that you had to admit Sony and Microsoft were going to copy it and that the Wii U would be another SNES era. They didn’t even know what an SNES was, and they looked at me with one eyebrow up like I didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. It gets on my nerves, hardcore gamers doubting the Wii U because of the Wii.

    • trainerblk

      Well honest if your friends don’t know what snes is their are not really a hardcore gamer more like. Casual if u ask me

      • Grodus

        I thought the same thing.

      • Paul

        not forgetting the nes and n64 also

        • TheMaddMan

          It annoys me too. One time I told my friend about the Wii U and he said, “Don’t buy that Nintendo crap.” without even knowing what it was. Some people even refuse to belive that the Wii U is more powerful than the Xbox And PS3.

          • Dan

            I get the same response every time I tell a friend about the Wii U and how it’s going to be the most powerful system on the market. They think I’m joking around. From experience, most people don’t really know about the Wii U. It’s probably because these so called “hardcore gamers” have their heads stuck up their @ss from playing cod on their Xbox or ps3..sad really

          • joe

            Forget the power for a moment. The Nintendo choice is better because of there awesome game line up. Take all Nintendo franchises, add the “hardcore” games everybody seems to want, add the innovative controller, and you have all you need in the gaming world. And if that isn’t enough, throw a Nintendo handheld in the mix, and it’s all good.
            Now, I just hope when it comes to “Hardcore” games, they are not “spinoffs”. If Micro$oft, and Sony get a game like….Assasins Creed (or whatever it’s called, I usually don’t play the hardcore games), then I want Nintendo to get the same game…not a spinoff like “Assasins Creed Goes Apple Picking.” I know the Wii got the “handicapped” versions due to harware limitations….but not this time around…..So bring it, And watch Nintendo dominate once again!

          • Zeldazero

            The sad truth is if it wasn’t for people like us spreading the news most people wouldn’t know what something is till it hit the stores. I have told well over a dozen people about the Wii U. Out of all of them, not 1 of them ever heard of it but when showed them a video on youtube all of them wanted one, a couple were unsure if they would buy on release day. But, I convinced them to pre-purchase one, don’t pick it up till they come over to my place to give it a try. If they don’t like it they can still get thier money back but if they do want it they can just pick it up 🙂

          • gary

            And then there is us nintendo players. wii dont hate. wii just play.

      • LazerK

        These so called “hardcore” gamers are a complete joke these days.All they play are fps after fps,gore-anything with an M rating on it-and all they care about is which console/game is better
        I remember when a “hardcore gamer” was someone who went out of their way to play the games they want almost nonstop from start to finish,regardless of what console its on or the graphics it has

  • Garzard

    I think I’ll be using the pro controller allot

  • ChaoSHer0

    I personally do not care that much about graphics.I care more about the gameplay,controls,story ect.Yes it would be very nice to have good graphics but that most important part of a game.You don’t play a game for graphics you play for what i said earlier, right?And with the pro controller I’ll buy it because I like pushing buttons instead of motion control.Don’t get me wrong I love motion control though.And i’m not saying the gamepad is bad either I would just rather use the pro controller.But thats just me.

  • DerikGotro64

    I still like the idea that nintendo is going this direction.

  • Aenifer

    “Hardcore gamers on the Wii U are getting a lot more attention from Nintendo.”

    That’s a good news, but i hope they won’t focus only on peripherals, but on games also.

  • Dytonics

    If you going to say you want hardcore gamers then you must put the Wii U pro controller in with the bundle for the Wii U. It would be better.

    • jamin

      but that would bring the price up… i really hope they come out with the multiple models with diferent accessories cause i wan’t my Wii U to be as cheap as possible. just a Wii U, a GamePad, and possibly a Wii Remote Plus.

    • joe

      Dude, Nice idea. That would be nice, even if it was an optional system choice, and they could put in an game that uses the controller??

  • SuperShyGuy

    “Hardcore” has become synonymous with First Person Shooters

    As long as the Wii U has more than just Nintendo first party then I will be happy.

    With the N64 and GameCube there was always these long dry spells while you wait for Nintendo to release something because Capcom, THQ, EA, Rockstar ect. would never release their games on Nintendo.

    Every ad would have “Coming Soon to PC, XBOX, PS2” or “Coming Soon to all “major” consoles” which usually meant not Nintendo.

    • Flash4256

      But THQ did release gamea on gamecube. I owned all their wrestling games for the Gamecube. Even the crappy one that was all running around backstage.

  • Ilias

    Good job Nintendo !!
    I love play hardcore games !

  • derty

    Idk bout activision “forcing” Nintendo to make a “pro controller”. Nintendo already made a classic pro for wii and alot of people chose that over the wiimote and nunchuck. y wouldn’t they already want to make one for wiiU? That’s dumb to think nintendo as a company got influenced by another developer to make a controller theyve already made succefully in the past.

