Feb 13th, 2013

Yes, Nintendo has announced the next Nintendo Direct and you will be waking up early for it. If you can’t make it then don’t worry, we’ll be awake here at Wii U daily and will provide full coverage to all Wii U related news. Tune in here on Thursday February, 14th by 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET to catch the live stream from the start.

Last time, Nintendo mentioned a “3rd party direct” sometime soon so it might be safe to assume such. While that is not confirmed, we do know it will contain announcements for both the Wii U and 3DS:


Nintendo Direct 02.14.2013

Let the speculation begin! What do you want to see at tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct? Perhaps some release date information? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Fred

    I hope they announce that Ubisoft has repented and will be releasing Rayman Legends right away

    • Jonn McNally

       No, I hope they don’t. Nintendo should never have to waste precious time on those losers.

      • Fred

        Not me, if Ubisoft reverses coarse I’ll forgive, forget, and purchase

      • Metal_Man_v2

        I find the Ubisoft drama quite ironic.  People were so excited to get 3rd party support on the Wii U, and were praising Ubisoft for their work.  Then ZombiU flops, Rayman is delayed and no longer exclusive, etc. etc…

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          It’s cause they broke promises. It was suppose to come out this month and it should have. I know delays happen, but this one had no good excuse. People have a right to voice their opinions and anger over it. It’s called freedom of speech.

    • seriously. rayman? I really hope that Nintendo confirms lego city undercover is indeed 1-2 player. oh, and I want to here more news about pokemon X and Y. But really, lego city undercover!!

      • Fred

        wait lego city 2 player? I thought it was just single player. Is it really possibly going to be multiplayer?
        Yes I still want Rayman. If Ubisoft changes their mind and releases it in the next several weeks I’ll buy it day 1

        • But wich one is more awesome? Rayman legends has been moved/delayed so many times that im just gonna wait patiently. But im a little more interested in lego city undercover. Its a Wii U exclusive AND its not getting delayed. hope not…… Damn it! I hope I didnt jnx everyone. Yeah but I really want LCU to be co-op and or online multiplayer.

      • kikkelipissi

        I hope that Nintendo tells what Retro is doing.

      • Desiderio Lazaro

        Agree, if it has offlline co-op I´ll run to the store and preorder it

  • HSN1

    At Nintendo HQ
    “Shouldn’t we build hype for our announcements so that more people will watch it?”
    “F*ck it, we’re doing it tomorrow”

    • Johny

      that… or there isnt much hype worthy… and by trying to hype people for something not hypeable… it would just make them look silly

    • Adam Porter

      it kind of does cause hype though, it’s exciting to think it’s on tomorrow and we don’t have to wait weeks

    • Morten

      They seldom hype their announcements. It keeps fans on the edge of their seats because any announcement might be a big one.

  • Nintedward

    Nintendo Direct starts off with Iwata saying ”You think this is a fuking Joke don’t you Ubisoft ? , well take a look at this” – Cuts to a video of 50 Ninja’s with Nintendo written on them Bursting into to Ubisofts HQ and looks like Ninja Gaiden but with 50 Ryu Hyabusa’s…..

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Hahahahahahahahahaha! XD

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Lol. That would go down as one of the best Nintendo Directs.

    • Nick Kulakovskiy

      Too Bad it’s actually a 3DS Direct 🙁

      • MujuraNoKamen

         I heard it was a Wii U and 3DS direct :'(

        • Nick Kulakovskiy

          Damn it, it is for NA, how come EU and AUS don’t get the Wii U news………… This sucks. I’ll watch the NA Direct and see if there will be anything worth waiting for on the Wii U.

  • mchelski

    I want the release date for wonderful 101 and all games for digital download, I live far away from retail stores and downloads are awesome.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    The fact that the first direct was on Wii U 1st party titles leads me to believe that this one will be on third party titles which is perfectly fine with me! 🙂

  • SamusPrime

    Looking forward to it, the last ND was really good.

  • guest

    any news from nintendo is good news for me. hopefully we will hear about something we havent before.

