Dec 28th, 2012

Did you get a Wii U for the holidays? Nintendo has a nice bonus for us Wii U owners in the form of a few discounts on downloadable games. The discounts include:

  • Little Inferno for $9.99 until January 4th
  • Chasing Aurora for $7.49 until January 3rd
  • Trine 2: Director’s Cut for $15.99 until January 7th
These aren’t bad deals for what’s been a great selection of eShop titles from indie developers eagerly embracing Nintendo’s new console. If you own any of the titles above, let us know what you think about it and if the current discounts are worth it!
[via Nintendo]
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  • Gabe Hoffman

    I got Little Inferno and I am loving it!

  • got trine 2!

  • Srpg2ishere

    This is epic news!! But uh.. I coulda swore somebody already wrote an article about this.. :/

  • Seth Callahan

    Trine 2 is worth full price. Definitely worth$15.99. Chasing Aurora is OK. I like it more than any of my friends, so that means multiplayer will be very irregular.

  • Srpg2ishere

    Is there anybody else who got sonic racing transformed here? If so give me your id so we can race sometime!!!

    • Charles Diemert

      heyyy I have Sonic racing. My ID is Solman

      • Srpg2ishere

        THX! ūüôā On to miiverse now!!! BTW my username is superstick. XD

    • Mine is Doberz

  • Linkamus

    Seeing these games made me realize something… Nintendo is making a home console that can not only play AAA and AA console games, bu also play cell phone games!

    Some of you might have already got this… but this is genius!

    I can see hundreds of iOS and Android type casual games coming to the e-shop that previously¬† couldn’t be played on a conventional console due to the lack of touch input.¬† As much as I prefer console game a hundred times over cell/mobile games (excluding actual handhelds), this will make people like my wife extremely happy.

    You could literally play games like infinity blade on this machine… LOL.¬† Or the 3DS for that matter. I mean… how much money does Dave & Busters make off of freaking Fruit Ninja and drunk chicks?

    Now… where is that Zelda!

    • ElCharlo

      minus multitouch games, but they can work arround that by using the buttons

  • Mickey Mouse

    Trine 2 is worth it, but beware of dodgy solutions to puzzles, especially stacking crates to reach high platforms. Apart from some wonky physics in the solutions to puzzles it’s still an enjoyable esHop indie title, and sweetened with the discount.

    • devmiles

      true, trine 2 is a very good and shining game!

  • for me personally, the launch lineup was VERY underwhelming. so, i got a brand new console and i only found 1 retail title and 1 shop title worth spending money. and this will have to be sufficient until february or march when the first actually new games will be out for the wii u. i’ve been a gamer for more than 30 years but 1 and a half titles for a console-launch.. that i did not encounter very often. and just in case: this is NOT a compliment.

    pice-reductions: i did not get the discounted games when i bought the console, so i certainly will not get them now that they are a few bucks cheaper. it is not about the money. it is about lack of quality and not meeting my expectations.

    the wii u is a very powerful machine. so let’s hope they will be starting to deliver next year.

    • devmiles

      NES, SNES and N64 had those epic release titles.. i remember seeing mario 64 and thought OMG this is it! and still is one of the best games ever made along with mario galaxy. ¬†I think personally they screwed up same as they did with the gamecube or 3ds. Wii-u is a powerful nice machine but no magic or anything mindblowing other than the fact we play with a tablet controller now. And yes, it will take time for developers to make full use of the wii-u’s hardware but…. mr microsoft will come with a new console within a year and believe me, than we will be talking next gen. Ok, we play Nintendo because we love Nintendo, no one has that Nintendo feeling other than Nintendo, but bring us the fucking epic games and no relatively simple mario or whatever. They should have released Galaxy 3 and made us all blown and trembling because of the visuals and controller possibilities. such a big fail and lazyness stakeholder shit! hate it. I’ve been a fan since 1985!

      • LonDonE247

         you took the words right out of my mouth, EVERYTHING you said is spot on!! an the same as i feel!!!

    • LonDonE247

       agree so badly, i too have been gaming over 30yrs, an have been gaming longer then most of these kiddies have been breathing air, LOL an own an game on all platforms, including pc, but so far the wii U has impressed me, but at the same time Nintendo has disappointed me, the lack of a true Nintendo killer game, to show everyone what wii u can do, is a mistake, an also they need to update an streamline the wii u operating software,an why on earth has the wii u e shop not been stacked with games for people to buy? an what the hell happen to Nintendo tv??? i loved watching that stuff, an also why just why Nintendo does the wii u not have dolby pro logic?? i mean come on, this is basic stuff! on my sony bravia for some reason, the wii u will only output in stereo, an not surround,an so the wii u sound is lacklustre, i know it just launched, but ninty need to get on this bull!!!!