    • Zeldazero

      Unfortunately, I would say I disagree. Nothing against Nintendo, but I do believe they did go to certain developers, especially ones that ignored the Wii, and asked them what it would take to get thier support. If I am not mistaken there was no mention of the pro controller when the Wii U was at last years E3. So I am going to assume that certain developers didn’t think the Wii U’s gamepad would suit thier so called “hardcore” followers hence there was a big backlash of Nintendo stock drops after Wii U was announced so somewhere between now and then something persuaded them to make the pro controller. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new gamepad and the options it will bring but sometimes I enjoy just sitting back with a normal controller and playing some fast paced hack and slash button mashing like ninja gaiden without taking my eyes off the screen 🙂

      • EvanescentHero

        When the very first Wii U devkits shipped, the controller they sent with it was a standard one, not the GamePad. Nintendo wasn’t forced to make the Pro controller. They’d always planned to include it.

  • FennexFox

    This is probably the best way for Nintendo to go, letting the developers to chose as well. Nintendo is making sure the Wii U is going towards everyone unlike the Wii which almost had casual gamers.

  • Ledreppe

    I’ll be buying a Pro controller for the same reasons as other commenters, just as soon as it’s made available.

  • JC

    Idk what’s the problem with the game pad. The game pad is like a pro controller with a LED screen. If u ask me I prefer the game pad.

    • EvanescentHero

      The Pro is more compact and not every game will necessarily use the GamePad. The Pro is there for games that don’t need it. For games that don’t use the GamePad, it would be a bit silly to force people to use it, wouldn’t it?

  • fedster

    wow really? we already know this. this aint even news. i appreciate what this site is doing or atleast trying to do but it just saddens me that there is no actual news out there about nintendo. if they just say a word, it gets put on this site. next article—->recent from an interview with nintendo pres and anonymous source: iwata likes grilled cheese… that is all

    • Aman

      That is a good comment, even though it was rated low. I feel like we are fiends waiting for some news, and just the littlest blurb is what we have to take as news. This, in a way, is good news and I like to see that everyone is getting excited for the release.

  • UGotWongGuy

    Quite simply, even if Nintendo doesn’t plan on leaving out “hardcore” gamers, the controller is not the source of the issue. The problem is perception with Nintendo and the console itself.

    What makes someone “hardcore” anyhow? Do they play indie games? Do they own every console ever created? Are they “pro” players? Do they play more than x hours a week? Frankly, the “hardcore” label is a joke, because the term is meaningless. I am a gamer, plain and simple. I play games because I like to, and I play what I like.

  • Butts

    If smash brothers is good then i’ll believe that they actually care about hardcore gamers. Other than that since the pro controller doesn’t come with the Wii U I already feel left out.

  • deSSy2724

    There is no “hardcore”… only 1st party and 3rd party games. Im on the gaming scene since NES and DOS… owned almost any Nintendo and Sony console (including the newest PS3 and Wii), 1-2 years ago i bought a 1500 PC and i play BF3 and similar games on it…. but, does BF3 mean hardcore? no, it doesnt.. 1000h in BF3/CoD is not HARDCORE!

    I LOVE my Sony and Nintendo consoles so much like PC….

    And about new Wii U:

    New Wii U tablet/touch gamepad + new Wii U Pro gamepad + dont forget Wii mote etc = 3 controllers on 1 SYSTEM !!!!

    Really smart Nintendo!


    Sorry, not perfect English :S

    • deSSy2724

      i meant 1500 $ PC lol

  • Mateus Palamecia

    “The console is powerful enough to attract gamers who care a lot about graphics.”

    This is something I hate about a lot of gamers nowadays. It’s all about the visuals. Good graphics =/= good game (Dragon’s Lair for NES, anyone?). Sure, good graphics are nice, but I don’t think that’s what gaming should be about. I even know some people who won’t play older games because the graphics are outdated. Personally, I’d rather be stuck in a room with ANY one of the first seven Final Fantasy games than be stuck in a room with Final Fantasy XIII.

    Just because a cake you’re staring at looks incredible doesn’t mean that it tastes delicious. I’d rather buy a cake that tastes good other than looks good, just like how I’d rather buy a game that plays good rather than looks good.

    • ChaoSHer0

      Yes you shouldn’t play a game for graphics you should play for graphics you should play for gameplay,story you know what i mean I completely agree with you.

    • deSSy2724

      So Truuuuuueeeee!

      Nothing more to say… really.

    • SuperShyGuy

      Unfortunately Nintendo learned the hard way that people and devs only care about graphic.

