Dec 18th, 2013

Nintendo announced a Nintendo Direct yesterday to catch us up on everything that’s coming in terms of of games over the next few months. You can watch the Direct here and let us know your thoughts about the announcements in the comments below. Which is your favorite? Are you excited about anything that was announced? Let us know!

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  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    Hands down the best direct ever, and a new slasher zelda game WOW it looked amazing. Also mario kart 8 looks much much better then i could ever expected! The courses looks godly.
    EDIT: Also i dont know why you guys expected new zelda or metroid, it clearly sad new info for upcoming games for SPRING 2014!

    • Ony

      Hyrule Warriors, alpha footage, for spring 2014?
      It could also be a 3DS Metroid, not necessarly Wii U 🙁

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        I am sure nintendo will reveal a new metroid game on E3, but i wouldnt expect a new metroid next year, probably 2015. Though you know how fast this year went.

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      I knew a surprise will come but never expected a hyrule warriors looks awesome but man I am all for this but I am more interested in jrpg. Man I wish X was shown. Anyways I hope Kirby get announced in Mario Kart the trailer looked awesome minus the Mario Kart well imagine Kirby he fits perfectly in the roster.

  • darkcreap

    The Link Brawler looks good. DK, Smash Bros and Mario Kart too. The rest is quite dull. Too much recycle content. I expected something more from Bayonetta and maybe X because they are going to be released.

    Oh, and I loved the yoshi and Kirby games. Absolutely!!!

  • sharlo galmo

    It was ok, Mariokart and Smash looking verry nice and sweet, that new game with Link looking awsome..

  • Jon

    I hope I can actually manage to get that Luigi Figure… and I hope I have enough coins… spent coins on a pikmin bag for a Christmas give and got posters…

    oh gosh…. 1500 coins….. I’m down to 1100….. Looks like I am not getting this sadly….

  • Ony

    *sadly watch Samus crying in the corner for having no new game announced*

    • jjbredesen

      Do you honestly think they would have a metoid game ready for show??

      I want one to, but come on give retro a brake they must finish DK before they can start working 100% on a new metroid, if there is made one i don’t think we will se it before Q3 of 2014. Game will not be ready for a long time.

      I am a fan of metroid, but there is no chance that the game will be ready any time soon.

      if i am going to be realistic the release date woruld be late 2015 or later.

      • Ony

        Like I said here >
        not necessarly a Wii U Metroid, could be Other M 2, or a successor of Super Metroid for 3DS that have been developped by Nintendo or someone else.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Retro doesn’t necessarily have to be the team doing the next Metroid game – or maybe they are but not on their own.
        Personally I’d rather Retro did it (now) as they’ve proven to be the best but since they thought DK would be better then maybe another team has been trusted with Metroid. I hear people sharpening their pitchforks at this but I’d rather another team had a go than have no Metroid since the world needs more Samus. Besides remember when everyone said a team outside of EAD making Metroid was crazy? Maybe the time has come for a new team or maybe EAD is doing it who knows.

  • Michael DeVore

    Very nice to just wake up to see this first.

  • Pretty Decent Direct. Showed a lot of what we already knew was coming but what they showed looked great. Hyrule Warriors looks interesting and probably something I will pick up if the price is right. Dr. Luigi looks fun and I will download that for my wife as she steals my 3DS to play Dr. Mario all the time. Dr. Luigi also has online play which is a good thing. Maybe even Hyrule Warriors will have online play which will make it more appealing.

    Overall not bad

  • CEObrainz

    Minus the E3 Direct, this is probably the best Nintendo Direct for this year. Footage from two big franchises as well as a spin-off for Zelda which looks fun. The 3DS has plenty of amazing games as usual so nothing to complain about there. Was hoping for one or two more game reveals but I’m satisfied with that. Here’s hoping Nintendo find some way to add Wii U gamepad support to the vWii.

    • Sheiky Baby

      They will. I think they just wanna get some of these big titles out of the way. God forbid we play mario kart wii and Smash Bros on the gamepad with classic controller input.. It might affect sales on their Wii U releases. Makes sense for Nintendo to wait a little longer.

      • CEObrainz

        That does make sense from a corporate point of view but as a consumer I want it now…lol

    • MujuraNoKamen

      What about the January direct? Either way this was a pretty good show, Kirby looks awesome, and Kart is well… *Drool*

  • Laud

    You guys didn’t have faith. I did. :3

    Told ya they wouldn’t waste this one.