  • Nintenjoe82

    I hope they do an Al Qaeda style execution video of Rayman. He’d be fine afterwards as he has no neck.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Try no body except head, hands and feet. He really needs to pull himself together.

  • Wayne Beck

    My money is on Five new Third Party Wii U Titles and one Coming before the end of March.

  • Fred

    I would love for them to say Pikmin 3 is availiable TODAY just like they did with Balloon fight last time too bad I know it won’t happen

  • Moshugaani

    Aww, this for us poor lonely gamers. 🙂

    I love you too Nintendo-poo! <3

  • Bravyoura

    I hope their are at least half a dozen 3rd party titles to fill the void between march and september full games not indie download only titles they don’t sell consoles.

  • Fred

    I’m hoping for Animal Crossing Release Date that hits within 2 weeks

  • Nintendofreak

    it happears i have a date for dis vday

  • Seth S. Scott

    Animal Crossing Release Date!!! ..please.

  • I think they will have some gameplay for Resident Evil Revelations but i don’t know 😛

  • Roman Strode

    Zelda 3ds please

    • Fred

      That would be an awesome surprise

      • Benji Lauzon

        this would be awesome, but I have a feeling that they are keeping it for E3.

  • I’ll be in school at 9am…

  • Hugh Quinn

    when is it on in the uk

    • Roman Strode

      2pm uk time

  • Fred

    What about telling us that Retro Studios is almost done with whatever it is that they’ve been working on and they will release it next month

    • DragonSilths

      Not till E3. THATS Nintendos ace in the hole for E3.

      • Fred

        Dang you might be right.
        in that case give me a release date for Pikmin 3 & Wonderful 101 (hopefully soon) and tell me some good news about Rayman

        • Fred

          Come to think of it I’d also love a release date for Game & Wario, Wii Fit U, and an idea when Wii U party, Windwaker and Yoshi’s yarn will come

  • Don’t get me wrong I’m excited to listen to a new Nintendo Direct, but I believe it would’ve been more strategic to make it happen after Sony’s thing on the 20th for damage and hype control. With it like this, we’re all going to get excited over something and then a little later have it be replaced with Sony’s possible announcements instead of the other way around. Oh well, still excited though :D!!

  • AKT4

    You completely missed one huge fact: Nintendo Direct of Europe tomorrow won’t be about Wii U also, but only about 3DS. This would highly suggest that the Wii U part of tomorrow Nintendo Direct in America won’t have anything big. Most likely it’s mainly about the 3DS, with some little things on Wii U. They would want to announce anything major about Wii U globally at the same time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see the Direct, but just don’t expect too much of it, at least from the Wii U part (the 3DS part might well rock!). The 3rd party Nintendo Direct will be there, but this is not it.

    Also one thing to note, that after the last Nintendo Direct people might have quite unrealistic expecations about future Nintendo Directs. I suggest keep expectations low, they can’t do that every time. Get hyped up about E3.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Not necessarily…they may announce big Wii U titles that won’t be released in Europe or if they are not sure they are releasing it in Europe. There were many launch titles in NA that are still TBA for Europe. Plus, a lot of other websites are saying that this Nintendo Direct will be about third party games. Since two third party exclusives jumped ship last week, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to say that they are announcing new games tomorrow.

      • Roman Strode

        Any “big” wii u titles will definitely be released worldwide. Name one that hasn’t.

  • John Novakovich

    This had better be good Nintendo

  • andrewjcole

    I can’t wait!

  • if you check out Yves Guillemot’s twitter he says he’ll be at nintendo direct tomorrow… and if you check a few posts down there’s a post about a game called watch_dogz coming to wii u..



  • Ibi Salmon

    A Valentine’s Day gift from Nintendo? 

    You’re too kind Big N. 🙂

  • kevin nun—-

    BF4? Gamepad streaming of Wii games?

  • Patendo

    on the Europe website it states its a 3DS Nintendo Direct, so I expect talk of release dates for Luigis Mansion 2, Pokemon and maybe a few upcoming surprises!

  • Johny

    It just says 3ds direct 🙁

    • Patendo

      people need to check and not post articles getting others excited!!!