      When the game reviewers scored the Wii games they were always this game is fun but it’s not in HD so it’s bad

      Sony and Microsoft turned this generation of gamers into “graphics whores” which may backfire with the PS4 and XBOX 8 since people may not see the super graphical leap they are expecting

      • deSSy2724

        PS4 fanboys are expecting 4K resolution…. haha lol, my 1500 $ PC cant do this lol

        How smart they are lol…. PS3 is good, but stupid fanboys are just stupid.

    • Aman

      Ace of Cakes cakes (no, I do not have a stutter) are the best looking cakes I have ever seen. A took a bite, all I got was fondant and a mouth full of splinters.

      Did I lose anyone?

  • ChaoSHer0

    Again with the pro controller i think they (Nintendo) should have upgraded the gamecube controller and use it for the wii u.Becuse i like the gamecube controller it fits perfectly in my hands and it is comfortable to hold they just need to add a few things to it.

    • EvanescentHero

      I loooooove the GCN controller!

      • LyingTuna

        There exists a classic controller that is a gaemceube controller. No, not classic controller pro, that’s a ps2 controller. This is a GC controller with a wireless receiver that has 2 plugs on it. Ones an actual GameCube port, and the other is classic controller.

        • EvanescentHero

          That’s awesome! Can you post a link?

  • Ricardo

    I love the GamePad as well, but what I really like about the Wii U Pro Controller is that you don’t need to connect it to the wiimote in order to use it but wireless directly to the console.



  • Crapcake

    I hope I can use this for wii games like nsmb

  • Dan

    Shut up and take my money already!

  • Matthew Vogt

    Thier are many games that have great gameplay and graphics but something like black ops on the wii that just made me mad as hell the wii u has potentially it hasn’t impressed me yet and can almost gurantee I would be buying the ouys,ps4, and xbox 720 but the key to success of the wii u is its price, launch titles, and the popularity of the ouya Nintendo please dont make another mistake of the wii u which its looking like cause I am tired of ranting why I think you suck

    • ninjabake

      I’m not sure Nintendo is too concerned with you ranting about why they suck.

      Play the system and make your assessment after that, doing so before hand is simply bad taste in judgment.

      I’m sure Gamestop or Walmart or Best buy will have one on display this fall for customers to try out, I think you should try it out rather than complain about it before its even released. If you don’t like it after u tried it then hey, that’s a fair judgment and noons will be mad at u but bitching about Nintendo isn’t hurting anyone but yourself.

    • Aman

      More like ranting while intoxicated.

  • Amish Thunder

    I think this Nintendo way of being the future, by being a surprise. They dress as like Clark, then change in booth adn boom now they superman lol.

  • sethlaw225

    With the GamePad I see a new Era of JRPG/RPG’s It’s going to be awesome

  • Cubical_M

    Same news different day. Come on Nintendo give us something!

    • Amish Thunder

      know noose is good noose I say always!

  • Shane

    I go on here sometimes and read what people have to say. I agree with the versatility added with a standard controller, along with the gamepad, and the original wii remotes. I think a game should be made that really takes advantage of the Wii U console in mind(only!). Such as no pausing, and more of a “slow-mo” option where you have limited slowed down time to work with the gamepad screen, or with out the slow motion time in not so action packed parts. I really think that developers should implement features with many control types, but always have a “for-sure” approach with the gamepad, because it is going to be the main controller of the console after all. I think it’s looking great, and I feel that Nintendo always like to say, “There’s more”, than what we expect from games today, while still including all the basics a the same time. I hope my opinion was woth reading…

    • Aman

      Great comment. It got me thinking about how many control options we will get from the latest from Nintendo. The wiimote (which in itself had two control options, to point and to hold as an nes controller {like the great gameplay of metroid other m, I truly love that game [while many people didn’t like it. I don’t know why, end of ({} transmissions)}], the wiimote nunchuk combo, zapper, wii board, and now the gamepad (which in itself has new method of control if you add motion as an idea of being able to move the screen now and not just the controller). Wii u, is there anything you can’t do?

      • Aman

        I forgot to mention the controller pro.

  • Shane

    There could even be a meter on the screen to tell yuou how much more time you have to mess around on the screen. There’s pretty much 2 times more gameplay if this is dished out correctly, at least in my opinion with the reasoning that there IS two screens to look at now.

  • The Beeshnu

    I’m glad they have a pro controller

  • Yo

    i like the addition of the pro controller, but Honestly when i think about the GamePad i get extremely excited.the new possibility is limitless and Nintendo is known for changing the gaming world.

    Just think of the overview play and tactical planning in Strike Force(Black Ops 2), Battlefield and especially Ghost Recon. Calling and changing plays in Madden or NBA 2k13. And we know future Zelda Metroid and Star Fox games will deeply involve the GamePad.

