Dec 5th, 2012

Nintendo has posted videos of its European and North American Nintendo Direct presentations. Both presentations feature lots of Wii U game showcases, including Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, Wii U Panorama View, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. There are some funny moments with Reggie Fils-Aime, and a LEGO version of Satoru Iwata. There are over two dozen Wii U games coming out in the first half of 2013. Check out the videos below. The North American Nintendo Direct is about 30 minutes, while the European one is about 45 minutes.

North American Nintendo Direct

European Nintendo Direct

For good measure, here’s the Japanese Nintendo Direct as well. It’s in Japanese, though, with no sub-titles.

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  • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

    Lego Iwata really made laugh ! it’s things like that why you can’t beat Nintendo.

    I even like Satoru Shibata of NOE. He’s no reggie or Iwata , but he’s damn close…..

    • Harley Ninja-Tune Dawber

      couldnt agree more, i really enjoy the NOE direct videos (as i live in manchester, UK woo!) i also like that they showed varied things in the different territorial videos 🙂 

      • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

        I live in Manchester too!!!!!! I am actually staying in St Annes atm. But I live in Manchester Usualy ^_^ . Awesome City!  Manchester City FC for life!!!!!

  • Leeroy

    Lego Iwata. Wierd

  • PKMN_Trainer_Red

    This is how I see it: Nintendo will keep advancing and innovating and make more powerful and original consoles/handhelds and advancing the gaming industry. Microsoft will keep repeating it’s consoles and making more powerful hardware, but will focus mostly on PCs etc. Sony will keep making way overpriced and more powerful consoles (my bets are the PS4 will cost around $800). My point is, TVs can support hardware that is only so powerful, and Nintendo innovation wiil keep going, even at max power. Open your eyes, Sony and Microsoft! There’s a dead end! Sony and Microsoft will be making games for Nintendo consoles soon, just like Sega and namco did!

    • iiHayabusa

      Well, that’s the way you see it. I enjoy all three systems and what they have too offer. I really believed the whole console war thing would be dead by now; instead, we still have delusional fanboys.

      • Timmy Swolfs

         If anything is going to be dead soon, I’m afraid it will be Sony. Because they are in bad financial shape. Fitch recently lowered their rating of Sony to just one level above junk. They really have to get it right with their new Playstation or it will be the last one they will ever make. That would not be good for us gamers…

      • PKMN_Trainer_Red

        Good point. I own a PS3 and like it… but Wii U is the best. I was talking about the future. Sony/Microsoft need a new strategy. We won’t be able to enjoy ps3 and xbox 360 for long if we can’t afford them and they don’t improve at all, and I agree!Fanboys are out of control! Sony/Microsoft need to improve on something other than graphics to compete with Nintendo. Otherwise, they will reach a dead end.

  • TheUNation

    Two thumbs up for Nintendo of America, Europe, and Japan!

  • noah pohl

    The panorama mode looks very innovate and am eager to see what the future holds for the wii u in contrast to other next gen consoles and what card m$ and sony will play?

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Awwww! No Yoshi’s land, no word on Retro’s perpetually delayed project, no new titles announced such a shame! :'( oh well, I’m sure there’ll be some news over Christmas/new year, they can’t wait until E3 to announce all their new games, they’ll want to show some sooner rather than later to build a buzz about them – come on Metroid!

  • JumpMan

    i’m very excited to play Luigi’s Mansion 2, and it looks like it’ll come out around my birthday! but “all i want for christmaaaaaaas… is [Zombi] UUUUUUUUUUU!!!” (to the tune of All I Want For Christmas Is You)

  • JumpMan

    P.S. i’m JumpMan but i don’t know how this whole Disqus thing works… HELP!

  • I’ll take a look at them in the weekend, makes me curious, Lego Iwata hehe wicked.

  • Master RD

    Lego City: Undercover=The launch title I wanted…WHY NINTENDO…WHY? It looks good though so I can wait. Anyways, when does the Lego set come out? I’m a huge Lego fan too.

  • El_CaRaS1

    I liked What  they showed at the Nindtendo Direct and leggo iwatta was funny lol!