      • devmiles

        nintendo tv… something i’m absolutely not waiting on. like they’re trying to be the next gen entertainment machine, forget it.. that domain belongs to sony and microsoft. nintendo should focus on GAMES! please nintendo, give me a job at your office and i tell you as a gamer in his 30’s what’s needed and going on. fuck your stakeholders and bullshit reggie talk crap.. reggie doesn’t know shit about what GAMERS want. Seriously, we should write nintendo an email on how we feel. I have lived in Japan, i know how they feel and deal with their emotions… shit will slash in like an axe. Online…. I’m surprised nintendo got their chance with Treyarch relasing Blackops 2 (framerates dropping to the 20’s) on the Wii-U. Treyarch lives with the knowledge that nintendo has a very poor online status and capabilities, if they fuck up this one.. no developer will say let’s release our shooters or online games for wii-u, we take sony and microsoft instead..they know their shit. Last thing .. Mii-verse.. come on man, i was banned 3 times because i used my name or facebook.. piss the fuck off! we need online sharing in 2013 and abilities to make friends and share more than ”hi look at my mii character”

  • Anthony K Aurelia

    Trine 2….amazing!

  • devmiles

    nintendo, please… why is this whole eshop thing going so slow? ¬†give us HD remakes of super mario world, donkey kong country etc be original.. this is your chance! i don’t want that casual crap that i can play on my iphone or ipad.. be nintendo, not fucking apple.
    i mean there are some nice games but shit is going way too slow and actually my release day bought wii-u is catching a bit dust already, bad sign!

    • LonDonE247

       i feel u, i have been staring at my wii u, instead of playing it, an so far all the games on it are just boring, i own most of these 3rd party games on my ps3 or 360, an those are the better versions, an if i dont own it, i can buy them allot cheaper then on wii u, at the moment, iam just looking forward to ninja gaiden 3,an pikmin, but i so need a killer app, nintendo needs to pull there finger out an release a metroid prime, or a super mario galaxy 3, so so badly, because hell i just spent over £350 on a console, an i have zero to play on it, i already finished zombi u, new super mario bros u. an assassins creed 3,the rest are a waste of time, in my opinion,sort it out ninty

      • andrewjcole

        Like what I said to him:

        “Ahem… virtual console is coming up and Trine 2 is getting an awesome update soon where you can talk to¬†each other¬†using the microphone while playing online co-op. The e shop is also getting games with exclusive downloadable content. Also a new wave of games coming in March. Better start dusting of your Wii U, devmiles. ;D”

    • Tim van Broekhoven

      So… You say that you can play trine 2 on your ipad?

      • devmiles

        you are totally missing my point here. no, you can’t play trine 2 on ipad but on xbox360. the only thing is you can make use of the wii-u controller which is a good thing but that’s about it. point is there is very little going on on wii-u.. nintendo self didn’t pull it off with epic nintendo games. they could have gathered the best teams to create a true new mario game instead of another 2d already played thingie. there is very little action in the e-shop and personally i’m not waiting on iphone alike copy games worth 3 times playing.¬†

    • andrewjcole

      Ahem… virtual console is coming up and Trine 2 is getting an awesome update soon where you can talk to¬†each other¬†using the microphone while playing online co-op. The e shop is also getting games with exclusive downloadable content. Also a new wave of games coming in March. Better start dusting of your Wii U, devmiles. ;D

      • devmiles

        New wave of games in March.. you mean those 3 titles and wonderful 101? onwards some NES and SNES titles i’ve already played 100 times. I agree, a new 3d mario, mario kart and yoshi is worth the wait but not until like august till windwaker (also played many times) comes out… slow slow slow nintendo.. did you hear about Iwata? The wii-u sales are pretty down at this moment and he might step down if his project and marketing failes. It’s not the first time Nintendo pules off this shitty trick. There are good things on the way but … way too slow. I play Trine 2 and some mario buy my thing is collecting dust. I could have easily waited till somewhere late august. Next E3 we will see playable demo’s of those new announced nintendo games but remember… we will have to wait another 6 months before we can play and buy them. Sadness here bro, sadness..¬†

        • andrewjcole

          Iwata stepping down is a stupid rumor. 

          • devmiles

            i didn’t say that but if you see his presentations and excuses.. you would agree that he is not so representable at all.. atmitting mistakes and flaws.. not too good. it was discussed that he could be blamed, he was also involved with the whole 3ds shit in the beginning.. too expensive, ambassadors program etc..

  • damn i didnt realize those were sale prices. was thinking of getting trine 2