    Wii U will be AWESOME!!!! F*ck who dont like it

  • Andrew

    Why do some people complain about the Wii U line up? It’s one of the strongest I’ve ever seen. Xbox had Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero (which was…bleh), PS3 had Resistance and CoD 3. Wii launched with Wii Sports and Twilight Princess. The Wii U line-up has New Super Mario Bros., ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Game & Wario, Wii Fit (if you’re into that kind of thing), Nintendo Land, Assassins Creed 3, Darksiders II, Lego City, and Scribblenauts. It’s a great launch line up.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    i know I’m complaining a bit too much here but can we stop calling them “hardcore gamers” now? real hardcore gamers play on multiple console and wouldn’t be bothered about adapting to a new controllers (the gamepad) hardcore has nothing to do with how you control a game, it’s about your love for, and dedication to gaming as well as how many games (and kinds of games) you play. Recently several “gamers” have been referred to as “hardcore” when really all they do is play a few games from a couple of genres (mainly FPS) games on either the 360 or PS3 (they rarely play on multiple platforms) and just because the games they play are violent or “mature” they get treated like gaming gods and the brainpower behind the gaming community. whereas Wii gamers (and I mean GAMERS not casual Wii players) get called casual even though we play games that take time and skill like Zelda and Metroid Prime which are better and more hardcore than say Call of Duty (no offense CoD) Not to mention us true gamers play many games from many genres, the “hardcore” gamers to which you are referring are often brain-dead haters who see (in particular) Nintendo as childish, casual and bad. So people, I ask of you, please stop using the term “hardcore” where it is not applicable, I hate to have to rant like this but let’s not let these joke gamers win.

    • deSSy2724

      I agree, own both consoles and expensive PC, but u are right (well, i play BF3 instead of CoD).

    • Yo

      i agree.. Real “hardcore” gamers a wide variety of games. but im still a CoD fan 🙂

  • Hangman

    I truly believe “hardcore” gamers are those of us who have been playing systems prior to the current gen and a multitude of genres. I will definately be getting a pro controller as well but spot to add versatility.

    And as a side note has anyone asked what bioshock I finagle could be like with the game changing game pad, kinda makes you wonder if hat had anything to do with all it’s date release pushbacks?

  • Hangman

    That post was supposed to say Bioshock Infinate, autocorrect l love it

  • matthew vogt

    I dont care about multi platform games have some good original games that the playstation and xbox doesn’t have. About the only thing that was worth playing on the wii was super smash bros brawl

  • Iknow

    the game pad is cool i think im just going to use the game pad i dont need pro controller!

  • James

    I’m excited for Wii U, but a way they could really attract hardcore FPS gamers would be to get Halo on board. Now, I’m not a Halo player, but I still know how insanely popular it is. With Assassins Creed III, Black Ops II, and Halo 4, Wii U is a sure success with hardcore gamers.

  • D2K

    I’ll just be fair. I’ve defended Nintendo as much as one person can defend someone because Nintendo has been in this business for over 40 years and they know what they are doing. They have brought more innovation to the table than anyone else, they have revolutionized gaming many times, and pretty much everything we take for granted in the everyday gaming experience was either created by or perfected by Nintendo.

    That being said, based on the ‘current’ launch line-up I don’t see anything that would entice a so-called ‘core gamer’ to the Wii U right away. The only games that really have core appeal are games that people already have or games that they will have before the launch.

    Even the biggest critics are going to buy a Wii U anyway. A lot of people are just talking out of their backside when they say they aren’t going to. However if the Wii U is to have any lasting power they are going to have to show more than they have shown.

    While Nintendo will not be at GamesCon themselves, 3rd party companies will be there showing off Wii U games. Hopefully something NEW will be shown. Not sure if Nintendo will be at Tokyo Game Show or not, but they should be. If they are they should at least ANNOUNCE some type of killer-app for the Wii U even if they plan on going into more detail pf the game in one of their ‘Nintendo Direct’ videos. It has to be something that carries some weight. Hopefully it will be a familiar franchise that no one is thinking about so it would be a huge surprise to everyone.

  • james braselton

    hi there i am the hardest core gamer i also use wii pad tablet controler iplay nova nova 2 on ipad wii u game pad is a small ipad tablet controler

  • Ilias

    I want to play the new COD at Nintendo wii u!!!

  • mistarobotics

    I really don’t mind buying the Pro Controller IF I was a hardcore gamer (which I’m not) but since I’m not I’ll just stick to the gamepad

  • gackt

    that is an xbox controller nintendo is bitting microsofts style

    • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

      are you baka or what? (baka means idiot) microsoft rip off the GC controller!…so GET YOUR FACTS!