  • Ducked

    1: Bravely Default keeps looking better and better!
    2: Golf for Wii Sports Club!
    3: The cutscenes for Tropical Freeze made me want another 3D Donkey Kong game. Still really excited for this!
    4: No Yarn Yoshi! 🙁
    5: Rainbow Road on Smash Bros looked awesome!
    6: I thought we were getting Kirby in Mario Kart 8 for a second, then I realized it was Smash Bros :/

  • LevenThumps

    Great Direct. Hyrule Warriors looks amazing, NES Remix and Dr. Luigi look pretty good. When they showed the Smash Bros. video, I thought other Nintendo franchises would be in Mario Kart. Rosalina looks very unique and Mario Kart looks amazing. A great way to end 2013.

  • Random12multi

    Nintendo…. WHY YOU TEASE US

  • CSN

    No one liked chibi robo??? I loved the first two games in the series and i will definitely get this one!

  • Skelterz

    well sweet as the zelda warriors game looks really different dosen’t look massively in depth at the moment but obviously hack & slash isnt anyway plus its in a very infant stage as of now so yeah it will tide me over until the next full scale zelda arrives also mario karts looking finished near enough looking forward to that donkey kong is ready to go which is great we knew that anyway that luigi figurine is like 7000 stars on the UK club nintendo and ive only got 3650 so i wont be getting that lol but all in all great direct 3ds owners be happy the sonic stage looked cool with hints to new stage being set in a hyrule fashion yeah i think 2014 is gunna be strong for nintendo if they keep this up its good to see great games slowly but surely coming through shame there was no X footage or info but they never said there was gunna be so i didnt expect any great show.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Dat Hyrule Warriors

  • Ace

    Now that is the kind of Direct I was looking for! So excited for all of that stuff. Golf, MK, Hyrule Warriors, and DK. Thank You Nintendo!

  • gtosheex

    The very last part was the best – Reggie and his Mii! hahaha

  • juancamiloarq

    Am I the only one thinking that Zelda spin-off was a bit of a rush to be shown? I mean, it could really take a hand of Nintendo’s own staff to work on the overall apperance of the game. On the gameplay side, it could be something good. I hope so.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Not a bad direct, Hyrule Warriors was a nice surprise, and is it me or is Mario Kart 8 one the most beautiful games ever!?

    – Hey listen! Since this was “focusing on Spring 2014 games” and Smash Bros was shown well… maybe those rumours were right after all.

  • Adrian

    This actually made Donkey Kong TF look like it might be fun.
    Hyrule Warrior looked pretty cool.

  • Tannealle Merryman

    This direct was awesome! left me full of smiles and a list for 2014.

  • Psytrix

    Meh.. Nothing new here – Hyrule Warriors looked like strung together garbage IMO and I don’t own a 3DS, so all those games are irrelevant. I was really hoping for some fresh new Wii U stuff, instead we are just getting rehashed games we already know of. For some people that might be enough, but I want to see some new stuff – hell even a still from Zelda U would be enough to tie me over or even a hint that they are working on new IP (always nice to have things confirmed officially) I did however enjoy Reggies segment and feel he should be more invloved in these directs.

  • Mitchell

    A great Nintendo direct to close this year, the new game which is not Zelda
    looks very promising I got ghost bumps. Rosalinda is a great add for MK and
    smash B. she is getting even more famous than Daisy.

    2014 should be a great year for us Wii U owners. 3Ds is also getting a lot of love
    next year.

    We still have a lot more games to hear of dough, most of them third party: X, Watchdogs, Bayoneta, and much more.

    Does anyone know if there will be a sequel or remake of the last story for Wii U?

    • Mario

      Actually, X is first party and Bayonneta 2 is second party.


    Just update them ground textures in Hyrule Warriors and you got a stellar action game. I’m sold either way.


    Err mah gerd! That Smash Bros trailer really made me want to see Kirby Air Ride 2 exist. Come on Nintendo…Make Kirby Air Ride 2…that’s all I ask…please……………………..

  • DragonSilths

    Honestly Hyrule Warriors was shocking but its not a great as you all think. Its Dynasty Warriors with Zelda pasted on it. Dynasty Warriors has died out. It got way to repetitive and Hyrule Warriors will be the same. Awesome at first then grow boring. Plus it doesn’t look that great quality wise…More like a 3DS game then Wii U.

  • uPadWatcher

    This is truly one of the best Nintendo Direct ever since the January and October episodes. The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors is one of the most anticipated Wii U titles to be released in 2014 as well as the upcoming Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. This episode receives a 9.9 on my Hype Meter.

  • Mario

    Is it me? Or did they just showed us that Kirby would be playable in Mario kart 8 and Rosalina in Super smash bros WiiU/3DS?

  • Michael Nillo

    “LINK up to the e-shop”…Satoru says that while displaying a triforce in front of the deadly six…

  • Christopher Westcott

    Mario Kart 8 looks like everything and more